PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA – NO SMART METERS: The emergence of a new political party


Stop Smart Meters Australia is launching a new political party for Victoria, with a charter centred on opposition to the mandated roll-out of wireless smart meters for electricity, gas and water, and on the commitment to re-establish a healthy environment for all.

The People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters party (PPV) also stands for fair and affordable delivery of essential services to all Victorians, respect for Human Rights and a safer, more ethical use of technology.

Victorian politicians of both Houses of Parliament are ignoring our concerns, happily leaving their constituents vulnerable to the whims of private corporations. Perusing this website alone, you will find countless examples of injustice enforced upon everyday Victorians, and essentially, our politicians simply DO NOT CARE. It is time now to play their game and create a new political force.

The community’s experience with rising essential services’ costs and disregard of customers’ rights and wellbeing is epitomised by the incompetent and aggressive roll-out of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (smart meters) program in Victoria. This program is just one example of a broader frustration for voters who expect laws and processes that recognise and protect human and democratic rights of Victorians. This new Party aims to ensure laws and processes are properly introduced and implemented, and have as their aim genuine protection for all Victorians.

PPV will provide a focal point for voters who are frustrated by the lack of political action and feel strongly that much more needs to be done through our parliamentary system to protect the human and democratic rights of Victorians.

Our mission is to reclaim our state and set it on a new and better path.

We have a vision of a caring and compassionate society, where individuals and families have the freedom to be masters of their own lives and homes, and where every Victorian is given the opportunity to prosper and thrive.

This is your chance to have a voice, to reclaim your rights, your home, your state and to change the course of history.

We cannot do it without you. Please complete a membership form and encourage everyone over the age of 18 in your family and friendship circle to do the same. Applicants have to be enrolled to vote in Victoria. Party membership is FREE, and a membership form can be completed online or downloaded at:

We need at least 500 members to register our party, so spread the word!

To enable us to run in the forthcoming Victorian election, we are hoping to gain 500 members within the next six weeks.

Thank you. It is only together that we can make a difference!

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78 Responses to PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA – NO SMART METERS: The emergence of a new political party

  1. Jerry says:

    Electricity and gas prices: why you’re paying more

    Power bill increases are due to gold-plating of the system and international pricing.

    Power bill increases are due to gold-plating of the system and international pricing. Photo: Michael Mucci

    Join the debate at Comment

    An energy crisis is rapidly unfolding in the Australian electricity and gas sectors that will rival the oil shock of the 1970s. That shock to our energy-intensive economy originated in global changes in the energy industry. The great energy crisis of 2015 will not be caused by an external shock but, rather, it is a uniquely domestic problem caused by dramatic energy policy failure.

    Energy in Australia is rapidly becoming unaffordable for industry and domestic consumers. In a country that is one of the world’s largest exporters of energy, with abundant cheap coal and gas, it is lamentable that we face high domestic prices.

    We have seen a doubling of electricity bills over the past six years. Rising network costs caused the lion’s share of the increases. Wholesale gas prices will see an even larger rise over the coming two years as the industry moves to world parity pricing.

    Industry groups and business leaders have not been shy of commenting on the dire consequences of high energy costs for their businesses. Industry after industry has felt the effects: some have downsized and many have closed.

    The social impacts of spiralling prices for electricity and gas cannot be overstated. Many in our society cannot afford these price rises that bear no relationship to inflation or wages growth.

    Meantime, the industry has been busy building poles and wires infrastructure to cope with a supposed increase in peak demand.

    Peak demand has not, however, increased by a large amount. It has decreased by a large amount.

    The result is that, in one analyst’s view, around half of the expenditure – $22 billion over the past five years – was unnecessary gold-plating of the network.

    Large writeoffs will come to the electricity industry as power lines to closed smelters and factories around the nation are decommissioned.

    In the coming five years, despite falling demand, some network companies are looking to grow spending and assets. All this growth in a market that is rapidly shrinking.

    Increased spending combined with falling demand will see prices resume their relentless rise after a short-term reprieve from the scrapping of the carbon tax.

    Layered on top of the over-investment in grid infrastructure is technological change. Technological change is rolling over the electricity industry and will be transformational. Solar power is, like the internet, a truly disruptive technology. The media and retail industries were at first dismissive of the internet and resisted change. This proved to be a costly mistake. Solar will change the whole model of the way we generate, store and use electricity. There simply will be less need for grid infrastructure as many people generate their own power.

