Resident stands firm over smart meters

Warrnambool Standard, 10 October 2012
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  1. Rob Crombie says:

    Here is an update which is VERY IMPORTANT for those that wish to prevent Smart Meter installation.
    Our meter box is a wooden ‘cabinet’ on the external wall. It has a padlock to prevent the bolt being unbolted. I have a trick where I leave the padlock locked, but the bolt is free to unbolt (sits on top of the padlock). Someone walking past would think it is locked. However meter readers, and meter fuse removers (when tenants vacate), all are capable of getting in to the meter box.
    They came today to replace out meters, and were fooled by my trick (it was unlocked, but they did not try to unbolt it). Also I am in flat 1, which usually cops all intercom queries for the building. They did not buzz me (I was home).
    All the flats got a large ‘card’ saying they could not gain access. They will be back on the 5th Feb, and if they cannot gain access, THEY WILL TURN OFF OUR POWER, AND LEAVE IT OFF, till they gain access.
    I rang Citipower, and told them what I have just told you (above). I said I will totally remove the padlock so they are not fooled on the 5th. I asked about the turning off the power tactics, and they said they have to do that, so as to carry out the Governments mandate to replace the meters.
    I already had decided not to organize a refusal of Smart Meters, this time, but I am still concerned about the TOU. Citpower says it is Frozen at the moment, but can be unfrozen, if the energy providers lobby the Government’s environment department later.
    Does anyone have a link to the Report, that must have come out from the Liberal government’s investigation and conclusions regarding smart Meters ?
    I am annoyed that the Liberal Premier did not use the word Frozen a year ago, and I intend to fight tooth and nail to not have TOU forced upon us. (There is no way our flats can move our energy usage into the off peak period, so it just means our bills will double.)
    Regarding my other concern (getting fried by 15 meters 9 feet away), they tell me there will be transmissions every 4 hours. I will try two things –
    1) See if I can be advised when to get out of my room (scheduled transmission times)
    2) See if they can turn down the strength of the signals, if the receiving unit is close in my street.

    • Steve says:

      Rob, I certainly would not accept having 15 transmitters so close to my abode. Technically City Power is correct that a smart meter will transmit the power usage it is monitoring every 4 hours but what they are neglecting to tell you is that the meters are set up to form a meshed network. The effective range of the wireless transmissions from City Power/Powercor smart meters is 100’s of meters and is not sufficient to reach the Power Utility directly. Each meter can can talk to nearby neighbouring meters and pass data along until it gets to a Monopole which has the job of sending all received meter data to the Power utility. This establishment of a meshed network requires various health check messages to be sent frequently to maintain it. The end result is the meter could be transmitting other household data, your metering data, health check data and any instructional data coming from the power utility (the wireless network is bi-directional just like a mobile phone). Meters can be transmitting bursts of information every few seconds in worst case scenarios or every minute or so as verified personally using an EMR/EMF meter. More than 90% of the transmissions are simply to keep the network up. If you are not sensitive to microwaves then you may not notice them initially but over time you may find you become sensitive and if that happens you can look forward to constant headaches, insomnia, lethargy and other less than desirable effects.

    • Ms Rebel says:

      buddy – I think you’re dreaming…

  2. Rob Crombie says:

    As I mentioned in the post just below this one – My Smart Meters are probably being installed today.
    As I described, they have sneakily given such short notice, that I don’t have time to organize all the tenants in the building, like I did one year ago.
    I had 3 concerns a year ago –
    1) TOU Time Of Use (Peak and Off_Peak)
    2) Health (Radiation)
    3) Cost of the meters
    I will now leave 3 out of the discussion, as we are all being slugged regardless of whether we have Smart Meters installed.

