Lock Your Meter Box – the ONLY way to stop a smart meter from being installed!

As power distributors are becoming more ruthless and aggressive approaching the end date for the Government’s mandate to  ‘use their best endeavours’ to install smart meters (December 2013), an ‘insider’ has informed Stop Smart Meters Australia that smart meter installers in Victoria are told to IGNORE all ‘Stop, Do Not Fit a Smart Meter’ and ‘No Trespass’ signs.  They will install the meters regardless of ANY signs.  However, our informer has said that installers will not replace an analogue meter if:

  • The meter box is LOCKED
  • The meter can be read via a window
  • There are signs indicating smart meter refusal.

A LOCKED meter box is the ONLY way to PREVENT the installation of a smart meter.

Any letters written to power distributors are disregarded and installers are NOT INFORMED about people’s desire to refuse a smart meter.  Installers are simply provided with a list of addresses where smart meters have not been installed yet.

Unfortunately, NOT ONE politician in Victoria’s Parliament is prepared to stand up and represent their constituents who are being bullied and threatened to accept a smart meter against their will.  They are ALL complicit in allowing (some would say encouraging) these foreign-owned corporations to enter our properties and force an electronic device that tends to increase electricity costs, can be used to collect personal data, and has affected the health and well-being of countless Victorians.  It is a sad indictment that our so-called representatives from the Liberal/National parties, the Australian Labor Party and the Greens simply don’t give a damn!

As a result, people have no choice but to fend for themselves and LOCK their METER BOXES!

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47 Responses to Lock Your Meter Box – the ONLY way to stop a smart meter from being installed!

  1. peter dexter says:

    Just received a letter from SP Ausnet telling me they are going to cut my power off . Can they do this ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the letter carefully. They are very clever with their words.
      They can ONLY cut off your power if you don’t pay your bills.
      Any other reason is LIES !!!
      Stand your ground, lock up and protect your analogue meter AT ALL COSTS !!!

      • Anonymous says:

        When you lock your meter box, you must also provide the ability for the meter itself to be visible by a meter reader. Either cut out a viewing window on your meter box door or secure the meter itself inside your meter box so it can’t be removed. Just make sure you don’t cover the face of the meter.

        Please note that it IS illegal to prevent a meter being read by a meter reader, but it is NOT illegal to lock up the meter to prevent it from being “stolen” by the power companies.

    • Anonymous says:

      And also don’t forget to put up the anti-tresspassing signs as well.

    • John M says:

      @Peter Dexter. Can you post the entire contents word for word of letter (minus personal identification).

    • Happy Dissenter says:

      If you have paid your bills no they can’t. It’s a bluff. There have been no instances of power cut offs I have seen, so keep the forum informed please. Hang in there. I received a flyer from United Energy today addressed to “The Householder” stating that they own the cables/ lines/ smart meters etc plus information about what to do in an emergency of power outage. I put the flyer in my harassment collection for later use. I smell that the power companies are getting ready for the final onslaught of fear campaigns.

    • Eric says:

      Peter, what is the exact wording of your letter ????

      They can’t cut you off if the only reason is refusing a smart meter.

      Please refer to the Energy Retail Code Part 4 Disconnection and Section 13 Grounds for Disconnection.

      Click to access Energy-Retail-Code-Version-10.pdf

      PART 4 DISCONNECTION ………………………. 19
      13. GROUNDS FOR DISCONNECTION …………………. 19
      13.1 Non-payment of a bill ……………………………. 19
      13.2 Domestic customers without sufficient income ………….. 21
      13.3 Denying access to the meter ……………… 21
      13.4 Refusal to provide acceptable identification or refundable advance …. 22
      13.5 A customer’s right to request disconnection …………… 22
      Are you paying your bill ? You are OK then. The section about “denying access
      to the meter” is in reference to “for the purpose of a reading” ie. you have to allow access for an actual read of the meter for at least one in every three or four reads. So make sure your meter can be read and pay your bills. Anything other than that is challengeable.

    • No Peter,
      They cannot legally cut off your power, so long as you pay your bills on time, as Electricity is an essential service, as is water and gas, simple as that.

  2. 1vimana1 says:

    The police will not help them to force a dopey and deadly so-called smart meter on your property, as it is the police’s job, ” To keep the peace and not take sides.” The police in my town have my letter to arrest any so-called smart meter installer if he annoys me. I have had my Electric Meter Box padlocked now with an Industrial Padlock for nearly two years and the not so smart meter men have realised I will not give up on my fight.

