Open Letter to WHO, ICNIRP and ARPANSA

Steve Weller, Vice President of SSMA Inc., has for the last 3 years been researching the science that looks at microwave radiation exposure from modern wireless devices such as cell phones, WiFi and smart meters. The main aim was to see if studies had established associations between chronic exposures to microwave radio frequencies with biological effects in animals and humans that could be considered potentially harmful.

Steve’s interest in investigating the science on microwave radiofrequencies (RF) developed after he determined that a neighbour’s two smart meters was seriously impacting his health and wanted to understand how and why this could happen. He was further motivated by the fact that thousands of other people around the world were reporting similar adverse health experiences once a smart meter had been installed on or near their home.

Last month Steve was sponsored by ARPANSA, as SSMA’s EMERG representative, to attend the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) workshop held in Wollongong on 11th November 2014. The main aim of the workshop was for leading scientists representing the World Health Organization (WHO), ICNIRP, ACEBR and ARPANSA to discuss the latest evidence of health consequences from exposure to radiofrequency (RF) fields, and their relationship to ICNIRP’s current updating of the RF guidelines. A summary of the event is linked here ICNIRP science and wireless conference summaries

To his disbelief and concern, scientists appeared to be downplaying the risks, misrepresenting and distorting the science, to give the impression that there was nothing to be concerned about. An analysis of WHO Fact Sheet 193 showed the same misrepresentations.

Clearly disillusioned with the lack of honesty and integrity being displayed by these international organisations, which are entrusted with advising governments around the world to protect the health and well being of billions of people, Steve decided to write an open letter to the aforementioned organisations and their scientific representatives. A number of Australian politicians were also copied.

Links to the letter and supporting documents (evidence) that were sent are provided below.

An open letter to WHO

WHO-ICNIRP-ARPANSA discussion paper final

RF Research from 2012 – onwards for WHO


Steve is also the author of the “Taking a Stand” blogs which are all linked here: Reciprocal Buck Passing No Care, No Accountability and No Responsibility”

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year – From the SSMA Team

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13 Responses to Open Letter to WHO, ICNIRP and ARPANSA

  1. Kate says:

    Thankyou Steve for taking the time to go to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) workshop at Woollongong, where the leading proponents of Wi frying the public, ie WHO, ICNIRP, ACEBR and ARPANSA, were in attendance for their bigoted talkfest. It would have been a foregone conclusion that Wi fi was pronounced safe – too much Corporate money is at stake for them to draw any other conclusions.
    The public are fed evident untruths by Public Authorities about the safety of Wi fi and EMFs in an effort to muddy the waters of public knowledge. But the more they have lied, especially about ridiculous thermal heating values, the harder it will be to keep the truth obscured.
    Back in the real world, there are thousands of Research Papers documenting observable health effects from Wi fi and EMFs. A recent seminar by Prof Martin Pall in Norway is one example of how various academics are working to expose the shoddy, falsified findings of those who set Government Standards. This is quite a long video, quite technical in parts, but it flies in the face of the smug Wi fry peddlers.

  2. Happy Dissenter says:

    Happy New Year’s Greetings refuseniks!!! Here is a NYE article by Karen Collier about smart meter fines.

  3. Boopsy says:

    May God help us all.

  4. Minnie says:

    ARPANSA needs to apologize as they cannot claim that they have done anything to protect my family. I have done all the work and research. I have pointed this out to them. They have also sent me letters suggesting I lodge a health complaint, when I already have.
    What do they do with the health complaints? They have access to my personal and private information and they suggest that I lodge a health complaint. Grow up ARPANSA and start doing the job that you are required to do.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      To Minnie and to Mr Steve Weller,
      I am both alarmed and appalled at the way these so-called esteemed scientists (as Mr Steve Weller too-politely and undeservedly calls them), don’t hang their heads in shame for those who call themselves Scientists who purposely down-play the real risks of this Wicked and now proving to be dangerous Microwave Technology to Humans and Animals and all Life being purposely covered up by the Microwave Manufacturers through a now alarming number of their Scientists most it seems to me to be seemingly being paid “HUSH MONEY or JUDAS MONEY” to put it accurately. Such men and women who call themselves Scientists are LIARS and deserve to be instantly sacked for they have abandoned all that is Holy to Science which is to earnestly seek for TRUTH and TRUTH ALONE and to speak TRUTH to power and not play into the greedy grasping hands of the truly Mammon Crazed Microwave Industry which is now riddled with Corruption, seemingly not only here in Victoria Australia but now World-Wide. This is an utter DISGRACE ! Such Liars deserve to be stripped of their office, then sacked and never allowed to grace the hallowed halls of Science again.

