Former smart meter installer suffers from electro hypersensitivity (EHS)

I am writing this letter in the hope of spreading awareness concerning my experiences in what I now know to be a hyper-sensitivity to EMF radiation.  So far as I can tell some of what I have experienced is fairly new territory in terms of medical knowledge and the effects new technology can have on the public. I hope that this letter will help others to realise similar problems and get on the bandwagon to prevent what will inevitably be (in my mind at least) perhaps the equivalent of a 21st century plague.

I am 23 years old, up until this experience I was a fairly ordinary young male but after what I have been through, I honestly don’t think I will ever be the same again………

A full copy of this letter can be found at: J O’s Letter



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  1. Ann says:

    Hi Jo
    Have you been tested for Lyme Disease (aka Borrelia)? Your symptoms correlate with Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease sufferers are greatly affected by EMF’s (it worsens their symptoms). Lyme Disease can be tested via IGeneX in America (Australian Lyme Disease Tests are extremely unreliable). The Lyme Disease Association of Australia can be contacted re symptoms, a list of Lyme treating Doctors and test procedure. Lyme Disease can be transmitted inutero (affecting generations), arthropod bites (not limited to ticks), animal bites, blood transfusions, sex etc.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    please spread the word. This is in response to JO`s letter here but will be very usefull to many targeted people. this is the worst evil ever and must be stopped. click on this you tube link and learn and be well informed about what your firends or family members are saying to you. Please listen to them and their experiences with compassion and start speaking to genuine good people genuine good lawyers and genuine good doctors and scientists so we can all be educated about this and put a stop to it. critical mass is vital here.

  5. Beatrix Vant says:

    Arrived back from Melbourne at Budapest Hungary on 11 October, no smart meters in my Mom’s house or in the whole district. Slept through the night. Ever since I have been sleeping all night, no interruptions…it is great! No “like a flash” feel in my brain especially at night.

    In Melbourne the price to move the meter from our head to the roof was AU$ 598…my husband says he has started to sleep a bit better but our whole neighborhood has been infected so wait and see when I get back to Aussie – will let everyone know. I have never been a paranoid type – yes, IT IS THE SMART METER, sorry folks…I wish it was something else but it is NOT!

  6. J.O says:

    When I wrote that email I did not expect this kind of response, it is truly a brilliant example of what can happen when people actually start speaking out together. Thanks to everyone so much for your generous and caring replies, there is some good information to be found in it all and in honesty it is a welcome change to hear people sticking up for me instead of calling me crazy. I’m so sorry to hear of all of you who are affected with me, some of the stories posted here and across this site are truly heart breaking, it is still so hard to believe this is the reality we live in.

    I have found recently that power points, boards and almost all electrical anything actually seem to bring up the symptoms. So I guess anyone with trouble “staying out” of that damned headspace could try unplugging ‘everything’ and seeing how they feel, if you haven’t already. Phones as well, baring in mind too that even turned off, sim card removed and out of battery they will still be receiving signals, just get rid of them. Personally, I’m spending most of my time now trying to find “anologue” forms of entertainment. Considering that a year ago I was an avid gamer, amateur music producer and a general advocate of all things technology; this has been a huge lifestyle change. But hey, living seems worth it right?

    A few other points to consider that may be of use to those who haven’t quite followed the same path as I have, diet DOES adversely affect the symptoms and how your body deals with them. I have found that higher blood sugar is a killer, I did read somewhere that EMF/EMR messes with how your body metabolises sugar and I found that a massive help to me was getting on top of that. Chromium picolinate supplements can help you to break it down if your body is in a position where it can’t, give this a try even if you don’t think you have this problem, you probably do. Omega 3 also is essential for the repair of whatever brain damage you might have endured from exposure, 2000mg of fish oil and 4ml of cod liver seem to have done the trick for me. I won’t go on a dietary/health rant here cause it isn’t really the forum. Believe me when I say that an entire year of obsessively trying to figure out invisible illnesses has brought me to some amazing discovery’s and I am more than happy to share with those who want to listen.

    Thanks again to everybody. Keep fighting, we can beat this. I’m leaving Melbourne in just over a week and when I do (and can function properly again) I’ll be doing all I can to help this cause, we can’t let this happen.

    P.S – A very large apology to anyone out there who I may have convinced that smart meters were safe while installing on their house, I was brain washed and misinformed.

    • Pam says:


    • Charlie b says:

      Firstly about the power boards, you should look up Magda Havas and related info (stetzer) about ‘dirty electricity’ evidently putting capacitors in your electric circuits can negate this . Before suspecting radio waves for my memory and concentration problems, i too went through all the dietary stuff. one of the things i researched (candida) really stood out to benefit from me being microwaved, as the symptoms can be the same: memory, concentration – even eye floaters. Though i ignored a big hint i got back when i tried to use a mobile phone for an internet connection – within minutes i had a migrane and this always happened, i used a motorola V3x which said it had 2.5G connection. GPRS and probably 3G doesnt seem to impact so hard but still can wipe me out for 36hours or more after ‘heavy’ exposure. i am lessening my exposure but it requires some weaning, as you are probably familiar with.
      There does seem to be a flipside to electrosmog and that is PEMF, for some reason there are a number of studies (NASA included) touting the benefits of 10Hz square wave EMF. who knows why – for starters square waves carry odd harmonics (30, 50, 70hz – sine) making finding why complex.

