Herald Sun – Reports of illness prompt audit of smart meter radiation

AN independent audit of electromagnetic radiation from smart meters will begin next month as critics claim reports of illness from hundreds of Victorians represent an emerging health crisis.

More than 250 Victorians have contacted Stop Smart Meters Australia to report insomnia, headaches, ringing in the ears, tiredness and burning or tingling sensations.

“Adverse reactions to smart meter emissions have also resulted, for some, in loss of employment, social dislocation, and unwanted family separations,” it says in a letter to the State Government.

Independent electromagnetic radiation tests at 55 properties are due to start late next month.

Energy Minister Russell Northe said: “The Government expects that smart meters will be shown to operate well within the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency standard.”

Electromagnetic emission rates from the smart meters will be compared with those from other devices such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, televisions, wi-fi routers and computers.

A similar, smaller 2011 study found emissions were well within the accepted safety standard.

Some people listed on the Australian Electromagnetic Radiation Health Complaints Register — which has received 22 reports relating to smart meters — will be invited to participate in the new audit.

But Stop Smart Meters Australia’s Janobai Smith said the study was of “limited value” because it wouldn’t interview people about ill health, nor test for biological effects.

Steve Weller, a senior IT consultant who shifted from Victoria to Queensland to escape smart meters, believes two devices at a neighbour’s property prompted his heart palpitations, head and intestinal pain, and insomnia.

But the director of the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research, Professor Rodney Croft, said there had been no convincing demonstrations of health effects from mobile phones, “which are 100 times more powerful than smart meters”.

A story by : Karen Collier

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97 Responses to Herald Sun – Reports of illness prompt audit of smart meter radiation

  1. Jenny Zanker says:

    Sick of pulsating through my ears, really obvious after returning from a few days in Adelaide. Ranges from really loud to softer but still annoying … Cannot be good for the brain. Going for ear test, but cannot take it anymore, so selling my house & moving interstate to the country for the sake of my health. They call this a free country,

  2. Arthur Ramsey says:

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    •Today the Internet is a lawless society; hackers can break into computers with relative impunity.
    •Two weeks later, with apparent impunity, security forces shot dead a young Brazilian electrician on his way to work.

    •The smart meter roll out is a crime against humanity that is being carried out by the state government and the Electricity Distribution Companies with apparent impunity

  3. paul says:

    Have you heard of Barrie Trower from the UK? He has written safety reports for two separate UK Police Unions for the use of Tetra radio system. He might be able to help with this subject.

    Regards, Paul.

    On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 10:01 PM, Stop Smart Meters Australia wrote:

    > Stop Smart Meters Australia posted: “AN independent audit of > electromagnetic radiation from smart meters will begin next month as > critics claim reports of illness from hundreds of Victorians represent an > emerging health crisis. More than 250 Victorians have contacted Stop Smart > Meters Au”

  4. Tanya says:

    Rodney Croft says there has been no convincing demonstrations of health effects from mobile phones. He is a psychologist. Charlie Teo is Australia’s top brain surgeon and he warns against excessive use of mobile phones. I know which one I’d rather believe. I think Croft has shrunk his own brain.

  5. Eric says:

    You’ve got to ask, how on earth is it that a mere utility company can gain remote control of people’s private premises and on such a wide scale. How on earth is it that they can even gain operational control of appliances INSIDE people’s own homes. What sort of trespass is this ? What sort of confidence trick is this that has taken place ? How is it that these mere scumbags have been able to gain such an advantage as this over virtually everyone ???

    This has got nothing to do with measuring the electricity that people consume.
    This is all about control.

    Just because it’s called a smart meter and may seem to have some degree of measuring functionality, this #@$%$#^ piece of control machinery is most definitely NOT an electricity meter.

    I don’t think we have gotten on top of the legalities of this scenario just yet, and that’s why they’ve gotten away with what is surely the biggest swindle in the history of mankind. I believe one thing, that this is nothing less than a mass violation of humanity itself. Surely there will be hell to pay for this.

    • Eric says:

      To charge us for electricity that WE CHOOSE to consume
      they only need to MEASURE,
      they do NOT need to MONITOR.
      A so called “smart meter” is not about measuring, it is all about monitoring.

    • Paul says:

      I can see a huge business opportunity for electronics experts in the future: removing chips from appliances that are designed to communicate with smart meters. This is all a form of control – see UN Agenda 21

  6. Happy Dissenter says:

    Is anyone getting visited / pamphlets for gas meters “needing” to be exchanged?

    • Anonymous says:

      My next door neighbor was told that about four months ago his gas meter was exchanged. Not sure if his is AMI retrofittable or not. I am in the process of investigating. My gas meter was also exchanged I really don’t Know when but I have a really great looking Landis and Gyr E750. This is AMI retrofittable. In other words the unit is easily converted into a smart meter by replacing the central block with the analog numbers. I have seen a whole block of these bastard E750 meters all bunched together at a block of units waiting for the day they they are going to wreak havoc as a gang. I won’t be taking this sitting down.

      • Gwen says:

        If smartmeters cause house fires, won’t “smart” gas meters blow up Victoria? My gas meter is on the outside of my bedroom. My bedhead is on the other side.

    • Anonymous says:

      My neighbors new gas meter is marked
      SP Ausnet and 5044LJ

      I wasn’t able to find out if this is what they call a “pulse” model or whether it is AMI retrofittable or not.

      Does anyone else know ???

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        Thanks for the responses. 🙂 The bloke who tried to get into my property had black gloves on, fiddling with the gate lock. I was observing from inside. Then he tooted the truck horn…I put the kettle on instead and kept watching. Then he left a brochure in the letter box, requesting us to phone him. I’ll wait a little while before I ring…or maybe I wont ring.

