Victorian Government releases farcical smart meter technical study

Last year, the Victorian Government announced it would conduct a health audit on smart meters.

See: and

This ‘health audit’ transformed into a “technical study”.  It is obvious that the Government came to realise that a health audit would come up with results that contradicted government propaganda that microwave emissions from smart meters have absolutely no impact on people’s health – thus it was changed to a technical study to demonstrate that smart meter emissions meet Australian standards.  We know that smart meter emissions comply with the ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) standard – that is not the issue.  What a waste of $200,000 of taxpayers’ money!!  See: 

The recent Victorian technical study looking at smart meter radio frequency (RF) emissions is a distraction and a sham because it does not look at the health problems being raised by those claiming to be impacted. There is an assumption being made by authorities that Australia’s RF Standard protects health from all possible effects.  The reality however is that Australia’s RF Standard is only designed for short-term exposures and protects against known thermal effects, which includes tissue heating that can result in shock and burns. The RF Standard does not provide protection against non-thermal effects – these effects are known by the scientific community but the mechanism by which the effect occurs is uncertain so they have not been considered or included in the Standard. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has acknowledged that there could be a vulnerable portion of the population who may not be protected by current RF guidelines. Australia’s RF Standard is based on 1998 ICNIRP Guidelines.

To relate known biological effects to health outcomes requires medical expertise which is absent in ARPANSA, a serious deficiency that must be rectified if we are to have confidence in the scientists who are in charge of protecting our health. There are literally 1000s of scientific papers that demonstrate biological effects such as DNA damage, altered gene expression, altered protein activity, cellular damage etc. at levels well below what our RF standard suggests is not harmful. It is also interesting to note that the radiofrequency electromagnectic fields from wireless devices that are used as a comparison with smart meter emission levels (WiFi, mobile phones, baby monitors) were classified as being potentially carcinogenic by the IARC in May 2011.

The biggest problem that we are being faced with today is the lack of real scientific investigation; this allows authorities to say there is no established evidence of harm. One has to look first before harm can be determined. Unfortunately, it appears Science has become politicised and corrupted by both Government and Corporate self-interests. Wireless communication is a multi-trillion dollar industry that is also used heavily by the military so don’t expect to hear the truth on this issue any time soon.

For those people who have developed Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) since being exposed to smart meter emissions, and for an increasing number who have become substantially disabled, this ‘technical’ study fails to address any of their health issues.

As a matter of urgency, for people whose health have been severely impacted, procedures need to be in place for the removal of RF cards from smart meters.

Perhaps a letter/email to your local Member of Parliament and to Victoria’s Minister for Energy and Resources may assist with this….


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37 Responses to Victorian Government releases farcical smart meter technical study

  1. John V says:

    There appears to be a disturbing lack of manners in this particular post and the replies.
    Let those who wish, make their comments. That is their right.
    If you or anyone else finds them ill informed, ignorant or deviating from the subject matter or otherwise objectionable to yourself, then as set down in the laws of debate you have the opportunity to negate, disassemble or otherwise make their statements/arguments irrelevant by means of logical, factual, knowledgeable and well reasoned arguments of your own.
    Insults are not tools of debate but rather the escape route of the ill-informed or uncertain.
    We know that there is a substantial body of evidence the indicates that long-term exposure to low levels of RF can and often does cause damage to the human biology. What we do not know (as a matter of FACT) is whether this causal link can be attributed solely to the dumb meters or whether we as a species are sowing the seeds of our ultimate DNA destruction by our blind acceptance of all of the myriad of gadgets in the RF system.
    SMART- phones, power meters, water meters (coming soon), gas meters (coming soon)TVs, fridges, cars, printers, lighting systems, baby monitors, security systems, GPS, and the list is only growing NOT shrinking.
    Perhaps we are destroying ourselves. In an ideal world, that may be preferable. If we are not here and we disappear in a reasonably short space of time, then our planet, our mother may have time to heal herself and try the “LIFE” experiment again.
    One can only hope.

    • Steve says:

      I agree with your sentiments John. This is an emotionally charged topic but it does not mean we should be disrespectful to those who have a different opinion as has been demonstrated in a number of responses to Doubting Thomas.

