ICNIRP & Science and Wireless conference summaries

SSMA’s vice president, Steven Weller, attended the recent International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and Science and Wireless conferences in Wollongong as SSMA’s representative.  He has provided for us a summary of discussions at these two workshops. It includes some of Steve’s own research and personal opinions.

Summary of the ICNIRP and science and wireless workshops 11-11-2014

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24 Responses to ICNIRP & Science and Wireless conference summaries

  1. sid martin says:

    Living in a ground floor unit in a block of 10, I arrived home today to find mail from Western Power saying that they intend to change our meters to smart meters.
    I’m appalled. Being that the meter box for all 10 units is on my loungeroom wall, have we got any democratic rights at all in this country? I phoned Western Power and was informed that there was nothing I could do about it!
    At the table where I eat, I’m less than 1ft from the meters….my back that is.
    Have we no rights?
    They are allready poisoning us with flouride in our water supply.

    • Dale says:

      Sid, best sure way is to lock that meter box. I know it’s hard but can you talk to the other unit holders if you need to ?

  2. Desperate says:

    Out of desperation to escape the very high levels of emf in my home from the smart meter which is making me quite sick, i constructed a simple faraday cage which covers my entire bed and was amazed to see ZERO readings on my emf meter. All it took was 4 timber posts of lightweight pine with 4 supporting posts and approx 10 metres of aluminium flywire x 1.80 metres wide. 2 days later i began to feel normal again. Total cost around $110.

    • Peter says:

      Glad to hear you are feeling better, but are you happy to sleep in a rabbit hutch that you have had to pay for and build yourself? Do you intend to spend the rest of your life like that, or do you intend to do something to get rid of the cause of your illness?

      • Hammer Mann says:

        How much longer do these five (5) foreign owned Electric power companies think they can go on dictating their Evil Terms of ” Do as we the five above say, or we’ll cut off your electric power ? ” To take such a Wicked Stand as they have now being doing since 2009 when this dictatorial roll-out of these FAR from Smart Meters began is ”A CRIME” against all of their Victorian Electricity customers still ongoing today, I allege wickedly aided and abetted by firstly the John Brumby Labor Government who have I allege clearly been ‘IN BED’ with the above five foreign owned Electric Power Companies, firstly under Mr John Brumby of the Victoria Labor Party and lastly I also allege ‘IN BED’ with the Victorian past Liberal Party government of Ted Baillieu and then Denis Napthine. As long as their Victorian Electricity customers pay for their electricity they these five foreign owned Electric Power companies cannot Legally cut off ones’ electricity as this would be a CRIME and against the ‘Victorian Electricity Code of Practice.’ For a start these Microwave so-called Smart Meters are proving to be very poisonous Sickness making machines and also proving in growing numbers to be INCENDIARY METERS to Customers homes, both here in Victoria Australia and in all States of Australia and to all life, human, animal and vegetable as well. There’s world-wide proof of this every day.

        Two Greek friends of mine had very healthy delicate creepers for years hanging very close to their Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, but as soon as these Analog Electric meters were STOLEN by one of the five foreign owned Electric power companies these delicate creepers and other delicate types of flowers in hanging baskets became sicker and sicker over only a few weeks from the poisonous Microwave Radiation from these far from Smart Meters forced on these two Greek people’s homes.

        Both of the two Greek women gardeners in the two separate families has been and still are very keen gardeners of many years standing. Both told me over two (2) years ago and when I phoned them yesterday that on the first night of the enforced Microwave and far from Smart Meters being put on their homes they had terribly interrupted sleep and aches in their bodies the next morning, which both had never had before in their lives, having been very healthy and very sound sleepers, but the dopy Microwave Electric Meters had ruined both of their family’s lives and still continues to do so. Even when both Greek women politely pleaded with this Electric Power Company some days later to please remove these two Microwave so-called Smart Meters and reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, this Electric Power company refused both women’s reasonable and Lawful requests.

        Of course both of the past Victorian Labor and Liberal Party governments have been joined at the hip to these five foreign owned DICTATORIAL Electric Power companies as both parties, the Victorian Government/s and the five foreign owned Electric Power companies continued with their Disgusting and Terrorist Tactics upon the Victorian public of Stealing and or Coercing Victoria private home and small business owners to give up their Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters. Shame on all of you Victorian Government and you Bully Boys of the five (5) foreign owned Electric Power companies and your ilk ! “Shame,” I say.