  7. Donald Fitzpatrick says:

    After all my objections to having a Smart Meter sadly it now looks as though I will have to succumb after all, for a situation has arisen that I never allowed for until now I have turned 85 and unfortunately have health problems which I feel may well contribute to my demise in the not too distant future, therefore I must now give consideration to my wife who is 20 yrs younger than I, so even though Smart Meters have already been fitted to a Local Retirement Village I have arranged to sell our 9 yr old home and move into it, which should give my wife a more secure feeling than being left all alone in the event of my passing.
    Having said all of that let me now say that I fervently hope that all of you good people who are Members of Stop Smart Meters continue to stick to your guns and not allow these rotten Power Companies to get the best of you, and I wish you all the very best of luck for the future and I of course will continue to be a Member of our new Political Party.
    My home still has a padlocked Meter Box with the appropriate signage attached, and whoever the Buyers may be I will endeavour to urge them to keep it that way by pointing them at Stop Smart Meters.com where they can quickly get all the true facts.
    Just in case anybody is interested the following is the way in which I am Advertising our Home here in Mildura, Vic, so once again Good Luck to all.

    Built with Cream Architectural Block our home with corrugated roof is located in a quiet Court with wonderful neighbours. Situated at 14 Tarrango Drive Mildura, Vic, 3500, and very close to all Services, only 2 Mins to Bus Service or 10 minutes walk to Coles, or to Centro Plaza with Woolworths and Big W Supermarkets.
    Two bedrooms both carpeted, one with built in wardrobe, and Master Bedroom with walk through carpeted Robe to Bathroom. All other areas, Kitchen, Lounge, Dining Area, Bathroom, Toilet and Laundry have easy to maintain White Tiled floors, Split System Air Conditioner for Heating & Cooling to main Living areas and Instantaneous Gas HWS. Modern large Kitchen to suit the home Chef with Pantry and 27 cupboards, also 24 Drawers 16 of which are the deeper type for easy visibility of stored Crockery, Cooking Utensils etc. Electric Wall Oven (Fan Forced) and Gas Cook Top. Bathroom has shower with ceiling light and heat lamps. At rear there are paved patios to enjoy both morning & afternoon sun and for entertaining. Fully paved Back yard with small Garden areas, extra Trellis atop perimeter fences with Kangaroo Vine for Privacy. Two car garage with auto tilt door, ample Lighting and Power Outlets Paved driveway, and adding to security is a Street Light adjacent to front of house, plus Sensors operating external front light.
    Also to assist in lowering the Power Bill this home has 3 Master Switches mounted in Main Bedroom at rear of Bed so that upon retiring you may easily switch off all that unnecessary Power normally left on overnight, and which we do not need to be paying for while we sleep, the only exception being the Refrigerator and Smoke Detectors.
    In addition if you are a person who does not want a Smart Meter fitted to your home then rest easy for this home is one of the remaining 60,000 in Victoria who have refused to have one fitted, and in fact has the Meter Box padlocked with appropriate signage, but with visibility for the Meter Reader.

    Price asked is $260,000 or furnished $320,000
    For Inspection or for Photos to be Emailed phone Mobile: 0409523747

  8. Minnie says:

    This audit is not being conducted to convince us, it is being conducted to convince the majority of people. We are the minority and they need to keep the majority of people dumbed down so they don’t have riots.
    I am wondering why they picked the number 55? Maybe they have only 55 brain cells. Maybe they can only count to 55. So only some people will be invited to participate in the audit. How kind of them. Shouldn’t they interview at least 55 people, so the numbers match up, with the 55 smart devices.

  9. Minnie says:

    Here is a question for all those experts. Would they test 55 mobile phones and then take some information from people that have registered health complaints and then declare mobile phones safe? If that is all one has to do, to put anything on the market, then we can all put, potentially lethal products on the market.
    I was advised by an expert that the National Health and Medical Research Council decides what is important. Obviously the health and well being of millions of men, women and children in Victoria is not important enough to do research.
    Our lives must not be as important as people in other states.

  10. Eric says:

    Sex sells everything including death

  11. Sick Of Their Lies. says:


    Please check out the Bar Graph, on this link.

    Maybe we need to ask Energy Minister Russell Northe, and those setting the standards for Australia (ARPANSA), why the Public Exposure Guidelines are SO DIFFERENT across the world, and for some crazy reason, SO EXTREMELY HIGH, HERE IN AUSTRALIA.
    The limits set for Australia and the USA are both criminal, and frightening, compared to the other countries featured here.
    There should be a WORLDWIDE STANDARD, favoring the levels adopted by those countries wisely taking a “precautionary approach” to all this, until further longer term tests can be carried out that CONCLUSIVELY prove there is NO DANGER to us, from this POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, UNTESTED, technology.

    “The Government expects that smart meters will be shown to operate well within the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency standard.”

    With levels set so deliberately, conveniently and disgracefully high in Australia, of course the levels to be tested during the “AUDIT”, will come well within the Australian guidelines.


    • Eric says:

      Answer to your question is if the “Australian Guidlines” had actually had some genuineness about them……..such as the Austrian standards which are actually intended to protect people.

      After doing my own testing I can confirm that I am reasonably comfortable with an indoor limit of 1 microwatt/m2 and an outdoor limit of 10 microwatt/m2.