    Regarding 1 (TOU), I thought that was no longer an issue, as the Vic Premier said (after their long investigation) that we will NOW have a choice on that.
    I just read on the Citipower (and Origin) web site that that is not the case, and we will have a choice for a while, THEN IT WILL BE COMPULSORY (My words. They say that having a choice is temporary)
    If I had known that, I would have fought tooth and nail again this time to prevent the meters, as all the flats in out building have tiny Hot Water heaters, so none of us can benefit from TOU. WHAT THAT MEANS IS ALL OUR BILLS WILL INCREASE, when the choice is taken away from us.
    I can recall the premier on TV saying we will now have a choice. HE DID NOT SAY IT IS TEMPORARY.
    “Not happy, Jan”

    Regarding Health, I will have 15 meters 9 feet away from me all ‘calling home’ every 30 minutes.
    I sit at that spot (9 feet away), all day using my computer.
    And the rest of the time I am sleeping 12 feet away.
    Can I request less frequent transmission ?
    Can I request weaker transmission strength ?

  3. Rob Crombie says:

    I live in a block of 14 flats in Balaclava (Vic).
    They tried to replace all the meters over a year ago, but I convinced every tenant to say no.
    Just got a letter today (From Citipower) saying –
    “You were recently advised that, following a comprehensive review of the smart meter program, the Victorian government has announced that the roll out of electricity smart meters across the state will continue.
    Your meter is scheduled to be exchanged between 30 Jan 2013 and 12 Feb 2013”

    I was NOT recently advised of anything.
    I rang Citipower, and he too could not explain the ‘recently advised’. He offered to note my concern and pass it on to the Meter installers company. I pointed out that with such short notice, I cannot hope to organize the other 13 tenants, thus there is no point in noting my concern on their computer.
    I believe they sneakily bypassed giving us any ‘heads up’, so that we don’t have time to protest.
    When I arranged the mass rejection (by our 14 flats) over a year ago, I had a few concerns. After the Liberals investigation only one good thing came out of that. Viz, they told the electricity billers that they must allow us the choice to avoid the Peak / Off Peak variable rates. All our flats have tiny Hot water systems, so none of us could arrange to shift our electricity usage into the off peak period. Thus one of my original concerns is gone.
    That leaves me with one massive concern. I sit on my computer all day. The 3 phase electricity supply for the whole building enters our building 4 meters from the back of my head (where I sit on the computer). The meter box for the electricity is 3 meters away from my right foot. So that means I will have 14 meters calling home right through my body.
    The Citpower chap on the phone says the meters will only call 4 times a day, and the power transmitted is much less than a cell phone. If that is true, it may be LIVABLE with. But everyone connected with Smart meters have been lying thought their teeth.
    The other thing that appalls me is, how can a government(s) pass whatever they passed, without consulting/advising the public. It appears that the large cost of the outlay is being borne 100% by the public. (Not the Electricity billers, and not the government). That is intolerable. Not to mention some poor owners that may be forced to foot the bill for replacing their meter BOX (not at a time of their choosing).
    As I said, their last sneakiness gives me no chance to get the 14 flats to prevent this happening.
    Shocked and appalled,
    PS The letter asks us to continue to respect their people as they go about their work.
    What respect have the public been given on any of this sorry saga ?

  4. jodi says:

    Hi. I still don’t have a Smart Meter but my neighbours do (in block of 3 units).
    I stuck a STOP Do Not Install sign inside my meter box ages ago.
    I got a letter a while ago saying Fart Meters were being installed in the area.
    Later I got a letter saying they do not have the government go ahead yet (I interpreted it to mean they are not mandated yet)
    I got a phone call from someone at the power company who asked why I didn’t want one. I said health concerns and I’ve heard of increased charges.
    I said I was brought up to switch things off and conserve energy, that you don’t have to be too smart to know that every time you use electricity you will pay for it.
    The operator gave me the company speel about health concerns – ie: there is no concern. She said the power company has the go ahead to install all the Smart Meters..
    So I read out my letter to the operator and pointed out that it says the exact opposite of what she is telling me. That they don’t have the power.
    She was pretty honest and honourable and showed her surprise. She asked if I wanted someone to call me about my concern with increased pricing. I said yes. No-one has called back.

    In a few weeks I’ll put a lock on it.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Jodie,
      Firstly whack an Industrial Padlock on your Electric Meter Box right now, don’t delay for a moment. These sneaky Smart Meter Installers will rip out your Analogue Safe and Passive Meter whilst you are out shopping or away on any errand. First I installed a stout padlocked on my Electric Meter Box and then put up the Legal Anti-Trespass Signs with the $167,000.000 dollar fine for anybody trespassing on my property without my written permission. Put one of these notices on the Electric Meter Box and one on the front fence or gate. These signs are by the Commonwealth of Australia and are from 1900-1901 and are still effective now and into the future.

