Sofia’s Story – Punitive power and the smart meter tyranny

Sofia is a sole parent, with a 14 year old daughter.

She became ill after a wireless smart meter was installed on her house 19 March 2013. Sofia hadn’t given permission for its installation. In fact, she wasn’t even aware that her original electricity meter had been swapped for a smart meter, as it occurred whilst she was on an interstate business trip.

It was only afterwards, when she and her medical advisors were searching for the cause of the sudden deterioration in her health, that she discovered the horrible coincidence. The smart meter had been installed in the worst possible position, inside her bedroom cavity wall, just centimetres from where her head lay as she slept at night.

Victorian smart meters, such as hers, emit microwave radiation 24/7. Network traffic can result in as many as 190,000 transmissions per day from a mesh smart meter. Authorities never alerted the public to this fact.

The technicalities of wireless smart meters were the last thing on Sofia’s mind when she ended up in hospital with swollen legs and an acute burning rash, all over her body. She had developed a burning sensation in her eyes, throat, mouth, and covering her face. That was just the start of the nightmare. Sofia was also suffering from unexplained headaches, insomnia, nausea, irritability, constant fatigue and short-term memory loss. To make matters worse, she experienced an acute deterioration of her vision.

Sofia was subsequently diagnosed with EHS (electro hypersensitivity), triggered by her smart meter’s microwave radiation. She has had to cease professional employment. She is no longer able to go about her normal daily activities in the community, without experiencing great pain from exposure to ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation. She is now on a Disability Pension.

All Sofia is asking for is the return of her safe, analogue meter. But do you think her power distributor, United Energy, or the Victorian State government are listening? All her pleas have been ignored and ridiculed. Even the Victorian Energy Ombudsman was unable to help her.

Finally, at her wits’ end, and in a state of unbearable pain, Sofia took matters into her own hands. Her smart meter was removed. As a result, her health slowly started to improve. In order to show good faith and a willingness to pay her electricity bills, Sofia continued to pay her electricity based on estimated usage.

On 3 March 2014, 8.30am Sofia’s power was cut off, without warning or written notification. United Energy, Sofia’s power distributor, refuses to reconnect her, unless a wireless smart meter is installed.

This is despite the provision of medical evidence verifying her condition. This is despite the fact that other Victorians, who have objected to a smart meter, have now received letters formally honouring their request to not have a smart meter installed.

It seems that the horrible quagmire which Sofia ended up in would never have eventuated, if only she had known enough in the first place to lock her meter box.

Her requests to speak to her power distributor’s management have been refused. Efforts by her Federal MP and Legal Aid have come to naught. A representative of the Victorian Department of State Development and Business Innovation lamely suggested that she move to the country to escape the radiation, leaving her 14-year daughter in the care of friends so she can continue with her schooling.

And this all is happening, despite the former Energy Minister stressing, in one of his interviews, that disconnecting power from people’s houses is INHUMANE.

Sofia and her daughter are still living without power and suffering immensely mentally and emotionally.

How callous and inhumane can United Energy be?

How could this happen to anyone living in a democratic country like Australia?

This YouTube clip about Sofia’s story was sent to Stop Smart Meters Australia by Paradigm Images Production:

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93 Responses to Sofia’s Story – Punitive power and the smart meter tyranny

  1. Angela says:

    I just read this story and it is identical to what has happened to me. I only recently draw the connection with the Smart Meter when my health started returning when I was away from our house and rapidly deteriorating when I returned. My head was 0.5m from the Smart Meter for around three or four years.
    My vision deteriorated very suddenly, I became nauseous every day, headaches every morning, ringing in my ears, a hot feeling in my head at night as if inflamed, extreme lethargy.
    I used to be very fit and work long hours quite happily- both physically hard working and whilst working as an engineer.
    A week ago I realised the connection and now am sleeping on the couch. We have no other place for our bed in our bedroom and we can’t move the meter box closer to our children. So far all the authorities seem to be interested in is filling in forms listing my health concerns. My belief is that because this area of constant exposure has not been tested – we are now the test specimens and they will follow our long term health outcomes without acting with caution or prudence when the test results show negative outcomes. I’m pretty sure that that is in violation of Human Rights on a world stage. In other countries – the Smart Meter is removed if harm is reported – that is acting with a duty of care. In Victoria – ongoing forced harm is worse than negligence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Angela
      SSMA would be very interested in following up with you on this comment.
      If you would like to discuss this personally with one of our committee members, please fill in the Contact form
      Please mark your comment to the attention of SSMA’s Secretary. It would also be great if you could provide a phone number.
      Maureen (Secretary SSMA )

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  3. Frances (Australia) says:

    I have received a letter from SPI Electricity demanding that I allow them to exchange my existing Meter which was installed about 40 years ago. They claim ownership of my Electricity Meter, but since SP Ausnet did not exist when my house was built I cannot see how they can own my Meter. I decided to try calling them on the Customer Contact Centre on 1300 360 795 but apparently that phone number does not even exist. They also only provide a Locked Bag 14051 Melbourne City Mail Centre so it seems they do not even have an actual address in Victoria either. Does anyone know exactly where SPI Electricity Pty Ltd? is located? Are they even an Australian company? I looked them up on Google Maps and there is an address for them on Southbank Boulevard, South Bank, Melbourne. Has anyone else had a problem getting in touch with SP AusNet?

