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Why aren’t more climate change activists fighting 5G?

While most climate change activists are focused on limiting emissions from the automotive, aviation and energy sectors, it’s the communications industry that is on track to generate more carbon emissions than all of the aforementioned sectors. In 2016, it was … Continue reading

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Supply charges are costing up to $550 a year – Herald Sun

HOUSEHOLDS are paying up to $550 a year for power before flicking on a switch. Efforts to save money by using less electricity are being thwarted by new price surges of up to 74 per cent for fixed supply charges, … Continue reading

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Victorias electricity smart meters here to stay | Herald Sun

A Baillieu government audit has concluded smart meters will help households control their energy use and ease some pain from soaring power bills in the future. THE $2.18 billion roll-out of Victorias electricity smart meters will go ahead because too … Continue reading

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Bill normally $185 PER QUARTER, new bill – $883.45.

Being a pensioner, i keep my electricity use to a minimum, since a smart meter was installed, i now have constant ringing in my ears, and i avoid loud noise, and my faithful dog is now drained of energy, and only 6 … Continue reading

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