Smart meter installer unleashes tirade

Neil Mitchell, 3AW, interviews Darren:

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  1. Eric says:

    It would be good to see some $1.1 million fines handed out to Jemena, United Energy, SP Ausnet, Citipower and Powercor together with their installation companies for their numerous misdemeanors…………………..just for starters

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:


      In the article you provided a link to, it says:

      “As part of the same proceedings, Justice Middleton ordered AGL Sales and AGL SA to pay combined penalties of $1.555 million for other unlawful selling practices, including making false representations to consumers”.

      “False representations to consumers” would also cover the fact that the distributors and installers are assuring everyone that “smart” meters are safe, when in fact they’re anything but safe, with all their health, security, privacy and fire associated issues.

      Consumers have also been told that by having a “smart” meter, they will be able to better manage their energy use, and save money.
      “Smart” meters were never going to save anyone any money.
      Another “false representation to consumers”, and definitely worthy of a few more $1.555 million dollar fines…………just for starters!

      The only reason “smart” meters are here, is to rip more money off the consumer.
      End of story!

      • Dear Readers please note,
        That a Mrs Janet Hogarty of Powercor truthfully stated the following to one of her customers in a letter to this Powercor customer of hers.
        ” We are not in a position to give you any guarantees or assurances about the smart meters and your health concerns.”
        Here is astounding news from PowerCor. I Richard Leschen also state………….
        ” Who in their RIGHT MIND would want a Deadly Dangerous so-called Smart Meter after this Admission that……..
        ” Powercor Fails To Guarantee Safety of Smart Meters.” Anyone reading this tacit admission from PowerCor would have to be mad to allow a Microwave Smart Meter on their property.

        MEDIA RELEASE – Powercor Fails To Guarantee Safety of Smart Meters
        Posted on July 27, 2012by Stop Smart Meters Australia
        Stop Smart Meters Australia
        Powercor Fails To Guarantee Safety of Smart Meters
        Responding to concerns a customer has on the health effects of smart meters, Powercor truthfully declared in writing that “ We are not in a position to give you any guarantees or assurances about the smart meters and your health concerns.”

        Yet Hon. Michael O’Brien, Minister for Energy and Resources, is continually pronouncing through the media that smart meters are categorically safe and have absolutely no effects on people’s health. If smart meters are safe, why can’t power distributors guarantee their safety?

        Ms Name being withheld for reasons of privacy and legal reasons, spokesperson for Stop Smart Meters Australia, said “ We find it astonishing that despite the mounting evidence, Minister O’ Brien fails to acknowledge that a percentage of the Victorian population is sensitive to microwave radiation and suffer adverse health effects resulting from the installation of smart meters. Symptoms include disrupted sleep, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations and tinnitus (ringing in ears). Many of these people have medical certificates attributing their condition to smart meters.”

        This coming weekend, Stop Smart Meters Australia will be providing support to a gathering of people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and who have been adversely affected by smart meters. These are the unfortunate people that the Baillieu Government and power distributors have chosen to ignore.

        “Smart Meters Australia supports these people’s rights to ‘opt out’ of the smart meter program and have their smart meter replaced with an analogue or non-wireless meter” said Ms Smith.

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      • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

        Ripping us off is only a small part of smart meter installation. No, its a global control grid being set up. The U.S. citizens are fighting to remove this technology too. The Money Power need the smart grid globally as part of their plan to micro control every human on earth. Our State and Federal governments work for their masters and that is why it is so difficult to stop the smart meters despite the serious health issues they create to every single person (alters the blood cells almost instantly for one). If we succeed in getting these digital meters removed we are also successfully resisting global government, Rockefeller et al’s admitted ambition. New world order is synonymous with One World Government.

        • John M says:

          @Anenome Ofglobalgov. “The Money Power need the smart grid globally as part of their plan to micro control every human on earth.” The same “Money Power” is actively calling for population reduction too. I think the objectives are linked.

        • Gwen says:

          Yes what you say is true. Bob Brown, the former Greens leader, openly stated that he wanted to see a one world government. He disappeared from politics after that and I haven’t heard any other politician support this idea openly. They rely on us blindly accepting that what they do is in our best interests. I too am an enemy of global government.

        • Jason says:

          Yep. And a “reset” global currency.
          The word in financial/trading markets is that March will be the starting-point of something only horror-movie producers have ever imagined.

    • Dear readers and Eric,
      Here are the means to scare Jemena into the cupboard to hide their heads in shame. With any luck they at Jemena and the other four foreign owned electric power companies when sent these very powerful A.C.C.C Legal Commonwealth of Australia, Notices see below should stop these five bullies from sending out their mainly unsigned criminal scare letters.

      Please see these, ” Notices Of Prohibition Of Undue Harassment Or Coercion For Smart Meter Installation, below this letter. ” Send these correctly filled out Notices as required with your name and the details asked for to Jemena and the other four foreign owned electrical power companies. Please send these Legal Commonwealth of Australia A.C.C.C Notices by Registered Post along with your strong but polite letter stating that you REFUSE to allow a Microwave and far from smart meter at any time on your property and that you will SUE the foreign owned Electric Power Company for $1.1000,000 Million Dollars as the Legal A.C.C.C Notice makes clear if these Electric Power Companies keep harassing you.

      One thing you the customer should note particularly is that they of these five foreign owned electric power companies, is that they have only fourteen days (14) days to reply in writing to you. If they have not replied to you in that time, then it is FACT and LAW that they cannot ever harass you to accept an Electric Microwave Smart Meter in the future. Keep copies of the letter you send and this Legal A.C.C.C Notice for Legal Purposes. Also ask your Post Office to send a Receipt Chitty so that the person picking up your letter and Notice package has to sign for it. The Post Office at the receipt end must then return the signed Chitty to you as proof your letter and notice have been collected and signed for.