    • Access denied says:

      Frances, the SP stands for Singapore Power. They can claim they own your meter – I don’t think so!

      • Hammer Mann says:

        To Access denied,
        Frances SP AusNet and the other four overseas Electric Power Company are all fibbers. They don’t own the Safe and Passive Analog Meters, they are all bluffing.

        I put the company for my area to the test and they phoned me back seven days later stating……” Oh we’re sorry but we can’t find the paper-work to prove we own the Analog Electric Meter at your privately owned property”. Of course they cannot, because I bought the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter and it’s Electric Meter Box when I built my house some 35 years ago.

        I’ve still got the Sales Receipts to prove it, you naughty fibber I told her down the telephone. What a lot of time she wasted going through her paper work.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps Sofia has set the precedent and that now smart meters need to be removed en masse. Will they disconnect the whole population.

    • Peter says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Just bear in mind, you will have the ‘enforcers’ from Energy SAFE Victoria banging on your door demanding the name of the person who ‘interfered with the distributors equipment’.
      I have suggested a procedure elsewhere on this site, regarding requiring your distributor to replace your surveillance devise with ‘an alternative meter’, (Electricity Customer Metering Code 6.1) giving them a few days to comply, and reserving your right to have it changed yourself if they fail to do so.

  8. Peter says:

    Just a suggestion, but would the UE or ANY Victorian customers be prepared to switch their power off completely for a couple of hours or more on a couple of days per week? Hit them where it hurts most! Their income!!!!!

    • Ryan says:

      Already doing it Peter. Have been doing this also for the reason that the electricity I am being supplied from the grid is dirty electricity. The whole lot gets switched off at night and only one circuit is run during the day when needed. Lighting circuits only run for an hour or two per day max. My latest quarterly bill was the lowest that I have ever had. And I am going to cut it even more. If a smart meter were ever to be installed by force the first thing I would do would be to immediately disconnect. The Victorian State Government can stick their smart meter.

    • Paul & Di McMahon says:

      @Peter What a wonderful idea!!. We’ll be in on that one. Should all pick days and time of day to do this en masse and see the results.

      • Peter says:

        Hi all

        As there are 5 distributors, why not give them one week day each, as a retiree and VALUED CUSTOMER of powercor, I’m flexible.

  9. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    I am so saddened by Sofia’s story.
    The fact that this is currently going on in Melbourne, Australia, in 2014, is disgraceful.
    The way Sofia has been treated, and the complete lack of compassion and understanding shown by her electricity distributor, Energy Safe Victoria, and all other Gov’t departments and “officials” she has approached to help her situation, is sickening, disturbing and downright inhuman.
    The fact that this poor lady has had to endure the suffering she has, and now, to have had her power cut off since 3rd March, simply because she refuses to accept a dangerous, Class 2B, carcinogenic, microwave radiation meter on her house due to a serious health condition she has, with concerns for her daughter’s safety as well, is absolutely criminal.

    Those involved with the roll out this dangerous technology, don’t care about us, our health now, or in the future.
    It’s simply all about money.
    They are evil, greedy, callous, despicable “humans” at best.

    For those of you who still haven’t seen the excellent, groundbreaking documentary by Josh del Sol “Take Back Your Power” as yet, or have friends & family that haven’t seen it as yet, please go to this link:

    “Take Back Your Power” …. now streaming on YouTube

    See how worldwide, people are fighting back the rollout of these dangerous devices on our homes.
    We must let our current Gov’t “officials” (our employees) know that we “the people” (Their employers) have had enough, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

    • John M says:

      @Sick. “It’s simply all about money”. Unfortunately not. While there’s those involved making absolute fortunes out of the AMI roll out world wide you’ve got to look deeper and higher. The dictatorial power required to mandate the roll out of AMI on a global basis needs no more money. Only those with the most could order it be done and have it implemented with such zeal and intolerance for dissent and criticism of it. It’s an absolute phenomenal display of the presence of global shadow government with an agenda beyond helping bring some greedy toadies involved in the implementation a few rungs up the ladder in personal wealth.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        Thanks John,

        Yes, to my “It’s simply about money” line, I should have added “total power and control” as well.
        You make some great points John. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    • Max says:

      Public sector values

      (1) The following are the public sector values—

      (a) responsiveness —public officials should demonstrate responsiveness by—

      (i) providing frank, impartial and timely advice to the Government; and

      (ii) providing high quality services to the Victorian community; and

      (iii) identifying and promoting best practice;

      (e) respect —public officials should demonstrate respect for colleagues, other public officials and members of the Victorian community by—

