United Energy backflips (again)

Earlier in the year United Energy seemed to have accepted that its customers have the right not to accept installation of smart meters.  They sent a letter to their customers stating “….we honour your request not to have a smart meter installed…” and “We have now removed the meter at your property from United Energy’s smart meter exchange program.” See: https://stopsmartmeters.com.au/2014/02/05/united-energy-first-power-distributor-in-victoria-to-acknowledge-peoples-rights/

However, recently, United Energy sent letters to the same customers stating that they “must have the existing meter replaced with a smart meter.”  This letter was enclosed in a package along with numerous documents and colourful brochures (a.k.a propaganda) promoting the ‘benefits’ of smart meters.

Stop Smart Meters Australia received a copy of a letter responding to United Energy’s latest harassment.  We believe this letter is worth sharing: Letter to UE

Remember, United Energy is the same company that cut Sofia Telemzouguer’s power, agreed to reinstate it, and then reneged.  Is it any surprise that this same company back flips and demands that customers accept the installation of smart meters against their will, and for some, against medical advice?



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  1. Max says:

    When they say contact us as soon as possible, does that mean sometime this year or does it mean sometime in the next decade.

  2. Eric says:

    Ms Kellie Mayne United Energy AMI Delivery Manager

  3. Paul says:

    Just yesterday I received this letter from Jemena. Please note that it does not provide a physical address for response, only an email address. Why? Because a reply will reveal the sender’s email address, thus giving Jemena extra information and also one cannot send registered mail to an email address, therefore the recipient can deny ever having received it.

    Important Electricity Information – Smart Meter Installation – (REF:

    Jemena Electricity Networks (Vic) Ltd (Jemena) is the electricity distributor that delivers electricity to your business. We own and operate the electricity network (poles, wires, and meters) that supplies 320,000 properties across Melbourne’s north-western suburbs.

    The Victorian Government mandated the rollout of smart meters for all residential and small business electricity customers, and it is the Government’s policy that smart meters are now the standard meter in Victoria.

    With more than 2.5 million smart meters already installed across the state, the rollout is near completion. To date, Jemena has installed smart meters to more than 95 per cent of properties in its distribution area.

    Smart meters will enable distributors and retailers to offer you a range of new services and products. With a smart meter, you will be able to better understand your electricity usage through the use of in-home displays and web portals, which will enable you to take more control of your electricity usage and consider options such as flexible tariffs that may save you money.

    We have been in contact previously about installing a new smart meter at the above mentioned property. As of the date of this letter, we have been unable to arrange the necessary access to carry out the required works.

    The Victorian Government has confirmed that from March 2015, electricity distributors will be entitled to recover the costs of maintaining a separate metering service from consumers who do not have a smart meter installed. To avoid this additional charge, we request you contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment to install your smart meter.

    To book an appointment please contact Jemena Customer Relations: 1800 447 998 or smartmeters@jemena.com.au

    If your smart meter has already been installed, thank you for your assistance and please ignore this notification letter.

    If we do not hear from you within ten days of this letter we will consider that you have declined our offer to replace the old meter with a smart meter, by reason of you refusing Jemena access to the meter at your property.

    If you would like to know more about smart meters, please visit the Victorian Government website at http://www.smartmeters.vic.qov.au or call 136 186.

    Thank you for your co-operation. Yours sincerely,

    Erin Chain
    Stakeholder Relations Manager
    Jemena Electricity Networks

    My response is as follows:

    1st July 2014
    Ms Erin Chain
    Stakeholder Relations Manager
    Jemena Electricity Networks

    Your Reference: XXXXXXXX

    Dear Erin,

    Thank you for your proforma letter dated 30th June 2014 regarding smart meter installation and in which you provide a substantial amount of erroneous information, in particular:

    Paragraph 2 – the tone suggests that, because the Victorian Government has ‘mandated’ the rollout of smart meters, it is somehow ‘law’ that customers must accept one. If in fact it is law then you will have no problem in providing me with a copy of the statute that says so.

    Paragraph 4 – I already understand my electricity usage very well and, since I am on a fixed rate, it does not matter at what time of day I use any electrically operated equipment. Furthermore, ‘flexible tariffs’ may save me money if I’m prepared to do my cooking, dishwashing, clothes washing and power tool operation at unreasonable hours such as after 11:00 pm – no thanks!

