New Victorian political party standing for state election on platform of removing smart meters – Herald Sun/Leader

STATE Election voters will be able to make the switch to a party that is interested in more than one type of power.

People Power Victoria — No Smart Meters was registered as a political party last week and will contest every Upper House seat and some Lower House seats in the November poll.

The party was formed in response to the compulsory rollout of smart meters.

Party spokesman Marc Florio said the party had 700 members and was growing.

Mr Florio said the party was still looking for candidates.

“People Power Victoria is centred on opposing the mandated rollout of wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water, and on the commitment to re-establish a healthy environment.”

Mr Florio said people should have the right to have the communication card removed from the smart meter.

“It should be people’s choice. We aren’t saying remove all the meters, we are saying to remove the communication card.

“Many Victorians have already been adversely affected by the compulsory rollout, be it financially or via deteriorating health as a direct result of exposure to radiation from smart meters.

“Many also see it as a gross invasion of their privacy.”

Although the party focused on the smart meter subject, Mr Florio said it was not a single-issue party.

“We are advocating for an Occupational Health and Safety ombudsman for Victoria and also we believe there should be social and health impact studies done before all major state government projects — these studies need to be done prior to any major investment.

“The government needs to do their homework because at the moment they are just rolling out the programs without consultation.”

Kylie Andoranti, July 29, 2014


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18 Responses to New Victorian political party standing for state election on platform of removing smart meters – Herald Sun/Leader

  1. Steve says:

    I thought we were fighting to remove the smart meters from our homes ,,, period ,, now I am hearing ,,Mr Florio said people should have the right to have the communication card removed from the smart meter.

    “It should be people’s choice. We aren’t saying remove all the meters, we are saying to remove the communication card. Here we go again !!! Feels like we have been there done that !! Either they are removing the illegally fitted Smart Meters or they are not ! We have formed this Party on the pledge to remove all smart meters ,,,period ,,,do not water down the reason for all our fighting .

    • Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

      People Power victoria – No Smart Meters’s policy (as stated on their website) states:
      “PPV calls for an immediate halt to the forced installation of wireless smart meters, be it for electricity, gas or water.
      Smart meters that have already been installed are to have the wireless chip removed. This eliminates the capability of smart meters to broadcast households’ data, but does not remove ‘time of use’ options for customers. Safety, security, privacy and health issues as a result of microwave transmissions are thereby addressed.
      PPV also calls for changes in policy relating to electricity meters in order to enable the reinstatement of analogue meters in certain instances.”
      By removing communication cards the meters are no longer “smart meters”. If people don’t want to remove the physical (digital) meter, it should be their choice.

    • sdjm says:

      No home owner should be forced to use a product/device, whatever you like to call it against their wishes and be made a pawn in assisting industry to achieve larger profits and data collection at the expense of safety, security and most importantly, health. We do not see any savings for the customer and absolutely NO BENEFITS, therefore it has (and is) a completely pointless and ill-advised roll out for the majority of Victorian home owners. The blatant use of this technology will prove detrimental to those who blindly accept and view it as ‘harmless’ and ‘neccessary’.

    • Grant says:

      The five electricity distribution companies
      1. Jemena
      2. United Energy
      3. Ausnet Services (formally SP Ausnet)
      4. Powercor
      5. Citipower
      must be made to answer for the manner in which they have relentlessly
      bullied and harassed Victorian citizens.

      They must be brought to account and punished severely.

      • Grant says:

        It is unimaginable that this sort of criminal conduct and horrible violation of the lives of so many thousands of Victorian individuals could have ever occurred and it is absolutely NOT ACCEPTABLE for this criminal conduct to somehow remain unpunished.`

        Even if these abominable stinking devices are all removed and their stinking agenda scrapped, the five power companies must be brought to account and PUNISHED for every single criminal act and incident that they have committed against every single individual that they have VIOLATED in one way or another.

        The passage of time must not in any way be allowed to save these bastards.

  2. Maggie says:

    Primium non Nocere, “First Do No Harm”. This primary principle is not being adhered to by the Government. PPV DOES recognise this principle and should be supported by everyone who realises that human health is more important than Corporate technological greed. The doctor on this video expands on the effects of RF and EHS on the human body, a subject that Governments have obstinately refused to acknowledge…………….

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I have the following questions I would like answered please? But firstly, note that I have and will always refuse to give up my Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter and its Electric Meter Box which I paid for with my own money for which I have the sales receipts to prove that both are my private property when I built my own home some thirty (30) years ago.

      What has happened to Our Civil Rights ?

      What has happened to our Unalienable rights to Privacy ?

