Victorian Parliament passes Energy Legislation Amendment (Customer Metering Protections and Other Matters) Bill 2014

This bill includes the power to make Orders in Council to provide for setting fees to manually read meters, and the recovery of these fees by retailers. These charges are yet to be set, with the AER (Australian Energy Regulator) having final approval. This is expected to occur in November, with manual reading fees due to commence in March 2015.

Not surprisingly, members from both sides of the House wholeheartedly support the continued rollout of smart meters. After all, it was Labor who commenced the rollout, and the Coalition who decided it made sense to continue with the rollout. The bill also had the support of the Greens, in the Legislative Council’s second reading on the 6th May. As such, debate, in the Legislative Assembly’s second reading of the bill on the 25th June, remained shallow, with both sides appearing to be more intent on scoring political kicks regarding the acknowledged bungled rollout, rather than focusing on the issues at stake.

Members of Parliament from both sides happily concurred that it was a mistake to have made the rollout compulsory. Hence the new measures to allow for manual reads. At odds with this seeming benevolence towards the 60,000 or so households which remain without smart meters, was the complete absence of debate regarding the many households who have had unwanted smart meters foisted upon them. Why should they be denied a non-wireless meter? The Member for Ballarat East, Mr Howard, stated that some 89 individual case studies had been brought to his attention, where people had had smart meters forcibly connected in their absence, despite saying that they did not want them.

Health concerns, although mentioned by a number of Members, remain patently misunderstood and trivialised. The Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, Ms D’Ambrosio, claimed that “there have been repeated independent health reports produced that show no known link between AMI technology and adverse health impacts”. This is news to Stop Smart Meters Australia; the only study commissioned to-date by the government touching on this issue, the 2011 AMI Meter Electromagnetic Field Survey, merely examined a small sample of meters to ensure that emissions met the ARPANSA radiofrequency standard. People, animals and effects on the environment were left out of the equation. Given this standard only seeks to protect Australians from gross heating effects, it is hardly surprising that microwave emissions fell well within its limits.

Mr Kotsiras also managed to do a swift retreat from his commitment, made on 3AW on the 29th January, whilst he was the Minister for Energy and Resources, to get “a third party – not government – to work out whether there are any health risks associated with smart meters”. Instead, we find he asked for a “technical study to expand the earlier work on electromagnetic fields”. Huuh? Exactly how is undertaking a ‘larger sample size’ of meters going to be of assistance in establishing health risks? It seems Victorians’ pleas to study people have again fallen on deaf ears.

Members on both sides of the House appear to believe that ‘flexible’ pricing is what is about to float the boat for consumers. Never mind that all Victorian electricity consumers are being forced to pay dearly for this questionable benefit. All Victorians commenced paying for the botched rollout from the beginning of 2010, regardless of whether or not they had a smart meter. 2.3 billion dollars is the figure that Members continued to quote in their speeches as being the cost of the rollout, up by 1.5 billion dollars over the original costing. Considering Ms D’Ambrosio’s claim that the government is “finding it extremely difficult to get Victorians to take up flexible pricing”, it seems that it is Victorians again, who are the losers.

Victoria’s smart meter rollout, far from making life better for consumers, has resulted in, as Mr Carbines, State Member for Ivanhoe, noted “a significant increase in the number of complaints by consumers to the Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria (EWOV)”. It seems, with the added penalty of meter reading fees looming near, depending on the whims of the AER, Victorians refusing smart meters on the basis of health, safety and cost issues, will continue to be fodder in the power industry’s pursuit of profits.

To view a copy of the SSMA media release that was sent out to media organisations on 3rd July click: SSMA New Meter Reading Fee Media Release



Victorian Parliamentary Debates, Legislative Assembly, 25 June, Available:

Energy Legislation Amendment (Customer Metering Protections and Other Matters) Bill 2014, Available:!OpenDocument

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71 Responses to Victorian Parliament passes Energy Legislation Amendment (Customer Metering Protections and Other Matters) Bill 2014

  1. Minnie says:

    We need to demand that factual evidence is shown that proves a loss to the distributors, if we keep our analogue meters. Kotsiras and Northe will have to produce this evidence, instead of hiding behind Parliamentary Privilege.

  2. Raynor says:

    Does Bill 2014 mean that the customer is legally obligated to pay the extort…., ah sorry extra charges or does it mean just that the Distribution Company is now allowed to stick out their hand ?

    • Minnie says:

      They have to be able to prove a loss, if customers keep analogue meters. There is no loss as we already pay for the meters to be read. The retailer needs the information to work out your bill, not the distributor.
      We pay the retailer and purchase the electricity from the retailer. Kotsiras and the rest of them can say what they want in parliament. They have.parliamentary privilege and therefore, need not fear, legal repercussions.

    • Minnie says:

      They can only stick out their hands if they can show a loss. The distributor’s have to prove that their would be a loss and i don’ see how they can do this, as we already pay for our meter to be read .Might have to bring this up with Northe and co. Ask them to show proof of a loss and how much of a loss. They obviously have no idea at all, otherwise they would be able to tell us.

