Canadian utility company directed to remove all smart meters in Saskatchewan province – CBS News

SaskPower to remove 105,000 smart meters following fires

The Saskatchewan government has ordered its power utility SaskPower to remove 105,000 so-called smart meters installed at homes and businesses across the province, following concerns about eight unexplained fires associated with the units.

The minister responsible for the provincial Crown corporation, Bill Boyd, announced the move Wednesday.

“The concerns about safety are paramount here,” Boyd told reporters in Regina. “The concerns are significant enough that we believe that any time that families are at risk here in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken. That’s why we’ve directed SaskPower accordingly.”

See SaskPower to remove 105,000 smart meters following fires for full story.

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28 Responses to Canadian utility company directed to remove all smart meters in Saskatchewan province – CBS News

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  2. That is so good that the corporation had to remove the harmful smart meters. We are having them forced on us in Australia, so need Global support to Stop Smart meters being installed without our consent.

  3. Eric says:

    Here is an example of what we refer to latency time for cancer in the case of 9/11 rescue workers.

    Thirteen years later here we go

    “Government reports suggest workers at the World Trade Center were exposed to a number of chemicals that were known to be carcinogens, or agents that may cause cancer.
    Many people who worked at the site are struggling with devastating cancers they may not otherwise have had, had they not responded to the tragedy. That much is clear, according to the U.S. government, which set up a special World Trade Center Health Program.”

    It’s clear, very clear but you always have those saying “To be scientifically accurate blah blah blah”

    Cases of cancer in Victoria resulting from exposure to smart meter electromagnetic radiation transmitted through homes by SP Ausnet, Jemena, United Energy, Powercor and Citipower will certainly have a latency period.

    For big bullies like SP Ausnet, who relentlessly harass their customers and try to shove down their throats some codswallop that because smart meters have been deemed safe by a certain group of charlatans that have got nothing to do with proving health and safety, the customer has not got any grounds for objection…………..ask them the question, can smart meters cause cancer ? Make sure you ask for a yes or no answer only.

    • Paul says:

      Good luck with the Yes or No answer, these fools will cover themselves any way they can.

      Does microwave radiation cause cancer? I strongly believe so. Why? because one of the main functions of the pineal gland (located in the base of the brain) is to produce melatonin (not to be confused with melanin), which rounds up free radical radicals produced during the body’s repair process (sleep). Free radicals cause cancer.

      The pineal gland is activated during the absence of light i.e. when the eyes are closed during sleep. However, studies have shown that the pineal gland cannot differentiate between ordinary light and microwave radiation (from smart meters, DECT phones, mobile phones and WiFi). This means that melatonin production is severely affected.

      Our home has no smart meter and no DECT phones. Internet is via a cable plugged into a modem with the WiFi turned off (powerline adapters can be useful for those who want Internet in other rooms) and mobile phone usage is kept to an absolute minimum with texting preferred.

  4. Eric says:

    Here’s a couple of links showing something that is utterly disgusting and vulgar

    ComEd electricity utility with an ice cream truck handing out free ice creams to people whilst having an armed security guard at their truck ie. holding a loaded firearm
    …..all whilst they are trying to persuade those same people to swap their analog meters for
    a carcinogenic device of death.

    Electricity utilities are just sick, vile, depraved and evil to be resorting to something like this.

    …….the ComEd worker rudely interrupted, “I am engaging with a customer”

    I have to stop here because anything else I say at this point will be moderated

  5. fiona says:

    ‘SaskPower also has a cache of more than 100,000 new devices in storage that will not be used.’ Oh no!!! I know what the Australian politicians are thinking…..’Sure we can get these for a good price.’
    It is nice to hear some people care for their community though!! I am not sure why the Victorian politician’s are so ignorant in this area.

    • Minnie says:

      Maybe Victorians can pay for the devices they have in storage, after all we are paying for a foreign companies devices.

  6. Bill says:

    The devices have to go ALL OF THEM doesn’t matter the cost. Better Victoria go broke than these $#c$%^g unwanted devices remain on our houses and shops.
    And the “smart government” also must go.

  7. Gwen says:

    Stopping the rollout of ‘smart’ meters after only 8 house fires. I think the whole of Victoria would have to go up in flames before they would say they will investigate. By ‘they’ I mean the ‘smart’ Government.