      Don’t let these Lying Hounds at the Electric Power Company tell you otherwise. Yesterday one IDIOT at one of the five Electric Power Companies said they had the power to snip, cut, saw through or smash our padlocks .
      “Oh no they don’t I told him in strong terms.” “That would be both trespassing as well as breaking and entering, I told him, which is a very serious crime.” I recorded his full Christian Name and Surname and promised I would take him to Court kicking and screaming if necessary, and drag him before the JUDGE with my very powerful Lawyers. This SHOOK HIM UP A Treat and he backed down very quickly.

      I also told him that in Holland and the United Kingdom, that anybody who wanted to get rid of their now proven to be by the World Health Authority Type 2 B Carcinogen Causing Smart Meters, could do so by writing a letter to the Electric Power Company/s concerned and that said company/s had to remove the Microwave Smart Meter at that Electric Power Companies expense and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analogue Meter first taken or more often takenn by said Electric Power Company/s and that was the Law as passed in both the Dutch Parliament and the British Parliament and must be obeyed without exception. It was good to see how his rude and COCKY TONE of voice then changed towards me to one of a beaten politeness.


      Richard Leschen.

  5. Chloe says:

    Another thing, I don’t have it installed yet. I live at units, so there’ll be 5 smart meters if they do them! I had got a notice that they’d be coming on a certain date to do it. I contacted the company and said I refused to have it, etc, They said they had a mandate to do them all by the end of 2013. I asked could they leave mine till the end of 2013, then, and they seemed to have agreed, as they didn’t come. Now I have a window of opportunity to avoid getting it. I’m thinking of asking one of the other unit owners to do the perspex window and padlock idea. I can’t do it myself. I heard Mornington Shire (my shire) has a campaign going on. Hope I can avoid having the situation of 5 seperate smart metres going in near our letter boxes.

    • Informed Choice says:

      Hi Chloe, it sounds like a good idea to avoid being smart metered because once installed they will not remove them. Mornington Councillors voted in support of residents refusing to have smart meters. I have a padlocked box and I know of a few others in my neighbourhood who also blocked installation. I’m at Mount Martha and all I do is make sure I know what date the meter guy comes to read meter then if I’m not going to be home I write down the reading and leave it taped to the meter box as I do not have the perspex window fitted. We all need to stand firm against this takeover by electricity bullies here on the peninsula or it will no longer be the haven it once was. My feeling is that the radiation surrounding the area is strong already with the huge phone towers that dominate Mornington in particular, add to this the SM signals and masts then it’s a spoiled environment for certain. Who asked us whether we want to live in this electrical ‘soup’ anyway? Don’t believe much of what these liars tell you, just go with your gut instinct – the things are transmitting constantly and the proof is on this website & not all people can feel the effects, but I certainly can and it isn’t pleasant let me assure you. Good luck with preventing the install at your place… Cheers, Sharron

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Chloe,
      Just lock your Electric Meter box with a stout padlock i.e Industrial Type as I have done. Purchase it from a good Lock-Smith, then put your STOP, do not fit a Smart Meter Legal Anti-Trespass Sign on your Electric Meter Box, First step is to lock the box. Note that the Anti Trespass – Stop Do Not Fit a Smart Meter Signs are no use at all unless you have firstly padlocked your Meter Box. Many of the Smart Meter Installer Men just tear up these signs like the naughty Fractious Child Minded people they are out of SPITE.

