Farewell Steve and thank you!

“Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering, an image of death.”    Buddha

This will be a different Christmas for Steve Weller and his family; they won’t be in Melbourne with their family and friends, but will instead be in Queensland, learning to adapt to the hot, humid weather, learning that there is no going back. Steve’s two children will visit Seaworld and other theme parks, something Steve and his wife have promised their young primary school aged son and daughter in an attempt to distract them from the shock and grief of leaving behind all their friends, teachers, school and home – forever. There is only one reason this family has to leave the state and relocate to Queensland: WIRELESS SMART METERS. Since smart meters were rolled out in his street, Steve has developed sleep problems, headaches and other symptoms, which have made his life a misery. Shielding has helped to some degree, but he has effectively become a prisoner in his own home. Our Victorian Government has been informed about Steve’s predicament and has done NOTHING to help him. He and his family have been driven out of this state by an uncaring Government.

Steve and his family’s leaving will mean nothing to Dr Napthine and his ministers – for every family that leaves, another will come to Victoria. But this is not a numbers’ game. Steve and his family are NOT replaceable, they are unique individuals, Victorians that belong here, contributors to our community. His and his family’s forced departure will diminish us all as a society and will condemn this Victorian Government for having ‘mandated’ the dismantling of liberty, compassion and respect for human rights, values which should be an accepted part of Australian society.

After becoming sick from exposure to wireless smart meters, Steve, who has a degree in microbiology and biochemistry, researched wireless smart meters and the biological effects of wireless technologies for more than two years. He has written a number of blogs (see below) and his contributions have been incredibly helpful to our cause and to many individuals who have been similarly affected. His gentle and patient persistence, together with his ability to understand and clearly articulate scientific concepts, have meant that he has been able to be heard by some in the scientific and regulatory departments, such as ARPANSA and ACMA. Thank-you Steve, for all you have done and for being a great Victorian and a good friend to many involved with the Victorian branch of Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc. We all dream of a day when justice will be restored and the entire wireless smart grid will be switched off in this state. Then, maybe, you and your family will return and we will all be allowed to live free from adverse health effects from smart meters, free from worries and concerns about the long term effects on our children and grandchildren and then, perhaps, we’ll all be happy and proud to see Victoria flourish once again.

Steve has recently completed a report titled ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) – A Personal Case study’. Click here to read full report: A personal EHS Case Study – final

Here are the links to Steve’s other blogs:

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  2. Dear Jasmine,
    I have just read your beautifully written and succinct comment to SSMA dated December 23rd 2013.
    You have in a few words and in point form clearly and beautifully articulated the problems with our deceitful Minister for power and Resources where you explain these deceitful men and their officers – Run and hide from the truth when challenged, Blame others ie., the Past Labour Government, Quote out-dated Standards of Safety and Compliance,- Tell lies, Threaten and intimidate us – say we who refuse to accept a Smart Meter will have to pay a penalty fee of a further $150.00 dollars per year. Harass and intimidate us via the Installer and Power Companies who say they may cut off our power. They the Dept. of Primary Industry in concert with the Minister for Power and Resources ignore our letters of complaint by sending us Boiler Plate letters which do not answer our specific questions and thereby they show contempt for our concerns for our Health and well being. When we phone up the individual power companies their ill mannered and brain- washed ignorant staff; masters of Spin and Lies insult us and mock our genuine concerns for our fellow citizens.
    In conclusion the persons most guilty for this deplorable state of affairs are the past and present Minister for Power and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien who is now the Treasurer of Victoria, and his successor Mr Nicholas Kotsiras who is the Chief Salesman and Spin Artist for the five Foreign Owned Power Companies. He is an individual who has betrayed his oath of office and is unfit for his High duty of Office which demands truthfulness and a genuine concern for the health and welfare of us all, which must precede his love for money at any cost.

    I rest my case.

    Henry Leschen

    • Jasmine says:

      Dear Henry,
      We are right and they are wrong. We know the truth, they hide from it. I think this issue is also about control. Controlling the masses, these things are power hungry they feed of us like parasites.They are trying to drain us, just like vampires drain there victims of blood. But vampires have weaknesses as well, so would they. We just need to find there weakness. Maybe some holy water would help.

  3. Truther says:

    To Mr Cedar Wilde. You have very creepy ideas. What makes you arrogantly think you are so much better than the rest of the population when you say…..
    “Maybe when enough of our fellow Aussies leave these shores for good”…..and ”“We also need to do something about our world population to reduce it, as this is the biggest problem on earth at the present time.”
    Do you think you are above the laws of the universe? It is quite apparent this world has more than enough resources to support MANY MORE billions of people. Why must Aussies be forced to relocate? Its because those who seek to control the world want it all for themselves. Eugenics is their philosophy, and it seems, yours also. Fortunately there are also those who believe in the potential of the human race and can expose such despicable ideas for what they are. Diabolical.

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell.


    • Jasmine says:

      Most people can’t move and why should we? We have as much right to live as they do. They know it as well. Bully’s are cowards. They run when confronted and hide. Or they blame someone else, or they quote outdated standards. They leave things out, they lie, they threaten, they harass, they intimidate. They ignore you, they mock you and maybe even laugh at you.
      But they also fear you.

  4. Maureen says:

    Thank you Steve for all your tireless work in advocating for SSMA. As a scientist and a true gentleman you have given great credibility to our cause. Your research, knowledge & expertise have helped to educate those in power and exposed their lack of understanding of the harmful effects of microwave radiation.
    As a sufferer myself, I am also considering my options. Do I sell up & leave my family & friends? Where to go??
    I know one thing. I will NOT be voting for this Government in the next election.
    They have ignored my pleas for help. Their complete disregard for the hundreds of people who have reported adverse health symptoms is simply criminal.

    • John M says:

      “I am also considering my options. Do I sell up & leave my family & friends? Where to go??” This is a question on many peoples minds. Given that AMI technology is eventually on the table for all states and it’s implementation is at best delayed elsewhere my thoughts no matter where I would go revolve around climate and getting off the grid, not just buying time and escaping AMI implementation for another year or so. Becoming long term as self sufficient as possible. A place that has more peak hours of sunshine per day for solar collection, so less solar panels and batteries are needed than in Victoria.
      Somewhere with reasonable rainfall for collection. Somewhere without extremes in summer requiring constant use of Air conditioners, or harsh winters. Is there such a place in Oz? I don’t know. But people should consider these things whether on or off-grid because they influence ongoing utility costs which are going to skyrocket no matter what state we live in.

      Learning Spanish and moving to a South American country where most of this tyrannical garbage is either being fought in it’s infancy or is absent is another possibility. Oh to dream of winning tattslotto and the possibilities. 🙂

  5. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Steve, I wish you all the best and I thank you for the research and work you’ve done to bring to light the complex health issues related to smart meters and other wireless devices. Although this is a really sad time, the legacy you leave is a truly precious one, especially your EHS personal Case Study, which gives a voice to one of the most discriminated against minority group in the world – the electrosensitives!
    I hope and trust that this will be a positive and successful new beginning for you and your family. Victoria’s loss will be Queensland’s gain and, once you have settled, the QLD branch of SSMA will surely become a force to be reckoned with.

