Which meter do you trust?

Back in the good old days, before smart meters, before the privatisation of the Victorian Electrical system, there was the state government owned State Electricity Commission of Victoria.  The SECV was disbanded in 1993 as various private electricity companies (largely foreign owned) scrambled for a piece of the lucrative action. See Vicpower website.

The SECV used to send its customers a periodic ‘Customer News’.  SEC customer news no. 13In the issue distributed around about 1993, the year of the SEC’s demise (and the issue’s number is ominously ‘No. 13’) the SECV was at pains to assure its customers that their (analogue) electricity meter is accurate and within the limits set down in the Australian Standards specifications.  Was this assurance prophetic, foreseeing the introduction of smart meters to Victoria under a privatised electricity network?

The rollout of smart meters in Victoria saw complaints to the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria (EWOV) go through the roof.  The private electricity distributors in Victoria claim that the skyrocketing electricity consumption of many customers who‘ve just received a smart meter is due to the smart meters being accurate and analogue meters being inaccurate.  Not according to the SEC’s newsletter.  Which meter is accurate?

The SECV newsletter goes on to say that their meters “can be expected to stay inside the allowable range throughout its working life”.  Are smart meters accurate for even one day?  Customers in Victoria and around the world report their bills nearly doubling, and sometimes even more, from day one of having a smart meter installed.

The SECV in its 13th newsletter also tells customers that their analogue meter will last 30 years and more.  That’s fairly indisputable.  Some of those who were smart enough to retain their analogue meter have a meter that is possibly 70 years old.

Not so the ‘smart’ meter.  It has an optimistic lifespan of about 15 years.  Given there is limited real experience to draw from, we considered it reasonable to assume that the meters will be replaced 15 full years after they were installed in the mass rollout”, quoted from ‘Advanced metering infrastructure cost benefit analysis’.  And it won’t be the foreign owned electricity distributors who will be footing the bill when the smart meter needs replacing.  It will be the customers.  No financial loss to the electricity distributor.

The SECV newsletter goes on to say that failures of analogue meters “over their operational life are quite rare”.  Not so with smart meters.  All it takes is a common occurrence like a vehicle hitting a power pole for hundreds of local smart meters to simultaneously explode.  See ‘Hundreds of smart meters simultaneously explode’  Ask those residents what they thought of the smart grid’s ability to quickly detect and rectify blackouts.

Which meter lasts longer, measures accurately to Australian standards and is less likely to fail?  You don’t have to be very smart to figure that one out.

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34 Responses to Which meter do you trust?

  1. Jason says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Analogue meters have been time tested, and proven to be reliable for 80 years or more. How many electronic items can you say the same about. Most electronic crap these days is lucky to last 10 years, and who is going to pay to have them replaced? The consumer. So called smart meters have not stood the test of time, yet the authorities seem to think the whole country should throw away it’s trusty analogue meters in favour of these relatively new and in proven smart meters. I really hate the way the world is going.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Energy Safe Victoria will have to write a new report of smart devices and fires.The report they have is old and outdated.They have a Duty of Care to ensure that any fires caused by smart devices or poor installation are made public. How many fires have been caused by smart devices?
    What are they going to do about it? They can’t keep on blaming a phantom for these fires.
    These people at Energy Safe Victoria are paid by the people to make sure we are safe.

  3. Gary Gray says:

    The term “smart meter” has been coined to hide the very fact that a smart meter is NOT a meter.
    That which is called a “smart meter” is a BOX. That’s it. It is not one device. It is a box of many devices.
    What really matters is the functionality being performed by the various electrical components within that BOX and NOT the name of the BOX and neither the appearance of the box (ie. whether or not there is any visual resemblance to a metrology device)
    The fact of the matter is that Inside the BOX are many devices.
    The main device is the microwave radio transmitter facility.
    Most of the devices inside this box have nothing to do with the function of metrology and can never be referred to as a meter as neither can the BOX itself.
    Within that BOX, only the device that performs metrology has any place being on private property. All the other devices within that BOX have no place being on private property without the
    consent of the property owner.
    The power utilities at the behest of the Victorian State Government have smuggled these harmful non metrological devices including the carcinogenic transmitter onto Victorian private residencies by stealing consent and misusing that consent to enable a forceful supposed exchange of meters which was never a meter exchange at all but an exchange of legal metrology equipment with a BOX where the BOX contains hidden within it a number of harmful non metrological devices that private owners would never have consented to allowing onto their properties but now find themselves in a situation where these unwanted devices abide on their properties because the BOX installed was fraudulently passed off as a being meter.
    The people of Victoria have been defrauded by the Victorian State Government and the five electricity distribution companies and the only remedy is the prosecution of these fraudulent organizations and the total removal from all private premises of all installed BOXES named “smart meters”.
    As a very first step, the consent that has been stolen from each and every Victorian must be immediately returned re-enabling the exercise of lawful consent and the free and willful choice by each and every Victorian person.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Warburton Franki baby, way to go.