    • jinglepots says:

      Hi J.O.
      I would be pleased to hear any advice you have on how you helped yourself recover. I am going to follow your advice on the oils. Thank-you!

  7. Rob Guy says:

    ARPANSA limits are expressed in terms of average power dissipated by a standard load because the measurement of instantaneous peak power remains problematic depending as it does on integrating the area under an irregular rectangular shape. Had previous lab reports on radiation levels included the pulse width at the 50 percent points and the repetition rate, anyone with high school maths could approximate the peak power dissipated in a standard load. Peak power is commonly thousands of times the average so the ARPANSA limits are (deliberately?) an understatement,

  8. Pam says:

    JO – How do you feel now you have had response to your letter? You must be pleased you have touched and moved so many of us. The Article I put in my Local Paper will be posted next week after it has been approved by SSMA. With your permission I would like to take your letter to my Doctor the next time I go, because we have to get our Doctors on our side. Once again – Thank for sharing your Story and I wonder how many other young/old INSTALLERS have been affected….Cheers Pam 🙂

    • J.O says:

      Of course Pam, if you think that will help you. By all means.

      • Pam says:

        Thanks J.O also trying to get my Local Paper to run your Story as well and there is no need to apologise or feel guilty because you installed the darn things – you were only doing your job – unfortunately at a huge cost to your Health. We all support this Website. It is the only place we can find the correct latest information……………….Hope your Health improves.Cheers Pam 🙂

  9. chris reid says:

    i have a question. i live on the 8th floor in my building. there are 4 apartments on this floor. about 4 weeks ago, they put in 4 smart meters one for each apartment and they are right next to my door. i would the closest to them. iv notice over the past week now, that i have a really bad ringing in my ears and at night when its quiet the ringing is really loud and does not stop.. would and can the smart meters do this? as its just starting to happen and its getting worse… i also have lost some energy as well and don’t feel like doing much. am i being paranoid?

    • Pam says:

      Chris – No you are not paranoid – Just read through some of the recent Posts and you ill see what your problem is. I feel for you. Copy some recent Posts and take them to your Doctor, so he knows exactly what is happening to you. We have to get our Doctors on our side. Many do not know the damage SMART METERS can do to your Health, Safety and Privacy…Good Luck and lets know how you get on………………Pam 🙂

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Chris,
      No, you are not being paranoid, this symptom and others you many yet experience after the Smart Meters were put on your building is a genuine medical complaint you now have. Now hoards of people all over the world, are becoming very sick, where these now proving to be very dangerous Smart meters are being forced on people. These meters are now being forced on us by this Victorian Government who are only out to rip as much cash from Victorian citizens’ pockets as they can. It is this incumbent Victorian Government in collusion with these five Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies who are totally responsible for all the mounting Smart Meter sicknesses now growing in Victoria.

      This Government and these Electric Power Companies needs to immediately stop the continuing roll-out of these Smart Meters and remove every one of them, replacing them with the Safe and Proven to be safe Analog Meters which had been and still are being taken by this Victorian Government and these Power Companies working in collusion with the Smart Meter Installer Men as contractors in carrying out these Truly Wicked Deeds.

      You would be wise to make written notes of your medical problems since the Smart Meters were installed on your building. Note any and Doctors Bills and any Medical Specialist Bills you may have, now or in the future, and of course any necessary medicines you might need to take. Photocopy each bill so you can reclaim expenses.

      See a good Lawyer and discuss your problems with him and be prepared to SUE both the Victorian Government and the Responsible Electric Company and the Smart Meter Installer Company, using the advice from your Lawyer. The best way to go about it at minimum cost is possibly through a Common Class Civil Action. I got 30 minutes of free advice from my lawyer on more than one occasion which is helping me.

    • J.O says:

      Don’t think of it as paranoia Chris, we can all assure you it is real. Believing you are just paranoid will take you to some dark places, believe me. As other have said this is just what it happening, unfortunate as it may be.. People will probably not believe you but it is important not to get discouraged, its all just logical really. In a small assurance you can count yourself lucky you can feel it, those who can’t I believe will probably be the most affected in the long run.

  10. Sow Behl says:

    I’m 28, I too have anxiety and symptoms VERY similar to yours which I can not explain the root cause until recently. I believe its part EMF (I get dizzy sitting next to my WiFi modem) and also part due to the mould in my home which has been tested.

    J.O. I wouldn’t automatically think EMFs are the ONLY problem. I SERIOUSLY suggest you get your house tested for mould as it can cause almost all the exact same problems you mentioned including gluten intolerence & digestive issues. Mould releases excitotoxins in the blood stream which does some very bad things to your head. Apartments are notorious for this. It’ll also make you sensitive to MANY chemicals which explains that when you get back to sydney with all the air pollution then that’s why your head is going funny. To kill mould in your body – drink 1/4 tsp. of Bi Carb soda in water twice a day (trust me) AND MOVE OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.