    • sdjm says:

      I don’t think of it as disturbing, John. Doubting Thomas shouldn’t worry about it. The website is called Stop Smart Meters, after all.

  2. MIro says:

    Dear Steve, thank you for your inclusion of studies. I just want to add that the whole deployment is also done in a very RF substandard way. You basically typically have a metal external meter box with cables leading through the back into the wall cavity. How is this device getting the RF out of this tin box? I’d say via the mains cables…. which distribute it around your house….

    In a proper installation one has an rf output stage coupled with coaxial connection and an attached external aerial mounted in a location for good reception and transmission. Fire alarms are typically installed this way.

    Just a few more thoughts

  3. MIro says:

    Dear Thomas, A couple of points that come to mind from your post. In your example you state that the car security key fob uses more energy. Interesting as your claim may be (which I strongly doubt) I say it is my choice then to use it or not, how often and under what circumstances. And the last point is I live in a block of 26 apartments, the metering for these is concentrated into two large boxes mounted externally. Can you imagine how much rf emissions is being sent out by these number of meters constantly sending out updates.
    No choice and nothing you can do about it.

    This is just wrong wrong wrong! It’s a medical experiment in which you got entangled in and have no way out!

  4. MR says:

    What I don’t understand is why people like Doubting Thomas who continue to disparage scientific concerns don’t realise the radiofrequency issue has already been reviewed over the years several times and acknowledged to be hazardous as far back as 2000 in the Ecolog review, the German scientist authors stating that cell towers were a hazard to people spending more than 4 hours in their vicinity at levels far lower than the ICNIRP standard, and that was only 4 hours exposure they saw an urgent hazard requiring address from a fairly comprehensive review of the research. Dr. Neil Cherry documented evidence for melatonin reduction down as low as 4 microwatts per metre square and other highly important effects around 800 microwatts per metre square, stating that there is no genuine safe level for continuous RF exposure. The smart meters emit higher levels than those warned of by the Ecolog reviewers as requiring urgent address for acute exposures in 2000. Cherry covered mechanisms in his paper and stated in one paper that there was actually enough evidence to classify EMF a fully causal Category 1 carcinogen by 1982, in comparison to other agents classified on less evidence. Dr. Martin Blank has referred to the automatic cellular stress response and Dr. Martin Pall VGCC mechanism. Even a 1971 paper referred to non thermal concerns and mentioned the fact that there may be several key mechanisms and it seems that there are. So please, enough talk of no mechanisms or no evidence and a bit of urgent help for everyone on this issue. The government is harming people through it’s lack of understanding of concerns and clearly it can’t continue. This is Australia. We are supposed to care about kids and people – part of our cultural identity?

  5. Max says:

    Thomas the definition of proof is” evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement”. Where is the proof that smart meter radiation is not harmful? Do you have this proof?
    Or are you just offering an opinion? You failed to name the health agencies.
    Thalidomide was proven safe and looked what happened to all those women and children? Wasn’t tobacco also safe as well Thomas?
    Why has no one been tested Thomas? What are they afraid of? Perhaps instead of wasting space on this website you could offer to be a lab rat and let them experiment on you.
    You have stated that,
    Explain and conclusively demonstrate a causal mechanism – through rigorous scientific studies – that establishes that RF-EMF exposures produce adverse health effects in humans. Then, and only then – can you expect anybody to take your complaints seriously. In the meantime, expect that health protection agencies around the world to continue to regard EMF exposures lower than regulatory maximum permitted limits as safe.
    Who is anybody Thomas? The garbage man, the post man? I am not sure if you understand Thomas but we are not slaves and if i think something is dangerous then it is. I don’t have to prove anything, they have to prove that this radiation is safe and they can’t do this,
    Could you put any factual evidence you have on this website for us all to read? Who the hell do you think you are stating that our complaints won’t be taken seriously? Do you think your GOD?
    You are entitled to your opinion, but they don’t have any evidence at all to state that this radiation is safe, this is impossible. This is why everyone that is complaining is been given the run around. We can’t have any confirmed cases Thomas the lawsuits would be huge. Of course i think jail time is more appropriate.
    Do you work for the other side Thomas or are you a University student? Unfortunately for you the people that post on this website are intelligent and are not brain dead zombies.
    You might want to define what safe means? We are free men and women and we think for ourselves.