      Firstly copy this Notice to help your friends and acquaintances and forward these notices to them by email and they can do the same.



      (Insert name and
      Address of Power Distributor)

      This notice is provided to _______________________________________________ and any persons, entities,
      (Insert Power distributor name and ACN no off letter you received)
      Employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the fore mentioned (herein referred to as Your Company).
      Notice to agent is notice to principal.

      Note: This notice is provided in addition and following a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR
      SMART METER INSTALLATION (date of your first letter) and NOTICE Your Company’s
      INSTALLATION NOTICE (date of your letter received from Power Distributor after) served on Your Company.
      Your Company is prohibited and forbidden from communication in any manner, with the intent to solicit for the installation of a “smart meter” or meter containing wireless communication function(s) at the following (service) address: (Insert your address). Such an act is herein referred to as a PROHIBITED ACT.
      I have lawful and legal standing and claim of right to make such a demand.

      Any PROHIBITED ACT will be considered an act of undue harassment or coercion with the supply or possible supply of goods or services as defined by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168; such an offence carries a penalty of $1.1,000,000:00 One point one Million Dollars. If Your Company is in any way directed by the Government (State of Victoria) and State of Victoria Corporation to perform such an offence, the Government and individual members are liable under tort may in addition be held vicariously liable.
      Any PROHIBITED ACT remains prohibited unless I provide a NOTICE OF CESSATION OF PROHIBITION explicitly annulling this notice, or following a sale of property and change of property title holder for the property in question.
      A copy of this notice will also be provided for their records to (via regular mail):
      1. Customer Relations, DPI,
      2. Minister Nicholas Kotsiras, Government in the State of Victoria.

      If a response to this notice containing any dispute of facts or CLAIM OF RIGHT based on lawful claim of right is not received within fourteen days from Your Company, it shall be fact that you accept as fact this notice and facts contained within, and will honour this notice; such requiring no further action on your behalf.


      ____________ __________________ _______________
      (Your SIGNATURE) (Witness to your Signature) Print Witnesses name)

  2. Darren says:

    Hi All, the 3AW interview left things a big vague unfortunately. A Current Affair got it more right. The guy was inside my neighbours power box, which he is entitled to do if the neighbour gave him access and wanted a smart meter. The company sent out letters that they would be in the area from the 9th of Dec onwards, but then on the 7th of Dec, 2 days early, this guy is in the area on a Saturday, attempting to install them early when people were not expecting it. He needs to stand on my property to install the neighbours smart meter as we have small units that are close together, and that would have been ok if he was nice about things. But as he is unannounced, 2 days early, did not knock on my door, has walked right past the “No Trespassing for Smart Meter Installers” sign and I have no idea who he is. I ask him “what are you doing? (on my property)”…and “did you see the sign that says do not install (on my meter box)”. I was just worried that my meter box was next. I expected to get a “yeah I saw your sign, it’s ok, I won’t do your box”. And that would have been the end of it. But i didn’t get that answer, instead i got a “Get Fu$$%%” and a lot of yelling from him. So naturally after being sworn at and threatened to be thrown to the ground, I did not have to accept the behaviour of someone who would not tell me their name and was threatening me on my property unnannounced. So that’s when I told him calmly “Private property – Get off”. I don’t think that was unreasonable.
    I never swore or raised my voice. I think I handled things the only way I could under the circumstances.

    So at the end of the day, he did not get to my meter box, which was locked as well anyway, which is the main thing. But a very disappointing situation nonetheless. But nothing excuses this sort of behaviour and bullying.

    On a side note, I noticed that today there was report in the news that a house was broken into by a man wearing a yellow safety vest in Essendon. And he robbed the place. So I dont think it was unreasonable for me to ask who he was.

    The sad thing is that the reporter on A Current Affair told me that she wanted to expose the fact that you had the right to refuse a Smart Meter and that they were not LAW. But that was completely left off, and indeed it was suggested the opposite at the end of the story. But at least on 3AW I got to say it and it could not be cut out. And it was very comforting to hear some callers back up the claim afterwards and confirm “it is not law”…so thank you for helping to balance out the story and not help to make me look like some crackpot that does not know what he was talking about. But this was not explored any further on air which is again, disappointing.

    Could the moderator please change the topic of this thread and the description so it is correct in regards to the fact that it was the neighbour’s adjacent meter box to my property that the installer was working on, at the time I approached. It seems I have been accused of “interfering” with another installation which is not the case, it was my land/ property that he was on and just a simple enough question, as to whether he saw the signs on my meterbox that was next in line to be attempted.

    Thanks for all of your support.


    • Eric says:

      Darren, as far as I am concerned, you are a hero mate.

      • Jason says:

        Keep the Faith… and keep a big stick handy.

        Jason says:
        Note of interest:-
        Having just carefully read my power-supply contract it would appear that any contractual obligations I have are ONLY with the retailer ~ in my case ‘Origin’ ~ and that I have no contractual obligation to SPAusnet ~ either to enter my property, tamper with any equipment or even to read the meter. (Which may or may NOT belong to the Distributor.)
        Legally speaking SPAusnet has NO rights vis-a-vis me and may only legally deal with me via Origin.
        Might be worth keeping in mind.

        • Peninsula Holiday Boy says:

          Interesting point that Jason. I have a holiday home in Rye. I wanted to change my mailing address for United Energy mail to come to my home in Melbourne. I rung United Energy the Distributor for the Mornington Peninsula area. The woman didn’t want any dealings with me and said she would only accept such requests from my retailer. Guess how many miscommunications occured over the six weeks that it took to make that happen and how many claims there were of emails either being lost or not being received or people saying they would follow up the case for you and you would never hear from them again. AGl have a special RESOLUTIONS team for problems that are too hard for the people you initially get on the phone except resolutions = NONE and becoming a totally lost case in their system is a gimme.