      (i) treating them fairly and objectively; and

      (ii) ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying; and

      (iii) using their views to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis;
      Their is a lot more to this act. They have to abide by this ACT whether they want to or not.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Some time ago I sent the C.E.O of Powercor and to the head of the Human Relations Department at Powercor and also to the head of the Department of Primary Industry then so-named by Registered Mail a $1.1 Million Dollar Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Notice of Fine from the A.C.C.C Lawyers in Canberra who agreed with my stance that the forced roll-out of these so-called but now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen and also Incendiary and actually far from Smart Microwave broadcasting and receiving meters was a GIGANTIC Confidence TRICK or HOAX perpetrated by the Victorian Government in Collusion with these four overseas Electric companies. Here I also include a fifth Electric Power Company being S.P AusNet, now renamed AusNet Services which is also a shameful Australian Electric Power Company also out to screw or extort every Victorian privately owned home and or small business owner of their hard earned cash with these now proving to be in mounting numbers of cases Incendiary and Microwave all LIFE Poisonous devices called Microwave Smart Meters.

      SMART meters are not in any way smart at all. The above mentioned bullies Powercor and the Department of Primary Industry ( then so-named) only had fourteen days (14 ) in which to reply to the A.C.C.C Anti-Bullying letter I sent them by Registered Post. If by that time then had not replied to me then they had automatically accepted the terms of this A.C.C.C Notice to never bother me to accept a dopy Smart meter again. The good news is that I have received no reply from either Powercor or the Department of Primary Industry for over two years now, so these DUFFERS must have taken me and the A.C.C.C notices seriously.

      Firstly these so-called Smart Meters are proving world-wide to be poisonous to ALL LIFE, human and animal and vegetable and to even benign insects such as the honey bees needed for pollinating our crops and fruit and vegetables and flowers and plants. The lady birds eat aphids and are being killed by these insane and far from Smart meters as well.

      In my opinion and growing numbers of badly health affected people here in Victoria and overseas, these accursed meters are now proving to be multi-sickness type of machine/s to all of life in Australia in Victoria and other Australian States and in Holland and in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and in America and Canada and now world-wide. The good news is that these truly Evil and Sickness-making machines are starting to be ripped out and replaced by the older fashioned Analog Electric Meters in some countries of the world and the newer digital read out Electric meters and some of the older design of Analog Electric Meters are replacing these Sickness causing Microwave so-called and far from Smart Meters. This is what is needed here in Victoria as well, for every dopy Microwave and far from Smart meter to be replaced with the older fashioned Safe and Passive Analog electric meter/s which have been criminally STOLEN by these five Electric Power Companies at the behest of the now proving to be as I allege truly WICKED Victorian Government acting in collusion with these as I further allege guilty Electric power companies.

      These Victorian Government officials tied to this Smart Meter SCAM of both the past John Brumby Labour Government and the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government have been and still are acting as Stand-Over Men with their extortionate demands that every Victorian private home and small business owner give up the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters for these now proving to be ACCURSED INCENDIARY and dopy both Inhumane and All-Life Health Wrecking microwave poisonous and far from Smart Meters. The cheek of this stand over government and these as I allege them to be Evil and Poisonous minded foreign owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and S.P AusNet or now recently named AusNet Services is LEGION.

      Don’t forget that it was Powercor who in Horsham through their now Court proven guilt were responsible for the terrible electrical fires in Horsham through sloppy maintenance of the faulty power-poles and some electric cross-over arms and insulators and live power wire touching the dry grass and shorting through that dry grass which caused the burning down of a lot of fencing, farm-sheds, and death to cattle and other live-stock and much damage to farming machinery and sheds some two or more years ago. Also remember that it was similar gross carelessness by then named S.P. AusNet who was proven in Court to be responsible for the terrible fires in the King Lake area some two years or more ago which killed Mr Brian Naylor a news reader and over one hundred (100) people in that terrible raging fire.

  10. David says:

    if you can get the materials together, for an OFF GRID solar system such as a Sunny Island or similar, I (as a Solar accredited Electrician) would be honored to donate my time for free,
    to install it for you, complete with full certification.

    As a cheaper alternative in the interim, if you get a reasonable capacity Petrol/LPG/Diesel powered generator (6.5kw at least), I’d also be happy to donate my time for free, to install a proper Generator connection point, so you can power up the whole house via the existing switchboard.

    Anything to help you tell those power companies where they can stick their Smart Meter’s.

  11. Peter says:

    Hi all
    There are several suggestions about suing the Victorian government, good idea, but who will foot the bill for their defence? The tax payer! We will end up pay to defend them against us! I suggest suing one of the smaller distributors as this will cost them money, I can’t see the government allowing the distributors to recover court costs from their customers, if they do, then electricity bills will be even higher and they will price themselves out of business. (hopefully)

    • Brad says:

      Powercor have their label on the device and should be responsible for their equipment, as I have spoken to them and they have told me that it sends 4 messages a day, I have tested the device and it sends every 5 minutes on the dot. So if powercor only get 4 messages from the smart meter then where are the rest going to?