  12. Ian says:

    All these tests and study are useless ,and are beside the point … the point being we are being used as pawns in corporate/political gamesmanship and we are fed up with it. I didn’t want one of these f@cking things attached to my daughter’s bedroom wall, but I was powerless in the whole process of rollout politics. They had no ethical grounds for installing a smart meter AGAINST MY WILL AND BETTER JUDGEMENT..AND BELIEVE ME, MY JUDGEMENT IS MORE SPOT ON THAN THEIRS. Powercor, you can uninstall this diabolical device, and this sin can be forever on your shoulders. The Vic Govt, The Prime Minister then- you didn’t protect us from the ravages and the rape, inflicted by these wicked power companies.-YOU CAN GO TO HELL TOO. The goodness of the meek, the beset upon shall prevail.

  13. Bill says:

    This “audit” is attempting to produce a meaningless set of numbers that can be used as part of some devious attempt to prove that what is happening right now in front of all our very eyes is somehow not actually happening.

  14. Minnie says:

    Sociopaths lie because they don’t have any feelings, they lie to cover the first lie or because they enjoy it. They make stories up to justify their dishonest deeds. Experts recommend that you avoid sociopaths if possible. There are two things sociopaths don’t like. They don’t like to be questioned or confronted.
    When questioned it is quite likely that the sociopath will become aggressive. Sociopaths are quite skilled in getting large numbers of people to follow them and believe in them. Sociopaths blame others and never take responsibility for their actions.
    Sociopaths have no morals and do not feel any guilt.

  15. Bill says:

    In looking at the issue of testing whether smart meters cause biological effects in humans, it is wrong to focus solely on the power of the transmissions. There are quite a lot of other things going on with smart meters and the way in which different people are being exposed to them that may not be happening in quite the same way with other wireless devices that people are exposed to.

    When Don Wijayasinghe and Ken Karipidis from ARPANSA tested out emissions from a smart meter on the home of an ARPANSA staff member and make the comments
    “The measurements do not provide any indication of why smart meter transmissions would provoke symptoms in people otherwise unaffected by other wireless technologies such as mobile phone handsets. Indeed the low levels and short transmission times make any effects highly unlikely.”,
    there is definitely something that these blokes are failing to put their finger on.

    Straight up front I can dispute the comment about “short transmission times”. Does Ken Karapides take into account that the short transmission time is a burst that is transmitted on a continuous basis at intervals of seconds apart in some case with exposure 24/7 in some cases with exposure at night time and with exposed persons having different susceptability levels when it comes to being effected ?

    They are not looking at the problem in the right way. It’s not just about the strength of the signal. There is something more insidious going on in the very physics of the transmission and the way in which people are exposed and the vulnerability of the person being exposed that is not as obvious as just the signal strength of the radio transmitter (smart meter).

    That’s why the testing needs to be done on PEOPLE and NOT just on DEVICES.
    The thinking behind this sort of testing is totally ERRONEOUS and I say that it can only be a case of being willfully so. It is people who are reporting getting sick. That’s what we are trying to address here isn’t it ????? ISN’T IT ????

    Karapides and Wijayasinghe do even say “It must be emphasised that these measurements by ARPANSA cannot be considered representative of all smart meters.”
    There is a myth that just because someone has a name and works for some well known government regulation agency such as ARPANSA or ACMA that they must somehow be clever people. I’m starting to suspect that some of these people are actually not that bright at all.

    We need to look at what is going on right NOW in the Victorian populace. Any separate little test on a few devices is meaningless and to initiate this type of mickey mouse audit and especially to initiate it at this advanced stage of a live rollout with people now genuinely suffering and lamenting is only testament to the fact that this audit is absolutely and utterly BOGUS.

    Let’s give these numbskulls a little bit of air time.

    Click to access tr163.pdf

    Ken Karapides and Wijayasinghe talk about the “low levels”.
    What constitutes a “low level” ?
    A low level is a level that does not make anyone feel sick in any way.
    Ken Karapides thinks that a low level is one that falls way below the ARPANSA exposure standard.
    He just doesn’t get it.
    People are reporting getting sick. Headaches are commonly being reported. Does it not suggest that something is going on when people who never had a history are now getting headaches especially first thing after waking up in the mornings.

    Ken Karapides comments are all based on relativity to the ARPANSA standard and there is one thing that Ken Karapides is just not prepared to acknowledge and that is that the ARPANSA standard is useless. It only protects against burns and that is it. It does not uniformly protect anyone against any biological effects whatsoever and was never intended to.

    ARPANSA and ACMA are just disgusting.
    People are suffering now and nobody will investigate their cases.
    WHY ??????????

    • Paul says:

      These two ARPANSA Clerical Officers really are blind. Take smoking, as an example. Would smoking for a week or two cause problems? probably not. You have to look at the long-term cumulative effects. Karapides and Wijayasinghe are not looking at these effects, instead conducting a quick (non biological scientist) test that of course will show little effect.

    • Minnie says:

      They can’t let the truth come out ever. It is a secret and it will never be revealed.

    • Minnie says:

      They are looking at the problem in the right way. They are ignoring it and hope it goes away. They can’t investigate and wont investigate. Millions of people have been put at risk, why would they ever want people to know this?
      They can’t admit that the standards are useless, they would have lawsuits and mass hysteria. They could even go to prison. There careers would be finished, they might lose all their assets.
      ARPANSA has a boss as well and then you have someone higher up and so on and so on.The orders are coming from somewhere a lot higher up than ARPANSA. As for them being disgusting well i totally agree.

  16. Chris says:

    there was an interesting follow-up discussion in the Herald Sun today also, in the “feedback” page. And the Day’s question that was put to the people in the street on the same page was “Do you think smart meters are safe?”. Not surprisingly they chose 4 answers that all said “Yes”. But at least they let some good written responses through to be printed, I was quite proud of some of them.

