Wi-Fi – “The Government admits it can’t be 100% sure there are no longterm health risks” – Ch 7 News

Scientists fear Wi-FI is damaging our health. Pippa Gardner from Ch 7 reports:



Summary of this news item:

Wi-Fi health risks?

Pippa Gardner 7 News, Sydney, June 17, 2014, 6:12 pm

Wi-Fi has revolutionised the way we work, learn and live.

While the radiation waves it emits are very low, some scientists fear it is damaging our health, and we will not know the full effects for generations to come.

And they now want government standards reviewed before it is too late.

James McCaughan is a former physics lecturer, and he believes he developed Wi-Fi sensitivity after constant exposure from smart phones in lecture rooms.

“I’d say it’s like sunburn,” he said.

“Some people have got fair skin and they’re very sensitive to sunburn and you come out of the sun and your skin is still radiating and I think it’s like that your brain once it’s been sensitized is just burning.

“I knew I couldn’t go back in that room again so I just said look I can’t continue teaching, please accept my resignation”

Wi-Fi is almost impossible to avoid.

A former NASA scientist mapped transmission waves across Washington DC. The city is immersed.

The concern is that Wi-Fi emits low levels of radiation similar to mobile phones.

Australian Wi-Fi safety guidelines were last updated ten years ago, well before smart phones, tablets and the rollout of wireless internet in schools. Because the technology is so new even the government admits it cannot be 100 per cent sure there are no long term health risks, particularly for children.

Many schools use industrial Wi-Fi, which transmits at the same level as a phone tower.

In France and England, some schools have switched to wired internet because of safety concerns.

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15 Responses to Wi-Fi – “The Government admits it can’t be 100% sure there are no longterm health risks” – Ch 7 News

  1. smart meter sufferer says:

    If my children were sitting in a classroom with industrial strength wi-fi I would be worried.

  2. Rob Reiken says:

    So the Government states it can’t be 100% sure there are no long term health risks. This translates> We don’t care & ignore any matters opposing it because we have sold out to be pawns to serve Government & Corporation interests for Ignorance is bliss. In today’s society we have WiFi Waves, Mobile Phone Waves & Smart Meter Waves right inside our homes. Ultimately 3 to 5% of the population will bomb out rather quickly to this Radiation Sensitivity but how long will it be now till all population succumbs to a near 100% Cancer death rate? Too many accept the now high levels of people dying from cancer as normal when it is not. I look around me & see a sick society becoming sicker with more n more old people riding in electric wheelchairs, & all because everything has turned toxic. Radioactive Uranium waste is dumped into the seas, RatSac Sodium Fluoride Waste is put in our drinking water , GMO’s in our foods, Poisons in the Vaccines, while were sprayed with Barium from above & these invisible radiations waves for all this overrated technology that is also damaging the animal wildlife as well. It is we the ones who are awake who are to awake others & spread the word before it is too late. It is all a crime against Humanity that we must not tolerate.

    • john anderson says:

      I am wondering why you aren’t supporting Sophia with her appearance with VCAT next Monday 23 june. A simple letter of support from all those against the smartmeter rollout would be to all of us enough to get her electricity back on and the smartmeter removed. I thought we were all working for the same cause…..john

    • sdjm says:

      It isn’t easy being the messenger- people tend to look down on you. Why? The truth makes them uncomfortable I suppose. I’ve had arguments over these issues you mention with my family members. Some do not want to open their eyes to evil, others are too brainwashed or unwilling to take a stand. Pretty sad, eh? Overrated, that is for sure…and a deadly addiction.

      • Ashley says:

        Hi sdjm,

        The trick is that all is essentially not something happenning to us but rather is something that we are doing to ourselves. From my experience the vast majority do not recognise the conspiracy that is a contant in their own minds and that the dark side of their mentality is controlling what they think and is actually what gives permission to these attacks on humanity – an expression of our mentality. They unwittingly attemt to maintain that level of ignorance by attacking any messenger that gets too close to exposing the truth. Society virtually behaves as though life is all about doing and tends to push aside the fact that our mental state is what stands for everything.

        Well said also, Rob!

  3. Maud Crossing says:

    It would seem that Channel 7 is out to ridicule those who complain of suffering adverse health effects from electromagnetic radiation.
    It would seem that mainstream media in general has been muzzled from any in-depth reporting on the growing and alarming evidence of the damage to human health wireless gadgets, and in particular, smart meters, are doing to the population.
    It would seem that “people in high places” connected with media might have vested interests in the communications industry and need to put profits before safety for as long as possible before being forced to make “adjustments” in response to growing public concerns about the smart meters scam.
    I would like to believe what I have just written is not true!

    • Minnie says:

      You have to be careful about going to the media, unless you have control over what they show and print. I did not bother watching the interview with Sofia as i already had an idea of what was going to happen. I already knew i would be disappointed. They would never interview an expert. They never ask hard questions? Why not ask Rusell Northe on the show?

  4. MovingEntity says:

    Having wired, for internet or other communication is so much better when mobility is not needed.

  5. Brenn says:

    Why is this a balanced— useful report of the problem but the same Channel 7 delivered to their audience such a travesty of the same situation Tuesday morning on Sunrise…..”allergic to electricity” or some nonsense catch phrase….

    • Minnie says:

      An elderly neighbor that lives near me saw Sofia’s story. She told me that she had placed a sign up stating not to install a smart meter, but they installed one anyway. She does not have a meter box. I also spoke to this lady about a rash i have developed on my arm, she then told me that she also has a rash on her arm and the Doctor said it was because of her age. What a load of crap i told her. I am not elderly, where did my rash come from and why does it itch? Her rash itches as well. These can’t be all coincidences.

      • Steve says:

        “Symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness” excerpt from ‘No Place To Hide’ April 2001
        Dermatological: skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing.
        Source: http://www.electricalpollution.com/solutions.html

        Radio wave sickness symptoms have been known for at least 50 years……

        • Cedar says:

          Does anyone else have a burning sensation in their head? It worries me but I can’t see any doctor taking the association with smart meters seriously.

        • Steve says:

          A number of EHS people I am in contact with have this symptom. It also is not limited to the face. It can occur in other parts of the body such as arms and legs.

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