    TO FIX EMF DAMAGE read up about ‘EARTHING’ from the Earthing institute. It will help you sleep like a baby and repair your nervous system. I personally strap a earthing band to my head and go to sleep. Best sleep I ever get. My head just doesn’t need to think!!

    Feel free to contact me if any other questions – sowrabh AT digital-soul DOT com DOT au

    • L.A. says:

      I’m sure you’re right about taking sodium bicarbonate in water, but perhaps you could suggest a time limit to that remedy; a Dr. Simonici (author Cancer is a Fungus), has a concern that baking soda if used too often, won’t work so well in killing off cancer growths, should a person develop them later, as the growths could develop immunity to them. Also, ozone-emitting air cleaners could help while living in a moldy home, as long as people stay out of the rooms being treated, and wait about 1 hour to reinhabit the treated rooms. Strong ozone isn’t healthy for us to breathe, either.

    • J.O says:

      That doesn’t suprise me in the slightest, what isn’t killing us these days? I have found that most of my digestive problems were in fact internal, I’ve fixed most all of it now with a strict paleo diet and massive carb restriction. So luckily for me, not a mould problem I guess but it sounds like you should move buddy.

  11. mohsen says:

    Hello J.O, We are in the process of making a documentary about the negative effect of smart meters, if you wish to contribute to this by telling your story in front of a camera please let me know, I can come to you or anywhere in Australia that you prefer. please let me know.
    Mohsen 0416 223 66 Thank you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have developed a chronic headache two weeks after smart meters were installed in every house in my street (except my place) and it just won’t go away. It has been over a month. As I am typing this just meters away from my neighbor’s smart meter, the pain is hardly bearable. The stress of the way that the government and the power companies are imposing themselves upon us is literally destroying me. I could eat these people alive for what they are doing to us.

  13. Informed Choice says:

    Hi JO , I’m so glad you told your story as it will help others no end – I have become EMR sensitive since installation of smart meters in my neighbourhood and have difficulty sleeping , anxiety, dizziness and headaches. I agree with what others have said in that our voices need to be heard and the misguided politicians need to wake-up to themselves and LISTEN! Let’s face it… they are human too and not immune to the effects of radiation, no-one is. The way this is heading, the whole state of Victoria will become too toxic for many to live in, very sad for what was once a great place to call home. The telecommunications industry has a lot of explaining to do re the positioning of their mobile towers also, we should not have to live like this. I wish you all the very best & thank you so much 🙂

  14. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear J.O,
    I am so sorry to read of your now being Electro Hyper Sensitivity E.H.S, from your constant exposure to the Microwave Energy in your having to work long hours installing these Microwave Smart Meters, and your constant exposure to the Microwave Mobile Phones. The constant broadcasting by the Microwave Towers 24 hours a day is also another contributing factor for many people now similarly affected by all of this Microwave Energy or Microwave Smog now enveloping Victoria and other Countries of Earth. This continually spewing forth of Microwave Damaging Rays onto all Life, human, animal, and insects as well as plant life, like delicate creepers and other forms of vegetable life, terrifying to all of us who are awake to this modern CANKER now sweeping so much of Planet Earth.

    Many Victorians are now suffering ill effects from E.H.S, from using mobiles phones. I have now gotten rid of my mobile phone I used for just on four years. Fortunately for me, many of my medical problems I feel were caused by this device have almost disappeared.

    Though many people still don’t know it, these now proving to dangerous Microwave Smart Meters have been and still are damaging humans and animals and killing delicate creepers and other plants, as is being found in Holland and other countries of the world. Many trees’ leaves and even the tree bark is in many regions on Earth seemingly being damaged from the intense Microwave Radiation being broadcast from these Microwave Towers 24 hours a day. This points towards the ongoing Microwave Radiation from these towers, being the culprit for these trees’ leaves becoming unhealthily discoloured and then dying, in now so many variety of trees within the damaging range of these Microwave Towers.

    Apart from these trees’ leaves being damaged, the bark on many of these now affected trees had been and still is splitting, with horrid wart-like growths appearing. The top Tree Scientists and Tree Surgeons are extremely worried about this unfolding disaster. As far as they can see, this damage is not being caused by any type of insects or moulds, after their many stringent laboratory tests being carried out, it would seem that this ongoing damage is being caused by the Microwave Energy being constantly broadcast from the plethora of Microwave Towers now springing up like ” Rommel’s Asparagus all over the Earth.”