  3. Peter says:

    One way to look at this latest piece of skulduggery, it CONFIRMS that surveillance and control devices are NOT compulsory, and never have been. Anyone who has had one installed against their will and without their consent should now make a claim of discrimination/victimisation and having been lied to by their distributor and the Victorian government!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      The Victorian Parliament have never made it Law that one has to have an Electric Microwave Smart Meter, simple as that folks. The Order in Council is a toothless tiger with sloppy broken dentures. Just keep your Private Electric Meter box locked folks and your Lawful No Trespass Signs on your Electric Meter Box and on your front fences or gates and on your windows closest to your Electric Meter Box.

  4. Ok good to here that there is progress
    when will it be in queensland??
    They are vooking me at night times?? And during the day..
    but i can only put a switch on the maines
    to stop it then i will have no power..
    whats the answer for me ???
    Colin lockyear..

    • Paul says:

      Lock up your meter box and ensure that there is a window so that the meter reader can read your meter. Do it now, as the sneaky bastards will install a smart meter when you least expect it – guaranteed!

    • Jason says:

      ….and get a stand-alone solar-system. They’re really most affordable these days. and simple to set up. The only drawback is the inconvenience of having to rejig the way you use power ~ but that’s only a mental exercise at worst. if you want some help.

  5. Chris says:

    So let me get this straight, the government is passing laws for private companies to collect monies forcibly from the public for product they don’t want? Why would the government bother? You have to think carefully what is in it for them. There simply MUST be kickbacks going to someone. Why hasn’t the government passed a law for the public to forcefully buy and pay for tyre rims from my private business? They are doing it for these companies? There is no difference. This is the biggest act of a corrupt government I have ever seen.

    • Paul says:

      That’s right Chris, that’s exactly what the government is doing. Orders in Council are for when something would take an unnecessary length of time through parliament DURING AN EMERGENCY. In effect the government is making laws, NOT FOR BUT ON BEHALF of private companies.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kotsiras acts like a prick
    Who aims to control all of Vic
    And protecting his job
    Thumbs his nose at us mob
    While his Smart Meters make people sick.

    Powercor the Meterbox is mine
    Bought and paid with the house at the time
    What’s locked in it today
    I’m determined will stay
    Stick your Smart Meter where the sun does’nt shine.

    • John M says:

      @Anonymous. Very good. :Applause: 😉

    • Paul says:

      Very appropriate Anonymous but please note that Kotsiras is no longer Energy Minister. That title now belongs to the equally ineffectual Russell Northe.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        We know why Mr Peter Bachelor didn’t stay the full term of his Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources when Mr John Brumby the Victorian Labour Premier was in power. The heat of the Microwave kitchen was making him sweat far too much. And so it was with the little man who was then in opposition, Mr Michael O’Brien who literally raved against the Labor Government’s rolling out the Smart Meters in 2010, it’s all there in the Victorian Hansard.

        Mr Russell Northe of the Victorian Liberal Party about that time gave a similar and even more Vitriolic message similar to Mr Michael O’Brien when he first stood up in the Victorian Parliament and raved and ranted about how terrible the Smart Meters would be,” They’d rip even more money out of already cash-strapped Victorians pockets and do other terrible things to the Victorian plebs.” And the sad thing was, ‘just how right Mr Michael O’Brien and that football loving Mr Russell Northe were both correct,” and that was the real tragedy.

        Stranger still was the way when the Liberals kicked out Mr John Brumby, and Mr Teddy Baillieu became the Victorian Liberal Party Premier, with first Mr Michael O’Brien and then with Mr Denis Napthine the new Victorian Liberal for Premier, it was Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and last of all Mr Russell Northe, as Victoria’s new Ministers for Energy and Resources.
        Mr Nicholas Kotsiras soon felt the heat of the Microwave kitchen far too hot for him so he bailed out and long before his term of office had ended. How much longer will Mr Russell Northe stay as Victoria’s latest Minister for Energy and Resources, This we will have to wait and see. I think he’ll get the BOOT after the November 2014 Victorian Parliament Elections along with Mr Denis Napthine as well, let’s hope so anyway.

        The past BLACK HEARTED and EVIL MICROWAVE METERS suddenly became SHINING BEACONS of LIGHT or VIRTUE when the Liberal Party came to power to these three men, truly a complete turn-around of one hundred and eighty degrees. What a bunch of Turn-Coats these three turned out to be !

  7. Frank Carleton says:

    We may complain and whinge on this website indefinitely about the morally bankrupt machinations of the ALP and the Coalition parasites to force smart meters on resistant citizens. We may detail with specific instances their destructive health and safety impacts. But none of this will get the rollout stopped nor the meters already installed removed.
    What is vital is targeted political organisation and action beginning NOW! Imagine what could happen if 30 independents representing their electorates and not a parasitic party were elected to the Victorian Parliament. The panic in the Coalition and the ALP would be instant and tumultuous as they scrambled to appease the independents.

    • Paul says:

      This will happen when we all vote PPV. However, we still need to run a newspaper advertising campaign to let all those who are not SSMA members know about our fight to have this deadly technology removed.