  6. Michelle says:

    Health problems related to Smart meters (wifi) are directly linked to Lyme disease babesia, borellia, Barbarossa, and a few others. Please ask Steve to have Iginex testing or cd57 and check out Lyme disease Australia’s site. Huge problems in Australia now and the govt is finally listening.

    • Paul says:

      What about heart attack? I just about had one when you said the government was finally listening.

    • Damaged says:

      I have Lyme but was in remission for years prior to the smart meter. People who already have chronic health problems, including Lyme, cancer, etc, are the 1st ones to notice symptoms from smart meters.
      However, the radiation affects EVERYONE including plants and animals. It is just a matter of time before most people have symptoms.
      Kind regards,

  7. Cedar Wilde says:

    Maybe when enough of our fellow Aussies leave these shores for good, to live in countries free of Smartmeters, the government will think about dealing with the problem (or maybe not!) Money doesn’t just talk, it shouts the loudest of all. If enough of us fight we will get a healthy environment to live in. We also need to do something about our world population to reduce it, as this is the biggest problem on earth at the present time and threatens to destroy us all within a generation or two. (Not scaremongering, the truth)

    • John M says:

      @Cedar Wilde
      Don’t play into the over population propaganda. You should know by now where it is generated from and by whom, and some of the real reasons behind the call for depopulation. As for doing something about it, it’s already being done in so many methods of soft kill and has been for centuries, including obviously today smart meter technology and economic strangulation that will see more and more people die of diseases associated with poverty, radiation, cancers, environmental contamination, and unhealthy tainted food. The “biggest problem on earth at the present time” is the kleptoparasites that have all but gained total control over all the world and its resources including turning humans into a commodity to be liquidated when need be with the brain washed acquiescence of the masses. It is that small elite group of human scum filth which have always denied us a “healthy environment to live in” as well as interfere with human intellectual development. If these things were not so along with all the wars for profits and land grabs over the last few centuries the population would be so much greater in number today.

      I’ve read there is over 500 patents that the U.S has locked down under national security secrecy acts including most of Nicola Tesla’s work. If technology wasn’t suppressed to hold us economically captive to outdated monopolies of power generation and supply, fossil fuels etc, where would humanity be today? How much cleaner and healthier would our environment be?. How many potential Einsteins have either been aborted, not born, murdered, or intellectually impaired because of suppression, oppression of the masses.?

      If humanity wasn’t stuck in this greedy economic control ponzi scheme over the last few centuries to maintain an elitist class of parasites who produce nothing except misery, humanity may have been seeded to the stars by now and there would never be a population issue. We have been artificially held back and are now suffering the consequences of that. Genocide and democide are population control methods and they have always been with us, and always will be until humanity gets off this damn rock and “goes forth and multiplies”. That will never happen in an earth centric system of consolidation and culling just in order to ‘only have sufficient numbers’ to serve and maintain the existing plantation and its power and control structures here as they are now in perpetuity.

      • Uwe says:

        Thank you very much for straighten up the over population story. The mainstream media is doing a good job, misinforming us.
        It is possibly not our topic here but I would like to suggest two alternative news magazines. “prisonplanet.com” “infowars.com”
        The presentation is sometimes a little different but the info seems to be very good.

      • Gwen says:

        Extremely well said John. I totally agree.

    • Mia Nony says:

      Depopulation? What an indirect, underhanded word. Is that supposed to be polite for a return to global cleansing. Let’s call it what it is: Eugenics. You advocate eugenics? Fine, then, be that change you want to see. But if history is anything to go by, why be so quick to jump on the bandwagon when the eugenics issue rears its ugly misanthropic head once again. The myth of over population is already well-funded from the top down, aimed at getting mankind to hate itself and one another, justifying a totalitarian smart grid for use by one world government. Anyone who promotes and advocates eugenics is doing a murderous government’s job for them. Besides…What is the smart grid if not a eugenics program?

    • Seems one can far more easily get rid of the verdampte, or not so Smart Meter/s in New Zealand. Bye bye Kanga land A.S.A.P for me folks, and hello Land of the long white cloud New Zealand for me ASAP.

  8. Disgusted says:

    Mr Napthine – We will not be voting for the Libs next Election. Nor will we vote for the Socialists. Nor will we vote for the Greens. You have clearly demonstrated you ALL have the SAME OLD AGENDA, which is to work with Overseas Corporations to increase their power and profits. Not forgetting the Victorian Treasury Corporation – WHOEVER is in Corporate Government – is also making money out of us the ‘Customers’. You Pollies will promise us anything to win the election, but we know better. You have all lied and mislead us. The people – those who have to live with the Smart grid and will be affected by it, have told you they DONT WANT a microwave Energy Grid for NUMEROUS reasons. You ignore us;. THE ELECTORATE ARE NOT GOING TO BE DICTATED TO ANY LONGER. WE DONT LIVE IN A COMMUNIST STATE ALTHOUGH THATS WHAT YOU APPEAR TO WANT. We will support Independent Politicians who stand for the TRUTH and are NOT MANIPULATED by Dictatorial OVERSEAS Corporations. DOES THAT SURPRISE YOU? PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT OVER CHRSTMAS!

  9. Damaged says:

    We slept in our van on the street for 6 months after a smart meter made us very sick in Melbourne. After months of battling the power company, the Ombudsman, etc, we gave up, sold the house and moved to QLD. It is beautiful here. We bought a lovely canal-front apartment, making sure there are no smart meters. However, we didn’t realise that most people in apartments use w-Fi, which we are now sensitised to. We also have a phone tower not far away, which was hidden behind trees. So, we use a shielding bed canopy, Earthcalm system and grounding products. This has helped but is no substitute for avoidance of radiation. Still, it is much more bearable than a smart meter. Our ears still ring from the smart meter of 2 years ago.
    Last week I met someone who had a smart meter installed in Buderim. Apparently it made her appliances go crazy, so Energex removed it and replaced it with an analogue. This is the 3rd report I’ve heard of smart meters in Buderim. All this after Campbell Newman’s assurance we won’t be getting them in QLD. Buderim also has huge phone towers which are making people sick. People up here know nothing about smart meters. They are always shocked when we tell our story. Looks like smart meters are just being installed on the quiet up here. What a disgusting nightmare! We are in the process of buying another home, away from smart meters and phone towers, but we wonder how long we will be safe there.

    • Folks,
      You’ll all have to band together by the thousands and rip those evil phone and radio towers down by forming a peoples’ army. It’s the only way I can see of getting social justice back for the people. In Italy right now many people are banding together and using strong chains and tractors to pull down these towers which support this poisonous Wi-Fi and Microwave filthy radiation poison for Humans and all of LIFE..

      • Lost Highway says:

        I like it! The thousands of microwave towers in Victoria were never wanted by the majority of residents. Telcos have no accountability whatsoever where our health is concerned – it stinks!

