Parent’s success in stopping WiFI installation at Australian school

An Australian mum has been successful in preventing installation of WiFi at her child’s school and has worked with the school in drafting EMR precautionary measures by requesting compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Article 9: Accessibility from the Conventions on the Rights of the Disabled to accommodate her child’s functional impairment.

She stated “My child has a sensitivity to EMR, specifically WiFi and Bluetooth elicit symptoms.” The school environment was very good already, to change that by installing WiFi would exclude the child’s access to the school. The first step she took was to register a compliment/complaint/ feedback form on the NSW Dept of Education’s website she said. “I requested help to find a WiFi- free high school and stated my child’s health complaints and symptoms. Rather than sending an email which could get “lost” in the system, I chose to use the education department’s processes for registering my complaint regarding accessibility to schools.” Around the same time, the child’s school initiated the WiFi installation discussion again. This quickly led to further conversations with the school and district education officers covering both accessibility issues.

The mother stated “I read extensively regarding disability in education policy, on human rights and Electro Hypersensitivity where functional impairment and disability were the focus. I was particularly interested in the perspectives of Prof Olle Johansson and Dr Isaac Jamieson, in relation to disability, human rights and the built environment.”

Referring to General Comment No. 2 (2014) Article 9: Accessibility and cross referencing with the Disability Discrimination Act and Disability Standards for Education it became apparent that to override the hardwired system with WiFi could put the school and decision makers in a position of discriminating against the child’s right to education on an equal basis with other students as they would be preventing accessibility to the school.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t it United Energy that sent the first letter out that gave people the impression that they were safe and were not going to be forced to have a smart meter? Then the others followed with these letters which were really contracts.
    Is this what is going to happen again? Will the other distributor’s now start doing the same? The Auditor General stated that the rollout was finished, but what does that actually mean? Only he can explain,but he’s gone. Was this put in the Auditor Generals report so the Politicians could protect themselves from future prosecution? The Distributor’s would be following someone’s orders, i don’t believe that they want to check anything.
    The politicians are still responsible, just as responsible as the Distributor’s. The Politicians are supposed to be Public Servants if they are not and are pretending to be, then they could be committing fraud. This carries penalties.
    I think everyone needs to remember that the other distributor’s could start doing the same thing.Just be prepared.

  2. Cedar says:

    I would be inclined to get an expert to check my meter to see if it is OK. I know that would cost money that you shouldn’t have to spend, but it would be better than letting them get into your meter box.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi all. I recently received a letter from United Energy, although I did not open it and sent it straight back. I received a knock at the door today by a guy saying he wants to “test the accuracy of my meter” and I should have been notified by letter about it. He wanted to switch the power off. My wife told him to go away but he said he would come back on Monday.

    So I have a feeling the scumbag modus operandi might be now for power companies to say “oh your meter is not within spec after testing, sorry we need to put in a smart meter, or switch off your power”. Has anyone else experienced this? Can I refuse the accuracy test? Is this an evil plan hatched by the power companies to conveniently make everyone’s analog meter “fail” the test?

    Please post a response by Monday so I have an idea of what to do!

    Many thanks,


    • Anonymous (remember ?) says:

      Chris, first ascertain why UE have singled you out for a meter test. You need to ask that question and get an answer, or else determine the answer for yourself. Make them explain it to you first. If they don’t provide any genuine reason then you do not open your box to them. It will be a case of scumbag modus operandi as you say. The rules of the game remain the same ie. a smart meter goes in only if you allow it to happen….remember that.

      Assuming there is a genuine need to “test” your meter (and this must be ascertained first) then you only open your box conditional to UE’s clear mutual agreement to the following points

      1. You are provided with a copy of all meter test results which you are entitled to ask for and must receive and which right you have is stated in the Customer Metering Code Section 5.4 (d) stating that “A distributor, a retailer or a responsible person (as the case may be) must provide copies of the results of any testing of metering equipment to the customer on request”.

