US Federal Lawsuit Against Smart Meters

Bill Metallo in Florida, USA has filed a federal lawsuit against his energy company for installing a smart meter which has given him major health problems.  According to the report, smart meters are designed to make procedures easier for the power company.

Despite worldwide claims of health effects experienced since smart meters have been installed, Mr. Metallo’s power company (OUC) denies that smart meters cause medical issues. They have imposed an opt out fee on Mr. Metallo, which he claims violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

OUC stated, “There are many benefits of digital meters including the ability for customers to learn more about their daily energy use through an online customer dashboard, instead of having to open a bill at the end of their monthly billing cycle“.

And this is the best power companies can do in promoting the benefits of smart meters at the expense of people’s health!

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7 Responses to US Federal Lawsuit Against Smart Meters

  1. John says:

    Inpower epizode 1 – ; ; Here in Queensland the electricity is being sold by the government owned Ergon. They appear to me as an organised crime. I have no contract with them; no real person on their behalf meet me, gave me a phone and email to contact one in case of problems; they change my name inserting “Mr”, change my address to suit them so their messages do not reach me; they send me bills not based on meter reading but estimated; They threaten to cut me off if I do not pay by due date regardless if the bill is correct or not; they treat me as their slave replying to the ombudsman that “he refuses to have a communication”… I have never ever received a correct bill based on actual usage of electricity. Ombudsman only enforces their policy and makes not effort to make it a legitimate, lawful contract.

    What shall I do?

  2. Happy Dissenter says:

    Adding my prayers to those below. Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or season’s greetings to all the hard working people and contributers to this site.

  3. Manuel Delgado says:

    From Spain, people involved in the struggle against smart meter, wish wholeheartedly that Bill wins his lawsuit against the utility company. It is time that the movement against smart meters becomes international.
    With our best regards
    Manuel Delgado
    PECCEM (Plataforma Estatal Contra la Contaminación Electromagnética)
    (State Platform Against Electromagnetic Pollution)

  4. Tim Muholland says:

    Smart meters are useless for the consumer.

    The worst thing is…. that most people don’t even know where you go to get this “new reading online”…. seriously – no one wants to sit there and analyse their electricity bill.
    We are all too busy.

    When I get a bill I just pay it and get on with life!

    Forcing people to have smart meters is theft and goes against human rights… because people just don’t want them!!! It has been forced on most people!

  5. Damaged says:

    I pray that Bill wins this case and that the floodgates are opened to get compensation for the enormous damage done to so many people. The power companies must be made accountable and not continue to get away with murder.

  6. Andre says:

    Let’s hope that Bill wins this lawsuit

  7. Hammer Mann says:

    US Federal Lawsuit Against Smart Meters
    Posted on December 19, 2014 by Stop Smart Meters Australia

    Wow folks !
    This is very interesting and hopeful news indeed. Seems that this is the Chink in the Armour that could as I hope and millions of Americans and Australian Citizens of Victoria need, in order to rid us all of these Inhumane and health wrecking and far from so-called Smart Meters which are proving to be Poisonous to Human Life, and seemingly poisonous to All LIFE !

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