    • Lost Highway says:

      I could handle that – living in Queensland, that is! Sorry to hear about your situation though. Don’t give up that dream of living in peace and harmony once again. The ACMA has a lot to answer for with their ridiculous ‘spin’ about these towers meeting guidelines, etc. They should not be near peoples homes at all as they cause sleep disturbances which as we know lead to other health problems in time. Good luck in your new home!

      • To Lost Highway,
        ACMA are useless, they don’t give ” A Rat’s Arse” about your health and wellbeing. All ACMA care about is making loads of money or same thing…..Filthy Lucre.

        The day that people get rid of their dopy Microwave Cell Phones will be a “Red Letter Day folks.” If everybody stopped hugging their Adult-Teddy-Bears so close to their heads, aka Mobile Phones, that’s all a mobile phone is folks, ” An Adult type of Teddy Bear,” there’d be no use for Microwave Receiving and Sending Radios Atop high towers.

        I had to get rid of my Mobile Phone as it gave me the most shocking headaches after some four and a bit years of use. I didn’t use it anything like as much as most people, but it made me very sick for a long time. I am now slowly recovering, but it’s been a slow road to recovery. These dopy microwave so-called Smart Meters use the same type of Microwave technology as mobile phones, so those of you who haven’t yet padlocked your Electric Meter Boxes, do so now, or pay the price of losing the Safe and Passive Analog Meter when you are next out shopping or away from home for any reason next time.

        You have been warned !

    • Mia Nony says:

      Meanwhile, acreage, to gain distance from those around you, a good quality whole house suppressor/filter and correct shielding beats being forced to become a nomad

      • Eric says:

        “a good quality whole house suppressor/filter”

        I’m struggling to try and find a product that doesn’t have some sort of question mark hanging over it. We have recently heard in our news of some of these products being a scam. Is there a product out there that I can prove does work ?

        • Mia Nony says:

          There are military grade suppressors used by industry which gets installed between the meter and the circuit panel. I cannot vouch for whether or not they are intended to save energy or to ameliorate frequency conflict, but some claim to handle everything from lightening to heterodyning and right down to the smallest harmful distortions caused by ultra low frequency conflict.

          Military grade whole house suppressors are NOT to be confused with new age gimmicky glorified shunt capacitors called “filters”. Like pendants, etc, these gadgets not only exploit suffering but can increase it. They can actually cause harmonic distortion to worsen.

          fyi excerpt:

          …Smart Meter SMPSs, however, will likely use 240 Volts exclusively, making their design universal and applicable globally.

          The issue with this has to do with the voltage values available to the SMPS as DC. When the AC is converted to DC, the DC value climbs to the peak value of the AC voltage. For 120 that would be 170 Volts. For 240 that would be 340 Volts peak. Thus the instantaneous spikes generated from the formation of square waves will have much steeper rise and fall times, covering a much greater span of Harmonics reaching into the Radio Frequency (RF) region, even when the smart meter is not transmitting data, even though the output through the transformer may only be a few Volts and a few Watts.

          By Ohm’s law such an instantaneous current demand causes an instantaneous voltage to appear on the energized supply wire (120 V or 240 V) that reduces the available voltage, while simultaneously causing an instantaneous voltage to appear on the return / Neutral wire electrically elevating it higher than zero volts.

          By the same law, if there is any distance between the point of origin in the residence and the supply transformer, then every Neutral wire in the residence will be affected, and every energized wire on the same bus as the supply wire will likely be affected.

          What this translates into is that a local electrical noise source becomes a global electrical noise source.

          Where for small appliance SMPS this may mean a noise source associated with 1/2 of the indoor electrical distribution, for smart meter SMPS this may mean a noise source associated with every energized wire (if the meter uses 240V as the source).

          Since usually more than one customer is supplied power by a common transformer, one customer’s SMPS abundance may well be detectable at all nearby customers’ residences.

          The behavior of devices marketed as “dirty electricity filters,” which are nothing more than capacitors, when exposed to a changing waveform, is to convert the impressed Voltage to Current flow, the amount of current flow determined by its electrical capacitance value.

          Additionally, since no capacitor is perfect, such a conversion will add harmonics that are solely generated by the capacitor. This Current is then impressed onto the Electrical System Ground (ESG) / Neutral, which, albeit “grounded,” will develop a Voltage directly proportional to the amount of Current used (whether from capacitor filters alone or other devices), due to the physics relationship described by Ohm’s Law, that is now made available through every cable within a residence. So a capacitor filter, by whatever name, will not make your electricity cleaner, but dirtier.

          If any type of Capacitive filter is installed in an attempt to ameliorate the EMI, without the knowledge that there is a wiring error, then the field will exist as a Magnetic field component continuously regardless of the type of wire, AND as an Electric field component, depending on the wire type. That is because a capacitive filter will, by virtue of its physical characteristics, change a portion of the voltage pulsations (depending on frequency) impinging on it to current pulsations. So the process fundamentally involves a conversion, not an elimination.

          Considering that Electric and Magnetic components have biological impact capability, it is unconscionable for any individual or firm to market them without disclosing the very likely negative impact.

          Adding any capacitive filter into any circuit, will have the effect of producing a continuous current flow which may be split between the electrical system neutral and the water pipe. If there is no other net (uncanceled) current in existence, one will be created. If there is a net current in existence, then the newly added one will either add to, or subtract from the field, possibly varying in direction and intensity from any moment in time to the next, depending on the polarity of the electric source (which will determine in which direction the current is generally flowing).

          In any case, the current produced by insertion of a capacitor of any size is Non-Linear. That is, if you feed it 60 Hz (50 Hz) voltage, the current produced has many frequency components in addition to the original frequency. In light of this, application of a capacitor is not inconsequential, it makes the electricity, it is meant to clean up, “dirtier”

        • Eric says:

          Anyone know where I can get one of these “military grade suppressors used by
          industry ” out here in Australia. Mia, are you presently using this type of product ?

  10. TPG says:

    I would like someone to explain to me how this could be happening. It’s as though we are living in an Orwellian nightmare. Why won’t the government listen to us? Hundreds of people, like poor Steve, testify to the detrimental effects of these meters. I can only deduce that the government thinks that all of these people are either insane or they are hypochondriacs. But when there are so many people suffering, that is an absolutely ridiculous point of view. It’s a position that is simply untenable. So many people are suffering bad side effects, it is obvious that the electromagnetic frequencies from these meters is upsetting their bodily equilibrium. How can any responsible governing body close their eyes and ears to what is happening? It’s as if the authorities and the compliant portion of our society have been struck down with some sort of blindness to the obvious. I’m trying to think of an analogy. “The emperor has no clothes.” That will have to do for now. This is absolutely real, it is happening in front of our very eyes and it is terrifying. I have resisted SP AusNet for well over a year but they still continue to badger me. I don’t know where or how it will end. I believe the government will ultimately act in some way in order to force their way upon us. But until then, I say hold out as long as we can.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Someone said to me the other day “Oh well the Placebo effect is probably what is happening and people are imagining that they should get sick from smart meters and so they get sick”. Leaving aside that the placebo effect makes people feel well, not sick, there are so many people leaving home and living in their cars or moving away that I can’t believe they would inconvenience themselves in this way unless there was a real problem.
      I too have likened this to “The Emperor’s New Clothes” People just going along with it because someone else tells them that something is a fact, and then they don’t even start to think for themselves.
      Yes, We are living in an Orwellian nightmare.