          • Jason says:

            hm.. Actually, I’ve found the ‘Resolutions Team’ at Origin to be helpful and competent from time to time. Might be worth keeping in mind.
            Naturally there ARE restrictions they can’t do anything about, like my pet peeve the ‘Service to Property’ charge. Though I’ve always suspected……. hm

      • Yes Darren,
        You are definitely a HERO in my eyes as well cobber.

      • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

        Darren is an infowars hero who acted perfectly appropriately and has nothing to justify.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      Darren, the ‘crackpots’ are those who allow installation of an unlawful broadcasting antenna, that emits a class 2B carcinogen 24 hours/day, in their private property without questioning it. The right is on your side – we’re all with you.
      The installer’s behaviour is inexcusable, must have been traumatic to be at the receiving end of it.

    • Ashley says:

      The mainstream media is consistent at sounding as if they are on the side of the public but unfortunately it is really quite the opposite, in my experience. The example where the reporter wanted to expose the fact that we have the right to refuse a Smart Meter yet, so it turns out, didn’t get her way and 3AW rounding things off with a portrayal that smart meters are compulsory is typical of what happens.

      • TPG says:

        You are spot on, Ashley, that is exactly what 3AW does.

      • To Ashley,
        These Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters are not SMART in any way at all. The name SMART is a gigantic Confidence Trick to dumb down the public to think these what are now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Meters are safe for humans. They are not safe for humans or animals in any way at all. Nor are they safe for any form of life.

        These honey bees will not return to their hives in peoples back-yard apiaries until the dopey so-called and far from smart-meter/s electric power is turned off at the Electric Meter Box and or the dopey Carcinogen causing and far from Smart Meter is covered with aluminium or copper wire and an Earth lead discharges the microwave energy to the ground. Even then these honey bees may not want to return to their hives as they are super-sensitive to Microwave Radiation from these accursed so-called but far from smart meters.

    • TPG says:

      It is staggering how many people on 3AW’s blog attack Darren. It just goes to show how many ignorant, compliant, brainless fools there are in our society. We’re not only up against the corrupt globalist powers that want to impose these monstrosities on us, we are also up against the ignorant, brainwashed masses. One comment was to the effect that there are getting too many of Darren’s type in the world, likening us to rabbits in need of culling.
      They only know what they’re told by their overlords.

      You were 100% within your rights, Darren. Good on you.

      • Sharron says:

        Yep, I agree TPG! There just aren’t enough Darrens unfortunately. That is… people who are capable of thinking for themselves!!

      • Ashley says:

        In addition, it is quite obvious to myself that shills representing our dubious governance/global-corporates work the blogs.

      • John M says:

        @TPG. Disgusting isn’t it. It never ceases to amaze me how the masses just bit by bit parrot what is spoon fed them via social engineering, government and media. Humanities greatest weakness has been the ever accumulating knowledge and understanding of how to manipulate the human mind to unwittingly become an actor in someone else’s play. Ironically there’s never been a time in human history such as today when agenda’s and knowledge has been so widely available and in your face for anyone to join the dots.

        People who make such comments as those about “culling” will never wake up. They’re “meat upon the table to be fed upon by their own choosing” by the kleptoparasites of the world.

        The ‘supposed’ 3.5 years electricians/installer comments with very bad spelling about all the things that have happened to him via the public opposed to smart meters amused me. Does it ever occur to such people that perhaps they’re in the wrong job. That the job isn’t worth it. That they’re making peoples lives a misery just so they can take home a wage. That perhaps it’s not the public at fault but moronic idiots that do the bidding (dirty work, job) of evil empires and corporations that are the real problem in society. The SS, Gestapo were only doing their job too. Useful idiots that are ultimately messing in their own nests as well.

        Merry Xmas everyone and “goodwill to all men”

        • Ashley says:

          Recently Italian riot police removed their helmets in a show of solidarity with anti-EU protesters who see it as their duty, I quote, “to throw out the criminals who hold power.”

          It is easy to see how people can become single minded in pursuit of that regular pay cheque, such are the Australia citizens more and more economically squeezed these days.

          For each Smart Meter installer, telephone harasser, etc., who is prepared to stand up and say “NO … no more blood on my hands” it would be helpful for them to know that they have our full support, which ideally means employers among us making jobs available (obviously, the Australian people becoming the employers again is part of the battle too).

  3. simon says:

    Still cant find the new law or act confirming the installation of smart meters is compulsory.
    Lass that over ride 1: Contract Law [an agreement between two parties]
    2: Electrical Compliance Law [ Any person/s carrying electrical works on your property must supply a certificate of compliance..
    3: Trespass Laws [a person/s may not enter a premises without the consent of the owner,]If the trespasser refuses to leave they are breaking the law and after a fair warning can be arrested and charged.
    4: Illegal fitting of a wire tapping device.[these meters tell what appliance you are using in real time, when your roller door opens to go to work, when you cook, when you clean, when you sleep…….]
    5: Knowingly fitting a device which may cause genetic damage and a possible carcinogen LAW: FIRST DEGREE MURDER,

  4. Stef says:

    It sure is long over due that the media got their act together and reported the Real Truth of citizens rights in regards to the smart meter roll out. Sorry Darren you and your family had to deal with this disgusting rage from the installer. No sympathy what so ever for these installers. There is no need and certainly NO EXCUSE for outbursts like this.
    All they have to do is RESPECT THE HOME OWNERS CHOICE – notices of refusal and/or being asked to leave the property.
    If these incidences are caused through “stress” arising from their job description, then they had better ask themselves, is it really all worth it.