        How will the new Victorian Labor Party elected government behave ? Will Mr Daniel Andrews the new Victorian premier continue to ride ROUGH-SHOD over the Victorian Public as did Mr John Brumby of Labor and then Mr Ted Baillieu followed by Mr Dennis Napthine ? Sadly, none of these pallid excuses for men have ever shown, as I state, ”ANY LAWFUL Duty of Care towards us the Victorian Public.” Will Mr Daniel Andrews turn out to be such a sycophant to the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies, or will he show that he has a BACKBONE unlike his predecessors and the three as I allege to have been SCURRILOUS QUISLINGS of Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Michael O’Brien, and then Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and lastly Mr Russell Northe ? Every one of those so named I allege, all dismal failures at their jobs, who I further allege turned out to be
        ‘A PACK OF GUTLESS WONDERS and SLAVES to the Microwave and Electric Power Industry.’
        Go and hang your heads in shame you who I allege are QUISLINGS and TURN COATS and slaves to AN EVEN LOWER MASTER, “LUCIFER THE DARK ONE !”

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, moving back to WA. Love Victoria but sadly these smart meters have made it an unsafe place to live from the high levels of exposure to radiation on a daily basis causing irregular heartbeat, tinnitus and nose bleeds and god knows what else further down the track. A very unnatural environment for human life.

  3. smart meter sufferer says:

    As someone who is EHS and wanting to attend the conference, I wrote to Rodney Croft to ask if the venue and accommodation had wi-fi & if it could be switched off or have wi-fi free rooms. He replied that the wi-fi was throughout the university & therefore could not be turned off. How disingenuous is this that a conference which is advertising EHS will NOT even provide accessability for EHS people. He also indicated that there was no provision for personal accounts, but rather to discuss what the “science” is saying!
    Draw your own conclusions!!!!!

  4. Paul R says:

    What surprises me is how they keep saying that EHS is psychosomatic. I mean, I’ve heard them say this before but this is en masse during that conference. However, here are the problems:

    1) How can EHS be psychosomatic if a person starts suffering before even knowing of the dangers of EMF exposure or even getting a hint about it from someone? For something to be psychosomatic, especially something this specific, you need sensory stimulus specific to the condition prior IE info about the health condition.

    2) How can thousands of people ALL suffer from psychosomatic symptoms? Surely there should be evidence that proves that psychosomatic symptoms of ANY disease/condition/sickness is rare or not exactly widespread.

    3) While it has been proven that some people can get sick by imagining it, there is no evidence to prove that EHS itself is psychosomatic.

    4) By saying that EHS ‘is’ psychosomatic rather than say that ‘some’ or ‘most’ cases are psychosomatic, you are basically saying that EHS doesn’t exist.

    5) They ‘can’ say that there is no evidence of EHS but, like many ignorant scientists/ medical practioners, they are ignoring evidence: The actual sufferers themselves. If you ignore evidence, any evidence, even if you don’t agree with it, then scientifically, your results are invalid. Real scientists and researchers do NOT ignore evidence.

    I’m not a scientist but even I understand basic logic. If the basic logic knowledge is not there within ANY theory then that theory is garbage in the real world.

    • Peter says:

      Paul, if you look at ARPANS’s own Health Complaints Register for 2013-14 you will see just how determined they are to cover up the health issues with these devises. It clearly states, ‘ARPANSA does not investigate or attempt to resolve individual complaints but a standard reporting form allows people to describe the nature of their exposure and any adverse health effects they claim to have experienced.’ Was this written by a psychologist or what? It sounds to me more like, ‘we hear your complaints, but we’re not interested’. This comes from the very government incorporated body responsible for our health with regards to EMF/RF!
      These reports can be found at:


      You will notice that after the commencement of the Victorian roll out of ‘smart meters’, the Victorian reports rise very sharply to overtake NSW, the other state to commence the ‘smart meter’ rollout! In my opinion, for ARPANSA, or any other government incorporated body to ignore these statistics, is gross negligence.

  5. Chris says:

    hi, (sorry to go off-topic) but has anyone else received a letter in their letterbox from United Energy in the last few days? wandering what it might be, im probably going to RTS it…not interested in what they have to say…

    • Chris says:

      congratulations to the member from StopSmart Meters who managed to get onto 3AW yesterday around 11.45am from the steps of parliament. Neil Mitchell was talking about what he described as the “crazy fringe dweller parties” (unfortunately) as he thinks they just get in the way of decision making and cripple the parliament. Made me quite furious, but he brought on StopSmart Meters 3rd. First at 11am was a Cruelty to Animals party who put Neil in his place and explained that these so-called fringe dweller parties are actually the voices of the people, which was great to hear, then I think it was a bicycle party, then SSM. Neil cut off a lot of the conversation for SSM when the member started explaining that they were never mandatory but only “best endeavours” …almost like he didn’t want the real points to go to air, it was very frustrating. at any rate it still sounded good overall on air and it was great to hear the party mentioned.

