Smart water meter “trials” have commenced!

While technology for water smart meters has been around for a number of years, its seems that the number of “trials” is dramatically increasing around Australia.

This Fact Sheet from the Australian Water Association provides a good summary of smart water meters: Smart Water Meters

Sydney Water needs to be commended for requesting signed permission to install water smart meters for their trial.  See: dd_052935.

Yet South East Water doesn’t request such permission, and conveniently fails to use the word “smart” or “wireless” in describing it new digital water meter.  A phone call to South East Water has confirmed that their digital meters are in fact wireless digital smart meters.   Clearly, with the Victorian community’s backlash against electricity smart meters, South East Water has chosen to avoid the word “smart” or “wireless” to make their new digital meters more palatable to their customers.

See: FAQs for digital water meters

Perhaps is is about time essential services companies operating in Victoria take a leaf from their interstate colleagues and show more respect for their customers’ rights.  The aggressiveness and stealth by which many essential services companies in Victoria are installing smart meters is beyond comprehension, and borders on deception and bullying, and in many cases, crosses such borders.

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26 Responses to Smart water meter “trials” have commenced!

  1. Hagey Boy says:

    Another slightly off topic comment here. Class Action seems the way to go, but the SSMA form is confusing. For example, I mailed a cheque for $20 in June 2013 to become a member but never received any confirmation other than the cheque being cashed. So, if I send $200 to SSMA to join a combined legal action, how am I going to know how this rather large sum is going to be used? It would seem there must be a better way to go about this. Such as SSMA contacting a firm, Slater and Gordon, for example, and let this firm set up the preliminaries for a class action. With such an organisation leading the way, I would have no problem sending $200 or similar sum.

    Furthermore, it seems ridiculous to make this comment on an unrelated post. Should there not be a way to initiate new forum topics, this one falling under the subject title: Class Action? Or am I missing something in SSMA’s structure?

    • You only had to ask for a receipt for the $20 dollars you sent for membership to S.S.M.A and it would have been issued to you post haste. This was mentioned in the joining notice very clearly.
      S.S.M.A does an excellent job and all for nothing; none of its officers get paid for the fine work they do keeping this fine organisation running, so please don’t criticize its officers.

  2. Concerned says:

    Now smart water meters. Can someone please let us know where the ‘CLASS ACTION’ is at?

  3. Chris says:

    My water meter is DIRECTLY underneath my bedroom window. I mean…I can lay in bed with the window open and hear it ticking sometimes when the dishwasher is running at night. My head must be 2 m from the meter. Surely this cannot be turned into a radiotransmitting device as well….tell me it isn’t so….what the hell!!!

    • Chris,
      Make a metal box and put it over the Water Meter with a Perspex window, then the Meter Reader Man can get his readings. Make sure you padlock your water meter so the water Smart Meter installer men cannot force the Smart Meter Water meter onto your digital and passive water meter, it’s that simple.

    • Simply put a personally designed metal jacket around the Water Meter and a flip flop window in it so the Water Reader Meter Man can read your water meter, simple as that and put a stout padlock on it to stop the metal jacket from being removed.

  4. Rob Guy says:

    The state government adoption of a laissez-faire policy towards the Victorian smart meter rollout gave us the the ugly public face of capitalism. Apparently, companies in other states are taking notice of the opinions expressed on this web site, preferring inducement and education over brute force. We can only hope that future governments will not contract-out their responsibility for public safety and instead require prospective contractors to allow sufficient ongoing government access
    to their records to verify that their accredited management system is performing effectively. Victorian government agencies were not given this access, so the safety problems of smart meters remain deniable.

  5. Annette says:

    Are you serious! Now they want to use a smart meter on our water usage…we seriously need to ban together & go off the grid!! I’ve had enough. The stress & anxiety I’m currently experiencing regarding not knowing when the installer is going to try & install a smart meter on my electricity box (which is locked up) is huge. Will they bully or threaten me or become aggressive? :/

    • Annette,
      Keep your Electric Meter Padlocked with a stout padlock as now some 150,000 of us Victorian have done and then you Commonwealth Anti-Trespass $167,000 Dollar signs on your meter box and front fence or gate.