  5. Paul says:

    Dan Simpson of the Consumer Action Law Centre (A Current Affair 8/12/12) is misinformed. People, please read the following extract of a letter I wrote to Mark Feather (Dept of State Development), in response to a threatening letter from him.

    “Furthermore, your letter suggests that I am obligated to provide reasonable access for the installation of a smart meter. I most certainly am not! To suggest otherwise is in violation of my common law rights.

    You quote Section 93 of the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic) regarding ‘the right to enter land in certain circumstances.’ Section 93 (1a) only states that an electricity corporation ‘may enter upon any lands and sink bores and make surveys and do any other acts or things necessary for sinking bores or making surveys.’

    Furthermore, Section 93 (1b) goes on to state: ‘may, with any equipment or devices, receive, store, transmit, or supply electricity, water, brown coal or products of brown coal over, or under, any land and may enter on any land upon either side of such equipment and fell or remove any tree or part of a tree or any obstruction which in the opinion of the electricity corporation it is necessary to fell or remove…’ These are the only references to entering land. Nowhere does it make mention of any smart meter.’

    • I phoned the Consumer Action Law Centre some days ago to speak to a Mr Dan Simpson who gave out incorrect and fallacious information about the Electric Microwave Smart Meters. Mr Dan Simpson gave people the impression on this video program featuring Darren and the bust up with the highly enraged Smart Meter Installer man the very clear impression that Victorian privately owned home and small business owners, had to accept these so-called Smart Meters, which I and a growing number of people are finding out to be in many cases, proving to be both harmful to human health and all life and at times proving to be incendiary devices.

      Unfortunately I was unable to contact Mr Daniel Simpson to correct him on his total misunderstanding of the difference between “A Mandate and The Law.”
      It seem that Mr Daniel Simpson does not understand what he was talking about on that Video regarding Darren when it came to the Microwave but far from Smart Meters only a few days ago.

  6. John M says:

    The last couple of days have been quite stressful. Not only the installer tirade incident, but also news of 33% LPG price increases and a letter from Energy Australia of increases to electricity and gas prices on the 3rd-4th January.

    The more I see and hear of outrageous behavior and greed by the power companies and government the closer I get to making the phone call and telling them to disconnect no matter whether I’m ready to go off grid or not. I just don’t want to fund this absolute scum of humanity anymore that have taken control of the utilities (essential services, sic), no matter what the personal inconveniences and hardships.

    I’ve thought a lot about what I might have done in Darren’s situation. I’m not sure I could have backed away from some feral cretin on my property yelling obscenities, making disgusting gestures, and threatening to put me to the ground or such. I would probably be in a jail cell about now, waiting to go before a biased corrupt judicial system, and the media would turn it into a cherry picked trial by media circus in which I was the “violent nut job” in the wrong and the poor installer was just “doing their job”. With all the hard cases “refusers” left, and the power distributors not backing off, I think it’s only a matter of time before it gets ugly.

    • Gwen says:

      You are 100% right John. I am ready to cut everything off as well. The lies and the greed is disgusting. We have been sold off in every way by our corrupt government.

      • Jason says:

        And I too am set to disconnect (with bolt-cutters! ~ they’ll bill you if they come and do it) when the time comes.
        If anyone wants advice/info/assistance or just a yarn about how to do that (easy and cheap these days) you’re welcome to contact me;

      • Gwen,
        It’s time to kick out this now also seeming to be totally corrupt Victorian Liberal Party Government that wants to steal ever more money from us the people of Victoria using a bunch of foreign owned Electric power companies who are seemingly aided and abetted by yet another seemingly weak minded and also seemingly corrupt present Minister for Energy and Resources, who is seemingly Toadying up to the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and their complicit minions is stealing the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters to be replaced by these now in may cases Incendiary so called but far from safe Electric so-called and deadly to human health and all life dopey so-called Smart Meters which are not smart in any way at all.

    • Jason says:

      Yeah! It’s now cheaper to run my car on petrol than on gas!
      But I noticed that in the notice sent (by Origin) as re. the increased electricity prices:-

      It specifically states in the text on the front that “this will mean an increase of less than $1 a week for the average household”.
      However, when one reads the ‘new tariff’ on the back one notes that the “Daily Supply Charge” increases from 110.198 cents (inclusive) to 130.581 cents (inclusive) and equals 20.383 cents per day. That’s an increase of 142.681 cents per week
      (= 18.5%)

      I’ve lodged a formal complaint with Origin, but don’t have the time to stuff about with the ACCC or Consumer Protection, etc., though it does constitute false advertising, misrepresentation, etc, etc.
      If anyone wants to pursue that, go for it!

  7. Eric says:

    Stuart Allot the UE spokesperson said on 3AW with some carefully chosen words………
    “if you don’t tell us that you 100% refuse the meter and we can’t work out an amicable solution, you will receive a smart meter”

    Bit of a tongue twister which he may have confused, but it sounds to me that there is plenty of merit in refusing a smart meter OUTRIGHT (ie. “100%”).

    If you don’t want a smart meter you must refuse outright and be prepared to express it by whatever means you need to. Personally I won’t enter into any negotiations with these vermin. I say vermin because they want to force upon me something that I already know and feel will cause me a lot of harm. These discussions that they would attempt to have with their “difficult customers” are a one way street to those customers having a smart meter installed. None of us should allow ourselves to be drawn into this web of the power companies. Many of us are already suffering symptoms. Many of us have done our research. We know what we are talking about and we refuse outright NOTHING TO NEGOTIATE.