      • Lost Highway says:

        Meanwhile, cancer continues to strike seemingly ‘healthy’ people. Isn’t it highly likely this is being caused largely by radiation/microwave frequencies such as wi-fi, phone masts & so-called smart technologies. Public just doesn’t want to believe as they are so addicted to the modern – they are creating their own nightmare but those of us who are AWARE become collateral damage. I’m afraid it is going to take a lifetime for some to wake-up…so good on Steve for having the courage and determination to say ‘enough!’ I wish it were me right now but my life is stuck on hold due to the fact my husband is one of those people who only half believes the awful truth and is reluctant to leave his current job. Not sure how long I can hold out for myself and my children…I just want a good life for them!

        • Mia Nony says:

          Sleep is everything. Without deep sleep people can sicken and even die. The immune system goes to hell. Protect yourselves in every room but especially in the bedrooms.
          Number one rule is to turn off all electricity to all sleeping quarters so that the wiring all around the room does not convert the room into a microwave oven with you as the meat in the middle, surrounded by microwave energized wiring.
          Romex (only plastic coated) wiring is by far the worst conductor, whereas metal clad retrofitted in-wall wiring is far better for effective cancellation of microwave generated fields.
          Switch to shielded cords of lamps and appliances. The idea is to stop the frequencies coupled to the home wiring from also coupling to the bio-electrical wiring of all live occupants to prevent it from causing neurodegenerative diseases and/or irreversible brain damage by slow frying and rapidly depolarizing the nerves and muscles of the occupants, which leads to gradual electrical failure of the body from electrical induction caused by microwaves
          At very least, buy a very good quality whole house suppressor and get an electrician to spend 40 minutes to install that high end whole house suppressor/filter. Some models are placed right inside the service panel. Military grade whole house pulse and spike circuit suppressor filters are installed between the meter and the circuit panel. Do this even if you do NOT have a smart meter on your own home, because the neighbours smart meters are designed to read your appliances too. The biggest risk is to live close to neighbours who are s/metered. The frequencies from each and every meter travel for many kilometres. The hazards are escalated as a result of drastically overlapping frequency fields. This compounds the effect massively from the danger of one’s own home’s proximity to other homes. This is a mesh blanket which covers everything many times over, so even without one”s own smart meter a private home becomes subject to one more layer of assault issuing from the homes of everyone else, analog meter or not. Yes the frequencies can couple to the wiring wirelessly as well but at least take steps to suppress the power transmission line’s easiest point of entry, as power lines represent a primary entry point as the path of least resistance.
          The harmonics can speed up analog meters and give false high readings of usage. Be sure to get rid of all sources of rf inside the home, such as portable phones (which radiate constantly), cell phones, wireless routers, speakers, baby monitors, walkie talkies.
          Eliminate ALL those cumulative sources of wireless inside the home before doing any shielding. Otherwise the reflective surface makes it worse inside the home. Then use wide rolls of foil insulation two layers of bubble wrap sandwiched between two layers of flexible foil as shielding.
          Don’t forget to put an rf attenuator such as aluminium insect mesh on the outside of all glass windows or doors. Or buy an after market RF attenuator that can be stuck on the glass windows , as glass is also a very vulnerable point for microwave entry. But this stuff goes through walls, doors, everything.
          Consider the addition of carbon sheeting bought by the roll, to be added to the “warm” interior side of the stapled floor-to-ceiling-wall-to-wall foil insulation sheets. They get stapled to the warm interior walls, especially adjacent to neighbouring meters as well as vital for shielding the interior of the wall behind where the meter is located. Don’t barricade all four sides of the home as you need the natural frequencies of nature from the safest source, if possible. Spend time barefoot on earth to renew depleted energy. Better still, also use a piece of lead from roofing flashing, on both sides and top and bottom of the meter, and then insert a piece of it into where the digital read out is for the s/meter.
          Reminder: Very important: turn off the electrical circuit to all bedrooms. Consider getting rid of natural RF antennas such as coil spring mattresses and metal bed frames.

          • Chris says:

            I wonder….If you coat the inside of your power meter box completely with lead flashing, it would obviously suppress the smart meter signal and the meter company would not get a reading any more. What would happen then? Would they be around in a flash to rip out your lead? Would they claim you have “interfered” with the operation of the smart meter? It’s a great idea and we own the power box so it would be interesting to see if we can defend what our power box is made of.

            The other issue is that I have noticed that when I “clamped down” on a smart meter with shielding, it only made the smart meter “angry” and using a tri-directional pro-grade RF meter I saw that the smart meter more than tripled it’s output radiation power. They seem to “boost” the radiation they emit if they struggle to get the signal out. So shielding the power box just washes more radiation over your house. You cant win really.

    • Mia Nony says:

      If everyone woke up and used common law claim of right of refusal to revoke consent to be governed by those who abuse you, what would they do then?

      • Dear Readers,
        In being sensible and using a stout Industrial padlock to do as I have done and mounting thousands of us to keep our Analog and safe and passive electric metres safe, one is effectively using Common Law, as Common Law is enshrined in Magna Carta……see 1215 A.D and King John of England and the Barons at Runnymede.

        Don’t let yourselves be bullied by these Corporate Crooks of the five foreign owned electric power companies and their compliant and now proving to be Lick Spittle Evil Victorian Government STOOGES. These cruel and immoral people use Corporate or Maritime Law to try and outsmart you. But Common Law is far more powerful if you know how to use it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Steve and family, good for you for having the courage to make such a big decision as relocating yourselves away from this ‘awful, rotting hell’ that Victoria has become. I hope the next stage of your lives will be wonderful, exciting and full of health. After all you’ve done for StopSmartMeters, you deserve it all and my best wishes go with you all the way to Queensland!
    This surreal situation reminds me of the Holocaust and how those who understood how evil and deadly it all was and decided to escape (to America, Australia and other places) were the ones who ended up saving themselves and their families.

  12. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Really sad to hear that Steve and his family have had to resort to this.

    I hope our disgusting, uncaring, disfunctional Victorian Government and associated bodies, the 5 criminal scumbag electricity distributor’s CEO’s, and every other “person” involved in some way with this dangerous, criminal activity against the People of Victoria, from the call centre staff who lie, deceive, coerce and bully customers daily, through to the installers themselves doing the physical work of attaching these dangerous 2B carcinogenic, unsafe, surveillance devices onto trusting, lied to, customer’s homes, are proud of themselves for making our lives so unbearable, that we now need to vacate the state to look for a “brighter” future, elsewhere.
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You seriously are the lowest of the low.

    Steve, thanks for all the hard work you’ve done for SSMA.

    I hope things improve for you up in Queensland.
    You will be sadly missed.

  13. michael colton says:

    Just a note: That quote is actually from Rabelais, not the Buddha.