    Paragraph 5 – Yes, you have been in contact with me previously about having a smart meter installed. At that stage I replied by registered mail outlining my concerns with the technology and reasons for not wanting one. These included the suspected carcinogenic nature of microwave (MW) radiation (smart meters have a Class 2B rating, alongside DDT, which has been banned by governments worldwide including our very own, caring state government); the potential for spying; excessive increases in power bills and the ever-growing evidence that they cause fires.

    You may cite ARPANSA’s report regarding the ‘safety’ of smart meters. However, this is well and truly outdated and only covers the heating effect of MW radiation on living tissue. As a Biochemist, I can tell you that there are many other areas not covered by this report and which include effects on the blood/brain barrier, the pineal gland and numerous other medical conditions, with which I’m sure you are familiar. Either that or you don’t know your job.

    Paragraph 6 – If the Victorian Government has confirmed that electricity distributors will be entitled to ‘recover the costs of maintaining a separate metering service’ then perhaps you can provide evidence of this such as a statute, newspaper article or some directive, and I don’t mean something written on a Jemena letterhead and signed by your CEO.
    Besides, the only recollection I have of this is a statement from then Minister Nick Kotsiras who said that such a charge might be applied – nothing certain and again not law!

    In any case, I am already paying for my meter to be read. Employees from both Jemena and my electricity billing company have explained that my standing charge already covers this.

    Accordingly, I categorically refuse to be a player in any extortive attempt to extract more money from me or any of my fellow Victorians.

    However, I am willing to photograph my meter on the due date of reading and to email the information to my billing company (they are happy to accept this). Additionally, any postage costs can be avoided because the bill can be emailed to me.

    Furthermore, any dispute can be resolved via a yearly read, which I am willing to pay for, providing that the existing charge for my meter reads are deducted from my electricity bill.

    Paragraph 9 – This very cleverly worded paragraph suggests that, if I do not respond to your letter within ten days, I am in breach of some implied contract with Jemena. For the record, I am not refusing access to my existing meter for any of the reasons mentioned in the contract with my billing company, which incidentally make no mention of a smart meter.

    Erin, if you would like to know more about the dangers associated with smart meters, then I suggest you go onto the Stop Smart Meters website and read the thousands of comments. I would also suggest that you view two excellent documentaries: Beings of Frequency and Take Back Your Power; it will be hard for you to remain unconvinced about the dangers of smart meters.

    Having now responded to your letter, I would like to reiterate that I refuse to have a smart meter or any AMI device fitted to my property and furthermore, I refuse to accept or to pay an extortive charge for ‘not having a smart meter.’

    Finally, in a letter dated 19th August 2013 to Mark Feather of the Department of State Development (copy sent to Jemena), I wrote the following:

    “Would your department and the power company be willing to provide a legal document duly signed by officials from both organisations to the effect that smart meters are totally safe and will not affect my health or that of my family? My thinking is that you and Jemena will ignore this request.”

    I should have added: will not cause fires, will not be used as a spying device and will not increase power bills. The (overwhelming) evidence from the UK, USA and Canada suggests otherwise. Well, you both ignored that request.

    In the event that I do not receive such a commitment or willingness to undertake one within ten days of this letter, I shall assume that you agree with the dangers associated with smart meters and further that Jemena will not attempt to charge me any fee for not having a smart meter or for reading my existing safe and passive analogue meter.

    Yours sincerely,


    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Excellent Response Paul.
      Really spells it out to “them”….and hopefully provides some much needed education for “them” as well.

      These distributors definitely need some re-training into the hazards of this deadly, dangerous technology.

      The distributors need to report back to Gov’t exactly this:
      “Through a number of dishonest, dishonourable, unscrupulous, unprincipled, amoral, untrustworthy, underhanded, deceitful, disreputable, discreditable, shameful and scandalous methods, we have used our “Best Endeavours” to get the public to accept our dangerous “Smart” meters, however a large number of “Smart” customers who actually care for their health, privacy, and safety, have wisely not consented to the installation of a Class 2B carcinogenic, anything but “smart” meter, and instead are going to be keeping their SAFE, analog ones instead, which in the end, makes sense, because there isn’t any law that exists that says they can’t.”

      THAT’S IT!!!
      END OF STORY!!!
      MOVE ON!!!

    • Gwen says:

      Excellent letter Paul. I especially love your last paragraph. Can’t wait to hear the outcome.
      Sock it back at ’em!