      2. Any legitimate problem with the existing meter is to be fixed so that the existing meter is retained

      3. Any legitimate requirement for replacement will be facilitated by an electricity meter only and not any device that transmits or even facilitates wireless radio transmission. In other words NOT an AMI meter/smart meter. (see also Customer Metering Code Section 6, Parts b, d & e ).

      If there is no up front agreement, then there is only one place for this “gentleman” and that is to be off your property. Order him to leave. It works as your wife has already proven. Remember the roll out, how that many of these 8@$tard$ who when they were asked to leave had the audacity to say they were going to come back another day (and do their dirty deed)

      (Also remember the Dental Clinic in 34 Geum St Hadfield where there were two consecutive incendiary incidents which both times damaged expensive Dental Equipment? Each of these incidents occured each time after each installation of two consecutively installed smart meters. The Clinic is now supplied and metered by an Ace Actatris1000 Electronic Meter having an electromechanical display being as close as possible to an analog meter that you can get in the current market in Australia. These days the Distributor knows best to just leave this place alone.)

      Chris I am aware of other cases and what I honestly believe is that the Distribution Companies have absolutely no interest in doing any maintenance work on equipment such as the older meters. Maintaining the old equipment presents a clear conflict of interest to them who still very much have an agenda to install harmful AMI equipment. The fact is UE don’t care about you or your meter nor your individual financial value to them or to your retailer as a customer. You don’t represent anything to them other than nuisance value.

      The Distibution Companies may very well have moved on their low life scum who were hired to harass, bully and intimidate their customers during the rollover but please don’t be deceived by any friendly personnel that you think you encounter. These people are being used as just fodder and are oblivious to the agenda of the Metering Departments of the Distribution Companies that at this point in time I can tell you are operating a complete law unto themselves. This is a fact of which I have first hand knowledge about.

      Given that I certainly don’t think they would give one hoot about whether your quarterly bill was $50 more or $50 less than what it should be.

      Lock up like Fort Knox and you will certainly sniff these *@$tards out and come to an understanding of what they are playing at. Remember the rules of the game haven’t changed. Just be calm and stick to the rules that you know work. They can only install their piece of junk on your premises if you are somehow persuaded by them to allow it to happen. And don’t fear them or be intimidated by them. I am not. They are fictitious authority. I believe they are a dying breed because off grid power is coming and it is coming fast. I heard this brilliant segment on ABC Newsradio’s Background Briefing program a couple of weeks ago entitled “The Big Disconnect”. WOW ! What a title. Here is the URL link for you and for everyone else to listen to it.

      If you need any more help, let me know. You can also contact me through this website if you need to.

      • Chris says:

        Anonymous…thank you! for your fantastic response and thank you for responding before Monday. I have been quite nervous. If the guy comes back on Monday i will issue him with a letter based on your points and tell him that i want written confirmation of all points from United Energy before i allow any work to commence. One of the points i will be adding will be that if the meter requires changing then it is to be for the same make and model (ie analog). Lets see him go and get written confirmation that they will install a replacement analog meter. Hopefully that will be the end of it. I have come so far hanging on to my analog meter (padlocked) for dear life i do not want to falter at the 11th hour.

        I have two questions for you..:

        1:/ can i insist that any work they require to carry out is done by my own qualified Electrician? ie. they can stand behind him, 1 m away and watch my guy perform the “test”? is a normal electrician able to do these so-called tests? at least that way my own electrician will not be “in on the game” and shove a screwdriver through the screen or something, to then say “oh sorry…meter damaged. need to replace it now (haha) and we only have Smart Meters”?

        2:/ is there some clause in the law or electricity agreement that states i must legally allow the power distributor access to the meter “for testing/calibration purposes”? or is there only access required for READING listed (which is facilitated through the glass window I installed in the box).? i just want to know if i might be breaking the law if i do not allow them access for testing/calibration. This concerns me. I fear they might be using a law of some kind that their lawyers might have dug up in the legislation to force this situation upon me. (and others).

        When this guy comes i will also have my power bills printed on paper and ready at the front door and show him that the power i use has been consistent over the past 12 months and no changes…so the meter is working fine thank you and here is my evidence so there’s no reason for access to my meter and unless he has evidence to the contrary then he can just Clear Out. Ill also sit down my phone on my plantbox and let him know that ill be recording his bulls@it from this point onward that will spew forth from his mouth for reference and accuracy.