    Explain and conclusively demonstrate a causal mechanism – through rigorous scientific studies – that establishes that RF-EMF exposures produce adverse health effects in humans. Then, and only then – can you expect anybody to take your complaints seriously. In the meantime, expect that health protection agencies around the world to continue to regard EMF exposures lower than regulatory maximum permitted limits as safe.

    The ‘powerful pulses’ radiated from Smart meters contain less energy than the pulses from your automobile remote key fob! How on earth do you ever expect that this can be proven to be harmful?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thomas why don’t you explain and conclusively demonstrate a causal mechanism through rigorous scientific studies – that establishes that RF-EMF exposures do not produce adverse health effects in humans..Can you do this Thomas?
      Do you have first have first hand knowledge Thomas that our health won’t be affected and factual evidence to support this? I am not interested in your beliefs or opinions.
      How would you know that Smart meters contain less energy than the pulses from your automobile remote key fob? Is this just an opinion or do you have the proof to back up your statement? Do all car remote key fobs have the same energy levels?
      You have stated that “In the meantime, expect that health protection agencies around the world to continue to regard EMF exposures lower than regulatory maximum permitted limits as safe” WHATS YOUR DEFINITION OF SAFE? Which health protection agencies are you referring to? I don’t consider the World Health Organization a protection agency, you might but i don’t. I don’t consider ARPANSA a health protection agency either.I don’t consider the Department of Health a protection agency either. So which agencies are you referring to?
      We don’t have to prove that this radiation is harmful Thomas, all we have to do is prove that a risk exists and it does. That is why its a possible cancer causing agent. A possible cancer causing agent is harmful that is why it is on the IARC’s list.If it was not harmful it would not be on the list.The proof is there.
      Thomas why has no one been tested in Victoria to find out if this radiation is making them ill?
      Why are we being told to contact ACMA and then being sent to ARPANSA and then the Department of Health and then back to ACMA?
      If this radiation is so safe why all these stupid games Thomas? This problem is easy to fix Thomas they can set up testing facilities and test everyone. If this radiation harms any of us in any way shape or form they would be liable.They would have to disclose all risks and if risks exist and they would then this radiation is not safe.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: proving a negative, by that logic, are you saying that God must exist because it cannot be proved that God doesn’t exist?

      • Hammer Mann says:

        To Doubting Thomas,
        Your problem son, is that you don’t want to know the truth. Your key fob for your or anybody else’s car is simply to lock or unlock your car for a second or two and or authorise you or any other car owner with their security system to be allowed to drive their car/s
        Unlike the damned and poisonous A.M.I dopy and far from Smart Electric Microwave Radio so-called Smart Meter/s now foisted on so many in Victoria and now in other
        States of Australia the key fob is not running 24 hours a day to bathe you or anyone else in its criminally dangerous rays. You are really short on Logic Son, go and do a proper Science Course and get out of the Land of Make-Believe. I would seriously suggest you don’t go and play in the traffic at any time son although C.J Fields did recommend it to children and dogs.

    • Elizabeth says:

      When people are exposed to radiation, we see a pattern where some of them present with a similar set of symptoms. People become sick, what more causal mechanism can you want to make it clear that there is a problem ? I think if people are becoming sick then there is a problem. Those in authority who falsely hide behind the notion that there is no causal mechanism that can be proved are the ones who have swept under the carpet the cases of all those people who have presented with seriously debilitating symptoms. What credibility can you attribute to persons in authority such as this ? I say that these persons have no credibility.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        To Elizabeth,
        Well said Elizabeth. I state and allege that these people who cover up the TRUTH where more and more unfortunate people are being poisoned daily by these accursed Microwave Rays from these truly Idiotic and far from Smart Electric A.M.I Meters. These I allege to be CRIMINALS pushing the so-called and far from SMART Microwave A.M.I Meters, and N.B.N Co Microwave Radios atop of high poles and or towers and buildings are in the pay of the Satanic Forces of EVIL that is the Microwave Industry, whose only goal is Monetary Profit. This is all tied to the N.B.N Co in Canberra and the Corrupt Microwave Industry not only in Victoria and Canberra, but world-wide. The so-called Victorian Department of Health is I allege also not doing its job properly and shows no care it seems for the people of Victoria who have written to them on many occasions complaining of serious health problems such as tinnitus and chronic sleeplessness and or muscle aches after losing their safe and passive Electric Analogue Meters and being forced to take these accursed and far from Safe Electric A.M.I machines which also in may instances damage their Electric Home appliances such as fridges and or washing machines from the ” Dirty Electricity which is fed to their electric home appliances.

        ARPANSA’s so-called scientists are a Joke and have I allege no Scientific Credibility.
        I have spoken to their so-called scientists on a number of occasions and they are I allege a bunch of weak-kneed LIERS and in jobs which are not Scientific in any way at all but are simply Stooges for the Microwave Industry as a whole !

    • Steve says:

      Thomas, that is the crux of the problem in this country (Australia). No one is doing any worthwhile research to look at the effects radio frequencies may have on biological systems. We are beholden to international organizations who suggest that only thermal effects have been established. RF Standards and Guidelines are designed to protect against thermal effects – so this leads some scientists to suggest that there really is no need for further studies.
      Of course what is not being investigated in depth is the athermal effects which have been demonstrated by 1000’s of studies that result in biological changes and include, altered gene expression, altered enzyme function, calcium flux changes, DNA damage, oxidative stress etc.
      The main problem we have today is there are inconsistencies in the results (between studies) leading to the conclusion that they are not established because the mechanism by which these effects are occurring are not fully known and so they cannot be considered in RF Guidelines. This does not mean RF does not cause these effects. Of course when one looks at each study we tend to find different cell types being exposed, different frequencies and modulation patterns being used, different exposure times and durations of the study. On top of this we need to consider the source of funding and also whether the scientist who is conducting the study has potential conflicts of interest. Therefore consistency is going to be difficult to find and should not be used as a prerequisite to recognize potential harm.
      When one looks at the evidence, and there is a huge amount, RF is a possible carcinogen that has been demonstrated in epidemiological studies (CERENAT, Hardell, Interphone) and in lab experiments A. Lerchl (who demonstrated RF is a co-carcinogen – a repeated experiment). Studies from the 60’s and 70’s showed human exposures to microwaves caused hematological, neurological and cardiovascular changes. Some of these changes were permanent while others were temporary based on the duration of the signal. These studies were conducted at a time when the commercialization of RF had not been fully realized.
      In Australia, our RF experts are dominated by electrical engineers and psychologists and lacking in health based medical sciences. This short fall needs to be addressed so that we can have an honest investigation and appraisal of the potential harms that long term chronic exposure to RF can cause.
      You appear to think much like our regulatory authorities. You require proof of harm and a full understanding of the mechanism by which harm is caused before you act. Science is not about providing proof but about providing evidence. There is significant amount of evidence. I suggest you look at my EHS presentation on this website that I gave to the EMERG committee (attached to ARPANSA) particularly the last slides that look at the benefits of a precautionary approach instead of waiting for conclusive evidence for what we know already is probably happening.
      From a scientific perspective some possible mechanisms have been elucidated by various scientist in the past and present. RF from mobile phone signals have been shown to cause mast cell degranulation. Research suggests that RF exposure causes mast cell degranulation (O Johansson et al. 2007, 2009) and results in histamine release – this can lead to allergic reactions including skin rashes, asthma etc. In 1997 microbiologist Dr Peter French of St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney was conducting experiments on mast cells. What he discovered was that the production of histamine – the chemical responsible for allergic reactions – and which is involved in bronchial spasm, is nearly doubled after exposure to mobile phone frequencies. He speculated that this could result in an increase in illnesses such as asthma and allergies in the years to come. French, P., et al (1997): Electromagnetic Radiation at 835 MHz changes the morphology and inhibits proliferation of a human astrocytoma cell line.
      Also we have “Studies with Ca2+ indicate a large increase in Ca2+ influx into the mast cell upon antigenic stimulation (5,9-11). The translocation of calcium ions, whether from outside or inside the cell, has been assumed to lead to an increase in free cytosol Ca2+ concentration [Ca]; (12) as a Ca signal to trigger degranulation.” (M. Beavan et al. 1983). So Calcium Flux has a role to play in mast cell degranulation. Electromagnetic radiation has been demonstrated to effect VGCC (Voltage Gated Calcium Channels) leading to Calcium flux changes in cells – M Pall 2013., X.W. Lu 2014. We are seeing increases in allergies in our society. This is most obvious when comparing developed nation populations with the Amish (who do not use modern powered technology) and poorer under developed nations.
      Calcium flux changes in cells have also been linked to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). When there is an imbalance between ROS and anti-oxidants we get cellular damage including DNA damage. There are more than 100 hundred peer reviewed scientific studies that show RF causes increases in ROS. Of course the body has mechanisms to counter this cellular stressor but is dependent on genetics, state of health and the bodies capacity to deal with this RF caused stress and other stressors. There are vulnerable populations who are being impacted but the authorities choose to ignore them.
      RF exposure also has been demonstrated to down regulate mRNA that is key to controlling cancer spread (metastasis). I could write pages here on the evidence and the effects. Much of the information is beyond the capacity of an electrical engineer or a psychologist to understand because they lack the necessary credentials in biological, physiological and medical sciences.
      I have to also correct your incorrect statement with your comparison of a car key remote and a smart meter. The smart meters used here in Australia use transmitters that operate in a power range of 1-2 watts. A wireless car key is a short-range device that are low-power transmitters typically limited to 25–100 mW effective radiated power (ERP). The other obvious difference is the amount of times these devices are transmitting, the amount of information that is being transmitting and the modulation pattern used to transmit the data.

