Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) health complaints soar in Victoria

ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) commenced Australia’s first centralised EMR Health Complaints Register on 4 July 2003. The Register collects reports of health concerns related to possible EMR field exposures in the range of 0-300 GHz.

Out of a total of 91 reports received up until June 2013, 36 (40%) were received in the 2012 – 2013 reporting period alone. Moreover, 78% of the reports for the July 2012 – June 2013 period came from just one state – Victoria.

No prizes for guessing as to what appears to be behind this massive spike. The leading EMR source reported as causing health effects during this period was smart meters. Go to https://www.arpansa.gov.au/sites/g/files/net3086/f/legacy/pubs/emr/analysis12-13.pdf to see the breakdown and the health effects that people are reporting.

What will the July 2013 – June 2014 reporting period reveal?

Click on https://stopsmartmetersau.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/arpansa-report-form.doc, print out the form, fill in and mail to ARPANSA if you want to add your own report to this year’s statistics. There is always the chance, if enough people take the time to report their symptoms, that research will, finally, be undertaken into the health effects resulting from the roll-out of smart meters.

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48 Responses to Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) health complaints soar in Victoria

  1. Eve says:

    Thank you, Minnie for your advice. I agree with you, but it seems we are being overridden by the government (!) now and the actual power of legislating an additional charge for meter readers if you choose not to have a smart meter, is now going to be implemented in parliament. Dictatorship ad nauseum.

    • Minnie says:

      Eve, they are only going to get away with what they are doing if we let them. They can say what they want in parliament, they are not liable for what they say in a debate. I had a read of the debate last night and then thought, they are more pissed off ,then me, they are livid and one of them said may be charged, another said will be charged until they agree. This is all a big con job and they know it as well.
      I will not be paying anything other than what i am paying for my meter to be read. It is quite easy to be cocky and arrogant, when you have no fear of legal repercussions. They don’t have parliamentary privilege outside.of parliament. Why do you think they won’t talk to anyone in person? They won’t put anything incriminating in writing either.
      Start asking questions Eve and don’t stop. Get them to put everything in writing as well. Don’t talk to the distributor’s if you can help it. Ask the politicians questions, ask ARPANSA, ask them all and keep on asking.
      Ask for factual evidence, ask for health tests. You will need all this, as we all will.

    • Minnie says:

      Eve, the people are the Government, the other one is a company. If we are the Government we make the decisions. They are public servants, we are their masters. We do not take orders from our servants and we do not take orders from a company either.

    • Informed Choice says:

      The government is pushing an agenda – that is all! They know many are standing up against it and that will not change. See them try and put us all away, it wouldn’t be easy for them. We all know what happens to dictators… eventually.

  2. How do you get a smart meter removed? My family has suffered debilitating health problems since the meter was installed two years ago?

    • Minnie says:

      Have you lodged a health complaint with Arpansa? The details are on this website. SSMA are trying to get this issue addressed, Your family should not have to suffer. The information on how dangerous smart meters are, needs to be spread around, the more people that know the better. If enough people kick up a big stink before the election, they will have to start removing possible cancer causing meters. We need numbers and people need to start complaining and don’t stop ever, until smart meters are removed.

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  4. Eve says:

    Considering the number of complaints about electricity suppliers now demanding further “fees” if a Smart meter is not installed, to cover the costs of a reader coming onto your property, have we got any comeback if we don’t pay those “extras”, by threatening them with court action, or can they turn off the electricity supply until said amount is paid? I was told I would have to pay a quarterly addition to the regular rates, and that it is wiser and cheaper to have the meter installed as ” it has been proven that they are perfectly safe”. What bunkum!

    • James says:

      It seems that the written correspondence (ie. the propaganda) being now sent from the Distribution Companies to customers has changed the way in which the Utility refers to customers from previously “those customers that refuse a smart meter” to
      “those customers who remain on the old electricity meters”.