    It is frustrating that they keep mentioning only the 250 people that have registered they are sick. The slant was seemingly suggesting that only 250 people have complained about smart meters. Of course this is not the case…But no mention whatsoever of the 100,000 or more that have refused smart meters over the same grounds! just one giant tit-bit of useful statistics that was conveniently left out

  17. Informed Choice says:

    Can I have my neighbours meter added to the test? I’m sure it is off the chart. Seriously, when will they be prepared to LISTEN to our health issues and act to eradicate this menace?…WAKE UP TO YOUR OWN DESTINY VIC GOVERNMENT AS IT ISN’T JUST YOUR OPINION THAT MATTERS!!

    • Gwen says:

      Informed Choice I rang Powercor regarding a box that was placed on a power pole not far from my bedroom . This was because I immediately began to feel something going through my body accompanied by trembling when I was in bed. I felt this before I saw the box on the pole. I was already feeling the lesser effects from the smart meters around me, which were similar. I also would wake up during the night with a very sharp pain in the top of my head. On the third night, my 14 year old daughter said she couldn’t get to sleep because her body wouldn’t stop shaking.
      After speaking to powercor, a work vehicle showed up at the pole. This happened for a few weeks and I felt they were taking readings because they stayed in the vehicle. I believe they turned down something to stop such strong radiation emissions. It hasn’t been as bad but it is still not good.
      I rang Minister Northes office and the secretary had obviously heard from others. They have not chosen anyone for the “independent’ audit as yet and I was told that not all details would be given to the public. I asked why they were not turning off the meters until the ‘findings that they are deemed to be safe’ were made. I was told that others had asked that question also. Audit may not happen before November election. WE NEED TO KEEP UP THE PRESSURE.

  18. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Australians, beware of Malcolm Turnbull – he wants a mobile base station on every roof!
    If you don’t believe me, see for yourselves:
    If you think this is crazy, I suggest you let him know, otherwise, before you know, it will become a nightmarish reality (just like the ‘smart’grid!).
    You can e-mail Malcolm at:

    • Anonymous says:

      Malcolm Turnbull is totally insane

    • Chris says:

      what the…I almost could not believe what I was seeing. utter and complete madness. lets just see them try and come near here!

      If this is their plans the future , then imagine how an audit and study that proves wireless radiation is harmful will affect the corporate wet-dreams that are coming. it would stop things in its tracks.

      You can see now that they will NEVER find smart meters to be harmful. Regardless of what others say. Because it would then be evidence to use against so many other areas of industry.

  19. Ban smart meters in Australia. Dont let foreign interest compromise our health or human right standards.

  20. Rob Guy says:

    Government appears be deliberately avoiding dealing with the effects of low energy em pulses emitted at very slow repetition rates on susceptible people.
    Interesting read at
    TECHNOLOGY, NEWS and RESEARCH, 5/20/14 10:59 PM. CIA and NSA …

  21. Suzy says:

    So they test the meters and say they fall within the standards. But they are assuming ALL people are the same. Are they going to test individuals tolerance levels? As if! Keep refusing. They’ve given up on installing one on our farm….for now at least, but box will remain LOCKED!! Credit to the installers though, very nice and encouraged me to stand my ground 😊

    • Shannan says:

      I wonder if the standards apply to my baby son.

      “Credit to the installers though, very nice and encouraged me to stand my ground”
      Possibly genuine but it wouldn’t surprise me if an installer that makes even a comment like this were to turn around in a treacherous way and install if it became opportune for them.

  22. Peter says:

    Fact 1: The ACEBR is a government appointed body, not an independent scientific one. Therefore they are only the mouthpiece for government policy, nothing more.
    Fact 2: The ACEBR was formerly known as the Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research (ACRBR), piloted by the same bloke – Professor Rodney Croft from the School of Psychology. Reading over ALL of the comments from this former organisation makes their stance very clear. Their “findings” all point to the same conclusion – that there is no significant evidence to show the dangers of EM radiation on the human body.
    Fact 3: A closer look at their investigations reveal that they have cherry-picked those studies that were either not related to the direct study of EM radiation on the human body, or twisted the conclusions to support their clear agenda.

    An interesting take on the ACEBR:

    Here is the home page of the old (and now defunkt) ACRBR:

    It is a pity that Karen Collier didn’t do enough research on this mob.

    • Eric says:

      Peter, perhaps you could drop Karen a line and fill her in. Wouldn’t hurt.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        I don’t know if she will take notice Eric. I emailed her earlier regarding previous “pro-smart meter” articles and did not get a reply back. ( I was polite. )

        • Eric says:

          HD, if she didn’t take any notice she probably wouldn’t be giving it any coverage at all.
          I’m sure she’s got stuff on her plate and her own constraints with what she can do and it’s understandable if she can’t get back to everyone who contacts her. I have also contacted her and not got a reply. That’s OK. As long as she takes note and continues to give coverage, which she is. That said, the material we have can never hope to make an impact if it is not sent.

      • Peter says:

        Hi Eric,

        I’ve sent her an email. Had an automated away message (until Tuesday). Hope to hear something after that.

        • Eric says:

          Just the one decision to go ahead with this toxic roll out was so wrong and now we all have to play our parts whatever that may be to let it be known. Well done Peter. It all helps…..

  23. Citizen for Democracy says:

    People can send in comments to be published in the Herald Sun via the following e-mail:
    Karen Collier should be commended for at least going where other journalists fear to tread.