      • Peter says:

        Hi Brad
        This is the ‘mesh system’ at work, your meter is communicating with the meters around you and visa versa. If it is only operating every five minutes, you must be living out in the country somewhere. In populated areas they operate every few seconds!

        • Brad says:

          Yes but mine is also powered by 3 phase with 96amp coming into the property, I have not worked for twelve months now because of my health.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      I have found out that S.P AusNet, now renamed as AusNet Services is an all Australian Company that have been taken to Court for the terrible fire tragedy of their own making through sloppy maintenance which proved that it was this the King Lake fire that killed Mr Brian Naylor the news reader as well as over a hundred people on that day of conflagration.

      Once again when private Industry takes over from the as it was up to 1994 the Victorian State Electricity Company, V.S.E.C and an essential Victorian Government service. Under the Victorian S.E.C a Victorian government instrumentality proper maintenance and due care was always treated as a priority. After Geoff Kennett sold the S.E.C off to these overseas and careless foreign owned Electric Power Companies of Powercor and Citypower and to United Energy and Jemena which are owned by either China or Singapore they I allege didn’t give a RAT’s ARES about proper and timely maintenance to the wires and power poles and cross over arms or any of the other ancillary and vital electrical equipment and so in time we had the great Horsham Electrical Power fire over two years ago and a little later the terrible King Lake Electrical fire as well.

      The Horsham electrical fire started through shockingly poor electrical maintenance by Powercor as proven in the long Court Case in Melbourne and similarly the King Lake electrical fire and death of over 100 people in the following Court Case of then named S.P AusNet’s proven to be gross carelessness in not maintaining their electrical equipment to proper standards.
      What is now needed is to SEIZE all of these overseas and private Electrical Power companies from these criminally SLOPPY Power companies and forcefully give them back to a Newly formed Victorian State Electricity Company. I say do this pronto by seizing all of these overseas assets. I’d love to see the as I allege them to be Criminal C.E.O’s and those guilty in the Victorian Government complicit in these ongoing crimes banged up in Gaol for the rest of their lives. I say ” Feed these criminal SCUM on Bread and Water as well.” Last but not least I love to see these Rapinely greedy overseas shareholders of these foreign owned Electric power companies Go Broke as well, that would be justice indeed for they don’t give a Rat’s Arse about peoples’ health or welfare either !

      • Anonymous says:

        The problem is not the private sector, it is the fact the Gov has given exclusive, access to a very few companies. And then those companies are empowered by special laws and the enforcement of the Government. We only have one Government so what they dish out we have to swallow. No other companies are allowed to provide us with power. The solution is to remove Government from the power sector entirely thus actually giving us, the consumer, freedom to choose to simply refuse smart meters.
        Trusting Government to solve problems, is like asking the wolf to guard the sheep.

  12. Damaged says:

    Ooops! When I said we were ignored by all the politicians, I forgot to mention that Glenn Aitkin was the ONLY one who tried to help us. They are not all corrupt.

  13. Merrilyn Whitecross says:

    Gas appliances, Smart meters, mobile phone towers, wi-fi, mobile phones & microwaves all give me chronic fatigue. If you are in Melbourne, call Kew Organics (the health foods shop) who have a guy who will test your home with 3 different meters and tell you where your problems are and how to fix them. Using special black paint on my bedhead wall was a huge help in stopping the smart meter radiation all night, plus filters on electrical equipment, and removing the new light globes, and swapping wi-fi to ADSL & dumping the microwave. I am sooo much better.

  14. Trevor Churchill says:

    Americans’ brains being fried by cell towers

    Exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite. That’s the conclusion of a new study just published by the British Medical Journal.(1)
    Subjective symptoms related to GSM radiation from mobile phone base stations: a cross-sectional study

  15. Paul says:

    I was under the impression that ALL electrical work required some sort of safety or compliance certificate. This is the government’s ruling! So why aren’t people issued with one when a smart meter is installed? My thinking is that the government/power company/installing company are covering their collectives arses in the event that another James Hardy situation arises, which it will.

    Furthermore, if Sofia paid for her analogue meter and it has been taken from her then that is THEFT if not returned. Power companies do not own analogue meters – they are the property of the householder, SEC or some other body. Mine, for example, clearly states ‘Property of Heidelberg City Council’ so, unless Jemena now has assumed ownership of HCC, then they can well and truly get stuffed.

    Sofia has a case for taking someone to court regarding theft. She also should demand a compliance certificate in the event that her power is restored and she is forced to accept a smart meter. If she doesn’t get one then (under the government’s ruling) it is not safe.

    Perhaps the twit from ESV will be prepared to sign a document to the effect that there will be no side effects. Well, pigs might fly! It’s a strange coincidence that his IQ exactly matches the amount of times he has visited Sofia.