    The World Health Authority, or W.H.O now Classes the Overuse of Microwave Phones as being a very real and likely contributory cause of what is now classed by the W.H.O as Type 2B Carcinogen. In several Court Cases in Europe, which were won by the aggrieved relatives, where two men died, one in Spain and the other in Italy. The first man who died in Spain, seemingly died from a brain cancer. During the autopsy, a massive brain cancer was discovered on the same side of the skull he placed his company mobile phone. The doctor thought that this massive cancer could have been caused from his constant overuse of the mobile phone for up to eight hours and more a day, both at his place of work in an Electrical Industry and also used outside his immediate work area. The other man in Italy also died under similar circumstances, again revealed from his medical autopsy, from a massive brain cancer which was found on the same side of his head as the Mobile Phone had been constantly placed, with him having worked in a similar industry. These two Court Cases dragged on for a long time, and the relatives of the two dead men finally won Massive Monetary Compensation Settlements. This resulted in the World Health Organisation having sufficient evidence along with other similar classes of Microwave Radiation Poisoning causing similar deaths. Now the World Health Organisation or W.H.O, have classed Mobile Phone Deaths where such cancers are found to be on the same side of the head where Mobile Phones were held very close to the skull, as the very likely cause of what is now classed in these specific types of deaths, as Class 2B Carcinogen Type Deaths.

    I have been intensively studying this phenomena of these very troubling problems of the Microwave so-called Smart Meters in my ongoing research into many countries of the world for a long time, including here in Victoria Australia. From this research it seems to me that those scientists who are so keen to support this technology of Microwave Smart Meters, Microwave Mobile Phones and the Microwave Towers don’t seem to care a jot about human or animal or any life. These types of people who appear to be Selectively Blind, make up all sorts of excuses, stating quite boldly that the Microwave Radiation coming from the Smart Meters and the Mobile Phones as well as the Microwave towers is of such a low level, that it has been found not to have any damaging effect on Human Beings and other forms of Life. These Nay-Sayers,are not only deluding themselves, but worse than that, they are spreading LIES AND WICKED DECEIT to a decent trusting public, many of whom know little about the real and now steadily mounting SCOURGE of this now Proving to be Very Dangerous Microwave Technology, which has been and still is becoming a veritable BLIGHT upon all forms of LIFE as it spreads its now proving to be Cancerous and Octopus like tentacles of all pervading Electro-Smog, further and further across Victoria and the rest of the World.

    The people from ARPANSA state that the levels of Microwave Radiation are quite safe for humans, as these levels of radiation fit well within the Thermal Barrier, thus making it safe for humans to allow Microwave Smart Meters on their properties. Sadly, the bosses and C.E.O’s of these Microwave Manufacturing Industries appear to me and many others, only to care about making Huge Monetary Profits or Filthy Lucre. This is why our battle is so great in trying to rid ourselves of this TRULY NEFARIOUS and now proving to be World Wide And Fast Growing Industry.

    ARPANSA seems to me and to many other people to be Selectively Blind to, the ongoing Microwave damage to both Human and Animal Tissue’s D.N.A. To make it quite clear to those who are not Scientists, D.N.A stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid which is the microscopic spiral molecule that makes up the various proteins which constitute such things as flesh and brain matter and other proteins in all human, animal insects, fish, bird insect and all life. Even Microwave Levels far lower than ARPANSA states and still erroneously believes are safe, is now being found to be incorrect. ARPANSA’s figures are now very old and hopelessly inadequate to protect Life against this now endemic Scourge of Microwave Radiation, as other experts world wide and in Russia are now realising. Levels of Microwave Radiation even a thousand times lower than ARPANSA erroneously believe and state as being safe, are far from safe. A growing number of independent scientists are finding that great harm is being done to the human blood brain barrier from Microwave Radiation even at these far lower levels. The reason for this is that the various essential and different salts and ion and calcium exchanges within the human body are still being adversely affected, thus resulting in ongoing harmful effects in the human brain, such as dire cognitive effects, which are affecting many people from this microwave radiation.

    It has now been discovered by The World Health Organization and other caring Scientists from an ever growing band of Medical Scientific backgrounds, that ARPANSA is only talking about the Microwave Level where human tissue is only just below the Thermal or Heating Field. What ARPANSA don’t seem to understand, or more likely, don’t want to understand, is that other independent scientists who have done far greater research are now discovering that great damage is done to both human and animal D.N.A at Microwave levels very much lower than they at ARPANSA chooses to believe. To make it quite clear, it seems to me that ARPANSA and of course the Victorian Government and the five Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies are choosing to be SELECTIVELY BLIND. In so doing I believe they are acting in a CRIMINAL MANNER which is hurting the Victorian Public, many of whom are being Brain Washed by this Liberal Party Victorian Government who want us the public to believe that this Microwave Energy is safe to humans, when so many independent Scientists are proving it is far from safe.

    These so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way at all, Cannot Be Legally Forced Upon The Victorian People. For under the Victorian Charter of Human RIGHTS 2006, as well as the World Charter Of Human Rights it is ILLEGAL to try to force a Microwave Smart Meter or any good, goods or service/s or any device/s of any kind on any person or persons who perceive that such a good, goods or service/ or in this case, Microwave Smart Meter/s May do that person or persons any medical harm, or even damaged to their Private Electrical Goods.

