United Energy fires its next missile of intimidation

Stop Smart Meters Australia (SSMA) has had reports from United Energy customers who have received the latest in United Energy’s series of highly convoluted notices concocted by its “clever” spin doctors. This latest notice from United Energy (aka Serial Corporate Bully) is entitled ‘RE: Non Complying Meter’. See: UE July 2014 letter

Desperate people do desperate things and one thing clear is that this notice has been made to come across as a threat to “deny” the essential service of electricity in the same vein as previous threats were made to “cut” this essential service. Clearly intended to intimidate, this notice is a familiar ploy of United Energy’s, designed to make more people cave in to their agenda to install their unwanted devices onto private homes.

Contained within this latest notice are the following statements:

“Your existing meter is no longer compliant with the metering standard in Victoria. This may impact your power supply in the event that your meter is damaged as the result of either a network outage or a localised fault.”

So none of this even applies if your meter is not damaged. It would have to be a pretty significant outage event to actually damage the meter. Are they trying to persuade people with hypotheticals or fictitious scenarios that they have deviously contrived? You would not want to be in the shoes of any party who might deliberately cause such a scenario. We certainly don’t wish to point the finger. And that word “may” does appear quite often in all UE notices.

“In the past we have supplied you with information outlining the benefits of installing a smart meter. This includes UE’s ability to identify and manage network outages more efficiently. As you do not have a smart meter installed, should an outage occur at your property UE will not be immediately aware that you are off supply. Therefore, we will not be able to utilise the capability of the AMI network to identify and rectify your restoration in the same manner as other customers.”

Yes, we have always had to call them when there has been a fault. That’s why there is a faults phone number. As far as not being able to rectify and restore in the same manner as “other customers”, that is exactly how we want it. What it also means is that they cannot cut off our power and switch off our appliances in the manner that they could do to other customers; it also means they cannot transmit radiation through our houses and our bodies against our wills in the way they are now doing to other customers and it also means they cannot intrude into our private activities in the home in the way they have the capacity of doing with other customers.

“If you encounter a fault with your existing meter that leads to it requiring replacement, either through a localised event or as the result of a network outage (e.g. a voltage variation) UE will be unable to restore your power until a smart meter is installed. It is the Victorian Government’s policy that smart meters are the standard meters in Victoria.”

The issue of what is going to happen if an analogue meter breaks down was always going to be a bridge to be crossed but United Energy must restore power if there is an outage. Electricity is an essential service that must be restored to all customers regardless of whether a customer’s metering is accumulation or interval and United Energy cannot be allowed to get away with using the threat to deny essential service as a means of blackmailing its customers into relinquishing their rights.

Victorian legislation was recently passed permitting power companies to set fees to manually read meters, clearly indicating and accepting that two metering systems exist and will continue to exist in Victoria. See: Victorian Parliament Passes Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.

It seems, however, the Victorian government and the power distributors remain complicit in aggressively pursuing an agenda to install wireless smart meters.


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47 Responses to United Energy fires its next missile of intimidation

  1. Paringa says:

    Since 2010 we have been charged for the Smart Meter roll out. Why is it not itemised on our bills? For those who do not have Smart Meters, a refund should be given.

  2. Richard Soans says:

    Hi, I hope someone would shine a light on this topic. United Energy, has in the past, installed several smart meters (approx 16) on my wall, which faces common property. It never occurred to me, until recently, that this was extremely bad for one’s health, such as radiation sickness. I told UE to remove them and place my meter with safeguards. The UE representative told me that it wasn’t their responsibility but to contact my Owner’s Body Corporation. On contacting the BC, they requested photographs outlining the position of the said meters on the brick wall. which I sent them an email with photos.