  14. ingrid says:

    Thankyou Steve. All the best to you and your family.

  15. Dear Mr Dennis Napthine,
    Would you please be so kind as to read my letter below to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and the other letters, i.e, Letter of the week as well as those numbered 2 to 7 inclusive. It is an absolute disgrace the way these Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters are still being Unlawfully rolled-out on the privately owned home and small business owners of Victoria when ever growing masses of the Victorian Public are constantly demanding of the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, The Immediate Cessation of this cruel and totally Undemocratic Roll-Out of these meters and that every so-called Smart Meter be removed at the cost to the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and that the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters be returned immediately to these Victorian privately owned home and small business owners.

    Dear Mr Nicholas Kotsiras,
    Would you please be so kind as to read this from Steve in purple below, on this our Stop Smart Metres Web-Site, Stop Smart Meters Australia, S.S.M.A. This letter of Steve’s to Powercor is a heart-felt letter to Mr Shane Breheny the recently past C.E.O of Powercor. I can only admire Steve for his polite and clear letter to Powercor which you really do need to read please. I agree with Steve, in that it is only when these Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meters are all removed and replaced with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters that the ongoing poisoning of humans will be exacerbated. Other Letters ”Letter of the Week ” and Numbers 2 ,3 ,4, 5, 6 and 7 are also necessary for you to please read as well Mr Nicholas Kotsiras.

    As these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing and far from Smart Microwave Electric Meters have been, and still are being Unlawfully forced on so many people in Victoria. This forcing people to take these now proving to be dopey and dangerous Microwave Electric Microwave and far from “ Smart Meters” against the people of Victoria’s Will and Better Judgement, is an absolute disgrace, by both this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party with you Mr Nicholas Kotsiras as the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources. This ‘ Total Lack Of A Duty of Care’ being shown by you and the past Ministers for Energy and Resources such as Mr Michael O’Brien and before him under Labor Mr Peter Batchelor is the Height of Cruelty and Outright Wickedness towards the Victorian People’ Health and Wellbeing. It is an absolute disgrace and is turning Victoria into a Police State. This proves that the past Ministers for Energy and Resources under the Victorian Liberal Party Government, and the past Labour Victorian Government, and now you, under the Victorian Liberal Party, Mr Nicholas Kotsiras have been as are you, now currently acting in a Cruel and Unlawful Manner towards us, your Bosses, as you are actually our SERVANT and not our MASTER.

    We here in Victoria are still a Democracy, and not a Police State, so it begs the question…….. “ Why are Victorians being forced to take these now proving to be Deadly to All LIFE dopey Type 2B Carcinogen Machines against their Democratic and Lawful Right to refuse these Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters? ”

    I and a huge and growing number of IRATE Victorian citizens politely DEMAND that you STOP the Roll-Out of these Electric Microwave Meters Immediately and at the Entire Expense to the Five Foreign Electricity Companies, get them to remove every Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meter/s and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters now STOLEN from Victorian Privately owned home and small business owners’ properties. This is of vital importance if you of the Victorian Liberal Party have any human decency left in your Immortal SOULS AT ALL.

    These dopey and Deadly to All Life Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters are not SMART in any way at all. They do not and will not save any Victorian Electricity Customers any money at all and never will. They are simply a way as has now been proven here in Victoria Australia and now World-Wide of spreading more Microwave Filthy Smog and poisoning Humans and all Life.

    The only benefit of these Deadly Type 2B Carcinogen Machines is to further Monetarily Enrich these Corrupt five (5) foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their C.E.O’s here in Victoria Australia and further enrich their Foreign owners, in China responsible for Powercor and City Power, as well as the owners in Singapore of SP AusNet and United Energy Distribution and Jemena, and of course the Victorian Government who stand to gain even more tax from the shockingly high tax returns on the now over-priced Electricity bills these Victorian Electricity Customers have now to pay through this Evil Electric so-called Smart Meter Technology, which is proving to be Ripping Off or PRICE GOUGING these Victorian Electricity Customers from the very start of this INSANE Roll-Out of these far from Smart Microwave Electric Meters and the continuing Roll-Out of these Accursedly Deadly to all life dopey and far from Smart Meters.



    Richard Leschen.

    • Paul says:

      Richard, you have said it all. May God have mercy on us

      • Paul,
        Many thanks for that, I’d like to drag all of these now seemingly corrupt C.E.O’s. of the five foreign owned Electric Power companies and the weak and spineless Labour and Liberal party Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources into Court for a fair trial before an Incorruptible Judge and a Jury of twelve (12 ) men straight and true.

        Then after a fair trial if and when found guilty of these now seeming to be most heinous past and present and still ongoing crimes against the people of Victoria of constantly bullying the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners to take a Microwave and far from smart meter against these peoples’ Will and Better Judgement, then those so named and shamed above should be thrown into the tumbrils and dragged about the streets of Melbourne to have rotten eggs and rotting vegetables thrown at them.

        Then they should be taken back to the Court to face the Judge and given a minimum of fifty years in prison to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour. Then would justice not only have been seen to have be done after their fifty years served in full in prison, but justice would have been done and seen to have been done, as the Law so demands.

        • Paul says:

          Good, strong words. However, It brings to mind the cases of two politicians: Henry Bolte, who was pulled up for drink-driving – the case was dropped because his blood samples were ‘mysteriously’ lost. The end result: he gets a bridge named after him.

          Then we have Jeff Kennett who got off a speeding fine because the police officer used ‘his powers of discretion’ and issued a warning. Yes, he discretely let Kennett off because he was in fear of losing his job.

          If it were me or any other Victorian, I doubt whether we would be treated so magnanimously.

          So, if you’re someone ‘big’ you have nothing to fear. Right? Wrong! The smart meter situation is going to explode just as the James Hardy situation did. We need to have SSMA’s class action going very soon.

          • Anonymous says:

            And now we live in the destruction and devastation that Kennett caused by privatising OUR beloved publicly owned SECV and G&FCV, which is now owned by Singapore and China. >:-(

        • Chris says:

          Hi Richard, why are we still waiting for someone to do this? Where is the class-action? Where is the people-power? Is there no lawyers or barristers on this site that will donate their time for such an important cause…to even save themselves? How long are we all going to sit around and wait before taking legal action?