  6. Cedar Wilde says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find JO’S letter?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am not a legal expert, and I agree you 99 percent, but still hold that authorising the AMI rollout by Vice-Regal proclamation instead of by statute law has rendered the process somewhat legally nebulous. We have to live with the possibility that,
    (1)To the extent that there is conflict with existing law, (safety, privacy etc ), the Order-in-Council prevails,
    (2) Entities engaged in activities authorised by the proclamation are immune from litigation, (force majeure), and,
    (3) Opposition to those activities could be seen as treason.
    I would welcome some authoritative advice on this matter.
    In contrast to the furore over the 1975 Whitlam sacking, response to this vice-regal proclamation has been quite muted. Curious, because back then it was not necessarily the Labor supporters who were appalled by the Sovereign overruling the people.
    I speak from personal experience. In 1942 the then Governor General, Baron Gowrie proclaimed an Order from the Executive Council which suspended the Commonwealth Defence Act 1903 to allow accelerated commissioning of lower ranks to fill appointments. His action was seen then as meeting the exigincies of war.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      The Sovereign is a figurehead. Our POLITICIANS used her name to “overrule the people”! Fraser and Kerr were actually responsible, she has to take advice from the people who run the country. (Image the furore if she went against what she was told was the will of the people. It’d be a blood-bath!!) Threatening people with treason would be a very bad idea “Anonymous” Why do people think the heavy-handed approach will work? (Because it has in the past, I suppose, but we are all getting a bit more savvy about how we are being jerked around nowadays.
      It seems pretty clear what your position is. If you really are 99% in agreement with us then use your energy to fight these pesky and dangerous contrivances.

  8. Pam says:

    Thanks everyone for your Comments in response to my Article. They can try their “BEST ENDEAVOURS” as much as they darn well like but I WILL NEVER LET THEM INSTALL A SMART METER AT MY HOME. I never ever thought we would ALL have to go to these EXTREMES to PROTECT OUR ANNALOGE METERS. Councils are in CARETAKER MODE at the present time, till after the Elections. Once we all have our NEW COUNCILLORS IN PLACE, make them earn their money – Write to them or preferably ring them and speak to them personally and let them know YOUR FEARS ABOUT THESE DARN SMART METERS especially in relation to our HEALTH, SAFETY, FINANCIAL AND PRIVACY. …..Cheers Pam

  9. Paul Starr says:

    This is very interesting> I’ve been looking into what makes melatonin, the chemical that sends us to sleep.and try to work out why or how that process might be interfered with by the introduction of Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Radiation. I found out that the hormone called Melatonin is produced by one of our glands in the head called the Pineal Gland.- (positioned in the very centre of the head) – it switches on when the light gets low (evening) and produces the melatonin which is sent to all parts of the body in the blood stream to ensure total body rest.. The Pineal Gland (named because it looks like a mini pine cone), is the most energetic gland in the body with the highest rate of blood flow – it actually produces light and can create images (because its inner wall is a kind of retina) that form our dream world and has been known for centuries as “the third eye”. This is the spot right between the eyes where Hindus place a red dot signifying the 6th Chakra or THIRD EYE.
    So, if RF or EM radiation interferes with this gland it may fail to produce the melatonin required for peaceful sleep because such external radiation may in a sense be INTERPRETED AS DAYLIGHT since light is a form of energy and the gland operates at a frequency of 115.4hz which is inside the frequency output of SMART METERS and might be literally “swamped” when you take into account the transmission bursts . . . Well well well!!!
    Also, it is important to note that things are not quite that simple. For example, The body also makes adrenaline during sleep which is stored up for the coming day. This insinuates that being swamped by RF radiation might upset the body’s processes whereby the endocrine system (the glands make an extensive range of hormones) fails to carry out it’s natural processes by interference from unnatural processes. it seems to me that it wouldn’t take much to upset the average persons sleep and health if they are sleeping within say 4 meters of the meter.

    • Kerry says:

      Thank you Paul. Nicely researched and nicely explained. The entire endocrine system is indeed absolutely essential for the running of the human (not to mention animal – your pet’s) physical and emotional functioning and the little, tiny demure Pineal Gland is indeed a centre of great importance. Aborrant hormone production causes too many issues to mention and innate sleep deprivation (which the constant RF ELF waves proliferate) cause havoc with these systems. “Swamping” and yes….drowing is a great metaphore for what is happening!!