    So I decided to contact the Ombudsman, who told me, several weeks later, that after investigating they couldn’t help me.
    The complaints that I have listed were as follows:
    At least 16 smart meters placed in a metal cupboard on the exterior of our wall. And that they should be individually placed safely to the Lot Owners residential area; the radiation emitted had no safety such as an Aluminium Cage for protection. (UE states that it was my responsibility to do carry it out, or that of the Body Corporate manager’s obligation to fix this matter) I responded that it was their meter, and it was their duty of care, in regards to Health and Safety, and not mine. His reply was that the State Government had mandated it, and the safety features were in place. Could anyone suggest, what am I supposed to do? I then contacted spoke to my local librarian and told her about the dangers of 4G and 5G radiation emittance. I don’t know if any Lawyer will take this case on, as NO win No Fee. Any suggestions will be really helpful. Thanks

    • Cathy says:

      I’m thinking that Barrister Ray Broomhall’s recommended steps for stopping towers would be equally applicable to doing something about your dreadful situation. I heard that he says people need to get medical documentation from their doctor backing up the need to not be near the source of EMF, getting a building biologist to professionally assess the situation etc. Unfortunately, some of the steps could be costly, but at least you could make a start.

      • Richard says:

        Thanks for the advice Cathy. At the moment, I am obtaining all the information possible to take to my Member Parliament, and complain about this. Ive read that slicksters always have ready made answers. No doubt, the Politicians have been bought out, to serve their pay masters; Corporations who are in control of them and also our Government.

        The citizens are given the illusion that they (we) have a democracy, but they (we) don’t. Our media too are also in control by the powerful corporation. They can make or breaknot only us (by barring our comments) but even good Politicians who don’t toe the line. Pray tell me what chance do we have. They force us to accept decisions, lie fight their economic wars instead of making peace, subtly increase prices by 25% but to make it look fair only increase the wages by 7% or less, yet again the impression to delude us the we have a functional Political system.

        If we look at the Facts that surround us, literally everything is out of date or totally corrupt, such as the main ones; World wide economic, education, and the political, including our system, which is affected too

        Hitting a brick wall, looking for solutions to resolve this, however, the first thing everyone has on their lips is Revolution, but that doesn’t work, as history has shown us. However, Corporations love money, so what other source other than to squeeze people via so call legal means, do they operate on, answer WE the citizens, and to do so is to control the Media and the Politicians. WE citizens can take back our power peacefully by not subscribing in any way or form to this corrupt from being a huge juggernaut, before it accelerates us all into huge juggernaut. People say its all very well to talk about not subscribing and to use the Political Parties to address this. What do you do when they too are controlled? Gandhi had it right. Not to subscribe to the evil Corporations till they cave in to the ‘WE’ the people, and from there, tear up the systems that don’t work for us ALL, but only for the robber barons, who create all these problems.

        When will the so called idiots we have elected not have the hindsight or at least that little bit of honest and plus a iota of intelligence to work these things out. Power corrupts and absolute Power will render us slaves to these criminals.

        I do apologise for veering of the subject of smart meters, which I am sick to the teeth, particularly, this being a serious issue that affects us all, when they treat us like imbeciles, and to add insult to injury, issue out excuses. I told my body corporate that I was going to once again complain to the Ombudsman for increasing their fees from 70%. On calling them they referred me to the Fair trading Ombudsman, who said that it was my fault for not attending the Body Corporate meetings, to discuss not only Smart Meters that were installed on our fence, but also their fee increases, for which they do practically nothing, other than refer home owners for repairs etc

        I am fed up that everyone knows that the system is rigged and everyone accepts it as if is okay. Talk about the Goebel like media, that focuses all too much on football, sex, gangsters, bikies, fictious terrorists (yet neglect to mention themselves as willing tools to the robber barons who fleece us on a regular basis with Govt approval !!!) And like tricky slicksters, skirt around the issues which concerns us citizens. Why do Murdock and the Packers have such a tight grip on our only avenue; the media. I wonder if they pay any tax at all, I would be surprised if they did. The reason for this deception is quite obvious to fool and deceive us, while their corporation come backers get to be billionaires at our expense. Hope this makes sense. I do not wish to rock the boat nor do I wish that people take up arms to remedy the system. Only a peaceful revolution from the masses to say enough is enough, and declare loud and clear; NO more deceptions, NO more wars, NO more non-transparency, NO more corruptions, No more double talk and false promises and finally NO more control over us the citizens. Btw, in this day of high tech, surely, a clear cut iron clad, political, educational, economical system is viable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It seems that UE are discriminating against their customers that have digital meters by refusing to provide services that are being provided to many other customers throughout Victoria that have manually read meters

  4. UE Sweet Kiss says:

    The purpose of the probe is to read the (digital) meters.
    It is the probe’s software that enables the readability function of the probe
    for each digital meter type/model.

