Free viewing this week – Take Back Your Power 2017!

The internationally award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power, originally released in 2013, exposed the ‘smart’ meter agenda.

Watch the new and updated 2017 Final Cut of Take Back Your Power for FREE through to August 11th (for Australian viewers this equates to the afternoon of August 12th) at:

Story at-a-glance:

  • The smart grid promised to enhance energy security and reduce energy usage. In reality, 80 percent of households that have received a smart meter report increases on their utility bill.
  • Thousands of people complain of health problems developing shortly after receiving a smart meter on their home. In some cases, blood tests confirm suspicions that RF radiation has impacted health.
  • The smart grid is part of a clandestine surveillance network, violating privacy rights and posing an unprecedented cybersecurity problem.

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5 Responses to Free viewing this week – Take Back Your Power 2017!

  1. Sandra says:

    This film is still free to watch. Great message

  2. Rob Reiken says:

    This year alone I’ve had to buy 5 mobile phones for me & my wife , 2 to switch over to the new G Network, 1 to have usage in the country side , then 2 more as in past week both our coverage to use 3G with phones we got 3 or 4 months back it’s usage had collapsed. So now I’m wondering if we will need 2 more by Xmass if the Network goes to the next G network level. I don’t like phones but got no choice as is needed for reasons, but every time it’s all about moving to the next Network all for a build up of more radiation to give us cancer building up for the Skynet that is coming next decade 2021 to 2024. Our Genocide in progress so to say, while the phone towers/Gwen Towers can be weaponized at the flick of a switch. 1. they can microwave to kill populations within an hour if turned up or 2. hit a certain frequency to induce a heartattack instantly. These weapons can and are also used for mind control in particular areas > TI’s The Smart Grid < spy network control network police state Nanny state Orwellian 1984 Society no more freedom if we let the globalist get away with all this crap.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This film needs to be screened on television for all to see

    • Jodie Donnelly says:

      Of course it does, but those making squillions on deploying all of these evil death devices have very deep pockets, just look at what happened to Science Journalist Dr Maryanne Demasi, from the ABC Catalyst for purely presenting a 100% well presented, factual episode on the dangerous of all of this to our children, she was suspended/fired. She was yet another example set to the media to shut their mouths and to not air these life saving reports.

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