      • Cameron says:

        They will respond to Paul within the ten days. They will respond with another offer letter. Firstly they will thank Paul for his letter which they do purely for the purposes of leaving a paper trail that shows that they did respond, but absolutely nothing that Paul has said to them in his letter will be acknowledged. The remainder of the content will just be another hybrid of Erin’s offer letter where Paul will be invited to call up to make arrangements for a smart meter installation.

        These people are the absolute scum of the earth.

    • Cameron says:


      The 10 day letter is Erin’s favorite proforma letter. In fact I think it is her only
      letter. From my very close observations it seems that the only thing Erin does at Jemena is to mail out this letter. Some people have even received the same letter from her multiple times. She has even sent out her letters to wives, mothers and sisters even whilst their husbands, fathers and brothers living in the same household are in the process of conducting “written dialogue” with her CEO’s office of which she obviously has no idea.

      Let’s have a look. No smart meter at 65 Smith St. OK. I’ll send out the 10 day letter. Next.

      I think what you’ve received Paul is the first letter that got sent out at the very start of the cycle prior to the subsequent flood of hybrids. I suppose Erin wants to do something to make herself feel that she deserving of her pay packet. There are certainly more significant matters that do warrant her guilty feelings.

      • Danielle says:

        When i was being hassled with repetitive letters, phone calls, text messages and at-home-visits, I wrote a letter telling them I would not have an AMI (smart meter) installed and that from that point on any letter/phonecall/txt/home visit that I did not respond to could not be deemed as consent and that this letter was telling them that I did not agree and would not change my mind. Since then I’ve heard nothing. Mind you my box is locked with a perspex pane and notice.

        • Rebecca says:

          Way to go Danielle. Their letters are offers of contract intended to operate by removing consent from you when you don’t stand up for your rights.

  4. Beth says:

    “Additional manual meter read fee charges” is a good way of giving appearance of legitimacy to corrupt practices by categorizing the theft in this way.

    If you think about it, the logic is ridiculous. There is no sense in “additional manual meter read fee charges” when there is an existing charge in place for meter reading. How many fees can you charge for reading the meter ? The most I can think of is one meter reading fee.

    It seems like every time they are going to extract/extort money from us they just introduce a new
    MMRF2…..MMRF3…..MMRF4……..MMRF5……etc and I am sure these people are quite prepared to push this devious practice beyond the point of absurdity to cover over their own corruption.

    • Max says:

      Beth this is just another trick to get consent. They are worried about the mounting health problems and they also have contracts. They need consent to absolve them of liability and responsibility. Hope they all have lots of liability insurance.

  5. sdjm says:

    I like the directness of this letter in reply to the United Energy rep, Kellie what’s her name… I too received the ‘junk’ envelope containing printed Fact sheets, etc. I found it insulting and condescending, to say the least. My symptoms are real and anyone who thinks otherwise is in serious denial and needs a reality check. When I prevented the smart meter from being installed on my home, I thought that would be it – but little did I know… the neighbours one would be affecting me!!! United Energy can GO TO HELL. They need not come near me or my family again and can not be trusted, EVER! As for their claims of safety re smart meters – well, I have proven them to be big, fat liars, as have hundreds of others who suffer in silence along with me. The truth always comes out, one way or another….and we should never forget or forgive a betrayal of trust.

  6. Paul R says:

    I’m curious if anyone has actually brought up any of these issues with the Department of Fair Trading?
    I’m wondering how they react to all this.

  7. Michael Bland says:

    Good on you Chris i will allso do the same as i get a call atleast once a day an i ignore it.

  8. Peter says:

    Here is united energies ‘vision and values’, just shows what hypocrites they are!


    • Paul says:

      Thanks for providing that link Peter. It just goes to show what F*****G liars they are. Sorry for my language, I’m not usually like that but I just could not contain myself when I read it.

      • Gwen says:

        You are absolutely correct Paul, THEY ARE LIARS. This is what UE say in the above link
        “These expectations are reflected in our values – safety, accountability, collaboration, communication, empowerment and respect – which guide us in everything we do.
        Safety – We seek to achieve zero harm
        Accountable – We deliver on our promises
        Collaborative – We work at working together
        Communicative – We take the time to connect
        Empowering – We grow others to success
        Respect – We act with integrity”
        You would be forgiven in thinking this was a joke.