    • Max says:

      Eve, ask them what the definition of safe is and then write down your definition. Your definition is the one that counts not theirs. Smart meter radiation is not safe. They have no proof it is safe. Ask them to produce this proof. They won’t be able to. They will just copy and paste something off the internet and hope you will go away.
      They need consent to avoid liability and responsibility and that is why they are harassing people. So what if worse comes to worse? They will turn off our power and then the lawsuits will start.
      They would have to perjure themselves in court and I doubt it if any one would be stupid enough to do this. The distributor’s chose wireless smart meters, so they are liable and responsible. The Government whichever one they work for, gave them orders, but they did not choose wireless. You can understand now, why they are so desperate. People are sick because of their devices and the Government will just say,”We did not give the order to install wireless smart meters” it is not our problem.
      The distributors will say, you gave us consent, so bad luck if you get sick. The Distributors have not specified what safe means, nor have they produced the Australian standards they keep referring to. There are no standards that say smart meters will definitely not cause cancer or other health problems. No one will guarantee these smart meters, they can’t. They would be liable and at the end of the day no one will want to be held responsible.

  5. Eric says:

    It should not have to be that in what ought to be a Democratic nation such as Australia, a person is forced to resort to locking their meter boxes and locking their properties to prevent the installation of a device to which nobody can guarantee the safety and which we all know to be making people sick right round the world.
    It should have been enough just to say “NO you are not permitted to do this”. Prohibition signage on property should have been enough to prevent both entry and installation of these accursed devices.

    For going ahead and installing their toxic smart meter despite property owners having forbidden it either verbally, in writing or by signage, the Distribution Companies must be punished severely and mercilessly.

  6. Cameron Taylor says:

    I have received reports in the last two days of Jemena using blatant lies to prey on vulnerable customers to INTIMIDATE them into allowing the installation of what we know to be a sickness causing “smart meter”

    One customer upon receiving a notice in the mail from Jemena thought they would ring them up. The bullies were there ready and waiting. This customer was told by the little boys and girls that any customer not having a smart meter by 27 June would be up for a hefty fine. What LIES. This person believed their lies and caved in.
    Do not contact Jemena and do not believe anything that comes out of their mouths. These people are sociopaths. They are desperate people who don’t care about you, I or the rest of humanity. Distribution Companies can not fine anybody. All they can charge is amounts outstanding on your bill. See section 17 of the Electricity Distribution Code. (Also revisit the legal advice on SSMA.)

    A distributor must not include an indemnity or other term or condition in its
    deemed distribution contract with a customer the effect of which is to entitle the
    distributor to recover from the customer in respect of:
    (a) any breach by the customer of the contract; or
    (b) any negligence by the customer in relation to the contract,
    any greater amount than that which, under the common law (including in equity) or
    statute, the distributor is entitled to as compensation for the customer’s breach of
    contract or negligence.

    Even the attempt to extort money from us is referred to as additional charges and not as a “fine”. So what this customer was told was intended as a lie to deceive and intimidate.

    Another case of them using whatever LIE that they can to prey on what they perceive to be people’s vulnerabilities and I’ll say it here….Jemena are predators. One person just caved in because Jemena told them that if they did not get a smart meter and a fire occured then their insurance company would not cover them. Absolutely absurd. My house has always been covered and if anything it’s the case of a fire occuring on property having a smart meter where there is real risk that insurance companies may not pay out on claims relating to incendiary incidents and we know that these stinking devices have caused many a fire and having them on your home is the thing that introduces a very real incendiary risk in the first place.

    Do NOT believe the LIES of these vultures. They are desperate people who will do desperate things. It’s we who hold all the aces and we need not be intimidated by these stupid little girls and boys who deserve to have their backsides spanked very very hard.

    • Access denied says:

      I do believe smart meters have caused many house fires in Victoria and the ‘authorities’ fail to find them as the cause due to a huge cover up by the various government departments. Disgusted and disappointed. Vote People Power – it’s the way to go. Thanks Cameron and other posters below for exposing these crooks for who they really are!

      • Paul says:

        Spot on! There was a recent case of a house fire in Northcote, which was caused by a smart meter. Said device was promptly removed before any investigation could take place.

  7. Paul says:

    Why doesn’t the link to open up the complaint form for ARPANSA work?