    Nothing has changed in the actual meters of those customers now receiving these notices.
    These meters remain fully functioning meters. They are NOT faulty. They continue to function
    in the same way that they have always functioned maintaining metering totals (and
    storing interval data)

    The metering data required for billing purposes also remains readable on the meter’s digital display and thus can also be visually read, which has always been the case.

    The only change that has occurred has been to the United Energy probe software.
    The old software allowed the probe to read certain meter types.
    The new software prevents the probe from reading certain digital meter types.
    If anything, it is the new software that is “faulty” because it disables the probe from
    from fulfilling it’s purpose ie. to read the meters.
    A deliberate alteration of this nature to one’s own software in order to facilitate an agenda of customer coercion must be regarded as an act of criminal sabotage.

    United Energy have made alteration to their probe software to disallow fully functional
    meters that were being read by the probe to no longer be read by the probe and are misleading customers into believing that it is their fully functional digital meters that are faulty.

    United Energy have resorted to altering the very function of their probe device and it’s software so that the probe no longer functions as a tool to read a customer’s meter but now PRIMARILY as a tool to facilitate customer coercion which is a CRIMINAL ACT.

    What that means is that United Energy have decided to deliberately alter their probe device to facilitate criminal action against the customer and to no longer fulfill their obligation to provide one actual read a year to the customer as part of the Energy Retail Code which they are deliberately breaching.

    United Energy were able (and are still able if they wanted to,) to read these fully functional meters and it is they United Energy who by their intentional actions have CHOSEN to NOT read these meters any longer and are attempting to DECEIVE customers into believing that it is their meters that cannot be read and are faulty……….. in order to coerce them into an exchange for a smart meter which UE well know that the customer does not want and which they UE well know that by past actions like this they have totally destroyed the lives of a number of specific individuals.

    United Energy is unlikely to disclose “criminal” alteration of software to facilitate coercion agenda. If there is any likelihood of an admission of change to probe software they will attempt to pass it off as a software “upgrade” rather than an act of deliberate sabotage to their own software as a backdoor means to decommission fully functional digital meters by fraudulently conveying to the customer that the meters are faulty.

    This is not a legitimate “upgrade”. Any legitimate software “upgrade” to the probe device would not be removing any functionality from the probe that has always been there. If United Energy want to claim that the alteration to their software is a legitimate upgrade then they need to fix the software “bugs” and restore the functionality that has been “lost” and thus re-enable readability of all digital meter types that were previously being read. As with any software upgrades that have bugs, the bugs need to be fixed. Any refusal by United Energy to do that can only be taken as their admission of refusal to continue reading fully functioning meters that they were previously reading.

    Those customers receiving the above mentioned notice, your meters remain fully functional and can be read. It is United Energy who have CHOSEN to not read your meters whilst at the same time deceitfully conveying to you that it is your meters that can’t be read.

    The old software allows the probe to read your meter. Furthermore your meter can be visually read. The metering data appears on the meter’s display. The Distributor specifies to the meter reader whether a digital meter is to be visually read or read by probe. The likely reason digital meters get read by probe is because they may have been set up as Type 6 Interval Meters which collect and store interval data. Unlike metering totals, interval data cannot be displayed and therefore needs to be collected by probe attachment. However it is the metering totals that are required for Billing Purposes and these appear on the display. It is also the case that the same meter types that for some customers have been set up as Type 6 interval meters accumulating interval data have also been set up for other customers as Type 5 interval meters that do NOT accumulate and store interval data but which still visually display the metering totals and these meters do not require a probe to be read and thus their display is visually read.

    Thus the meters of those customers receiving this notice remain very much functional and readable for billing purposes.

    I believe there are quite a number of persons affected by United Energy’s latest ploy. This alone tells you that it is not the meters that have developed a fault. That many meters can’t all develop a fault at the same time. The extent of this problem needs to be brought to the attention of the Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWOV). Once EWOV get a a hold of United Energy’s deceitful tactics to coerce customers and that it is in actual fact they UE who are REFUSING to read fully functioning meters in order to coerce customers into an exchange of their fully functioning meter, EWOV are not going to be very pleased at all.

