17th April 2014



Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA) welcomes Mr Russell Northe MP to his new portfolio and trusts that his appointment as Minister for Energy and Resources will bring with it a reality check on a number of unresolved issues in relation to the Victorian Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) rollout.

SSMA formally incorporated as an Association in April 2013, in response to the community’s objections to the Victorian AMI rollout. Paramount within our legal purposes is to provide support and assistance to people opposed to the forced rollout of smart meters on the grounds of health, privacy, security, safety and cost.

Ms Janobai Smith, Spokesperson for SSMA, said:
“Stop Smart Meters Australia takes exception to the inequity of the current AMI rollout policy, having made no provision for the reinstatement of analogue or interval-only meters, in cases where consumers are suffering health effects as a result of wireless smart meter emissions. We believe it is imperative this issue be urgently addressed.”

“We were heartened that an independent audit, to determine whether there are any health risks associated with smart meters, was announced by Mr Northe’s predecessor earlier this year. However, the Victorian Government has failed to advise Victorians who will be conducting the audit, and what the time frame is for it.”

“SSMA believes that the scope of this audit should be extended beyond that of earlier investigations which, patently, have suffered from serious systemic faults. As a concerned community group, we would appreciate the opportunity to have input into this process” commented Ms Smith.

The aim of the AMI Meter Electromagnetic Field Survey, commissioned by the Victorian Government in 2011, was to determine if emissions from smart meters met the relevant ARPANSA standard. As its authors acknowledged, the ARPANSA standard is only designed to protect from heat injury and does not take into account other biological effects. A number of scientific studies have shown that non-thermal effects can and do lead to highly undesirable health outcomes. In SSMA’s opinion, seeking to confirm that smart meter emissions met the current ARPANSA standard, whilst ignoring non-thermal effects, was a waste of taxpayers’ funds.

Similarly, although Energy Safe Victoria’s 2012 report into safety was titled ‘Safety of Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Victoria’, ESV abrogated its responsibilities in regards to health concerns by stating that potential health effects was the subject of separate regulatory arrangements administered by ACMA, which incorporates ARPANSA’s exposure limits and that they had also been subject to a Victorian Government review (i.e. the aforementioned AMI Meter Electromagnetic Field Survey).

Ms Smith states,
“We believe that it is vital that the audit seriously considers why so many Victorians and people elsewhere claim to have developed symptoms, or to have had existing symptoms exacerbated, as a result of the rollout of wireless advanced metering infrastructure. As a minimum, we believe that Victorians who have claimed adverse health effects as a result of smart meters should be interviewed. Written evidence submitted to the UK Parliament in 2012 attested to the fact that the pulsed radiation from smart meters has resulted in thousands of health complaints world-wide. More than 10,000 health-related complaints were submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission alone, and included personal testimonies from medical doctors, psychotherapists and nurses regarding their own symptoms. The costs to government, within this unfolding drama, are real.”

Ms Smith continues
“SSMA is pleased that the government recognizes the importance of ensuring the audit be conducted by an independent organization. SSMA believes that, in order to ensure the audit’s credibility, it is imperative that the personnel concerned have no vested interest in the outcome. As an example, although the AMI Meter Electromagnetic Field Survey has been described as an independent report, there appears to be a close link between industry and one of its chief authors.”

“Clearly, as the matter at issue involves current and potential future health risks to the Victorian population, all personnel tasked with preparing the audit must necessarily have relevant medical qualifications with respect to non-ionizing radiation.”

“SSMA is concerned that the scope of the audit be sufficiently broad to encompass all areas of concern in relation to health. Unfortunately, AMI technology has been rolled out worldwide prior to the undertaking of any studies relating to safety. Specifically, we ask that the audit extend to considering biological testing that seeks to establish whether smart meter emissions cause effects such as breaches of the blood/brain barrier, selective release of calcium from cell membranes, DNA single and double strand breaks and nerve cell death. Additionally, do these effects vary within the population? For example, regulatory bodies in a number of countries are increasingly concerned with the effects of radiofrequency radiation on children” said Ms Smith.

