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Dean Mighell, head of Victoria’s peak electricity union says he still won’t be having a smart meter installed despite today’s announcement.

Mighell is one of many outraged this morning to learn Premier Ted Baillieu will not stop the highly controversial roll out of his fundamentally flawed smart meters.

A review has found too much money has already been spent to wind back the project.  Up to 2 billion dollars worth has been shed, which is nearly triple the original budget.

However, the review still finds that consumers will eventually benefit from smart meter installation.

Almost a million of the meters have been installed so far.

Also, 3AW Mornings Presenters Justin Smith and Nick McCallum slammed Premier Ted Baillieu for not honestly addressing public concern and outcry about the roll out.

Justin was adamant the Baillieu government’s review was purely for political reasons.

“We’ve been absolutely and totally conned by Ted Baillieu.  The government had absolutely no intention of issuing a stop to the program when they called for a review,” Justin Smith said.

PLAY: Justin Smith and Nick McCallum’s scathing criticism of the Baillieu Government’s decision to continue the smart meter roll out

PLAY: Dean Mighell of the ETU will refuse to have a smart meter installed in his home

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Neil Mitchell of Melbourne Posted at 8:49 AM Today

Incompetence by both parties. Conned by the “Top end of Town” who won the game when they bought off our public assets in the first place. Remember the line, this was all in the name of competition and lowering costs. THAT WAS THE GREATEST CON OF ALL. This is the kind of thing that happens in a dictatorship or communist regime. Watch as ordinary Victorians go to the wall as electricity prices escalate once the dust has settled and watch as the money goes offshore to improve the living standards of those foreign interests that now own WHAT ONCE WAS OURS. OUR POLITICIANS ARE WORTHLESS, CAPABLE OF ONLY PLAYING THEIR PATHETIC SILLY GAMES WHILE THEY SELL US OFF. THE WORST IS YET TO COME.

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13 Responses to Smart meters here to stay | 3AW

  1. Terry says:

    I have just listened to that 3AW interview of Michael O’Brien. He refused to give a straight answer to the question as to what is the power companies’ end play with regards to people who continue to refuse installation. The question was put to him again and again and all he would say was that the power companies are sensitive about the issues people have, blah blah blah, they will discuss the various issues, blah blah blah. But Nick, like a dog with a bone, kept pressing him to commit to what will ULTIMATELY happen to people who resist all the spin and lies and still say no. O’Brien like a typical weak politician simply would not – COULD NOT – bring himself to say that people’s power would be disconnected. O’Brien’s desperate refusal to give a straight answer to this question switched a light on in my head (pardon the pun). This is an absolute political NIGHTMARE for them! The last thing they want is TV/Newspaper coverage of decent, principled Victorians, pensioners, families with young children etc etc having their power disconnected because, on principle, they refuse something they believe may be dangerous to their health, privacy and well being. My light bulb moment: THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT THOSE OF US WHO REFUSE. We can win this! That point is so important I must repeat it and everyone must understand. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO ABOUT THOSE OF US WHO REFUSE. Let that sink in folks, and KEEP SAYING NO!! 🙂

  2. Michael Edwards says:

         I don’t know how to laminate the sign – I’ve already printed it out on paper. Will it do to just cover it with a sheet of plastic? – I assume this is merely to protect it from rain.
         As for padlocking the box – won’t that prevent ordinary reading of the old meter that’s already there? And if they can’t read it, sure as eggs are eggs they’ll cut me off. How do you deal with that?
         We all know politicians break promises and change their position when it suits them: so I’m not all that reassured by Michael O’Brien’s promise that people who refuse won’t be disconnected – after all, that’s already at least two weeks out of date! Has he commented on it again more recently? (I haven’t heard so far.)

    Regards, Michael.

    • Eva says:

      Michael, you can get laminating done at a very small cost at say a newsagents? or
      printers, or you can buy a laminating machine yourself, not sure of cost. I would think laminating is superior to just plastic covering, so it will last the duration….simply making it stronger. Google is your friend 🙂 in searching out this information.

      As for padlocking your meter box, some clever people have actually cut ‘viewing slots’
      into their meter box doors to enable meter readings to be still done, or alternatively some people who are obviously home at all times, simply ask their electricity provider to let them know the exact date of meter reading and then unlock the meter box while the meter reader is there, then lock it again.

      All of this is entirely up to YOU, which way you want to proceed, and as I have already said, I doubt very much that your fears of having your electricity cut off will be allayed any time soon.

      My thoughts are that IF anyone truly does not want to have smart meters forced on them by the government, then one must then chose the appropriate way, for them, to proceed with their stand or protest. I myself feel very much supported in my stand knowing that
      90,000 people are feeling the same way and are actively doing something about it.

      Imagine if all of those 90,000 people decided to ‘buckle’ under pressure and relent, then what sort of protest would that be? Power to the People!!!! stand firm to get results.
      I am actually prepared to go the distance, meaning IF I am threatened with my power being cut, then so be it, and I will then fight even harder.

      Also if some people are prepared to organise a MASS RALLY outside of parliament,protesting against smart meters, I WILL be there, as I was with the Save Live Music protest with 20,000+ others.on 23rd Feb 2010.

