Letter of the week!

Stop Smart Meters Australia receives copies of numerous letters addressed to power distributors from people who are refusing installation of smart meters. We thought this letter deserves sharing…….

Powercor Smart Meter Letter.pdf

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14 Responses to Letter of the week!

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  2. Michael says:

    Well I have heard some great informative stories here an I like the sound of take the power back
    all we need is solar generators or the wind mills as I think we cane produce cleaner power than those people, take a stand and people power wins every time. I will not buy any appliances that have the devices in them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as from what I’ve read they communicate every two minutes and if nothing else the meter will have a faraday cage around it !!!

  3. peterrocker says:

    On Channel 7 “Today Tonight” they screened a “puff piece” about how wonderful & safe these insideous health risks arel. Channel 7 fell for it hook line & sinker.
    All the wonderul “benefits” were hi-lited. One clown boating how he is going to save $200 p.a.
    I wonder how much his bill is going to go up at the same time. Bet it’s more than $200.

    • ravenhawk says:

      hasn’t anyone awoken to the fact that these tv networks will not say too much about these smart meters because of network owners who have high stakes in the profits of this technology. this is not conspiracy theory but facts.With the roll out of smart meters they are to reap billions so of course they are not going to get their stations to report the truth otherwise it could stop the profits in their shares of this debacle

  4. Barbara Dioguardi says:

    I want to join everyone else in thanking you for allowing me to read this very informative letter. I would also like to be able to read the reply that his power company sends if any.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is a fantastic and very accurate letter. I would be very interested to hear what response it gets from the relevant authorities.

  6. Wendy says:

    My Internet Explorer cannot open this Powercore letter of the week. Is there another way to open?

  7. Sharron says:

    I love this letter… it says everything that we all feel but are unable to fully express…thanks and more power to the people!

  8. David Lee says:

    An excellently composed letter which puts forward factual information, study results, etc. I’d like to see the power company spin-doctors try to discredit this guy!

  9. Ryan says:

    That letter is brilliant. Well done to the Author. and thanks for letting us share it .

  10. Rosemary. says:

    This letter is fantastic. Thanks goodness for intelligent, educated people standing up against this abuse of Human rights, damage to our health and democracy. We need you. Keep up the good fight.

  11. Jabba says:

    It would be awesome to hear his power company’s response. I think eventually a mandate will be passed to allow the de-installation of these devices, like in California. Common sense usually prevails. In the meantime it sucks that people are being forced into using these pathetic machines.

  12. Lets take the power back says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic presentation of many of the concerns that so many of us have with smart meters, from our individual research. Many of us do not have your credentials and ability to present the information and support information in such a professional manner. Thank you for sharing this with us via the website.

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