    • Raynor says:

      Absolute vermin

  9. ken white says:

    Great letter to UE. I have found the most effective way of deterring installers is to put a large hand-printed sign on the front gate stating: “The meter box on this property is padlocked. Any attempt to break in will be treated as a criminal offence.” The “No Smart Meter” sign was ignored as an installer sneaked into our property early one morning some months ago. The dogs alerted me, but before I got downstairs and challenge him he shot off like the proverbial. Since then I’ve been left alone, but I’m still on the alert.
    Ken White

    • Rebecca says:

      Ken I’m assuming your actual meter box itself is locked and that you are not relying on signage alone,

  10. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Obviously there are companies (many) that do not have any concerns for customer welfare. The evidence of this is clear-cut.
    I feel sorry for the employees who have to follow company policy in dealing with customers. Many of the employees probably do have empathy and respect for the customers who are, in fact, people just like they are.
    The “Letter to UE” is well worth a read as it spells out the injustice and inexcusable behaviour exhibited by the company.
    Bordering on criminal, not negligence but deliberate harming of health, it is possible that one day, legal action will be taken against companies. In that instance, one wonders about the culpability of the employees who are just “doing what they are told”?

    • Minnie says:

      Charles Manson’s followers, were following orders as well, they still got the death penalty, later commuted to life. I doubt it very much that the employees would have empathy or sympathy You feel sorry for the employees, the one’s that are phoning men and women and harassing them. The employees that have threatened and mocked and laughed and you feel sorry for them. The employees are responsible for their own actions and liable as well. If they don’t like what they are doing then they can quit.

      Do you think they have any sympathy for Sophia and her child, having no power? They can’t have empathy unless they have had the same experience and if they have had the same experience then they would not do what they have been doing.

      It won’t be legal action taken against the company, it will be individuals and as many as we want to take action against.

      • Thanks, Minnie, for your comments.

      • Anonymous says:

        Minnie, those employees should be made to feel what it is like to be freezing in their own homes 24/7 because that is exactly what is happening to Sofia at the moment. Many of these employees who would be feeling quite comfortable playing with their wireless gadgets at the moment should also be made to experience what it is like to become sensitized to all forms of electromagnetic radiation to the extent that they can no longer leave their own homes without becoming violently ill.

        That is not a situation that has just befallen Sofia. Sofia has been violated because this situation has been forced upon her. She didn’t ask for any of this. She is literally being forced to freeze in her own own home in the dark as she now cannot leave her home without having her health severely impacted by mobile towers, smart meters, radiation hotspots and even by background levels of microwave emr. Is it any wonder that she might even wonder what is the point of living anymore. These employees should get a taste of what it is like to have this whole circumstance FORCED upon them and would do really well to consider that Sofia was living a perfectly normal life no different to them before they and their employer violated her life with this insidious technology then slapped her in the face by cutting off her power and now continue to be abusers of her life much to their eternal shame.

        Minnie, Jemena seem to have changed the way in which they “paint and taint” their customers, previously branded as “customers who refuse a smart meter” and now as “customers who remain on the old electricity meters”.

        Where does that leave Sofia I wonder seeing that Jemena is the twin sister of United Energy ?

        Read between the words “customers who remain” actually means “customers who choose to remain” does it not ? Will Sofia be now re afforded as much choice as every other Victorian citizen I wonder ?

        • Max says:

          We have been shown no mercy. We will also show no mercy to our enemies.

        • Minnie says:

          I don’t know if Sofia will be afforded the same choice. My opinion is that they just don’t know what to do about Sophia. They have taken it too far and now are wondering what to do next. There is no reason why they can’t connect her power, even temporarily. They let hardened criminals out on bail, until they go to trial, yet they can’t reconnect her power, until this mess is sorted out.
          Seems to me that they are worried about something.

          • Access denied says:

            What they are doing is trying to make an example of Sofia because she ‘dared’ to remove their meter and reinstall the older type. It is bully boy tactics and done to deter all the other customers from doing the same. Pathetic individuals running these companies… they all need a reality check!

          • Eric says:

            What they are worried about is the same thing they were worried about when they disconnected her power in the first place and that is to not allow Sofia’s case to become a precedent where people start to take their own affirmative action to have that stinking device removed.

            They can only hold the tide back the tide for a short time before it turns into a tsunami wave that smashes the whole AMI program and all it’s collaborators into eternal oblivion.

        • Minnie says:

          Anonymous, perhaps United Energy were initially going to honor their agreement with Sofia, but a person or persons with more authority and more power intervened. Perhaps this person gave them orders not to reconnect her power.

