SSMA Melbourne Seminar (20 November) presentation slides now available

Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA) was honoured to host a very well attended presentation by internationally recognised expert Professor Dariusz Leszczynski earlier this month at Oakleigh Grammar Community Conference Centre on How probable are health effects of radiation from wireless transmitting devices?.  Professor Leszczynski has kindly made available the slides for his informative presentation.  The slides are available here: leszczynski-ssma-lecture-nov-2016

Professor Leszczynski’s talk was followed by a presentation by Steve Weller, B.Sc., on the Current state of play – SSMA and science update.  This covered Stop Smart Meters Australia’s interactions with state and federal government departments in relation to smart meter deployments.  Steve also talked about his role as the SSMA community representative on the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group (EMERG); this committee was established by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) to enable input on public health issues related to the use of radiofrequency spectrum for communications.  His comprehensive presentation is available here: Steve’s SSMA Presentation 20th November

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2 Responses to SSMA Melbourne Seminar (20 November) presentation slides now available

  1. Sharon Williams says:

    Whats happening with the smart meters in the Horsham area do you know?

    Sharon Williams Horsham

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