Take Back Your Power Screening, Saturday 17 February, Melbourne

Take Back Your Power

Saturday 17 February 7:30 pm

48 Main St, Upwey (Magpie House)



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2 Responses to Take Back Your Power Screening, Saturday 17 February, Melbourne

  1. Harry says:

    Has anyone sent this out to politicians in Australia yet? If so could I grab a copy so I can start sending emails and letters out in my local area in Brisbane? Thank you!

  2. Elisabeth says:

    For people who are not able to attend the above screening presented by the InPower Movement. You can also watch episode 1 and you used to be able to watch episode 2 at the following link: https://inpowermovement.com. The series is also available for purchase. There has been some success in using their method to get authorities to change their minds about forcing Smart Meters on people and reversing the mandatory Smart Meter rollout. In Hawaii they have been very successful. At the moment this method is being applied in USA, Canada and they want to expand to other countries. They are looking to make this process available for other countries however the legal documentation would most likely need some amendments for different countries and they need more people to get involved.-

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