      • Sharron says:

        The employees and installers do not deserve our sympathy. Sofia and others like her, do. As Minnie said, many have treated their customers with utter contempt and continue to do so. There is no empathy or respect given. What about right to privacy and freedom of choice for all?

        • Gwen says:

          So true Sharon. Do we lack freedom because we are dealing with another government (China) who has shares in Australia’s energy?

        • Minnie says:

          Sharron, how anyone can sit back and watch Sofia and her child suffer beats me. How many people have begged and pleaded and they just don’t care. They are behaving as if they are above the law. I am sure some of those customer service representative’s take great delight in the petty power they think they have. That is until they find out that they are liable themselves.
          Some of these distributors rep’s are also giving out information that is false and misleading. There was a post not too long ago on the smart meter forum, where a woman was told her symptoms were all in her head. Not only is this condescending, but it is also negligent to give advice, if you have no qualifications and have not examined the person.
          Giving medical or psychological advice over the phone could land them in a lot of trouble.
          I can’t give a diagnosis to someone. I am not qualified.
          A Doctor could not even make a diagnosis over the phone, they would not be allowed. Yet we have armchair experts giving out advice.

          • Sharron says:

            Gwen and Minnie, I agree – it is time to take back our freedoms and make it clear to these shareholders that we will not be dictated to, nor have our basic rights pulled out from under us. This is where people power becomes necessary, a joining together of like-minded individuals hellbent on change. If enough of us thought this way… then it could be possible. I detest the herd-like mentality that holds people back these days. Being told what to think, not thinking for themselves… I just find it a bit odd!

            • Gwen says:

              SAD but true Sharon. I keep hearing, “it’s the law, you must have one” or “sooner or later, you will have to have one.” If you try to explain, they look at you as if you are mad.I’ve had people cut me off mid-sentence when I have tried to voice an independent thought. There is none so blind as they who don’t want to see. I WILL KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM.

              • Minnie says:

                Gwen, some of the smartest most intelligent people in the world are mad, so be proud of it. I certainly am. It is better than being a boring brain dead zombie. At least we live, we don’t just exist. What is the point of living if you can’t make the world a better place.
                Gwen you are a smart intelligent woman and that is why they don’t listen to you. They fear intelligent people, they want you to conform and be a brain dead zombie.
                Don’t forget about sharing a prison cell..

                • John M says:

                  @Minnie. Ecclesiastes 1:18 KJV “For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.”

                  Pain, grief, sorrow, madness… it’s all relative and exponential to what you know and continue to learn. As is the feeling of responsibility in doing something about it.

                  There is no pride to feel in discovering or accepting truth that others haven’t, or refuse to yet. Only shame in discovering how we have been used/exploited and not always under unwitting complicity. We have all made negative contributions towards a lousy inequitable place, and continue to do so daily with our financial expenditures and frequently less than altruistic motives.

                  People of the general populace don’t fear intelligent people, they fear discovering more of their own and having to actually act responsibly, make moral and ethical choices and do something with the increased knowledge and understanding.

                  How sorrowful does one become and then having to impart such onto others.

                  • Minnie says:

                    John, I understand what you are saying, but I can’t change who I am. I have had enough grief in my life. I don’t have any shame John, why should I? People do fear intelligent people or people they perceive to be more intelligent.. How do you think they got these devices in so fast? They got these smart meters in because people think the politicians are more intelligent and therefore know better. They got these devices in because people are lazy and just can’t be bothered.
                    We all have different perceptions on what intelligence is. There are people that haven’t even gone to school that are highly intelligent, more so than people with numerous degrees.
                    Yes I agree that with knowledge comes sorrow, this is true. But that is how it has to be. When i decided to have children, I signed an invisible contract that states, I will make sure my children are protected.
                    This contract will never expire.
                    Knowledge also brings a sense of peace. As for sorrow, sometimes we need to impart onto others.
                    John I don’t feel shame, because I learn as I go along.

                    • John M says:

                      @Minnie “John, I understand what you are saying” I’m sorry but reading your reply you have entirely misunderstood most of what I wrote. That’s ok though because in the confines and inherent limitations of such a public one dimensional avenue for expression it happens often. 😉 Peace 🙂

                • Gwen says:

                  Thanks Minnie. That means a lot coming from a smart intelligent woman. We have found many men and woman on this site who are the same and bring us so much helpful information as well as comfort and support.
                  After the latest post, I think us meeting in the prison cell is looming.