    • Dana says:

      Thomas, the onus is on the seller to make sure a product is safe for sale and, when a government feels it is necessary to mandate a product be forced on people, the onus is on them too. This is especially the case when there are already numerous studies showing something is harmful, as is the case with RF radiation. Also, two former military microwave experts have publicly stated that pulsed microwave radiation is harmful. Where is the safety study showing that the pulsed RF radiation from smart meters is safe? The onus is also on the government to take proper consultation with the leading experts in this field of research and make a comprehensive review of the research, looking at all the research as a whole, not looking at it selectively. I think we will be able to show that these things have not been done properly.
      Also, since some countries have safety standards which are 100 times stricter than ours, it is clearly possible to run a mobile phone network with much stricter safety standards. So why is this not being done in Australia? What justification is there for allowing safety standards which are higher than necessary for the operation of a mobile phone network when there are so many studies showing harm from microwave exposure? Also, why are the mobile phone towers not being turned off at night? Why are we being exposed at a time when there is no benefit to the public in having mobile phone towers on as there is nobody making a call in the middle of the night? The night time is an extremely important time for immune system activity and microwaves interfere with sleep patterns and the immune system.

    • Protect our Children says:

      Hi Doubting Thomas

      Hmmm……I’m not aware of anyone who uses their automobile remote key fob 14,000 times a day (which equates to around the mean average number of transmissions per meter in Victoria’s mesh smart meter networks according to data filed by PG&E, which relies on the same technology; the median number of transmissions per day was listed as 9,600 and a worst-case scenario was 190,000

      I also suspect Victoria’s electricity distributors would not have a workable network if transmissions extended the paltry distances achieved by car key remotes! Reassuringly, my RF meter barely raises a murmur for the car remote key fobs that I tested. (And yes, my meter does test the RF frequencies used by car remote fobs in Australia). It’s an entirely different case when my RF meter encounters a smart meter! It’s screaming; the displayed peak volts per metre and average power density readings also jump impressively. (And this is from 30 cm away).