    In addition, If Sofia has been paying her bills on time then she cannot be deprived of power, according to the essential services act. So, her Common Law Rights have been totally ignored. She should see a lawyer for help.

    And when are we going to see some sort of class action that was mentioned some months ago?

    • Peter says:

      Paul, a certificate of compliance is issued……… the DISTRIBUTOR! not, the customer!

      • Hammer Mann says:

        Peter, regarding a Certificate of Compliance,
        If that’s the case as you state, then that is UNLAWFUL as a proper Electrical Certificate of Compliance is for the machine ON THE Customer’s property. As we know that a number of these dopy so-called but far from Smart meters are proving to be INCENDIARY meters here in Victoria and overseas………see the double storey Greek home in Northcote which burnt down soon after a dopy and far from Smart meter was forced on that property over two years ago. See also in the Geelong Newspapers the five Smart meter fires in the Geelong area some two years ago. See also the four Smart meter fires in the Ararat region where I live around two years ago.

        Electrical Microwave Smart Meters ain’t Smart in my book pal. They are deadly dangerous, even blind Freddy knows that by now !

        • sdjm says:

          Yes, more fires every single week with the cause undetermined. People and pets have died in these fires! They usually say due to an electrical fault and the smart meter certainly is electrical, so there you go….

    • Alan Manson says:

      Hi Paul,
      Regarding your comment, “If Sofia has been paying her bills on time then she cannot be deprived of power, according to the essential services act. So, her Common Law Rights have been totally ignored. She should see a lawyer for help” the response to these comments are as follows:

      1. Sofia has been paying her bills on time.

      2. United Energy and the government have no respect for the Electricity Codes or any other laws they have broken when it is NOT in their interests to uphold them.

      3. It is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to have the Essential Services Commission respond to phone calls, emails or letters. Such behaviour flies in the face of their claims in their “Charter of Consultation and Regulatory Practice” ( on page 6 (actual), which says:
      “Our role differs for each regulated industry but generally involves regulating or monitoring prices, service standards, market conduct and consumer protection.”
      The claims here are lies when it comes to consumer protection. Anyone who has experienced bill shock and complains to them can testify to this claim!

      Sofia’s matter has proven these people have no interest at all in “consumer protection” – especially when it associates with a breach in human rights. They should all be sacked and taken to court for misleading Victoria’s consumers.

      It is clear that all Victorian’s consumer rights have been handed over by the government to the various foreign-owned power companies; especially when it comes to regulating electricity as an essential service. No doubt the other essential services (water and gas) will respond the same way.

      4. If anyone believes they have Common Law rights here in Australia, my experience is that this is a huge misnomer. All we have is Commercial Law rights. If you want to know more about how Australia’s politicians have robbed every Australian of their human rights, then visit AND

      5. No one we have contacted in the legal fraternity is willing to represent Sofia in her battle to get her electricity reconnected. She has tried Maurice Blackburn, Shine Lawyers and her local solicitor, but all have refused. I have tried the Consumer Action Law Centre and other agencies on her behalf – together with various law firms in the past, and have been told in no uncertain terms they are not interested.

      Some good news! Sofia has been offered free labour for an electrician to install an off-grid solar system! A plumber has also offered to install a pot bellied stove for her to heat her house. If she takes up these offers because legal action is not an option, I may commence a fundraising campaign to help her with the costs of obtaining the necessary materials needed for this to happen.

      If you have any comments or encouragement to pass on to Sofia, you can email us both at

      Thanks to everyone for your concerns about Sofia and for your support.

      Alan Manson

      • Anonymous says:

        Regarding point number 5, what I want to know is WHY the legal eagles are not interested.
        What are they afraid of ?
        Ask the “scared” lawyers if they have seen the movie Erin Brokovich …

        • John M says:

          @Anonymous. They’ve taken their affirmation/oath to a fictitious entity and their representatives ‘acting’ as the real government. All state and federal governments and their departments, courts, etc were never intended to be incorporated, but are. Our constitution has been side stepped without referendum and our governments substituted. Lawyers know what has been going on for decades and have been complicit in it, and or silent while it has progressed.

          No lawyer unless he wants to join a dole queue, or worse, is going to get into this on the side of ordinary people. Anyone reading this needs to look up “Scott Bartle what the FUQ” “Brian Shaw, Elijah’s Challenge” on Youtube to discover some of what has been going on in government and the legal system.

        • Peter says:

          Hi anon, With regards to Ms Brokovich, sorry, but from Sofias’ dealings with Shine Lawyers’, it seems that neither have any interest in protecting Victorians. We have to ask why? and make them explain.

          Perhaps their web page needs further explanation too! Could this be construed as false advertising?

  16. John M says:

    Very well put together video of the events. Absolutely disgusting, and so sad that this is happening in this country. Eventually these corrupt parasites from top to bottom will be held to account. Hang in there Sofia. You’re not alone.