    In my opinion United Energy are acting in a CRIMINAL manner of the highest order and they must be brought to account for this. I am quite sure that if all the facts are brought to EWOV, that they will not take too kindly to United Energy.

    Furthermore, I think criminal charges against United Energy are most warranted.

    • Anonymous says:

      When our meter reader’s probe stopped being able to download data from our meter, our distributor (not United Energy!) sent someone with a laptop computer to our meter to make our meter’s software compatible. So why can’t United Energy do the same, if they can’t be bothered to fix the new software on their probes?

  5. smart meter sufferer says:

    United Energy has recently been sending notices out to people who still do not have a smart meter saying that their meter is faulty. We have it on good authority that it is not the meters that are the problem but the new updated software that they are using which is causing the probes to intermittently fail to read the meters.
    Yet another ploy to replace non transmitting meters.

  6. Cameron Taylor says:

    From the transcript of Obama in Estonia in reference to Ukraine and Russia
    “……………because no country should ever be held hostage to another nation that wields energy like a weapon. (Applause.)”

    That’s exactly the way that these five abominable despicable electricity utilities United Energy, Jemena, SP Ausnet, Powercor and Citipower have behaved towards Victorians as have Michael O’Brien, Nicholas Kotsiras, Russell Northe and the past three premiers.

    Here is the transcript

  7. RJ says:

    I was looking at my bill I just got from Origin & noticed it’s gone up heaps more than this time last year (in fact since the Smart meter was forced on me in 2010 it’s Reeally gone up). I called them to say why since 2010 are all my readings on “Peak”? I was told when it was installed that I should have notified them that’s what I wanted, a meter that reads Peak & off Peak. Really Seriously I said, I wasn’t even home when they entered my property (with my knowledge or being present). I didn’t even know I could refuse the meter till after it was done. Anyway I’m told by Origin they can’t help me I need to contact United Energy and pay for a new one plus installation as they own them. I have called the Ombudsman to see if this rip off Thievery can be stopped.
    How come we can’t launch a class action against the Government for stuffing this down our throats plus for ignoring the alleged health risks????

  8. Chris says:

    surely this letter and its threats are obvious harassment. why is this not being used as clear evidence against UE legally?

  9. Sick Of Their Lies. says:

    Yesterday during the wild storms across Melbourne, friends of mine who still enjoy ALL the benefits of their beautiful, safe analog meter, advised me that there was a major “outage” for a number of hours in their area, caused by a branch falling onto power lines. A “United Energy” truck was observed, with it’s occupants scurrying about, attending to the matter.
    Oddly enough, in the end, all houses in the area, whether they had an “anything but smart” meter, or still had their safe, trusty, analog, mechanical meter, all homes had their power restored, AND AMAZINGLY!!!!…without any meters having to be exchanged in the process. HOW ODD?
    Really great to get confirmation from UE that both types of meters can co-exist, can run concurrently, in harmony, without any problems.

    United Energy….please stop lying to the public, spreading furfies and incorrect information.
    We’ve already heard enough nonsense to last a lifetime, and are really sick of your constant bullying, harassment, and threatening behaviour.

    Just Stop It.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I agree with Sick of their Lies,
      I twigged their lies straight away, it’s obvious to me and millions of Victorians that United Energy’s Mistress of Spin, a Mrs Not Too-Bright could never have done any maths or electric science at school as her thinking……what thinking?… is very disjointed indeed. Not much logic in her loaf it seems, poor woman. One should be sorry for these spinners of untruths, for these Ariadne’s must be picked for blind obedience and not questioning anything at all. She’d never be a scientist, that’s for sure. I’m penning a polite personal reply to her last silly letter to her electricity customers. This will put the cat amongst the pigeons, but it’s very polite indeed as, me catchee more flies with honey than with vinegar says wise old Barn Owl, Toowit towoooo !

    • Minnie says:

      Why are these people even trusted to supply electricity? Why do they still have a license?

  10. Altered Meek says:

    What about if we move to a another house and it has a death meter but your old house still has an analogue meter that you’ve protected ?
    Can you take it with you and relocate to your new house and have it changed by a qualified electrician ?
    Could the electrician just swap the meters over between the houses or install another meter at the old house ?
    Surely this would be no different to when a new house is built ?
    Don’t they just register (or in this case update) the NMI number and address details with the distributor ?

