75,000 Victorians refuse smart meters!

In an article in today’s Herald Sun, Energy Minster Kotsiras is quoted as acknowledging that two electrical metering systems may continue in Victoria, and those who refuse smart meters (currently approximately 75,000 Victorians) may be penalised financially, as opposed to having their power cut off, which is a “more humane way to go”.  Industry sources believe the financial penalty would be about $120-$150 per year.

See: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/customers-resisting-smartmeters-risk-being-charged-more-for-electricity/story-fni0fit3-1226762074980

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  1. J.wil@westnet.com.au says:

    Hi All,

    Something to think about. Most of us are contracted to a retailer service not the power companies. Also I would state we cannot be charged extra just because we refuse to accept installation. The cost of providing a manual reading is already included in the service. Also, I suspect, e.g. I am already paying the cost of a smart meter, despite not having one installed. Surely this is a form of extortion. I have written many times that the whole process breaches so many of our laws from the Commonwealth Constitution 1901, Commonwealth Crimes Act; The Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act; the Trade Practices Act and many other acts. Also the premier and his government appear to make and amend laws and acts as they deem necessary to provide private companies with protection against the people. Regards John R.L. Wilson

  2. Wonderful site. A lot of useful info here.

  3. Frank Carleton says:

    The tyranny of smart meter installation is only one of the numerous iniquities imposed on the citizens by an arrogant political class composed of the equally self serving ALP and Coalition oligarchies.
    Petitions and minimal media coverage are not the answer. At the next State election flood the Parliament with independents. If you vote ALP or Coalition all you’ll get is much much more of the same and you will richly deserve it.

  4. Peter says:

    All this would never of happened if OUR POLITITIONS had not sold OUR SEC to private corporation, who insist that their share holders and not to mention the CEO’s and Management which have massive salaries and bonuses, In the millions $$$$. which most $$ goes overseas. (and the workers have minimum pay rises). It All boils down to…. The more SOLAR POWER is installed in houses around your area the LESS PROFIT THE CORPORATION IS MAKING and that’s the real reason why all our power bills are rising…. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a full supporter of Alternative power…It’s just our government are puppets to corporation and don’t give a s***t about your usage of power….

    .. .

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  6. Kate says:

    So, as well as paying the price increases brought in by suppliers to cover the cost of the smart meter program and charged whether you have one or not, we will now also have to pay extra not to have one??

    • John M says:

      @Kate. Correct. Forced consumerism for a product you don’t own or want, and extortion money to keep it off your house, with no refund for not using a product you never wanted in the first place….And thanks to planned obsolescence in build quality, they will likely do it again so it becomes an additional income stream. Whats the bet they also pass on an additional profit percentage to the cost of the smart meter which is made in the cheapest location possible. What a racket and one of the most despicable business practices ever endorsed by government.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        Perfectly said “John M”,

        It’s Criminal, Outrageous, Vile and Disgusting.

        Victoria is one big crime scene, with criminals running the show, and millions of unfortunate victims caught up in it.

        • Freedom Rules says:

          It could be re-named The Bully State. To be born and bred in Victoria, yet have no say in how it is run and no rights to protect your loved ones from this corporate greed and out of touch government…. is a bitter pill to swallow. If my circumstances were different (a husband who doesn’t want to give up job – understandable!) I would be moving interstate because I am no victim!

  7. Me2 says:

    There’s strength in numbers. We are a strong force silently pressing on against the corrupt system of government in Victoria. I wonder if it will ever end or will it be just one battle after another? To be HEARD loud and clear is the only answer – Be the change you wish to see in the world. Free from oppression and tyranny…the time to act is NOW. Keep the conversations going and bless everyone who visits this wonderful site, except the power co. spys!

  8. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Page 7 of Herald Sun today (Saturday Nov.23) has a story “Bills Power Surge”, that is worth a read.
    Lots of great news for Victorian households in 2014…..not!!!

    ALL VICTORIAN’S should be outraged by this, and need to tell those involved with this bull@$%!, that we have had enough. Keep in mind, water and gas “Smart” meters” are next on the cards if WE don’t all collectively come together to fight this!

    Everyone was warned that this would happen. Now, everyone’s going to be continually paying out for this dangerous, stupid (not “smart”) rollout, each year, ongoing, AND THIS IS ONLY THE START OF IT! This is outrageous!!!

    Get Angry, Get Mad, and let everyone else out there know how you feel about this, and do something about it. We can’t let “THEM” get away with this!

  9. Just saying says:

    @ Anonymous, you seem to be giving lots of dismissive 1 liners that are not supportive of the ethos of the forum. Maybe you are here to disrupt conversation, but be assured you are the minority.