  24. Minnie says:

    Professor Croft, needs to stay out of the smart meter saga and concentrate on his own research. Is he the only expert in this country? When he stated that “there had been no convincing demonstrations of health effects from mobile phones, Does he mean he is not convinced? Because this is just his opinion. If there are no health effects from mobile phones, why are they on the possible carcinogen list? Why are smart meters also on this list? Why does he continue to do research, if there are no convincing health effects? Why waste money and time, if he is of the opinion that mobile phones don’t show any health effects?
    So his argument is that because mobile phones have allegedly not shown any convincing demonstrations of health effects, then smart meters would also not cause health effects. Yet he stopped short of stating that smart meters don’t cause any health problems. He would not be able to state that smart meters don’t cause any health problems, this would be negligent.

  25. Steve Fimmel says:

    Yes, unfortunately, this is an information war, and the state government and power corporations will use the results of this so called research against those who oppose smart meters. Let it be known that the parameters of this ‘independent audit’ are so limited that it will guarantee the results the industry is looking for.
    As the Energy Minister has said, the purpose of the audit is to show that smart meters are safe!

    • Geraldo says:

      Does he mean safe as in guaranteed not to cause headaches ever ? Does he mean safe as in sleep patterns are guaranteed not to be effected ? Does he mean safe as in they will never cause to be an epidemic of cancer or even a single case of cancer at any time post exposure ? Does he mean they will never make my baby son sick ? Does he mean safe as in they will never cause my ears to ring ?

      Or does he mean safe in that he is able to quote meaningless numbers ?

      I wonder exactly what meant by safe………………

      • Paul says:

        Probably that only a few people will get cancer. I think they call this Collateral Damage. Quite acceptable if you’re not on the receiving end.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Exactly, I think the report has already been typed up months ago with glowing reports.

  26. Frank Carleton says:

    There must be laboratory tests to assess the effect of smart meters not the irrelevant audit designed to hoodwink the public in an election year..
    Russel Northe is plainly a derelict minister issuing invalid propaganda in the interests not of the public but of his wholly self-serving party. Complaining here of his dereliction won’t change it.
    Unless we all act to bring the issue to public attention we’ll all still be exchanging outrage as the election comes and goes.

  27. Bob Dunn says:

    Most people are like sheep. Believing what the collar and tie academic Gangsters working for the BIG money(GOV/POWER CO,s) want them to. They also have collar and tie LIARS (lawyers) to use words to hood wink, wink them. Short of Terror against these monsters with protection by their Contract Henchmen, Police and ARMED Mercenaries, to give them protection. There MUST BE a way. I’m all ears

  28. Tanya says:

    Isn’t torture a human rights violation? If I grabbed someone off the street and pointed an RF emitting device at them until they started screaming in pain, wouldn’t I be violating human rights legislation? Why does the government sanction power companies to do their dirty work, i.e. to torture and kill excess citizens?

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Quite right Tanya,
      This continual rolling out of these actually far from Smart Meters is causing more and more Victorian Citizens to be tortured twenty four hours a day every day and is in direct contravention of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 – Section 10.

      Every one of these Victorian Premiers starting with Mr John Brumby of the past Labor Party and his Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor is, I allege guilty of breaking these “Unalienable Human Rights Laws” as has happened and is still continuing to happen by all of the recently past Victorian Liberal Party Premier Mr Ted Baillieu and his Victorian Ministers for Energy and resources Mr Michael O’Brien and then the new Victorian Premier Mr Denis Napthine and his recently past Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras. He like Mr Michael O’Brien both “Spat the Dummy” before their time of office was up, and now we have a Mr Russell Northe who is the latest Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources. How long will it before he ‘SPITS The DUMMY’ as did Mr Michael O’Brien as well.

      Both Mr Michael O’Brien and Mr Russell Northe had been VIOLENTLY against bringing in the Electric Smart Meters when they were both in opposition, but when they got into office each did a 180 turn around, such actions are the actions of what I allege and deem to be Turn Coats and Gutless Wonders.

      Victorian Current Acts
      [Index] [Table] [Search] [Search this Act] [Notes] [Noteup] [Previous] [Next] [Download] [Help]

      Protection from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment
      A person must not be—

      (a) subjected to torture; or

      (b) treated or punished in a cruel, inhuman or degrading way; or

      (c) subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent.

      AustLII: Copyright Policy | Disclaimers | Privacy Policy | Feedback

    • Hammer Mann says:


    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Tanya, well done writing clear concise comments on that H/S article. Quite a few of my comments didn’t make it past the censor. Not happy Jan. grrrrrrrrr. The ones that did, my husband could pick which ones I wrote from his work place.

      • geoffrey says:

        I know that feeling, sadly we are just sheep being lead to slaughter. Our political system is being destroyed from the inside by design, our 3 branches of governance are all totally compromised and corrupted. How much more do we take before the final solution?

  29. Paul says:

    Many of SSMA readers will remember my recent letter to Jemena that was in response to one they had sent me in which, amongst other things, they accused me of disallowing access to my meter. The relevant passage is as follows:

    “If we do not hear from you within ten days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property.”

    I responded then with:

    “ This very cleverly worded paragraph suggests that, if I do not respond to your letter within ten days, I am in breach of some implied contract with Jemena. For the record, I am not refusing access to my existing meter for any of the reasons mentioned in the contract with my billing company, which incidentally makes no mention of a smart meter.

    My response went to Erin Chain via her work email (obtained from the Internet) with a copy to the Jemena general email address (the letter from Jemena did not indicate a physical address).

    Now, as I previously mentioned in my comment, no one can send a registered letter to an email address, which is probably why no physical address was on Jemena’s letterhead. However, I did obtain the physical address and forwarded a copy by registered mail to Erin Chain.

