Please vote for question to be answered by Australian Human Rights Commissioner

Please vote for the question about electromagnetic radiation and its health effects to be answered by Tim Wilson, Australian Human Rights Commissioner.

Voting concludes Friday 14 August, 5:00 pm.
Go to:

The question to look for is:

“Will the Freedom Commissioner look into claims of people being impacted by man made electromagnetic radiation from digital communications and will he support the establishment of white zones (no Radiofrequency transmitters) for people who find themselves disabled and unable to tolerate emissions from cell towers, NBN WiMax towers, WiFi etc? In today’s technological driven and wireless addicted society we find there are people who are really suffering from these ubiquitous emissions from wireless emitters sited near our homes, near and in schools, on our hospitals and in public places. Those who are impacted are being ignored by the Government, labelled and ridiculed, effectively having their freedoms and rights being trampled. Sufferers lack accessibility to a safe environment which can lead to discriminatory behaviour. To date there has been a lack of real objective health based research to look at what the potential implications are to chronic long term exposure to these wireless signals that have been classified by the World Health Organisation as potentially carcinogenic. We require scientists with biological and medical science credentials to investigate, not psychologists or physicists as is happening today. Technical studies looking at emission levels against an RF standard are of little value when it comes to trying to understand whether there are health impacts to RF exposure.”

At the moment this question is number 4, and needs to be in the top 3 to be answered by the Australian Human Rights Commissioner. You can apply all 7 votes to the same question.

Vote now!

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16 Responses to Please vote for question to be answered by Australian Human Rights Commissioner

  1. Allan says:

    I learned to cure myself and got away from wifi routers but I found out its the smart meters and towers that are the worst, my ears have now stopped ringing like a machine though still ringing! Iam still quite sick and worry iam gona die everyday when I wake up I feel sick and when I go to sleep I feel sick, if I wasnt sleeping in a metal room I would be dead as my skin is all looking burnt. Where the hell can I move to remain feeling like a human being again?

  2. Allan says:

    I stopped sleeping, I lost my memory, I lost my balance, my ears were ringing like I was a machine, I lost my ability to think or even cordinate which leg or hand I would move, I couldnt tell you what I was holding in my had if I was looking at it, I had parkingson shakes and in the end I stopped eating and had to buy an athsma pump cause I feel like iam choking! I went to the doctor and they said I was crazy and wouldnt give me any sleeping tablets so I almost drunk myself to death till I finally figured out that it was the smart meters and wifi and because my mother was almost dead too I got her out of the house to save her and had a cousin with brain tumor who was dying, told his dad to get him out of melbourne because my cousin was dying due to EMR so they called the police on me and had me locked up at the mental institution under 3 wifi routers with my brains fully blown and I could tell many of other patients were in there because of this microwave strike on civilians and only managed to get out on an order after 3 weeks cause Dr Jane Randall sertified me as being EHS.

  3. Eric says:

    Rodney Croft and his wireless industry, utilities and government cohorts are flawed. They are saying it is OK to inflict what they know to be genuine injury upon people because supposedly that injury is psychosomatic in origin. Is it really OK to do that ? I thought that acting in any manner that will in anyway cause legitimate injury to persons is not acceptable. We know that the effects of emr are not psychosomatic at all but for the sake of making the point, let’s just assume that these headaches, nausea, tinnitus etc were all psychosomatic in origin. These nincompoops are saying that psychosomatic injury to thousands of people is acceptable and let’s roll out the gear. The psychosomatic argument is flawed, otherwise these men are flawed, or both.

    • Eric says:

      The argument is flawed because it has been contrived. Contrived by those persons motivated by their own vested interests only.

    • Eric says:

      How very convenient it is for electricity utilities, corrupt government and wireless industry vested cohorts to say that symptoms suffered are psychosomatic. Well one thing is certain……psychosomatic or not, all those persons complicit in the rolling out of smart meters are accountable as those who have inflicted the injuries.

  4. Jason says:

    Sorry, I’ve been away and have returned too late to vote.
    However, if you’re willing to do a bit of research you’ll find irrefutable proof of what farmers have known for decades:- grazing cattle within reach of EMF from high-voltage power-lines crossing their land:-
    1…reduces milk production in dairy cows
    2… reduces ~ sometimes by up to 30%! ~ meat production in beef cattle.

    NObody who works in the industry, particularly those whose livelihood depends on keeping close tabs on the productivity of their animals has doubted this observation in a long time.
    It’s seen as part of the ‘cost of doing business’.
    Anecdotal evidence also strongly suggests a reduction in the quantity and quality of calves born close (or under) such power-lines.

    Look here:-

    Commonsense dictates that human tissue is certainly no less effected ~ and is possibly more effected due to greater sensitivity and MUCH greater proximity to the source of EMF.

  5. ingrid says:

    Woo Hooo! Stop Smart Meters Australia’s question is in!!!
    1/ 2999 votes – Topic – Pro assisted dying
    2/ 482 votes – Legalise cannabis.
    3/ 461 votes – Electromagnetic radiation and its health effects

    All your efforts got it in.
    I posted the link to a whole lot of supportive FB pages last night. Guess I better tell them thanks.
    All your extra efforts got this in.

  6. Iva Jarebica says:

    Site (account creation) faulty …unable to join and therefore VOTE

  7. smart meter sufferer says:

    I have voted! You can register 7 votes , so please try. We need to get this question about the of human rights of EHS sufferers into the public eye.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i was able to vote 7 times.
    It is easy to do and could be a great opportunity to bring this to the public eye.

  9. Ruby Q says:

    Voted and voted again!

  10. ingrid says:

    It’s easy to vote. You do need to create a logon but it only took a minute.
    Privacy – It look s like your name will be publicly visible, so you could use an initial.

  11. Sorry, wrong scientists are being supported.Biologists and Medical scientists in general subscribe to the dogma that cells function spontaneously (Self perpetuate) and species adapt to their environment. Capable physicists say NO WAY, you know cause and effect and the concept of species adapting to their environment voids the possibility of life. For cells to have an output they must have an initiating input via the only reactive entity in any given cell the DNA chromosone molecules that activates the cell and the only available input is energy pulses emanating from the environment, by primary or secondary (Chemical) means that we have evolved resulting in survival in a particular environment. Man induced low frequency radiations are not part of this evolved survival stratagy and hence can damage the DNA molecules in spite of being non ionizing, resulting in cancer and the various illnesses. This in spite of the feeble opinions of the barely with it scientists at ARPANSA and their cohorts worldwide, Low Frequency Radiation can damage the DNA molecules (Refer to internet, Low Frequency Radiation effect on DNA) causing the above problems. Question, who are the so called physicists at present adjudicating on the problem? Scientific support throughout for the above is available for those who care to research the problem and it includes Physics phenomenon, Electrical and materials engineering principles as well as biological experimental research results for those who are prepared to accept a new approach resulting in relevant answers.

    • Steve says:

      John, Respectively disagree, Physicists generally only consider the energy of photons, which is not capable of breaking even the weakest chemical bond and often only think that thermal effects are to be considered. They do not have the necessary medical or biological experiences to interpret the more subtle cellular effects which results in oxidative stress, DNA damage, altered gene expression, cell wall polarity changes and what the health consequences might be. Perhaps it would be better to say that we need all the aforementioned science disciplines to be involved and not rely solely on specific branches.

  12. Lee says:

    Site (account creation) faulty…unable to join and therefore VOTE

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