      Awareness is everything

    • Pam says:

      Paul – Thanks that is very interesting. I will mention all your information to my Doctor next time I see him. Maybe that is what is happening to my sleeping patterns, even tho I do not have a SMART METER. As I have mentioned before I am surrounded by the darn things…………………………Cheers Pam 🙂

  10. freddie says:

    Hi Pam, it’s terrible to hear of the stress they are causing you, no one should have to put up with that! Your regular contributions to this website are a constant source of renewal of determination and hope. You’re a bit of a hero for me! Bless you and thank-you.

  11. This Victorian Government should not ever be voted in for another term. This fiasco on smart electricity meters & their current fight with teachers should show this is not the sort of state government for a democracy. It seems they care little for the wishes of the people.

  12. Terry Ash says:

    There is no law, that states you have to except the installation of smartmeters. I have secured my utility box and have taken steps to not have this device installed on my property.I have emailed jemena customer relations my refusal, with no response as yet. I am considering contacting my council in broadmeadows to let them know of my protest on this matter.The only problem is that most of the residents who live in my area are mostly non english speaking people and i have tried to pass the word to residents in my street but to no avail.So i will see how i go. Winston Churchill once said that you can fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool the people all the time, so our heads of state should listen to our voices and change the mandate.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Terry Ash,
      Better than your sending them an Email, is to do what I have done and many other people in Victoria. Please send your Electric Power Company a Registered Letter and not an Email. These C.E.O’s will then legally be bound to SIGN for your letter you sent them. This is a most important detail. I also add to each registered letters I send to the C.E.O of PowerCor Australia Ltd as well as Mr Michael O’Brien the Minister for Power in Victoria the following rider. ” Please note that I am keeping a copy of this letter for both Legal and Court Appearance.”

      This gives them clear warning that you are very serious indeed and are prepared to go to Court to Legally fight them using a Legal Common Class Action with your Lawyer. This usually elicits a written response from them. It has worked every time in my case.
      Do not respond to them on the telephone, as these cunning and very corrupt people will only try to change your mind.
      That will only annoy you and possibly stop you from thinking clearly. If they do phone you just say as I did politely.
      ” My lawyer forbids you to telephone me, all correspondence between your company and me must be in writing as my lawyer has advised me.” Then hang up your telephone. That really puts the wind up them. After stating this they should leave you alone. Don’t bother contacting the Department of Primary Industry or anybody tied into this Victorian Government and these Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies as they are all in Collusion with one another to mercilessly punish Victorian Home Owners and Small Business Owners to get their WAY with every one of us. You can stop these acts of ONGOING WICKEDNESS. Simply follow what I and many are doing by following the steps I have outlined here.
      You can Phone me if you need to on 03 5352 3639 or email me at…..

  13. 1vimana1 says:

    You are quite correct. What most people think is that when the Overseas owned Victorian Electric Power Companies tell one that. ” It has been Mandated by the Victorian Government, that one must accept a Smart Meter on one’s home or small business property, most Victorian customers think that a ……’.Mandate is the same thing as THE LAW.’ It is not, a Mandate is only an instruction as is defined in any good dictionary. ” A Law, in this case of the so-called Smart Meter/s or any new law the Victorian Government wants to bring in, must be not only discussed in both Victorian Houses of Parliament, that is the Upper House and the Lower House. Then and only when both of these two houses agree to pass it as a new Law, can it be Legally Passed as The LAW. If this proposed or any other proposed law is not passed by both houses of Parliament it has to go back to those who proposed it to become the new law, and it must be amended. Then when it has been amended it goes once more before both Houses of Parliament for a second reading and discussion. If it is objected to in its new or amended form, it must go back to the original proposers and be worked upon again and so on.”