                  • Minnie says:

                    Gwen, evil eventually dies along with evil deeds. Unfortunately evil people cause a lot of destruction. But luckily we have kind people like you in this world, to try and bring balance. Don’t worry too much about this latest post. They want you to be scared and give in. This is how evil works. It is all fear. You need to turn your fear into anger. Remember what they are trying to do.
                    Remember Gwen, we might have not met, but i think every single person on this forum would help one another.
                    So if you ever feel scared or just want to talk, go ahead, let it all out. Whatever you want to say.
                    One day hopefully we will meet and we can talk in person. Maybe in our prison cell.

      • Anonymous says:

        Regarding the representatives (mouthpieces) of Power Companies who continually phone and send Emails etc, in their attempts to try and convince you that Smart Meters are safe.
        I find it hard to understand how these individuals can sleep easily at night, knowing they are spending their days being paid to tell us a whole bundle of untruths.

        In my book what they are really doing in their nicely courteous but oily manner is nothing less than bullying and harassment, for they obviously have no Technical knowledge whatsoever to support any of the information they are spouting to us.

        All these parrots know is what they are told to say and just by carrying this out shows to me they are a measly bunch who are very weak or devoid of any principles or conscience and would do or say anything for money.

        If they had any real decency or conscience at all they would be telling their Power Company Bosses to do their own dirty work, then go and seek honest employment elsewhere.

      • frontad84 says:

        Regarding the representatives (mouthpieces) of Power Companies who continually phone and send Emails etc, in their attempts to try and convince you that Smart Meters are safe.
        I find it hard to understand how these individuals can sleep easily at night, knowing they are spending their days being paid to tell us a whole bundle of untruths.

        In my book what they are really doing in their nicely courteous but oily manner is nothing less than bullying and harassment, for they obviously have no Technical knowledge whatsoever to support any of the information they are spouting to us.

        All these parrots know is what they are told to say and just by carrying this out shows to me they are a measly bunch who are very weak or devoid of any principles or conscience and would do or say anything for money.

        If they had any real decency or conscience at all they would be telling their Power Company Bosses to do their own dirty work, then go and seek honest employment elsewhere.

    • Eric says:

      Ken, every single one of us have become just collateral damage to what is a wicked agenda. The little boys and girls you speak about ought to have examined their own consciences first before electing to take money and become accomplices and implementers of this evil of the persons who employed them. Anyone who sells their soul must pay the price. No one must be spared in bringing justice to this matter, little boys and girls included. Remember, we are talking about evil deeds, the extent of which has never been seen before in this nation.

      • In the case of employees, I suspect their complicity in this attack on the civilians is largely innocent.
        Believing what the say, as fed them by the authorities.
        Even company director are possibly ignorant of the truth.
        Nonetheless, in the eyes of the law, ignorance is not acceptable defence.
        Given the amount of evidence being demonstrated in front of their very eyes, their ignorance cannot be accepted as a defence in the eyes of the public, either.

        • Minnie says:

          Dear Ken, maybe a year or two ago they could claim ignorance, but not anymore. They are looking after themselves and to hell with every one else. Ignorance cannot be used as an excuse, nor is it an excuse. They know exactly what they are doing.
          They hear you, but don’t listen. They look, but they don’t see. They talk but they don’t really say anything.

  11. Ridgey Didge says:

    United Energy can make whatever demands upon us that it wants just as we can make any demands upon them that we choose. Any demands that United Energy makes we don’t have to accept. The question is what legislation obliges us to accept any of their their demands. There is none. We can just as easily start to impose charges upon them.
    Refer to
    to gain an understanding of of the game also being played by United Energy, Jemena, SP Ausnet, Powercor and Citipower here in Victoria.

    I will paste some of the quotes from this homer page here. See if any of this stuff has a familiar ring to it.

    “This entire issue is really ALL about utility corporations and governments everywhere gaining your customer acceptance to enable them to make unimaginable profit.”

    “In BC this is done by using a scheme jointly cooked up by government and BCH as self declared “authorities” abusing power in order to ‘convert’ you, the customer, into “accepting” a smart “meter”. ” Same thing applies here in Victoria, it’s about getting YOU to accept.

    “Your taxes fund their lawyers who scheme up ways to TRICK YOU INTO CONSENT and to obtain your private metadata.”
    The same thing applies in UE & Co. trying to convert YOU and I into becoming fee payers.
    YOU and I can only become fee payers if we agree to become fee payers.

