Prime Minister Gillard reiterates that smart meters are not compulsory

Transcript of Prime Minister’s Interview with Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore & Scott Dooley – The Project


HOST: They say that if you can remember being at COAG, then you weren’t really there.

Someone who definitely was though was the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. She joins us now.  Julia, are smart meters really going to save us all money?

PM: We are looking to make a difference to power bills and I’m glad the first ministers – that’s what we like to call them – the Premiers and Chief Ministers agreed to my plan today. It is about using new technology to help people manage their demand.

HOST: Can you understand people’s concerns though? There’s been a report that one caught fire, reports of illness as a result, and some people are concerned that the devices will really just allow the power companies to charge us more, not less.

PM: Well the devices won’t be compulsory; we’re not going to put that on anyone. People will have choices. But there are smart meters and there are other forms of technology that are emerging to help people with their power demand.

To take an example, we talked about in COAG today; you can get a device that changes a little bit the way your air conditioner works.

It doesn’t really make any difference to the temperature of your home, it’s a half a degree difference, but it saves you a lot of power.


Video of interview is at:                                                                          (Smart meter episode commences at the 4:00 minute mark)

Don’t forget to to remind Victorian power distributors that smart meters ARE NOT compulsory – and that they have NO RIGHT to intimidate and force them upon people! 

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54 Responses to Prime Minister Gillard reiterates that smart meters are not compulsory

  1. Eric says:

    “Well the devices won’t be compulsory; we’re not going to put that on anyone.”

    A lot of the focus has been on the first part of the Prime Minister’s statement but I believe the second part is very very important also.

    “……; we’re not going to put that on anyone”

    Exactly what does she mean ? If you think about it, you will realise that the Prime Minister is saying that for a Government to force smart meters upon a populace with very genuine concerns is not a good thing to do at all. So why would she think that forcing smart meters upon people is not good ?

    “……; we’re not going to put that on anyone”

    Surely in making this statement, if you read in between the lines or the words you can see that the Prime Minister is actually acknowledging that that to treat a populace in such a way as this is totally immoral, and is a violation of constitutional rights and individual freedoms. Surely she is acknowledging the immorality, the illegality, the unjustness and the very real concerns that people have concerning many aspects of smartmeters.

    There are the “we” and there are the “others”. She is speaking on behalf of her government and is indirectly acknowledging that the actions of other parties in particular ie. the Victorian State Goverment are far from being ideal, that they are mistreating their state citizens, that their actions are cruel and unconstitutional………etc. etc.

    She is saying that her government is not immoral, unlawful nor unconstitutional in it’s deeds as is the Victorian Government and hence……..”WE’RE not going to put that on anyone”

    New Victorian Premier Dennis Napthine (who fobbed of Pam) PLEASE TAKE NOTE !!!!!!
    I do not believe that the Prime Minister of this country approves of the way in which your Liberal Party has gone about implementing this damn dirty smartmetering program in the state of Victoria.

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Denis will seal his own fate, just like Ted did by not LISTENING to public concerns. Not voted in by anyone in Victoria and very unlikely to be popular if he does not change his attitude.

  2. Lib says:

    I emailed Dept of Primary Industries quoting the PM’s non-compulsory comment. I asked them how I could opt out and for their viewpoint on long term health impacts… they replied it’s mandatory, and the PM didn’t include Victoria when she was made that comment. They didn’t respond to my question on health impacts but said that it was mandatory and that more costs would be passed onto consumers if there were two metering systems operating (current meters vs smart meters). I’m still lost on how to keept them out.

    • Well Aware says:

      Lib – They are all talking Bullshit with this ‘mandatory’ response, of course the PM included Victoria in her comment. “We are not going to put that on ANYONE” How much clearer could she be??? Sorry, they will just have to exist with the two metering systems like what is happening in the USA because they have made a major stuff-up in assuming people will accept being dictated to in respect of what goes on their property. It’s their problem, so stand your ground, stop listening to morons who don’t know anything!

