Meters not so smart?


A NORTH East building biologist says Victoria’s new smart meters should not be compulsory until their safety can be guaranteed.

Owner of At Harmony Consulting Narelle Haw has seen several people with severe health problems, including insomnia and heart palpitations, after their smart meters were switched on.

She said smart meters produced high-frequency radiation similar to wireless internet and mobile phones, and people shouldn’t be afraid to refuse having one installed.

“Until (providers) can turn around and say this technology is safe then they shouldn’t be doing it,” Mrs Haw said.

“It shouldn’t have been done in the first place, not without more consultation.”

The new digital meters are part of a major upgrade of Vic­toria’s electricity infrastructure.

North East provider SP AusNet said its meters complied with “all relevant international and Australian standards”.

But Mrs Haw said, like mobile phones, their long-term effects weren’t known.

“Mobile phones are voluntary and if people knew what their potential was perhaps they’d use them a different way,” she said.

“There is already a significant body of work that says this kind of technology affects us, we don’t know how, we don’t know why.

“The medical profession is saying there is definitely a correlation, especially for brain tumours, sperm count and blood barrier cross over.”

So far, five Victorian local councils have passed a motion saying they do not support the compulsory installation of the meters.

When asked if Indigo Council would consider passing a similar motion, acting chief executive officer Greg Pinkerton said it would have to wait until after this month’s local government elections.

Mrs Haw admitted she didn’t know how long it was likely to be before the smart meters could be guaranteed safe.

“The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency doesn’t have any standards for high-frequency radiation,” she said.

“They have no studies and nothing in regards to everyday low-levels of radiation … they don’t have the technology to do that.”

An SP AusNet spokesman said the energy company was required to replace old meters with smart meters in all small businesses and houses in its distribution area by the end of next year.

“Property owners are asked to provide free and clear access to their property for this installation to occur,” he said.

But Mrs Haw has received legal advice saying people were well within their rights to refuse.

“Our legal advice is that there’s no precedent whatsoever that says I must allow someone to walk onto my property and put a smart meter on,” she said.


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3 Responses to Meters not so smart?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for you Narelle! We’re fighting smarter installation here as well, we live in Vernon BC and I’ve had to stand up to no less than 3 people coming on my property, ignoring our private property signs and insisting they can install smeters. United we stand to protect our families and our communities. Cheers

  2. Melbourne Mum says:

    Narelle, you have your finger on the pulse, terrific article and keep up the great work in regards to the health effects of smart meters and the like. I think the smart meters are way stronger microwave RF than we are being told and someone has got to uncover the real truth here – Well done!

  3. Pam says:

    Narelle – Another professional on our side – Thank You. I am one of the people going on the REFUSAL LIST and have a Certificate from my Doctor also. SSMA will be posting my Article I had in our Local Paper (Warrnambool Vic) with the SUPPORT OF CR. DOUKAS Mayor of Moyne Shire (at present). He is still standing for Council with the up-coming Elections. My Local Council passed me onto our Local MP and he was useless. However with the Elections coming up I may have new Councillors on our side. Will have to wait and see. I THINK JO’S STORY posted recently sums it all up with him being an INSTALLER AND A VICTIM OF SMART METERS, I AM taking jo’s story to my Doctor next time I see him. Once again Thank You……..Cheers Pam 🙂

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