    “The entire smart grid agenda aimed at utility customers is always the same, … to mislead, redirect, distract, intimidate, to use fraud, even forgery, all in order to try to “steal” implied consent or force you to give it away, along with your meter.”

    “They use a legal term “Legacy Meter” to extort fees -supposedly to keep your safe meter. But a Legacy Meter is a “bait and swap” legal word,it’s not synonymous for an analogue meter.”
    In the case of United Energy substitute the term “non standard metering”. UE & Co. are playing the same BS game over here.

    “And in the same breath you are threatened with “failed installation” fees if you don’t let them take away the same meter which they fooled you into thinking was the meter you are supposed to pay fees to keep. ” Sounds like we may be seeing a nasty double edge to UE & Co’s demands

    “Who on earth sends 3 notices within about 10 days?”
    Jemena have shown that they definitely do.

    “What does this really say? Do they even have the ‘authority’ to do what they are doing?”

    Wake up people wake up. Don’t cave in as some have done. Yes there will be two metering systems Ms Mayne, one is a safe analog metering system and the other will be a DECOMMISSIONED failed and harmful to all health toxic AMI system. And if I have my way Ms Mayne your organisation will no longer administer any metering systems nor distributing essential services utilities ever again.

    “Why does the name on your bill change from Customer to Name, then Customer to Account # to Service at X property? ”
    Notices from UE, Jemena and Co. are sent to the same service address and being addressed to “the occupant”, “the resident”, “CHRISTIAN SURNAME” and various other addressee titles. Why is that ? Read the next excerpt.

    “What is the goal, behind the attempt? To break your longstanding contract and then get you into a new contract! ”
    It’s all about contracting you. They need to contract you in order to be able to to do those things they are trying to force upon you. They need to contract you to install a smart meter. They need to contract you in order to get you to pay for not accepting their offer of a smart meter. They cannot just change the terms and conditions of an existing contract without providing disclosure and gaining consent. They cannot force anything upon us, either a smart meter or extra charges because there is no legislation that forces us to accept either of these things that they are trying to force down our throats. Let us stick to our existing contract where there is no mention of “smart meter” and where UE & Co can only charge supply and consumption charges only as currently appears on our bill. The money that they have taken from us to pay for a smart meter, you would have to ask why has it been charged but never been itemised on our bills. NEVER give them consent. They can go to hell with both their microwave sickness device and their extortion demands.

    “Have you Noticed that NONE of their documents have been the same and they all have many minor and major changes to them from one to the next? Interesting…”
    How many slightly differing versions of the same “diatribe” letters have Jemena assembled via a cut and paste process and which they use to constantly bombard the customer with one after the other ? I would say literally dozens upon dozens of different versions of the same thing.

    Hey guess what, haven’t we heard about the Distributors here having obtained approval to recover their losses

    “This is the use of emotional sales language they are putting over on you. In sales terms, it is called a presumptive close… as in, it is already over OR they use language to try to trick/steer you into believing it is over.”
    How many people were deceived into thinking smart meters “were now law” ? It’s the same thing with this extortion demand. “Oh, we’ll have to pay a fee for not getting a smart meter”. It’s very very presumptive and it is the sort of speech intended to pull the wool over our eyes once again. It is not “over” at all, far far from it.

    “Most often the easiest way to do this is FEAR.”
    I read on this forum that only last week Jemena was telling it’s customers that their home wouldn’t be covered for insurance if they didn’t allow the installation of a smart meter. The same post mentions Jemena also telling a customer they would face a hefty fine if they didn’t allow the installation of a smart meter. These are fear tactics only through the use of blatant lies. Section 17 of Dist Code (“Indemnity”) is very clear, Dist Co’s cannot impose any fine upon anybody.

    “What is it now… 15 notices and documents they have sent?”
    In many customer cases here in Victoria I believe a count of this magnitude of notices sent to the customer to be very accurate.

    “A more strategic response might be: IF they already possess the authority to act on this many threats, then why the need for endless documents they have been sending?”
    Is not the answer so glaringly obvious now ie. that these mongrels do not have the authority to act on their threats. The first deadline of 31/12/2013 has passed. The second deadline of 30/06/2014 just ticked over now. Why haven’t they installed their cancer machines ? Why have they not come to all our houses and performed break and entry ? Have they got the authority to act on their threats ? Obviously not. Rather they must now pay for having made all of the threats that they have made and are still making.