      What has happened to our Unalienable Rights of not allowing our Health and Welfare to be stolen from us by both of the past Victorian Labor Party and then the Victorian Liberal party, then Both the Labor and the Liberal Party wickedly and wilfully giving away our Lawful Rights to our Health and Welfare to these five foreign owned Money Grubbing Electric Power Companies forcing these now proving to be Health Wrecking Type 2B Microwave Electric A.M.I broadcasting and receiving units and far from Smart Meters on Victorian privately owned home and small business owners properties ? We in Victoria never wanted any of these now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen causing Microwave A.M.I Broadcasting and receiving and far from Smart Meter devices to replace the long-time proven to be Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.

      Why have our Civil Rights been continually eaten away?

      I for one and many sensible and fortunate people of Victorian have had the good sense to padlock our private electricity meter boxes with our armour-type steel padlocks and put up our Common Law $167,000 Anti Trespass Commonwealth of Australia Notices from Canberra to keep the Analog Thieves off our private properties.

      What happened to our Common Law rights to keep our privacy details and not have these Snooping Sticky-beak Law breaking Microwave and far from Smart Metres forced on Victorian Citizens? It seems that the past careless Victorian Labour Party and this also incumbent and careless Liberal Party have forgotten that we the people of Victoria are a Democracy with Unalienable Common Law Rights. To my way of thinking both the Victoria Labor Party and the Victorian Liberal Party can never be trusted.

      Why did the Victorian Labor Party and this now incumbent Victorian Liberal Party continue to TOADY to these now clearly proving to be corrupt and Money Grubbing five foreign owned Electric Power Companies? It certainly wasn’t for us the Citizens of Victoria’s good. I suspect it was to rip even more Money or Filthy Lucre out of our already Cash Strapped pockets. It seems to me that both the Victorian Labor Party and the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party are the New Sheriff of Nottingham’s New Repressive Tax Gatherers ! On that I’d stake my shirt and more !

      Why did the past Victorian Labor Government and this incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government desert Us the Victorian people, who are in truth their Bosses and keep on Toadying to these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies which are run by by the slaves to Mammon by these C.E.O’s based here in Victoria to their masters and greedy shareholders in China and Singapore ?

      These are the burning questions that all need immediate answers.

  3. Chris says:

    if the opposition continues to slump over this whole leaked recording thing and it burns Andrews and his party enough then it may very well leave even more opportunities for People Power Victoria party to win seats.

    Site OPs…can you please put up a section on “how to vote for PPV” on the election ballot as it gets closer. I want to make sure my vote counts and goes as far as possible!

  4. Happy Dissenter says:

    Well said “Alex” and “Richard” for your comments in the article over on the Sun/Herald. Cool calm posts from contributors here.

    • Ashley says:

      … and Luke is obviously an insider shill. He will know full well that Kathryn is correct but seeks to influence the sheeple out there.

  5. Jules says:

    Why does the logo show a smart meter radiating on the side of a house, isnt this what we want to stop?

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      Yes, I agree, Jules.
      I actually like the logo, because it shows exactly what it is the party wants to stop, as well as what it means for a family to be irradiated 24/7 inside their own home – their ‘safe’ haven no longer safe.

    • Tanya says:

      Precisely, Jules. The logo draws attention to the fact that everyone, be they the inhabitants of the house or people walking past the house, are being irradiated by the smart meter. The image serves as a warning and alert, not a sales pitch. If it were a sales pitch, say from the power companies, it would not show the radiating circles. It would just show an innocent looking box on the house wall apparently doing absolutely nothing to cause us concern.

    • smart meter sufferer says:

      Exactly. The reason is to make people more aware & think about the fact that this radiation is emitting constantly INTO our homes: something that most people don’t realise as it is invisible and the majority of people don’t “feel” anything.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hello Jules,
      Yes the Stop Smart Meter does show the radiation emitting from the Smart Meter on the side of the house for one reason which is that the power companies deny that the radiation to the occupants inside the house is of no danger, which is a lie. Please do your own research as to what is happening in Texas and the United Kingdom – England Scotland, Ireland and Wales and watch the scientific and unbiased tape entitled -” TAKE BACK YOUR POWER”. It will shock you to the core to realise that our ignorant politicians no absolutely no basic Electrical Theory. Ask any politician the following question –” What is the product of Amps multiplied by Volts and their answer is. ” I don’t know!

      Such dishonest representatives of our Government have no basic knowledge of Physics which embraces Electricity -Magnetism-Radiation.

      Do the research Man it’s not hard.

      Hammer Mann.

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