  8. Eve says:

    Considering the dangererous emmissions radiated by the so-called “Smart” meters, and the hazardous effects on peoples’ lives, it surprises me that most critiques target the “audacious” fault lying with the Government of the time, but nobody raises their arms in dismay at the blackmailing of the Electricity Companies, threatening customers with raised fees if they refuse to permit those death traps to be installed. So, one is basically exposed to illness by force, and fined for trying to protect one’s own and loved ones’ health. Where are the legalities of protecting innocent citizens from conmen like these, when conmen fleecing innocent old ladies from shoddy tradespeople and real estate scammers do get jailed? Why doesn’t the justice system step in to protect citizens from threats of having to pay “extra” rates if one declines to have a Smart Meter installed?

    • Paul says:

      Why? because this and previous governments are not in office for the good of their citizens but for the good of themselves.

    • Minnie says:

      Eve, it was the Government that gave the orders in the first place. The Distributors are responsible and liable as they apparently own the smart device’s. If anything happens to any of us, it would be the Distributors that would be liable and also any of their representatives, agents, contractors etc. The smart meter installer is also liable and responsible. Actually quite alot of people have been raising their arms at the distributors.
      It was the Government that gave the orders. Adolf Hitler gave the orders to rid Europe of Jews, so he was responsible, but so were the people that carried out the orders. In fact the person that gave the orders is just as responsible as the person or persons carrying out the orders.
      Who said you had to pay fees? Just because they say something does not make it true and factual. Why would you have to pay fees? Weren’t these possible cancer causing devices introduced for our benefit. So we don’t want the benefit.
      Justice is just a word, it looks good on paper and sounds good, but does it really exist?

    • Beth Miller says:

      Step in and protect yourself Eve.
      The notices that Distribution Companies such as J’enema, SP ChangiNet and Divided Energy have been barraging their customers with are actually offers that they are making to their customers. They do not provide disclosure of this fact which is gutter ethics.

      The offer they have been making this year to customers who did not accept their previous offer (to install a microwave transmitter and surveillance and monitoring device which they referred to as a “smart meter”) goes something like this….
      Do nothing and allow us to charge you for the non installation of a sickness causing microwave transmitter.

      (You cannot just wily nily change terms and conditions of an existing contract without the agreement of all parties)

      So guess what happens if you do nothing ?
      As far as they are concerned you have accepted their offer (to charge you) thank you very much.

      Eve, they need to recontract you to charge you these “extra rates” you mention. To do that you have to agree to it (their notice of offer or their contract notice sent to you under the guise of a letter).

      You need to either say “NO” to their offer to charge you (which they will try to pass off as law) OR
      You return their offer back to them in it’s envelope which sends out the message that you are not willing to enter into contractual negotiation with them. You are under no obligation to accept these propositions to negotiate.

      Eve, YOU are the power and the authority NOT THEM.

    • Steve says:

      The Government may have created the OIC for an Advanced Metering Infrastructure but it was the power companies choice to use wireless technology and so they are liable for the health impacts SM’s may cause.

      Schedule 1 Section 3 of the Victorian Government Rule Change Proposal (Jurisdictional Derogation) Advanced Metering Infrastructure Rollout – August 2007 . “Introductory notes on the impact and choice of technology”
      “The Victorian Government is technology neutral in its approach to AMI and has limited its role to defining a minimum functionality and service levels. The distributors are evaluating multiple technologies (eleven technologies are under evaluation) and will make the final decision as to what package of meter and communications technology meets the performance requirements given the physical environments across the State, customer density and topology.”

  9. Minnie says:

    The Senate inquiry into electromagnetic radiation 2001, had a few recommendations:
    Recommendation 2.6
    The Committee recommends the development of an industry code of practice for
    handling consumer health complaints.

    Recommendation 2.7
    The Committee recommends the establishment of a centralized complaints
    mechanism in ARPANSA or the Department Of Health for people to report
    adverse health effects associated with mobile phone use and other
    radiofrequency technology, and for the data from this register to be considered
    by the NHMRC in determining research funding priorities.

    • Minnie says:

      The Committee recommended that a an industry code of practice be set up for handling health complaints and the establishment of a centralized complaints mechanism to be implemented, This shows that they knew that health problems could and would arise in the future..