        Thanks again for your help,

        (ps i feel really guilty hi-jacking this thread which is not directly related to my problem i hope it does not upset people, i just was not sure of another more efficient way to get help other than to post in the most recent thread)

        • Anonymous says:

          You have to allow access for them to read and maintain your meter, they have to give you notice to come on your property unless its an emergency. They have to give you notice that they are going to perform a test on your meter and also it is convenient for you.
          Can you film them? I would not want someone filming me if i was doing something wrong, this is evidence and you can then show to whoever you please. Ask them to put in writing what will happen if your analogue meter needs to be replaced and make them write it down and sign the piece of paper under penalty of perjury.
          If they won’t do any of this may i suggest you get names and send it to The Energy Ministers office Lily probably won’t do anything nevertheless notify her office of the problem, if you think they are harassing you tell her as well.

        • Anonymous (remember ?) says:

          Chris, it’s my good pleasure to provide you assistance to combat this nastiness that we know has never really gone away seeing that the Distribution Companies still have an agenda to replace all the remaining safe and passive meters with their radiation emitting surveillance devices.

          I have a lot of further other various useful sensitive information I can share with you but for reasons I won’t disclose, it cannot be on this forum at this time. I am happy to have private communications with you and provide further information privately to you.

          As far as hijacking the thread, please put your guilt far away. If this forum is not first and foremost for people such as yourself in your present predicament, then who is it for ? People such as yourself take first priority. Remember it could be any of us that could be needing help at any time because of the poison of these vipers. We all live with the same threat. Yes any talk that customers who don’t want a “smart meter” don’t have to have one is disingenuous if Distributors still have a directive and an agenda “to carry out the exchange where they can” and are unwilling to do any legitimate maintenance work on the older safer meters that they otherwise were obligated to do and are unwilling to acknowledge those customers that have made a choice of health, rights and safety and which customers also they and the government have branded with the term “Refusers”.

          As for your two points, you can get an independent technician to work on your meter, but only with the permission of your Distributor. Good luck with that one. Then again funnier things have happened though I say pigs fly. What you can do though is to invite anybody onto your property that you wish at any time. It means you could have an independent metering technician/sparkie/your lawyer all present looking at this bloke very very closely should he set foot on your premises. And according to section 3.3.4 of the Electricity Distribution Code, a Distributor must use best endeavors to access customer premises at a time mutually convenient to the customer. So you will certainly be able to make the arrangement for your sparkie and lawyer to be present and you can inform UE of their presence as well. And yes, don’t forget any other person(s) that you could also invite to act as independent witnesses. Remember everything must be recorded as you say, not just audio but video recording also if possible. Let’s see what they think about that. You need to be aware of a likely possibility that UE may have ordered any person that comes to your premises to fail the inspection at all costs even if your meter is perfectly good and you need to nip that possibility in the bud any way that you can.

          As for your second point, your obligation under the Energy Retail Code is to provide access for the purposes of reading the meter which you have done. I’m assuming that your meter is pure analog, that the display is analog, that the meter is being read and that your bills have been based on actual reads, is that correct ? Then you have fulfilled your obligation. Yes the Electricity Distribution Code also requires you to provide “convenient and unhindered access” for
          3.3.2 a) …….any purposes associated with “the supply, metering or billing of electricity” 3.3.2 b) …….the inspection or testing of the customer’s electrical installation for the purposes of assessing whether the customer is complying with “this code” (Electricity Distribution Code)

          This has already been tested by all of us that have locked our meter boxes. The Distribution Companies are not unaware of why our boxes have been locked. They have been locked for a purpose and they are fully aware of that reason. Thus it is unacceptable for them to try and pretend and act as if they are unaware. They fully know that these “stupid smart meters”/AMI meters are not wanted on our premises and that’s why they are not on our premises and that for that very reason our boxes remain locked. To try and somehow put it over you at this stage that you don’t have any other choice other than to get a smart meter is not on. As far as the inspection and testing clause is concerned, it seems that the “purposes” for wanting to do the test very much comes into play here. Are you not complying with the code Chris ? What have you done that any of us have not done ? You are no different to anyone else. Your idea of gathering your bills together is on the right track. Nobody has been disconnected and for those where there has been a disconnection it has only been after some customer action that was somehow perceived as provocative. You Chris haven’t tampered with the equipment and you allow your meter to be read. Why would they single you out then ? It may be that they are using you to test the waters to see if they can set some precedent to then get to the rest of us.