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  1. Frank Carleton says:

    Beyond well substantiated complaints on this website all smart resistants have to become active against them NOW! until the Victorian election.
    In that election the dangerous health and safety issues posed by smart meters must be a MAJOR QUESTION.
    We do not yet know whether the coming audit will properly and comprehensively address the crucial health and safety issues or be only another bogus exercise because it’s an election year.
    Ignoring widespread and demonstrated public anxiety about smart meters and the bullyboy tactics of the power distribution companies has demonstrated the contempt of the ALP under Babbling Brumby and the Coalition under Nebulous Napthine. for democracy. Both rather want and have party oligarchy which is supposed to change periodically between them depending on which side’s mendacious self serving propaganda is temporarily successful.
    Neither must be allowed to ignore the smart meter rollout outrage this year.
    Support People Power!

  2. Chris says:

    i saw an interesting story on Ch9 news last night. a group of barristers and lawyers are fighting the East-West tunnel development in the Supreme Court, on the grounds that the government has been lying that it will make things “better”, and that indeed it may not help with travel times, congestion etc. The story suggested that unlike the protestors, using the law in this way they just might win and have a real chance of stopping the project.

    i couldnt help thinking that this should be also done for smart meters? we’ve all been fed this bunch of complete rubbish from the government that Smart Meters are all for our benefit, and that our prices will come down, when in reality most ppl find the prices go UP once a smart meter is installed. Surely the same rules can be applied as those that are being utilized for the Supreme court action for the Tunnel? an audit of people who have actually benefitted from the installation of a smart meter…their prices have come down, their health has improved, they are happier? imagine the result of this audit!

    has no-one else thought of this angle?

  3. geoffrey says:

    the real reason nothing will be found is that its a classified military secret, and you dont need to know

  4. Maggie says:

    If anyone is STILL under the illusion that the Smart Grid with its dinky little ‘smartmeters’, “smartphones’, ‘digital TVs’, or other ‘smart’ apps (including those being deliberately deployed among the impressionable young,) are purely there for our benefit, and that we have nothing to be concerned about, then they should read this article.

    We, the people of Australia and the world, have plenty to be concerned about – and the fight for our basic human rights which are covertly being taken away from us, HAS to be taken to the streets…… we have discovered in so many ways we can no longer trust the powers of Government to act in our defence.

  5. Frank Carleton says:

    My brief letter of 30th August, 2011 with enclosure to Gary Blackwood MP, Member for Narracan 3/24 Mason St.,Warragul 3820 said this:
    Attuned to crucial issues that concern your constituents’ health and financial wellbeing you will be aware of the growing resistance to the arrogant imposition of smart meters in Victoria notwithstanding the known health hazards they pose.
    Enclosed is a copy of my letter of refusal to SPAusnet.
    Would you advise me of the steps you are taking to represent and protect the interests of those of your constituents who refuse to have a smart meter imposed on their premises?
    I look forward to you prompt advice.
    Vive la resistance,
    Frank Carleton
    Blackwood, who enjoys a publicly provided salary, did not condescend to reply to this mere constituent.
    The smart meter rollout begun under an ALP government and continued by its Coalition successor
    exposes both sides of the playground as constituting a common self serving political class wholly
    indifferent to the health and safety issues posed by these pernicious devices.
    It’s insufficient to merely lock your meter box and post denial defeat the rollout and cause rollback.
    The fight must be taken directly to the parasitic Les and Lesley Patterson clones of the Coalition and the ALP at the local level. Form delegations and demand a hearing and if ignored or denied demonstrate outside the local electorate office with attendant media coverage.
    Frank Carleton

    • Minnie says:

      Yes Frank, it seems no one wants to be held liable or responsible. First they try to tell you it is the law and when you question them on this, they ignore you. Then they quote the Distributor’s code as Gospel,Yes it is not enough to lock up your meter box anymore. It is time everyone from the top to the bottom was held responsible and liable. No one wants to be held responsible and this is why the installers, state that they are just doing their job.

      • tony says:

        I locked my gate,but they climbed over the fence ,an helped them selves

        • Minnie says:

          Dear Tony, you need to find the name of the installer. If you had a trespassing sign up and had notified them, then they are trespassing. Get the installers name and insurance indemnity number.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Well done Frank

  6. Paul says:

    Why hold another ‘audit’ anyway. I bet anyone can predict the outcome.

  7. Tanya says:

    Can this reveiw of smart meters focus on the health issues and not the costs expended so far? Don’t start a review into the health effects and then come back and say, “Too much money has been spent on the smart meter rollout to uninstall them”. The issue is health, not money.