  10. Minnie says:

    Fact sheet 16 states that the Who and Arpansa are not aware of any EHS symptoms being confirmed. Well if you just file away the complaints, then how can you confirm them? How would the WHO know what is going on in another country, when ARPANSA do not investigate the health complaints that have been lodged with them? Why even bother with health complaints, if they don’t investigate? Why won’t they investigate? If they don’t investigate, then don’t give out information about smart meters.
    When they speak on behalf of the WHO, they need to provide the name of the person they are referring to.
    The fact sheet states ACMA’s regulatory arrangements for wireless devices make mandatory the exposure limits set by ARPANSA, which are designed to protect people of all ages and health status, against all known adverse health effects,
    Adverse means harmful. What does ARPANSA define as harmful effects? The fact sheet also states that that there are no established adverse health effects below current exposure limits. This is just an opinion, as there are many tests showing adverse health effects.
    Magicians use tricks to make you believe they have magical powers. These are all illusions.

    • Gwen says:

      Great points Minnie. Just wondering if anyone has contacted Consumer Action Law Centre. If so, what was their response to smart meter roll out?

      • Anonymous says:

        Remember this incident ?
        It was broadcast as story on A Current Affair and was viewable on Youtube.
        It was entitled “ACA Smart Meter stoush 201….”.
        If you try and view it now ( link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7cgKhjp3D4 )
        you cannot. You will get the following.
        “”ACA. Smart Meter Stoush 201…” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

        Pretty interesting huh ?
        The point is that Dan Simpson from C.A.L.C. made comment on this story and he just toed the government line. So C.A.L.C. seem to be in bed with the government. I know he was pulled up after this story and came clean about the fact that he himself is not a lawyer.

        Go through the SSMA thread (see link above) and do a search for Dan Simpson to get an idea of how Consumer Action Law Centre demonstrated themselves concerning this carcinogenic radio transmitter (smart meter) agenda and make up your own mind about how much they really know about the law. In my opinion it seems to be zilch.

        • Gwen says:

          Thanks Anonymous. I guess they’re funded by the ‘government’ and do what they’re told. They are all very aware of the dangers of these meters but as long as they don’t admit it, then it’s not true.

  11. Minnie says:

    What scientific evidence? This is just an opinion. My opinion is that smart meter radiation is a health hazard. Let them prove me wrong. They can’t. They would have to perform tests on every single one of us and even then, they could not say with certainty that smart meter radiation is not dangerous. This is all smoke and mirrors an illusion to get you to believe that smart meter radiation is harmless.
    If you read the fact sheet, it is made up of opinion, hearsay and general information, and is of know use to anyone.
    They keep on reverting to the same party line ““The scientific evidence does not support that the low level RF EMR emitted from smart meters causes any health effects” Which health effects are they referring to? Where is this scientific evidence that claim to have? Where is the medical evidence? They don’t have it. If they did, they would produce this evidence and they haven’t.

  12. Hammer Mann says:

    Dear Readers,
    Many people have covered this Electric Microwave Meter fiasco, extremely well in one or a number of various areas. I have tried to put together here, what had happened to me over the last few years of constantly being bullied by Powercor.
    They at Powercor never treated me as a valued customer, so I have given here, a blow by blow description as best I can, of the start of this Beelzebub-an and now truly wicked human torturing experience of me and hundreds and thousands of us Victorian citizens from the start of the Satanic Microwave and far from ‘Smart Meter’ roll out.

    I allege that many Victorian citizens are still being bullied by these five foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O bullies and by the C.E.O bully of the Department of Primary Industry as I had been up to two years ago.

    I allege that the then Money Grubbing Victorian Labor Party Government began all of this evil well before 2009, purposely aided and abetted by the C.E.O’s of the five foreign Electrical Power companies based here in Victoria and now well known to us, also aided and abetted by Mr John Brumby the then Victorian Premier of the Labour Government and various other Labor Ministers high in Government circles. In what seemed to me then and still seems to me, from careful evaluation over a long time, a plan of the most cunning and wicked nature was finally put into train. This plan was draw up in very high Labor circles to find a way which would ‘seem to be legal ’, yet cunningly extort huge sums of money from the Victorian privately owned home and small business owners. This was brought about by cunning plans to pass a number of new laws through the Victorian Parliament to extort these moneys using the power of the Government aided and abetted by these five foreign owned overseas Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s to use what are now known as Electric Microwave and so-called Smart Meters, to dumb down the Victorian public into thinking that these new fangled meters were actually smart, in what was being falsely sold as a great idea.