    • Well said Frank; time is now starting to run out. If People Power Vic. is not up and running soon, it will simply be too late to have an impact in the forthcoming State election. Meetings have to be organized and candidates have to be found. We are well into July; the election is in November!!!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Good news Frank for Texas,
      The Electric Smart Meters are finally coming out and being replaced with the good Electric Analog Meters, YIPPIE YI YAAAAAAAAA ! Please see the attached and pass it on. I know Texas is in America, but so what, it’s a start to the pressure getting finally to that Texas Electric Power Company. Here it is below…………………………………………

      From: The 9-12 Association
      Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2014 9:51 AM
      Subject: Center Point Whining “To Many Calls”

      Nick’s Creative Rantings Always Provocative
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      Join The 9-12 Association

      July7, 2014

      Hi Folks,
      This will be very short. I just wanted you all to know that we are definitely making a difference, at least with Center Point. Last week after Center Point letters were sent out one of our board members who got stuck with a smart meter received his letter offering him to change back to an Analog meter it read “Replace existing meter with an Analog meter (subject to being commercially available)” he called Center Point to verify this and was actually told that they would actually be on a first come first serve basis. I called Center Point and spoke to a representative today and asked her if this was the case and she assured me that if you request an Analog meter you will get an Analog meter. However if they happen to be out at the time as soon as they get them in you will get your Analog meter so I would suggest that you stay on top of the situation and do not let to much time pass without bugging them.

      This is the best part of it I told the young lady that our organization was behind this movement I hung up and a couple of minutes later she called me back and wanted to know if I could please ask those folks that wanted their smart meter replaced with an Analog meter to call their customer care number 713.207.2222 instead of 713.207.3434 as they are getting overwhelmed with calls.

      I told her that I would not as I had personally tried calling the 2222 number the same day I received my letter as I personally had a question and received the message that the wait time was in access of 45 minutes and would I please call back, I did listen for a couple of minutes to the message and every thing was about smart meters. I told the young lady that people that are calling in to get rid of a smart meter and they do not want to listen to Center Point spouting how great the smart meters are. I just thought you would appreciate this so please keep spreading the word and get as many people to request an Analog meter if this is happening here in the Center Point area I am sure it is having the same affect on the rest of the TDU’s.

      If you haven’t made a donation to the Smart Meter Resistance Fund please consider doing so now so that we can retire this bill ASAP. (Link to PayPal at Bottom) All donations will be greatly appreciated.

      Please keep up the good work the more people we get to call the power companies and request an Analog meter the better.

      Until the next time…

      Rants of Aging Old Man
      Nick T

      God Bless the Great State of Texas, and these United States.

      DONATE TO The 9-12 Smart Meter Resistance Fund



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  8. Raynor says:

    Do not buy into any contract offers to charge us extortive fees

  9. Raynor says:

    Bill 2014 is a bill that gives the Distribution Companies the go ahead to try and “remove our consent” once again

  10. Rik says:

    This is more proof the government doesn’t care for its people. It only cares for money as I bet they have a hand in the power companies. Why else would they push so hard for them to be installed?
    So we will be forced to pay a fee to keep our old WORKING meters. What will happen to all those with Smart Meters that will need to be replaced in the next 2-5 years? Will they be paying again for smart meters? So that’s another $3.2 billion that the government will be taking out of our pockets?
    Why do I say 2-5 years? That’s the lifespan of the smart meters. The old meters we have don’t have a lifespan as some are the original ones installed in the 60’s are still working fine.

    So in the end, we pay to keep our old good working meters and those with smart meters will pay to get new meters all the time. Looks like even with us paying we still pay less than owners of smart meters.

    • Jason says:

      Indeed.—> “Why else would they push so hard for them to be installed?”
      Perhaps because these gizmos can also be used as yet another surveillance measure to keep watch on the population at large and thereby control and manipulate it. (and maybe beam subliminal messages to people in their own homes ~ even to the extent that you can be subconsciously directed to by a particular brand of soap-powder or whatever, depending on which manufacturer contributes the most to Party funds.

      Every circuit in your house can be used as an antenna to pick up every sound made ~ and for the first time, it can be operated remotely, to be transmitted to gawd-knows-where. (again probably depending on price)
      Read Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and you’ll get the idea.

  11. Raynor says:

    Lily D’ambrosio’s office was told at the time when this Bill 2014 was first put up (and after she caused Parliament to adjourn), that this fee was EXTORTION. So what’s she now gone and done ? She has supported the bill wholeheartedly.

    Make no mistake. Lily D’Ambrosio loves smart meters. Anything that comes out of her office that may appear sympathetic is all B……you know what.

    One more thing. If Daniel Andrews actually wins government, who believes that shadow minister Lily D’Ambrosio will actually be appointed Energy Minister ??? Any takers………………

    Labor’s strategy to roll back into power is simple… nothing and let the Liberals do the exiting.

  12. smart meter sufferer says:

    Ms Lily D’Ambrosio conveniently omitted to mention that she has personally met with a number of people , including myself, whose health has been adversely impacted by smart meters. She saw first hand yet chooses to ignore our existence! I don’t know how these politicians sleep at night.
    I will not be voting for any Party that supports the rollout of smart meters.
    Bring on People Power !!!

  13. Eric says:

    “Meter reading” is a total red herring in all this

  14. Minnie says:

    I think Kotsiras missed the most important aspects of a smart meter. A free suntan all year round, if you stand close enough. An extra oven, so you can cook your meals. No more contraception as well. So smart meters could potentially save us a lot of money.
    Thanks Kotsiras for the free suntan, oven and no contraception.