          My view is that all this talk is premature and that there is no legitimate reason for this person to single you out for a meter test. Chris, if you are not provided with 110% assurance that there is legitimate need to test your meter then your meter box must remain locked. If you have even the slightest niggle of doubt in your mind, just stick to the rules we know have worked and continue to work for all of us. The box stays locked and persons such as this are ordered off the property and charged with trespassing if they fail to comply. Remember, Distributors have been told not to disconnect. These are nasty people so just be careful not to do anything perceived as too provocative which I’m sure you won’t. Remember, nothing has actually changed. As far as this bloke wanting to test your meter he hasn’t as yet provided you with a legitimate (non porky pie) reason for this, so again I say nothing has changed. In which case, keep on with the status quo.

          I will say that I am aware of customers who don’t have smart meters and have requested for a meter test to be conducted only to be totally ignored by their Distributor. It’s clear that any legitimate dealing of any type that Distributors have with customers who have retained their existing safe and passive meters presents them with real conflict of interest. That’s adds even further fuel to the fire in a relationship between customer and Distributor that is totally untenable. As far as any thoughts of faltering, don’t even entertain the idea. That is the very weakness that parasites such as UE and her four filthy sisters try to take advantage of.

          Click to access Energy-Retail-Code-Version-11-January-2015.pdf

          Click to access Electricity-Distribution-Code-May-2012.pdf

          • Chris says:

            Thank you Anon (remember?) for your wonderful post and taking the time to respond. It has helped me immensely, you are possibly the most informed on this subject on the site. I spoke to my electricity provider (Momentum energy) today and they confirmed that they have not requested any meter testing or check… In fact (as another post also mentioned) they said that they are not keen to do meter tests “as a rule” unless demanded by the customer as they said the tests were expensive.

            So this has come from United Energy, which now makes me feel like my suspicions were right. The plot thickens.

        • Cedar says:

          I don’t think you are upsetting anyone. We all want these scumbag companies to stop their activities, which to my mind are criminal. (Criminally insane? If they are harming people, as they certainly are, then “criminally insane” sees the correct term for them).

          • Brian Rainsford says:

            They are extortioners. No one should ever give into them. One needs to stand up to these bullies and see what they’re really made of. They are just p1$$weak and are not to be feared. They are nothing. They themselves know that if they don’t soon somehow reshape, rebadge and remarket themselves, that they are heading for a fast extinction. May they rot in hell forever and may their CEO’s and all accomplices rot in jail for all their criminal acts that they well know they have committed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, everything Anon said is correct. Also tell them that you will film everything they do.They are supposed to read and maintain the meter, why would you test the accuracy if the meter is working properly.
      It is good you posted this so others may now be aware of this problem. How exactly can they tell if the meter is accurate anyway? Get all the details of the person that is supposed to be performing this test. Name, age,insurance number etc.
      If this is not a genuine job they won’t want to give out this information nor be filmed or recorded.
      If you were doing something wrong would you want to give all your personal details over to someone that could sue you in the future.?I think they are trying to cause problems for you, so now you have information to use to protect yourself.
      Everything needs to be put in writing including your terms and conditions, you won’t allow a smart meter and whatever else you want. It is important everything is documented if they are doing something wrong they won’t want any records.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, they have to prove that you not only received the letter but read it as well. They have to give you notice to come on your property and they have to disclose what test they are conducting. They have to make an appointment that is convenient to you and them and you are entitled be present, but this won’t solve the problem as unless you know what they are doing they can say the meter is faulty.
      Get everything in writing and get names and insurance details for starters. Get them to sign the documents as well and then give you time to send in your own documents. Hopefully by the time you do all this they will leave you alone or at least not try anything.