      Certainly, from my point of view, the large body of scientific studies showing that pulsed RF causes permeability of the blood-brain barrier, activation of voltage-gated calcium channels, reduction of melatonin levels, single strand and double-strand damage to DNA, and degranulation of mast cells, makes me wonder why our authorities lag behind the 40% of the world enjoying the benefit of limits that are ten to hundreds of times more protective.

      The human body is, as is all life on this planet, the outcome of exposure to a unique EMF environment. Man has changed this exquisite balance, in what, in terms of our evolution, amounts to the blink of an eye.

      Surely, we should be treading carefully?

    • Paul says:

      Which electricity supplier or government department do you work for Thomas?

    • Jason says:

      EMF has been known to effect ALL living tissue since ~ 50-odd years ago ~ CSIRO investigations clearly demonstrated that cattle feeding under/near very high-voltage transmission produced significantly less meat and significantly more tissue injuries ~ including a number of cancers not (or rarely) found in other cattle.

      There’s NO question about the effect; the only questions are re. the extent of the effects and how much we’re prepared to put at risk for the great benefits of electricity-use.
      ……and whether we’re offered/permitted options.

    • Paul says:

      Thomas, on another matter, I think your job is safe with the electricity company that you work for!

  7. Rik says:

    I suffer from EHS and I dont have a smart meter. Im affected by all of them in the area so it doesn’t matter what they do to my house I still get affected as this area has mainly 3 units per block so we have 3x the normal smart meters here.

    I invite those government agencies to come here and tell me they are safe. I bet if they stayed in this area for over 24 hours they would be complaining and they would also want them removed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sugar coat this useless study all you want. Smart transmitter radiation is not safe, has not been proven to be safe, will never be safe. Perhaps a stint in jail will give some of these people time to research the harmful effects of radiation.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I say lock these lying sods supporting the Microwave Industry up for at least 20 years to be served in full, with no remission for good behaviour. On second thoughts ……Throw away the cell key and let these criminals rot in jail.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They can’t hide from the truth forever as more and more people will become sick.They get away with this rubbish because people either don’t care or are unaware.Its a crime to give out any false or misleading information which can cause harm or even death.
    They hope that everyone is ignorant. But we are not all ignorant.The argument that these devices emit less radiation that other devices is irrelevant, that would mean that low tar cigarettes are safer to smoke.That would mean that smoking three cigarettes a day is safer than smoking ten a day. No one in this whole world could tell you what a safe level of radiation is. Everyone is different,it depends how susceptible you are.
    You can have two people spend the same amount of time out in the sun, one gets sunburn and the other doesn’t.
    What a waste of time and money when we have people that go hungry and sleep out in the streets. They can do all the studies they want, still doesn’t change the fact that millions of men, women and children have been exposed to a possible cancer causing agent. Facts are facts.
    This radiation is a possible cancer causing agent.Any claims made must be proven.
    The report was commissioned because people claimed they were sick, well all they have to do is test everyone to disprove this claim, if they don’t do this then these people can state that the claim they made is the truth.

  10. Chris says:

    i am surprised that you would expect anything less from our government than this complete dodge of the issue. If they were to test for harmful effects, imagine the result and imagine the lawsuits. the whole system is completely corrupt to the core. Honestly something has to be done about this before our whole society goes to hell

    • Anonymous says:

      99 percent of people are sheep and believe what these propaganda parasite/gangsters are telling them.Organised crime in suits, logic tells me.Lawyer/Liars making up the words to CON vince the sheep

  11. Rob G says:

    For all those who suspect that ARPANSA is not qualified to pontificate on health matters, this copied from their fact sheet at;

    “The small amount of radioactive material in some smoke alarms is not a risk to health……………. ………‎The radioactive source in a smoke alarm is extremely insoluble and, if swallowed, would not be absorbed into the body but would pass through the digestive system.” This begs the question of what happens if the source is trapped in one’s appendix.

  12. chris coughran says:

    there’s a TV program tomorrow evening ABCNews24, science vs. superstition in relation to emissions. hopefully not another whitewash!