  15. Rob Reiken says:

    I gotta wonder if tyrannt Abbott & his cronies actually have these Death Meters in their premises? I would guess not. If anybody digs into the matter they will find there is one rule for them, & another different one for us. The whole Government system has sold us out as both parties are 2 wings of the same bird. Even with The Greens, that is all about Sustainable Development for their Agenda 21 Depopulation Agenda, of which the purpose that these Smart Meters serve us. Politicians are mostly just well paid professional Liars that are usually just concerned about their paycheck that will spin it just to increase their outcome & to not rock the boat so to say. Once we see a dramatic increase of people dying from cancer caused by these Pathetic Meters they will still run with the same line as we dunno why more people are getting sick & dying, pleading ignorance as always. These parasites are a disgrace & they disgust me. I stand with Humanity to be free and to have choice.

  16. Minnie says:

    They will have to deduct the previous meter reading charge and then add the new one, hopefully this should even out the charges, or they can pay us 4 times the amount for reading our own meters. This is just another game from people that have nothing better to do. This is just a pathetic attempt to scare people into accepting poison. They know they are liable.
    Do these people actually do any work?

  17. Ignaz Amrein says:

    Considering I haven’t got a smart meter, the charge for manual reading shouldn’t apply until it reaches the amount I’ve already paid since 2010 for their installation.

    • Jason says:

      That’s a good argument to take into a courtroom, Ignaz.
      Keep it in mind…. and/or deduct the price of the ‘meter-read’ from you bill before you pay it.

  18. Rob Guy says:

    And another thing—- Orders-in-Council emanate from theVice-Rega Office and are not subject to the authority of the High Court. They were intended to bypass parliament when an imminent catastrophe required swift government action. The Victorian government increasingly misuses these legal instruments to indemnify commercial interests from class actions. The only way out of this mess is a referendum.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Rob,
      When the people of Victoria vote, if they refuse to vote for the now proving to be as I now allege, past Victorian Labor Government and the now as I also allege Corrupt Victorian Liberal Party or the as I also allege the weak “ Let’s just go along with the flow of Corporate and Government Corruption ‘Greens Party,’ ” who seem to love these proving to be deadly to all LIFE and far from Smart Meters, it will result in a spoiled vote for this now totally and now proving to be UNDEMOCRATIC Government in Victoria who are as I allege proving to be in league with Labour to force every Victorian private home and or small business owner to accept the now-proving to be Deadly Poisonous and in effect ‘Far From Smart Meter/s.’ If these so-called Smart Meters weren’t poisonous pieces of apparatus they could not make ever growing numbers of people sick, not only here in Victoria, but world-wide.

      To bring this much needed and long overdue Political change about where the Victorian Liberal Party and the Labour Party and the Greens party are effectively EMASCULATED, I suggest one takes along a new Black Texta pen and strike through every political party’s representative for the upper and lower houses of parliament and the senate as well. Please leave in the Democratic Labor Party as they are sensibly against the Poisonous and far from Smart Meters, I will be voting for the P.P.V, that is the new “Peoples Party of Victoria” who have sworn to do everything in their power to get rid of these Poisonous to Human Life and all Life Accursed and Dopy Type 2B Electric Microwave Smart Meters and to bring back the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters that now well over 250,000 and still growing in numbers of us here in Victoria still have safely locked up in our Private Electric Meter Boxes with very stout padlocks.

  19. Rob Guy says:

    Sigh……I can only repeat my earlier post complete with references. Smart meters can emit groups of EM pulse chains repeating every 1-2 seconds. Low intensity EM pulses have been used to subliminally stimulate brain patterns in mental patients since circa 2001. So far, our leaders have ignored the possibility that smart meter emanation is affecting the mental processes of susceptible members of the public. ——–here is an extract from a USA 2001patent;

    Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in
    response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields
    that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such
    as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore
    possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing
    images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the

  20. Chris says:

    Corruption at its finest….and most obvious.

  21. Cedar says:

    Is this what it feels like to live in a dictatorship? These morons don’t believe that (not-so) smart meters do any harm; when their loved ones start getting brain or other cancers from them they will be the first to scream “foul” (When they’ve finished casting around for something else to blame and thereby delaying implementation of healthy alternatives). All governments and big business ever see is dollar signs. What’s the point of lots of money in the bank when you’ve gone to an early grave. The twits who run our country believe we are just cranks. Well just wait until they suffer the effects of these meters. (They may already be starting to, without knowing where their problems come from)

  22. Maud Crossing says:

    The Victorian Government is morally bankrupt. The people are learning the truth, and the truth is making them mad!

    • Hammer Mann says:


      Neither Mr Nicholas Kotsiras the penultimate Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, or the Present Minister for Energy and Resources a Mr Russell Northe has had the intestinal fortitude to get rid of these same deadly Electric Smart Meters.
      Both of these Pathetic Excuse for men I also allege Gutless Wonders refused to meet our deputations at their express invitation. Firstly Mr Nicholas Kotsiras when he refused to meet our Deputation quite some months ago as he’d ‘flown the coop.’

      Then we had the same problem with Mr Russell Northe when he refused to show up at his Morwell Offices as he’d also ‘flow the coop’. Therefore I further allege that these three excuses for men, beginning with Mr Michael O’Brien and then Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and last, but not least, the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Russell North are all I again allege a bunch of Cowards who need to be sacked. Kick out Mr Michael O’Brien the present Victorian Treasurer. Kick out Mr Nicholas Kotsiras who also doesn’t know what Democracy stands for, and kick out Mr Russell Northe as well at the next Victorian Election in November 2015. None of these pathetic excuses for men or the also named and shamed Premiers of Victoria are fit to rule.