    This is already occurring and many in the financial world are warning of the changes that will beset the electricity industry. In late May, Barclays Bank downgraded the entire electric sector of the US high-grade corporate bond market, stating that it sees long-term challenges to electric utilities from solar energy. Technological change is coinciding with unprecedented investment in the network, much of this investment may ultimately prove to be useless as the entire model of generation and consumption changes.

    The changes in the electricity industry that have driven up prices domestically are mirrored in the gas industry. Policy failure is at the heart of rises in the domestic gas price.

    Historically, the east coast gas market enjoyed relatively cheap gas, sourced from Bass Strait and the Cooper Basin in South Australia. It was a domestic market shielded from world pricing. The advent of the coal seam gas industry in Queensland saw the need to construct export gas terminals in Gladstone. The government, unlike other governments around the world, allowed unfettered access to global markets. The building of the export gas terminals will see the prices for gas rise inexorably towards world prices. Indeed wholesale gas prices are widely forecast to more than double to match international prices.

    In Western Australia, to shield domestic consumers from high gas prices, the government enacted a domestic gas reservation policy. This keeps prices low for domestic consumers. Likewise in the US, consumers benefit from low domestic prices as export licences are hard to come by. The cheap gas benefiting the domestic market in the US has been hailed as one of the reasons for the recent recovery of manufacturing in that nation. On the east coast of Australia consumers and industry have no such protection and the consequences of this can already be seen in the rapid deindustrialisation of our nation.

    Looking globally, the explicit government policy of high domestic gas prices is a radical one. The east coast of Australia is an exception to the generally adopted policy of cheap domestic energy.

    Many in the gas industry are calling for the rapid development of environmentally suspect coal seam gasfields in NSW to counter higher prices. This policy simply will not work as prices on the east coast are now linked to world prices. No amount of domestic production will change this dynamic.

    The great energy crisis of 2015 will rapidly change the nature of the Australian economy from a diversified resilient economy to a very narrow high-cost economy reliant on just the mining and fossil fuel industries for growth. The pursuit of such a narrow vision for Australia is not in the nation’s best interests.

    Read more: JERRY Creaney

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  3. Steve says:

    What happened to the video posted before ? “Take Back Your Power” now streaming on YouTube , why was it taken down ? upload it again so people can see it . I for one did not get to view it .
    Can anyone say how many members we have to date for PPV please ? or point me in the right direction , thank you , Let’s Get This Party Started People !!! 🙂

    • Gwen says:

      Hi Steve. There is a link to the video on Sofia’s story or you can type in “take Back Your Power” on youtube and you should find it. It is a ‘must watch’ film.

      • Steve says:

        Thank you Gwen , one more question , how can we check how many members we have for our new PPV party ? I believe the magic number was 500 to register the party .
        Thanks again .

  4. Peter Allan says:

    Fantastic endeavour. PPV will need all our support we can muster and quality candidates too! Let’s take on the Liberals, Labor & Greens and any other self indulgent Party that thinks they can “rule” us and we’ll simply just fall into line…Onwards & Upwards!!!

  5. Trevor Churchill says:

    Mr Kotsiras said.
    About 150,000 were not converted as of late last month. November 2013

    About half (75,000) of the unfitted properties were “refusals” and the rest delays,, Mr Kotsiras said.
    My Perspective is….
    I BELIEVE THAT MANY IN THE other (ABOUT – HALF) 75,000 delays – (Group are and Will be Smart Meter ——–refusals as well 🙂

    • Eric says:

      The term “REFUSAL” is false.

      Their demand(s) to install smart meters is nothing more than an “offer” dressed up with threats and fictitious authority.

      “REFUSAL” doesn’t apply.

      No need to accept that bait and do what they want you to do and self incriminate. Former Minister Kotsiras use of that term is false insinuation, false allegation and false accusation.

      This accuser of the people of Victoria should be charged and tried and sent to the gallows.

      Former Minister Kotsiras asks us to ignore the harm and focus on the “benefits”.
      Well, we have chosen to waive the benefit privelege of their offer…..a very very legitimate action on our part.

