‘Letter of the Week’ to Victorian Premier Dr Denis Napthine

Stop Smart Meters Australia has recently been presented with a copy of a letter that was sent to the Premier of Victoria, Dr Denis Napthine. We believe it is an excellent letter worth sharing with our followers.

See: A letter to the Premier of Victoria

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48 Responses to ‘Letter of the Week’ to Victorian Premier Dr Denis Napthine

  1. Frank Carleton says:

    Stop with the first names and anonymous comments. Give your full name!
    Show that you’re not afraid of the self-serving party parasites of the Coalition and ALP who have failed to restrain the self-serving power distribution companies from telling lies about the smart meter rollout and forcing them upon unwary citizens.
    The time is long overdue for all us resistants to come together in our local areas as networks and get stuck into the local ALP or Coalition Les Paterson clone up to the Victorian election.
    Well organised and well articulated local opposition to smart meters will worry those who have previously ignored the health and safety issues posed by smart meters.

  2. sdjm says:

    Dr Napthine, you have failed to earn the respect of Victorians. It’s too bad you never intended to get rid of smart meters as now we intend to get rid of you and all free loaders like you. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

    • Edward says:

      When this man was opposition leader he gave me the impression that the one thing he didn’t want was to win office as he loved his long lunches without the responsibility of having to govern.

  3. Eric says:

    Early Last year I posted about my friend whose wife passed away suddenly. She was 60 and had visited the gym the night before she was found deceased in her bed the next morning. I mentioned that they did apparently have a smart meter at their place. I visited my friend today all on his own and he told me he was feeling sad. He is still shedding tears for his wife until this day. He showed me the bedroom where his wife slept. I didn’t want to pry but it sounded like a separate sleeping arrangement. What got me was that the bedhead was right up against the wall with the meter box on the other side of the wall where her head would have been. I discovered that inside the meter box were two smart meters, yes two iCredit 500 side by side and this woman was sleeping with her head right up against both and I pointed this out to my friend. The cause of this seemingly perfectly healthy woman was unable to be determined. Her daughters do not know to this day why they lost their mother. I really wonder whether she has been murdered by Jemena.

    • Gwen says:

      Eric that is a sad and frightening story about your friends wife. I woke up this morning thinking “how am I going to stop the power company from murdering my daughter and me?” Approx. 3 weeks ago an electricity pole, which is about 8 metres from my bedroom, had a box put on it. I believe this is to receive all transmissions from smart meters. There are smaller ones but this one is bigger. Since then I have been getting piercing headaches, heart palpitations and this strange trembling through my body. Last night my daughter told me she felt her body shaking before she went to sleep. Today I am on the warpath. DON’T HURT MY CHILDREN! What a timely letter Eric. Thankyou.

      • Eric says:

        Gwen, you need to get help from someone with an RF meter or you could obtain one yourself. It should confirm if there is significant volume of RF transmission spikes in the various rooms in your house and in the surrounds of your home and and show you the power density readings of those spikes.

        I also wonder whether there might be a dirty electricity problem on your home wiring that could also be predominantly related to various smart meter presence and related activity. It’s a real possibility but there are also many other sources that cause dirty electricty. Again house wiring easily tested with a Stetzeriser meter. Someone could do it for you.

        So many people in a smart metered environment are now suffering health symptoms such as pressing headaches and yet these swindlers of Spring St who knowing that smart meters are causing this ill health are pushing these people aside like the contents of a dustpan and are continuing on with their big swindle of the the people of Victoria.

        There was no attributable cause of death for my friend’s wife but it really made an impression with me that not only that there was a smart meter was right up against her head but that there were two smart meters in that meter box side by side twins. I believe the second meter was for the flat at the back of their house. I don’t believe my friend really gets this and yet he mourns every day for his wife.