    At no time had the Brumby Labour Government ever tried to get the Smart Meters passed as LAW in both houses of the Victorian Parliament. The reason for this was that they were terrified they would never be able to get it passed through both the Upper and the Lower Houses of Parliament to make the Forced Installation Of Smart Meters the New Law. Therefore Mr John Brumby and the then Governor of Victoria together with three or four or more of Brumby’s most trusted henchmen and every one of the five Chief Executive Officers of the foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies, convened a number of private meetings, in which they made up their own set of rules which were never passed in Parliament. This was a sneaky way of trying to get their own way. This Liberal led Ted Baillieu Government keeps on blaming the past Victorian Labor Brumby Government for the continual roll-out of the Smart Meters. Then it adds to its sins by stating, “ That so much money has already been spent on this Rolling out of the Smart Meter scheme that it must continue the roll-out , but BLINDLY REFUSES to take any notice of the thousands, and ever more mounting numbers of Electro Hypersensitive Peoples’ barrage of letters, desperately pleading to the Victorian Government to immediately stop the continuing roll-out of these “Now Proving To Be Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters, even after overpowering evidence has come to this Victorian Incumbent Government’s Notice from the World Health Organization, that the Smart Meters are a Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Machines along with the Microwave Cell or Mobile Phones and their Microwave Relay Towers.

    When Mr Michael O’Brien was in Opposition to the Labour Victorian Government, as was Mr Ted Baillieu his leader, they made a great fuss about the Smart Meters and said effectively that the ‘Smart Meters were a rotten idea, as they would gouge money from Victorias Electricity Customers with the new Time Of Use Tariffs when they came into force which would be a variable rate of charging electricity rates over 24 hours on each customer, thus making it too expensive for home and small business owners.’ The great hypocrisy here by this careless and totally uncaring Baillieu Government, after making false promises to the Victorian People, is this…….That it has deserted its Election Promise to the Victorian people and embraced the idea of keeping the roll-out of the Smart Meters going and is still continuing roll out of the Smart Meters. This was and still is The Greatest Hypocrisy OF ALL still being perpetrated by this Liberal Party Victorian Government.

    The Order In Council is the crooked ploy which this incumbent Liberal led, Ted Baillieu Government and Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien is still using to HOODWINK the majority of the Victorian Public into accepting Smart Meters, and against the Will and Better Judgement of many Victorian People. To the people reading this letter, please padlock your Electricity Meter Box/s immediately, if you want to avoid the very high risk of being poisoned by these now proving to be by the World Health Organisation Deadly Dangerous Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Microwave Smart Meters being forced on your properties.

    Please remember that under both the World Charter Of Human Rights and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 ( and still effective today and in the future ) nobody can force you to accept any goods or services, or in this case a Microwave Smart Meter if you so much as even SUSPECT that these Microwave Machines will damage your health or cause any harm to any of your private electrical goods. There have been and still are fires breaking out in both private and small business owners’ Electric Meter Boxes here in Victoria Australia and overseas. Only a few months ago a two story house was so badly fire damaged in Northcote, that is suffered $300,000 damage after a Smart Meter had been installed. It was only by dint of the young man in the house pushing both his wheel-chair bound Grandfather and his wheel-chaired Grandmother out of the already blazing house that he saved both of their lives.

    Please remember that under these ‘Charters Of Human Rights’ you have the Legal Power to keep your Passive and Safe Analog Electric Meter.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have refused to have a smartmeter installed but i think i am the only one in my area that truly understands the health issues that can be caused through smartmeters, i have locked my box and have taken action on this.The majority of residents that live around me are mostly turkish or middle eastern speaking people and i have spoken to a few of them in my street, but they do not understand.i am trying to gain some extra support.I have already emailed Jemena customer support to let them know of my obejection. Considering writing to my local council in broadmeadows, to. Mabye if we hold out until the end of their 2013 deadline the government might change the mandate so we the people who put these clowns in power might realize how important an issue this is. They seem to think it will all blow over. Winston Churchill once said you can fool the people some of the time, but you cannot fool the people all the time.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      Please do write to your Council with your concerns for your and other peoples’ health regarding these truly dangerous Microwave Smart Meters. It does not matter that most of the residents in your area are Greek or Turks or are from other ethnic or middle eastern countries. The Councillors in the Broadmeadows area where I once lived have many people in their ranks who speak multiple languages and can help these New Australians.

  15. Rob Guy says:

    Two actions by government would make us all feel a little safer;
    1; Offer to modify the meter so that command and control is sent via the copper wire telephone system- not via wireless, Requires an el cheapo adaptor cable and could be enforced by a new Order-in-Council.
    2. Investigate privacy of the gathered information by requiring insertion of software privacy checks similar to those used by computer ant-virus suppliers. Enforceable under current privacy legislation?? Would we all be happy with effective measures along these lines?