    E350 stick it. i-Credit 500 stick it. Jail awaits for all the criminal conspirators.

  5. Bearded Baboon Loather says:

    FAT CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG: Evidence has now been made public of illegal actions and collusion between former California Public Utilities Commission president Michael Peevey and utility PG&E, as criminal investigations continue.

    Here is an extract from a 2010 email from Michael Peevey. How high up was this man ? He was a head U.S. Govt honcho. What names in Victoria could you consider to operate or to have operated at this level? Would it be Lily D’Ambrosio, Russell Northe, Nicholas Kotsiras, Michel O’Brien, Peter Batchelor ????? Whatever the case may be, Peevey was high up and found out be a very corrupt man pushing an agenda that we now know that he knew was definitely making some people sick.

    Here is the email

    From: Peevcy, Michael R. Sent: 9/3/2010 1:07:53 PM
    Subject: RE: SF Chamber Statement on CPUC Independent Evaluation of PG&E Smart Meters

    The press coverage was very good and helps PG&E big time, overall, as well as other companies, etc. One thought for the company: If it were my decision I would let anyone who wants to keep their old meter keep it, if they claim they suffer from EMF and/or related electronic-related illnesses and they can produce a doctor’s letter saying so (or expressing concern about the likelihood of suffering same). I would institute such a policy quietly and solely on an individual basis. There really are people who feel pain, etc., related to EMF.etc. and rather than have them becoming hysterical, etc., I would quietly leave them alone. Kick it around. And. it sounds like the company may already have taken this step, based on a couple of the comments at yesterday’s public hearing.

    On this it was subsequently reported in some places as follows………..
    “Peevey wanted PG&E to keep it quiet,” writes Sandi Maurer, Director of the EMF Safety Network. “He didn’t want other customers, or the rest of the world to know there’s a problem with smart meters causing customers pain.”

    I wonder if Paul Adams is aware of this matter.

  6. Laughlan Boyd says:

    This happened last month. A truck crashed into a power pole in Stockton California causing a power surge that caused wait for it……thousands of smart meters to simultaneously explode and leave residents without power. This is really big and this is a fact. The smart meters actually exploded. Here is an account of this matter.

    Similar incidents took place in Glenroy a few years back. We know of a Dental Practice where two consecutively installed smart meters on both occasions soon after installation caused an incendiary/surge incident that damaged expensive dental equipment. The practice manager and the staff have commented how that you could easily see that the meter had exploded outwards. Jemena’s Scott Parker at the time and who has now gone to the greyhounds tried to say that the meter(s) around the area had been vandalized. It was not a very credible explanation at all and no surprise that a) there never were any supposed suspects and b) this same Scott Parker once had the ilk to make a public statement that Jemena somehow had a right and were going to consider enforcing “a forced entry option” to install smart meters on the residencies of objectors.

    Stockton California has shown us without any shadow of a doubt that smart meters can definitely explode and that Scott Parker was just another one of Jemena’s lying spin kings.

    • Col Stanthorpe says:

      Well there you go. We now know what would happen if the top wire on any our power poles were to come in contact with the bottom wire. Thousands of smart meters simultaneously go BANG.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was advised by one of the Distributors.
    Prevention of the distributor performing these required upgrades means the network will be fragmented affecting the efficiency of operations and resulting in additional costs.”
    Smart devices are not upgrading or maintenance. They are not maintaining the analogue meter or upgrading it.
    It is not augmentation either. If you have your breasts augmented, they make them bigger. Augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size, shape or fullness of a woman’s breasts.
    Are the distributor’s planning to increase tie size, shape or fullness of the analogue meter?