    • Cameron Taylor says:

      Why is it that Rodney Croft constantly appears in these programs and puts down people who do not want to be exposed and choose not to be exposed to radiation which they know makes people sick and in which they have personally experienced those symptoms and in which Rodney Croft himself acknowledges the reality and debilitating effects of those symptoms and in which he even acknowledges that there is some possibility that those symptoms are caused by the radiation ? Why the $#%^ is Rodney Croft always the one appearing on these programs ?

      Rodney Croft, I know emr/emf exposure made me terribly unwell. I know that many other persons have been made terribly unwell. It is not the power of the mind doing this Rodney Croft. Just because you can’t make the link in a way that your mindset thinks it needs to be made does not mean you have a basis to put yourself out there as some sort of expert telling people that wi-fi and emr are safe. I am getting sick of seeing Rodney Croft’s face appear every time there is a program/segment broadcast about the safety of emr/emf exposure.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        I have spoken to Rodney Croft on two occasions. He is not a Scientist in any way at all, just a Psychologist who has no Medical or proper Scientific Training it seems. Rodney Croft is not qualified to speak on Medical Complaints concerning these now proving to be Poisonous and idiotic and far from Smart Electric A.M.I Meters are adversely affecting more and more human beings.
        “Rodney, stop play acting and making yourself look more and more stupid every day.” You are seemingly just a modern day Witch-Doctor.

  13. Kate says:

    Does the Government seriously think this ‘Health Audit’ rehashed ‘Technical’ Study’ will be accepted by those who actually think for themselves, or are affected by wifi pollution? Of course not! However, the Report’s Authors obviously believe the majority of people are no better than mindless lemmings, and the herd instinct to run over the cliff and drown in a polluted ocean of microwaves will prevail. Another example of Government exploitation.

  14. Caroline says:

    I had chronic headaches when we moved into our new house with a smart meter on my bedroom wall. I had room painted with Yshield paint and it has made a huge difference.

    • maxine says:

      Expensive though, I would imagine. These should not be placed on homes at all.

    • One of the regulars says:

      I have not spent a single cent of my money over the last three years. I don’t earn much but every single cent has been saved in case the day comes where I am forced off the grid because one thing is sure, that I will never ever have one of these filthy, dirty, stinking, child murdering, mother and father murdering, 24/7 radiation pulsing apparatus on my property. I now have a tidy little sum that just sits there as contingency against that day. It will not be spent on anything. The evil imposition of these filthy devices known as smart meters has also imposed great financial damage upon many people. Caroline’s paint cost her much much more than any tin of Dulux. I have been well and truly deprived as there are many needful things that I have needed but have not been able to use the money that I earned to obtain those needs. Nevertheless I sit here no longer to be held ransom to the stinking electricity distribution company and to a corrupt Victorian government. If there ever are any further attempts by these criminals to impose a stinking toxic smart meter device upon me, I will not hesitate to say #@$%^& your electricity grid. I have spent the last three years to obtain the means to do just that if provoked.

  15. icouldahad says:

    Just sent this email:
    Dear Ms D’Ambrosia,

    I just read the release from your government concerning the technical study done on smart meters.

    Unfortunately, it is not the health study that was requested by those who suffer from this terrible technology.

    The fact that your government is too afraid to confer with health professions as demanded by the people of Victoria, proves just how corrupt Victorian politicians are.

    It also proves to all Victorians that smart meters are a health hazard and you know it.

    If smart meters weren’t a health hazard, you would have conducted the study as requested.

    Since your government chose to waste our money on something we never asked for, I now request that every member of the Victorian Parliament be made to pay for the real study on the health audit as requested, because the people of Victoria should not be made to shoulder the cost of a study that the Labor and Liberals parties intentionally bungled.


    This country needs a real government that does the bidding of the people, not the oligarchy it’s become that bows to Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Agro (Monsatan), etc

  16. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    This is how governments try to avoid their responsibility for maintaining health and safety standards for the public.
    The Australian Victorian Government mandates a seriously suspect imposition on us, and refuses a perform a proper study because of the risk of being found out that they are contributing to public health problems.
    Definitely not a government for the people! (Or ‘by’, or ‘of’).

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