  3. Emerald says:

    I am so confused. I have just rung SP AusNet twice now, saying I do NOT want a smart meter installed, only to be told without hesitation, it IS mandatory, because VIC is the exception to the statement Julia issued. I have a sign up saying DO NOT INSTALL inside my meter box, but I don’t have a loop in which to place a padlock! My area is due for the rollout starting next week. (Bunyip, VIC)
    Having said that, my dad has padlocked his and has told the installers in no uncertain terms to leave and don’t come back, and they backed down!

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      The anti-trespass signs work. Put them at the gate or entrance to your property. Do not get sucked into SP(which stands for Singapore Power) AuNets lies, because the real truth is they just want control over your household appliances in the long run and they will say anything! If you cannot be home much, then definitely lock your gate and/or padlock the meter box – do what you have to in order to prevent installation. The PM doesn’t even have all the answers or power when it comes down to it.

    • Mandy says:

      Just say ‘No’ … you don’t have to justify why, don’t give them your time, just show them the gate… and if you can lock gates to your property, good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Emerald,

      Simply drill a hole side ways through the door and the edge of the box.

      Than place a long paddlock through the hole lock it.

      Place a sign that says ‘ No smart meter is to be intalled here.”

      Email United Energy the address ” Access is denied to installing Smart a Meter”

      We have done this and still have our old meter.

      Kind regards


  4. GlennS says:

    I’m currently having problems with Jemena, as I have a turned on solar system with an analogue meter. Even though I’ve fed an excess of 670kWh back into the grid for the last billing period (the meter runs backwards), they’re charging me an estimated amount for the same period last year – almost $300! They claim the meter is incompatible even though my meter is perfectly capable of measuring the net amount of power consumed/exported. This situation is currently with EWOV.
    In light of Julia Gillard’s post-COAG statements, I’ve written to Jemena to get an update of their current policy regarding installing a bi-directional interval meter, instead of a smart meter. They have previously rejected this as an option. Will keep you posted…..
    Anyone else in this situation? What actions are you currently taking?

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Hi Glenn, this does not surprise me with Jemena ripping people off daily. Please do keep us posted on your situation. There would be many others interested in keeping their analogue meter with solar installed & JeMEANa are not being honest with their customers when they claim the meter is incompatible in my opinion! Good Luck.

    • Ian says:

      Hi Glenn, We have solar panels too and are feeding back into the grid via an analogue meter- getting no credit for that from our friends at Powercor. But I dont mind -we have put off getting the smart meter so far. ( a very helpful lass at Powercor listened to my objections and marked on my card “do not install” ) But recently a letter arrived saying the Smart Meter rollout is coming to Ballarat and I am getting worried. We have done nothing -yet . The bi- directional interval meter – is this an analogue alternative to the smart meter? And should I try this tack with Powercor? (i have previously been told there is no alternative- but – that doesnt surprise me as the feel of this whole rollout thing is very much one of a power play of vested interests and State Government expediency.- Your advice and comments would be welcome! Ian

      • GlennS says:

        Hi Ian,
        We were feeding back into the grid as well. As Jemena is saying that we don’t have a solar compatible meter, they have disregarded the actual meter reading and charged us based on an estimated reading for the same period last year. We should be in credit, instead of owing $300!
        I don’t know what Powercor’s policy is, but Jemena has said that as we’re in a smart meter transmitting area, they are no longer offering bi-directional interval meters (which do not transmit wirelessly).
        I would firstly notify Powercor, in writing, that you don’t concent to a smart meter. Next, physically lock your meter box so they are unable to replace it if you are not home. Put up your “no trespass” sign and a sign on your box stating that a smart meter is not to be installed. Basically follow the advice given here:
        Best of luck!

      • Miriam. says:

        Hi – to stop any AMI installation – first lock up your meter (but they could still break in as they have done it lots), and lodge a claim with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission – against DPI Vic, your electricity wholesaler & any party that wholesaler used to act in their stead (Jemena acted for some companies).
        I have complaints against them all & it has put my installation on hold thank goodness. I am severely EMR sensitive & REFUSE to allow access.
        I believe you can use this complaint avenue to get a meter removed – not saying it will be easy but I believe it is doable.
        You can refuse access via the High Court Ruling on Trespass – (actually not sure if the url has .au on it – sorry).

