Do smart meters cause house fires? Evidence of Industry corruption in silencing this issue

In conjunction with the ‘Take Back Your Power’ film, Brian Thiesen explores in-depth how smart meters cause fires and the industry corruption silencing this issue.

From manufacturer savings by using cheaper and fewer parts and four different causes of arcing alone, to real world environmental impacts on the safe functioning of smart meters and poor installation, Brian outlines a multitude of things that can go wrong.  So-called ‘rigorous testing’ in the factory does not mimic the environment in which the smart meter is installed.  Nor does it take into account in any way, the dangerous items situated close to a smart meter, that could turn a meter fire into a neighbourhood demolition zone.  Watch the video to see how replacing your smart meter much more frequently than was necessary with an analogue meter, will increase the fire risk years down the track when we start to lose sight of this issue.  Watch also for the warning sign that your smart meter has just triggered a fire that may not yet be visible to you.

Brian shows newspaper and online reports about a number of smart meter fires, including some in Australia.  While Australian smart meters are different in appearance to the US smart meters, many Australian smart meters are manufactured by the same manufacturer of smart meters that has been involved in-house fires in the US.

Brian then turns his attention from the cause of smart meter fires to the coverup of smart meter fires, quoting one authority as saying, “I think ratepayers will thank us for this” (doing nothing about addressing the smart meter fires).

The film ends with a promotion of Take Back Your Power which also covers the fires issue, along with other concerns about smart meters.  Stop Smart Meters Australia has a limited number of copies of Take Back Your Power DVD available for sale.  Click on the Take Back Your Power link in the sidebar on the right of your internet browser screen to secure your copy.

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7 Responses to Do smart meters cause house fires? Evidence of Industry corruption in silencing this issue

  1. Too clever says:

    The power companies bragged that these incredibly ‘smart’ meters could detect faults at the property and the power companies would let the home-owner know and the problem could be fixed and we’d all be ever so grateful to the power company for detecting the fault and potentially saving us from some disaster.

    Really? So why aren’t these ‘clever’ little meters detecting the fault before the house goes up in flames? Why are the ‘clever’ little meters, themselves, causing the house fires?

    That must be an extra service for which we are supposed to pay the power companies!!!

  2. Dana says:

    Tim Wilson, associated with the Abbott government, has been deemed Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner and he is taking questions on the subject of human rights.
    Bruce Evans and I have posted the following question:
    ”The latest study has come back showing that mobile phones do cause cancer. There are also studies showing that mobile phones cause massive amounts of DNA damage which will result in deformities in the next generation of children. Many people do not even know that mobile phones emit microwaves. Isn’t it time the government took some steps to protect the health of Australians from microwave exposure, such as turning the mobile phone towers off at night?”
    If you have a Facebook account, you can vote for our question and it will move to the top of the list and more people will read it. This will help raise awareness and hopefully we might also get an answer. All you have to do is go to the link below an click the vote button:

  3. Snowy says:

    Liar, liar, meter base on fire.
    Consider the larger picture. To focus solely on what is inaccurately referred to as a smart “meter” runs the risk of degenerating into little more than self absorbed navel gazing. If anything, what is actually at risk here begins and ends with the privately owned meter base or meter socket, which in most jurisdictions is usually owned and insured by the property owner.
    With that ownership comes a distinct responsibility to protect the integrity of one’s own meter base or socket.
    If you own property, consider the sheer ludicrousness of a groupthink of computer geeks with no hands-on experience of the real dangers of electricity designing a bolt-on gadget intended for your own private electrical system?
    Would you not challenge the basic premise here of electrical competency, particularly if that geek had no experience or knowledge of nor any grasp of or respect for the immutable laws of electricity?
    Reliable electricians usually know many who have died. It can happen when electricity arcs across from one energized transmission line to the de-energized transmission line on the other side of six lane highway.
    Or this can happen when any electrician makes one false move, ceases to pay attention for one split second.
    Electricity is unlike any other science, inasmuch as it is not hypothetical. There is zero room for error. Is it any wonder that electricians can be exacting, even dogmatic, black and white, or that the lackadaisical ones end up either dead or responsible for the deaths of others, by doing abysmally incorrect installations of electrical systems in private homes? The careful ones survive by never violating immutable laws.
    How much disregard went into the “too clever by half” transformation of the world’s grid from electrical to electronic? How educated are those who design a system with utter disregard for the laws of frequency interference, whether that interference occurs between various other wireless devices or constitutes the assault of frequency interference with all biology?
    Alternating current demands complete respect. Or so it was thought.
    Along comes smart geekdom, and next thing you know, people are addicted to devices run by exploding lithium ion batteries and manage their every waking and sleeping moments by unquestioningly accepting as safe countless wireless ways to ignore the laws of electricity. Clever maybe, wise, not at all, smart, yet incredibly stupid.
    Wireless is the perfect weapon of mass deconstruction, an equal opportunity demolition tool. It respects no differences between interference with brain frequencies and interference with hoe wiring by arcing between two disconnected capacitors inside a plastic piece of junk.
    If any homeowner had been informed in advance that this junk is an arson prone, load limiting, energy rationing money extraction device that may or may not qualify them for energy use, how many would wittingly accept one?
    Would you agree to allow a chipboard to override a heavy duty electrical master switch inside your own home, once you understood it would do so by using two capacitors to take over control – and in a sense ownership – of your home’s entire energy system while rendering your property uninsurable?
    Would you let someone with all the skills of a pizza delivery guy work on your wiring, under load, given that lug damage is almost unavoidable and becomes the cause of hidden arcing withint the singularly most volatile system in your home?
    Would you let anyone continuously flip the master switch to your system on and off at will? Would you agree to pay for your private electrical system system to be used to run the grid while all liability is to be assumed solely by you? Would you agree to the introduction of corrosion inducing and arc producing surges and pulses on to your electricity wiring even though this is guaranteed to wear out your non chipped reliable non wireless appliances which will then need to be replaced by a monopoly of smart RFID antenna chopped, monitor-able appliances?
    Yet this is precisely what is occurring, everywhere on the globe.
    The manufacturers of these electronic computer devices, in collusion with their utility cohorts, have bypassed all accepted standards of electrical legitimacy and waived aside professional electrical contractor procedures mandated by law. Utilities have replaced electrical literacy with dangerously incompatible electronics, despite the inherent incompatibility of the two.
    The issue is not so much the so called meter, It is the question of who is tampering with your meter base.
    The owner’s analogue meter base represents the real Achilles heel of this farce, as well as offering the basis for lawful remedy. An electrical system cannot have a meter without an electrically compatible meter base/socket.
    Lloyd’s London has proven this. Lloyd’s is pretty much king of the castle, when it comes to the yes and no of what is and is not covered by insurance policies. And given that Lloyd’s is the gold standard, particularly for exclusion clauses, it is significant that Lloyd’s has determined that insurance for all forms of wireless is no longer covered, policies that kicked into effect some five years ago.
    Up until now, all electronics has been electricity dependent. Electronics and electricity are not a match made in heaven to begin with.
    The reciprocal damage is a two way street. With or without a smart meter shoved on a meter base that was only designed for an analogue meter, the electricity now entering your home bears no resemblance to the electricity generated before the deployment of the smart grid and the transformation of electricity into microwaves filling private homes. Certainly surges have always occurred from time to time.
    However homes used to be wired professionally so as to cancel out electrical fields, by twisting the wires to accomplish just that. The same rule applied to transmission lines.
    Now what we witness are two systems pretending to be one system. The new system piggy backs on the old and often ageing infrastructure of the old one, which now must bear the load, and degenerate from increased electrolysis and corrosion induced by standardized total harmonic distortion. The old one IS the grid. The new one, not so much.
    Any obligation to adhere to a 50 or 60 hertz system has been waived to benefit the new system, which pretends to be an upgrade of the old system.
    Anyone who has lost home electronics and/or major and minor home appliances to any power surges has discovered this the hard way.
    Now those surges have been made routine, while everyone is acting as if this were normal or acceptable, rapid ageing of the home and accelerated damage you must pay for.
    Welcome to the corporate transfer of liability to the unsuspecting.
    The smart grid’s secondary industry is the systematic use of surges and pulses, with or without a smart meter, to effect the augmentation of bills . The destruction of working appliances, to be replaced by chipped junk in a shiny package is collateral damage which benefits the industry to the detriment of the customer. The offer of a bit of money to take away one’s old reliable refrigerator (meter) in order to save the planet was a ruse as well, but nearly everyone fell for it.
    There is no shut off, for a s/meter, so the surge fuel continues to feed electricity to the fire, the same fire started by these surges in the first place. Ingenious criminality? Or just a case of criminal incompetence? .

