The same health issues experienced by others is happening to me….

I live in the Blue Mountains, N.S.W.

A smart meter –  an EDMI Mk7C ATLAS –  was installed here a  year or so back by Integral Energy and without my knowledge. Apparently it’s a trial. …… it certainly has been for me.

It sits in the meter box outside of my bedroom wall and having to move bedrooms doesn’t give me a ‘smart’ option

The same health issues experienced by others is happening to me – dizzyness, ringing in the ears and a generalised sense of ‘not quite feeling right’. I’ve also dropped to the ground on a few occasions which is no fun .

My Doctor is unable to find a cause and shrugs – as doctors often do. ‘Perfect’ he says as the blood tests come back.

I rang  Origin Electricity – my relatively new energy provider – and their technical support rang me back within the hour…. kudos to them.

A helpful bloke who tells me that my meter is effectively only a meter with a mobile phone inside it.

He accepted that I’m not interested in reassurances as to the safety of smart meters and that because I’m suffering health problems,  they’ll remove it – at no charge – over the next two weeks.

I’m suprised at both the ease and the courtesy shown and will let you know if they follow through and if a change in my health occurs.

My sympathy to all those who are desperate enough to be thinking of moving house to avoid ‘smart meters.’


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12 Responses to The same health issues experienced by others is happening to me….

  1. This is an update regarding my request to have a smart meter removed from my home here in the Blue Mountains.

    My health concerns are mirrored by many. After a battery of tests, my doctor – who admits to no knowledge of smart meters nor of the electromagnetic smog which increases for all of us on a daily basis – is as baffled as I am as to the cause of my …… how to best describe it …… it’s as though I’m running on a generator and the power gets suddenly switched so far down as to sometimes literally ‘floor me.’

    The rest of the time, I’m blessed with an ongoing rude and undeserved good health.

    I’d spoken to my energy company and can give you the gist of what was said and done.

    My smart meter – an EDMI Mk7C Atlas model – was put in place as part of a trial. It’s, apparently, a scaled down model in which the equivalent of a mobile phone is rung once a day and information retrieved by the energy provider and thus is unlikely to be the cause of ill health……. or so says their technical person. He also tells me that the analogue models are no longer manufactured and thus we’ll all end up eventually with some version of yet another digital device.

    We had a twenty minute chat. He tells me that the standards for smart meters in Australia are different to that in the U.S.A., operate on a different frequency and that he tends to see health concerns as perhaps more psychological than real.

    He takes my point that the whole of humanity is now subject to an electromagnetic smog which no previous generation has experienced and no ‘study’ has been done and nor could it. We are the ‘experiment’ and the fact that children – thin skulled as they are – ae sleeping with their mobile phones under their pillows should be making us all shudder.

    He wasn’t dismissive and sent a technician around today to remove the offending device. The technician, like me, has a mobile phone and both of us leave them as far away as is practical, we both use loud speaker. He has to carry his mobile whereas I can leave mine at home.

    The technician tells me that a roll out of smart meters in this area isn’t going to happen anytime soon due to lack of funds.

    On a human level I’ve been treated courteously by my energy provider and they’ve done what they said they’d do at the agreed time.

    Funny thing. I’ve changed energy providers over the years only to find that Integral Energy, with whom I used to be aligned, got sold to Endeavour Energy and that while I’m presently with Origin Energy, it’s actually Endeavour Energy’s technician who comes and does the work. They’re the same.

    This won’t be of use to many but I’m following through as I said I would.

    ……… I didn’t realise there had been responses to my post …. thanks ….. it’s heartening.

    Does ANYONE know SOMEONE on A Current Affair or The 7.30 report? …. or did I miss the coverage? …. damn those dizzy spells:)

  2. Pam says:

    To Everyone suffering – Register you Health Issues on the SSMA HEALTH REGISTER (IT IS ALL CONFIDENTIAL) and you will find it to the Right if you Scroll down. It seems it doesn’t matter if we have the DARN SMART METERS OR NOT (I DON’T THANK GOD – MY BOXED IS LOCKED AND MY SIGNS DISPLAYED) – WE ARE ALL SURROUNDED BY THEM. THIS GOVT. NEEDS TO BE SACKED for putting us through this Nightmare. We WILL WIN THIS BATTLE. We shouldn’t have to uproot our Families and move Interstate to get away from them. NSW has them too (my Daughter-in-law lives in NSW and she has one). I worry for her and my Grandkids. SMART METERS are a SILENT KILLER. Take some of the recent Posts when you go to your Doctors and get on the REFUSAL LIST – NEVER LET ANYONE INSTALL A SMART METERS on YOUR PROPERTY – Yes! YOUR PROPERTY NOT THE DARN POWER COMPANIES. You have a right to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR PETS ETC ETC. “THEY” want us to give in, I will never give in to “THEM”. – they can go to HELL. Go to your Local Paper and TELL THEM YOUR STORY – WE NEED ALL THE PUBLICITY WE CAN GET. Get your DOCTOR ON YOUR SIDE and get a Certificate from him/her saying how these SMART METERS are affecting YOUR LIFE. KEEP FIGHTING AND GOOD LUCK EVERYONE……………………..CHEERS PAM 🙂

  3. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear David of New South Wales,
    Thanks for your input. We here in Victoria are having a TERRIBLY TIME with these five Overseas owned Victorian Electric Power Companies who are the weak and willing slaves to their Chinese and Singaporean Masters, aided and abetted by this weak complicitincumbent Liberal Party Victorian Government.