    • GlennS says:

      I have just spoken with EWOV who have essentially said that as the smart meter rollout is a state based programme, Julia Gillard’s comments have no stature. I told EWOV that Ted Baillieu was involved in the COAG discussions and has agreed to the conditions. Seems that Juila has no power here after all! Certainly no help was provided by EWOV.

    • jenny says:

      ijust got notification to put a smart meter in i have already got the bio-directional meter and was told i didnt need the smart meter can i be made to put thier smart meter in

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi. Write a letter (or send an email, and print it down) INFORMING THEM that they are now under threat of FRAUD, EXTORTION and DECEIPTION CHARGES, plus a COMPENSATION CLAIM. Tell them you are in the process of initiating such ACTIONS against them, and that they will shortly be inundated by such Claims….Then TAKE these ACTIONS.

  5. jan purcell says:

    I have been to a meeting,and they can not force us to have these smart meters,I rang last year and told them i had just had a brain tumour removed coursed by radiation and dont fancy getting another one,and they have put me on box has a lock with a window,so they can read it,and have put a big stop meters sign on it,i am still on hold.these meters have been making a lot of people sick,in the u.k you have a choice,and so should we,some countrys have even band them completly. jan purcell seaford vic

  6. Miriam. says:

    I have had some disturbing feedback from someone I have been trying to help on this issue. The lady had a meter installed last year without her express consent & now she wishes to have it removed. She wrote to the power distributor to request its removal as a result of the COAG announcement.
    She was told the COAG agreement applies to every other state BAR Victoria!
    So, people, we have a hard yakka fight on our hands but we shall succeed eventually.

    • Peter says:

      Try writting to Baillieu and ask him where Victoria now stands with the COAG agreement on this AMI rollout. This is now HIS rollout, he can no longer blame ‘the previous government’. Without a doubt, he is driving Victoria into a corporate controlled state. The distributors are calling the shots, and his government is doing nothing to prevent it.

    • Eric says:

      Last I knew “anyone” meant anyone.
      And yes, I believe Victoria did have representation at that COAG meeting. Oh yes, the Victorian Premier was there and only a few seats away from the Prime Minister.

    • Eric says:

      If you go to the COAG website, the first window on the RHS of the homepage is entitled “Delivering better outcomes for ALL Australians”. No I don’t think that excludes Victoria.

      Miriam, was this person informed in writing ? If so, how about getting this person to write to the Office of Prime Minister telling her that our Distributors are telling us that Victoria is excluded from COAG decisions (and include a copy of the letter if it exists). Regardless, this information should be communicated to the PM’s office and would be a also be good entry point to start involving Federal members.

      Imagine PM’s reaction to an official suggestion from a power distributor representative (of all people) that COAG doesn’t involve Victoria ie. that Victoria is a law unto itself

      • Miriam. says:

        Eric – I have written to PM Gillard on this – & guess what – NO REPLY! No surpises there mate.
        BUT we all need to do this :
        by lodging a claim with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission – against DPI Vic, your electricity wholesaler & any party that wholesaler used to act in their stead (Jemena acted for some companies).
        I have complaints against them all & it has put my installation on hold thank goodness. I am severely EMR sensitive & REFUSE to allow access.
        I believe you can use this complaint avenue to get a meter removed – not saying it will be easy but I believe it is doable.
        You can refuse access via the High Court Ruling on Trespass – (actually not sure if the url has .au on it – sorry).

    • 1vimana1 says:

      This Electric Power Distributor’s minion is LYING. They all lie, this is what these people are trained to do by their Team Leaders and they by their C.E.O’s. They don’t care how sick you get from this stinking Microwave Radiation or Microwave Smog getting worse and worse each day over Planet Earth.

  7. askforlinda says:

    Mornington power surge reaching 10,000 homes serviced by United Energy today brings up issue of smart meter replacement after power surge as mentioned in comment by Greg below on 3AW’s website!