  17. sdjm says:

    Question: Why is this not reaching the mainstream media? Surely there is a way to get this out – not all journalists are brainwashed sheep. We’re talking about seriously disturbing behaviour by what is essentially a service provider. I’m appalled by the lack of empathy shown to this lady, and sadly there could be many more. These energy ‘providers’ should be on notice by now. They are scumbags and they know it! Borrowed Time….

  18. Damaged says:

    After only 5 days of being made sick by a smart meter, we slept in our van on the street for 6 months, whilst begging United Energy to remove the smart meter. After a 6 month investigation the Energy Ombudsman gave us 3 options.
    1/ Have the main fuse removed at our expense and live without power.
    2/ Have the Smart meter removed at our expense and live without power.
    3/ Sell up and move.
    We were ignored by all the politicians. They knew we were sick and we had a doctor’s letter which was also ignored. We sold our house, gave away much of our belongings and left all our friends and family in Victoria.
    I don’t know how Sophia stayed in her house all these months. The smart meter situation is a violation of human rights and a criminal act against society.
    We are now sensitised to Wi-Fi, phone towers, etc. We are in the process of moving again because of the damage to our health from the smart meter of 2 years ago. Our ears are still ringing all this time down the track. On the news this week they announced that ringing in the ears is becoming a huge problem in Australia, even amongst children. Have they not heard of “microwave hearing”? The torture and damage from smart meters will have on-going consequences for many years to come.

    • Sofia says:

      Thanks for your comments. My heart is going out to you. I have wrote to Ombudsman, MPs about Disability Discrimination Act , Equal opportunity Act, It is UNLAWFUL to fail to make reasonable adjustments necessary to accommodate the person with disability. Today was the last slap in my face. after yesterday’s meting with department of state development business and innovation, they decided that if I don’t accept the smart meter they will NOT reconnect the power, And this is after their promises to install the manually read meter if I pay for relocation (from my disability pension). You breach the government legislation about mandated smart meters , they said.. :((

      • David says:

        You didn’t breach anything, and can’t have, as the mandate was not imposed on the people of the state. It was a directive to the power DNSP’s. Sounds like the Goverment Departments don’t even understand their own Acts of Parliament.
        Not Good!

        • Power to the people says:

          Bogus authorities! They are insane and highly dangerous to us all. We would be better off without their kind of “Help”. Maybe this is our lesson in what independence really means and for us to help one another to achieve this.

  19. Tez says:

    Sofia, definitely contact “Change Dot Org” ASAP……you and other sufferers will be amazed at the results you can achieve. Don’t waste your precious time trying to get sense out of the foreign owned power company nor the Vic. State Government….they’re are all muppets.

    • Max says:

      This is from the public health act, thanks Elizabeth.
      Precautionary principle
      If a public health risk poses a serious threat, lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to prevent or control the public health risk.

  20. Eric says:

    If I was to post what I really wanted to say about that gentleman from ESV, then after SSMA moderation process, I can guarantee you that my post would appear totally blank

    • Sasha says:

      Yes, it’s a shame – very frustrating to put it mildly. Something needs to happen to these criminals who continue to harm the population. There, I said it!

    • Gwen says:

      Totally agree Eric.

    • Eric says:

      Let’s just say I could never understand the justification for anybody ever doing what happened on 9/11.

      United Energy (and scumbag sister Jemena) and ESV (and corrupt govt departments) behaviour in this matter have made it possible for me to start seeing the other side of the coin now.

    • Eric says:

      “if it’s doing you harm you’re allowed to remove it”
      What was ESV Greg Johnson’s instinctive reply to that ?
      “No you’re not !”
      At that very moment my blood just boiled inside me.

      Greg Johnson, the death penalty should be brought back and you and your ilk
      deserve to be first in line for the recommencement of lawful executions.

    • Ada says:

      It’s hard to fathom how the 2 people from ESV can find it in themselves to act in such a callous and evil manner. Have they lost touch with their humanity? Do they even have a conscience? If they think they can avoid man’s and God’s retribution they are seriously delusional. It is only a matter of time! We all have to be accountable for our actions in the end. My thoughts are with you Sofia. Hang in there, the tide is about to turn…

  21. Elizabeth says:


    You need to contact LIV (Law Institute of Victoria) the legal referral service.
    Click onto the link and fill-in the form (Area of Law-Personal Injuries). Solicitors register with the Institute to sum up business (more clients). You will be given three solicitors to choose from in your area and the first 30 minutes for legal advice is free (you should not need any longer than the 30 minutes).

    Your case will be under-Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008


    • Sofia says:

      Thanks much Elizabeth. I have tried 3 legal Firms, including Shine (Erin Brockovich). They simply aren’t prepared to do ANYTHING, let alone pro-bono. Power Companies are fully aware of the cost associated with this kind of litigation, therefore they exercise such inhumane behaviour.