      These Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters are in no-way SMART but are Wicked and Illegal Spying Devices which must be gotten rid of pronto.
      The past two Victorian Governments of Labour and Liberal both slept with this Scarlet Harlot Jezebel which is the Microwave Industry. Will Mr Daniel Andrews also get into bed with this Wicked Harlot the Microwave Industry’s JEZEBEL, this we will have to wait and see !

  5. Paul says:

    Why even bother going Steve? Anyone could have predicted what was going to happen, particularly when ARPANSA and the other organisations were involved.
    The WHO has classified smart meters as Class 2B carcinogens, which would have been a 2A had it not been for the intervention of the powerful microwave industry. Therefore the WHO is probably on the latter’s payroll.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Paul,
      To answer your comments, I think that you are spot on there. Seems to me that we Victorians are not the really valued clients of these five Foreign owned Electric Power companies, actively doing their very best to keep on poisoning us with their Stinking Microwave Rays from these poisonous and far from Smart Meters.

      The last two seeming to be “Rat-Arsed Victorian Labor and Liberal Party Governments” have been seemingly openly TOADYING to a Money Mad or Mammon Crazed bunch of overseas Electricity and corrupt C.E.O’s Hell-Bent on Rapinely raising Electricity prices to keep on stealing from us their obviously’ Hated electricity customers’, who after all supply their bread and butter.

      We need to SIEZE The POWER,( Carpo Deo,) and take over every one of these Corrupt Electricity Companies and turn them into the Victorian State Electricity Union and under the control of US the Victorian People as it was before Geoff Kennett stole our Victorian State Electricity Union and sold it to China and to Singapore for a few bob or quid or was that only cents back in 1974 ?

      I say,” A POX on both the past Victorian Labor Government Premier and his past Minister for Energy and Resources. A Pox on the past two Victorian Government Liberal Party Premiers and their I allege to be, corrupt three past Energy and Resource Ministers who like their Premiers also didn’t Give A Rat’s Arse about the Victorian Peoples’ Health or Welfare.

      Some say, “Where is the proof that people have been made sick by these Microwave so-called from Smart Meters?
      The proof dear readers Is in front of you every day, from the continuing reports of greater and greater numbers of Victorian Citizens falling victim/s to this Evil Microwave Energy, being reported in S.S.M.A and in other Newsletters. Just look around you to see and hear from ever more Victorians getting sicker and sicker from this now insane and invasive Microwave Evil technology and the increasing Electro-Smog released by these far from Smart Meters as well as other Microwave devices. There is only one cure for all of this now mounting Microwave Sickness and that is to get rid of every Electric so-called Smart Meter and replace every one of these poisonous Electric meters with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters at the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies expense and stolen by those Wicked ones so named and shamed.

  6. Gwen says:

    Thanks so much Steve.The EMF Summit has free access to their info at this link address until 31st December. It is very informative on the effects of this health damaging radiation.

  7. Paul R says:

    Steve, No matter how intelligent or empassioned your letters or research is it won’t matter. WHO, ARPANSA and ICNIRP will ignore anything you say on purpose. It is their job to present research and evidence for the benefit of the investors and not for ACTUAL human beings. They no longer have their Humanity and, while I am an atheist, I believe that all those who know the damage that is being caused by wifi, Electrosmog and wireless devices and yet continue to let us suffer will burn in seven levels of hell!
    But don’t give up. The message of the dangers of wifi must be spread to those who are still ignorant of the facts and any facts that you can gather means building strength for us and the cause.
    These organisations have absolutely NO evidence that wifi is safe. All they have are poor results from a half-assed attempt at ‘proper’ research.