  11. John Wilson says:

    I would wonder whether the parliament is getting any benefit from colluding with these companies.
    It becomes mandatory conscription which breaches the Constitution and is illegal

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      Smart meters are a way for power companies to dramatically increase their profits – by on selling households’ usage patterns data and by ‘dynamic’ TOU tariffs (dynamic=they can change time of tariffs any time without warning or even informing customers).
      Surely many Victorian MPs (no, not them, of course, but their spouses!) have shares in these power companies – that explains why they not only are prepared to put the health of a whole state at risk, but they also prepared to risk their own political futures in November.
      Personally, I think there should be a Royal Commission into the smart grid debacle and politicians should be held accountable for their criminal behaviour.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        Agree CFD. A close friend of ours laughs at me for having my trespass signs up and keeping my gates locked because he has lots of shares in the energy companies via his super. We argue politely but since he’s a mate of my husband, I don’t spit at him ( yet ). It stinks to high Heaven!!

  12. John Wilson says:

    I am not interested in Victorian Standards. The only legal standard is the Commonwealth Standards under the Commonwealth Weights and Measures and under NATA accreditation. Anything else is invalid. When they speak of compliance, compliance with what. It is a measuring tool and has been doing the job for decades and as far as I can research the old meter was still accredited to do the job.
    Re: charging for manually reading the meter, they had better be careful of doing this as they might be chargeable for extortion as the cost of meter reading has been included in cost since day one. In fact there may be some justification for class action over the averaging system as there is no physical presence to read the meter hence extorting money under false pretences. Believe there are grounds under the Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 for charges to be laid against any company and I might add any politician supporting the mandatory installation of smart meters. Despite the fact that the Victorian government is attempting to give immunity to bureaucrats and politicians. No one including politicians and bureaucrats are above the law. Another point to consider the parliaments since 1975 at least have been using the invalid 1875 Victorian Constitution as its power base to make new Acts/legislation and or amend old Acts/legislation without Due Process. If the public were to challenge them it is probable that they may be invalid unless consistent with the Victorian Constitution 1855 and the Commonwealth Constitution 1900-1901. For the 1975 Victorian constitution to become legal it must have a referendum and must receive Royal Assent and then must be repealed, not by Victoria but by the UK parliament because as the old constitution was created while Victoria was still a colony, so it is a law of the UK and Victoria does not have the power to alter those laws. Our Victorian parliament is a corporation and not the lawful government. The lawful government under our Commonwealth constitution is the sovereign people of the Commonwealth and parliaments are its servant. Somehow the politicians seem unable to understand that fact. I have on record quite a bit of evidence of the misbehaviour of the parliament and most of its legislation has never received consent of the lawful government.
    This bring into question that needs to be addressed in the High Courts as to whether Acts like the Smart meter, mandatory fluoridation are legal. This applies to many other Acts, e.g. Summaries Offences Act which appears to be a Star Chamber tool, especially should consent be withdrawn. Star Chamber Court were outlawed by the Long Parliament in 1641. The decision is part of the Westminster system of law we inherited in our Constitution. Our Constitution is a common law constitution not admiralty/rome/UCC where the rights of the people do not exist. We cannot afford to allow our common law rights to be taken away. If we allow that to happen then we become assets and slaves.

  13. Damaged says:

    Smart meters are so wonderful that people are leaving Victoria, friends, family, losing jobs, health, homes and belongings. Absolutely despicable! How do these people at UE, sleep at night?

    • Minnie says:

      Sociopaths sleep well at night, they don’t care and they will convince themselves that they are right. They will lie and keep on lying, to cover up their evil deeds.

  14. Golden3 says:

    UE has constantly been knocking on our door and demanding us to consent to a smart meter installation. We have refused on all occasions. This month the technicians knocked on our door to say “if you do not consent to the installation of a smart meter and we come to your property next time to install the smart meter and you refuse again to the installation of the smart meter YOU WILL BE FINED BY UE”

    • Eric says:

      Golden, you really should get the names and employee id’s of those persons. They can be dealt with in such a way that will end up leaving them very very sorry. If you did have that information I’d be happy to get it off you.

