Smart Meter explosions covered up? 3AW

A whistleblower claims power companies know smart meters are exploding and are lying to consumers to cover it up. ‘John’ works for Jemena and claims at least six smart meters have exploded in and around Pascoe Vale, since Christmas. John was installing a meter yesterday which burst into flames in front of him. He’s told Neil Mitchell under strict anonymity power companies are misleading the public and smart meters are dangerous.

Listen to the interviews with Dean Mighell, Energy Safe Victoria, & Jemena who are put under Neil Mitchell’s on-air microscope via Smart Meter explosions covered up?

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9 Responses to Smart Meter explosions covered up? 3AW

  1. Melbourne Mum says:

    I believe Jemena is definitely misleading the public (and their installers) by insisting the smart meters are safe. They are anything but. Investigations into the latest power surge on Mornington peninsula & subsequent FIRES from it must surely happen, and no cover-ups…got that United & Jemena??? Keep Rejecting Smart Meters… They are a huge con, rip-off and Health Hazard!

    • keith says:

      You are right Melb. Mum ; also there was a fire which destroyed a Rosebud house on Dec 1st; fire investigators said it started on the PORCH!!! Very interesting!!!

  2. Jane Margaret says:

    Read Devra Davis’ Book
    ‘Disconnect’ on the dangers and cover ups in realtions to many ‘radiant’ products Smart Meters included.

  3. Tom Oliver says:

    In reply to Di, above, in regards to Smart Meters for Gas. I have sent lengthy detailed letters proclaiming ALL the points AGAINST Smart Meters supported by Medical and Scientific evidence from around the world, reinforcing my stand against Smart Meters. I have only had ONE reply, and that was a 3 page letter from SP AusNet, including, what they say, is supporting evidence that Smart Meters don’t do any of the things that we are afraid of. (Go figure!) But, on the last page of their letter in regard my query on Smart Meters for Gas, this was their reply, “In relation to your question for Gas Smart Meters. The Victorian Government has not mandated or initiated a smart meter for gas. Only electricity customers will be receiving the smart meter”. So there you go, two contradictory opinions from the same company to various people! Proves who can you trust in this roll-out? I believe the Government has too much money invested in this project to back out, no matter what the risks are!

  4. Moira says:

    They are coming to install mine this week. How do I legally stop this?

    • Peter S says:

      There is no legal mandate forcing you to accept a smart meter. It’s a lie!
      Place a Do Not Install Smart Meter sign next to your meter (and try and lock your meter box if you have one .
      Write to your power company stating under no circumstances will you accept a smart meter and demand in WRITING:
      -a copy of the so-called “mandate” that you are obliged to accept a smart meter. It doesn’t exist!),
      -a guarantee in writing that your health will not be affected (we know that many people are having health affects due to microwave radio frequencies emitted from smart meters),
      -a guarantee that the smart meter will not start a fire – that you can forward a copy to your insurance company
      -a guarantee that your appliances will not blow up or burn, as has been occurring to many people.

      Interesting if you get a response!

  5. Martin says:

    Thank you Ryan, I agree with you, We must continue with this, because if we don’t, next will be the gas meter, the air we breath and god knows what comes after that. We have already given them more power and control over our lives.

    • Di says:

      Martin, the gas meter is closer than we think. I received a letter from SP Ausnet last week saying “as part of our on-going maintenance program it is necessary to periodically change gas meters. The meter is now ready for replacement…..” On receiving this I phoned TRU energy – my retailer and I thought they were also my Gas distributor – but no SP Ausnet (A member of Singapore Power Group) is my Gas Distributor. Anyway I phone Tru energy and asked what was the story and that this better not be to install a smart meter, and the TRU energy guy said YES. You can guess my reply, so he told me to contact SP Ausnet. They said it isn’t a smartmeter that they are not available yet – I said that I knew they were planned. He said they are looking at various ways of converting the gas to AMI that instead of transmitting directly they may send the reading back through our power smart meter. I said so my home will be full of wireless signals going everywhere. He said it was the way of the future and was going to happen. I replied “Not at my place it isn’t)

  6. Ryan says:

    A small victory for all of us, we have been calling on all of these people including Neil Mitchell to help us in our plight to right a wrong, I would like to congratulate all of the members on this site, you have all provided important and very informative information which we have all armed ourselves with in our fight for our own human rights, the commitment and determination of our members makes me feel proud to be a part of it all. keep fighting people, I believe we are making a difference.

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