    Fragmented means, existing in separate parts, pieces or factions. The distributors chose the wireless smart meter which is a possible cancer causing device. They are responsible if the network is fragmented

    My workplace has analogue meters therefore they would also be fragmenting the network. Shouldn’t they have additional costs, if they are also fragmenting the network” One law for some and another for the rest. I am pretty sure this is discrimination.
    Retaining the analogue meter does not fragment the network. The poles and wires are not affected in any way. What about businesses that don’t have smart devices they would be also fragmenting the network? They still have to have manual meter reads.

    . A distribution network consists of the poles, underground channels and wires that carry electricity, as well as substations, transformers, switching equipment, and monitoring and signalling equipment. No mention of meters..So the network does not consist of analogue meters or smart meters. How then can I be responsible for fragmenting the network?
    The only additional costs the distributors will hopefully have will be lawsuits in the near future.

  8. Rob Guy says:

    In NSW, each and every analogue meter received from the manufacturers was/is calibrated at a lab accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities ,(NATA), before being placed into service. I have not seen, over the last 6 years, any literature describing the accreditation status of the lab testing smart meters, Nor any evidence of periodic re-calibration testing. Anyone?

    • Ramesh says:

      There are certificate of approval documents that are put out by the NMI (National Measurement Institute) which can be found. I know and have seen that they (NMI) have put out some documentation for the flagship monstrosities of Jemena and Powercor being the i-credit 500 model manufactured by Secure and the E350 model manufactured by Landis & Gyr respectively. The NMI’s documents state that they only relate to metrological capacity of the device and nothing else. Fact of the matter is that even though an attempt is made to make these devices to have some appearance of “meters” and are called “meters” but are actually nothing of the sort and a totally different………”contraption” (would be a good word to use) altogether.

      • Anonymous says:

        Smart meters are not meters, they are communication devices. They are not upgrading.They are trying to swap a meter for a communication device. The reason we have an analogue meter is so the electricity retailer not the distributor can charge us for the electricity our homes consume.

  9. Power Unseen says:

    I only trust an analogue meter. I live in the Uk and the power distributor wanted to change my meter and I am aware they are beginning to fit smart meters here, but they are not compulsory. As I am unsure about the digital types I asked for an analogue one. It was a bit of a struggle but I got one in the end. Hopefully I can believe them when they say they will leave me alone for 20-30 years? long after the newer types have bit the dust.

    • Pete says:

      Power Unseen, we operate on 240V 50 Hertz electricity here in Australia. Not sure about the UK but I was just wondering whether if those UK analogue meters have the technical capacity to facilitate metrology for Australian Domestic supply (certification matters aside).

  10. Rik says:

    I have an old analog meter and its still working fine. The bills have been going up but thats the power companies putting up their prices not a fault of the meter. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this meter and as I’m renting and its all against the laws and against the insurance companies I cant change to a smart meter anyway. Well that and I suffer from EHS so I WONT get a smart meter anyway.

    If for some stupid reason they force a smart meter on this property is the day I move out and move back to Queensland. I’ve had nothing but health problems the day the smart meter was installed next door so there is absolutely no way I will live in a place with a smart meter.

    The best thing the government can do for us is remove them all, BUT as the government doesn’t care for us it will force more of them on us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop calling a smart meter a meter. It is not a meter. They want you to call it a meter. It is a wireless communication device. The same way they want you to admit you have refused. The same way they want you to think they are safe. If you keep on referring to the device as a meter then they will have every right to install a meter.
      The distributor’s argument is that they are installing a meter or upgrading. This is not upgrading as the smart device is not a meter. To upgrade they would have to install an analogue meter. This is not augmentation either as they are not making the analogue meter bigger and better. They are trying to swap an analogue meter for a communication device.These are two different things.
      If you are going to keep on repeating the propaganda that has been fed to the masses, then they will win, because you are calling it a meter when it is not a meter.
      Think of another name. Possible Cancer Causing Device or Smart Transmitter.
      The people are the Government. If they were going to force a transmitter on people they would of called the police by now and probably kicked our doors in.

