Wi-Fried backlash

Outraged citizens are protesting the ABC’s decision to retract the Catalyst ‘Wi-Fried?’ episode and scapegoating of the ‘Wi-Fried?’ presenter, Maryanne Demasi.  You can make your voice heard through several avenues:

ABC Catalyst website

Online Petitions


Letters/emails to the ABC, government officials and communications authorities
Here is one concerned citizen’s response to the various parties with authority over this censorship.




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12 Responses to Wi-Fried backlash

  1. dana says:

    Has the ABC reported on the US NTP rat study? Is the ABC going to report on the research about mobile phones in the future or is it going to go into total blackout mode? Does the ABC hold the position that covering this subject at all is taboo? Since the ABC has withdrawn that episode of Catalyst, I think we have the right to demand a new documentary covering the latest research, otherwise it looks like. it is the ABC’s policy is that this subject cannot be covered in any way, shape or form in case the mobile phone industry has a tantrum.
    The US NTP rat study is not just another study it is the most significant piece of research so far because all the other studies had problems measuring exposure or identifying the exposed/unexposed groups and this one doesn’t. Also clinical trials can account for confounding factors ( other factors likely to affect the outcome of interest ) and even them up between the two exposure groups or make them identical eg. you can feed the rats the same food and water but in all the previous studies these factors varied between the exposed and unexposed.
    Why aren’t more doctors speaking up? Do they not have a good understanding of how important this latest study is? Are they a pack of brain-dead zombies? The medical community should speak out as a group and back up Dr. Maryanne Demasi .
    The ABC must cover major studies and since this documentary has been withdrawn they must recover the subject because, with the withdrawal of this documentary, their coverage of this subject is very, very negligible and this shows clear bias.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Segregation is to separate or set apart from others or from the main body or group; isolate:
    Weren’t we told that those that had lawful analogue meters would be charged extra to have our lawful analogue meters read? We were segregated from those that had smart meters, they were not required to pay a penalty.
    Weren’t people with lawful analogue meters also mistreated via harassment, threats and intimidation? Would people with smart meters be treated in this manner? If the answer is no then we have segregation.

  3. Ruby Billin says:

    Demasi is a case in point of the potentially perilous journey travailed by the (depressingly rare) real, investigative and gutsy journalist–when immersed in a global culture of science, media and government which are all corrupted by money.

  4. Thomas Bice says:

    If the general population had stood up to the power companys and government at the outset we would not be having this conversation, if you did not have the balls to lock the meter box to stop the intallation of so called smart meters, stop complaining.

    • Andre says:

      Anyone who has the appropriate measuring instrument, would be able to verify for themselves, that the emissions these so-called smart meters emit, are much higher than is claimed by the authorities!

      Sadly most seem to be like zoombie sheep, who don’t bother to do any proper research for themselves. If most people would be aware of what is being done to us, it would make it harder, for the criminals to get away with their crimes!

      Those behind the ABC (the owners of it), are relying on a gullible public, esp. those who do not think for themselves. This is why they are trying to counteract the damaging knowledge/info, of these dangerous radiation emitting devices etc.

      Thankyou for the folks here, for informing us, it’s certainly a good start!

      • Paul R says:

        It’s pure and simple lazy thinking on the part of the sheeple. They trust the government and have absolutely convinced themselves that the government only has good intentions for us. Whenever they hear that something that is not in the mainstream news is dangerous, they immediately say ‘Bulls**t!’ because they are too lazy to think. Conscious thinking requires effort and burns energy (true) but deciding not to think is easier, in the same way that many people would take a bus than to run or walk to a destination. This is the sad psychology of the world we currently live in.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t blame people that did not lock up their meter boxes, some people were tricked and manipulated.Some people might be elderly, sick or just plain scared,. Its not about having balls as you need to walk in someone Else’s shoes to experience what they have experienced.
      Having said this, i agree with what you said as well,, people should stop whingeing and do something about the situation they are in, the more the better.We would still be having this conversation as the program was about Wi-Fi not just smart meters.
      Its not about having balls most people are lazy and apathetic. Its more likely people just could not be bothered and also they believe that they have no rights.The people that i have no sympathy for at all are the people like one of my neighbors that asked for a smart meter and welcomed it. This neighbour goes around telling people that Smart meters are dangerous, yet she still has one.I have a few neighbors that acknowledge the dangers but won’t do anything about it. Its too much work and they would rather take a chance on becoming sick then do something about it. This is why we now have a huge problem.
      The people that stood up to these greedy thugs have paid a huge price.We will never get the seconds, minutes, hours, days,months or years back that have been stolen from us. No amount of money could ever bring that time back,no amount of jail time for these people can replace the seconds lost. .

  5. Anonymous says:

    The ABC should be able to provide evidence to back the statements made otherwise its just an opinion. I am not interested in opinions or beliefs. its not up to the ABC to make sure a program is impartial, its up to the ABC to make sure that facts are presented, if you have facts you don’t have to worry about being impartial as the truth is impartial.
    Why doesn’t the ABC explain what wasn’t accurate? Also provide evidence to prove the claims they have made? Pickled vegetables and coffee might cause cancer that isn’t something to take lightly.
    They should look up the meaning of negligent. Have they omitted anything that can cause harm? . “Negligence means the failure of a person to take care which leads to injury (or pure economic loss) to another” Did they take care? Did they make sure all the information was factual and not just opinion? If they haven’t can it lead ti injury? If people don’t have the correct information to make choices, then this could lead to injury.
    Maybe they need to think of the young children that still haven’t had a chance to live and grow up, the babies that have even been born yet and the children that might never get the chance to have children. We all have a responsibility to make sure we protect the children.

  6. Cedar says:

    Wonderful letter from P. Connolly to the ABC. I was shocked to learn that the ABC was being censored by the industry manipulators. I wonder what threats they used – so much money and so much power to use against our “independent” ABC! What does the health of the populace matter when so much money is at stake? (Tobacco, asbestos and now EMF. Will there still be anybody involved with this censorship at the ABC when the the “chickens come home to roost” and the evidence is so irrefutable that the the industry profiteers have taken their money and run away overseas?) What a corrupt world we live in.

  7. zaz says:

    I see a Mobile Phone supplier is selling LIFE with a claimed 95% reduction in radiation from the phone. If radiation from phones is not harmful why would they protect children against it?

  8. smartjanet says:

    As much as it annoys me I think this controversy has delivered great attention to the cause. People are sitting up and taking notice.

  9. Bob says:

    Political Gangsters and their cronies the Media, don’t care what sheeple think.
    Railroad over the top of free thinkers, and discredit them. BAH

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