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Digital [smart] meters not so smart | Star Dandenong

CITY of Greater Dandenong is planning to refuse smart meters on council property, with one councillor questioning whether they’re “an electrical form of asbestos”. Residents concerned about the health impacts of the digital meters have contacted several councillors asking for … Continue reading

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Prime Minister Gillard reiterates that smart meters are not compulsory

Transcript of Prime Minister’s Interview with Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore & Scott Dooley – The Project FRI 07 DECEMBER 2012 HOST: They say that if you can remember being at COAG, then you weren’t really there. Someone who definitely was … Continue reading

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COAG meeting does not support mandatory roll-out of smart meters

Federal and state leaders have agreed on a plan aimed at curbing power price rises, which Prime Minister Julia Gillard says will save households about $250 a year once it is fully implemented. The agreement, reached during today’s Council of … Continue reading

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Smart meters will ‘increase’ power bills – The West Australian

Installing smart meters to monitor electricity use would cost up to $1000 a household, the State Government has claimed as it tries to short-circuit Opposition Leader Mark McGowan’s appeal to families battling high power bills. As a report criticised the … Continue reading

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Smart move, but not for consumers – The Age

DO WE really want to check our smart meters every time we turn on the dishwasher, take a shower or toast a slice of bread? Has anybody wondered why almost every power company and lobby group in the country is … Continue reading

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Switch off and get paid

CONSUMERS will be able to cut their electricity bills by agreeing to companies remotely switching off their appliances during spikes in demand. The proposal is part of a package of federal government reforms expected to back ”cost-reflective pricing”. This will … Continue reading

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