    In truth, John Brumby’s little get together and teta tet, with his, as I allege corrupt mates and the then Victorian Governor General over a number of clandestine meetings was to try to pull ‘A Fast One on the Victorian Parliament,’ then to attempt to try to “steam-roller new laws through the Victorian Parliament.” Fortunately these laws were never passed in the Victorian Parliament and Mr John Brumby’s plans almost died, but not quite. Instead, he and his cunning mates invented a contingency plan which was then drawn up which turned out to be “ An Order in Council.” This contingency plan was then put into effect, but the important thing to remember is that it has no weight in Law whatsoever. It has been and still is therefore a Wicked Confidence Trick of the Lowest kind evilly wrought upon the Victorian public.

    The past Victorian Labor Party believed that their confidence trick they wanted to use would ‘sell the Victorian public the ‘LIE’ that by giving up the proven to be Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters, that trusting Victorian Electricity customers, would come to believe that they would actually save on electricity costs with the new electric Microwave Smart meter replacing the Safe and Passive Analog electric meter, thus using less electricity than before through the ‘MAGIC ? or was it the Smoke and Mirrors of the Smart Meter Lie.’ Well, not all of us Victorians fell for these LIES. Little did the majority of the Victorian public know at the time that these machines would turn out to be poisonous to mounting numbers of Human lives, Animal lives and all Life, and would actually bring about a number or range of sicknesses from the Microwave poisonous rays constantly being broadcast from these machines are mostly mounted, on the outside walls of bedrooms and quite near to peoples’ heads as they sleep at night, or when shift workers sleep during daylight hours before going on night-shift.

    The trouble then was and still is, that these poisonous and cumulative microwave rays are being broadcast twenty four (24) hours a day for 365 days a year as these rays have been proven to easily penetrate brick and fibro, cement and weather board walls and adult and children’s skulls, from these now turning out to be truly ‘Night Marish’ Microwave and Truly Not So Smart Microwave machines.

    Even before Labour in Victoria was kicked out of office it was Mr Michael O’Brien of the Opposition Victorian Liberal Party who jumped up in the Victorian Parliament in 2010 and RAVED on about how these Smart Meters were not a good idea, as they would actually cause the Victorian private home and small business owners to pay even more money, for in effect the same amount of electricity used under the older Analog Electric Meter system. Mr Michael O’Brien put on quite an impassioned speech as he continued to castigate the idea of bringing in the Microwave Smart meters. And how right he proved to be. But when Labour in Victoria got thrown out of office and the Liberal party came into power what did Mr Michael O’Brien do, when he was made the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources by his Premier and boss Mr Ted Baillieu ?
    That’s right folks, you’ve guessed it. Mr Michael O’ Brien became a Turn Coat doing a one hundred and eighty degree about face. Acting as now the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources his new belief, or so he said, was to the effect,“ That the Microwave Smart Meters were wonderful, the best invention since sliced bread, and perfectly safe for Humans and Animals and all LIFE.

    AMAZING people these politicians, how they suddenly change from impassioned and what has turned out to be scientifically accurate statements about how dangerous Microwave Smart Meters are whilst in opposition, to becoming Turn Coats. We have exactly the same situation with Mr Russell Northee who, when he had been in opposition, said much the same as Mr Michael O’Brien about the Microwave Smart Meters and how they were a ‘ terrible idea and would cost the Victorian public even more money than keeping the old fashioned Analog Electric Meters.” Both men were correct at the time, but when they got into government they quickly became Turn-Coats. These two politicians make me sick to the pit of my stomach. Neither of these two as I allege, spineless Jelly Fish can be trusted and should be sacked and run out of Public Office immediately for lying to the Victorian public. Even when Mr Nicholas Kotsiras was The Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources before Mr Northee, I further allege, he proved himself to have no backbone whatsoever, and acted as a puppet to Mr Denis Napthine the new Premier of Victoria and the five foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O’s.