  23. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Whatever has happened about a democratic country having a government FOR the PEOPLE?
    Democracy is DEAD!

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Ken,
      No, Democracy is not yet dead, but with any luck the two parties left in power after the November 2015 Victorian Election should be the P.P.V or our new Peoples’ Power of Victoria who are fighting like mad to get rid of these filthy Electric and far from Smart Microwave Death Dealing Meters and the Democratic Labor Party.

      All it takes Ken is for a multitude of people to take along a New Black Texta Pen and cross out or put a broad black line through all of the Political Parties firstly crossing out the Victorian Liberal Party candidates and then the Labor Party candidates and then the as I allege the ‘Weak Kneed Greens Party’ candidates and any others standing. But do not cross out the Democratic Labor Party as they like us hate these EVIL and Deadly to all Life Dopy Electric so-called but stinking poisonous and far from Smart Meters. The only Political Parties I want to see left standing are the P.P.V and the Democratic Labor Party.

      People must learn that as I allege the Victorian Liberal Party and the Victorian Labor Party and the Greens Political Party are a bunch of Turn-Coats out to rob you of your Democratic Rights and God-Given Common Law Rights.

      I can’t speak for any of the remaining Political Parties as I know little about them. Just use your God-Given Conscious is all you can do, and don’t forget to bring your New Black Texta Pens with you. I feel that the P.P.V and the Democratic Labor Party are the only ones I know of with a Democratic and Christian Conscience.

      Hopefully with enough People Power, this will I hope return the Rule Of Democracy to Victoria and Common Law as set out in Magna Carta.

      I say ” Power to the Common People, by the Common People and for the Common People. of Victoria !,. So Must It Be.”

      To Hell with the current DESPOTS still in power, but not for long I hope.

      • Fair comment, thank you.
        Not sure about the black pen because it might make the voting paper invalid.
        However, the correct selection marked as required should do the trick. I am very concerned that we are following America into what might be called a “black hole”.
        Your assessments offer some encouragement.

      • Jason says:

        ‘Democracy’ is a crock ~ and what’s causing all this (and other) crap.
        ….and it’s based on premise that two morons are smarter than one genius.
        Obviously the majority of people WANT the smart-meter, since they elected, and continue to tolerate, the politicians doing it to you.

  24. Frank Carleton says:

    Yet another instance of the Coalition and the ALP acting as a common self serving political class in defiance of the public interest including indifference to the gross health and safety issues associated with smart meters.
    It seems to me that a campaign beginning now with notices and bumper stickers in Morwell should start to remove Russell Northe, the Minister for Energy and Member for Morwell at the coming Victorian election over the matter of the smart meter rollout.
    Information about the health and safety aspects and the iniquities practised by the power distribution companies against numerous citizens has been widely circulated without making any useful impression on the Coalition and ALP parasites in the Victorian Sound Chamber..
    Political action to remove some from the public gravy train is the only way to have a useful impact.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Frank,
      The problem of these Microwave Smart Meters hearkens back to the bad old days of the John Labor Victorian Government and prior to 2009, when Mr John Brumby couldn’t get his way, which was to try and pass a Law through the Victorian Parliament to make it the Law or compulsory that every Victorian private home owner and or small business had to give up their Safe and Passive Analog Meter for what are now proving to be in mounting numbers of cases Incendiary Electric Smart Meters.

      Because Mr John Brumby could not get this his much wanted Legislation through the Victorian Parliament he did the next best thing which was to have a meeting with the five foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O’s and the then Governor General and after this meeting of the seven of them to get it turned into “An Order In Council,” a far weaker thing, which does not make it LAW, that the Victorian private home owner and or small business has to relinquish the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter for this now proving to be very dangerous and in now mounting numbers of cases proving to be INCENDIARY Microwave Meters, poisonous and at times DEADLY to Human and all Life.

      I believe that if this Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, Mr Russell Northe won’t listen to you and other sensible Morwell Resident’s heart-felt written pleas to get rid of these accursedly and inhumane health wrecking Type 2B Electric Microwave Electric Smart Meters until you force him to. Nor does he want to return the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters to those people in Morwell and the many other areas of Victoria where more angry people have been so unlucky as to have had these human sickness making Microwave Smart Meters forced upon them.

      Firstly, this ongoing and wicked intimidating of both the Morwell and other Victorian private home and small business owners to accept these microwave Smart Meters, is first and foremost a Criminal Act, in what is supposed to be a Democratic State, the State of Victoria.

      I feel that you must somehow peacefully, if possible, get Mr Russell Northe to a meeting between those of you who are now suffering from these Microwave Smart Meter Illnesses in Morwell, to not only listen to you all, but get a written list of your genuine grievances to be read out by your chief spokesman or spokeswoman to Mr Russell Northe, to force him to remove these sickness making Smart Meters and to reinstall the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters that have been either coerced or stolen from you through down-right lies as is often the case that stated quite UNLAWFULLY, ” That one must relinquish the ‘Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter/s’ for the Electric Microwave Smart Meter/s.”