        • Gwen says:

          Thanks Eric for the advice. Someone is coming to do RF reading. Also two workers came this morning and I think they were doing an RF reading because they came back half an hour later. Both times they just stayed in their car. I had rang Powercor asking about the pole. They asked me to send them a photo of the box and the pole number.
          I guess they finally worked out where it was,(I had given the address) but they said they needed the pole number to find out anything. As Max has mentioned, workers will wake up as they and their families continue to get sick as well as pets that are a part of the family. Thanks so much stop smart meters for the tireless work you do for all of us.

      • Max says:

        Dear Gwen, I don’t have a smart meter, but the whole street is full of them and there are boxes on some of the poles in our street. My ears ring all the time and now I can hear beeps at night, this is usually quite late at night. I also get chills when I go to sleep and my right ear aches. So if anyone tries to tell you this is not real, it is as i think a lot of people are sick, they just don’t know why. One of my neighbors in another street told me that as soon as they installed her smart meter, she started to get severe headaches after a few weeks her husband phoned Jemena and asked them to do something. She told me they did come out, what they did i don’t know but the headaches have stopped. She is not sure if they removed the smart meter or what they did. I have asked if i can come to her house one day and have a look at the meter as she is not sure if there still is a smart meter their. My analogue meter reader told me that he had a smart meter at his previous home, it was on the lounge room wall, he also developed headaches, he has since moved and the headaches stopped.
        I spoke to a smart meter installer and told him that this radiation can cause infertility, his reply was ,I had trouble having children and i worked near a transformer. So any one out their that thinks we are all making it up. Even people working in this industry are starting to open up about their own experiences.
        These two men that I spoke to also had children and therefore would also be concerned about any health problems. i am sure they don’t want their children to suffer either, and maybe when they went home that night after our conversation they stopped to think about everyone Else’s children and the health implications associated with this roll out.
        We can’t all be lying and we can’t all be imaging things, where there is smoke there is fire. How many of us have had part of our life taken away, with constant letters, phone calls and home visits? How is the Government going to give my family nearly two years of our lives back? Two years is a long time out of someone’s life. My aunty would of liked to have had, two more years to live when she died of cancer. My father in law would of liked to have had, two more years to live when he died of cancer. he might of had a chance to see his grandchildren being born. There is no amount of money in the world that can compensate for out lives being disrupted, to the point where we live like prisoners in our own homes. They would never be able to treat murderers or pedophiles like this, yet we have not committed a crime.

        • Gwen says:

          Thanks Max, you are right that nothing can compensate for our health and I sincerely hope that the workers start to realise they are being conned. When I asked Powercor about the pole with the box on it, they had a smartmeter man ring me back. He said that ARPANSA, DPI say they are safe and there’s no need for him to look any further for safety confirmation. He also told me my symptoms were all in my head and that I should stop reading the rubbish that they are not safe. Can lead a horse to water, can’t make him drink.

          • Regan says:

            ARPANSA + ACMA + DPI + Dept of Health = Collusion of the worst kind.
            This mafia has got a lot to answer for.

          • Max says:

            Dear Gwen, I have found that a lot of these people quote other people. Next time ask them for the name or names, of the people they are referring to.If they are going to speak on behalf of someone else they need to provide the proof and names and job titles. Also the person you spoke to in regards to the problem, ask them if they are a qualified psychiatrist or do they have any qualifications in the mental health area. Get their name and get them to put everything in writing in an affidavit and have it witnessed. Under their full commercial liability.
            I would be deeply offended by this person’s comments as they have no basis, no proof and probably no qualifications to make this claim.

            • Gwen says:

              Totally agree Max. If I talk to anyone again, that’s what I will request of them, to put it all in writing.

              • Max says:

                To Gwen. they need to put whatever they have to say in an affidavit. This is a statement of truth. They also need to explain what safe means,,with factual evidence and not just opinion. Opinions don’t mean anything without hard evidence to back them up.

          • Max says:

            Mental health is not just the absence of mental disorder. It is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community. This is from the World Health Organization.