    • Mia Nony says:

      Stockholm syndrome is when a hostage taken by a terrorists is so grateful for not being killed right away that the hostage begins to think that if the terrorist do not kill you outright that they are to be admired. And that is a delusion.
      Elected officials in government everywhere have figured out that they no longer need to listen to those who elect them and assure their pensions. In this sense they are behaving no differently than terrorists who have taken the population hostage. The smart grid is a hostage taking. Weaponized frequencies are a direct threat to not only well being but survival.
      Elections are easily stolen. Hence, there is little to be accomplished by making angry appeals to any authority figure capable of pathological lies.
      Turn it around.
      Why not be the authority yourself?
      It makes no sense to beg for mercy, since these are the same scum who are busy approving all of this military style deployment.
      I makes little sense to go the the captain of a pirate ship to complain about the crew.
      Why dissipate one’s personal energy by writing reams of appeals to the callous and the depraved?
      Why try to “reason” with them about their own indifference? They already laugh among themselves when the public begs them as self anointed authority for permission to not be harmed, robbed, surveilled, burned in their beds.
      The only strategy worth considering is to stop.
      It does not work.
      Don’t exhaust yourself by lecturing fictional authority. Don’t behave like a serf appealing to a liege. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place. Besides, it only makes these creeps feel more important to have people tug their forelocks and flail about angrily or worse still, beg for consideration.
      Here’s an idea:
      Be your own authority.
      Take ownership of yourself.
      Stop asking others who have already proven they are part of the problem to suddenly wake up and care about you or be responsible for your well being or be part of the solution. It is not going to happen. No power once gained is ever relinquished willingly. You have to take yours back. It is not going to be given back.
      Please stop asking/demanding that self declared fake authorities to be the ones to suddenly care. Try to find anyone in government who is not pathologically corrupt, guilty of theft of the pubic purse, unconcerned, uninterested, uncaring, casual, nonchalant, offhand, uninvolved, unenthusiastic, apathetic, lukewarm, phlegmatic, blasé, insouciant; unimpressed, bored, unmoved, unresponsive, impassive, dispassionate, detached, cold.
      Your vote and your voice mean nothing to them. Only your actions matter.
      Use common law.
      It is the foundation stone of all law.
      Claim back your right of refusal.
      Revoke your consent.
      It costs nothing.
      See how it is done here:

  16. Marta says:

    I hope that smart meters never come to Queensland!

    • Marta,
      These Electric Microwave and so-called, but far from ‘Smart Meters, being forced on the people here in Victoria are being Illegally forced on Victorians as the Victorian Government Mandate is actually upon these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies, “To use their best endeavours to get their Electricity Customers to go against their customers Will and Better Judgement and effectively to try and force these now proving to be Deadly to All Life dopey and far from Smart Meters upon the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners’ properties, hoping that, like a bunch of scared rabbits, these Electricity Customers would all simply give in weakly and timidly to these Immoral and disgraceful threats from these five now proving to be five Corrupt Foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their contracted but not so-smart, smart meter installer men, and be thus forced through intimidatory tactics to accept these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Meters as evidenced by the World Health Organisation = The W.H.O.
      Please note that there HAS NEVER been any LAW passed in the Victorian Parliament or the Governor of Victoria making it LAWFUL for any Victorian Citizen to accept a now proving to be Deadly to All Life Dopey Electric so-called but now proving to be DEADLY Microwave Type 2B and far from smart meter.

      Sadly, this gutless Victorian Government of the Liberal Party, just like the past Victorian Gutless Labour Party are now blaming the Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies for the earlier and now continued Roll-Out of these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen and not so Smart Microwave Meters. Sadly but in the same Cowardly way these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies now blame the Victorian Government for this utter debacle. So you can see that both of these stinking cowards are pointing the FINGER at each other !
      Here is a definite case of “THIEVES FALLING OUT WITH ONE ANOTHER ! ” If one examines the FACTS very carefully, we have a case from the very beginning of the roll-out of these stinking Microwave so called but now proving to be DEADLY Microwave and far from smart meters now proving to be so detrimental to Humans’ health and welfare and all Life now being poisoned world-wide, by these cumulatively poisoning Microwave Rays.

      Now, methinks about a most important question which is this………………
      ” Has Mr Nicholas Kotsiras been openly and monetarily bribed by the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of Powercor and City Power and SP AusNet and Jemena and United Energy? Has he accepted money in his back-pocket so that he has to stay Buddy- Buddies with these Five Foreign Owned Corporate Electric CROOKS thus making him a CROOK as well ? Had Mr Michael O’Brien also possibly accepted monetary bribes, and or had Mr Peter Bachelor of the past Victorian Labour Government also possibly accepted monetary bribes to stay Buddy-Buddies with these five now seemingly to be Crooked five foreign owned Electric Power Companies.

      If this is proven to be the case when all of these people are finally brought to Court, from Mr John Brumby to Mr Peter Bachelor, including Mr Ted Baillieu and Mr Michael O’Brien and Mr Dennis Napthine and Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, plus every C.E.O of Powercor and Mr Peter Wallace of the A.M.I department of Powercor with now Mr Tim Rourke being the new C.E.O of Powercor. Here we must also include the still acting C.E.O’s of SP AusNet and Jemena and United Energy and the other Government Minister of the department of Primary Industry a Mr Mark Feather and his two minions who unsuccessfully tried to bully me into accepting a dopey and deadly to Humans and all LIFE dopey Electric Microwave and far from safe, so-called Smart Meter.

      Even as the end of 2013 draweth nigh, which is only seven (7) days away, will not see even a glimmer of hope to the end of the continuing Roll-Out of these stinking Type 2B Carcinogen and far from Smart Meters, as the ‘Roll-out’ is now planned to possibly continue up to March 2015, as these now bunch of Corporate Crooks are further aided and abetted by this slippery and immoral incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government, now seemingly well in bed with these five foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O’s etc.; like a crazed mod of Harlots and their equally sex crazed, but in this case Money Grubbing Crazed Victorian Liberal Party Slaves to now seemingly wide-spread corruption of every kind.

      Verily all of these so named and shamed need to dragged into Court Kicking and Screaming to face an incorruptible Judge and Jury of twelve (12) straight men and true and to be given a FAIR TRIAL for their now seemingly to be past and present acts of mounting wickedness towards the Victorian people, many of whom these now proving to be Wicked Servants of “The Dark One, Der Teufel ” have now sold their Immortal Souls to. If and when they so named and shamed are proven to be guilty of these most grievous and heinous crimes against their Electricity Customers, then these Servants of the five Overseas Electricity Customers need to be flung into Gaol for a minimum of fifty (50) years to be served in full.

      Likewise those Government Servants starting at Mr John Brumby and his Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor deserve the same punishment as also do Mr Ted Baillieu who wilfully and knowingly went along with the same CRIMES as did his Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien, to knowingly and willingly and wickedly punish the Victorian Electricity Customers of Powercor and City Power and Jemena and SP AusNet and United Energy, as did Mr Peter Wallace of the A.M.I Department of Powercor, as did Mr Shane Breheny the then C.E.O of Powercor and City Power, as did Ms **** ***** when she told me lies which were, “That if I did not allow a Microwave Electric Smart Meter on my property she would get my Electric Power cut off.” Here she, this lying and vindictive woman openly bullied me, a truly wicked thing to do. I have her card marked down under Brodie’s Law for outright bullying me not once, but a number of times for continually bullying me.
      When I get her into Court she will face up to TEN (10) years in prison when this her crime is proven which it will be.

      Be thou every one of thee so named and shamed in this letter, be thou very fearful of the wroth that awaits thee every one. For none of thee shall escape the punishment that is due unto every one of thee, if not in this world, then most assuredly in the next !