    A winning case in point, is the Fact that now a letter was written by PowerCor Australia Ltd to an Electricity Customer that stated…….. “ PowerCor FailsTo Guarantee Safety of Smart Meters.” This letter has now been published in Victorian Newspapers so this knowledge is now in the Public Domain. I am now hoping that this Truthful Letter from PowerCor Australia Ltd is the “ PRICKED BALLOON WHICH WILL KILL OFF THESE MICROWAVE SMART METERS HERE IN VICTORIA AND RESULT IN THIS CARELESS VICTORIAN GOVERNMENT DOING THE FOLLOWING : Immediately stopping the roll-out of these Microwave Meters, which are proving to be dangerous to all life. Furthermore this incumbent Victorian Government needs to get every one of these Smart Meters removed from all Victorian people’s homes and small businesses, and most important of all, in getting the Proven to be SAFE AND PASSIVE ANALOG ELECTRIC METERS REINSTALLED IN ALL VICTORIAN HOMES, WITH THE ENTIRE COST TO BE BE LEGALLY BORN BY THESE Foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies.

    • GreenTreefrog says:

      Very well said, 1vimana1 – All of what you have written is so shockingly True! This takeover has got to be stopped. These Towers are absolutely everywhere, not only do they look imposingly UGLY but they stand for GREED, DECEPTION & FEAR of what they are creating in our environment. I have also witnessed distress of plants and trees, dying leaves and burn marks on foliage that has been previously green. I hate to think what the poor frogs, birds and other sensitive creatures are going through, if it affects us humans like this…makes NO SENSE AT ALL! I Love our Environment and all they want to do is Destroy it…and for what? mod cons and heaps of profit:(

      • Pam says:

        How true Green Treefrog….there are no bees around to pollinate my broad beans either. Stacks flowers but not bearing beans and I don’t have and never will have a SMART METER but are surrounded by the darn things. Frogs haven’t heard or seen any for yonks and we have a creek not far from where I live. The Govt. want us to give up, but we are a VERY STRONG GROUP and we will WIN THIS BATTLE. Just LOCK YOUR BOX AND DISPLAY YOUR SIGNS and tell any installers to get OFF YOUR PROPERTY. I have a Post coming up sometime next week, once it is approved by SMSA. GOOD LUCK…………PAM

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Dear Green Treefrog,
        Many thanks for you letter of appreciation on my October 11th 2012, 3.20 P.M letter of my trying to cover a plethora of bases.

    • This is a fantastic letter (:

  15. Rob Guy says:

    There is on the market a whiteboard with small magnet place holders. I intend to fit one to my bedroom wall covering the footprint of the outside meter box. These boards seem to have magnetic properties which might attenuate microwave emissions coming from, not only the smart meter itself, but also from the shielded cable leading to the antenna attached to the surface. Anyone had experience with this product? Also, a production line modification costing only a few dollars would have given each meter the option of connecting directly to the public telephone system, Is it too late for Electricity Safe Victoria to order retrofitting this option for people allergic to EMR?

    • L.A. says:

      There’s a video on a Canadian website (either or the Citizens for Responsible Technology(link), I think Other one has EMR in its name, sorry! ) The lady in the video lives in rural Southern B.C., and she said that her bat colony was reduced by 50% with the wireless meter installation, and her bee colony of many years simply disappeared. So she began enclosing her meter with disposable foil turkey roasters and tape! Hydro employees would come out to manually read her hydro usage, and remove the foil. She just taped up new foil after they left. I imagine that haevy-duty bar-b-que foil wrap would work jut as well. Hmmm.

      • Laurie says:

        Thank-you J.O. for your honest and helpful explanation of what happened to you. Please research the word dysautonomia and see if you find any connections. I believe that I have it along with EHS and MCS. Many young people are being diagnosed with dysautonomia now. I think that it is the exposure to emf’s and RF that is causing much of this.
        I am from Nanaimo, B.C. Canada. I have seen the video you spoke of about the bats. I have also done some shielding with foil. Just Google: shielding smart meters with foil or foiling smart meters. I use 4 layers of foil to stop the signal on a wifi antenna where I work. The complete antenna needs to be tightly wrapped. I have an RF meter that proves the signal is cut off. A company here in Canada sells these meters so you can measure RF. I am very sensitive to emfs. Yes, Dr. Magda Havas has a terrific website. Just Google her name. Excellent videos! She proves with live blood cell analysis that wireless devices immediately affect the blood cells. They all clump together like a cancer patient’s blood.
        I am trying to find some kind of shielding device which would neutralize or reconfigure dangerous emf’s and RF into a safe form. Has anyone discovered something that works?
        I have to care for my elderly mother and still work 2 days a week. there will be no help for me from doctors or social services. There is no diagnosis for my health problems where I live. Even Naturopaths do not seem qualified to detect EHS. I have endured this rotten condition for 15 years. I have tried to dodge most of the harmful emf’s. But, with the proliferation of wifi and cell towers and cordless phones, which emit terrible RF, I feel trapped. I am considering moving to a rural community. How I will support myself remains to be seen. What a disaster this is! Magda Havas estimates that 50% of the Canadian population will be noticeably EHS by 2017. I wonder how these people will be able to work as their condition worsens? How can the government be so blind? Has anyone come up with a reason why smart meters are being installed worldwide?

