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A 2017 University of Canberra report stated that the introduction of electricity smart meters in Victoria had not been a success based on cost-benefit analysis, with overall costs significantly outweighing any savings.

The same report said that smart meters risk being hacked.

Other observed disadvantages of smart meters include a substantial rise in household utility bills, and adverse health effects for some people from a device that wirelessly emits pulsed microwaves 24 hours a day, every day.

Perversely nonetheless, the Australian Energy Market Commission made a new rule intended to open up competition in metering and to facilitate deployment of smart meters (type 4 meters).

The new arrangements begin on December 1, 2017 in SA, Qld, NSW, Tasmania and the ACT. Customers can opt out if they have a working meter. But after December 1, all new meters will be smart meters, through one’s electricity retailer.

Stop Smart Meters Australia asks whether this is the slippery slope to much wider use of smart meters, and advise sending a refusal notice to retailers in advance of December.

By doing so, a type 4A meter can be supplied in future if required, that is one with its wireless capabilities not enabled, but still able to be read by a meter reading person.

Murray May, Cook

Via:Letters to the Editor, The Canberra Times

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9 Responses to Meter Concerns – The Canberra Times

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  2. You DON’T want smart meters! I was charged $34/month to keep my analog . . but after 5 years of paying this extortion rate, BC Hydro (a monopoly) decreed that my analog seal had expired, and instead of testing it, replaced it with an unwanted smart meter. Now I pay $20/month to keep the “signal off”, purportedly to pay for the meter reading . .. whereas my brother with a standard smart meter (also in a remote area, requiring meter readers) does not pay. At least I am not surrounded by neighbouring smart meters, wireless water meters, cell towers; we moved from our beloved home town to a remote area to avoid this. Next fight will be to avoid microcells and 5G!

  3. Kate Harper says:

    This mass rollout of wireless smart meters, has nothing to do with service or costs savings or any other excuse they may come up with. This is the blatant imposition of AGENDA 21! Get onto You Tube, Pinterest, Google. It is designed to destroy our health and control us. Our govts are a disgrace inflicting this on us! But most of them are probably too ignorant to know they are pawns in a game. This is an international Agenda to have the entire human race subject to a global wireless grid. Australia has to get itself out from under these Arrogant Dictators. Dependancy on electricity grids is a weakness of modern society. Off grid stand alone power is the only solution.- My health has been steadily declining for the last 5yrs because of this destructive wireless EMR. I have slowly dug myself out of a hole with “tesla blue shield devices” and LM Homeopathy. But I’ve stiill got a long way to go. These malicious smart meters are deliberately set at a frequency to interfere with human brain waves; suck the life out of us, send us mad, and make us weak and unproductive. Check out Elana Freeland on YouTube. -5G wireless frequency is in the mm’s, and can SHATTER DNA !! Inform yourself, and all your friends, before it’s too late.

    • dana says:

      Yes, I agree that smart meters are an aspect of Agenda 21, which is clearly anti-human being. I’m glad people are beginning to talk about the intention behind smart meters and how this fits in with the bigger picture.. It is obvious to anyone with a brain that they are not safe and since there has been no attempt made to set them ( or other wireless devices) to the minimum level that they will work at, the question naturally occurs as to whether the intention behind them is malevolent. I don’t think it is coincidence that these smart meters have been rolled out on the global scale at the same time as GMO food and the push against sovereignty and the engineered migrant influx in Europe. Perhaps the elite want to run down everyone’s energy levels so they can push some extreme measures through without people fighting back or perhaps they are just interested in depopulation. Either way they seem to have the whole system tied up so that whichever way we turn we can’t get help.

  4. Elena says:

    The retailers would have to give you a copy of the law stating that they can come onto your private property and replace your analogue meter with a smart meter. If they are going to manually read a smart meter, what difference would it make if you have an analogue meter? Or is the manually read smart meter going to be temporary?
    They still need consent. You need consent to come onto private property. I don’t think it will be that difficult for them to install smart meters in the other states. People are lazy and frankly don’t care.
    What could happen is we might have a huge number of people becoming sick and then it will be a bit harder to cover up.
    Its not only Victorians that can and have become sick, it could be many other people from other states. The retailers and anyone that has given them orders are responsible for any harm inflicted.
    Many Victorians were caught unaware it has taken years for information to start trickling out.The people in other states have the knowledge from this website that we didn’t have when smart meters were first introduced.
    People don’t care unless they are held individually responsible and liable. Its a different story if you are held personally responsible.

  5. Elena says:

    A rule is not law. You can’t refuse a smart meter, you can say no through a legal notice. You can’t refuse something that you are not legally obligated to have in the first place. Is this a law? or is it a rule?
    Good luck everyone in the other states, Victorians have put up with enough.

  6. Tammy says:

    Smart meters + Old house wiring => House Fires

    They don’t give a $H#+%

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      When will a whistleblower from the firefighting dept make his/ her voice heard? Unless there is a tsunami in the political sphere, we are stuck with these death traps. Libs/ ALP candidates are both equally evil.

    • Anf says:

      No they only care about Profits first people last

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