      • Gwen says:

        Dear Sofia and your daughter. I am truly sorry that this nightmare is happening to you both as well as others that have posted their stories. If there is any legal action, the power company and the government will want it stopped before Australia hears about it.
        I hope that it can happen for you very quickly though and you get massive compensation and stop the rollout of these killer units called smartmeters. Thankfully there are men and women like the ones who stood beside you, those people who put helpful and supportive comments here and those who give their time to keep us informed
        at SSMA.
        Love and prayers,

  22. BOYCOTT UNITED ENERGY! Anyone who uses United Energy should call them and express their outrage, and immediately change to another retailer.
    How about CROWD FUNDING Sofia to get an off the grid system? I’d contribute!

  23. Mick says:

    The guys from energy safe Victoria I can’t work them out. They have a go at Sofia because they say it’s not safe that someone has removed the freakin smart meter, but hey! I reckon the whole smart meter thing is not safe. Don’t get me started! smart meters are not safe! It’s not even qualified installers that come and put them in! Nothing is safe about them. And the 2 inspectors talk about safety! you gotta be kidding me!!!

    • Mick says:

      I was going to say it’s not even qualified electricians that put them in – you know what I mean – they are NOT electricians! Whose safe now?!

      • Eric says:

        In some cases they are just unqualified cheap labour from overseas who are brought in and given two weeks of training to learn to do one thing and one thing only, two prongs out and two prongs in

    • Take your power back says:

      What about the instances we are aware of previously where the so called “qualified sm installers” have not completed safe installations. What a lot of hogwash, they are just after whoever did the job to make an example of them. We all need to get behind Sofia and take this all the way. To suggest that she move to the country and leave her daughter in the city, I cannot believe these people.

  24. Trace says:

    I am a resident in Frankston and Glen Atkien has been a councillor here for many years.
    He is voted in at every council election because he goes above and beyond the call of the average councillor. He cares about the people in his community and fights for them. It is a never ending battle and has had his fair share of having to deal in the political arena. I am fortunate to be able to speak with him on occasions and would call him a good friend. It would be great if people would call up the Frankston Council and commend him on his actions regarding the smart meters. It will help drive the issue in the Frankston Municipality that the smart meter issue is what the other councillors at Frankston should be helping their residents and Victorians with. Glen Atkien would most welcome the support. We need to send a message as “We the People” that we will not tolerate what the Federal, State Govt and Corporations are doing too us. We will be heard!!!

  25. TG says:

    Thanks SSMA for posting the story of poor Sofia. My heart goes out to her. Congratulations to everyone involved in making the YouTube video attached. This is absolutely profoundly compelling evidence of the dire situation we find ourselves in. I have sent a link of this story to every website I visit whom I think and hope may be able to publish this story further. In addition to that I will send it to as many family and friends as possible. I would ask all members and readers of this excellent site to please do the same. This is an extremely powerful and compelling story and we need to spread it far and wide.

  26. Steve says:

    We Need To Bring A Law Suite Against The Government and the Power Companies , make them pay !!! The electrical companies are doing as they please ,with the blessings of this Government ,,, and we are paying them to do so ,, How dumb are we ? Surely there must be some Lawyers in our communities that can unite and conquer . We need to fight back , TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FREEDOM !!

    • Max says:

      To Steve, the only thing that would worry these people is a lawsuit. They are not concerned about anything else. A lawsuit in their personal name, not in their company’s. Would they be so quick to mock, ridicule and give out wrong advice if they were personally responsible?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Shame on our government for allowing smart meters in the first place.We need more education and awareness about Smart Meters. People Power come on and lets fight against this.

  28. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Watching this video was absolutely soul destroying for me.
    Glenn Aitken puts it very well – what’s happening in Victoria makes you ashamed to be Australian.
    If this doesn’t stir the entire Victorian population to use their voting powers this November to bring back some justice to this state, than all hope is lost for us, our children and grandchildren – condemned to live in a place were Human Rights can be trampled, where human lives no longer matter.

  29. Ant says:

    Sophia should use the site;:
    When the petitions get enough support which seems to be quite quick….change seems to happen
    Her treatment is appalling.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree a petition should be started and everyone should sign and give support let them know how many people are behind Sofia!

    • Max says:

      This story needs as much attention as we can give it, but we all have to help. Everyone has to start making some noise, loud enough for Napthine to hear. They unfortunately have the resources to get their stories across. We can also get our stories across, it just takes a lot of work. Sure their will be a small percentage of people that will say you deserved it, but I think most people will be appalled. This could happen to them as well. This story involves a child being left without electricity and her mother would be under enormous mental stress as well. Their solution move to the country, accept our offer to have a smart meter installed, therefore becoming sick again or go without power. They only have a license to distribute electricity, nothing else. I think Ministers will have to be sent letters in regards to this situation, this is their job and they have a Duty of Care as well. Some of the Ministers we can write to:The Hon. Ryan Smith MP is the Minister for Youth Affairs and Minister for Environment and Climate Change. The Hon. Heidi Victoria MP is the Minister for the Arts, Minister for Women’s Affairs and Minister for Consumer Affairs. The Hon. Wendy Lovell MP is the Minister for Housing and Minister for Children and Early Childhood Development..