  16. FightingBack says:

    Not sure if it is posted already but please check out the new clip of the soon to be released film on smart meters, it has some Australian people on it too.
    See here –
    Our official trailer. Take Back Your Power is a historic community-funded film which exposes the technocratic “smart meter” agenda, by which corporations are currently attempting to quietly assert the basis for further control in the lives and homes of the world’s citizens. The film will also focus on specific solutions – which are presently available – for humanity to leapfrog outdated ideas of control, and co-create a better future.

    • Pam says:

      We have to TAKE BACK OUR POWER – OUR POWER TO REFUSE TO HAVE A SMART METER INSTALLED – OUR POWER TO BE HEALTHY – OUR POWER TO BE SAFE AND OUR POWER TO PRIVACY. Thank you “Fighting Back” for this Video. I wish everyone in Australia would take the TIME to check this Website because their lives and the lives of their Children and Grandkids may depend on it. This Government has to REALISE what these darn things can do to US and THEM. Every day lately there is another Post (like Jo’s) letter. SMART METERS SHOULD BE BANNED NOW AND BE REPLACED BY ANALOGUE METERS and bugger the Cost. What is one human life worth Mr. O’Brien and Mr Bailleiu???????? Our money is going overseas for variuous Humanitarian Causes, but I believe CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. You were both Elected by the people and you both should be representring the people, that’s what you get paid for. If you can’t do that RESIGN and we can have a BY-ELECTION AND vote someone in who actually CARES about their constituants and will take the TIME TO LISTEN to what EMR AND EHS does to people……………Pam

      • Justice says:

        Great letter Pam, you are a person of strength, let us all remove these S. meters and take the consequences, after all it is our lives these greedy control freaks are playing with.Justice

    • Ashley says:

      Thank you!

  17. Freddie says:

    Dear J.O.,
    I’m so glad you posted your letter. It was hard to read it, as my eyes kept filling with tears. That a young person’s life like yours be so dramatically ruined shows the evil of what’s happening in Victoria in all its tragic truth. Like you, I’ve experienced that going to another state without smart meters would suddenly resolve my symptoms. I suppose it’s a good thing that the awful symptoms are reversible, but the implications that you, me and the hundreds of people like us will have to uproot ourselves from our homes, families, friends, jobs and lives to simply survive, is monstrous.
    Thank-you for sharing your story, it will help shine some light on the truth.
    Wish you all the very best for your future.

  18. M.P. says:

    J.O. I also wish to congratulate you on the record you are keeping and your intent to help others through it. It is not an easy journey, but maybe the few of us can really make a difference to the many who do not yet even realize the dangers inherent in this technology.
    Even though we all know the brain neurons ( and all nerves) fire through electricity, we tend to discount the fact that we are electromagnetic beings, and that our environment can support or harm our working. We have become so obsessed with the visual that we believe what can’t be seen won’t hurt us!!
    Anyway, about you, you might find, as I did that orgonite might help you out a bit. I got mine through the internet. You can even make it yourself- check videos on the net. It still helps me substantially.
    The other thing that helps me ( I know many might not understand this, but I offer it in case…!) is to get into the mental position of transcending (hard when you can’t think so well), stepping back, seeing all as one play and looking at the body, the radiation and the whole situation from there. That gives me a little distance and seems to calm things a bit, including symptoms. Otherwise, if I allow myself to be full-on involved it all creates much tension, opposition, and makes everything worse. There is the old adage “what you resist persists.” If we watch it all, including our own actions regarding it, we seem to have more power to change things. That’s what I’ve found for me, and I’m guessing by your excellent letter, that you have too.
    Keep up the good work..You never know how huge the ripple effects of it might be.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hello J.O.,

    I also developed electro-hypersensitivity from April last year resulting in me now unable to work as a secondary school Teacher or in an environment where there is wireless or cordless phones.

    A Smart meter was installed in my Brunswick East house in April last year 2011. I developed the most horrendous insomnia, would literally stay awake till 6 am or even entire nights and only sleep for an hour or so. On top of that 3 months later I ended up hospitalised 3 times and had a surgical procedure for a life threatening heart arrhythmia called Ventricular Tachicardia (VT). I ended up having hundred of further episodes of this potentially lethal arrhythmia all through last year and had 12 weeks sick leave in 4 months when I’d normally have only 5 days per year.

    My school (a large inner city Melbourne government school) had gone from only teachers using wifi (a very slow connection where youtube was painfully slow), to enough internet capability for 1300 students to access the internet including youtube, so there was a big upgrade of WLan access points throughout the school and internet speed.
    Added to the smart meter installation, months later I also discovered that my neighbours, had installed a new high powered wireless modem and cordless phone both of which were 3 meters away from my living space.

