Petition to reconnect Sofia’s power

Stop Smart Meters Australia has created a petition for Sofia to have her power reconnected with a manual read interval meter. Please help Sofia’s cause by clicking on the link below and sign to register your support:

Sofia’s smart meter story: a life ruined, a future denied
Upon returning from an interstate business trip, Sofia’s health started to mysteriously and rapidly decline. Sofia could no longer sleep, her vision suddenly deteriorated, she had constant headaches, nausea, irritability, fatigue and short term memory loss. An acute, burning rash all over her body and swollen legs eventually led to hospitalization.
This was a stark turn of events for a woman still in her prime, who had been healthy and had enjoyed an exciting, busy life as a full time worker and sole parent of a teenage daughter.

Sofia and her doctors discovered the horrible coincidence – all her symptoms had started after a wireless smart meter had been installed inside a cavity in her bedroom wall, against her wishes and without her knowledge whilst she was away from home.

Now Sofia is on a Disability Pension, too sick to work and struggling to look after herself and her 14 year old daughter.

After months of unendurable physical suffering and pleading with her power distributor, United Energy, and government agencies, this Victorian mother had only one option – to take things into her own hands and have the smart meter removed from her home. Soon after, her health started to improve and she still continued to pay the estimated electricity bills she received.

On the 3rd March 2014, without warning or written notification, Sofia’s power was cut off. Appeals United Energy), Energy Safe Victoria, the Victorian Energy Ombudsman, the Victorian Energy Minister, local politicians and others have only resulted in stone walling and doors shut in her face. No one wants to help, no one wants to accept the grim reality facing this distraught mother and daughter.

Since the disconnection occurred, Sofia and her daughter have had to live without:
-Electric lights. She and her daughter have been using candles and a torch for light
-A refrigerator/freezer. All food has to be purchased daily and consumed that day.
-The ability to use a washing machine to launder clothing
-The use of a laptop computer to allow her daughter to complete her schoolwork
-Any heating for her home, particularly as the weather turns colder with winter approaching

Sofia has been told that, unless she accepts a smart meter on her house, she will not be supplied with electricity. Her power distributor refuses to return her safe, non-wireless meter. For this situation to be allowed to occur in Melbourne “the world’s most liveable city” is an indictment upon the Victorian Government. While others in her neighbourhood are permitted to retain their analogue meter, not Sofia. This is clear discrimination!

Such behaviour is a denial of an essential service and therefore the denial of a basic human right – especially as Sofia’s electricity account is fully paid up!
Governments are supposed to represent the people who elect their representatives and not BIG business; however it appears from the punitive treatment being meted out to people like Sofia that the Victorian Government is actively working against the welfare of vulnerable Victorians in our communities.

It is because of these tragic developments in Sofia’s situation that we are appealing to you to sign this petition. Let’s hope this forces the Victorian Premier (Denis Napthine) and his new Energy Minister (Russell Northe) to back down from the government’s punitive measures against Sofia and her daughter. Please help Sofia get her old, safe meter back, and the power switched on.


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28 Responses to Petition to reconnect Sofia’s power

  1. Frances Makarova Victoria says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter which Party is involved with this scam to forcibly install so called Smart Meters in Australian homes. The Govt. is abusing its authority in fact I have not seen any evidence that they even have the authority to install Smart Meters against the will of the people. I received an email about a week ago about an anti Smart Meter Party. How is that going?

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  3. Regina says:

    This is also happening here in Ireland, (Cork City) people are told that they are getting an upgrade to their meter but in fact it is a smart meter they install (Landis Gyr) which is now being rolled out in Japan, UK and many other countries, it is a disgrace, to the so called people who are there to protect our health (politicians) are the very ones who are stabbing us in the back.

  4. Elfie Crystal Schmidt says:

    Hi there I am not sure what to do with this email – yes I too am concerned about these intrusive and apparently unsafe SMART METERS (stupid meters I think) – one has been installed without any interaction with me and is right next to my bedroom wall – I swear I can feel the radiation as it is the same feeling I get when I sit in front of a computer for any length of time (I only do this at the library as I am a person very wary of radiation and now the crooks have foist this on me).    Elfie

  5. spook says:

    I doubt that Denis Napthine would be feeling the cold that poor Sofia is in bed tonight.
    It just goes to show that he is not a man at all. To allow a company to deprive this woman
    of the most basic necessities of life is the act of gutless grub and I will be one of many who with great delight will vote him out at the next election that cannot come fast enough.

    • Eric says:

      I think our Premier is a grub and to think this is the man that we are petitioning. How can there be sympathy from he who is the instigator of all these problems.

      Here are some comments from another article which I have posted the link to below.

      “A number of key industry groups have praised plans by Victorian Premier Denis Napthine……”

      “The policy is also winning praise from the telecommunications industry.”

      “A Vodafone spokesperson told SmartCompany the carrier welcomed the government’s investment in mobile communications.”

      Who wants to tell me that the Government has not gotten into bed with
      the corporations ?
      Well we know that the government itself is and operates as a corporation itself and it loves it ‘s own.
      See the link……..