    As far as Dan Simpson from the Consumer Action Law Centre is concerned, his assertions on ACA that “you could face an extra fee on your bill or in the long run you could have your electricity cut off”, these have no basis in law. Dan Simpson is purely towing the government line and is simply reiterating those same “could do” this or “could do” that threats that we have already heard as part of the intimidation from both the power companies and the government and which we know have no basis in law. Dan Simpson has no idea what WILL happen to those that refuse, if anything at all, and to be towing the government line in this fashion, he is failing to uphold the very thing that he is meant to uphold and that is a facility to enable and to support ordinary citizens to exercise their legal rights.

    Also a quote from Neil Mitchell yesterday gives us an insight into the way he thinks
    “I’m not sure you can refuse it. The government tells me you can’t”
    That’s the problem…..people blindly believe what the government tells them.

    So Leila McKinnon, Neil Mitchell and especially Dan Simpson in his position, don’t just blindly believe the government tells you. You need to do your research also. The legalities are often times quite different to what governments tell us, especially when they are governments with vested interests.

    • Eric says:

      LOCKING YOU METER BOX is a must if you are to be 100% adamant that you do not want a smart meter.

      If you don’t lock your meter box, what message is that putting out ???? Is it something like I don’t want a smart meter but if perchance they manage to sneak it in despite my vocal/written objection, then so be it ??? That’s not the message we want to put out. The message is that we don’t want a smart meter whatsoever, full stop ie. 100% NO.

      And…..we don’t want smart meters in Victoria…….anywhere……..

      Existing devices must be removed and replaced with safe metering such as analog or optical fibre OPTION.

    • Eric says:

      One thing that Dan Simpson did say which was accurate was that

      “Consumers should be aware that they can always ask someone to leave their property and that person should do so IMMEDIATELY”

      Insofar as saying that Power companies being allowed to change their meters……..
      Firstly we already know that the ownership issue is debatable.
      Also, what he didn’t say is that you have to DRAW THE LINE somewhere as far as what existing meters can be replaced with.

      Do Power Companies have free licence to bring onto our properties any item, device, technology of their choosing……..
      regardless of whether it is actually harmful or not,
      regardless of whether the property owner feels threatened by it or not,
      regardless of whether there are already numerous reported worldwide cases of sickness linked to smart meters or not,
      regardless of whether associated activity remains withing the bounds of “supply, metering or billing” or way outside the bounds of “supply, metering or billing” or not,
      regardless of whether the property owner actually consents to it or not ???

      The Power Companies DO NOT HAVE such free licence.

      • Gwen says:

        Well said Eric. Is it unlawful for us to make a citizens arrest when some one on your property is doing something illegal? Or will it be like John says,” I would probably be in a jail cell about now, waiting to go before a biased corrupt judicial system, and the media would turn it into a cherry picked trial by media circus in which I was the “violent nut job” in the wrong and the poor installer was just “doing their job”. With all the hard cases “refusers” left, and the power distributors not backing off, I think it’s only a matter of time before it gets ugly.”OUR FREEDOM IS BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM US! NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER GIVE IN!

        • Jason says:

          You’d only finish up in a cell if you used ‘excessive force’. But you have EVERY right to arrest an offender and use force any ordinary would consider ‘reasonable’ in the circumstances.
          Have a read of the Crimes Act 1958( ) Section 458, 461 (1), 462A

          Other relevant questions re ownership, damage to YOUR meter-box, threats, etc etc, are addressed in Sect 30 (a) Sect. 196 (2), Sect 197 (1) (3), (4 a&b); Sect 198 (a) and Sect. 199, etc.

          A very easy to navigate and read document. And if you want to scroll through the index you’ll no doubt be able to find lotsa useful stuff for this and other subjects.

          The question of ‘Trespass’ is a bit nebulous because of the variety of applications; and it would be wisest to talk to a lawyer about any particular case. But somebody refusing to leave private property immediately on being asked is ALWAYS in the wrong unless he has compelling ‘lawful excuse) eg a firefighter trying to douse one’s mother-in-law 😉

          While the law is often used against ‘ordinary’ people it can be used to their advantage, too. Particularly if you DON’T allow yourself to be intimidated, even by the police who may turn up. eg. sometimes they think the incident is too trivial to bother with; in which case you demand they record the matter and insist on your right to make a FORMAL complaint ~ to make sure it’s filed on the record for later reference.
          All the best, all of you.

          • Jason says:

            ps. Putting you in fear (on YOUR say-so) or threatening you does constitute “an offence” (assault, etc.) and can be dealt with under the terms of the Crimes Act (above).

            • Jason says:

              ps. There’s no requirement that you have to make such an “arrest” alone; having the physical support of a few friends and neighbours is entirely legitimate.

              • Gwen says:

                Thanks Jason for all of the VERY RELEVANT info and also for the laugh at the example of refusing access to the fireman to put out the mother in law.:-D

          • Sharron says:

            Good to know, Jason – thanks!

    • My message to Mr Stuart Allot of United Energy Distribution,
      “Don’t try to be clever with me and a high percentage of the people of Victoria, we aren’t as stupid as you wish to believe, we see through your cunning which will fast bring you down.
      With any luck we look forward to getting you into Court and before a Jury of twelve men tried and true before a non corruptible Judge, along with the rest of your ilk. Your days are numbered Mr Stuart Allot, you can count on it.

  8. Northern Suburbs Resident says:

    After listening to the Neil Mitchell show and being left absolutely numbed by the action and the tirade of the abusive and aggressive installer working on the United Energy installations in Highett, I received a call from my mother who is well into her 80’s telling me that there was a smart meter installer on her doorstep. I hastily drove over there and found two installers sitting at their vehicles. Jemena had sent these smart meter installers (working for Servicestream) to an appointment that they had not consulted us about ie. Jemena made an appointment for their Servicestream installers that was illegitimate. This was the second time in a few weeks that a totally BOGUS appointment was set up at our house and Servicestream installers were unknowingly sent. The installers realised what Jemena had done and they were cheesed off.
    Jemena is making false appointments at peoples houses and is shafting their installation company Servicestream.