  8. Rik says:

    I’m the same. I’ve been doing research and tests and I find the neighbors smart meter is the only reason I have health problems now. It’s getting so bad I’m having trouble driving a car which was my favorite past time for many years until the installation of the smart meters in this area.
    Where I live they have multiple houses per block, usually 3, so I am surrounded by 3 times the normal amount of smart meters.
    I bet when they do their tests, it’s 1 meter, on its own, in a sealed room. How about they do their tests outside my house. I bet they will get a different answer and they will want to cover it up as it’s really bad here.

    • Paul says:

      Same here Rik. I now have persistent tinnitus in my right ear. It sounds like a high-pitched squeal. The ‘cure’ is to sever the auditory nerve, which will make me deaf in that ear. Either that or put up with it. My problem started a few months after my neighbours had smart meters installed.

  9. Jane Hart says:

    Hi Smart Meters Australia, Have read this very interesting article from ABC radio national’s “Back ground briefing”:

    Regards Jane

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Jane,
      That’s an excellent article you supplied us through the following link and supporting pictures all should read and view.
      Of course people who can afford it today should keep putting solar panels on their roofs. Sadly for most of us in Victoria who as yet cannot afford solar panels, the consequences will become more dire as the five (5) foreign owned Electric Power Companies are only interested in making as much money and profit, as they can and ‘care not a jot’ how their filthy and poisonous and far from Smart Microwave and health wrecking dopy and Incendiary so-called Smart Meters irrevocably keep on destroying their customers Health and Welfare, and in growing numbers damage their customers’ private electrical goods such as domestic fridges etc from FUSION after the dopy and far from Smart Meters have been forced on their Electricity Customers through the combined bullying and or coercive threats made by both the Victorian past and truly corrupt Governments of Labor and then the Victorian Liberal Party and the five foreign owned Electric power companies had been working hand in hand to STEAL these Safe and Passive Analog Electric meters for ever more so-called and far from Smart microwave Meters being Unlawfully forced on Victorians privately owned homes and small business properties which are now proving to be Incendiary Meters in growing numbers of cases, that’s correct dear readers.

      if you are right now, so unfortunate or had been so unfortunate as to have had a dopy and now proving to be Incendiary Smart-Arsed Microwave Electric Meter forced on you whilst you were out shopping, or bullied into it by the constantly “Lying Spin-Merchants’ of the “Inhumane Customer Relations departments” all part and parcel of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and the past two corrupt Victorian Governments, then they have LIED to you by stating that ‘ it’s The Law’ that you have to have a Smart Meter. There is no ‘Law’ that one has to take a so-called but now proving to be Human Sickness Making and Incendiary and far from Smart Meter ever in the past or even now ! These LIARS are I allege, the Devil’s AGENTS !

      I also allege that these two past corrupt Victorian Governments aided and abetted by the five foreign owned Electric power companies C.E.O’s have been and will keep on raising the price of electricity and Stealing from you their clients as the demand for Grid -Based electricity gradually wanes more and more. If there had been genuine competition between these five foreign owned Electricity power companies, their customers prices could have been kept far lower than they are at present and remain so and less people would have gone in for Solar Panels.

      When Solar Panels become cheaper in the future as they surely must, then it is we who will finally be able to take advantage of this much-needed technology. Then we can deliver the final ‘Cur-de Gras’ to end these same foreign owned Electric power companies constant and wicked greed, by all of us having sufficient solar cells on all of our roofs in Victoria and the very efficient storage batteries to harness more than enough solar electric energy falling on our roofs, even on the darkest and cloudiest of Winter days. By then we could also have very efficient wind mills of around some six feet in diameter as extra back-up power to generate even more electrical power to feed our back-up batteries.

      Mr Geoffrey Kennett was the one who I allege became the THIEF who STOLE the Victorian State Electricity Company from us, the citizens of Victoria, back in 1974 when we the people of Victoria had been the owners of the V.S.E.C in the first place. What did careless Geoffrey Kennett get from China and Singapore who were I allege still seem to be his MASTERS and to whom he became a Lick-Spittle and has been dancing to their tune ? Was it a few million measly dollars or even less, that is the question ?

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