    • Sarah says:

      Michael, we have cut a hole in the meter box door so our old meters can still be read.

  3. Michael Edwards says:

         I’ve been looking into this most of the afternoon, suddenly alarmed because I recently got a letter informing me I was going to get my “smart meter” in 10 days’ time. I really don’t know how far I’ll get telling them I don’t want it; I’m not really in a good position to do without electricity altogether, and I imagine that would be their first weapon against anyone who resisted.
         But while looking into this, I’ve seen various Twitter and Facebook pages relating to this, but I just can’t figure out how they work. You got any ideas on that? – there’s something about both those sites I just somehow don’t get – and I find them far from clear or transparent in operation.
         Christmas break? I would suggest that there simply isn’t time for people to take a leisurely Christmas break if they really want to fight this – the juggernaut is advancing every second, and, from my research over the last few hours, I’m getting the distinct feeling the fight’s very nearly over, and we’re almost crushed now, if not quite completely.
         So what are the main strategies?
         And have I got any hope of preventing my own imminent installation, or even just postponing it to give me time to figure out what else to do? I really do fear for both my health and finances if this goes ahead. I do already have a couple of conditions which I think I’ve seen mentioned on programs like “A Current Affair” as being the type that can be made worse: sleep problems, poor concentration, tinnitus, and other mental-type things. I really dread having these made worse, and that seems likely, if lots of people’s first-hand accounts are to be believed. (And I believe them sooner than I believe the smooth-talking politicians and energy bureaucrats who try to paper it all over as if it were a mistaken fear.)

    Regards, Michael.

    • Sam says:

      Hi Michael, print a sign, laminate it and stick it on your meter box. Then padlock it. The Minister and the energy companies have said repeatedly they will not disconnect people who refuse a meter, it would only be a last resort when all other avenues have failed. Join the other 90,000 of us and padlock your meter box.

    • Patrick says:

      Michael, the idea of using Facebook and Twitter simply provides another way to reach more people. I have noticed that when a post is created here on this website a link is also created on the Facebook and Twitter sites. This just makes it easy for people to share they updates with their contacts. Every bit helps

    • Sarah says:

      I have padlocked my meter box as well. I don’t think they have worked out what to do with people who are locking their meters. They can’t break into it as that would be damaging my property and I won’t open it.

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      Michael, read the post on the 3AW site and listen to this heated interview where Michael O’Brien states people will not be forced to have a Smart Meter installed 14 December, 2011!!

  4. Michael Edwards says:

         So two weeks of silence here now? What became of this rebellion? I would like to join it; but I am fearing it has already evaporated.
         I envisage a scenario along these lines: fiery rebels in their thousands defiantly refuse to allow the installers to go ahead, and the electrical companies simply say to them: “We have no choice but to cut off your electricity supply entirely until you agree to our terms”. Wouldn’t 99 percent people cave in, and give in at that point? Most of us can’t go without electricity altogether – and these rogues know it!
         I am feeling very hopeless about this now, and I fear for my own finances and health is this goes ahead (I already have a couple of conditions I fear may be made worse by this). Can anyone suggest any other ideas about what to do? Is there some hope somewhere, after all?
         Please post here if you have any ideas.

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      Hi Michael, please don’t think the rebellion has ended. We are only just getting started. I would suggest that it has been quiet due to Christmas and new year holidays etc. Many people are subsribing to this site to recieve regular updates, sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter. Our team is also looking to formalise our internet presence, looking at creating bumper stickers and provide form letters that people can use to send to their local members. We will also be creating a clear action plan that people can follow. Last year was so crazy. This site was thrown together and yet has amassed alot of support. This year the rebellion is set to grow not just in Victoria but the rest of Australia as well.
      Now is not the time to give up the fight but to recharge the batteries and start anew. They have won this battle in the US, we can do it to.

  5. stopsmartDi says:

    Well said Eva, I’m lining up to make a protest of civil disobedience and refuse access to my meter box and WILL NOT BE HAVING A SMARTMETER INSTALLED.
    So many others have told me they feel the same. Lets all join the rebellion.

  6. Eva says:

    I too was enraged to read today that this disastrous smart??? meter rollout will continue!I
    I find it unbelievable that the Minister for Energy, Michael O’Brien wrote this:

    of course that was BEFORE the last state elections!

    I also think that the TIME taken and MONEY spent on the ‘analysis’ only meant that more meters were being installed in that timeframe. The liberal government should have stopped all installations when they came into power, considering the strongly worded criticisms of Michael O’Brien about these meters, never mind so many other politicians also voicing their concerns.

    I, some months ago, after reading online that you COULD refuse to have these meters installed,
    contacted my electricity provider – Powercor, plus I sent emails to Ted Baillieu and others about my REFUSAL to have one installed. I received a letter from Powercor telling me that my address would be put at the back of the queue because of my refusal.

    The way I feel about FORCING this program onto people without any consultation by the Labour government, and now being still forced on us by the Liberals, I am prepared to make a PROTEST
    of civil disobedience and STILL REFUSE access to my meter box in having a new smart meter installed!!!!!

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