    Actually after I padlocked my Electric Meter Box my local policeman did the same to his Electric Meter Box in Ararat. I also gave this my local policeman copies of the Legal Commonwealth $167,000 Dollar Anti-Trespass Signs which he appreciated and had copied for his police friends and acquaintances.

  3. Chris says:

    The govt and global companies are very annoyed that we can all find out information OURSELVES. It’s so obvious how they control the media and hush-hush up stories. The govt actually control many stories on shows like A Current Affair eg “Housing market is hotting up..buy now!” that are all govt-created stories to convince Joe Public into spending, to stimulate a sinking economy etc. you would be shocked at how they control what you see on the news and what you think is right. I work in the media industry. I have seen it happen.

    God bless the Internet. They can’t stop things like this site (although I’m sure they are going to try). Just like they are trying to stop the Vaccination-safe sites and the truth getting out there. The public doesn’t read their crappy little pamphlets and letters and stories in the paper any more and just BELIEVE unanimously. All their tools that were successfully able to control the public sentiment and feeling 20 years ago, no questions asked, just don’t work properly any more. Damn these free-thinking people and that damn internet!

    Of course, they will move on the Internet soon too. Once they figure out how exactly to filter it. I know, create a govt internet system that puts all the private ones out of business, then everyone is seeing the internet through your systems/pipe and then you have control of what you decide they can see and not see. Yeah that’s a great idea !!(= NBN).

    This stuff has been going on for years and years, removing our rights and privacy bit by bit, but only now are we actually feeling it and seeing it blatantly with things like Smart Meters. This crap has already gone too far. Smart Meters have to be stopped! The govt does not care about you or your health just control and $$!!

  4. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    ATTENTION ALL…Please listen to this interview, this Thursday morning at 9.30am.

    Independent Media Broadcast Journalist Judy-Ann Steed Interviews Darryl O’Brien from the Law Resources Group (CLRG) on her current affair program.

    Excellent information from a very lovely and well informed fellow.
    Darryl will discuss how to deal with Smart Meter authorities legally.

    Australian Radio Interview 3mdr 97.1fm – Thurs. 14 November 9.30 a.m.

    Click on link below for Full Information and Link to Radio Station:


    Please Promote This Event as Far and Wide as Possible.

    • confused says:

      Just wondering what will happen after December 2013, will they stop installing smart meters? My meter box is located outside and they tried to install a smart meter on my property but could not because they said they need to do a safety check with the power box which is located inside the front door. Do I have to let them in? I live in Carlton Victoria. Please advise.

      • Informed Choice says:

        I would not let them in! It isn’t law to have a smart meter – but I would put a sturdy padlock on your meter box.

      • Eric says:

        Guard your analog meter with your life. Lock it up. Lock up your box. Put up some no consent no trespass signage. Say NO. They need your consent and they will take it from you by just barging in and installing because if they can get away with that they can argue that you have allowed them. So you must physically defend your analog. LOCK UP NOW.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        To Confused,
        The answer is NO ! Make sure you keep your Electric Meter Box LOCKED ! Read your own Analog Electric Meter as I do and simply telephone the figures through to your Electricity Retailer. Easy Peesy ! Phone me on 03 5352 3639.



      • Eric says:

        The safety check is likely to be a ruse. Real agenda is old meter out, new meter in. The old in out trick. Secure your meter and don’t allow them through that front door. That front door of yours is an ace up your sleeve. Keep it locked when you’re not walking thru it. And secure the meter itself. Your property, your house, your door, your right.

      • To Confused,
        No, don’t let them in under any circumstances. These people will lie to you and tell you that the Safe and Passive Electric Meter needs to be checked, it is a LIE.
        It is the dopey and now proving to be deadly so-called and far from smart meters that need safety checks, as these ‘Dodgy Brothers’ pieces of Electrical Junk are proving to be INCENDIARY METERS in ever growing numbers here in Victoria.

        Just look at the two (2) not so smart meter fires in the Haddon Dentist multi surgeries at Glenroy a suburb of Melbourne and the four and now more fires in the Geelong area plus the two storey fire in Northcote after the so-called but in each case proving to be Microwave Incendiary Meters had been installed. There have been at least four more fires in the Ararat Region as well at farm properties back in 2010, and I have met the irate farmers who had their TV’s and or electric jugs burn out and or computers and or printers etc. I met these four farmers and they were hopping angry at these dopey Microwave Incendiary and far from Smart Meter happenings, in every case after a so-called Smart Meter had been installed in their Electric Meter boxes.

        The Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter I and now hundreds of thousand of us and fast mounting numbers of Victorians have are padlocked in our Electric Meter Boxes.
        The Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meters are very safe pieces of equipment, unlike the dopey and now proving to be Deadly to All LIFE dopey and now proving to be Incendiary so-called Smart Meters which are the Devils Inventions for sure.