    We Victorians are living in what should be a Democracy, which is fast turning into a Police State, or a Totalitarian Government, where the Free Will of its People is being supressed every day with the Forced Installation of these now-proving to be Dangerous to All Life so-called Smart Meters. The World Health Organization is now finding that these Microwave Smart Meters are Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Machines, along with the equally dangerous Microwave Mobile Phones and the Microwave Towers now springing up in profusion in Victoria like Rommel’s Asparagus and in most overseas countries.

    Under our present Victorian Constitution, any person in Victoria who refuses to accept a Smart Meter for Health Reasons and out of concern for the safety of their Private Electrical Goods, Cannot Legally be forced to accept a Smart Meter according to the World Charter of Human Rights and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006.

    Thousands of Victorians and I have our Electric Meter Boxes firmly padlocked against this Victorian Government and the Five Overseas Owned Electric Power Companies and these Contracted Smart Meter Installer Men, many of whom are sub-contracted pawns to the five foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies. These three powers are continually attempting to force Victorians to accept the Microwave Smart Meters. This Liberal Party Victorian Government is acting in collusion with these Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies.

    What is desperately needed at this moment, is for this Victorian Government to be booted out of office and to be replaced immediately with a new Government which obeys the will of us the Victorian People. This new Proposed Victorian Government when in power, should then immediately rip out these now proving to be Dangerous to all Life Microwave Electric Smart Meters, and replace them with the older and safer designed previous Passive and Non-Toxic to all life, Analog Electric Meters PRESENTLY BEING CONTINUALLY taken FROM VICTORIAN HOME OWNERS AND SMALL BUSINESSES.

  4. Lynda says:

    What Awesome news! I dont have one yet but next door to me have a total of 5 very close to my bedroom wall where my husband and i sleep. I have always been a great sleeper but now am having broken sleep headaches and terrible anxiety ! Am just feeling so depressed how do i get rid of the 5 on next doors property ???? Can any body help ???

    • Pam says:

      Lynda – Register Health Issues on SSMA Health Register. LOCK YOUR BOX AND DISPLAY ALL YOUR SIGNS and NEVER LET ANY INSTALLER PUT A SMART METER AT YOUR HOME. I too am surrounded by the darn things and suffering similar to yourself. Check this Website every day – it’s the only place where you will find the TRUTH and SUPPORT FROM everyone of us who REFUSE POINT BLANK TO HAVE ONE OF THESE DANGEROUS DEVICES FITTED AT OUR HOMES…………GOOD LUCK…..PAM 🙂

  5. Great,so we have to tell them we don,t what there stuff. Is this what it comes down to?
    Please inform us when they removed the meter and what they installed istead.
    get a building Biologist to tek some EMR readings.
    You have got on in Leura

  6. Justice says:

    HI David
    I wish I could find a sympathic energy person like you have. This gives the Melbourne people a little hope and tells us there is an element of decency still left in some of these Energy Suppliers in
    NSW certainly not in Melbourne to date, however one day they will have to remove these smart meters because of safety and health issues

    They have installed a smart meter in our home and I suffer from hypersensitivity to these radio active fields, also I cannot stay in our home and when I asked them to remove the smart meter in Victoria they just told me I was making up my health disorders and also told me that everyone in Victoria will have to accept the installation of these S. meters by the end of 2013 even though they they complained about their health. How wonderful for you to have been allowed to have your Smart Meter removed, you are so fortunate you are not living in Melbourne. Thank you for your letter

  7. Pam says:

    David — Take some recent Posts to you Doctor next time you go. Register on the SSMA Health Register and if you manage to get an analogue meter back – LOCK YOUR BOX AND DISPLAY THE SIGNS which are all available on this Website………..Good Luck PAM 🙂

  8. Rik says:

    Nicely said.
    Here in Vic it’s a nightmare. I’m having health problems for the neighbours smart meters and I keep fighting with the installers. Every few weeks I get a letter saying they are going to install it so I have to keep calling them and telling them I refuse to get one.
    If I get worse I will have to look at moving interstate as its not just the house next to me it’s the whole area that’s the problem. You can feel them, driving from suburb to suburb you get headaches when there are more smart meters and the headaches go away when there are no smart meters.
    I’m guessing the other neighbours just got one installed as my headaches are getting worse and feeling really sick every morning and ok in the evenings.
    I can’t explain what’s wrong as my mind is now like a blur. I just know something is wrong but can’t point out what it is.
    I really hope the government finds out how bad they really are and remove them or you will soon have suburbs of sick people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rik – Do you have your box locked????? If you haven’t do it asap and display your SIGNS. Go to your Doctor and tell him how you are feeling. Take some recent Posts with you, so he/her knows more about how SMART METERS are affecting us. NEVER GIVE IN MATEY – You shouldn’t have to move interstate. Yes, it is a Nightmare for all of us and the b….!!!! Govt. should be sacked. Don’t argue with Installers and don ‘t ring the Power Company, you are only stressing yourself more. Register your Health issues on the SSMA HEALTH REGISTER…………….. and let us all know how you get on. Cheers Pam 😉

    • Bec says:

      Rik, I can relate to this as I am getting headaches and dizziness from the surrounding meters also. It is shocking what we are being made to live with and I want out of this nightmare. The problem is my neighbours are unaffected by their own smart meter and aren’t really interested. I had to get them to ring the distributor and have their meter turned down. I work from home so this has greater effect on me no doubt, so I find going out to open space such as nature reserves is of benefit and clears my head but I dread going back home again – I used to enjoy being home, not any more.

      • Anonymous says:

        how wrong is it that the distributor has been given such power that being able to turn the signal strength up or down gives them an advantage over ordinary citizens to the extent that they can even directly control their level of health. It’s SO SO WRONG.

        Not even decent men should be put in possession of such power let alone power distributors!

        Bogus government, you will not get away with doing your Pontius Pilate rendition.

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