      I would suggest that you draw up amongst yourselves, a type of “Magna Carta”, a list of Lawful Demands.
      Note well that the English Magna Carta is the very backbone of English Common Law.
      I would also suggest that you hire a good lawyer as a Legal and Lawful witness to counter sign under Mr Russel Northe’s Signature to your demands to be met, and until he, Mr Russell Northe signs this important Lawful and Legal Document you do not release him under any circumstances. This is your Lawful Right and Due, as no man has the right to force you to do anything or steal anything from you under “COMMON LAW.”

      Now that so many Victorian citizens to have been tricked into giving up their Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters or more often had them stolen which is Unlawful as the Victorian Government has placed the ONUS on the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies to “Use their best endeavours to get their electricity clients to give up the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters in exchange for these Microwave Smart Meters.” The facts are that No Law has ever been passed in the Victorian Parliament to make it ‘THE LAW’ that you the electricity customer/s have to give into these Unlawful demands of both firstly the Victorian Labour Government back in 2009 Under Mr John Brumby the then Premier of Victoria and Mr Peter Bachelor the then Incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources. Nor has any Law been passed since to that effect.

      In 2010 when Mr Michael O’Brien was in opposition he jumped up in the Victorian Parliament all hot and bothered and stated loudly and with ‘great zeal’ that the Microwave Smart Meters were a terrible idea and would rob the Victorians blind with the then as he predicted, increases in Electricity charges. And how accurate were his statements back then? Very accurate indeed. A little later it was Mr Russell Northe the Liberal Party member for the electorate of Morwell who reiterated much the same remarks as Mr Michael O’Brien but tinged with more anger and seeming vitriol. Strangely when the Victorian Liberal Party ousted the Labor Premier Mr John Brumby, it was Mr Ted Baillieu who was now the new Premier of Victoria and suddenly Mr Michael O’Brien became a ‘Turn-Coat’ and stated that he thought the Microwave Smart Meters were a great idea for all of the reasons he hammered out from his PULPIT OF as I now allege a ‘PULPIT of LIES’, simply to feather his own nest.

      I further allege that when Mr Michael O’Brien felt that the heat of the Microwave Farce was getting too hot for him, he squibbed it and another actor took his part on that stage.
      I now allege that this new actor was a Mr Nicholas Kotsiras a man of Greek Birth who stupidly thought he’d fix everything. Strange that, Mr Nicholas Kotsiras didn’t seem to have a clue what Democracy meant, and yet he is a Greek, how sad! He too I allege proved to be a coward and squibbed it and found the office of Minister for Energy and Resources getting too hot for him, so he in effect “Jumped Ship,” and another actor took the Stage, a Mr Russell Northe who also turned out to be 1 further alleged “Turn-Coat.”

      Mr Russell Northe, has now taken up the Hot Potato as the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources and he is finding it equally hard to do his job. He too I further allege has turned out to be a Gutless Wonder and like the two Victorian Energy and Resources Ministers before him I further allege, has shown a YELLOW streak in not being at his Morwell Offices when he promised to meet our deposition of very concerned and angry Victorian Residents, all of us demanding that the immediate Roll-out of the these Type 2B Carcinogen causing meters be immediately halted and that every Electric so-called Smart Meter be removed and the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters be returned to every Victorian privately owned home and small Business to be properly installed so that the Microwave and poisonous menace be eliminated. And further that the financial cost of carrying out these operations be charged to the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies of Citypower, Powercor, Jemena, SP AusNet and United Energy.

      Further more that all medical and hospital bills for those people adversely medically affected from this filthy Microwave Poisoning, that their hospital and pharmacy bills be paid for by those same five foreign owned Electric Power Companies. Further more that Mr Russel Northe and Mr Dennis Napthine be Both Sacked at the next coming Victorian Election in November 2014 as both of them I allege and those before them who had anything to do with this Smart Meter Criminal FARCE. I further allege that Mr Mark Feather the C.E.O who told me a tissue of LIES over a period of two years from the earlier named Victorian Department of Primary Industry, that he too be sacked from his post as C.E.O

  25. Paul says:

    I am quite happy to donate $100 for a newspaper advertising campaign around election time to alert the public about PPV objectives.

    • Wez says:

      I’ll put in $100 also…..
      Come on people lets start doing something more and get some exposure.

      • Paul says:

        Can the Moderator of SSMA put something up to this effect? I’m sure many, if not all SSMA members would gladly contribute to such a campaign. We all know that there are countless 1000s of others out there who do not want a smart meter and who are also not SSMA Members.

      • Peter says:

        and me!

  26. MovingEntity says:

    I wonder how this will play into the right to put in monitoring equipment. For example an Estate has the right to put in a camera or other device to read the meter’s tally that could be relayed or offered online. That would defeat the need for a reader to attend, a part from the compulsory reading each year that Power Distributors(PD) have to do either if it’s a Smart Meter or not. Obviously the decision on how to read will lay with the PD. Then the customer may only want yearly readings and guestimates in-between.

    • Cameron says:

      The only slight flaw I can see in this solution is that it won’t allow the Distribution Companies to recover the $1.4 billion blowout in the cost of the rollout

      • Cameron says:

        Therefore the solution fails.

      • Gwen says:

        Cameron is this the extra they have charged us to pay for their rollout?

      • Cam says:

        It’s “meter reading” in name only. These charges only serve to re-inflate
        a balance sheet wounded by cost blowouts.

