Many people are being exposed to radiation through these smart solar devices

I came to Australia after a smart metre was fitted 2 metres below my bedroom window in NZ. I was not informed of the radiation danger. I subsequently experience severe health problems and was at a loss to explain this. One of my students wrote a report about her own experiences with smart metres and I had to mark it. I began to put two and two together. The report probably saved me serious health problems. I tried to have the so called “Advanced” metre removed and even complained to the government body about the lack of informed consent. All to no avail.

When I arrived in Australia – I was surprised by the huge campaign pushed by the Queensland government to have SMART technology solar power metre devices installed. I believed these are basically the same as smart metres. All the same scare tactics are used. The metres are sealed, have warning signs about tampering, the inner part can’t be accessed easily … and people are told that they will save on energy bills. My parents had this device installed and when we sat down and worked it out, they were saving $1.00 a day. Ironically, they were paying to be exposed to radiation. My parents have switched theirs off.

Many people are being exposed to radiation through these smart solar devices. Unfortunately, Queenslanders are totally unaware that they are being softened up by allowing SMART solar devices in. Even those installing them are exposed to high levels of radiation and since they are not SMART technology specialists. The average sparky is totally unaware. Just from observation – I would say there is a serious danger for those with not only “sensitivity” or who are children, but for those who are immune compromised, elderly or prone to depression. The WHO made a serious mistake in failing to strongly recommend caution. I would say all humans have electromagnetic radiation sensitivity.

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