    Just to remind SSMA readers, the last paragraph was as follows:

    “In the event that I do not receive such a commitment or willingness to undertake one within ten days of this letter, I shall assume that you agree with the dangers associated with smart meters and further that Jemena will not attempt to charge me any fee for not having a smart meter or for reading my existing safe and passive analogue meter.”

    That deadline was reached on Friday 11th July and, according to their letters that hope to trap each of us by ‘implied consent’ through non-response, then it would appear that I do not have to pay for any smart meter nor any imposed and extortive meter reading fee. In addition, Jemena, through their lack of a response, agree with the dangers and pitfalls that smart meters pose.


    • Gwen says:

      Well done Paul!

    • Chris says:

      Nice one Paul! I considered doing this as well and mentioned the idea in some previous postings but was not ready to go ahead with it. Congrats on taking it on! Keep that registered mail receipt close! Playing them at their own game is one tactic, certainly, although it does drop you to steeping to their dastardly level. But I’m glad it paid off and really now we should all follow Paul’s lead in the future if another round of letters is sent out.

      • Anonymous says:

        Or perhaps go on the front foot if we even suspect that they’ve already made assumptions that we’ve consented to them…..owning us, really

    • Henry says:

      Paul, you need to do to finalize and bed the process down. There are a few other things you probably should do to pin them permanently against the wall. It needs to be more than a kick in the head. It needs to be a nail in the coffin.
      If you like, happy to chat on the phone.
      My initial contact h.jenkins878@yahoo.com.au

    • Raynor says:

      They need to be inundated with mail as silence only works to their advantage.
      The BC Freedom people are very well organised in in their letter writing processes to successfully achieve the following
      – Protecting one’s own lawful contractual right to withhold all consent to a change in contract.
      – Refusing to allow any arbitrary or unlawful attempt by the utility to change the terms of the original contract you have with the utility
      – Creating the means to prevent the utility from getting away with ignoring the law.

      Please see http://bc-freedom.com/

      This is very helpful to our understanding for us here in Australia.

      “We dearly wish just as much as you do that this process could be a simple straightforward one. However there is nothing simple about withholding private consent and refusing to allow a utility to carry out repeat violations of law while at the same time blocking the utility’s subversion of basic human rights. That said, we have come a long way.”

  30. Gerhard says:

    Energy Minister Russell Northe said: “The Government expects that smart meters will be shown to operate well within the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency standard.”

    There is the outcome of the “independent” test.

    TABACO IS SAFE – says the industry
    DDT IS SAFE – says the Industry
    ASBESTOS IS SAFE – says the industry
    RADIATION IS SAFE – says the industry
    SMARTMETER ARE SAFE – says the Industry

    who can doubt such overwhelming “evidence” ??
    “I’m a Politician I represent the People”

    • Jason says:

      The same assurances were issued ~ in conjunction with governments ~ by Big Business for Thalidomide, Tobacco and a horde of other products.
      Even more important, though, is the assault on personal liberties: the Police State is well and truly upon us. Hardly surprising the secret government agencies are gearing up for ‘terrorist action’.

    • Eric says:

      Today PM Tony Abbott axed the carbon tax.
      What did Greens MP Adam Bandt have to say about that ?

      AUSTRALIA will look back at axing the carbon tax in the same way as we do asbestos and tobacco, according to the Greens’ Adam Bandt.
      “This is Parliament’s asbestos moment, our tobacco moment, where we knew that business as usual was harmful but decided to go ahead and do it anyway,” Mr Bandt said this morning.

      Yes….,Adam Bandt from the Greens says
      “we knew that business as usual was harmful but decided to go ahead and do it anyway”

      And this is exactly what the Victorian Government have done with the toxic smart meter roll out but hey Adam, next time I see you at the Victoria market on a Saturday morning I should perhaps just remind you that you should practice what you preach. I hope you won’t be too conflicted with the Greens being all for smart meters but also knowing that electromagnetic radiation will be the next asbestos and the next tobacco.

      • Cedar says:

        If you want to read something inspiring read Richard Branson’s “Screw Business As Usual”. It’s a good read and reduces the suicidal urge! There are good things happening around the world and we all need to keep up the pressure and get involved in improving the world because our politicians haven’t got the gumption to do the right thing, they are too concerned about getting voted back in and promising tax reductions and cheaper utilities !!! (I, for one, won’t be holding my breath). If our pollies don’t start doing it right we will be left behind the rest. Although there are plenty of other ignoramus governments too, but many are coming round and doing the right thing; and when we see that it will cost us less our leaders will be scrambling to do the same and tell us it was their idea all along.

      • Gwen says:

        Yes Eric, my thoughts exactlly/ When I heard Adam Bandt say that, I yelled,”and smart meters”. I am going to ring his office and point out his omission.

        • Gwen says:

          Obviously Adam Bandt’s office has received similar calls regarding the danger (clear and present) of smart meters. Response was to ‘put it in writing and we will get back to you’.
          I will, and I will take a few snippets from the posts here, like the concerns from the Canberra neurosurgeon. Can’t hurt.

    • Cedar says:

      Of course the government expects that the “independent” audit will find smart meters safe. That’s the way the government (and their advisors) will read the results. They will make them prove what they want to hear. There are lies, damned lies and statistics remember. We are not going to get a government audit that will prove us right. There are plenty of scientists that have said that these devices are a HEALTH HAZARD but that isn’t what our leaders in government want to hear, so they will keep on denying the science and the information coming in from sick people, is this the sort of thing they used to do in the USSR who we all sneered at; well, welcome to our Brave New World.

  31. Paul says:

    So many things to say!

    Firstly, any statistician would regard 55 properties as a woefully inadequate sample – 550 would be preferable and 5,500 would provide a better indication of the already well-known health effects of smart meters.