  6. Gwen says:

    Peter has put a post with a link to Shine Lawyers on Sofias story. He was questioning their claim of association with Erin Brochovic. I looked it up and found it had the contact details to contact her directly so I sent her an email referring her to Sofias story. Erin states that she reads every email and takes peoples concerns seriously but it would take time for a reply.. I was wondering what she might do if she got thousands of requests from Victorians for help. Thanks Peter for your post.

    • Lets Take our Power Back says:

      Gwen, I emailed her about 18 months ago asking if she could help us. She referred me to Shine Lawyers, who said they wouldn’t assist us. I hope you receive a more positive reply.

  7. Jack D. says:

    Excitement! I have “swum with the tide” for many years, hoping that the “political tide was coming in”. I’m still waiting, but have at last seen a chink of light at the end of the political tunnel. Once again, Labor stuffed up big time, but once again the succeeding Liberals can’t seem to find a way out without hurting good people. To stop this vicious circle, let’s give this new party a try, at least to “keep the bastards honest”.

  8. sdjm says:

    Great stuff – a clear step in the right direction. Enough of the ‘left wing, right wing’ nonsense.

  9. Ashley says:

    I just wish to mention that I like the way the Party has been named. No doubt there remains many among the public who exist in the habit of waiting around to be governed, wrongly believing they must not vote for minor parties in order that such a vote is either a wasted vote or, heaven forbid, thou shall not do anything that could hamper the major parties from getting on with running the country. On the other hand the words ‘People Power Victoria’ will resonate with those who are ready to awaken to the reality that they have ‘had enough’ and that our quality of life is actually OUR CHOICE.

    • Salal says:

      From Victoria British Columbia. We are behind you. Corporate interests must be stopped. Our health matters. Our privacy matters. Time to stand up for our beliefs.

    • Onlinedrifter says:

      Lets hope that there will have to be a name change from ‘People Power Victoria’ to ‘People Power Australia’ in the not too distant future.

    • Steve says:

      Well said Ashley ! Now is the time , the people are ready to take back our state , and then our country. Australians are sick of being led by morons. I’m Not sure how the saying goes, but it means –If we don’t take an interest and govern ourselves, then we allow the morons to govern us. This has been the case to date. Here is my comment I posted earlier :

      Steve says:
      March 28, 2014 at 11:01 pm

      It is with great pleasure that I and my family will become members of PPV New party , I have a suggestion that we follow our Australian Constitution 1900 and free not only our state , but our country from these morons stealing our country and our future . Give the people some real hope and teach our constitution in our schools so that we know our rights . The whole of Australia knows we need change. Give the people a chance to choose a party that will follow our constitution, end the illegal private Reserve Bank and follow our common law, not this illegal Maritime corporate law they are using in OUR courts !!! Take Back Our Country !!

  10. Bob says:

    We are fighting the same tyranny here in Canada along with many of our neighbours to the south in the USA. The majority of citizens have been caught asleep at the wheel as governments have rushed their devious roll out of this very cleverly named ‘smart’ meter grid onto an unsuspecting public. Puppet western Governments everywhere are doing the bidding of their corporate money masters – this is a Trillion dollar bonanza for the worlds largest telecommunications, appliance and data companies. Your approach to fight for your rights from the inside makes good sense. Very best to you all!

    • I would suggest to every one reading this site, that they distribute info on the new party in their immediate area, as well as telling family and friends. Doing this letterbox distribution will spread the word much quicker; we have limited time to get this party up and running.

  11. Beri Vera says:

    It is clear that there has to be another competitor to give libs and labor something to think so it, both are a great disappointment, so you would have my vote.

  12. Paul says:

    Somehow, some way make sure that there is a representative in each an every electorate at this next election. Draw from your newly-formed party members. I for one will volunteer.

  13. Margie says:

    I will make sure as many people as I can, know about People Power Victoria. The main Parties have previously proven they are not worth voting for, because we just get more of the same misleading electioneering spin each time there is an election, regardless of whether its Red, Blue or Green in colour.
    Another serious matter the People Power Victoria Party needs to address with the smart meters is the issue of privacy. We do not want our homes under surveillance 24/7. Recently I noticed that our TV has a small inconspicuous camera lense, (similar to that on my laptop) and presumably a concealed microphone, on the frame beneath the screen. Presumably this smart TV has a chip which would allow it to communicate surveillance data without our knowledge wirelessly via a smartmeter, if we had one. I am hoping the new Party will also address the important matter of unlawful surveillance of one’s property.