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, If you do some research you will see yourself, that they don’t usually check meters unless you request it and even then they don’t want to do this it costs money. Why would they want to spend money when you have not requested your meter be checked.
      This is what i found out.
      Meter tests
      Your retailer can also for a meter test on your behalf. This involves a metering technician being sent to your home to conduct a technical investigation and accuracy test of the meter to make sure it is measuring accurately. The results of the meter test will be provided to your retailer.
      The fee for a special meter test is set by the Australian Energy Regulator and only reflects the cost of providing this additional service. This fee is passed on to your retailer.
      Why then would they want to test the accuracy of your meter?, When so many complaints have gone in regarding billing errors and they are reluctant to to even investigate.
      Meter faults and meter reading errors are extremely rare. The process of manufacturing a meter, calibrating and installing it, reading it and sending the data to your retailer goes through rigorous checking, rechecking and spot auditing. New meters must also comply with the National Electricity Rules, National Measurements Act and relevant Australian Standards.
      If meter faults are rare, why are they bothering you?

      • Chris says:

        Hi, thank you so much for your comments and help…i have an update.

        the guy came around Monday. He was in a panelvan that was not branded United Energy, it was some 3rd party company i have not heard of before. The guy was Indian and actually fairly nice. I was ready for a confrontation but it didnt really go that way. He told me he was not from United Energy but they sent him out to “do a job”….i should have received a letter… i said “i get letters all the time from power companies mate, offering this, offering that…unless its the company im signed up with i dont read them and send the rubbish back, and im not with United Energy. Sorry.” He then went on to explain the difference between the supplier and the retailer etc etc (of course i already knew that) and i just shrugged and said “Oh well.”. I asked why he was here…he said “they just asked me to test.”….he didnt really say there was a “fault” as such, Wierd. I said i didnt want it tested and i didnt really feel like opening the box lock for him…he just said…. “Okay Then.” i didnt need to pull out the letter i had prepared, or pull out my bills showing it was working correctly, or anything really. He just said “Ok ill tell them that you didnt want it tested.”. I said that if he brings me a signed letter from United Energy that says it will be replaced with the same analog meter if its found to have a problem then i might consider it. He just kinda waved that off as if to say “nevermind” and walked off.

        Im concerned once the news hits their filthy little den where they hatch their evil plans, that more is to come, im not sure. Im hoping thats the end of it.

        re: record the guy…i already have a CCTV camera pointed directly at my locked elec box since the start of this whole Smart Meter fiasco. Honestly without it, i think they would have just forced the lock off a long time ago and torn into my meter. I highly, highly recommend them. Certainly keeps them away and behaving themselves. My “Keep off – No Smartmeters on this property” signs are still up everywhere, on my entrance wall and across the meter box.

        just wandering if Anon #1 or Anon #2 you know if i can use my own electrician to “test” the accuracy of the meter? you didnt really answer whether this was possible? or MUST it be their own electrician guy?

        Thanks again…and i hope these posts help others…

        • Anonymous (remember ?) says:

          Chris, firstly I will say to well done. I don’t think these people have much of a leg to stand on. They should all be punished severely that have put so many people under such intense duress which in some cases has resulted in major repercussions effecting lives.

          To answer your question about doing your own testing……………

          I think the answer regarding doing your own testing depends on the type of meter you have.

          I know that with electronic meters, metering technicians are equipped to be able to inject their own load into a meter to test it’s accuracy. It involves the use of a probe device being kissed to the meter’s optical port with the use of some special software. I won’t disclose the names of the various software products are being used at this time. Some electronic meters also incorrporate their own self test button and/or functionality. Other than that, electronic meters have their own pulse indicators that flash on their display each time a certain amount of electricity (Watt hours) are drawn through the meter’s element(s). What you can do is remove all the load of your circuits (switch everything off) first, then switch on some appliance/device with a known load and go to your meter box and count the pulses over a finite time period. You should be able to use the combination of number of pulses and time to calculate how the meter is measuring that load.