  4. Rik says:

    The general public knows these smart meters cause health problems and house fires and many other problems but the governments and authorities are doing nothing about them. We NEED them removed and the sooner the better.
    We NEED MORE people to hear us so EVERYONE knows and if we all speak up the governments and authorities will be forced to listen.

  5. Kathleen says:

    A plumber who has just completed some work at my property tells me he did a roaring trade in replacing elements in hot water heaters, as well as replacing whole units, after smart meter installation. Our unit is still working perfectly after sixteen years and no smart meter.

  6. Hammer Mann says:

    I say,
    ” Of Course these Electric Microwave A.M.I so-called and actually far from Smart Meters cause house-fires. Examine the fire at Northcote which did over $300,000 Dollars of damage in that Melbourne suburban area to a two-storey Greek home, plus two more fires in Northcote some time back and only after these dopy poisonous Microwave sending and receiving machines were forced on the three hapless home owners.”

    The Fire Brigade had to be called and intervene to put out these fires not only in Northcote but in Geelong and some of its neighbouring areas and again only after these dopy poisonous and proven to be INCENDIARY Machines had been forced on people, some of whom were out shopping or away from home for any other reason.

    We here in Ararat some 210 kilometres west of Melbourne have had a number of fires from these so-called but far from ” Smart” Electric Microwave machines.Thank God that some now claimed 20,000 of us, me included had the common-sense to padlock our private Electric Meter Boxes to stop these greedy Rapine Thieves from stealing our Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters. I had the sense to write polite but very strongly worded letters to these Thieves at PowerCor who service the Western Area of Victoria.
    I also sent them a Notice of Fine from the A.C.C.C in Canberra for some Millions of Dollars as well. That put paid to their “WICKEDNESS” and I have not received any letters challenging my LAWFUL right to keep the Safe and Passive Analog Meter after sending these I allege to be Confidence Tricksters and Liars the Letter of Complaint against their continual bullying and harassment with my Lawful Notice of Fine from Canberra which I sent Registered Mail to PowerCor’s C.E.O and to their Lawyer and to the head of their Publicity Department..

    I allege that the Victorian Government’s of both the Labor and Liberal Parties have shown themselves to be CRIMINALLY negligent in forcing these MONSTROSITIES of anything but Smart Meters on the Victorian Public and against the wishes of the People of Victoria. Why did these two parties go ahead with this now proving to be CRIMINAL ROLL-OUT ? For the extorting of Money or FILTHY LUCRE, and to extort ever more CASH from their already Cash-Strapped Customers without a care in the world for the people of Victoria’s Health or Welfare. In so doing both the Victorian Labour and Liberal Parties I allege, have been toadying or crawling to these five Electric Power Companies all Foreign owned, bar United Energy Distribution which is an Australian owned Electric Power company.

    What are the C.E.O’s of these companies ? I allege that these C.E.O’s and their minions are no better than Carrion Crows, but these C.E.O’s are I allege greedily RAPING their Electricity Customers already Cash Strapped Pockets once again, aided and abetted by I allege to be CRIMINAL Victorian Labor Government as did the I also allege to be CRIMINAL Victorian Liberal Party Government under Ted Baillieu and then under Denis Napthine before he too was kicked out of office.
    Every one of these I allege to be Criminal C.E.O’s and their I allege to be Criminal Lawyers and their other servants needs to be locked up for the term of their natural lives and never to be let out of GAOL as the damage they have wrought upon a ever growing number of the Victorian community is still growing day by day. The Victorian Governments of Labor and the Liberal Party have since the beginning of the roll-out of these infernal and far from Smart Meters has never shown any Lawful Duty of Care for their Victorian Peoples’ Health or Welfare at any time and right up to the present they show no Duty of Care for our Health and Welfare in relation to these criminally dangerous Electric A.M.I Microwave and far from Smart Meters.

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