  14. marilyn says:

    It is great what you are doing. I am all for human rights and a just democratic process. However there is something that I cannot understand in all this- or rather I wonder what position SSMA takes on it. Smart meters are beaming out wireless frequencies 24/7, But so are the phone towers that cell phone users insist on having, so that they can communicate day and night. In my area they have recently introduced 4G. Since then almost everyone I know has felt off in one way or another. Personally I have found it very hard to adjust – to sleep, to cope with the tiredness it induces, etc. The symptoms I had got on top of due to the smart meter, are hitting me again due to 4G. ( I don’t/can’t use a cell phone due to sensitivity)

    What I am saying is we have to be careful not to want our cake and eat it too. I would guess almost all your SSMA members rely upon and expect good reception for their cellphones, yet resent much the same radiation from the smart meter. There needs to be consistency. We cannot say the smart meter harms us while also demanding whole cities get irradiated for the sake of communication. Wireless is now coming into public spaces, aeroplanes etc. All so we can communicate when we fancy. If the radiation can hit your mobile phone wherever you go, that means it hits your body too. Just like the radiation from the smart meter.

    What position will the political party take on this issue? For cellphone towers and against smart meters? In terms of the health concerns that would not really make sense and would soon be shot down in terms of logic. In terms of human rights too. My right as a non-user of cellphones is to walk around freely without being exposed to the radiation needed by the users. But that right is denied me.

    This is a very complex issue. I would be interested to know your thoughts, or the thoughts of whoever plans to be involved with the political party. We certainly need to stand up for democracy and human rights. However we soon find the arms of democracy and human rights may be longer than we first thought. Where will we draw the line? All these issues need to be thought through.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Taking an RF reading from a “smart” meter on a friend’s home I recently visited, spiked 1827mW/m2, 5 times in 30 seconds, on the wall they sit against every night whilst watching television. That was the limit my meter could read, so I’m not sure what the true value actually is, but it would definitely be higher. That is the same kind of reading you get when you put the meter up against a cellphone whilst in operation, or equally dangerous cordless DECT type phone that most people have in their homes these days (even when it’s sitting idle, when no-ones actually talking on it).
      I don’t want a dangerous device on my home, that spikes 1827mW/m2+, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

      I’m not at all comfortable about cell phone towers popping up all over the place, or wi-fi routers being installed into everywhere we go, however, the readings given out from these devices are definitely lower than those devices mentioned above, due to the distance between.
      Distance is the big thing, and the further you can keep away from these devices, the “safer” you hopefully are.
      My thinking is, a cell tower in the distance, although still potentially dangerous, isn’t as dangerous as something much closer, such as a “smart” meter on your home, and in many cases, mounted on a bedroom wall, where you sleep 8-10 hours a night.
      I have never owned a cell phone, and never intend to.
      I also don’t have a “smart” meter, and never intend to.
      I have everything hard wired in my home, don’t use Wi-Fi at all, and generally avoid areas I consider to be unsafe for me to be.
      Having my own personal meter, gives me a much better understanding as to where the microwave RF radiation is strongest, and in doing so, helps me decide what areas I need to avoid, thus limiting my exposure.

    • Max says:

      Dear Marilyn. Yes something needs to be done about the towers. but this will also take time. The smart meter issue has not only caused, physical illness for some, but also mental health issues. Being harassed. threatened, intimidated and coerced over a long period of time is not healthy for anyone. I agree that you should not have to be exposed to radiation and for the record I don’t use a mobile phone and if i did it would be my choice. There is a giant tower near one of the schools in my area and now that I know how dangerous they can be, it concerns me. The residents did try to stop it but it went ahead anyway. But realistically speaking this is all going to take time and a lot of people are sick, they just don’t know why.

    • Those are very good points Marilyn; the new party does need to be consistent on both issues, or opponents will soon punch holes in their arguments. However the new party is an excellent idea and I wish them well.