          With a pure analog meter, you could just do the same but just manually read the meter to determine consumption Watt hours measured by the meter and compare that with what the appliance should be using or is using (which you can determine by a device that you can buy which plugs into your appliance power point first prior to plugging in the appliance, which tells you exactly how much voltage and current are being drawn.

          The other way you can test your meter is by installing your own metering. Yes you can legitimately do that and it is called Check Metering. The Customer Metering Code makes provision for you to install such “check metering” and the Distributor and Retailer are obligated to allow you to do this for the very purpose of you being able to check the accuracy of supposedly “their” meter. So you could if you wanted to, arrange to install your own analog meter on your own wiring to check the accuracy of any UE measuring equipment that is being used to supply and bill you, and I believe there is provision for readings obtained from check metering to be provided as substituted readings in cases where the check metering determines so called Distributor metrology to be incorrect/inaccurate or I’m sure in cases where there is mutual agreement between parties for such to occur. Your check meter is a device just like any other appliance that you engage your sparkie to install on the wiring that you own. It’s very bona fide.

          In the Electricity Customer Metering Code (dated 13 October 2014), section 9 Definitions (page 14) states the definition of “check metering” as
          “metering installed for the purpose of checking metering equipment”.

          See also on page 6 section 2.5

          2.5 Check metering

          (a) A customer may at their own cost provide and install check metering
          (b) The person who owns or controls the site at which the metering equipment
          is installed and the person who owns the metering equipment must co-operate with a customer wishing to install check metering at that site.

          (c) If a customer installs check metering for the purposes of checking metering data
          or substituting readings, the customer must notify the distributor , the retailer
          or the responsible person (as the case may be) within a reasonable time after the check metering is installed.

          Click to access Electricity-Customer-Metering-Code.pdf

          So if you really wanted to do your own testing, you have a number of options that can range from basic good ball park accuracy to more sophisticated and accurate means.

          But hey, well done, good luck and stick to the rules which you have also once again proved that they work.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t think you can get the meter tested with your own electrician unless they are notified i suppose and agree. You can have your own electrician watching this is legal. All i can tell you is that get them to put everything in writing and you do the same.
          Inform them that if they mention the word smart meter, you will consider it a form of bullying. If they hassle you again ask them to answer your questions in writing and provide details, name etc. Tell them that you will forward the letter of to the Energy Minister as you find this behaviour offensive and bullying carries penalties.
          It is not the problem that the meter would be checked it is the why they would want to waste money checking something that is working properly.
          The analogue meters are on our property so we can say we own them unless they prove otherwise. They are pretty strict with any repairs or maintenance with the meter box and equipment, You have to notify them. I don’t see why if they continue that you can’t ask in writing if you can get your own electrician. This should not be a problem as long as they are notified and the electrician is qualified.
          Perhaps Chris it would be wise to type up a letter explaining that you don’t have a problem with your meter being checked but you want a written guarantee that if something is wrong with your meter then it will be fixed or be replaced with the same meter.
          Anon gave you some tips, tell them if you want that if they can’t guarantee that your terms and conditions are mete then you will regard this as bullying.
          Who is your retailer? I had problems with mine for a while, they got caught out so to speak. They are more than likely involved. Check this out as well. Go through your retailer ask them to explain in writing why your meter is being checked when you have not complained. Ask them to put everything in writing as well. Ask them for names and tell them you are faxing this information to the Premiers office as your are tired of being bullied and harassed.
          This is a start.

        • Anonymous says:

          The distributors were told to use their best endeavors to replace faulty meters. This might would include lying and fraud. If they say your meter is not working properly and it is, then this is fraudulent. I would not be supervised if this is just part of the order they were given. This has to be stopped so they don’t try it on others. They have caused enough harm. Send letters to Lily D’ambrosio they can stop this and let her know that she is responsible. If she is a public servant then she has to act.
          You won’t get far with sending letters, but its a good start to keep all these letters for future legal reasons and you can let Lily and Premier Andrew’s know this.
          Keep on complaining and don’t stop.