  6. Minnie says:

    I wrote to Dr Andrew Goldsworthy from the (UK) and asked him Have you got any information on the thyroid and EMF exposure? His reply was,
    The similarity between the symptoms of hypoparathyroidism and electrosensitivity is uncanny and, bearing in mind the parathyroid gland is in the neck, just inches from where you hold your mobile phone, it does suggest that the more you use your mobile or cordless phone, the more likely you are to become electrosensitive.
    Furthermore Professor Henry Lai sent me information on the thyroid and tests. He told me There are several studies on nonionizing radiation/mobile phone and thyroid functions (see below) I don’t think there is any study on thyroid cancer. Actually a study does exist on mobile phones and the risk of thyroid cancer..
    Numerous tests show thyroid dysfunction.I don’t think they have any thyroid tests in Australia. Perhaps that is what they are referring to when they state that know health effects exist. They don’t have the tests in Australia to make this kind of statement..

  7. Peter says:

    Yes, well done Steve. I get the impression from your report, that ARPASA was there under sufferance, and not even trying to make the right noises. As ARPANSA is a government department, clearly it is required to ‘toe the party line’. The question is, with business/industries now totally dependent on ‘wireless technology’, would it. or any other government body dare say it is not safe? There are many statements which say ‘there is no evidence that it is NOT safe’, my response is, ‘there is even less evidence that it IS’!

    • Minnie says:

      Peter you are right where is the evidence that shows smart meters are safe or other wireless technology. Why can’t they show us this evidence if it exists? If you are not looking for any health effects you won’t find them.

    • Minnie says:

      They made their own beds. If they had not pushed smart meters this would not all be happening and most of us would be none the wiser about radiation. They brought this all on themselves and now it can’t be stopped. Most of us would not of known that ARPANSA existed nor cared. Thanks to smart meters, ARPANSA is now in the spotlight and everyone is starting to put the pieces together of what is really going on.
      In a sick twisted way they did us a favor as alot of us would of continued bathing ourselves in radiation and getting sicker and sicker.
      They seem to be their own worst enemies as they could of stopped trying to force smart meters on us and everything would have died down. But they had to continue for whatever reason and therefore we also continue the fight. They are trapped in their own stupid web. Let them say what they want. We know the truth and as more people become sick, their words will become more hollow.

      • Michael says:

        And when everyone gets sick with various kinds of radiation sickness, we will all form a class action and sue the sh#t out of them all !!!!!!

        • Minnie says:

          It would be better if they were sent to jail, if found guilty. No freedom and plenty of time to think about what they have done.

  8. Paul says:

    As I stated in a previous post ‘Professor’ Croft is not a biochemist, medical practitioner or physicist.
    As such, he is not qualified to address the problems associated with EMR.
    Possible conclusions: 1. he knows something and is not admitting the truth for whatever reason; 2. he is stupid in ignoring the facts or 3. he is being well paid to ‘spin’ the ‘truth.’
    Take your pick folks.

  9. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Congratulations to Steve Weller for attending these workshops and writing summaries for the public.
    It is a hopeless situation when the workshops seem to be organized for the sole purpose of brainwashing the community into believing that wireless is safe and EHS is psychosomatic. Not surprisingly, one of the main spin doctors paid to do this is Prof. Rodney Croft. Prof. Croft is a psychologist and it is well known that corporations hire psychologists as their top spin doctors, as, of course, their training enables them to be very good at spin.
    Prof. Croft is brazen enough to state ” There is no evidence of health effects”. Yet, the IARC and WHO classify RFs as a class2B carcinogen. Surely, even without medical or scientific training, Prof. Croft must concede that CANCER IS A HEALTH EFFECT! Moreover, some RF frequencies are now starting to be used for beneficial effects in treating depression and vascular disorders. This is an absolute admission that RFs have biological effects, otherwise they could not cause beneficial effects and simply would not work for their intended purposes.
    I hope the general public has enough reason and common sense to see that indeed ‘the emperor has no clothes’.

    • Minnie says:

      How would Professor Croft know if any health effects exist?. I wrote to Professor Croft he told me that ,In terms of research, this is done on a priority basis, whereby the National Health and Medical Research Council decides what is most important, and so far EHS has not been viewed by them as important enough,

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