    • Citizen for Democracy says:

      Marilyn, I quite agree that being irradiated by a 4G tower is not good at all and tighter regulations are required to protect the population – on line with regulations in some European countries, where there are strict rules about where phone towers can be located and how many of them are allowed.
      However, I have to admit that I do not understand what point you are trying to make.
      Are you suggesting that, because most Victorians use a mobile phone, then, as a community, we deserve to have wireless smart meters forced down our throats?
      Sorry, I don’t agree and, what’s worse, your argument sounds exactly like the one given to me by my power distributor when I was telling them that I did not want a smart meter and they were trying to convince me that I had no right to say no.
      I think history has proven that those in power will certainly take away your rights – IF YOU LET THEM!

    • Max says:

      Dear Marilyn,
      This is not about having your cake and eating it. This is about a gross human right violation.
      Maybe you could start an education campaign up as I think a lot of people don’t know about these issues and they don’t realize what harm cell phone towers can do.
      I have every right to not consent to a science experiment. I have a right to my privacy. I have a right to protect my children.
      I think Marilyn and correct me if I am wrong, that you probably don’t feel well and you don’t want to get sicker? Your life has been altered through no fault of your own and you, like many of us, want it back. Have you got a smart meter? SSMA are dealing with smart meters and I am sure as time goes on, they can deal with other matters as well. But we can all help as well, gather information about cell towers, write to the relevant agencies, ask questions and keep on asking. There are a lot of things you can do. We all have had to do this, on top of being harassed.
      I hope you get better and I hope you did not let them put a smart meter on your home. Smart meters are on a lot of people’s bedroom walls where they sleep.
      Is the cell phone tower on your bedroom wall?

    • smart meter sufferer says:

      Marilyn, to win a race you first have to take a step in the right direction. I believe that it is the pulsed RF transmissions of smart meters that have been the major trigger for people who now have symptoms of EHS. I am now sensitive to all wireless devices, whereas before I did not have this problem. If we can win this battle we have a better chance of” winning the war” against the proliferation of RF microwave radiation in our environment.
      FYI : I do not use a mobile phone, my computer is hard wired and I have a corded landline telephone.

      • John M says:

        @smart meter sufferer. “FYI : I do not use a mobile phone, my computer is hard wired and I have a corded landline telephone.” As do I and always have had. I’ve had some ‘interesting’ discussions over time with employers that tried to force a mobile phone on me.

    • Ashley says:

      Is it the public who insisted on harmful wi fi technology or is wi fi popular because most people know no better and have trusted those who should have protected and warned the public but have not adequately done so?

      • Citizen for Democracy says:

        This is such a good point!
        Just like the cigarette industry, the wireless industry seeks to make us all ‘addicted’ to wireless devices. Just look at their aggressive marketing of i-phones and smart phones, i-pads and tablets! And they target younger and younger people with i-pads for children etc. In France, legislation prohibits advertising of wireless devices to children aged 8 or younger.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have forced my mobile phone to use only 3G, as when I compared the readings with my EMF meter with 4G, it was MUCH less.
      The 4G readings were off the scale compared to 3G – and people are holding these 4G phones against their heads!
      Not good at all …

    • Sharron says:

      The fact is I never had symptoms from the cell phone towers until I became sensitized to smart meters, the same with wi-fi. Now they are upgrading them all over the place with new ‘junk’ antennae and it’s definitely not good for electro-sensitives . It has become like the passive smoking debate where high users of iphones and smartphones feed the never ending greed of the Telecommunications industry. But why is Australia so behind the rest of the world when it comes to safety and ‘guidelines’? Constant headaches and dizziness when I travel alongside these towers now so they must be more dangerous than people led to believe. I hate the ACMA.

      • Eric says:

        If wireless radiation were truly safe then not one single person would be made sick. If wireless radiation was to make just one person sick then it would be criminal to continue to continue deploying the wireless communication technology let alone ramping it up in the way that the telecommunications company are doing. What we are seeing are thousands and thousands of people getting sick and some violently so. In fact I believe that some have even died and I believe that I can name one or two of them. Pushing this radiation out into the world in such a hellbent way is truly that……hellbent. It is more than criminal, it is pure evil.

    • PAWIS says:

      Thank you for bringing up this question Marilyn. I would particularly like to know what the PPV’s position is on the mandatory and long term radiation of our children in schools via wi-fi and 1:1 laptop programs?