        • Anonymous says:

          The distributors hire contractors to read the meters even the gas meters. Its more than likely that the company that reads your meter also does maintenance as well.

          • Chris says:

            Hi all, sadly it looks like this whole debacle has not ended. i received another letter today, this time addressed to me directly, from United Energy. All i can see through the window of the letter is that it has a recent date of November 2015 on it. I have not opened it and returned it with a big black texta writing “Return to Sender – Without Cause and Dishonor”, as i do for all the letters from these harrassers. i will continue to do this with all letters from them….im simply not interested in hearing anything from them. I know that if i open the letter then i am legally in acceptance of their rubbish and im not interested in their harassment.

            i will however call my elec providor (Momentum) and ask if they know anything about a meter check. as Anon did say, its possible that they may have triggered it.

            Will keep you all updated and thanks again for your wonderfully informative posts. I hope no-one else is suffering from this new-found tactic?
            (PS my “old” meter is not a pure analog “spinning wheel” one, but it has a digital screen and two buttons on the front. Its from the early 90s. Not sure if this is relevant)


            • XXXXXXXXXXXXX says:

              Normally the Distributor has nothing to do with the home customer. Their only customers are the Retailers. The stupid smart meter rollout was the exception. Be careful what you ask Momentum. Sus them out but without saying more than you have to. Record any calls. You may find that if your Retailer is as spineless as some others, they may just take the position of hiding behind UE. Oh, friendly reminder for you. The box stays locked yeah ?

            • Wile E Coyote says:

              Chris, there are ways and means of reading some unopened letters.

            • Chris says:

              here is my letter that i plan on handing to anyone who “turns up” at my door in regards to this issue again:

              “Before access to the inside of my meter box is granted beyond the purpose of meter reading…ie for the specific sole purpose of meter adjustment and/or testing I would like to see a signed confirmation IN WRITING from the acting company on an official letterhead:
              1:/ That evidence is produced to support that there is a valid reason for my meter to be tested/adjusted.
              2:/ That the current analog meter will not be removed or damaged in any way during the time of access and will not be replaced by a so-called “Smart Meter” and that the testing time will not be longer than 30 minutes at which time the electricity supply to the property will be re-instated using the currently installed meter. Any legitimate problem with the existing meter is to be fixed so that the existing meter is retained.
              3:/ That if there is a true and valid reason for the meter to be replaced, it will be replaced a later date (to be mutually agreed) upon acceptance by me (the owner) and in such a case will be replaced with the same style/model and vintage meter like-for-like (ie NON-smart meter) at the companies ‘expense.
              4:/ That my own qualified Electrician will be present at all time overseeing testing and/or replacement proceedings.
              5:/ That acceptance is given for the entire process(es) to be filmed (audio and video) by the property owner.
              6:/ That any work carried out will be according to Electrical Standards and such confirmation of Electrical Standards work carried out will be supplied in writing to the property owner.
              7:/ That I will be given a copy of the meter test results on the day and a report outlining any issues.
              If these conditions are not agreed to and met then I must consider this repeated request for access to my meter as bullying and deceptive behavior and will report this action directly to the Premier’s office upon the next instance.”

              sound reasonable?

              Best Regards,

  4. smart meter sufferer says:

    I wonder if this would apply to teachers too. I have been unable to work as a teacher since wi-fi was installed in all schools in my area because of my sensitivity to this wireless technology.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To Smart Meter Sufferer and all Smart Meter and Wi-Fi sufferers,
      I say……..”Get a petition of teachers in your school together and demand of your head-master or head-mistress that this poisonous Wi-Fi be ripped out immediately.
      If he or she refuses to do so, demand that he or she be sacked. I and my family in London circa 1939 to 1945 got bombed to bits in the second world war, but did we just take it like cowards? No, we the English and brave Polish and Australian and French and Canadians Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors, etc fought the Nazi Pooch and won, but at a terrible price.
      This Wi-Fi in the schools and in many homes is the latest poison. Those of you who use it are getting bombed to bits with Microwave Wi-Fi Rays, how stupid is this. It’s more than stupid it’s bloody madness to subject oneself and others to this new form of TERROR for that is exactly what it is !