  6. To Luise Leggatt,
    Make a metal box for your water and gas meters and padlock each of them with stout padlocks to which you only have the key. Just leave a flip flop window flap or a Perspex window so the meter man can read the water meter and the gas meter.

  7. Rob Reiken says:

    The Criminal Government Parasites, along with their sold out utility corps, can shove their Smart Death Water Meters up their you know what, cause I ain’t getting one of those either you traitors. So I guess I will have to lock that one up as well somehow.

  8. Eric says:

    Backflips backflips and more backflips.

    What sort of mentality is this that goes full steam ahead knowing full well that there will be a major customer backlash ?

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      What’s so disturbing about all this Eric is the way ALL THOSE INVOLVED with the rollout of this dangerous technology, are simply ignoring US, and going full steam ahead, regardless of all the negative health, safety, cost, and privacy issues associated with it’s deployment.
      They are criminals.

      Seriously, this fight needs to be escalated somehow, or before you know it, everyone will also have water and gas “smart” meters as well.
      We just can’t let that happen.

      • Keep your Electricity meter boxes locked and make up metal boxes to cover your gas and water meters. Padlock these as well, but leave a Perspex window to allow the meter reader man to get his readings.

      • To Sick Of Their Lies,
        Simply measure and design your own water meter and gas meter metal cover and paint it white to reflect the heat then padlock it up, as I did. Make it, pop it on and padlock it. Don’t forget to make sufficient holes in the gas meter metal boxes’ lower front and back plates to let out any gas leaks to avoid any possible explosions. Make a flip cover so the water meter and gas meter reader man can get his readings, simple as that folks.

      • Freedom Rules says:

        No, we can’t. Furthermore, only 3 days ‘training’ given to SM installers!

    • The type of Corrupt and Monetarily Greedy and Evil Mentality which doesn’t give a Tinker’s Cuss about their Victorian peoples’ health or welfare.

      Mr Kotsiras and all of your ilk in the Victorian Liberal party Government and the past Victorian Labor Government tied to these so-called but far from smart meters, are a bunch of Toadies and Lick-Spittle’s to these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies who just like the past Labor and now incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government and the Rapinely Greedy five foreign owned Electric Power Companies who are Illegally screwing ever more cash out of us Victorian peoples’ already cash strapped pockets. Every one of you works for LUCIFER; deserves to be flung into prison and be left there to ROT for the rest of your lives.

    • The Rabid and insatiable Lust for Filthy Lucre or Money which is one of the greatest EVILS of all.

  9. Andrew says:

    Just in case, I will concrete a cage around my water meter. I will also use reinforcement .

  10. MovingEntity says:

    Slightly off topic, people should get their brass tap connections tested as many are replaced with Indian manufactured items by water boards or companies, that have been shown to have radioactive isotopes due to nuclear power plant salvaging of metals.

  11. Paul says:

    So, here we go again. What’s wrong with essential services companies that they simply can’t see the problems associated with smart meters or is it that they do not give a damn? And if we do get water smart meters, who will pay for the electricity to run them? Will suppliers be able to remotely deprive us of gas to a stove, heater or HWS at their whim? It’s high time we all actively searched for alternative energy sources so that we can get off the grids. I recently mentioned a company called BlueGen, which looked promising however, the generator (not a motor) runs on natural gas to produce electricity and hot water. Sorry BlueGen it looks like you’ll be well and truly thwarted by the gas companies now. RIP.

    • not me at the moment says:

      Battery supplied electricity! A good reason why my under 18 year old should mow the front lawns. Its amazing how much damage a lawn mower can do! Some of these batteries have a very short life span!

  12. Richard G says:

    This is so predictably typical of the way energy companies work. In Qld we now are having smart meters rolled out in some limited way. But, they are calling them ‘Advance Meters’ and of course, doesn’t sound anything like a ‘smart meter’. BUT its identical except it doesn’t have the smart chip in it when installed. They will be install that at some later date. Of course you won’t be told that, and you won’t know when.

  13. Luise Leggatt says:

    Thanks for the updates on the new technology for water meters, another digital device they want to attach on the property. I’m happy to fight and soldier on being against electromagnetic field exposure.

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