    Having said that the supervisor was an intimidating bastard of a man that made my blood boil but I restrained myself as he was not on my property. Apparently this man has been involved in a number of serious altercations with residents and seemed to be in the mood himself to dish it out at short notice.

    • Jason says:

      Get your adopted Rottweiler ~ or even a black labrador ~ to have a word to him next time. An old woman should have a companion/protector in any case, given today’s world.

      • John M says:

        @Jason. Given today’s world most “old” people can barely afford to feed themselves properly let alone a large dog. However, that being said, the image of a half starved Rottweiler taking a juicy bite of an installers rump……… 😀

  9. Eric says:

    I think we just need to be a little bit careful to try and put all the pieces of the puzzle together to get an accurate picture of exactly what happened. ACA only presented part of the full picture. Neil Mitchell’s reporting of the incident on six or seven segments in yesterday’s breakfast show also presented other parts of the picture. It’s important to understand that Darren’s house/unit is part of an estate of houses/units built very very closely together. If you watch the ACA report (you need to freeze the picture at the right spot) you will see the set up at this estate with Darren’s house (having the CCTV camera) being a couple of metres from his neighbor’s house and his neighbor’s meterbox.

    One thing I noticed was that that the meter box in question had a hasp but no padlock. Question is did the installer bust the lock ? According to United Energy spokesman Stuart Allot interviewed on the Neil Mitchell show….if you can believe what you hear, the installer knocked on Darren’s neighbor’s door and the neighbor consented to the installation and opened the meter box for the installer. It is thought that the installer was on Darren’s land but according to UE, this needed to be confirmed. “Darren did not want his property to be next”. In Darren’s interview on 3AW, he mentions that this installer turned up without even knocking on the door. And the other point not mentioned on ACA but which Darren mentions on 3AW is that the installer “brought another one of his thug mates to stand over him and they both put it in together”.

    Were there two meter boxes or was there only one ? So I think we be wise to tread carefully in not making too many assumptions without knowing the full account of the incident. Regardless of how it all exactly transpired, of little doubt to me is that this installer is a b@$tard and I would like to see him dealt with very very severely.

  10. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Just goes to show the kind of criminals employed by the distributors, to carry out their dirty work. What a filthy, disgusting character, thinking he has the right to threaten and intimidate the home owner, in his abusive and vile manner. Don’t for a second feel sorry for these installers who are “just doing their job”. They need to get another job, one that doesn’t involve them installing a dangerous, class 2B carcinogenic piece of equipment on YOUR house, that will either make you sick, burn your house down, charge you through the roof for your electricity use, or monitor your daily activities, and sell that information to whoever is prepared to pay the most for it.

    Once we have these criminals charged for their crimes, I think it’s time we tested the $167,000 fine for trespass in the courts.
    See what happens when the distributors have to shell out $167,000 every time one of their sneaky, sly, dishonest, intimidating installers breaks THE LAW, by trespassing on someone’s property, when it’s clearly stated, they are not welcome.

  11. Rob Guy says:

    Circa 2009, Electricity Safe Victoria, (ESV) were concerned that sub-contractors who were paid piece rates would jettison safe work practices in order to maximise returns. ESV set up a committee staffed by electricity distributors and the Electrical Trades Union which came up with the courageous decision to find that public safety would not be so compromised.
    Darren has highlighted yet another structural weakness in the AMI program apparently evidenced by his installer reacting badly to pressure from his employer to increase his work rate,. He should be disciplined and his workmanship questioned. At very least, an inspection of is work is required. Regrettably, as far as I can tell, neither ESV or any distributor/sub-contractor has ever inspected an installer’s workmanship or tested his compliance to the relevant Australian Standards.
    ESV have no contractual relationship with sub-contractors and any control by the prime contractor is classified as commercial-in-confidence. Consumer-initiated tests of workmanship by an inspecting electrician might include a forensic examination of;
    1> Crimped house wiring caused by excessive tightening of the meter terminals leading to localised overheating
    2> Testing meter box house wiring for macroscopic fissures in the PVC insulation caused by excessive force in relocating wiring,

  12. TPG says:

    Seriously, can you believe that sort of stuff is going on in Australia? I am stunned at the utter contempt and disregard for that poor homeowner’s rights, shown by that absolutely Gestapo minded lunatic. Without any doubt whatsoever, if people do not wake up IMMEDIATELY it will be too late. In fact, fascism is already here, if that guy doesn’t at the very LEAST lose his job.

  13. Kev says:

    You have to lock the box or put a bracket across the meter so they cannot remove it.
    I am with Jemena. 3 times they came to change it, 3 times they left, then 2 calls from Jemena. The first chick did not have a clue what she was talking about. The second started to come on heavy re their rights and cracked it when I said my rights and reasons why I will not have one. Definitely did not get a good-bye from her .
    Have sent 2 emails to Nicholas Kotsiras [energy minister re his last remarks on air not long back ]
    Still waiting on reply Mr Kotsiras, if you happen to read this.

  14. Jack says:

    I watched the ACA version of this story. ACA supported the lie that “smart” meters are mandatory and that the old analogue meters belong to the distributor. Clearly in the last 12 months the media has been told to pull it’s head in on the “smart” meter issue and, if running a story, support the distributor.