    • Minnie says:

      They don’t have the authority to fine you. You have the authority to charge them with trespassing. Threats, intimidation and coercion are all crimes. Tell the installer that you need their name and insurance indemnity number. Tell the installer that if you decide to have them charged it will be in their personal name and not their companies. Tell the installer to leave your property immediately.
      You might want to tell the installer he needs to put his threats in writing and sign it. It is your home and your body. Would the installer be so cocky if he knew that you could claim damages from him.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Hi Minnie,
        You are quite right, you certainly do have the right to charge them with trespassing and as well with bullying. Their constant bullying of more and more people here in Victoria is a disgrace and shows what a bunch of low-life cowards they all are. One of the worst I found, some two years ago was the C.E.O of what was then named the Department of Primary Industry. He and two of his minions had three goes at me which back-fired horribly in their cheeky faces. I gave each of them a damn-good tongue lashing. The first were this C.E.O of the Department of Primary Industry’s slimy little minions who rang me up and badgered me over two days, one on a Monday and the second on a Tuesday, lying to me, that it was the LAW that I had to have a Microwave Smart Meter.

        I told these two that they were Liars and that it was a Victorian Government Mandate on the five foreign owned electric power companies to use their best endeavours to get their electricity customers to give up their Analog Electric Meters and take the Microwave A.M.I broadcasting and receiving meter/s These two clever clogs did not like the way I had caught them Lying to me. The next day their boss the C.E.O of the D.P.I phoned me at home and tried the same sneaky tactics.
        I bounced him hard over the ‘phone and in quite a temper I told him that, “He was a Liar and that I would be sending him a very expensive Notice of Fine from the A.C.C.C in Canberra tomorrow morning by registered post which he would have to sign for.” That shook him up a treat, no longer the firm and bullying voice from him but a very shaky and frightened tone from his end.

        He proved to me there and then what a weak spineless toad he was by immediately blaming the five foreign owned electric power companies for the roll-out of these so-called but far from smart meters.
        “Don’t lie to me you slippery eel,” I think was what I said, my anger at fever pitch. You know as well as I that it is this Corrupt and Money Grubbing Victorian Liberal Government who is now behind this corrupt grab for easy money or filthy lucre as were the past Victorian Labour Government.
        “One more phone call or a bullying letter from you and I’ll personally Sue You under Brodie’s Law you Snake in the grass, now get off the phone you lying Toad,” I fairly shouted into the ‘phone. Click went the phone at his end. True to my word I sent off the Canberra A.C.C.C Notice of Fine by registered mail which he received and signed for by registered post the very next day. One day later I got the receipt from the post office with his very shaky looking signature upon it and the date and the Registered Tracking Number.

        Amazingly I have not heard or got a letter in the post from him yet and it’s now well over two years ago. He only had fourteen (14) days to send me a reply, and under the terms of the A.C.C.C Notice of Anti-Harassment and Fine for Bullying he is not allowed to contact me and has by not contacting me actually agreed to my and the A.C.C.C terms of this notice and can never bully me again or the A.C.C.C will be dragging him personally into the High Court to face his just punishment of up to Ten Years for bullying me under Brodie’s Law. Please see the Links below and play them on your computer. That’s how I got rid of a number of these snakes in the grass like the C.E.O of Powercor and some other clever clogs who’s false pride quickly led to their crashing downfall.
        Here are the vital links you all need…………………..


        Happy Chappie, Hammer Mann.

    • Paul says:

      Golden, please use a video camera next time, as these people are idiots and will be liable to heavy fines.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Golden3,
      Clearly, this is a matter of harassment and coercion. As such, UE is breaking the law:
      The Australian Consumer Law
      Division 5 — Other unfair practices
      168 Harassment and coercion
      (1) A person commits an offence if:
      (a) the person uses physical force, or undue harassment or coercion; and
      (b) the physical force, or undue harassment or coercion is used in connection with:
      (i) the supply or possible supply of goods or services; or
      (ii) the payment for goods or services; or
      (iii) the sale or grant, or the possible sale or grant, of an interest in land; or
      (iv) the payment for an interest in land.
      (a) if the person is a body corporate–$1,100,000; or
      (b) if the person is not a body corporate–$220,000.
      (2) Subsection (1) is an offence of strict liability.
      (3) Subsections (1)(b)(iii) and (iv) do not affect the application of any other provision of this Part in relation to the supply or acquisition, or the possible supply or acquisition, of interests in land.