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I heard a while ago that the “Smart” meters could be used with the existing power lines and did not need to be “wireless”, so why are these big power corps insisting we have their wireless systems? I have heard people being accused of inciting panic about these meters but I don’t know of anyone who would choose to sleep in their car or move house because they just want to make a fuss. If people are taking extreme means to protect themselves then they really have got a reason, it takes too much out of your life fighting this sort of thing and we are all too busy to do anything that is not necessary.
      I have recently been expecting a media blitz of advertising to get more people on the side of these meters – telling us about all the advantages of them (What advantages? none that I have found!) At the risk of sounding paranoid, we have just been informed of a spate of 100 attacks on “Smart” meters causing fires. Do they want us to believe that all the fires we have heard about, concerning these devices are caused by sabotage or do the power corps have some involvement in the fires? Easy enough to bribe someone to commit these acts of arson and to promise them a big handout if they will take the rap for it. Why have we only just heard of these acts of arson if they have been happening for quite a while, why not each one as it happened? These fires have been happening since the beginning of installation before anyone knew anything bad about them so I doubt that they were all (if any were)sabotage. As I said I hope I’m just being paranoid, but I can’t help but speculate, especially since I have been wondering about where their next move was going to come from.
      I would certainly be happy with a “wired” system of smart meters, but I’m not having a wireless meter..

      • Geena J says:

        Cedar – your comments are spot on. What I find amusing (frustratingly) is their media fizzle re the arson ‘attacks’ on smart meters just happens to pop up out of the blue. Nothing is reported when a smart meter explodes causing the meter box/home to go up in flames, it is always ‘under investigation as to what caused the fire’. We have a fair idea what caused many of those fires, but it’s a can of worms – exact words of a fire investigator at a house severely damaged in Northcote earlier this year following the installation of a new smart meter! I don’t believe anything those energy people have to say anymore -they have proved more than once that they lie. Who would go to the trouble of deliberately damaging someone’s smart meter anyway? Aren’t they meant to be highly dangerous if tampered with or something? How absurd are these media for even running the ridiculous report in the first place. Unfortunately, with media like that, no wonder the real truth has been hidden & no-one’s stories have been given any credit or decent coverage.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Rob,
      Right now in Holland and the United Kingdom, Electric Power Companies have been feeling the palpable anger and at times downright outrage of their Smart Meter Customers. These customers in both of these countries can now get rid of the Smart Metrers through New Parliamentary Laws that have recently been enacted in both houses of these parliaments. For some months past and right now these Electric Power Companies must by LAW replace the Smart Meter/s when their customers so demand with the older Passive and Safe Analogue Meter/s either stolen from these customers or forced upon them by intimidatory or coercive tactics. As well as this the Dutch and United Kingdom’s Electric Power Companies must By LAW foot the entire expense for the change over from the Microwave Smart Meter to the older Safe and Passive Analogue Meters in every case.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      No Rob,
      It’s none of their business to know how much power you use every hour or day. They only have to send you the correct bill for the exact amount of electricity you used in the last 90 days.

      These so called Smart Meters are actually Snooping Devices and are Illegal. Any surveillance even by telephone copper cable is also a Telephone Tapping which is Illegal

  16. Kate says:

    The person who is standing for Dandenong Council needs get a bit more informed. We have a legal right to defend our properties from tresspass. In this case, to prevent the installation of a monitoring device on our properties which has been classified by the WHO as a Class 2B carcinogen, in other words a danger to health. The Government has ignored the facts. WHERE IS THEIR MANDATE TO INSTALL A CLASS 2B CARCINOGEN ON PEOPLE’S PROPERTIES?