    • Jack the very word….” Mandatory” is not the Law, it is rubbish,
      The word is MANDATE and it is only an instruction, or a command as any good dictionary makes clear. A Mandate is NOT A LAW as a LAW is firstly a proposed Law which has no force at all, until it has passed three stages. Firstly it must be discussed and then drawn up and passed by both houses of the Victorian Parliament. If it is not acceptable to both houses it has to be redrafted, then after further examination if it is passed it must go before a select committee for further examination. If it is not passed it is thrown out.

      If it is passed by the Select committee it then goes for further examination before the Victorian Governor General. He examines it and if not satisfied he throws it out and it can never be used. However, if after carefully examination The Victorian Governor General sees fit to pass it, he has to put his official Stamp of Governor of Victoria upon it and his official Seal and then his signature upon it and make a copy of same and pass it back to the Victorian Parliament as Law. Then with the original copy he has signed into law it then goes into his Statute Books of Law to become the New Law.

  15. MovingEntity says:

    The meters are not mandatory. It’s mandatory that the Power Distributors attempt to use their best endeavours to install smart meters. Customers/Meter-Owners have different choices.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Courtesy of “MovingEntity”

      Published on Dec 10, 2013

      United Energy Corp, Smart Meter Installer goes into tirade and lies when a neighbour asks the Electricians to stop and leave his property the meter stands over, knowing his neighbour has warning stickers to not have the meter changed.

      The story leads into ACA having a spokesperson from Consumer Action Law Centre spiel off crud about the Power Distributors owning all the meters which is down right misleading and poor advice.

      In Victoria, The State Electricity Commission both supplied and provided meters, meaning some meters were given ownership to estates and others loaned. The SEC could never sell all meters to Power Distributors with out a government acquisition which never happened, nor was there ‘just compensation’ as to the Australian Constitution supports.

      Apart from criminal trespass, in the rules of the industry, any representative of the companies involved need to show full identification when asked, and need to have warned property owners of any power disturbance. This did not happen in the video.

      See, ‘Evidentiary provisions’, §6A(4)b of the State Electricity Commission Act 1958, Victoria, regarding SECV history on meter ownership.

      If you want to make a stance on the meters being your chattel then you need to put a possessory-lien on SECV, not the Power Distributor. Then inform the Power Distributor that SECV needs to prove past ownership before any attempt to change the meter.

      It is not ‘mandatory to have a smart meter. The mandatory command is from State Government to Power Distributors, not to Estate Owners. It’s not a three party compliance order. This is why the wording of ‘ best endeavours’ are used to get the meters in customer’s homes.

      • #Annoyed says:

        How is that the consumer action law centre is pedalling on the wrong side of the truth? A consumer cannot have their power cut off for refusing a smart meter. Where did that spokesperson get his law degree from, a weeties packet?

        • Exactly,
          He Mr Dan Simpson should be made to restudy the whole of the Law once more, for verily he seemingly speaks with forked tongue. If he refuses to be properly retrained in The Law, some four years of hard swat and exams I believe, he should then be DEBARRED from ever practicing the LAW as he is seemingly to me, to be a dismal failure at his job.

  16. mohsen says:

    I can’t believe how soft this person has behaved [the house owner] , he is obviously not serious enough about not have the smart meter installed because he did not lock the meter box .
    Unless the installer was breaking the lock. And I would ask Neil Mitchell if he has document to support his comment [smart meters are compulsory]

  17. William says:

    Would appear United Energy is now hiring thugs to do its dirty work. Sad to see so many fascist responses on Neil Mitchell’s blog. But then Australia is becoming more fascist by the day. Anyway, United Energy still hasn’t broken the No Trespassing sign barrier at my house. Waiting to see if they send around one of those hard-working Nazis.

  18. Citizen for democracy says:

    Since watching the video of smart meter installer ‘Frank Sinatra’ on ‘A Current Affair’ on 10/12/13, I no longer feel safe in my own home. How can such verbal abuse and threats of physical assault go unpunished by United Energy? Darren had every right to ask the installer to leave his property – the installer was trespassing and was, therefore, at fault. There is no other way to interpret this situation, otherwise one would have to accept that the right to private ownership no longer applies in this country. If United Energy allows this type of behaviour to be perpetrated in their name, then I deem them to be guilty of bullying and threatening behaviour themselves.
    There are 2 other reasons why Darren had every right to ask ‘Frank Sinatra’ to leave:
    1) Installing a broadcasting antenna at someone’s private property without their consent is unlawful
    2) ‘Mandate’ is NOT a an enforceable legal concept (ABC TV, 21/11/13, 8.15 am)
    Thanks to this scandalous incident and the likes of United Energy, we have been deprived of the right to feel safe in our own homes. The deafening silence on this issue by Minister Kotsiras will be remembered at the state election next November.

    • Altered Meek says:

      Is there an Act that we can refer to regarding :
      “1) Installing a broadcasting antenna at someone’s private property without their consent is unlawful”
      to stop them ?

  19. The Colonel says:

    Shame he didn’t give the jerk installer a damn good hiding, because that’s what these arroggant pricks need. Darren should charge the installer with trespass as he ignored a trespass warning.

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      Yes, he should get back to the public on his visit to the cop shop and see what they say.
      I’d like to see a few trespass law court action start to happen. Otherwise what is the point of being able to protect your home from unwanted invaders?

      • Darren says:

        honestly guys i have talked to the Police and decided not to take things further or press charges, even though they were happy to do it. After all It is Christmas. I am sure he has learned his lesson. I dont think it needs to be taken any further. I imagine his employer has done enough. I even hope he has not lost his job. But perhaps just been given some anger management training.