    • Gwen says:

      Totally agree Tanya. You cannot replace OUR health. Because the stupid meters have to be replaced after a few years,(another couple of billion dollars or so,) why not put the old analogues back now. That will help a lot of suffers of EMR sensitivity before we are damaged further.

      • Minnie says:

        They will never admit that smart meters cause health problems. There would be mass hysteria and lawsuits. What they can do is give people a choice. If you choose to have a smart meter then you are responsible. This seems to be the only way as the only other thing they can do is arrest us and break down our doors. Then they would be held responsible and liable and eventually be tried for crimes against humanity.

  8. Eric says:

    Perhaps the reason they are not willing to tackle the cases of all those persons that have already come forth with significant health problem complaints is because for them, to be seen as doing so would also be seen as an admission on their part that their irresponsibility in thrusting this situation upon us in the way that they have is in fact nothing less than a genuine scenario of human experimentation of the worst kind on an unsuspecting population.
    Somehow I don’t think they want to be seen as admitting to committing such a serious serious breach of human rights.

    • Eric says:

      So, we’ll get around that by announcing another audit instead.
      And what are the details of this other audit ? There are none.

    • Minnie says:

      How can they ever admit they put our health at risk? Are they willing to examine any of us? What if they find we are telling the truth? What then, do they remove their smart meters? I highly doubt it and that is why they won’t answer your questions and they pass the responsibility on to some one else. My Doctor has been sent information in regards to this safety audit. My doctor and I had a long discussion about smart meters. He told me this is how asbestos started. He told me it was well known asbestos was harmful a long time ago. He also told me that denial is quite powerful.

      “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”
      ― Plato

  9. Eric says:

    Has this proposed audit even been given an actual title ?

    Having the word “safety” as part of the title would be inappropriate because unless
    a very clear and precise definition of the word “safe” is first given, the words “safe”
    and “safety” have absolutely no meaning and any proposed audit would be a complete waste
    of time. Should such a scenario eventuate then clearly the audit is a sham with the results
    already being illegitimately predetermined prior to even commencing.

    Have they actually said that it is a “health audit” ? I haven’t heard that so I doubt it.
    If it truly was then they would be obligated to look at ALL the health ailments that we
    are seeing and reported by thousands in respect to their exposure to smart meter wireless radiation and emfs. These ailments would include headaches, nausea, tinnitus, insomnia, blood noses, skin disorders and many many others that we could mention in what is a well publicized list.

    And why would you announce some sort of audit (which you neither give any details about) when there are many many people that are suffering all these health issues RIGHT NOW. Why don’t investigate the cases of these people first and foremost ? You have a real life test lab that you can go to right here in Melbourne and Victoria. What better test lab is there than the real life scenario that you people have irresponsibly thrust upon the citizens of this state ? These poor folk whom YOU have made sick are there and waiting and willing to come forth as willing participants in any genuine investigation. They know that these people are there. These peope have made themselves and their cases well known but what’s happened when they spoke up ? They have all been callously swept under the carpet. The people that are directly responsible for making these many people so sick to the ruination of their lives and then swept the cases of these people under the carpet and who know fully well what they have done…………..can you expect any sort of genuineness whatsoever from them when they announce some sort health/safety audit given that they know what they know ????
    Give me a break !!!!!!!!!!!
    The complaints are already there. Investigate them NOW.
    So many people’s lives have been taken away from them because of this $#@+ and you get these stupid clowns like Stuart Allott saying that smart meters are within Australian Safe standards.
    Am I allowed to say here what should be done to Mr Stuart Allott ?

  10. Sharka says:

    Even if the result of their health audit is that the effect of a smart meter is “minimal” (as I am sure that they will make sure is – their result). That does not mean that these smart meters are not causing concern and anxiety, and anxiety is NOT healthy!

    It doesn’t matter what their result is! We don’t want a smart meter even if their “Audit” says that they are safe enough to eat!

    You cant force people to do something they don’t want to do!

    Let’s do a an Audit about if it is right to force people to do what they don’t want to do!

    • Eric says:

      You’re right on the money there Sharka

    • Minnie says:

      How can a possible carcinogen be safe? If their is a risk however small then they can’t be safe. What exactly do they hope to achieve with this audit? More crap about it being all in our minds. This is also a health problem and a serious one at that. No it does not matter what the results are, we know the truth. People are getting sick. I have spoken to many people. They can’t see properly. Their ears are ringing.
      It will take many years for the ignorant masses to wake up. By then they will most likely be very sick.