    • Max says:

      Dear Ant, this is appalling and it could happen to anyone and everyone.They need to be held accountable for their actions. The Government of Victoria needs to do something to resolve this situation and the sooner the better. Firstly they need to be made aware of what is going on, that way they cannot claim they weren’t aware and therefore could not do anything about it.
      There is a child involved as well, a minor.

  30. Frank Carleton says:

    Join the forming People Power Victoria- No Smart Meters NOW! at PO Box 460, Carnegie Vic. 3163 email.: I don’t represent this body. But having sent the application form for membership and a donation cheque.recently I pass on the contact details. The most effective way to rattle the cages of the self-serving Coalition and ALP parasites in the Victorian Sound Chamber is to challenge them at the ballot box. Frank Carleton

  31. linka crosby says:

    I have a smart meter positioned in the bedroom millmetres from where i sept and where my head is positioned so i can relate to Sophie’s story, i live in perth, western power came 2 years ago and changed it over to a amart meter without my consent and will not remove it.I have had my electrican put a large square piece of lead sheet positioned behide the smart meter that sits inside the steel box.I feel this has made a difference.Has anyone else tried this and has it helped you?

    • amaron blue says:

      Hey Linka. This could be a good ‘stop-gap’ for people suffering from smart meter problems, whilst in the meantime they could still fight to have it removed. After ones health problems have improved, then argue about the privacy implications.

      • pen says:

        hi linka and amaron, I have extremely limited knowledge on the subject, but here are some links that were given to me, to help people further research a way of protecting themselves (it may sound extreme, these are just suggestions to explore)
        these guys sell all sorts of radiation protection gear made for xray machines etc.
        I know this would be very expensive, but blanket could be hung on wall where smart meter is.
        Another suggestion is This site has copper wire. Copper mesh displaces the EMF and could also be used as a barrier.

        Finally, this is a link I found that talks about emf radiation and ways to reduce exposure (Apparently Cactus Plants can help!)

        I hate that people are being forced or tricked into having these meters and from what I have read, Sofia’s story is sad at the least, and an attack on human rights at the worst. Maybe, my ideas are not that great, just wanted to share that which was told to me.

    • Sofia says:

      Dear Linka. Thanks for your comments. I have tried to put lead behind (inside the bedroom wall) and made a box out of lead to cover the face of the meter…Little I’ve known at a time that the lead DOES NOT protect from MICROWAVE PULSING RADIATION.

  32. Smart meter sufferer says:

    Sofia, you are not alone. Like you , I have lost my health since a smart meter was installed on my house. For two years I have been trying to get someone in ” authority” to listen .This callous government does not care about people’s health or that their lives have been destroyed. Their deliberate tactic of ignoring the pleas of hundreds of Victorians who have reported adverse health symptoms is nothing short of criminal negligence. Time to send them packing!!!

    • Richard = Henry’s brother says,
      ” It’s more than high time to send them = These C.E.O’s and the Smart Meter Installer men packing,” it’s time to drag these C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies into court and have them tried for gross criminal behaviour and then when they are as they should be tried by a jury of twelve men straight and true and these C.E.O’s are found guilty of Criminal behaviour towards their customers, for the Judge to hand down a sentence on each of these C.E.O’s of prison sentences of Fifty Years to be served in full with no remittance for good behaviour.

      As well as this every Electric Microwave smart meter needs to be removed and replaced in Victoria with the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters stolen by these C.E.O’s Smart Meter Installers with all costs billed to the various foreign owned Electric Power Companies to boot.

  33. Anonymous says:

    This “Smart” meter business has really opened my eyes to the workings of government, they would let people become very sick (and probably die in time, or wish they could!) than do the right thing and lose face or break contracts with foreign countries (which of course is a problem, though not incurable) It just shows that we count for nothing except our votes, which we should be very discriminating with. Lets find a politician who will stand up for the right thing and stop assuming that it’s “all in our heads”. A s someone said to me “It’s the placebo effect” though that is usually something that creates a HEALTHY result, not an UNHEALTHY one. These people forcing “Smart” meters on us are bullies and behaving like nazis

    • Max says:

      I have noticed in a lot of the letters i have received that they speak on behalf of someone else. They shy away from speaking themselves, this is because, they can then say I did not say this and it it is not my fault. When they are asked who gave them the information, they will probably say they can’t remember. Thus hoping that they will not be held responsible or liable. This story needs to get out to the media. If the only solution to Sofia’s problem, was the suggestion to move to the country, therefore leaving her child behind, then this Government needs to step down. Separating a mother and child is not only serious, but will have a detrimental effect on the mother and child.
      Community services don’t advocate the separation of mother and child, even a judge would not agree with this. In fact the authorities do everything possible to keep families together.

    • Paul says:

      DLP will not support SMs

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