        But i do appreciate your support 🙂

        • Eric says:

          Darren, I have looked at the footage closely and I can guarantee you that the transmissions from your neighbors newly installed smart meter are well and truly entering into your house now. Your house is only 2 meters away from the meter box so you will be copping a fair pelt. A simple RF meter will tell you the readings. Many of us have RF meters and can assist you if you want to take measurements. Making a successful prosecution goes beyond just punishing one rogue for his misdemeanors. These installers are just cannon fodder or sacrificial lambs for the power companies who couldn’t care less about them. Why should we be any different. It is the power companies who are committing the greater misdemeanor by pushing these carcinogenic devices upon an unassuming populace and employing these hit men like characters to fulfill this wicked agenda. By not prosecuting this installer, it is not just the installer we are letting off the hook, it is the five wicked power companies.

          I am in possession of some good quality “evidence” of power company misdemeanors which I have held back in order to protect an installer who himself did the right thing by me. Just recently, the power company transgressed in exactly the same way and I have the evidence also. Now I have been put in a position where I have no choice but to burn them, despite the fact that a couple of decent installers will probably be sacrificed. The Power Companies must not be allowed to go on doing the $#1T that they are doing. They are transmitting radiation through our homes and through our bodies and through the bodies of our families and they have all the information internal to their organisations telling them exactly how harmful this technology is. We are all just collateral damage to them. Why shouldn’t it work the other way ? And more especially so with that slimy little punk that visited your estate.

          • Darren says:

            Hi Eric, thank you for your message. I spent the weekend putting up a RF “screen” on my piece of land between my bedroom window and the smart meter. It is 3 m high and 2 m wide. I have a good RF meter. The screen is only half finished. I have used big sheets of aluminium and grounded them with a professional grounding stake. So far on the close side of my screen to the meter I get readings of around 250mW/m on average, which is not good. This is about 2 m from the meter. The meter spikes once per minute from what I can see. Some are small spikes and then it seems every 10 minutes or so there is a giant WHALLOP. On the other side of my screen, only 1ft around the other side I get only 20mW/m. This is a good start. The levels on my pillow only 6 ft away have dropped significantly. Stage 2 is to add a layer of Copper sheeting to the screen. And 3rd stage is to change my window flywire to Aluminium RF shield flywire screen. I think that should pretty much do the job. But copper sheeting that size is not cheap, its going to cost around $800 and needs to be shipped from Sydney. But copper is much more of an efficient RF shield so it should really clamp things down further. My wife is sleeping next to me and is breastfeeding our 4 week old baby girl every 3 hours, and no amount of money is too much to protect her I say. It is an interesting experiment in blocking RF but i was impressed with just the Aluminium sheeting (it is .55mill thick) so im going to continue with the experiment.

            My first thought was to call in a builder and get him to rip the inside of the whole wall down and put the metal plates in there but seeing as its my land out there i figured the screen is a better start. Plus it hides the rubbish bin from view so its a double bonus hehe

            I hope this info helps others in building a RF screen shield to protect their family from these wretched Class 2 B carcinogenic machines.

        • Altered Meek says:

          A true gentleman!

          What we need to do is to un-brainwash these installers. We don’t know what type of “Special High Intensity Training” (abbreviate it!) they have been through and they are not provided with all the facts.
          We must keep our cool and politely explain the FACTS to them as they are probably trained to be assertive towards us to meet targets/quotas and get as many death meters installed as possible.

  20. Informed Choice says:

    Darren has made a stand for the true benefit of humankind. Do not let the defeatists and morons who post nasty unhelpful comments online stop you from fighting this injustice. How short-sighted and naive can people be? The truly smart ones would never dream of supporting this government/industry led roll-out & have also learned their rights (Neil Mitchell would be advised to do the same as he is being a fence-sitter in my opinion) and the fact is the Victorian govt. doesn’t believe they should have ANY!!! Every man for himself/ woman for herself… Rise Up!

  21. ssilrf says:

    I viewed this video two days ago. It now says “This video has been removed by the user”. Below is the title, date, and comments that were underneath the video.

    (video 08:37) [United Energy – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia] Abusive and Threatening Smart Meter installer…caught on Video by Smart Meter Installer Abuse – YouTube – December 08, 2013:

    (watch as I get threatened, abused, bullied, sworn at, yelled at, teased, and intimidated by this United Energy Smart Meter installer thug in Melbourne, Australia on Sat 7th Dec 2013 for simply asking him why the signs were ignored.
    This kind of abuse is common for Victorians by Smart meter installers. Only this time It was caught on video. The bullying and threatening behavior by the power companies and their installers to get their damn Smart Meters installed “by hook or by crook” cannot continue. Something must be done. It has to stop here. Enough is Enough!

  22. Paul says:

    Unfortunately for Darren there appeared to be no padlock on his meter box. This highlights the need for a good padlock that, if broken by an installer, becomes a criminal offence and both the installer and the power company can be charged.

    Darren’s story was also presented on TV last night (Current Affair??) and some ill-informed person stated that all Victorians are obliged to accept a smarter meter or else their power would be cut off. No it can’t, because electricity is an essential service that can only be disconnected if the bill has not been paid!

    Please people, lock your meter boxes, as sign alone are no deterrent for those installers who are stupid enough to ignore them.

    • To Paul,
      The breaking of Padlocks is a Criminal Offence Paul. Please do and write a letter to your Local Police Sergeant stating that you want any Padlock smasher from the dopey so-called Smart Meter installer man to be arrested and charged with ‘Breaking and Entering,’ as did I. The police were glad of my letter to protect my home and property and said that the smashing of any lock on any persons’ property is a Criminal Offence punishable by a stiff Prison Sentence.

      So Paul go and write that letter to your Local Police and hand deliver it and get them to stamp it and file it under your name please, then get a copy from them also stamped for you to keep as I did.

  23. John M says:

    The ACA featured video of the incident

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