  15. John Gibbard says:

    It’s Time to exercise our rights. We’ve had enough of their constant harassment.
    Count us in!

  16. John Gibbard says:

    We are currently being harassed by Energy Australia and being threatened by this company that they will fine us and or disconnect our power supply. We have had Energy Australia employees coming onto our property harassing us demanding that we give them access to our electricity meter. We have told them we do not want a smart meter and will not put up with their constant harassment.

    • Max says:

      Energy Australia is a retailer aren’t they? You can have them charged with trespassing if they don’t leave.
      If they come on your property again, ask them their name, what they are on your property for. Ask them for their job title and which company they work for. Tell them that if they don’t leave the property they might be charged with trespassing in their personal name, not their companies. Tell them you want a list of their assets as well, if you decide to have them charged with trespassing it will be in their personal name.
      Ask them for their tax file number and insurance indemnity number. Tell them that all correspondence must be in an a affidavit and it must be witnessed.

    • Max says:

      John, If you can, buy a video camera for evidence and film them. This will be hard evidence for the future. Don’t talk to them, just warn them that they are trespassing and need to leave the property immediately.

    • Paul says:

      John, they can’t cut off your power if you are paying your bills on time, as electricity is an essential service. Lock your meter, pay your bills either by Internet banking or at the post office and tell them where to go!

      Look closely at your old trusty analogue meter and see if it has a notice on it like mine does (property of Heidelberg City Council), which proves it’s not owned by the power company.

  17. Who is pushing the smart meters? Why are we allowing a non Democratic country to rule our so called government? It is essential that we as a people in Australia, don’t allow the infiltration of foreign tyranny into our government systems.

  18. Paul says:

    I’ve just joined PPV and given small donation. Let’s all support this very important call to have smart meters eliminated from Victoria and, hopefully from the rest of Australia. SSMA members now total over 100,000 and growing. There are at least 250,000 people who don’t want smart meters, so news of the new PPV party must be made even more public via Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, etc. Spread the word people!

    • Julie says:

      Great news. Better late than never I say, I have lost faith in our government to do the right thing. Yes, we have phone towers etc. but we don’t sleep on top of them. Smart meters are an immediate danger much too close for comfort. We cannot turn them off or move even metres away from them. The bullying and the despicable behaviour of these companies and our government in allowing this to happen is absolutely appalling and bordering on criminal. We should have the right to say “no”. It seems that for any physical attack on our person we have the right to say “no” and charge the attacker with assault, but when it comes to large corporations and governments attacking our health and physical being via technology we are told we have to accept this assault. I will be joining.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yep! Viva Le Revolution….you have the votes guaranteed from my family and friends. We need to rid ourselves of the two ‘Muppet Governments’ that currently rule this state with the assistance of powerful overseas monopolies currently controlling our essential services. “Thank-you Mr. Kennett”.
    At present our votes count for nothing except to feed the ego’s of the megalomaniacs in the state parliament.

  20. Peter G says:

    Good stuff, I’m also disillusioned as poster Disgruntled voter.
    Also the Smart Meter rollout benefits no one but the wholesaler/retailer.
    Forcing this cheap chinese crap onto us is ridiculous!
    So called Smart Meters are being replaced – faults etc, just cheap crap where the old meters last a lifetime! Battery replacement every 5yrs + new meter every 10yrs. Who pays?
    This is great idea! You have my vote and I’ll surely pass it on!
    Can we have an update when we’ve reached 500?
    Regards Peter G

  21. Relieved says:

    Thankyou to all involved in starting the PPV.

  22. Laurie says:

    Yes, I’ll be in this.

  23. Ada says:

    This is such great news! Thank-you to all those who have given their time to make this happen.
    I can hear the tide turning…and it’s making a very loud noise!
    Makes me feel glad to be alive and gives me the hope for the future that I had completely lost.