      You would be within your right to send them a letter stating that they are in breach of this act and you will penalise them $1.1million. I think they will leave you alone after their legal department see this letter…

      And if you REALLY want them to leave you alone, send them a FEE SCHEDULE listing the costs to them for sending you letters you don’t want or visits by their representatives. Lawyers do this all the time and it’s how they become filthy rich. And it’s perfectly legal.


  15. Minnie says:

    A policy is a plan. It is not law. We already know that the Government wants to force smart meters on people. As for the United Energy stating that the Victorian Government’s policy states that smart meters are the standard meter in Victoria. This is also a suggestion it is not law.
    The Government has made a suggestion that smart meters become the new standard meter in Victoria. We the people also have a suggestion, get rid of smart meters and stop trying to force them on the people of Victoria.
    There is no policy, legislation or code that can strip a man, woman or child of their human rights.

    • Eric says:

      There is no Act of Parliament in existence that declares a smart meter to be standard metering. This is another order in council concoction.

      Even if there were a greater legitimacy to this fabricated notion of standard metering and non standard metering,
      it does not mean that any “non standard” metering is not a legitimate means of measuring consumption and
      it does not mean that “non standard” metering is banned.

      I have at my home what these people now refer to as “non standard” metering.
      Here is my allegation……..
      that which is now being labelled “non standard metering” is still a legal and legitimate means of measuring electricity consumption.

      How can I be so sure about this you may ask.
      Well, the power company has confirmed it.
      Again you may ask how.
      Well, they have just taken the consumption readings from the “non standard” metering that they refer to as being on my property, they have entered those readings into their “iDOT” system, they have sent me an electricity bill based on those consumption figures, I have paid that electricity bill and they were perfectly happy to accept my payment for supply and consumption.

      So what’s the difference between metering that has one label and metering that has another label ? Answer: the labelling.

      Other than that, that which is now being termed “standard metering” destroys human health. That which is now being termed “non standard metering” is as safe as you can get.

  16. TL says:

    When did they ever access our meter when there was a power outage? The meter has got nothing to do with restoring power. They still need to send out a team to fix the fallen power line or whatever.

    They will know the power is out because your neighbours kindly allowed them to install a smart meter on their houses. You don’t have to be Einstein to realise that if No. 2 Main St, which has a smart meter, has no power, then it is highly likely that No 4 Main St, which has an analogue meter, probably also doesn’t have power. Power outages usually occur to large sections of the suburb, not just the houses with an older style meter.

    And if they are still too dumb to figure out where the power outage is occurring, then I’m sure us people who were smart enough to keep our analogue meter will let them know.

    As for their bragging that in the past they supplied us with information on all the benefits of installing a smart meter, yeh, but did they think to warn us about all the dangers and disadvantages of installing a smart meter? Oh no, they overlooked that bit.

    People who were gullible enough to believe that there were advantages in having a smart meter are now complaining that the new meter gives them less information than the previous meter. Oh, the distributor must have ‘forgotten’ to tell them that they’d also need to buy a Home Area Network (HAN) device (which will further add to the radiation in their home) if they want to get any useful information on electricity consumption out of this stupid meter.

    And then they also need to buy smart appliances to get the benefit of the smart meter, HAN device and Time Of Use pricing. Oh, and then they need to buy a new house when their current house burns down due to the smart meter. And then they need to move to the bush to get away from all the radiation they’ve created. And so on and so on.

    Thanks United Energy for all these ‘benefits’ you’ve brought us.

  17. Recently in our Suburb we had over 400 objectors to Smart Meters, now the number is in the low
    double digit figures, all due to intimation of the Power Supply Companies to cut off their power supply, the sooner we can achieve our own power through Alternative Energy re, Sun,Wind,Water
    and that’s free! the better, until the Government can find away to tax it, We live in a Government –
    Corporation World and are being treated has Serfs, to Finance their greed and control,

  18. John John says:

    Just a bit of info for you from Canada http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/saskpower-to-remove-105-000-smart-meters-following-fires-1.2723046

    check the link out it is about SaskPower ordering the removal of 105,000 smart meters because of fires

    Good luck guys
    John from Canada

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Thanks John,
      This I have already done and sent it all off to loads of people.
      As I say, “The Mills of God grind slow, but they grind exceeding sure.”
      I’m looking forward to these crooked C.E.O’s and their misbegotten Ilk getting rammed into prison for very long sentences in the near future I hope.