    I struggled to find doctors or anyone who would acknowledge this issue. Cardiologist, just told me that he has no idea what causes the VT episodes, but thinks it’s just genetics or stress. But I knew that nothing had changed for me in my life. I’d been teaching for the past 7 years and the job was not any more or less stressful than previously. In the past I might have had one night of partial insomnia per year, but I became simply unable to sleep at all every single night unless with drugs and later even the drugs didn’t work. I also developed a high pitch ringing in my ears and thought that I’d developed tinnitus. As well I became very upset, emotional and anxious and thought I was going crazy! Of course it was hard to know if this was just brought on by complete lack of sleep.

    It took me till october 2011 that I started to suspect that increased exposure to high frequency radio waves (microwaves) were the problem. In December I went on a camping trip to a State forest (no camping grounds as they now nearly all have wireless.. arghh), and straight away I slept that night on a hard camping mat, with no sleeping drugs. We stayed there for 3 days and I had no heart arrythmias and no insomnia and I felt back to my normal self. Then I went to my sister’s for xmas. She told me she had no smart meter, but within 2 hours I had heart palpitations, another VT episode followed by another complete sleepless night! We discovered that her wireless modem was on about 3 meters from the couch we’d been sitting. I have now have had hundreds of likewise incidents, where I go somewhere where there is either a cordless phone (latest models are the worst), wireless routers, baby monitors, mb phones with the data package on, or close to mobile phone towers and these symptoms start up.

    I went on a 4 week camping trip in April this year through Sth Aust and central NSW and we stayed only in state/national forests or camping groups without wifi and at a couple of friends places. There was only one night I could not sleep which was at a friends house who were close to neighbours with wifi. The rest of the month I slept and felt great. I even volunteered and did some WWOOFing (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) for 10 days and felt healthy. But the day I returned to “civilisation” ie at a house in Albury within 3 hours I had a heart VT episode and that night I was awake till 3am when I took a sleeping tablet. I discovered there was a wireless modem on 3 meters from my bedroom. After 3 days back in Melbourne it was back to it being as bad as ever, ears ringing, heart palpitations/arrythmias, exhaustion, sleeping problems and an emotional mess.

    I have now sold my house in Brunswick East after 15 years. It was a long narrow weatherboard house which was very close to neighbours on all sides. I have relocated to Geelong with my partner. We have spent alot of money screening our bedroom with the Y-shield carbon paint that shields out the RF. We have locked our meter box (which is on the bedroom wall) and convinced our neighbours (whose is only 3 meters away) to do the same. We have written to Powercor. I have now just started to sleep after more than a year and it’s an amazing feeling. If I wake in the night I no longer take 4-6 hours to get back to sleep. If I limit my access to other peoples wifi during the day I can sleep well and have no further heart episodes. Of course this can be extremely difficult to do.

    I finally found a Doctor in melbourne about 3 months ago who recognises the health issues that can be brought on by exposure to RF. I’ve been seeing her almost weekly for a range of therapies and approaches to treating my health issues. If you’d like to get a name and contact detail from me then feel free to email me on and I’d be happy to pass it on. It is very difficult to get medical support here in Australia.

    My main aim all this year has been to be able to sleep again. Now that I can sleep, I face the next part of the problem…..where to work and what to do? I can no see myself being able to work in a school in Victoria. Government schools have all installed wifi as part of the “laptop program” brought in a few years ago. Most independent and private schools have also embraced wifi. If I go to the local library, I have to leave very soon as their wifi sets my heart off and the related exhaustion. Same with the local shopping centre and the mobile phone towers on top. So this is a very interesting and challenging question!!!


  20. mohsen says:

    Hello J.o. I am really sorry about your bad experience and thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    Here is someone may be able to help you, Dr Jiin has helped people in similar situation to
    yours with good result. Love and peace to you.
    Transformational Medicine Australia
    Dr Margaret Jiin Ngu