      Premier Napthine was also reported on the news as wanting to introduce wi-fi and mobile coverage in the city loop. See link also…..

      Who says the government has not gotten into bed with the corporations ?
      “Dr Napthine said there were obviously cost challenges to getting internet and phone coverage in the Loop, but argued that the high usage predicted would provide a dividend to companies.”
      Yep, “……..a dividend to companies” folks

      And why has Dr Dennis Napthine yet to bring this “benefit” about as yet ?
      “But Wi-Fi and phone reception for the Melbourne City Loop appears to be some time off, with Dr Napthine saying there was still many hurdles to overcome including “greedy” telecommunications companies.”

      Or how about this quote from Dr Napthine………
      “Therefore we think they should make the service available at a fair price – at the moment I think they are being a bit greedy,” Dr Napthine said

      Well Dr Napthine your government is the greediest animal of all which I liken to a swine of course spending all it’s time with it’s snout in the trough, together will all the other swine in the herd…….all having their snouts in the trough.

      Is this the man we are petitioning to restore Sofia’s power ?

      The man who is to a great extent the person responsible for Sofia losing her power, is he the one that any of us can expect to receive any degree of compassion from ?

      Is this the man whom we expect will understand how harmful the rollout of smart meters has been to people’s health and how much damage smart meters are going to cause to the health of many more people going forward ?

      Is this a man that would be capable of having any even a little bit of sympathy for men such as Steve, a man of integrity and principle who had no choice but to uproot his young family from Victoria (supposedly “the place to be”) and was forced to move them interstate for no other reason other than to address the issues of his deteriorating health which was primarily due to the wireless radiation of smart meters that he just could not get away from ?

      How can you expect to appeal to this bedfellow of the corporations and who has no moral consideration in wanting to blanket the city with radiation and to pump our train carriages full of radiation so that we are virtually travelling to work in a microwave oven ?
      Well he probably already knows that there are over 500 mobile phone towers/antennas in our CBD alone which itself is also now as a microwave oven. Take an RF measuring instrument into the CBD…… will be astounded.

      This man has well and truly had his time and needs to be flushed from Spring St well and truly down the Yarra and all the way to Barwon.

    • Jason says:

      The mongrel is (or was anyway) a puppy-farmer. You can expect NO shred of empathy or compassion from him.

  6. MovingEntity says:

    Sophia does use a portable generator I noticed in the Youtube plight video for basic things. They are more or less camping out in their own home.

    I’m amazed that her power remains cut. If she gets her own proper calibrated Victorian certified meter than the Power Distributor must turn her power on when she requests so with a Power Retailer, else the Power Distributor puts into question their ‘licence’ holding.

    Sophia could taken the matter to court to have the Power Distributor’s licence questioned as it clearly states in the legislation the need to supply on customer requests, and essential services, when customers are not breaching the Code. We can see no court in this corrupt State will revoke a licence with such gravity for one customers, but it would put pressure on the Power Distributor to resolve the situation or be forced to compensate.

    It’s not a code violation to have your own meter. There’s no monopoly concepts in the legislation for Power Distributors to own all meters. Customers are the ones allowing the monopoly.

  7. Paul says:

    Dennis Napthine – I hope you are reading this

  8. Kylie Robertson says:

    Signed and shared. As stated in the post: Governments are supposed to represent the people who elect their representatives and not BIG business!

    • Paul says:

      As Abraham Lincoln once put it: “A government, by the people, for the people and of the people” or words to that effect. That means just that – for the people and not for big business nor for that matter unions – just the people!

    • Jason says:

      Not quite.
      As Johnny Howard put it: We’re not here to do what people want; we’ve been elected to govern.

      I kid you not.

  9. Michael Bland says:

    Hi all
    Well I was of the same opinion, I also say they should remove all dumb meters as you can read they have not reported to save one ounce of power or save you any money, they also check where you use power and they up charges and you end up paying more and there excuse is “Oh your old meter wasn’t working” pigs might fly! Thank you

    • Eric says:

      “dumb meters” is the term Michael has used to refer to accursed smart meters which are far from smart seeing that they emit both RF radiation and.put dirty electricity onto the electricity grid, both of these having made many people not just sick but terminally so. These nefarious devices and the thuggish manner in which they have been pushed out are relentlessly ruining people’s lives. Not very smart at all…….hence dumb.

      Some may refer to an analog meter as being dumb only because it’s not microprocessor driven. In actual fact the choice of an analog meter is a smart choice. It operates purely on electrical current entering in and going out of it…..a measuring device in all purity. It’s safe and passive. I would say that analog meters are the truly “smart” meters.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My God! Talk about a totalitarian state. (And we used to sneer at the Russians, ha).

  11. Rik says:

    Shared and signed.
    How dare they not give her power? I thought it was a human rights law in Australia to give everyone water and power? Does the government really want to be elected again? Not giving her power is against that. I wont be voting for him unless he removes ALL smart meters before the election. So I guess I wont be voting for him.

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