COAG meeting does not support mandatory roll-out of smart meters

Federal and state leaders have agreed on a plan aimed at curbing power price rises, which Prime Minister Julia Gillard says will save households about $250 a year once it is fully implemented.

The agreement, reached during today’s Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting, does not involve the mandatory rollout of so-called smart meters.

But Ms Gillard says all states have agreed to work on options for more flexible pricing.

“We will be working with consumers to give them more options and choices about how they consumer their power,” she told reporters in Canberra.

“We will be introducing rewards into the system so that big users, big businesses can moderate power loads that they put on the system during peak times.

“We will be addressing the gold-plating of the system and overinvestment in the poles and wires.”

As part of efforts aimed at reducing the “perverse incentive” to overinvest in transmission lines, the Commonwealth has committed an extra $23 million to boost the resources of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

But some state leaders have already criticised the plan, with Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu expressing disappointment the changes to the AER do not go further.

“The Commonwealth declined to commit to an independent Australian Energy Regulator which means Victorians and Australians face the prospect of sub-optimal regulatory decisions,” he said.

“This will increase pressure on energy prices for Victorian families and businesses.”

West Australian Premier Colin Barnett is not convinced the plan will deliver the promised savings.

“Well there is agreement to reform it (the energy market),” he told ABC News 24.

“Whether that will provide price relief, I doubt. Maybe it will mean price increases in the future won’t be as great.”

Ms Gillard says the $250 savings estimate is based on a report by the Productivity Commission, although she concedes today’s agreement differs from that document.

The Commission’s estimate was based on a scenario where households would be required to have a smart meter.

Via: COAG signs on to PM’s Power Price Plan

Now that Premier Baillieu has signed the COAG agreement will he direct power distributors to cease bullying and threatening people to accept a smart meter?  

Will Victorians now be treated with the same rights as people living in other states? 


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8 Responses to COAG meeting does not support mandatory roll-out of smart meters

  1. Miriam. says:

    The COAG decision is binding – they are however not officially recognising they did not have legal power to actually do what they have been doing here in VIC.

    There needs to be an official Judicial Inquiry asap. The Vic Governor should sack the TB government too. Also, all agreements between the government (ie people of Vic & the distribution companies) should now be null & void due to their illegal, deceptive, bullying tactics and the contracts should go out to tender. At the very least the 5 distribution companies should face heavy fines.

    As a community, the fight is far from over – we need to get the meters removed from anywhere they are not wanted.
    Anyone who believes they are reacting to their (or someone else’s) meter needs to lodge a complaint with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission asap.

    Keep up your refusal – be strong – they have no right to enter your property if you do not want them – call the police immediately if they refuse to leave. Be explicit in telling them that you are calling. Call the installation company & speak to a senior staff member tell them that you do not permit their staff or anyone else on your property to remove your meter. Tell them if they step onto your property you will call the police. Lodge complaints with VEOHRC.

    I did all this & no-one has attempted to step foot on my property & the surrounding streets were crawling with installers last week.

  2. Terry says:

    Gillard is ‘unaware’ or again, ‘naive’ if she hasn’t twigged that Victoria’s population are being treated like serfs.I think we should all write to her and enlighten her. Especially on the point of being stood over by the baillieu government and being ‘bullied’ into so called smart meters. These meters are only smart to those who are making a dollar out of them.Namely politicians and power companys.
    Isn’t Bullying an offence in Victoria???

  3. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Frances,
    Good on you. To have received a threatening letter from the Electric Power Company for your area is an absolute disgrace. You are perfectly within your LEGAL RIGHTS to refuse this Electrical Power Company’s Agents………that is the Installer Meter Men entry, as they would indeed be Trespassing on your property. Most important of all, I hope your have locked up your Electric Meter Box with a strong padlock. That is the very first thing every Victorian home owner and small business must do. Just the $167,000.00 Legal Anti-Trespass Signs on the Meter Box/s and on ones front gate or front fence or gate pillar is proving to be not enough to keep these blighters from stealing ones Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meter.

    It is now some eleven months or more ago that one of the so-called Humans Relations officers of PowerCor Australia was stupid enough to bully me over the ‘phone to try to force me to take a Microwave Smart Meter with the following threats. ” We of PowerCor Australia Ltd will send you three letters over the next four months demanding you accept a Smart Meter. If you refuse to obey our written instructions we will cut off your power.” I countered with the following…………………
    ” So long as I keep paying my electricity bills you cannot legally cut off my Electric Power, so stop bullying me over the ‘phone and telling me LIES.” Please put all those threats of yours in writing on your official letter and sign that letter to me in your own handwriting and date it, and I promise you that my Lawyer and I will drag you kicking and screaming into court and SUE you for your home your car and all your money and all your worldly goods and we will leave you standing in a pair of knickers and a pair of thongs ! ”
    At this response of mine the only words I heard from this woman were.” ” Oh NO NO ! I couldn’t do that ! Only a few seconds passed when I heard her boss say to her. ” I’ve told you before, never to talk to customers like that ! What do you think you’re doing you silly girl ?

    Fortunately this stupid minion had the ‘phone taken off her, and I spoke with her boss and told her that I had padlocked my Electric Meter box to stop my Analogue Meter from being stolen as a number of fires had broken out after the Analogue Electric Meters had been replaced by the now proving to be dangerous Smart Meters which had also damaged a number of peoples’ private electrical goods and I was not going to take any chances with these Incendiary Microwave Pieces of Junk.
    The rather forlorn statement from this rather Level Headed Boss Woman was………….
    ” So you have padlocked you Electric Meter Box ? ”
    ” That’s correct said I , and added as advised by my lawyer.”
    ” Oh, I see,” said she in tones most forlorn ! Then she hung up her ‘phone.

  4. Peter says:

    Going on Bailieus past performance it is unlikely he will back down. In the past he has shown nothing but contempt for the people of Victoria.

    He knows that if he does make these surveillance and control devices opptional, there will be a mad rush of thousands of Victorians demanding their old analogue meters be reinstalled. Who will bear the cost of that? In my opinion it should be the distributors; who have FORCED these devices into Victorian homes against the customers wishes and without their consent.

    Bailieu said before the last election that he would freez the rollout and make a decision whether to continue or not, based on the outcome of the cost/benefit analysis. I had a letter from my distributor in September of last year, a couple of months BEFORE the analysis was complete saying they had already been informed by the Bailieu government that the rollout was to continue! He never had any intention of stopping the rollout!

    We can only hope he is man enough to admit he got it wrong!

    • Eric says:

      If it’s possible for this man to commit one act of decency, it is to say I’m sorry I was wrong and then to fall on his own sword.

  5. Freddie says:

    Last night, on ‘The Project’, the Prime Minister said that ‘smart meters won’t be forced on anyone’ – does she realize they are being forced on us, here in Victoria? Is Victoria no longer part of Australia?
    Is she going to slap Ted on the wrist for not giving us Victorians the same rights as all other Australians?

  6. Frances says:

    I certainly hope that Ted Baillieu will back down over the so called Smart Meters, I refused to allow them on my property to install one about 2 weeks ago. After I had received a threatening email if I didn’t let them install one on my property. I haven’t heard back from them since then. I made it clear that they would be trespassing on my property if they tried. I have a notice to that effect on my meter box too. This was after I had been abused by one of their employees on the phone.

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