    Secondly, without a doubt “The Government expects that smart meters will be shown to operate well within the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency standard.” Absolutely!!!
    This is because the ‘standard’ only relates to the HEATING EFFECT and not to the many countless of thousands of other adverse effects reported from this and many other countries. Russell Northe, are you a complete idiot or just part idiot?

    Professor Rodney Croft the director of the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research said “there had been no convincing demonstrations of health effects from mobile phones, which are 100 times more powerful than smart meters”. Well, Rodney you are qualified as a psychophysiologist – not a physicist, biochemist, research MD, cellular biologist, etc, etc. Worst of all you ‘profess’ to be a scientist yet you do not open your eyes to accept the overwhelming evidence from overseas. Methinks you and Telstra are in bed together.

    Furthermore, in case you didn’t know, mobile phones are voluntary and users also have a choice to use an earpiece to provide some protection against the microwave radiation, which the emit. Why do these earpieces exist? Are they just for ‘hands free’ operation? I think not! Why have you conveniently forgotten to mention that smart meters pulse up to 100,000 times per day and operate 24/7/365? Do you know what the pineal gland is? Rodney, I think you know very little.

    If you are so sure that smart meters and WiFi in general are safe then what about a written contract to this effect or are you (and Telstra and the state government and big business) worried about another James Hardy?

    And Karen Collier, why do you not look into the thousand of reports emanating from overseas regarding the health effects caused by smart meters? Have you seen the two documentaries Beings of Frequency and Take back Your Power? I will gladly provide free copies to you if you can indicate on this site your willingness to watch them.

    Finally, why are some schools beginning to remove industrial WiFi systems in favour of cabled Internet from classrooms?

    • Jason says:

      Nothing ‘part’ about Russell Northe. He’s a complete (sic) arrogant idiot.

    • Eric says:

      Paul, just to correct you on a couple of points………

      You mention 5,500 as a good sample but 2,500,000 is even better I would think. Yes, there are 2.5 million fully networked live smart meters already up and working with a test environment having been already set up and ready to go. That test environment is called Victoria and hey, guess what ? The testing is already being conducted. In fact the test results are already coming in from it’s (non willing) participants. And guess what they are reporting ? Yes, meaningful data such as the health effects of radiation from a whole smart metered environment upon humans. Isn’t this the ideal testing that we have always wanted ? Well it’s already here to be seen right before our eyes and together with the initial test results. Why would anyone look elsewhere to conduct an audit of………???? What are they auditing anyway ? Do they actually know ? An audit of ……”electromagnetic radiation” ???? I wonder what they actually mean by that.

      By the way Paul, regarding that figure of 100,000……..my information tells me smart meters can pulse up to 190,000 times a day. Nothing to worry about. It’s only an extra 90,000 pulses per day going through your head, heart and private parts.

      Hey Paul, I wonder if on the basis of his “independent electromagnetic radiation audit” results, whether Russell Northe will tell us whether or not smart meters can or can’t cause headaches.

      • Paul says:

        Thanks for that Eric, I appreciate the data you have pointed out. I will look at it more closely when I get over my 90,000,000 Hz headache.

  32. Maud Crossing says:

    The audit will prove nothing but the Government’s intention to ignore the plight of the sick and concerned.

    • Cedar says:

      Absolutely true Maud. They are so transparent in their lies. (Must have been standing near smart meters 🙂 )

  33. Anonymous says:

    Russell Northe is actually a muppet – someone’s arm is up him, controlling everything he does and says.

    • Eric says:

      The bloke’s a dopey footballer, so very highly likely someone’s muppet puppet. He hides behind his parliamentary privilege refusing to face his constituents. However he does have the right characteristic for this job as did also his predecessors ie. being prepared to sell your soul.

  34. Anonymous says:

    And yet another article from this reporter Karen Collier that twists the truths with a one sided article.
    Twice it is mentioned in that article that people “believe” they are affected.
    It is not a belief Ms. Collier, they *ARE* affected by these stinking death meters.
    No mention of international studies that are proving these things kill all things biological.
    I feel the media are trying to make us look like fools ?

    • Eric says:

      It’s a one sided argument (in that we know that these are stinking death meters) but it is actually a two sided article. There are possibly ramifications that Karen Collier herself is up against in trying to present this massive massive issue and perhaps given the unseen influences, the presentation of this story as two sided may be the best way/only way for her to get it to air. Who knows ? This is much much better than if nothing at all gets published. I perfectly understand your being upset anonymous. I don’t say I know all the facts but what I say is it’s better to know all the facts before unleashing anything against anyone. Certainly, what we are dealing with here is something that needs to be exposed and would normally be splashed all over the papers and television but clearly there are forces at work to whatever extent suppressing the media reporting of the criminality that is being committed upon Victorian citizens. Hopefully the time will come when the cracks will break right open.

    • Cedar says:

      Oh well the media are about money, first and last. They pay lip service to the public’s “right to know” but the bottom line is where they’re at. That’s why I stopped buying a major Victorian newspaper because I could see it was slanted the way they wanted us to think and to hell with the truth. Why should I pay them to oppress me?