      • Rudy says:

        It’s so abominable in what it does that not only could you not call it a meter but I don’t think you could even refer to it as a device. What it is is a contraption. A monstrous contraption. Some sort of microwave transmitter contraption.

    • sdjm says:

      Me too Rik, but one has to wonder what kind of damage is our neighbours’ smart meter doing to us although we have managed to keep one off our own home?

      • Terry says:

        Your neighbors smart meter because of it’s transmissions remains a trespass, trespass against your property and trespass against your body. It’s a violation of your body. Your body rights and your property rights and your air rights……….
        My neighbor’s smart meter caused me excruciating clamp like headaches. This went on for many months on end without remedy. When the neighbors were evicted and their power disconnected for non payment, the headaches started to subside and eventually ceased. The house remained unoccupied for many months and I remained pain free. Then one day my pains reemerged, exactly the same clamping like pain in exactly the same places in my head. It just so happened that new neighbors had moved in and had the power reconnected.

        In what is meant to be the privacy and safety of my own home I have been made to feel totally violated and molested by Jemena.

  11. Joshua says:

    All that’s no secret. The question is what are you going to do about it?
    I had a digital meter installed with my grid-connect system 5-some years ago, and found it very convenient in terms of keeping a daily log of what I produce and what I use under various conditions.
    But there’s no radio attachment, and never will be. (though a couple of very shifty attempts have been made)
    In fact, I’m currently in the process of disconnecting from the natural-gas connection as well for reasons of personal independence and cost. There are always alternatives if one is prepared to forego the addictive convenience of push-button-everything.

    Take care.

  12. Davina Childs says:

    My goodness gracious. I am totally flabbergasted. What have we come to here when we have already over a thousand known separate incidents of fire or explosions caused by “smart” meters that doesn’t include “widespread coverups and denials” ? And am I actually reading this correctly, that utilities personnel are “unlawfully taking smart meters from fire scenes prior to investigations” ??? I cannot but wonder here whether our utilities are actually being operated and managed by hardened criminals ? Does anyone know how many known cases there are of analog meters catching fire or exploding ? Thanks.

  13. Penny says:

    We still have our old meter and don’t want a so called smart meter thanks very much.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I was looking through my old emails today and i opened one from May 2013. It was from one of the distributors. I laughed when i read the email. I was told,
    We are simply advising customers of both our rights and their rights under the electricity Distribution code. Unfortunately the information you are obtaining from websites such as ‘Stop Smart Meters’ is not always reliable and often misleading.
    Such as, It would be contradictory to believe that a smart meter can cause adverse effects if other devices operating on a similar frequency emit higher RF levels and communicate more frequently than the smart meter itself.
    This crap was sent by a Customer Relations Manager, It is contradictory to believe a smart meter can cause adverse health effects. This person should also inform all the scientific and medical community about this.
    He also stated, Our position remains and under the Electricity Distribution Code and Order in Council a smart meter will be installed.
    WELL I DON’T HAVE A POSSIBLE CANCER CAUSING SMART DEVICE AND IT IS 2015.Looks like it won’t be installed ever. To the Customer Relations Manager that sent me this rubbish,
    Perhaps you can explain all this at a Royal Commission. You can explain how Stop Smart Meters is giving out misleading and unreliable information,you can provide factual evidence to back up your claims. You can also provide any scientific or medical qualifications you have.
    This person was not advising me of my rights he was trying to take them away.
    I never read this email it has been sitting in my inbox for nearly two years.

    • Eric says:

      Now with the benefit of hindsight, the extent of the deceitfulness with all the smoke and mirrors of the power distributors together with their cohorts can be seen by all with a beautiful crystal clarity.

    • Anonymous says:

      These people are LIARS LIARS LIARS.

    • sdjm says:

      What a shame people with the “sheep” mentality followed others and allowed them to be installed. We wouldn’t be living with smart meters in Victoria!