    “I mean, come on… 15 documents, all to ‘just change a meter’? ”

    “When that “NOTICE” arrives from BC Hydro, we begin to work on it, dissect it as best as possible. We look for the little things like “Why do they remove BC from the sender’s address in one spot, then later put it back” or “Why doesn’t anyone from the utility “authority” sign these documents anymore” Does this mean no one has the authority to impose the document terms?”

    I believe the notices being sent from UE, Jemena, SP Ausnet & Co are also flawed. If one looks carefully enough, one will find the flaws. Flawed documents are null and void.

    “What are the ramifications of not replying to the letter or not rebutting and sending it back?”
    Any unopened “trash” from UE, Jemena, SP Ausnet & Co including UE’s recent grab bag of garbage (mentioned in this post) can be sent straight back in the mail. You may want to label the front of the envelope “RTS” or “Return to Sender” and “for cause without dishonour”. On the rear you may choose to leave blank or write something like “No agreement”, “No Contract”, “Postal Harassment is a crime” or anything else. Or you may choose to rebutt the flaws and/or the false claims within their notices.

    “In the end, it really comes down to one thing. Convincing you, by hook or by crook (or both at the same time) to ACCEPT the new contract.”

    I think that’s the bottom line in describing the methods that the Distribution Companies are employing against you and I to further their wicked agendas. Even though British Columbia has different legislation to Victoria, a lot of what is happening over there is essentially the same as what we are seeing here and what we will be seeing here in Victoria. I thinks there’s a lot to gain from perusing the bc-freedom.com website.

  12. Genny says:

    I received both the letters from United Energy, the one saying I’d been taken off the Smart Meter program & the more recent one as outlined above. Makes me wonder if the previous letter was just a ploy to get people to take the padlocks off their meter so United could sneakily put the smart meters in & when people still kept their meters locked (as I did) they realised we didn’t trust them & decided to go back to harassment again!

    • Anonymous says:

      Genny, after the first letter was sent out I can confirm that UE were still actively doing installations and actively calling people up to persuade/deceive them into allowing an installation. The installations never actually stopped. Remember the Order in Council (not even a “mandate”) to use best endeavours was extended till 30 June 2014 and I can confirm that other Distribution Companies have been going hell for leather over the last couple of months trying to get more of these damn devices in and have been ringing and harassing their customers to no end and have been telling all sorts of absurd lies to cause their customers to become intimidated and to cave in.

      • Chris says:

        June 30 2014 has come and gone now. So do they now have to extend the Order of Council yet again? Does anyone know if this is happening? ….or does it seem that as of today the pressure will be somewhat off now…

        • Max says:

          Chris, they don’t play by the rules, they change them as they go along. The pressure will get worse now, not better. Nearly finished, just a bit longer. We haven’t reached our destination yet, we still have a bit of work to do.

  13. Chris says:

    are these letters being sent to us via registered mail? I want to know if this is the case as I will simply not sign for it and have it sent back

    • Max says:

      Chris, I doubt that they will send registered mail and now you know not to sign anything. You can either send the letter back unopened as soon as you get it. Make sure you photocopy the envelope as well, after you have written return to sender and whatever else you want to write on the envelope. You will need this is a proof.

      • Anonymous says:

        On the back of the envelope you may choose to write

        (Or you can write this on each of the content pages themselves if you’ve opened the envelope)

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, many people received this latest “backflip” letter with accompanying pile of garbage but I know of several including myself which did not receive UE’s latest legal play. From what I have heard, the packet was delivered via normal mail this time. Of course it’s still a candidate to be returned to sender unopened and without dishonour. Sounds like you are in the latter category of non recipients. I wonder if the fact that you gave them a good response to their previous legal trap sent via registered mail meant you weren’t on the list this time. Well I haven’t responded to the previous legal trap letter (yet) so I would not rule anything out as far as these deceitful B@$—D$ are concerned.

      • Smart meter madness says:

        Exactly Anon, I didn’t feel the need to respond to their BS registered letter since many months ago I sent them my own registered ‘opinion’ on what they can do with their crap smart meters. That is enough correspondence from me to them and I never receive phone calls and I don’t call them. They aren’t important in my life and I have no hesitation in going off-grid. It would be worth it! Hope this helps someone out there not to live in fear.

      • Chris says:

        Hi Anonymous. I expect that my last response did nothing. Who knows?
        But I haven’t received the letter…yet.
        I’m not counting any chickens.

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