      • Northern Suburbs Resident says:

        Richard, you can add to that list a Ms ***** from Servicestream who act as Jemena hitmen. This stupid woman bullied, harassed and intimidated me over the phone telling me that their installers were going to keep coming out to my house even though I told her explicitly that they were not to come and that they were forbidden to set foot on my property and that a smart meter installation was not going to happen. This domineering bi..ch proceeded to use all the fictitious authority that she could assume and kept speaking over the top of me endeavoring to have the final say each and every time despite the fact that I told her that any visit from servicestream installers would be dealt with forcefully and lawfully.
        And *****, I’ve got something up my sleeve that will emphatically provide the proof of your bullying ways when speaking to Jemena’s customers, and I’ll make sure at the end of the day you end up getting ten years imprisonment for breaching Brodie’s Law in the way that you have.

      • Northern Suburbs Resident says:

        These little boys and girls on the phones together with the installers think that they can bandy around the expression “it’s been mandated” and think that in doing so, it will provoke the same sort of reaction to when a submissive person who is asked to “jump” instinctively responds with “how high ?”.

        “It’s been mandated” they say.
        Well exactly what they mean by “It”, they don’t say.
        What exactly is it that’s been mandated ????
        They don’t say what has been mandated because they have no idea what has been mandated. They just like to bandy around this term expecting it to work like some magic mantra.

        The little bully boys and bully girls don’t know the law at all. And they don’t know exactly what the Order in Council in Victorian Gazette says. They just think that “it’s been mandated” is a magic slogan they can bring forth from their repertoire of lies to intimidate or provoke people into acquiescence or into some fearful knee jerk reaction of granting consent.

        These little bully boys and bully girls on the phones and their harassing serial pest installers have not got a clue what they are saying.

        As we know, there is only an Order in Council obligating Distributors to use their “salesmanship” to try and install the meters and that’s it, no more than that.
        It’s not law and it only obligates Distributors. It doesn’t obligate customers.
        If anybody has the term “it’s been mandated” thrown in their face, it should have no more effect upon you than as water off a duck’s back.

  17. Dave says:

    If they are near the Gold Coast, that area already has them 😦

    All the best with the move and settling in.

    • So far in Queensland,
      These dopey so-called, but far from Smart Electric Microwave Meters are optional and need a letter of permission from each privately owned home and or small business owner to be allowed to be installed, quite unlike the Mafiosi tactics being openly displayed in Victoria by a now seemingly proving to be Totally Corrupt Victorian Government seemingly in league with the five foreign owned Electric power companies from China and Singapore.

  18. Tanya says:

    This is criminal. Our governments at various levels are dictating where we can live, whether we are able to work or not, what state of health we can enjoy, who can spy on us in our homes and workplaces and what price we have to pay for essential services. We have no security in the safety of our home; it could burn down tomorrow or in ten years’ time due to these dumb meters. Our appliances malfunction and die and we’re expected to wear the financial burden of replacing them (with no guarantee that the new appliance will not immediately malfunction due to the interference of ‘smart’ meters).

    What’s the point of trying to maintain good health in the face of this assault on our bodies? Why take precautions to avoid diabetes when smart meters cause blood sugar problems? Why make any effort to maintain good heart health when smart meters cause various heart problems? Why aim for reduced stress in our lives when smart meters cause a stress response in the body, along with the numerous health effects of that? We might as well all become drug addicted train surfers and control our own demise than let the government have such control over our well-being.

  19. Anxious Victorian says:

    I was so sad to read that Steve and his family are forced to leave this once beautiful state. I have in the past spoken to Steve over the phone at a time when I felt isolated due to my health issues with smart meters. Speaking to Steve allowed me to find some comfort that I wasn’t alone, that my health issues with these evil devices was also happening to others.

    I too have had ongoing health issues since the roll out with these meters. The difference with me is that I was not EMF sensitive. I still today can use a smart phone and its Wi-Fi with no ill affects. I live in the inner city in a very condensed area where smart meters are all around me and all close proximity to my home. Outside at this current time I feel fine even surrounded by smart meters. I seem to feel better being outside in open spaces with smart meters than actually being inside my house. Although I worry that this may change when they decide to roll out more wireless devices such as smart meters for our gas and water. I am afraid when this occurs I may have to move and live in a tent….

    My story is a long one and its is still ongoing and it all started 2 to 3 years ago when they rolled out these stupid things. My current problem which I cannot fix and believe me I have tried in vain over the last 10 months to rectify.

    It all started again for me when my neighbor’s digital meter which is attached to solar panels was replaced with a smart meter. After living health free in my new home for 1 year after fixing the previous problems with the other neighbors meter, my health problems started all over again. You see living inner city in terraces all our homes are attached and the neighbors homes are no longer than 5.5 meters wide so the distance between me and my neighbors are minimal. Anyway this new smart meter is attached to my neighbors verandah and the bum end of this meter is attached to a brick wall which then becomes my home and it’s location is in my front room so to speak with 3 solid brick walls behind it. But still I feel the ill effects from this meter. I was forced to apply at my expense 14 coats of shielding paint ( yes 14 ) and still nothing changed. I still get RF signals into my home, not as frequently as before but still for me to feel completely unaffected by these meters there must be zero RF frequency. I believe I have had no success shielding this meter because it has something to do with being connected to solar panels. The power company has advised me on several occasions that this meter operates in the same manner as all the others. However, to date I have been able to shield many of the normal operating smart meters in two different home’s with success. Yet with 3 to 4 solid brick walls and 14 coats of shielding paint and still I cannot use the front part of my home. Something is different.

    I have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the last 11 months. You see I spent a lot of money restoring and extending this home. It was meant to be my dream home and it was 10 years in the making. I did have 3 bedrooms but now I am down to 1 with 4 people living in the home. I cannot sit in my front room as I feel so sick given the neighbors meter is right there. The other affected room is the 2nd bedroom which my small children slept in. Given I still feel the energy from this meter in this bedroom I feel so uncomfortable leaving my kids sleep in a room that I feel unwell in. Therefore I have moved them out and they will now be sleeping on bunk beds on a landing on the 2nd level, which is a small space and not a bedroom. So this is how I am to live in my new home. It’s a single fronted terrace so when I lose 2 front rooms, I have essentially lost half a house.

    I have been depressed even felt suicidal at times and very ANGRY. Why should I have to live in my home with anxiety. Every time I have to enter the 1st and 2nd bedroom to put away clothes or clean, I get anxiety because I have to go down that part of the home where I get sick every time. Is this how I am supposed to now live in my home ??? It’s disgusting and unbelievable that this is actually happening. My children no longer have a bedroom when they once had a beautifully restored room. I can no longer see a long term future in this home. I love where I live but now I have to look at moving on. The question is where too ???? Victoria is my home and I wont leave this state that I used to once love. But where do I move to, when smart meters are everywhere and eventually gas and water meters will be installed.