            • Gwen says:

              Thanks Max. I didn’t know that. No one seems to listen to what the WHO have to say but I’m sure it could be used in Court as a legitimate source. A big thankyou to you and everyone else who put such helpful comments on SSMA. Knowledge is power.

  4. Eric says:

    Here is an option for getting a smart meter removed from the actual premises. It does work although it may not be the preferred option but it will get the job done.

    Click to access VESI-Abolishment.pdf

    • Paul says:

      Wouldn’t this form result in one’s electricity being cut off? Perhaps it should include a demand for replacement of the old analogue meter.

      • Eric says:

        Yes Paul, it’s a way of telling the power company to stick their sinking smart meter and to stick their electricity as well. Yes you would lose your power but you wouldn’t live your life subject to being made to feel sick and being held to ransom by these white collar criminals of the worst ilk.

        If every single electricity customer submitted one of these sheets tomorrow, this smart meter wickedness would end overnight.

  5. Gwen 's says:

    A great letter, Mervyn..A good friend of ours has been sick with tooth pulled out that he forgot to lock the meter box up in the morning before he left (a rented property ) to go to town & the “SCUMBAGS” SMART METER MAN must have been watching the place & it was put on while be was in town. Analogue meter was gone…He rang me VERY upset..Has now to sleep on the other side of the house..Has kept it all locked up till then..It is just like someone breaking into the house..CREEPY!!!!!! He doesn’t know what to do now..Had had no notification !!!!!!

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      “Forgot to lock the meter box up in the morning before he left”.
      Those still without a smart meter need to be vigilant in making sure their meter box is always securely locked up. There should never be a time when it is unlocked, except for maybe when a meter reader may need access to it (for reading purposes only), with the home owner/ renter being present at the time, to provide the access.
      Other than that, make sure it is always locked up, with relevant signs posted on it ………….no exceptions!

      Do not become complacent, because the installers definitely haven’t.
      They are still as shifty and slimy as ever.

  6. Anf says:

    I would like to comment on the word Mandate
    The word Mandate as written in the Concise Oxford Dictionary

    Judicial or Legal command from a superior:

    Now the big question is as of what day and date did the Government of Victoria and a Power Company become mine and yours superior as I understand we vote the government into power and out of power every 4 years or so and a Power Company is only a service provider how does that make them our superior and we are not in a dictatorship even though this Government would like to think so.

    It is in my view that we are the superior here as we vote governments in and out of power and power companies only have a product to sell and if they don’t like that we don’t want a death meter fitted to our property they can pack up and leave our country.

    P.S Anyway when you have a house built before you can get the power connected you must pay for the power meter before it is installed. and your builder will have a copy of the invoice.

    • sdjm says:

      So true. Time these people elected really did something POSITIVE instead of letting their electorate down perpetually. Too damn right we are their Superiors – and without us they are nothing, power companies especially… thieves and parasites. None of them deserve our vote unless they will keep their word on issues important to us.

    • Eric says:

      “a Power Company is only a service provider how does that make them our superior”

      It’s like when you watch a theatrical drama production on the stage which captures your imagination during the actual performance but at the end the actors of that production come before the audience and bow and show themselves for who they really are.

      Power Companies are exactly the same. They portray themselves as having an authority that is purely fictitious. It is an authority that is merely imagined and portrayed to whomever would give them audience but you are right, they are nothing more than a service provider like Target or maybe the local plumber.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        Normally, if you don’t like the service provided by your “Target” store, or your local plumber, etc, you can always go elsewhere. Shop around. Vote with your feet, so they say.
        Unfortunately, the problem with our essential services providers is, you can’t go elsewhere.
        As each distributor controls their particular area across Victoria, (with no threat of competition from each other), they can pretty much do what they like.
        The fact that I can’t change my distributor if I’m not happy with their service, or by the way I’m being treated as a customer, is not at all right.
        We should always have the ability to change our situation, if we are not happy with the service we are currently being provided………..which brings me to the subject of the state election in November, when our “good” Doctor, will hopefully be given his marching orders.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Lois Stratford says:

    Thank you Mervyn for the time and effort you have taken to write your brilliant letter which is representative of all concerned citizens in this state.
    Lois Stratford.