    • Anenome Ofglobalgov says:

      The ‘Power Behind the Throne’ will use the mainstream media to use dirty tricks against this new threat (once they see it is indeed a threat). Never ever fall for the garbage they will feed you. The 2 party system is a con-game to let us think we have a democracy. Once in, they do they bidding of the same masters ie they are 2 cheeks on the same bum. This is exactly the same as in the U.S. where the same elite group control BOTH the Democrats AND the Republicans, ditto UK. Its over, we, the people have seen through their ploy. We need new parties/leaders that are untainted by this scam. Note how at every election these 2 parties choose the topics and they are always the same year after year – boat people, gay rights etc, whilst they are signing hundreds of Treaties with the U.N. (and its masters the international corporations) that are removing our sovereign nation rights step by step eg UN Agenda 21, with the U.S. It’s the TPP which is absolutely an end to our sovereign nation ifo the international corporations/banks.

      • John M says:

        @Anenome. If you get to join and play in their C̶e̶s̶s̶p̶i̶t̶ sandbox you have to play by their rules and follow their agenda or they will bury you one way or another. Anyone remember the One Nation Party. That was big enough to be a real threat at a time when the corruption wasn’t so advanced along fascist globalist agenda’s.

        I will go along with this new party idea and give it a vote if it comes on the ballot paper but I wonder how much it will achieve, even if it gets numbers. IMO, It’s just too late to change an illegitimate corrupt to the core pretend government from within.

        People need to ask themselves: How do you outsmart some of the most intellectual, albeit psychopathic despotic greedy control freaks (the worst humanity has born) who can fund the best minds in all the studies and manipulations of humans and control almost everything we interact with? When enough people figure that out by taking posts such as yours very seriously as the beginning to learning how the world really works our future will change for the better.

        We’re where we are today by a carefully laid out age old multi generational plan and it’s about time people wake up to their contribution in bringing about the wants of psychopathic kleptoparasites.

        Sovereign nations were just the previous model. It also implies the necessity to have a ruler. I think we’re now seeing how well that has turned out on a global scale when the ruler becomes a puppet with a rubber stamp to steal everything from the many and give it to the few.

        • geoffrey says:

          indeed, well said both of you, the game is rigged in their favour, if anyone thinks the elections are not manulipated think again, and what of the prefrence system? parties with less votes get into power all the time, and what of a “federal mandate”? will this be any different? imo the best hope we have is to boycott the elections, period, thats the strongest message we can send to these globalist criminals, anything else will be comprimised i hate to say.

    • This is fantastic news; just what I have been waiting for since your January blog; I will be joining and will tell my friends. Both the Liberal government and the Labor opposition will now have a force that they will seriously have to listen to. It ‘ll be interesting to see what their reactions are. I suspect some elements of panic might set in. Go People Power Victoria!!!

  24. Citizen for Democracy says:

    FINALLY!! This is exactly what I was waiting for!
    Before I rush to fill in my form, I’d like to say – PPV, you have my vote and that of the rest of my family and friends. Count us in.
    The success of PPV will prove that Australia is still a democracy!

  25. Gwen 's says:

    You have our full support.I am going to give out to friends & family the Application form as most don’t have a computer ..SPAusnet has been “Pushy” again..Phone calls to make an appointment !!!!!! We have a great answering machine..They talk,leaving their message.& then we just press play & delete..When the phone rings,we don’t answer it…Just listen, if there is a voice..people have to leave a message//speak..Best item we have ever bought !!!

    • Max says:

      Dear Gwen, do not delete the messages. This is evidence of harassment. You need to document everything. It is very important. If they don’t stop after they have been served a notice to cease harassment, then they are served again. This is very important. This will be evidence for you and you need to keep it and document it. Don’t talk to them. They are not allowed to harass you, but this must be proven. If you have asked them to stop harassing you and they continue then they will be held accountable.

  26. Chris says:

    congratulations on finally organizing this. its time has come. you have our full support

  27. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Attention All,

    Whilst you’re all filling out your “People Power Victoria-No Smart Meters Party (PPV) membership forms, for those of you who haven’t seen the excellent, ground breaking documentary by Josh del Sol “Take Back Your Power” as yet, or have friends & family that haven’t seen it as yet, please go to this link:

    “Take Back Your Power” now streaming on YouTube

    Together, we can make a difference.
    Go People Power!!!!

    • Gwen says:

      Thankyou so much for letting us know this documentary is now on youtube. I watched it and will encourage others to as well. Shocked at how many people believe what they are told and don’t believe that we should have the right to say NO to smartmeters here in Victoria.
      Very informative and well put together.