    305 Warrigal Rd.
    Melbourne 3125

  21. M.P. says:

    J.O.Thank you so much for writing this.
    I can relate to all this almost identically in terms of symptoms and effects on my experience and life. I used to measure the radiation leaks from peoples’ microwave ovens as part of my work. This stopped when I started to feel utterly weird in the head when anywhere near a microwave that was on. I still do not have a mobile phone, as the few times I ever put one to my head I felt indescribably weird – disconnected, could not think straight.
    After a mobile phone tower was installed about 300 m from my house things deteriorated rapidly for me. Ringing in my ears, getting hot at night, insomnia, irregular heartbeats, anxiety, feeling attacked, emotional lability. I stayed with a friend for a short time in a house in Brisbane in 2006. A large mobile phone tower was visible through the bedroom window. My heart rate became very very fast and I went back home feeling I would die if I stayed there. In 2008 I moved to Mornington Peninsula, where I felt more healthy again for a while..I had solar panels installed early 2009, with the concomitant remotely read wireless meter. Soon after that my health deteriorated again in all sorts of ways..Insomnia, muscular tension, painful eyes, ringing in the ears getting louder, anxiety, emotional lability, palpitations, temperature changes, thumping in the head, digestive problelms, food sensitivities, memory and concentration problems, tiredness, constant need to eat to keep up energy, or no appetite at all, bladder control issues, loss of confidence as I seem so unlike how I knew myself to be, Again I felt I might die soon, and, like you, felt I might never be the same, that my body-mind was slowly being wrecked..I have a laptop and got rid of the wireless modem altogether (before I had the wireless turned off). I removed the battery from the laptop, on advice from someone in USA. I turned off the solar invertor each night on advice. Some nights in desperation I turned off the mains altogether. I bought orgonite and placed it all over the house. This actually helped me substantially, and I was just keeping my head above water, when the neighbourhood got its smart meters. Since then- only months or weeks- arthritis is suddenly worsening in one hand, the weird feeling in the head is often back and the memory and concentration is very poor.
    Having worked as health professional for 20 years in the past, I realized there was no point in going to doctors for help, as they would not be able to diagnose or treat this.
    I recently went to Central Australia for a couple of weeks and began to feel like the old me. I could think straight, my humour returned. and I felt energetic. I am wondering if I will have to move interstate, but all my family is here, so I do not want to.
    I have been writing to politicians about the likely impact this technology will have upon our society for over a year. Unless this technology is stopped soon, the results will be devastating. People who are not yet overladen and sensitive may not yet feel the effects upon their bodies, but it seems later they probably will.
    Yes, we need to stand together and take our power back (so to speak). The trouble is, when you are unable to think straight it is very difficult to do so. We also need to ensure there are other less irradiated states in Australia to flee to should Victoria retain this madness.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      I totally agree with you M.P. – this harmful technology has got to be stopped before it’s too late for many. We don’t yet know what effect it is having on our children who are said to absorb twice as much radiation to their bodies. I do not intend to wait around whilst this government twiddles it’s thumbs…I will pack the family up and get out of the state if something is not done because I don’t want my loved ones to be used as guinea pigs. It isn’t fair, but there seems no alternative right now and i cannot live in limbo… lifes too short for regrets.

    • jinglepots says:

      Please Google 2012 Bioinitiative Report. There is a wordwide group of researchers doing fine work in proving the harm of emf’s and rf. Also, please Google Dr. Magda Havas. She is a well-respected scientist here in Canada doing everything she can to educate the gov’t and people everywhere about these dangers. She has some excellent videos.

  22. Thank you very much for sharing your story. It helps to raise awareness. There are many of us who suffer/ live with the same symptoms. Peace to you Brother

  23. Anonymous says:

    Dear J O`S

    I truely enjoyed reading your letter, and I can relate to what you were suffering, because I suffered similiar symptoms you were going through, as I was sleeping in a room with the smart meter 2 ft from my head. Prior to this I was so healthy. Thank you for writing this letter, however, we do have ruthless power companies who are so egotistical and downright deceitful who do not give a fig about the health of the public whether they die or live with these smart meters emitting radio active frequencies that may cause leukemia in Children and carcinogenic tumours . They treat the public with such denial and disrespect, deliberately ignoring the health disorders of the public all because of their desire and greed for monitary gain. This has got to stop, we need a people class action, please everyone lets remove these meters and install the analogue meter, this will make them listen. Yes, the greed of money is their only concern, they do not give a hoot about the diasterous outcome and fatal health disorders in the future caused by these S. Meters. We are all behind you JO

    • jinglepots says:

      The same rotten meters are being installed here in Canada and all over the world. What for? You couldn’t get 2 countries to agree on anything before. Now dozens of countries are racing to install these meters. Google Smart Grid and Smart Meter World Map. One has to wonder who is orchestrating this and why??????

  24. Pam says:

    Dear JO – I have just finished reading your letter and it appears you are another victim suffering the effects of EMR. I feel for you. I have recently been to my Doctor and have a Certificate exempting me hopefully from having a Smart Meter installed at my home. I took several Posts from this Site to him and asked him not to just file them but to read them when he has time. Doctors have to be made aware that this EMR is not going to go away, when we are surrounded by SMART METERS. MY box is locked and all my Signs displayed. I have told installers twice to leave my property and it makes me wonder how many of these young men will face the same problem as yourself in the future. My Daughter-in-law and Grandkids live in NSW and they have a SMART METER (no choice as she Rents). I worry myself sick that they too will suffer the effects of EMR. Personally SMART PHONES are no better than SMART METERS. I have a Mobile (ordinary one). and limit the time I spend on that also. Thanks for sharing your experience with these darn SMART METERS. Go and see your Doctor and rule out all the things mentioned…then see a Solicitor and sue the people you were working for. This Lunacy has to stop – I am stressed to the max, my sleeping patterns have altered and I am always “on alert”. Yesterday I placed an Article in our Local Paper (Warrnambool Standard), with the help of my Local Shire Councillor. We focused on HEALTH AND PRIVACY which is another big issue at the moment. It will appear of this website shortly. Check this website daily for updates and I wish you well……………Cheers Pam 🙂

    • jinglepots says:

      In case you do not yet know this: cordless phones are just as bad or worse than cell phones. I have an RF meter to measure these devices. If the technology is DECT it is even worse. The main base emits high levels of RF 24/7. Wireless baby monitors are extremely bad as well. Please pass this info around. Measuring meters can be purchased on the internet. is here in Canada. Hugs for everyone battling EHS.

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