  8. Minnie says:

    If you have a look at the Metropolitan Fire Brigades website a lot of the fires have got no cause, or still investigating. Some of these fires are from quite a while ago. I wonder if the Christmas Street fire is on the list? I could not find it. The house that the occupants claim burnt down because of a smart meter, I believe the suburb was Northcote. I would like to know what was the cause of this fire as determined by the MFB.

    • Paul says:

      Depends on how much they paid the investigating officer!

      • Minnie says:

        How can fires that were caused say a year ago have know cause? Would they not have to investigate and find the cause within a certain amount of time? Once the debris is taken away, the evidence goes as well. I was advised by the MFB that police are still investigating the alleged sabotage of smart meters. You would think that if smart meters were actually being sabotaged that they would of found the person or persons responsible.
        I suppose it is a bit hard to find a phantom.

      • Minnie says:

        We need to find out if smart meters have caused or contributed to any house fires and start putting pressure on the MFB investigators. At the end of the day they also don’t want to be held responsible. If enough people ask questions and the right questions, we will get somewhere.

        • geoffrey says:

          they have known the cause but its being covered up by the bureaucrats and governments, i remember 2 or 3 years ago their were 2 or 3 house fires in northcote melbourne one month and the mfb said it was due to smart meters overloading old wiring in homes before ss-p ausnet goose stepped in and swept it all under the rug. bureaucrats do as their told or lose their jobs, if your a good communicator-aka lier, you will rise to the top, and as they say the fish rots from the head.

          • Minnie says:

            Geoffrey, they sure do know the cause. There have been a lot fires in Victoria. One of the fires was in St Kilda i think and the camera filmed a smart meter at the start of the story. A neighbour of mine had a smart meter catch fire, they occupants managed to put the fire out without any damage to the house. Jemena came out and replaced the smart meter. These people asked for the analogue meter to be put back and they were told no. They were told that water had run at the back of the smart meter and this what caused the fire.They were told to get a meter box installed, they said no. They also informed the installer that they had never had a problem with the analogue meter and water running at the back of it.

  9. Paul says:

    The wiring in our houses is deigned for 50 Hz frequencies, not for 90,000,000 Hz (smart meters). Is it any wonder why fires occur?

    • Eric says:

      Yes Paul I believe house wiring can become pretty damn hot with those high frequencies on it, especially some of the older house wiring. If there is any point of weakness in that wiring………………………..

  10. Trude says:

    Unexplained fires. We can relate to that, can we not? Hmm… thinking this scenario sounds a lot like the pink batts tragedy here in Aus. What will it take before our so-called ‘authorities’ finally admit to their mistakes…again!

  11. Cedar says:

    Well, families are at risk even if the house doesn’t catch fire; people’s brains are being harmed, how long will it take governments to understand that?? The problem is politicians are not usually experts in anything, they are just people who want to be in government, not he best reason to be running the country.

  12. Sue says:

    So how do we get the (Au/Vic) government to back track & do a 180 on its mandate to have smart meters installed?

    • Paul says:

      Don’t know how. Australian governments are usually too bloody-minded. It’s only an undesired election result that seems to make them see the folly of not listening to their bosses.

      • Rik says:

        They wont listen. The power companies pay them to add the damn things. Is there any other reason why the government puts them in except for financial gain?

        I think it will take at least a suburb to burn down and a few hundred die before the government will even look into removing them, not the actual removing them the looking into it.
        It’ll take a lot to get the truth out and get them to go back and swap them all over now. They will keep them for as long as possible.

        Lets hope the No Smart Meter Party actually gets in enough to get them removed. Try to spread the word and hopefully people listen and the government starts to listen to its people who voted it in and does something to help its people. They are there because of us so we can easily removed them too.

        • Gwen says:

          I heard that Julie Bishop acted in support to James Hardie asbestos investigation against Bernie Banton, a victim of asbestos lung disease. Not surprising then that they won’t acknowledge the dangers of ‘smart’ meters.

          • Gwen says:

            Julie Bishop was a solicitor acting for companies fighting cancer

    • Ashley says:

      Obviously not as simple as asking them because they are so very under the control of corruption. However, we can continue to focus on educating people we know and meet.

      Everything that happens in the world is not so much something being DONE TO US. It is a mass representation of OUR own thoughts, including the (subconcious) conspiracy that goes on in our own heads, to varrying degrees – creating something we are DOING TO OURSELVES. An educated public would no longer give (subconcious) permission to any existance of Smart Meters.

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