  9. Trace says:

    Mervyn you have written the best letter yet that I have come across on this site. We all need to hold steady and make a stand against the politicians who are running their own race. They are not working for us but their strings are being pulled by the banksters and the corporations. I for one have had a reprieve with a letter sent from United Energy to allow me to opt out of the smart meter program and only because of my continual refusal to have a smart meter installed.

    • Adam says:

      Trace, I hate to do this to you but you have not had a reprieve. The United Energy letter is a legal entrapment. It has been purposefully written to set you up to be legally forced to pay Extortion money of a sum determined at United Energy’s discretion or to get a smart meter with the only other option being disconnection. You legitimise this criminality by not objecting to it.
      Their lawyers have set you up that way.

      Please see the following threads.
      You only need to read the most recent posts on this United Energy thread and view all of the Jemena thread. I don’t believe it’s too late to voice our objections and to keep voicing our objections. They can only do things to us that we agree to allow and they are trying to get us to agree by enticing us into doing nothing.



      Reread your letter and you will realise that United Energy have successfully COERCED you into doing nothing. It plays right into their hands.

  10. Citizen for Democracy says:

    Excellent letter, sums it all up perfectly.
    3 issues I’d like to raise:
    1) ‘Mandate’ is not an enforceable legal concept
    2) The damage done to the state of Victoria and its residents by the smart meter roll-out calls for a Royal Commission
    3) Please, contact the new Energy Minister:
    Mr Russell Northe (member for Morwell)
    Email – russell.northe@parliament.vic.gov.au
    Ph – 5133 9088

    • Gwen 's says:

      Thank you,Citizen for Democracy…I have sent an email to Russell Northe this afternoon…Our son & daughter in law came home from work last Friday to find a SM. had been put on.. Forgot to lock their meter box up..Both had to leave for work early. Did not give their consent.had notice up..(“THEY” must “LAY IN WAIT” till everyone has gone to work) ..They are VERY angry & upset as it is on their bedroom wall.. The SMART METER men came here yesterday at almost 5pm.Came to the door I told them we are NOT INTERESTED & shut the door !!!

  11. Gwen says:

    Well done Mervyn. Thankyou for standing up and giving your time for all of us.
    Can’t wait for the reaction from Naptime. Will he wake up?

  12. Frank Carleton says:

    An excellent and comprehensive letter. But in detailing the evasion therapy practised by the current and previous Victorian Governments and public agencies it makes clear the meagre prospects of remediation.

    The only way to induce the self-serving political class to act in the public interest is a direct electoral threat. Now is the time for independents to stand on the multiple issues posed by smart meters in the coming Victorian election. Frank Carleton

  13. Paul says:

    Mervyn, you have written a well-researched letter in which you repeatedly ask ‘WHY.’ The answer my friend is MONEY.
    I believe that neither this Liberal government not the Labor opposition have any intention to do anything about the issues, which you have so clearly stated to Dr Napthine. My bet is that you have not yet received a satisfactory response nor will you. Perhaps a copy should have been provided to the opposition leader and future letter writers should brand their submissions ‘Ministerial Enquiry,’ which may provide some resolution.
    At the next election Dr Napthine may be rejected by the voters only to be replaced by Daniel Andrews who will also ‘carry the flag’ for the smart meter rollout.
    They will not listen. The only option for those who do not want smart meters is to seek alternative power sources such as solar, wind, BlueGen (or other methane gas generators). The only problem with these systems is the present lack of inexpensive, long-lasting battery systems for power storage but research all over the world is addressing this with some promising advances.

    • Bill says:

      If no response is received after giving it due time it may be worth circulating this letter to various media sources on the off chance that there might be some individual whose eyes may be opened by the content of such a strong comprehensive heartfelt letter that they may choose to run with it. Who knows. No point letting it go to waste.