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Better still is to bring back the Victorian State Electricity Commission and return the rightful operation of the new as it now needs to be V.S.E.C for the people of Victoria.

        I say that a new and non Corrupt Victorian Parliament should make out an Acquisition Order and Lawfully Take Back the five foreign owned Electric Power Stations which I allege Geoff Kennett stole and sold for peanuts from the people of Victoria around 1994 or closed to that date.

        No act of Parliament was passed to make it Lawful that I can find to have made the sale of the Victorian State Electricity Power Station/s to the Chinese and the Singaporean Private Money Grubbing Interests, whose Major Share Holders I further allege helped in stealing our Victorian State Electricity Company from us, aided and abetted as I further allege by the then Victorian Premier Geoff Kennett.

        I say, “Simply offer a pepper corn payment of say, One Million dollars ($1,000,000, to China and Singapore for the Electric Power Stations they have effectively STOLEN from us with their Chief Salesman Geoff Kennett.
        If that’s not enough money for them TOO BAD, Take it off them both any way, as a Lawful Acquisition for having forced all Victorian to pay far more for the Electricity as they the Chinese and the Singaporeans stole our money in effect for their Greedy Shareholders most of them born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and probably never done a proper day’s work in their FAT USELESS LIVES !

        To Hell with Citypower and Powercor and SP AusNet and Jemena and United Energy.
        I allege it was greedy Geoff Kennett that sold our V.S.E.C to these Chinese and Singaporean’s for a song, and as I further allege possibly to line his own pockets and that of his Victorian Liberal Party Mates.

        I’ll never vote for Labor or as I further allege for this also greedy money grubbing Victorian Liberal Party, as I allege, seemingly operating Unlawfully to feather its own nest.

  27. Paul says:

    What can anyone say, except to bring on the November elections and see if we can get as many independents (preferably PPV) into parliament to deal with these recalcitrants?

  28. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    The extra set March 2015 Electric Meter Read Charge, on the Safe and Passive Analog Meters many of us still have and refuse to give up, is a wicked financial double dipping charge, and is the most shocking news I have seen to-date, and will be BLACKMAIL on the People of Victoria. It is the greatest degree or proposed “THEFT” that will be caused on those who have sensibly kept the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.

    We are already paying for this Analog Electric Meter Reading every ninety days. I for one am going to phone my Energy Retailer today and politely raise my objections to this PIRACY to commence in March 2015.

    The only thing I allege that is lacking now in both the Incumbent Sickening Victorian Liberal Party and the opposition also Labor Party which started off all of this Evil and Sickening Electric Smart Meter RACKET, is the NOT WEARING OF THE PIRATES BLACK EYE PATCH and the SKULL and CROSS-BONES on their chests, so we can see what a lot of Pirates and Black Mailers both the past Victorian John Brumby Labor Party and the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Dennis Napthine Liberal Party are. I will also Email this to Mr Russel Northe and to Mr Dennis Napthine and to Ms Lilly De Ambrosio as well.

    Please everybody phone your Electricity Retailer and strongly and politely make your objections known.
    Please insist that you won’t be paying this PIRACY CHARGE and write or Email Mr Dennis Napthine of the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party and send the exact same message to the Victorian Labor Party’s Mr Daniel Andrews ( hopeful would be next Premier of Victoria ) and to Ms Lily De Ambrosia the Labor Party’s Minister for Energy and Resources. Please write your letters of OBJECTION to this disgusting further and unwarranted Double-Dipping Electric Analog Meter Charge, or be thou prepared to get FURTHER SCREWED by these Government PIRATES !

    Just as important I won’t be voting for the Labor or the Liberal Party and nor should you, I’ll be voting for the P.P.V and I hope you do too. There is nothing LIBERAL about the Victorian Liberal Party, as I allege they are now proving to be another pack of THIEVING COWARDS IT SEEMS and the MIRROR IMAGE of the past Victorian John Brumby Labor Government !

  29. Michelle says:

    The biggest joke is they want to charge us a meter reading fee, but I have been receiving estimate reading bills for the last two years at least could be longer ( I have all the originals as proof ) before the rollout of smart meters. So they will keep sending my bills like they have and expect me to pay for a meter reader to all of a sudden appear, just another way to rip of Aussies in this free country of ours . Shame, Shame,Shame ………..

    • Cameron says:

      Michelle it’s not a meter reading fee, it’s an “additional” meter reading fee. What you need to understand is that the “meter reading” aspect of this additional fee is in NAME ONLY. It’s charges that are “legitimised” by giving them a “meter reading” name and appearance but whose actual purpose is to recoup the $1.4 billion blowout in the cost of the botched rollout.

  30. nikki says:

    Typical…all I can say is control and more control. They hate the thought of losing, and people having control and getting their own way….I will pay my ridiculous bill I will get no doubt, because I will never back down, and god help anyone that sneaks a smart meter on my property. I am fighting for my son’s health who by the way is in the best health since we are in Qld. No smart meters here, and it would be a fight if they tried it here in Cairns. People are very earthy here and very strong willed.. We are moving back to Vic soon unfortunately….I am adamant I will fight all the way and I hope you all do too…let’s not give in to these money hungry, non-compassionate bastards !!! here , here 😉

  31. Eric says:

    Click to access Assembly_Daily_Extract_Wednesday_25_June_2014_from_Book_9.pdf

    These people in Parliament are absolute megalomaniacs. The act and talk as if we don’t even exist.