    • Sharron says:

      Thanks John, that is gold!

  19. GodAlone says:

    You are dealing with global Snakes in Suits that desperately require us all around the globe to have smart meters, the Global Grid, the Global Control Grid, an essential part of the plan for the New World Order aka One World Government. If you haven’t heard the term New World Order (NWO) you missed little Johnny Howard using that term, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair etc but of course this term was introduced to the public by George W Bush and you can see this on youtube in which he says “There WILL be a New World Order”.

  20. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Decency has left this state!
    A half decent government would NOT allow a foreign owned corporation to bully and harass its citizens in this disgusting way.
    It is a government’s DUTY to ensure all people receive essential services, NOT to assist private corporations in forcing unwanted and possibly harmful devices on customers.
    Bring on the November elections!
    Thank God the PPV exists!

  21. russell says:

    I too got the letter containing the scare tactics and the usual ” Napthine” lies.
    The state election cannot come sooner enough for me to vote the Liberal Party out.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I say,
      Vote the Victorian Liberal Party out of office, and certainly don’t vote the Victorian Labor Party in, as those sods will keep the dopy incendiary and far from smart meters to further injure humans and animals and all life with the continual bombardment of the deadly to all LIFE Microwave Radiation.

      I will be voting for the P.P.V = People Power Victoria, get rid of Smart Meters at the November 2014 Victorian State Election.

  22. Robert Scott says:

    An electricity outage could not & would not destroy an anologue kilowatt hour meter. The only way a meter could be harmed is if the supply voltage went very high due to power lines breaking and falling on 11 KV (high voltage) lines or a voltage breakdown in a line transformer.The voltage coil may burn out but then it would blow the guts out of a smart meter as well along with everything that was plugged in & switched on in the house, the fuses and or circuit breakers may not blow and trip respectively in time, everything happens in milliseconds.
    I am an electrician & electronics tech and have seen this happen once, it was hard to get compensation out of the supplier even though the fault was metal fatigue in the pole strung wires.
    Lets face the truth , the suppliers want smart meters so they don’t have to pay someone to read the meters every quarter. It’s all about making more money for the suppliers as it always was and always will be.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Robert,
      I listened to the Neil Mitchell Radio broadcasts on 3AW regularly quite some time ago and in one of them the Head of the Victorian Electricity Union made it perfectly clear that many of these dopy and far from Smart Microwave or A.M.I Broadcasting and receiving Meters or Type 2B Carcinogen meters as the World Health Organisation accurately calls them, were actually produced in India for a cost of the equivalent of no more than $20 Australian Dollars each. The truly frightening news to me was that much of these now proving to be SHONKY and far from smart meters were made of plastic and many of the electronic parts were made of very low temperature resisting electronics which could not take a lot of heat, unlike the safe and passive Analog Electric Meters.

      This as he the head of the Victorian Electricity Union stressed, was a dreadful state of affairs. Therefore I say to you electricity customers out there, please keep your private electricity boxes firmly padlocked just in case one or more of the truly desperate and overseas owned electricity companies such as United Energy keep on acting like the CRIMINALS I allege them to have always been and still are I allege and want to keep on stealing the Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meter/s you still have on your private home and or small business properties. I would suggest that you put a clear Perspex window in your electric meter box/s just in front of the five black clock dials and pointers, so that the Electric Meter Reader Man can get his readings if you are not at home.

      • Altered Meek says:

        Does anyone know exactly what happened to the previous, perfectly working AUSTRALIAN MADE analogue meters that were STOLEN from the people of Victoria ?
        Were they thrown away ? Sent to another country ? Or hidden away in some secret warehouse (I hope) ?

        • Chris says:

          I did read an electrician mention somewhere (think in comments on this site) that they are being stored in some giant warehouse in a great pile. I assume each power company has their own pile of meters. he suggested that they are not being destroyed because the power companies are still not 100% convinced that they don’t need to give them all back to us sometime in the future if the law buckles and weakens on them. that pretty much says it all.

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