  5. FightingBack says:

    Take a look what they want to do in the US, now it will be street lighting that uses a smart grid network. check this out – Company Admits New ‘Smart’ Street Lights Can Analyze Voices, Track People – http://www.infowars.com/company-admits-new-smart-street-lights-can-analyze-voices-track-people/

  6. Andrew says:

    Power is in your hands…..

  7. What about the Smart Meters in Mirboo North being blown up, exploded by a power surge recently. Doesn’t that tell the government, authorities that so called Smart (dumb ) meters are not safe or made to safety specifications/standards. The Analogue meters did not blow up or explode, melt etc in same situations. More investigation needs to be done by non biased people who are not profiting by the roll out (ie big wealthy corporations)

    • Olivia,
      These so-called Smart Meters are simply pieces of over-complicated circuitry and cheap plastic junk. Full of plastic, even the outer casing is cheap plastic that only needs a small fire in the body of the machine to set it all alight. Then BOOM ! up she does like a fire-cracker on the 4th of July, Independence Day in America. No folks, please keep your Electricity Meter Box firmly padlocked at all times. Simply put a Perspex window in it directly in front of the meter numbers that tick over so that the Meter Reader Man can get his required readings when he calls.

  8. Dave says:

    Sadly we rent, so we have no say in the matter because neither the Real Estate or the owner have come thru with which direction we can go… I’m so over this crap

    • ingrid says:

      Maybe you can ask the owner if they object to you locking it and putting up a sign?
      Make it look professional and that it doesn’t bring down the appearance of the property.
      Explain that there will be no negative consequences for the owner.
      Provide the Owner with the facts – that the installers are to use their “best endeavours” to install, but that it is not compulsory.
      That the property will be highly sought after in future if there is no “smart” meter.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Dave and Ingrid,
        In every case I have read of here in Victoria where such unfortunate people as Doctor Lamech and others have had to sell their homes to get away from the deadly poisonous Microwave so-called smart meter’s sickness making influence, these same home owners have had to sell their homes for a considerable loss and been forced to move interstate. This proves just how deadly these accursed Microwave so-called, but far from Smart Evil Microwave meters are.

        Just as bad are the cruel Victorian Ministers for Energy and Development, starting with the Dishonourable Mr Peter Bachelor from the past Victorian Labor Government and then Baby-Faced-Teddy-Bear Hugger, The Truly Dishonourable Mr Michael O’Brien of the Victorian Liberal Party Government now replaced by the equally Dishonourable Mr Nicholas Kotsiras to further harry and greatly anger ever more Victorian private home and small business owners.

        These three men, nay MONSTERS of men are truly a DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE as they have No Sense of SHAME over the way firstly the past Victorian Labour Minister Mr Peter Bachelor SCREWED the Victorian Electorate and next to SCREW the Victorian Electorate was the Baby-Faced-Teddy-Bear Hugger, The Truly Dishonourable Mr Michel O’Brien who has been replaced by the equally Dishonourable Greek and far from Gentleman but equally cruel and harrying Mr Nicholas Kotsiras who like his predecessors, hasn’t a CLUE what Democracy means. He, like the two Dishonourable Victorian Ministers before him sided in ‘Lick Spittle fashion’, to do the will of the five overseas Electric Power Companies in direct opposition to the Will of the Victorian People. A Pox on the three of you who are truly, “THE SUCK HOLES” to this now Corrupt Microwave Industry not only here in Victoria Australia but World-wide.

        Every day that thou nere-do-well Ministers for Energy and Development support this Poisonous, Devilish and Evil Microwave Industry is yet another ‘Black Mark’ against thy FAST SHRIVELLING IMMORTAL SOULS, You Cruel Stupid and Perverse Ministers of Energy and Development.

        Under Brodie’s Law you will not be exempt from the punishment that thou three most richly deservest and is fast coming your way. My long held Patience has reached Breaking-Point as it has with mounting numbers of Victorians sick and tired of your continuing Perversity. I hope to see you three Transgressors dragged Kicking and Screaming before the COURT for the well overdue and lasting punishment that thou three so named and shamed deservest for both the past and still present cruelty thou continuest to Perversely keep meeting out to Victoria’s privately owned home and small business owners. I say again that you three Victorian Ministers for Energy and Development and all of your ILK are truly A DISGRACE to the HUMAN RACE !
        SHIVER in your BOOTS you FEIGLINGS = German word for Cowards and TURN-COATS !