  15. Jo-Ann Markowski says:

    Residents of NSW be aware. There have been contractors ringing homes and asking what you are paying for electricity and then saying that they can give you huge discounts if you agree to a contract over the phone. I have spoken to 3 sales people over the last 2 days from 2 different companies acting as sales contractors for the electricity companies. The 3 sales people all had one thing in common. They were very hard to understand (2 foreign accents and one that mumbled everything) and they spoke very fast and tried to get me to agree to the contract over the phone. I got the 1st lady I spoke to, to email some details. Here is what was said by email:
    Dear Amy
    Does signing this contract give the supplier the right to install a smart meter now or in the future?
    Her reply was:
    Yes definitely. You can install the smart meter anytime, Because it’s done through Essential energy(distributer) not ActewAGL.

    Dear Amy
    Knew there would be a catch to this offer. You can shove your smart meter where the sun doesn’t shine. No Thanks! You also don’t say that in your contract. I am going to complain to Consumer affairs about that.

    Her reply was:
    Sorry for misunderstanding! You need not install smart meter unless you want it to! But, ActewAGL will never ask you to install it!

    The other company refused to send me anything in writing and said that once I agreed to the contract that they would send me something in writing and then I could opt out if I wanted to. I told him that I never agreed to contracts over the phone and just to send me the details in writing. He refused to do that and was getting very pushy (over the top) about me agreeing to it on the phone so in the end I hung up on him. I suspect this is a push to get smart meters installed. They were offering huge discounts and talking about off peak usage ie you have to have a smart meter for the metering they were talking about.

  16. John Wilson says:

    This is privatisation, where the interest is for profit for shareholders. I believe they are using PR spin to confuse people. However, as far as I am concerned and I am a retired engineer, they have not convinced me of the accuracy, the health and safety standards and so far I have not received any information whether it has been calibrated and tested by the Commonwealth’s Standards authority. In addition and I have made this point countless times, Victoria had no authority to privatise our public utilities. Our constitutional rights have been abused for example our right of choice. It has breached the Trade Practices Acts by allowing the corporations to use their power in the market place to force goods and services on the public that have not been asked for or wanted.
    I suspect the belief about accuracy is a “furphy” intended to avoid the real issues. As a public organisation they were required to be open, transparent and accountable to the public. One thing you need to keep in front of you is that a private corporation is only interested in profit, not service. Service and maintenance and investment will be minimalized to ensure profit. As the public no longer can see the financial records in detail under the guise or commercial confidentiality we are expected to take their word that the prices have to go up and up and up. Show us the records and let us look at how competent a corporation/s you are. When it belonged to the public it was expected to be at least cost neutral while allowing for some monies to go to investing in new infrastructure and maintenance. Today maintenance is very limited. Infrastructure is being built to gather tax grants and not as viable concerns, otherwise investments would be research how to get rid of those ugly poles and let the public have a safer and cleaner environment. Don’t let them do and spin doctor exercise on the public. Demand open records. If they have nothing to hide then it should not be difficult. Do something for those who are sensitive. Not shrug them off as irrelevant. They have rights as well as anyone else.

    • Gwen says:

      John, I totally agree with what you have said. John Brumby forced fluoride onto the Geelong people after they had campaigned for many years against it. According to my information,Fluoride was used by Nazi’s against a particular race of people with horrifying consequences. It costs a fortune to seek alternative drinking water for myself and my daughter. Then he brought these cancer causing devices to Victoria, that affect mental, as well as, physical health.
      According to our Constitution, he had no authority to do this.

  17. plasticlyd says:

    This is the best excuse the power companies could come up when our consumption suddenly skyrocketed after the radiation meters were forced into our meter boxes. C’mon we are not as stupid as we make look to these criminally insane collar&tie power company con artists.

  18. Paul says:

    The only smart meter is an analogue meter, which I own and which has been functioning perfectly since the original occupants moved in (circa 1968). The SECV was completely right: analogue meters are reliable and accurate.

    Today’s so-called smart meters are inaccurate as customers the world over will attest to. Many customers have received bills that suggest they are running a small factory and have proved to their distributors that, even if all their appliances are running 24 hours per day, they couldn’t possibly be using the amount of electricity as stated on their bills.

    P.S. Does anyone have the latest news on Sophie Telemzouguer’s appearance at VCAT in March?

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