Why is the general public kept misinformed?

    Letters to the Editor, Midland Express
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9 Responses to Why is the general public kept misinformed?

  1. Anonymous says:

    to get your smart meter removed,you need to contact the ombudsman,private not energy co,s they will contact your provider,, i stated i was suicidal, @ the smart meter was removed, talking to your provider is useless/ threatening to ‘top’ yourself which i almost did was the only solution. the politicians are a bunch of self serving,liars, as useful as TITS on a bull. THIS GLOBALIZATION IS AN EXCUSE FOR TOTAL CONTROL.OF THE WORLD/ DO NOT BUY INTO THIS CRAP; THEY CHANGED FROM GLOBAL WARMING TO ;CLIMATE CHANGE; WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD CLIMATE CHANGE. 4 SEASONS WE USED TO CALL IT/ its another way of the elites controlling the world. THE NEW WORLD ORDER.DO WHAT THE FRENCH ARE DOING,!!! REVOLUTION ,this is the only solution/ we do not own the world,THE EARTH OWNS US,WE ARE MINISCULE IRRITANTS; NOEL

  2. Ian says:

    Yes. Corporations exert a huge unseen influence over the political landscape.
    (this line censored by the Office of State Control Over the People.. SCOP.)
    Gee it bugs me to see teenagers and even young kids sitting with a laptop computer on their laps..for hours.(then they get on their mobile phones)This talk of Electro Magnetic radiation from wireless devices affecting the reproductive organs of children really bothers me.It not only bothers but chills me to the bone. It depresses me. All the more when I feel powerless to do anything about it)
    What can I do to shield my family from the wi-fi in my house? Can I get a wired connection to the computers in the house? Can you get a barrier between a smart meter on the outside of the wall, and the bedroom behind it? Where do you get it?
    When a new technology comes a long there is a social dynamic that sways people in favour of it, irrespective of whether it may be good ,or deleterious to health. This dynamic is all about not wanting to be seen as behind the eight ball, not with it. In the context of wireless technology it is the sort of folly that can lead a people like lemmings, to mass destruction.
    We have lost representation in Parliament and there are no wise elders governing anymore. Corporations have taken over the system of governance, so it is now representing Them.
    Yes, they have got it all their own way.

  3. geoffrey says:

    The soft kill is in full swing, these (((globalists))) want us ignorant, sick, childless and dead, plain and simple. They feel the world is overpopulated and have been working covertly for decades to enact every nations destruction and usher in their new world order. In the next few decades they want 90% of us gone, technology will run everything and we will be their eternal slaves. Begging our masters to stop never works, we either fight or die, simple.

  4. anonymous says:

    I don’t think the government are the ones really in charge. All the policies are coming out at the global level which means there is a level above governments. If you want to know how the system really works, investigate the Rothschilds and you will find a goldmine of information there.

  5. Rik says:

    They get paid. It’s all money these days. The more they get paid, the more quiet they go on the topic. Whatever topic it is, the more funds they get the quieter they get, the less the public know about the problem.
    Look at Smart Meters. WE KNOW they are a huge problem but the public doesn’t know anymore, There is a ban on speaking about smart meters. When there is a house fire there is a ban on the firies speaking about anything to do with smart meters. If they think it was caused by the smart meter they cant say it, Its now classed as “unknown source”.

    Same as the immigrants terrorising Melbourne. They get away with lots, even murder and nothing happens. The government denies there is a problem but the public knows there is a problem but the media is quiet on the subject. The less the media know the more in control the government is, the more they can keep doing their corruption and the less change of a revolution.

  6. Anf says:

    Because Politicians are not held accountable for their action while in parliament and are not prosecuted for their actions that affect the health of the public with their very bad decisions that we all have to live with afterwards even after they have retired from politics and get paid for the rest of their lives by us the suffering tax payer that has too suffer in silence because the refer to us as lairs and sooks

  7. pcwwp says:

    It’s because we are trapped in a well funded international program of deception. I would like to see someone like Alan Jones or Hanson take on this serious challenge to our health and well being. It shows you though – it’s a threat to all biological life including animals ( recent test in England killed 300 starlings in a small local area ) and plants – but the greenies have nothing to say – why – because they dance to the international Agenda ( 2030 )

  8. Annabelle says:

    Why would you continue to look for answers within the ‘guberment’ and it’s associates. Like USA and elsewhere…there will be an OPT OUT clause…I recall the fees were $75 to REMOVE with an additional $10 per month for an analogue meter. Don’t ‘pick fights’…make STRATEGIES!!! Your ‘guberment’ is all out of smarts anyhoo…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I rang and told them by no means to put one on my house and when I came home a month later there was one on my house

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