  35. Ashley says:

    Hmmm … Professor Rodney Croft! I’m so pleased that as a youngster I wasn’t one earmarked for the herd of credentialed academics. My mind was left free to see things for what they. Maintaining status and a sizable pay cheque could not be in exchange for dropping an obligation towards humanity.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Ashley,
      Rodney Croft I allege has not one atom of Scientific Common Sense in his warped pea-sized brain. He is I allege getting paid by the Microwave industry to be their TOP SPIN DOCTOR. He would never make a decent scientist as he is not open minded. To be a proper scientist one needs to accept the results of the experiments you have done not once, but hundreds of times to get a proper field study. Then and only then can one gain proper scientific insight into the facts and results of ones experiments weather they are to your liking or not. No, Rodney Croft you are a SPIN DOCTOR IN EXCELLUS for sure. Or in the parlance of the early settlers of America at Salem, you’d be put on the ducking stool and tried for Witch Craft as an Evil WIZARD. Then when stupid Rodney Croft is on today’s Ducking Stool and swung over the deep village pond and given a good ducking not once but a number of times, let’s see how he like that. Actually Rodney I allege that you are a Modern Wizard and a LIAR.

    • Cedar says:

      There are many scientists who are speaking out against smart meter radiation. I think we make a mistake when we label people according to their qualifications. There is humanity in all places (who knows, we might eventually find some at SP Ausnet or Jemena etc) We need our clever people too, they are the ones who are telling us that radiation is a” BAD THING”, not all of them, no, but the ones that are not in the pay of the big corporations are more likely to tell the truth than vested interests.

      • Ashley says:

        Yes, of course exactly right, Cedar. Many academics have genuine passion for their profession, key to acquiring thorough understanding. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, corruption can and does deny them lead positions in society.

        My comment also looks at the aspect whereby academics may invest a big chunk of their life acquiring their credentials/status, possibly unaware that certain things have purposefully and wrongfully been filtered in or out of their studies. Just in the past six months, apart from nonsense about Smart Meters, I’ve been told by a Vet that cancer cannot be cured, by my Dentist that ingesting Bi-Carb Soda (mixed with Oregano Oil as toothpaste) could harm me and that fluoride in my water is a good thing and via my newsreader that I am experiencing record warm weather.

  36. Sarah says:

    Just wondering if this audit were to be given the thumbs up by the Minister, would it give me the all clear to go ahead and allow my power company to install a smart meter outside my young daughter’s bedroom wall without being concerned about whether it would cause us any of the symptoms mentioned ???

    • David says:

      Sarah, why would you think that?
      The audit is not going to show anything. It’s not even being done by an independent body, as originally promised by the Energy Minister. They are not doing any Biological testing in the audit. It will be 99% window dressing, most likely throwing around ‘safe’ words, while not addressing any of the main concerns with the technology – ie, the biological effects of the non-ionising pulsed radiation, emitted by the meters. The same reason WIFI and cordless phones are a bad idea – they work on the same technology.

  37. Peter says:

    Here we go again, yet another waste of time and tax payers money, ‘to show that smart meters comply with the same OLD standards’, set by ARPANSA back in 2002! Of course they will comply! Nobody doubts that, as I have said before, it’s the standards that are the problem!
    Bear in mind, the ‘test’ will be carried out at homes with meters that can remotely have their power reduced for the test and turned back up after, that really convinces me it will be an unbiased audit.
    Will they consider ARPANSA fact sheet 14 which clearly states this is new technology and that very little research has been carried out? Will they also consider that WHO has classified these emissions as class 2b carcinogens? Will they consider that Telstra are now warning their customers to avoid electromagnetic fields? I doubt it!

  38. Chris says:

    “it wont interview people about ill health, nor test for biological effects.” ???

    its going to be another one of those “results fall under acceptable legal limits….The End.”

    they are scared as hell to test for health effects. because they don’t want to have to address the frightening results. A complete waste of time, yet again.

    so bloody frustrating

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Sadly folks,
      It is often the way with the Media to present both sides of the argument. This is actually a very poor way of presenting an argument, as Karen Collier started off in what looks like a positive vein for those people in Victoria genuinely suffering from the E.M.F Microwave Frequencies bombarding the bodies of all humans and animals and all life such as benign insects, such as honey bees and butterflies etc.

      This whole article of Karen Collier’s is spoilt at the end by Professor Rodney Croft’s Utter Diatribe in his, as I allege downright LYING in stating that the microwave radiation from cell phones is one hundred times greater than the radiation coming from the Microwave Smart Meters which are primarily actually Illegal Broadcasting and Receiving Stations because every one of them needs a Judges Letter to authorise them as Microwave Smart Meter Radio Broadcasting and receiving Stations. There are no Judges letters for each and every one of these meters to make them legal.

      “Mr Rodney Croft you are no proper psychologist as you have I allege proven yourself to be a LIAR and are proving to be a tool of the as I also allege the Corrupt and very Wicked Microwave Industry which is only interested in stealing ever more money from our already cash strapped pockets” “Sadly and firstly I allege that the past Victorian Government of John Brumby and his ilk are guilty as I also allege is this also as I allege Corrupt Victorian incumbent Liberal Party Government and all of their ilk back to Ted Baillieu and Mr Michael O’Brien, the first as I also allege CORRUPT Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources and the rest of these as I also allege corrupt Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and the also as I allege Corrupt Mr Russell Northe.

      Please note that both Mr Michael O’Brien and Mr Russell Northe when in opposition were violently against the Microwave Meters and seemingly hated the very idea of Smart Meters replacing the Safe and Passive Analog Meters. I find it astounding that these two men, nay, as I now allege excuses for men, were ever allowed to become the Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources given their past hatred for the so-called Smart Meters which are proving to be far from SMART in any way at all. Now you see how when the Victorian Liberal Party got into power both of the two as I allege, weak excuses for men did a 180 turn around and lost the courage of their previous convictions when in opposition, how GUTLESS is that ! These two men are not fit to be politicians and should be sacked instantly from any position of power in government they now hold.

  39. Richard G says:

    Ho Hum, more neat PR opportunities for the Vic Government.

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