  28. Go PPV my twin brother Richard and I Henry have no respect for either our uncaring current Victorian Liberal Party nor the past Victorian Labour Party who was responsible in the first place for introducing the Smart Meter – Read Dumb Meter. Neither of these parties care for our God Given Constitutional nor Common Law Rights and each are the willing servants of all Overseas Corporations who are our present Liberal Government’s Masters. Wake up fellow Victorians you no longer have a Victorian Government but a selfish and Immoral self serving vile corporation which brazenly dictates to YOU the PEOPLE of Victoria. Our present Victorian Government has lost Its way, and no longer represents us its masters for this Victorian Government is both unfit and unworthy of our trust.

    Henry Leschen.

  29. Richard G says:

    Great move! Its an Idea who’s Time has Come! This comment above is symptomatic of today’s voters – “I am completely disillusioned with both our current government and the opposition, as neither are concerned about us, the people. ” Many of us are. VOTE 1 – People’s Initiatives & Democracy .

  30. Very Worried says:

    EXCELLENT – COUNT US IN TOO. Over the past few years we have also realized that it makes no difference whatsoever which of the two major parties are in power, There is no real difference between them. All we get is lies and spin. Enough is enough.

  31. says:

    FANTASTIC, neither side of politics is expecting this & they’ve finally gone too far in allowing the
    so called smart meters so now they will pay the price!

  32. Kim Goldberg says:

    Congratulations on your new political party and your quest to halt & (I hope) reverse the roll-out of smart meters! Your members may be interested in this story of an Aussie veteran forever debilitated by his exposure to microwave radiation while serving in South Vietnam back in 1969. He is just one of many vets spanning many wars who have returned home with “microwave illness” from working with radio communications equipment transmitting at similar/same frequencies as Smart Meters. George Parker has lived and wrestled with electrosensitivity for 45 years, ever since his 12-month tour of duty in South Vietnam exposed him to extreme levels of Radio Frequency radiation while working with radio transmitters and receivers in the Corps of Signals.

  33. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Fantastic News.

    I love how although the Victorian State Election isn’t until Nov, 2014, I’ve already Locked-In who I’m going to vote for.
    It’s a No-Brainer!
    Thanks SSMA for bringing us “People Power Victoria” (PPV).
    A party that’s actually looking out for “the people”.
    I haven’t been this excited in a long time.

    Based on their past efforts (or lack of), I’d be very surprised if the media can keep quiet about this latest, ground-breaking piece of news.

    Awesome Effort by All Involved.
    Please everyone, share and spread this information, as far and wide as possible.

    Together, we can make a huge difference.

    • ingrid says:

      “Awesome Effort by All Involved.”

    • Ashley says:

      It’s great positive news. At the same time we should also be wary of the ability of those who might control the media to downplay or smear their opponents, as seems to be common practice.

  34. Michael Bland says:

    I will come into this party bells and all. They have had their go and you can see nothing is being done, so I’m all for the new party.
    Stuff the rest, Bring it On !!!

  35. David says:

    You’ve got my VOTE!

  36. Steve says:

    It is with great pleasure that I and my family will become members of PPV New party , I have a suggestion that we follow our Australian Constitution 1900 and free not only our state , but our country from these morons stealing our country and our future . Give the people some real hope and teach our constitution in our schools so that we know our rights . The whole of Australia knows we need change , give the people a chance to choose a party that will follow our constitution , end the illegal private Reserve Bank and follow our common law not this illegal Maritime corporate law they are using in OUR courts !!! Take Back Our Country !!

    • Gwen says:

      Totally agree Steve. We all can do this.

    • Sharon Power says:

      I totally agree with you Steve, and I will along with my family will be voting PPV in the next election, as they stand for us the ppl, not like the jokers that are in Parliament atm, who get paid heaps to wreck our state/country and carry on worse than school kids..out ya go the whole lot of you.. WITH NO GOLDEN HANDSHAKE or LIFETIME PENSION or TAXPAYER FUNDED CAR.. no worky no benefits…PERIOD!!!!!

  37. Disgruntled voter says:

    I am completely disillusioned with both our current government and the opposition, as neither are concerned about us, the people. I will certainly be joining the People Power party, along with other members of my family and friends, as what we need is a fresh new outlook. Go PPV !!!!!!!

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