  17. Melbourne Mum says:

    Hi Pam, standing firm here also and I admire your tenacity throughout this ORDEAL we have been forced to go through. There are more people affected by this technology than ever before which is scary and there are also a lot who I could only describe as in ‘complete denial’ or who don’t know their rights anymore. Some are my neighbours, even members of my own family don’t fully understand my objections but maybe they will get it someday…Cr Doukas sounds like a very smart guy and I’m glad he is on your side in this, here’s to heading in the right direction! Best Wishes, Mel 🙂

    • Pam says:

      Thanks Mel – I have the same problem – even my best friend thinks I am nuts by standing firm. Yes Cr Doukas is a really nice bloke and I am going to see if he will help me get JO’S STORY in the Local Paper also (I spoke to the Standard this arvo and the Reporter said he would check the Website to see if it could be condensed a little – I have Jo’s permission). I will NEVER GIVE UP. There must be 1000’s out there that don’t want a SMART METER have been tricked or bullied into having one, Their Electricity prices have gone through the roof, because they can’t read the stupid SMART METER. I haven’t had a problem – I just read my meter 2-3 days before it is due, just in case the friendly annalogue meter man gets them sack and my meter is not read. So far so good (no problems). My a/c’s have been coming in as usual and I haven’t even had to open my box. This Website helps us all. It’s a pity more people don’t use it. I had a bit of flack from this Article, some good some bad, so I responded telling people to check the Website for themselves and it was printed in their Comments. We need all the PUBLICITY WE CAN GET AND WE HAVE TO TRY AND GET OUR DOCTORS ON OUR SIDE, SO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH. I am taking JO’S story to my doctor next time i see him……………………Cheers Pan 🙂

  18. Gerhard says:

    I have written to each person who stands for election at dandenong council. One of the answers i received state

    “I am one of those people who initially refused to get a smart meter installed. As you know this has currently been legislated by the Victorian Government and has become a law. ”

    I did not know that instalation of the “smartmeters is now law??????????? [This is incorrect. There is no legislative obligation for residents to accept a smart meter – SSMA]

    • Pam says:

      Gerhard – see how easily people can be bullied into thinking they must have a SMART METER installed. Surely the councilor in question would have been at their Meeting back in September. SSMA had a post on 27/9, where it was opposed. They have ELECTIONS in a week or so. Wait and see who gets in then write to them again and include JO”S letter. That should make them sit up and take notice. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Sue says:

      Evidently the individual who replied to you and is now standing for election, wouldn’t be a good choice to vote for as he doesn’t pay proper attention to difference between the law and a mandate and who it applies to. The mandate isn’t on consumers to accept installation, but the power companies to install smart meters through best efforts. And if consumers were told we have to have the smart meters installed, then I would still not allow the installation.

    • Chloe says:

      My daughter spoke to a guy at the smartmeter section of Ausnet yesterday. She’s got a smart meter and had it shielded. He virtually said that the shields are a scam, the people doing the readings have vested interests, and that the gadgets that do the emf readings can be rigged. He said he doesn’t know where the high readings came from, as the smart meters are not even turned on yet. Now I’m confused. If they aren’t turned on yet, how can people be getting sick from them?

      • Pam says:

        Chloe – ‘NOT TURNED ON YET’ !!!!! I am confused as well. LOAD OF BULL DUST. This is a darn joke. They are telling us anything now. ‘THEY’ can tell that to the people who are ill and have had to leave their homes, because they are unable to live in them……..Is it FREE POWER NOW. If so why are people with Smart Meters getting accounts????? Some people I have spoken to still haven’t received their accounts since Smart Meters were installed. ………………Pam 🙂

      • bcfreedom says:

        We were told this in BC, one was removed by a person who’s eyes started bleeding after the installation of the meter, he removed it, bleeding stopped…tells you something right there. Getting back to it, he was told the meters were not even active… fine indeed… but we wanted to see for ourselves. We took it to someone who has every imaginable device for measurement going back decades. Why? because he calibrate medical equipment for the govt. He found the ‘inactive meter’ was indeed very active 1 pulse/6 seconds, you can do the math, the readings were quite high (on an instrument calibrated by a government certified instrument calibrated who calibrates government equipment for things like hospitals) anyway, there you go!

        • GreenTreefrog says:

          bcfreedom – you’re so right. Their lying has no end and people need to make their own choice regardless of what they are ‘told’ nowadays. Denial is their best defence and they play a dangerous game of deceit and cover up whenever possible. They treat customers with the utmost contempt and do not care about us or the planet on which we live. Sad isn’t it ?

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