    Keep your meter boxes well and truly locked. In fact it is probably time to even boost your security even more. These sociopaths have still got every intention of installing a smart meter on our premises even if they manage to successfully extort more money from us. Read the following rant of Nicholas Kotsiras…….he is still hanging around.

    The installation of a smart meter is compulsory; there is no option, you have to have a smart meter installed. However, until those who are refusing decide and agree to have a meter installed, why should other Victorians pay for their refusal? We said that the people refusing should pay for the manual reading of their existing meter until they decide to allow the distribution companies to install a smart meter.

    This man is an absolute dictator. He acknowledges that it is us who can “decide to allow”. He acknowledges that it is us who can “decide and agree”. Acknowledging that, he still seems to think that “the installation of a smart meter is compulsory”. This man has got his wires crossed very badly.

    Until these people (both sides) are dealt with and done away with, there will be no let up for us. The fact of the matter is that we can never unlock our meter boxes ever again. My meter box will stay locked even if they abolish the AMI program. Trust is gone forever.

    • Paul says:

      Good comment! My wife used to work with him when he was teacher at Coburg High School in Melbourne’s north. At that stage she described him as an arrogant fool who would neither listen to his colleagues nor his students. Does this ring a bell?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to know just how much this man has got his wires crossed, he also made the following statement
      “As we know, the Labor government mismanaged the compulsory rollout of smart meters. That is a fact. The first mistake was that it was a compulsory rollout.”

      So in the very same breath he has stated that
      1. A compulsory rollout was a mistake
      and then having said that proceeded to push the point that
      2 the installation of a smart meters is compulsory, there is no option

      My suggestion to this man is to go away and google “Muammar Gaddafi”

    • Tanya says:

      And don’t keep only your electricity meter box locked. Secure your gas and water meters as well with a steel bracket, a cage or whatever works in your situation. The gas and water companies are learning from the failure of the electricity companies to get a smart meter into EVERY home. They may not give you advanced warning that they are coming to make your life even more hellish than it already is. Just like the electricity smart meter installers learned to sneak up on resisters when they weren’t watching.

    • Eric says:

      Nicholas Kotsiras is acting as a standover man.
      How standoverish are words such as………

      “until those who are refusing decide and agree………..” ?

      “until they decide to allow…..” ?

      The standover man’s favorite word is “until”. Until this and until that……….

      You stupid stupid man.
      We have already decided and we do NOT agree and we will NOT allow EVER.

      Nicholas Kotsiras, both your comments and your whole demeanor is Hitleresque.

  32. John Wilson says:

    Again this rogue parliament working in the interest of trading corporations instead of the people. The cost of manually reading meters is already included in the costs or would be if a normal business was having to survive in a business environment where it could not go to the parliament to allow it to extort further revenue towards the shareholder profit of international shareholders. The Victorian parliament is a foreign power that has usurped the government of Victoria and sold of the assets and lands of the people it does not have the authority to do so. There has not been a referendum asking the people to give up their rights to common law and accept roman/corporate laws where the people do not own anything. That attempt to make it mandatory to accept smart meters is an example of roman laws working for the benefit of the few. Water boards and trusts that have been sold off to private corporations without approval of the people; .local government is another invalid organisation set up by these rogue parliaments. The Victorian parliament legislated a third tier of government using the powers under the 1975 Victorian Constitution and the local government Act 1989, (invalid documents) since the have not gone through due process, i.e. Referendum, royal assent or the repeal of the lawful Victorian Constitution. In doing so they have interfered with the laws of another country. This will continue to increase unless the people take action and demand a return to lawful government, (we, the people) where government is the people and the parliament is its servant. Once the people speak out and take action it is likely to prove that most Acts and laws passed since 1975 are invalid unless they are consistent with the lawful Victorian Constitution and the Commonwealth of Australian Constitution 1900-1901. Learn about the constitutions and your rights and do not be afraid to speak out. You are the Law and the Government. The actions of these people who were elected to carry out the will of the people and instead have given allegiance to foreign powers are committing crimes against the people. All of this information is available to confirm this.

  33. Cooper says:

    What a total disgrace, it seems that the MP’s of Victoria have forgot who they represent and who decides their future. Sadly the MP’s have decided to jump into bed with the power companies, a decision that is going to haunt them for many years to come, as people power is alive and well. These actions of the government have just proved to the people of Victoria that the only interests they have are their own and not of the peoples who they are suppose to serve.

  34. Kevin says:

    Hi, I am with Jemena and by the end of 2015, I will have paid just over $1000 for this meter roll out against my will, which Should be reimbursed to me [I will be pursuing to get them back] when this so called new meter charge starts.
    Also, what happened to charges that were there before this scheme started? No word of them or if they were taken off residents bills when these meters were installed .
    If they took a real account of how many were installed against people’s will and people’s lack of knowledge of their rights regarding them, the figures would be bewildering KJM

    • Minnie says:

      Kevin, we need to start asking questions, like how much money we are paying for these radiation devices? How much do we already pay for meter reading? Why does the supply charge keep on going up? They think people don’t notice, but I do. I intend to ask my retailer what exactly I am paying for. They can pay us the money back, our money.
      Or better still we can read our own meters and deduct it from the bill. You only need one official meter read a year.

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