        Vimana Man.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      If they don’t go for your approach as suggested by Ingrid (above), then maybe ask the Real Estate Agent and owner, whether they are prepared to accept the blame, if you, or any of your family members, happen to get sick, whilst living in the house that you rent from them. Maybe, by their inaction of taking all necessary steps in providing a safe place for you and your family to live, they could be seen as acting negligent in their responsibilities towards you?
      It may in the end, be in their best interest to support you in the locking up of your meter box now, to secure your analog meter, and for them, avoid legal proceedings further on down the line, if you got sick?
      You as a renter have rights, and you definitely have the right to protect the health of you and your family. Landlords and Real Estate Agents should understand that.
      By not allowing you to lock up the meter box, they may be liable for damages in the future?

    • John M says:

      Dave. Why did you involve either the owner or real estate in the matter? It really has nothing to do with them. Contract to rent is with you and makes no mention of a smart meter in your lease?. Contract of electricity supply is with you. The power company and distributor has no knowledge of whether or not you own the house unless you tell them so. Don’t give away your power or authority to others.

      I’ve been in the same house renting for 13 years. I’m refusing the meter, in fact when push comes to shove I’m going to let them disconnect me and go off grid. I recently spoke to my landlord and told him this. I didn’t seek out his permission to do so. It was just that he was working on an adjacent property that he also owns so it came up in a conversation. He was fine with it. In fact, I was quite surprised because he works in the power generation industry, so I expected some skepticism or ridicule for my stance.

      Landlord shouldn’t really be involved. You are merely maintaining the house as it was leased to you in refusing a smart meter. I would hazzard a guess that if the landlord did get involved in also pushing a smart meter on a tenant they would be leaving themselves exposed legally should things go wrong.

      At the end of the day when you move out the next tenant would likely get a smart meter pushed on them conditional to having power connected. Not your problem by then. Stand your ground. If you’re a long term good tenant I’m sure your landlord would be supportive of you anyway rather than lose you.

    • Pin the Real Estate Agent and the owner down,
      Tell them to get the Meter Box Padlocked, and if they don’t do so, and you get sick from this now proving to be deadly machine, you will sue both of them to the hilt.
      That should get them off their lazy fat arses.

  9. Jay says:

    Rik thank you for the point about insurance. As SMs wiring is often incompatible with the wiring in older houses (and the people paid to install them know this) they have started many fires. Some fatal. We really need to get this info out there about insurance companies not covering SMs. Is anyone on here an insurance expert that can help us please?

    • Eric says:

      Smart meters produce high frequency harmonics ie. dirty electricity and this finds it’s way onto your house wiring which is only meant to have 50 Hz (50 cycles per second) mains electricity going thru it. I believe 50,000 Hz (50 cycles per second) dirty electricity can get the wiring pretty hot especially old wiring in old houses….and guess what can happen when that occurs. Also doesn’t do the life expectancy of your appliances any good either.

      And electric and magnetic fields emanating from the dirty electricity in the house wiring is a major cancer risk and can make you to feel quite ill. This is well known, just research dirty electricity. Also research switching mode power supply.

      What the power companies are engaging in is out and out CRIMINALITY.

      • Jay says:

        Thanks for that info Eric. It helps make the situation very clear. One question….can the dirty electricity from SMs in surrounding houses affect the wiring of an older house which doesn’t have a SM?

  10. Jack says:

    It’s interesting that stories on dumb meters were rife until about a year ago, ACA and TodayTonite in particular ran quite a few stories.
    But this year almost nothing.
    I was speaking to a journalist (from the Age) recently who said that their story was rejected a few months ago, and feels that the media have been told (by who?) to no longer cover any smart meter issues. The big boys are looking after each other.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Big boys or not – It HAS TO STOP!!! This is a direct attack on every individual… to hell with Murdoch and his shares in the grid, etc. He doesn’t live here anymore, go figure!

      • To Freedom Rules,
        Mr Rupert Murdoch doesn’t give a Rat’s Arse about your health pal, this now Australian Turn-Coat has become an American. He has deserted his people for ever more Filthy Lucre. He needs to be dragged into Court kicking and screaming and face a Jury of twelve men tried and true for his latest escapades with his rotten sensational newspapers and for flogging off these Satanic and far from Smart Electric Meters which are now in many cases turning out to be Incendiary devices burning down homes in some cases and wrecking peoples’ TV sets and or printers and or fridges etc., and in some cases burning down homes here in Victoria Australia and overseas as well.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      By the big boys complicity in sticking together, to protect one another in this Microwave and far from Smart Meter poisonous to Humans and all life cancer producing industry, are truly the Servants of Darkness and are only adding to the greatly deserved punishment they will soon receive at the hands of further angered and righteously angered Victorian privately owned home and small business owners.