    Ask yourselves this question. “Why is it that Victorians have been sailing down ‘Muck Creek’ for so long and without a paddle ? It’s simply to allow them to be robbed every day with ever increasing electricity charges as there is no competition in this now Over-Priced and Rigged Electric Power Industry. Therefore I allege that this now thoroughly disgraced incumbent Victorian Liberal Party, just like the old then disgraced Victorian Labor Party have been, and still are, “ in bed with the five C.E.O’s of City Power and Powercor and Jemena and SP AusNet and United Energy.” Worst of all, I further allege is the sheer crass insensitivity of both the past Victorian Labor Party and this now incumbent Victorian Liberal Party with neither of them ever having shown any genuine concern for the Victorian Public’s Health and Welfare.
    Why is this ?, it is as “ I further allege to keep stealing as much cash from Victorians already cash-strapped pockets as they the Victorian Government and these foreign owned Electric Power Companies possibly can.”

    Both the past Victorian Labor Government and as I now further allege, perverse incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government keep on wickedly trying, by hook or by crook to entrap ever more Victorian citizens into accepting these now proving to be Satanic and far from Smart Electric Microwave Meter Devices.

    Wake up those stupid ones, who are seemingly SHEEPLE, before it’s too late, and their weakened minds become ever more stultified with constant lies from The Victorian Government as well as Governments world wide, who wish to keep on subjugating you the people and make you their PUPPETS and slaves to the Deadly Electric Poisonous but far from Smart Meters !


    Hammer Mann.

    • Eric says:

      “Smart Electric Microwave Meter Devices”

      One thing is now quite clear to me. These devices we are talking about are in no way what you would call “meter” or “metering devices”. They are Radio Transmitters full stop. Even if a little bit of metering functionality is included, it doesn’t alter the fact that what we are dealing with here is nothing smart at all but a (dirty electricity producing), microwave RADIO TRANSMITTER.

      What is being referred to as a “meter” is not a meter at all but a radio transmitter.
      What Jemena, SP Ausnet, United Energy, Citipower and Powercor have put on people’s houses are NOT electricity meters at all but Radio Transmitters. The primary accompanying functionality is surveillance and monitoring of home occupant behaviour patterns. I believe actual consumption is considered of little or no significance in comparison to gaining personal behaviour pattern data.

      Telco’s cannot install such microwave transmitter type devices on private property without the express permission of the property owner and they would be subject to the submissions by the public of any objections they may have. What’s more the Telco would be paying the private owner BIG time rent money to put their transmiters and antennae on their private property.

      Well, firstly the whole thing with the Telcos proliferating their wireless network nodes on private property and radiating public space with any radiation above a normal background level is completely wrong BUT,,,,,,,
      the point I’m trying to make is who in the hell do the Electricity Distribution Companies think they are to think they can just help themselves to your private property and mine and readily do the exact same thing that the Telcos are paying big bucks to private owners to ALLOW them to do and to allow them to proceed with their immoral deed.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Dear Readers,
      I made a gross error of magnitude in this article above form me Hammer Mann, in the penultimate paragraph. The figures I quoted of Seven (7) Trillion and One (1) Trillion are way out. They should have read Seven Billion and a manageable number One (1) Billion people.
      Sorry about those two mistakes
      Hammer Mann.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Thank you for the explanation Richard. It’s good to refresh the readers’ memories and introduce new members to the scurrilous behaviour of the energy companies. Keep strong.

  13. Tanya says:

    Nevertheless, ARPANSA will continue to say, “The scientific evidence does not support that the low level RF EMR emitted from smart meters causes any health effects.” (http://www.arpansa.gov.au/RadiationProtection/Factsheets/is_smartmeters.cfm) Though it will be muffled because that’s what happens to anything you say while your head is buried in the sand.

    • Paul says:

      Thanks for that Tanya. One comment regarding this extract from ARPANSA’S ‘fact sheet.

