May Day march 2016

Smart meter Contingent 3  2016-1-1

Smart meter Contingent 3  2016-1-2



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3 Responses to May Day march 2016

  1. Davina Childs says:

    To Dan Andrews and Lily D’Ambrosio, I ask you this

    Is your Victorian State Government one that does not allow Victorian people to hold their own convictions about any matter of interest ?

    Please scrap the so called smart meter “mandate” now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where in the Auditor-General’s report is that quote from, I can’t seem to find it

  3. smart meter sufferer says:

    Please all SSMA followers, make an effort and come to the May Day March on Sunday.
    Support the SSMA team who are working tirelessly to help those who are suffering from smart meter pulsed emissions and are continuing to lobby Government. It is through solidarity that we have power to make a difference.

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