      “Great was the Fall of the House of Usher,” but far greater shalt be the fall of these Servants of Rapine Monetary Greed and Filthy Lucre, and Utter Loathing of their Electricity Customers with whom they continually toy and play with, as if their Victorian Electricity Customers were mere mice to be harried and terrorised by cats, and for whom these now proving to be sub-human Victorian Ministers for Energy and Development are now proving to be, The Servants of Darkness and Rapine Monetary Greed who have no RESPECT AT ALL for us their MASTERS. A Pox I say on you who continue to serve your Evil Master, die der TEUFEL ist !


      Vimana Man.

  11. ken white says:

    This is the greatest health scandal since asbestos – and our politicians are culpable. They would be better suited to the Russian Duma than the Victorian parliament. My own representation to the local (Labor) MP was totally ignored. So much for democracy and freedom of choice.

    • Ken, I say,
      Let these Mammon worshiping politicians and the C.E.O’s of these five foreign owned Electrical Power Stations and the past and present Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources who had been and still are Complicit in continuing to wreck the Victorian people’s. Let them be manacled and dragged into Court to face a decent and moral Judge and a Jury of twelve ( 12 ) straight men and TRUE. Let these scoundrels have a FAIR TRIAL, then when they are all proven to be guilty of wrecking not only past, but present Victorians’ lives from the enforced dopey and far from Smart Meter Roll-Out and ongoing terror they are still visiting on their Electricity Customers, let these servants of Mammon and the Dark One, let them all be flung into prison to serve a minimum term of fifty (50) yes that’s right of fifty years to be served in full with no remission for good behaviour.

  12. Kathleen says:

    What happens “D Day” and beyond as well?m

  13. Rob Reiken says:

    I got 3 padlocks on my Meter Box, but I got to wonder what becomes of it all when when the end of date mandate comes to an end. Our traitorist government know how bad Smart Meters really are, and I bet most, if not all of them, haven’t personally got one, for they have sold us out. Wonder if any of them, thinking of fighting these Death Meters, have been taped on the shoulder or taken bribes to be hushed up. We are totally compromised as China has stolen the blueprints for our Smart Grid which leaves us as sitting ducks for our Grid to be taken down, if or when they plan to attack us. The government has proven time & time again they can’t be trusted so why do we put up with this madness? What, because the public is fed lies by the media by people like Neil Mitchell (3AW) & this is just another health matter among others such as GMO Monsanto & Vaccinations. Were being setup by Big Gov to be at their mercy, all for the gain of profit & greed at the hands of the less than 1% Globalist Elite, Bankers & Corporations that impose misery upon us. To control it all, is what privatisation is all about.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Hey Rob – I think many of your comments are spot on. Unfortunately, the majority of Victorians are far too trusting of the so-called authorities, governments included. Law abiding citizens should never be made to live in fear of non-compliance with these fictional authorities who are mostly foreign owned nowadays. I call it exactly what it is ….CRIMINAL! For all those homeowners who simply cannot be bothered dealing with these enforced installations here in Victoria and so they ‘give up’ and let them install regardless, well shame on you for not having a backbone. It sure doesn’t help the rest of your community and children are the most affected. As for the Neil Mitchells – they don’t have all the facts and are paid to talk rubbish anyway…think about it, people.

  14. Rik says:

    I had 2 installers in a week so I put a lock on the meter box and so far still the old meter, as they haven’t tried again. I think the last installer told the company I have a lock and not to try.
    He was a good guy. He fixed my power reader and made sure it was connected properly and really helpful. He told me he’s been told to ignore all signs and only stop if the meterbox is locked that’s why he didn’t do mine as it was locked when he turned up. I was lucky to turn up about 2 mins after he did.

    I will be taking a padlock to my parents house on Thursday. Hopefully they wont get there before, as they also don’t want a smart meter as it’s all against the insurance as there will be no paperwork with the new meter, so the insurance company doesn’t know anything about the installer, so the insurance is void with a smart meter.
    That’s another thing people should be alerted to. Some insurance companies don’t insure your house if you have a smart meter, as they aren’t installed by proper electricians.

    • ingrid says:

      That would be a good thing to write on your signs. Tell them they would have to be individually sued if they are not electricians. It would scare them off.

  15. Julie says:

    So far on all 3 properties it has worked no smart meters oh no bills for two properties either been over 9 mths so not liable either so all good. There is no way I will let them they’ll have to call police first.

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