      “….There have been anecdotal reports into potential health effects of exposure to RF EMR from smart meters claiming of a variety of subjective ill-effects that have been generally termed “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or EHS. ARPANSA and the WHO are not aware of any EHS symptoms being confirmed as due to RF EMR exposure in well-conducted scientific investigations.”

      The report cleverly uses the words “…not aware of any EHS symptoms being confirmed…”

      Did not the WHO classify smart meters as Type 2B carcinogens? I would have thought that cancer is a major EHS symptom! Were it not for the intervention by big business, smart meters would have been given the more accurate Class 2A classification.

      In addition, what about the ‘cancer clusters’ referred to in Josh Del Sol’s documentary Take Back Your Power?

      On Class 2B carcinogens, another comes to mind: DDT, which has been banned by governments worldwide, including our very own caring state government.

      • Eric says:

        Those “anecdotal reports” are becoming an ever increasing number of anecdotal reports and thus well worthy of investigation. It seems that if people are getting sick in real life, it doesn’t mean anything to ARPANSA. Upright and proper thinking will tell you “hey, this needs investigating”, but ARPANSA’s thinking doesn’t seem to work that way.

        These ill effects are being reported by real life human guinea pigs in a real life human living live test environment. The perfect environment for “well-conducted scientific investigation”. What are you waiting for ARPANSA ?

        Not willing to self incriminate yourselves and thus suffer the inevitable fate awaiting you for your neglect ???

        You will only be doing a better job at putting a rope around your own neck.

        • Minnie says:

          Testing everybody would probably cost a lot of money and take time. But i think the biggest problem would be acknowledging there is a problem. Commonsense dictates that ARPANSA would look into this matter, for research purposes, or at least refer you to an expert.

          • Paul says:

            Agreed Minnie, but please don’t use ‘ARPANSA’ and ‘Commonsense’ in the same sentence. They really don’t go together.

  14. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Here’s the direct link to Fact Sheet 16 on smart meters:

    Click to access 016is_smartmeters.pdf

    Have a look for yourselves and decide whether this reads like shameless propaganda or proper science.

  15. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Surely now, it would be completely unethical of ARPANSA to continue stating in their Fact Sheet 16, which can be found on their website http://www.arpansa.gov.au , that there are no health effects from smart meters! The only acceptable and scientific thing to do now is to immediately stop the roll-out and thoroughly assess all those people that have claimed symptoms from smart meters and conduct further research that specifically looks at the effects of smart meters on HUMAN HEALTH – not just measure emission from a small number of smart meters and come up with numbers that do not prove or disprove anything when it comes to effects on individual human beings.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I just phoned A.R.P.A.N.S.A only a few minutes ago and asked them the following question. ” Please advise me when will you give out to the public the latest objective scientific have discovered on what you believe are the Safe Levels of Microwave Radiation ?.” Sadly they just stonewalled me again.

      I believe that there are no really’ safe levels’ of Microwave radiation for any forms of life, be it Mankind, or Animals or Honey bees or Butterflies etc. It seems to me as I now allege A.R.P.A.N.S.A and A.C.M.A etc., are all tied to the Microwave Manufacturing Industry and Sales Departments here in Victoria and overseas of course.

      I further allege, ” All are in Bed together planning how they can make ever greater monetary profits and that they these, as I also allege, money hungry grasping people don’t give a Brass Razoo about the Victorian Peoples’ Health or Welfare at all.”

      • Anonymous says:

        I believe that a normal background level without any additional man made electromagnetic radiation whatsoever could be considered as a safe level.

        On that basis the Austrian Standards feel pretty spot on to me.
        My experience in these matters tells me that the Austrian Standards
        indoor limit of 1 microwatt/m2 and
        outdoor limit of 10 microwatts/m2
        are standards that have been devised in the best interests of the public and by persons with genuine intent to protect the public. I personally feel comfortable with these levels.

        The ARPANSA standard advocates 4,500,000 TIMES this indoor limit inside your home and in your bedroom as being “safe”.

        Hammer Mann, surely ARPANSA are doing nothing other than delaying what is going to be their great day of reckoning.

  16. MovingEntity says:

    There are many people not making formal complaints too. They are putting up with the conditions.

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