      In France many months ago the sensible French Education Department ripped out this poisonous to children and mounting numbers of teachers very painful headache causing and bleeding noses and other health related Wi-Fi problems.
      Of this inhuman and all life health wrecking Wi-Fi equipment. I say…. “Rip It all out, and reinstall the older fashioned hard-wired- insulated copper cable computers in every class room as is being done in the French Schools.
      This was a very sensible, moral and humane thing to do at the French Education Department’s expense. The only reason that Wi-Fi is used here in Australia and almost seemingly world-wide, is because it’s cheaper than using the older fashioned and safe hard wired Desk-Top, or Tower Computer Technology box, and computer screen technology which I still have, which is not poisonous to me or anyone it seems, so far. Wi-Fi uses a lap-top system which I HATE with a passion.

      You see, I allege that the Australian Education don’t really seem to GIVE A RAT’S ARSE about poisoning the children and teachers.
      I wrote to them some months ago and I am awaiting a proper response as to when they are going to get rid of this Filthy and Poisonous technology, just as the French Education Department have now so sensibly done. I say, “ Viva La France, or Good on you French Education and Caring Department/s.”
      If your head master of mistress is so stupid and WILFULLY BLIND as not to obey the instructions I have here so clearly given you, then sue him or her and SACK THEM as he or she has no Lawful Right to keep on poisoning the children’s reproductive organs with this Microwave Filth which damages young lad’s testicles or gonads and young girls ovaries and also poisons young men’s spermatozoa and young ladies eggs in their ovaries as well as the teachers reproductive organs.

      Dopy Mobile Microwave Phones do the same thing to these young people and adults alike and to your pet dogs and cats, canaries or budgies and all of LIFE. It’s a problem I allege caused by Accountants aka of as I like to call them Dopy Bean Counters, straining to save the odd Cent or Penny or Sue or Drachma or any other currency on Earth.
      I am not fond of Accountants, mainly glorified book-keepers, and non productive people who cannot teach in the main and produce no really useful goods or services in my opinion.
      In a way they are I allege, truly a large part of this Wi-Fi Problem and who seemingly I also allege have a terrible and EVIL Love Of Money, which is the Root of All EVIL !


      Richard Leschen.

      • Ex Telstra Employee says:

        You cannot even use a public phone these days because even though the phone uses a safe landline, telstra have placed Wi-FI transmitters on the roof the booth that will microwave you whilst you are making your call.

        Telstra Air – if we can’t radiate you with a mobile phone, we’ll radiate you with our Wi-Fi transmitter.

      • Ann says:

        Hi Richard. Would you mind advising what Department of Education (which state) you wrote to, and did you get a reply? Many thanks

  5. Rob Reiken says:

    This is great news people. Personally I choose not to have Wi-Fi. I use the good old way of hardwiring running a hub & cables for every computer point. Our kids are 3 times more susceptible to be brain damaged than adults from this which is a crime against humanity & we have allowed our government dictators to get away with this crap for too long. Maybe 3 to 5% of the population is EMR sensitive but still that is allot to be 5 out of every 100 people to be effected by this crap while Smart Meters emit around 9 times more radiation than WiFi.. When did Electro Smog Pollution become ok. How have we tolerated all this up to now. This Smart Grid they are setting up to be used against us & not in a good way either. You people should research things like EMP or H-EMP cause we have been set up with this monster building of it while it’s only a matter of time when it all comes crashing down around us. It is also one huge spy grid that will bring George Orwells 1984 into the light of day, so kiss your freedoms goodbye if we allow this to progress.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Good work Lady.

  7. Rik says:

    There is no need for wifi at schools. They could easily enough use a LAN for their network. Schools did it 20 years ago so why change that? LAN is faster than Wifi so its better to have all their computers hard wired into the network anyway.

    The problem is they will still have smart meters on the school and that’ll be a major problem. They will need to remove them too.

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