  8. Sharron says:

    In Mount Martha and Mornington earlier today there were over 50 fires at peoples homes caused by a ‘power surge’. Since when does a power surge cause fires? Since the smart meters went in, that’s the message I would like to get out to all concerned residents. We are all at risk in neighbourhoods where smart meters have been installed, a scary thought indeed.

    • Pam says:

      Sharon I saw that as well – wonder what caused the fires – guess like all the fires lately, there is never any news on what caused them and no follow-up. As you said when does a “Power surge cause a fire” especially to 50 homes. Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Gwen says:

      That was my first thought Sharron when I heard about that massive amount of homes on fire. Totally unheard of before ‘smart’ meters. If they don’t take your health slowly with exposure to electro magnetic radiation, then be afraid that your home may catch on fire.
      All the very best wishes to the families involved in the fires.

  9. Margaret says:

    I wonder if the politicians have got one in their home, also i read that this is Intermittent radiation, off and on, off and on, and there have never been any tests done with Intermittent radiation, they cannot say this is safe.

  10. Ian says:

    The Prime Minister has spoken ,clearing up a legal question. That is good . Theres a nagging feeling in my mind though,- why were nt we the public told our rights before this? I find it quite inexcusable that no politician has spoken out before now on the legality of forcing smart meters on the people,( whether they want it or not) The power companies too have ridden on the benefit of the doubt. with their bluff that their domineering methods are O.K This is not O.K and has never been O.K. .. , SEIZE our democratic power back from these (people).,, dont let them define to us what is real.

  11. Gerhard says:

    Read what she said *g* She did not answer the question at all. and by the way – we will not have a carbon tax we will not have a carbon tax we will not have a carbon tax — OHH Well I changed my mind and you all will save mone *BG*

  12. Anonymous says:

    It wasnt all that long ago, just before the federal election,Julia stated there will be no carbon tax under labor. Funny thing is i now have an increased electricty bill due to a carbon tax that was never ment to be.You can fool most of the people most of the time, but not all the people all the time. Must be nearing another election cycle where the prime minister will say anything to get relected. WATCH YOUR BACKS !

  13. Tracy says:

    We in Victoria were lied to by the liberal govt presently in power and led to believe that there would be hefty costs if we did not comply with installation of smart meter Now even the Priminister states that they are not compulsory and we had the right to refuse, I would like to know how I go about having the smart meter removed related to health,cost and issues of principal re not being given or made aware that we had a choice. I want to know how to do this without incurring cost as my democratic choice was taken away from me and we were bullied into this by false misleading information

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Do as I did please go and get as i did up to 30 minutes of free advice from your most trusted Lawyer. As I suspected and was assured by my Lawyer, I was allowed to Lock My Electric Meter Box, which I paid for when I bought my new home many years ago. My Meter Box now stays locked with a stout Industrial Padlock. We still live in what is supposed to be a Democratic Society. Therefore all you Spin Artists at the five ovesreas owned Victorian Electric Power Companies as well as the now proving to be truly Dishonourable Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’ Brien………Go and SUCK EGGS !

      Richard Leschen.

  14. Terry says:

    “There will be NO carbon tax under a government I lead”…Julia Gillard.
    Yeah pigs might fly dot com. Keep your power boxes locked and NO TRESPASS signs in place. Once a liar always a liar in my book.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Sadly, they all seem to be liars, no matter which party they represent. All promises before the election (well, we’re all mutts who’ll believe anything aren’t we?) and afterwards they do as they like.

  15. Anonymous says:

    good on you Julia. maybe the premier should take note . we should have a choice in anything that can affect our health. not to mention the cost in our electricity bills that we are paying for the rollouts

  16. Joe M says:

    Like you could believe anything THIS prime minister says…… have to be kidding me!

    Dont be fooled people, keep up the fight, there are crooks and liars all around us…….especially in places of power……like Canberra!

    I would believe the KGB before any Australian politician!