    • Take your power back says:

      It’s not just power we need, how can we disconnect from water and gas to avoid smartmeters on them, as they are already bring installed in some areas. We must stop the Smartmeters ONCE AND FOR ALL

  14. LES SALMON says:

    I GUESS THE IS NO REPLY From another non caring politician – VOTE THEM OUT

  15. julie santall says:

    what recourse do I have to have the smart meter installed against out wishes and while we were out, removed and the analogue meter reinstalled.

    • Beverley says:

      It’s not a very straightforward one Julie. I’m assuming you didn’t have your meter box locked and that’s why we can’t emphasize this to people enough. Some people are misled because of an encounter with a seemingly friendly installer who may spin a yarn or be even genuine in telling the resident that they themselves will not do an installation where there is a sign on the meterbox and those residents get the very mistaken impression that all installers are like that. The reality is that all installers are not like that. Most if not every installer will install if the box is not locked despite signage because they have been told to. Even their propaganda literature says so.

      Your options are to hire an electrician to remove the smart meter but make sure another electrical meter is installed in it’s place. There may be issues you are going to have to deal with as part of that action which may be anything from easily navigated to ending up very problematic, and all depends on how you have gone about this.
      You can either ask for your power to be disconnected or disconnect from the grid. It’s an action you may wish take on principle alone, I myself would, others have and have found ways of generating their own power.
      I know of one person who had exactly the same situation as you and it was making them sick, who managed to actually shift home, having been fortunate to have found another place without a smart meter and was able to lock the meter box with the analog meter at his new place.
      None of these solutions are easy for you but one thing you must do is to make a lot of noise about this and demand that this stinking “smart meter” with microwave transmitter be removed. I have a friend in NZ who has just informed me that he is organising for his “modem” to be removed from “his” smart meter over there. Perhaps this is going to have to be the way forward for the commencement of these damned dirty devices to be removed from our homes, restaurants, businesses etc in what has become now an unlivable state. Shame Victoria and Shame Australia.

      We saw the boat people on Four Corners TV program on Monday night after having failed to reach Australia were towed back to Indonesia in these small orange vessels in which they endured the most horrific conditions in these small vessels. After they had returned to Indonesia the camera focused upon many of those individuals that had endured that ordeal and each and every one of them whilst looking directly at the camera threw up their middle finger and from the bottom of their heart shouted “F@#K AUSTRALIA”. I say this because I must say that I too now have also come to share this very same sentiment.

    • Mick says:

      Vote for a party that will give you back that right in November.

  16. russell says:

    I doubt very much that Napthine will answer that letter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Napthine was on Nine News tonight on short story announcing Jemena and UE smart meter refusal fees.
      Blink and you would have missed it. The channel didn’t seem too keen on giving it anything more than a quick obligatory coverage.
      Napthine didn’t seem like a person affected by that powerful letter but then who knows what goes thru his heart and mind. Look at that gutless coward Kotsiras – GONE !!!! Got nowhere near lasting out the year and Napthine is every bit as much one lame duck. Just wait and see.
      A word of warning, Jemena smart meter installers are still very much out and about so keep your meter boxes well and truly locked. A friend of mine reported that she was visited early in the morning yesterday by a Jemena installer. Remember film them, get their name, surname, employee number and their personal indemnity number so that thay can be sued individually and sued successfully. And as was reported on another forum, do not allow them to take a photo of your meter box no matter what sort of friendly facade they may appear to have.

  17. free spirit says:

    In a word: Powerful

  18. Chris says:

    brilliant letter…dated March 3rd. A reply expected by the end of the week.

    March 20th now.

    let me guess….no response?

  19. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    A very impressive letter, all of it making sense.
    It will be most pleasantly surprising for it to receive the attention and action it clearly deserves.
    The author is to be congratulated in his pursuit, on behalf of concerned citizens, also of those who are not concerned but should be, of justice, protected health and freedom from harassment.

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