    I have written and spoken to the power company so many times that they got sick of listening to me. I have informed them how this one meter makes me sick in my home, how not only has it affected my physical health but most importantly it has now affected my mental health when once I was a strong healthy individual. I have told them I have felt suicidal at times because I could no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. That they had happily destroyed my home and everything I loved about it. Do you think they gave a shit….NO…It’s all about power and greed and the fact they are destroying lives does not matter to them one single bit. Worst of all is the stupid responses I get back from them. The usual crap about meeting regulations and how smart meters are safe etc, etc…What they don’t seem to understand is I don’t care how safe they are considered, what I care about is how they make me feel when I am around them. Worst of all is they think you’re just nuts and the health problems caused by smart meters not only in Victoria but around the world does not exist.

    The fact is no one can really understand what you are going through until you have gone through the same. Only those who’s health has been affected by these smart meters can only really relate to your experience. My saying is, “Don’t judge what you cannot understand”

    My zest for life and everything I once loved about living in this state has now been destroyed. Where to from here, god only knows. Do I now accept my current living arrangements and just live with it ? Do I now accept that I must live with anxiety and anger in my once loved home because that’s just the way life is now? I don’t have any more answers. I am depleted and defeated right now.

    Good luck to Steve and his family and I hope they can finally find some peace.

    • Brenn says:

      Hello fellow Victorian… I am very touched by your story–your situation. I am lucky in that I live on 5 acres in regional Ballarat and I wish everyone effected by this abomination could as well. My levels of RF are acceptable now but the future is uncertain due to possible new mobile towers. I have successfully resisted a ‘smart’ meter for electricity so far and am hoping meters for water and gas will be placed where they are now, i.e., on the public road 100 meters from my house.
      But to address your situation….I was wondering if you have checked out what is called “dirty electricity” (see book by Samuel Milham, MD,MPH) or high frequency voltage transients? I recently bought the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter and 4 Australian compliant (240 volt) filters and saw a considerable drop in my “dirty electricity”. My home is ‘wired’ for everything, no wi fi on anything….and it has no solar panels, inverters etc….so wasn’t expecting to see much of a high reading, but, it wasn’t in the safe range as I had expected. I can’t say why, and the last electrician I spoke to some time ago didn’t even acknowledge the existence of this ‘dirty’ effect on ones household wiring. Even something as simple as the compact fluorescent globes have this problem —which I have thrown out long ago….
      I hope you can solve your problem and also hope this suggestion could help you or anyone else reading this….

      • Brenn,
        I say, ” The day of people having to band together en-mass to physically pull down these Sickness Making towers of Microwave Poisonous Radiation filth cometh sooner than later.”

        ” Right now in Italy, sensible and brave and desperate people sick and tired of being constantly screwed by Evil private and greedy bosses of the Microwave industry aided and abetted by these government sycophants weakly giving into Evil Corporate Powers to wreck and harass their own people. ” What wickedness is this I say ? ” Verily it is the wickedness of the Lust of Money or Filthy Lucre and it must STOP RIGHT NOW !

    • Eric says:

      Smart meters have what is known as a switch mode power supply (AC->DC) notorious for putting out dirty electricity which gets onto house wiring. Your whole house wiring in effect becomes an antenna for low (radio) frequencies which has been associated with harmful biological effects and even as the cause of “cancer clusters”. Solar Inverters are another well known culprit for producing “dirty electricity” having the same sort of switching mechanism (DC->AC). Compact Fluorescent Lights are another confirmed well known source of harmonics or dirty electricty that appears on house wiring. Again these CFL’s are another dirty product that is being forced upon us on a global scale just like smart meters.

      I don’t have a smart meter but I am surrounded by them and also have neighbors with solar panels with inverter. I do have dirty electricity on my wiring and it’s very much present when all lights are switched off and all appliances are unplugged from all power points. At the moment I am dealing with this by switching off all mains power for sleeping at night. In the day, I switch on one power circuit where I will be using power points. In the evening I switch on the lighting circuits. I can’t say I am on top of this problem at this stage. I am living without a fridge as the circuit that my fridge plugs into shows massive figures for the presence of dirty electricity. At the moment the jury is still out for me on a filtering solution for reasons I’m still in the process of investigating.

      I believe the power companies know about this SMPS smart meter dirty electricity problem but have kept it under wraps here is Australia. It is worth doing your own research. I think the following video (just key in any email address whatsoever, make one up) is very well worth viewing.


      Plenty of material out there…here are some additional links on smart ,meters and dirty electricity. It all applies just as much to the Australian smart meter situation here as it does in the U.S.


    • Eric says:

      Further essential viewing on the topic of Dirty Electricity and Smart Meters. I have no doubt that all aspects of this video have applicability to our smart meter conundrum here in Victoria.

  20. mohsen says:

    Would Steve like me to make a short video of his story before leaving?

    0416 223 669

  21. Paul says:

    Wake up Napthine, Kotsiras and Company Pty Ltd, you have been warned countless times! Next year’s state election will have you thrown out. Labor will assume office but the amount of independents will hopefully ensure that something is done about the smart meter situation. Labor is just as bloody-minded as the Coalition.

    At the very least, we who object to smart meters (> 100,000 and growing) would like to have a choice as to whether or not we have one of these dangerous, money gouging, spying devices in our homes.

    You have forced the decent, intelligent and well-educated Steve Weller out of his home when you should be looking after the welfare of all Victorians. The fight is just beginning gentlemen and we will win in the end. You can make it easy or you can make it hard – the choice is yours!

  22. No Smartmeter Mum says:

    Can I still legally refuse a smart meter in my home in Melbourne? I have resisted so far without much effort, but I’m afraid it’s gonna come to a point where they are going to make me pay soon.

    • Paul says:

      Yes you can refuse it! Make sure you go to Bunnings and buy a decent lock to secure your meter box

      • Damaged says:

        I know of someone who put a window in his meter box door, siliconed the door shut, used padlocks and put several beehives around the meter box! Wish I’d thought of it!!!!!!! Might still be in my home and enjoying my family.

  23. liz says:

    Steve and Family,
    may the Love of the Clean and Perfect Energy Source from our Universe be with you on all of your journeys, and may good health and happiness be your constant companions.
    Thank-you for all your contributions to the Stop Smart Meters cause.
    Warmest regards,

  24. MovingEntity says:

    Sorry to say but you can’t run from this problem as the roll-out of smart-meters is directly linked to internationalism and management of society. Most politicians are Internationalists, and will sign on to smart meters if it’s this year or next, and so forth. The only way to stop is to battle the beast and or become self powered in more ways than one.

    • To Moving Entity,
      Actually in Britain and the United Kingdom, if one has one of these dopey Microwave and not ‘so-smart-meters and wants to be rid of it, one only has to write firmly and politely to the Electric Power Company for that area in the United Kingdom, be it England, Scotland or Wales and this Deadly type 2B Carcinogen Electric Meter must be removed and replaced with the older Safe and Passive Analog Meter which was taken or stolen from one by that Electric Power Company. Then that Electric Power Company must pay for the removal of the Microwave and not so-smart Microwave meter/s, then reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter/s also free of charge.

      This positive move has come about by British Parliamentary DECREE after so many United Kingdom citizens complained long and loud to their various M.P’s. I don’t know what is happening across the water in Ireland at present, but will find out ASAP.

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