  17. John says:

    Does this mean the fight against Smart Meters is over? I’ll bet it’s not. Whats this other device she is talking about , probably another type of smart (kill) meter.

    • Peter says:

      Hi John
      What she is talking about is the AS4755, (just google it) this devices will comunicate, (via another radio devise) between your surveillance and control devise, with ANY house hold appliance with this standard incorporated. The industry wants this standard MANDATED for all airconditioners, this will allow the distributors to select specific homes, and turn those airconditioners on and off periodically. It stands to reason that you use your airconditioner because your home is hot! Turning your cooling device off for any period of time means it will have to work harder and longer when it is turned back on! How is this going to help reduce electricity bills? The industry has a long list of ‘other house hold appliances of interest’. If the industry is allowed to get away with the aircondioners without any resistance, then you can bet, fridges, freezers, pool pumps, washing machines, dryers and a host of other appliances will rapidly follow. BIG BROTHER HAS ARRIVED IN VICTORIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I strongly suggest everyone on this site who has one of these surveillance and control devices installed against their will and without their consent send a copy of Gillards comments to your distributor, and DEMAND the reinstallation of your analogue meter. If they refuse, send their reply to Gillard and another copy to ‘The Project’ program. Lets really get stuck into these liars!

      • Gwen says:

        I believe BIG BROTHER has been their purpose all along. Government hand in hand with
        Big Business. Anything to get more money from us. Health effects just collateral damage in their power quest But we will NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES.

        • Melbourne Mum says:

          Well said everyone, I second that! They can go to hell with their Control Issues because they aren’t in control of my family- I am!

  18. Pam says:

    Back on line – We shouldn’t have to “Worry” now. If our Prime Minister sticks by her statement, We now have a choice!!!!!! Does that mean we are not to be bullied anymore???? As Prime Minister, Julia should be able to stop the Roll-oiut once and for all so we can start 2013 without all the Stress. I won’t have a Smart Meter.End of Story.
    We have been to hell and back the last couple of weeks, when our Telstre Exchange burn down, here in Warrnambool. No phones, No Computer, no EFTPOS. – the list is endless. Mobile back on in a couple of days, but just got landline and ADSL last Friday…so I am so far behind. This is my first Comment on my Computer. Sounds like Forum went well……….. Cheers to you all Pam 🙂

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      Great to have you back Pam – what an ordeal it must have been for the whole town! Things are starting to happen with the smart meters… finally! Check out the forum videos on youtube under Victorian Smart Meter Forum – it was very well spoken, emotional at times though… Cheers from Melbourne:)

  19. Frances says:

    That is very good news. I sent an installer away from my house a few weeks ago, after I had already contacted various politicians about not wanting a Smart Meter. I am so glad that now Julia Gillard has made it clear that it is not compulsory. I will be making a copy of that information just in case they try to send someone else to my home to install one.

  20. Matt says:

    This, and Julia’s other recent comments on the matter are very good to hear. We are lucky in that the rollout has not hit us yet (Mulgrave, Victoria), but we’ve have “the sign” up for months now (meter not locked, however).

    I work from home, just meters from the box, and was quite worried about the potential for illness or distraction, and all of the other negatives these things can bring to a household, not the least of which is the inevitable higher bills – yes, I have so little faith in the “good intentions” of the suppliers that I don’t entertain for a second that our bills would not skyrocket.

    I’ve been waiting for the “knock on the door” for a while now, and am now much more comfortable standing my ground on the matter, and care less if the installers get pushy.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Do get your Electric Meter Box padlocked with an Industrial Padlock immediately please !
      These sneaky Smart Meter men will whack a Deadly Microwave Smart Meter in when you are away from home at any time that suits them

    • Pam says:

      Matt – Lock your Box asap PLEASE. I couldn’t sleep if mine wasn’t locked and my Signs displayed. Good Luck Pam 🙂

  21. Anthony says:

    I was under the impression, that in Vic they are indeed compulsory and we have to let them install them by the end of 2013? Is this in fact NOT the law?

  22. Wayne says:

    About time Julua Gillard stood up for the people for a change.

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