  11. Minnie says:

    Are they going to examine any of us? Because that is the only way I think you could actually have a safety audit. What about cancer?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Of course these servants of Beelzebub don’t want to examine any Victorians whose health has been wrecked by these accursed Type 2B Carcinogen machines or “Smart-Arsed” and far from Smart Microwave Electric Meters. It would prove conclusively that these machines are only designed to rip ever more money off the people on whom they have been forced with shocking and ongoing health consequences as are now being found not only here in Victoria Australia, but now world-wide.

      This Victorian Government of the Liberal Party just like the past Victorian Labor Party is ROTTEN TO THE CORE as they continue to force people to take these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing and far from Smart Electric Microwave or now newly named A.M.I = Advanced Metering Infrastructure Electric Remote Reading Microwave Meters.

      The only reason these so-called Smart Meters are now called A.M.I Meters is to try and Dumb Down the Victorian Public.

      • Minnie says:

        My doctor has been sent information on this safety audit the Government is supposed to be conducting. I am going to ask him about it next time i see him. If my doctor knows about it all the doctor’s would of been notified. So i assume they are hoping know one finds out the Doctor’s are aware of this safety audit.

  12. 1vimana1 says:

    Congratulations to you Mr Mark Florio and Ms Janobai Smith,
    A very well and accurate summation of the serious way this whole Microwave Smart Meter business needs to be handled by people who are properly qualified to evaluate objectively the serious problems besetting now so many fast growing numbers of people both here in Victoria Australia and world wide who are suffering from genuine sicknesses brought on by the Microwave Smart Meters constant broadcasting twenty four hours per day of the poisonous Microwaves throughout the living organism of humans and animals and even plants such as delicate creepers and all living things.

    Those people in the Microwave industry responsible for building these Smart Meters and Radio Towers and Cell phones and Mobile phones are incapable of making any objective and sensible medical scientific evaluation as they are already being paid by this Industry world wide who ” don’t give a damn” about how many adult humans and children are being medically and seriously damaged by these actual and far from Smart Meters, as well as Radio transmitting and receiving devices atop of buildings and high radio masts including mobile phones etc.

  13. gary oraniuk says:

    The link here seems to me to attest to the fact that at least the Swiss authorities have recognised the adverse effects of EMR exposure. Perhaps this may add to your case?

    • Minnie says:

      Dear Gary, there is more than enough proof that wireless technology can harm you. I myself have sent this off to many departments, they just ignore it. If they don’t acknowledge it, it does not exist. The only way you could get around this, is meet these people in person, with all your evidence. They can’t fob you off in person. If they have nothing to hide, they should be able to arrange a meeting and bring their factual evidence.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        They won’t do this. Look at that past Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien. He squibbed it when at his invitation to meet him back in March 2012 at his office, he ran away from our group. His servants were most embarrassed when Mr GUTLESS Michael O’Brien was not there to meet us. His excuse to his staff was that he had been called away. ” Bunnies” ! I say, he was too frightened to meet us like the Coward he showed himself to be. Now he is the Treasurer of the Victorian Liberal Party. Some promotion that was. I’d have demoted him to Chief Dunny Cleaner as his reward for abandoning his duty to the People of Victoria. He showed No Duty of Care for the Victorian Peoples’ Health or Welfare in any way at all, showing himself to be a despicable person.

        • Minnie says:

          Dear Ivimanai,
          I know they wont do this, but that does not mean we can’t try. We have to start pushing back even if it takes a long time. I know i am not lying can they say the same. A liar has to have a good memory, so they can cover the first lie they told. At least we are not cowards. None of them will answer questions, i think this has been covered a few times. But i will keep on asking, i don’t care how long it takes.

  14. John John says:

    This issue is world wide and governments must do more research for health effects. Who is really pushing the smart meter programs around the world? I think there is more to this than just power companies monitoring power usage.

    • Anonymous says:

      Watch movie “Control Factor”on you-tube!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      It’s simply, ” The Love of Money is over-ruling common decency and genuine concern for Human Health, it’s that simple. All of these people forcing these Electric Microwave and now proving to be far from SAFE Microwave and now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Microwave Electric Meters, are caught up in a Web of Evil, simple as that John.

      • John M says:

        @1vimana1. There’s more to it than the love of money. Those forcing them on us are being directed to from without and above. I think fear is as much a motivator as greed is. There’s not many politicians worldwide standing up to say, NO!!

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