  10. Henry Leschen says:

    Fellow abused Victorians,
    I have today Tuesday the 19th of November 2013 written a letter to the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources a Mr Nicholas Kotsiras; explaining to him that a number of Victorian Government Departments including DPI are continuing to pedal the LIE- that ” Every Victorian home owner and small business owner is – Compelled to allow the fitting of a Smart Meter to their house or small business. I have told Minister Kotsiras to stop lying to all Victorians and that he together with complicit Victorian Government Departments which continue to tell lies via phone calls and letters will be punished under Brodie’s Law and if found guilty will be imprisoned for up to ten years. Brodies Law came into being as from June 2011 under the Justice Department of Victoria. Look up Brodie’s Law on Google and learn just how powerful it is.

    I have made it very clear to Minister Kotsiras that he is not Above nor Exempt from The Law Brodie’s Law,and my brotlher Richardand I are together with the assistance of our Queens Council are now listing the names of those Victorian Government Officers and ministers who have been bullying us over a nine month period by letter and phone call to tell us we have to accept a Smart meter. WE AND ALL VICTORIANS are not compelled to accept a Smart Meter and Minister Kotsiras knows this.

    Mr Kotsiras is knowingly and continuing to abuse his position of trust and responsibility since he took over his portfolio and inherited a can of worms from Mr Michael O’Brien the previous minister.

    Minister Kotsiras has also failed abysmally, in his duty to put the full facts and the truth before the Victorian people.

    Be aware that there is no Law compelling any Victorian to allow the fitting of a Smart Meter.
    It is a Mandate only upon the Power Companies to use their – Best endeavours to persuade each customer to accept a Smart Meter. Note it is not “The Law.”


    • Ava M. says:

      Henry and Richard, Thankyou! They are liars … All of them. You are doing all Victorians a great service in attempting to expose these criminals and may you have the success you so richly deserve!!!

    • Paul says:

      Good one Henry!
      Please, I urge everyone reading this to watch the video ‘Take Back Your Power.’ It’s a real eye-opener.

  11. John M says:

    If only all 75,000 would turn off their electricity in protest for a few hours daily.

    • JCIAPW says:

      Actually I’m doing it already for a major part of the day and completely overnight because the electricity they are supplying me is DIRTY ELECTRICITY resonating with high frequency harmonics. My house wiring has been tested with all power points unplugged and all appliances switched off and a massive amount of dirty electricity is on my house wiring. My meter is an analog so it’s not the culprit. My power sockets have been tested and they are all earthed and functioning correctly. The problem is external. Jemena is my distributor.

  12. ken white says:

    “More humane way to go” says minister Nicholas Kotsiras. Perhaps he’s thinking we’re living in a nazi-style concentration camp.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      It is sad that Mr Nicholas Kotsiras has now become a weak willed and Lick Spittle puppet to the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria, just as had that other floppy puppet Mr Michael O’Brien who also proved he put the worship of money, or Filthy Lucre before ever considering the Health and Welfare of his fellow Victorian citizens.

      Both of these men, nay sad excuses of men, with no backbone have turned like ravening wolves to constantly attack us, the Citizens of Victoria.

      Shame I say, Shame on you two COWARDS who should both be tried in Court for the constant and ongoing bullying of us Victorians who you are supposed to protect against the Rapine Greed of these money hungry five foreign owned Electric Power Companies with whom you have willingly and wantonly become complicit.

      How sad that he, Mr floppy puppet Nicholas Kotsiras and his former floppy and weak willed puppet friend Mr Michael O’Brien have both collapsed like pricked balloons and weakly given into these Rapinely Greedy and Mammon Worshiping Fiends of foreign owned Electric Power Companies of China and Singapore who will stop at nothing to steal even more money from our Victorian already Cash Strapped Pockets.
      You two weak and gutless floppy puppets are a Disgrace to the Human Race !

    • Giles Lloyd says:

      If Nicholas Kotsiras ever had an ounce of decency about himself, then I’m sure that the prerequisite required for him to be handed the job of Energy Minister could only have been the complete compromisation of his own self.

  13. Concerned - VERY says:

    The large amount of Responses to the heading ‘75.000 Refuse Smartmeters’ shows we are at a critical point in the resistance to the Smartgrid. As we have read, the Victorian Government wants to impose their ‘humane’ solution on (at least) 75,000 of its Citizens who refuse to have a Smartmeter. DO THESE EXPRESSIONS SOUND LIKE THE WORDS OF A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT? No! ITS TIME ASTUTE CITIZENS INFORMED OTHERS AND STOOD TOGETHER AGAINST THE OLD MENACE OF FASCISM WHICH WE NOW SEE LOOMING IN OUR FACES. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which is currently under debate (behind closed doors), and which allows Governments to be sued by other Corporations, includes reference to the Energy (BB control) Grid of which Smartmeters are a critical component. A key item in the TPP is the ‘Income Management Card’ relating to Smartmeters. Under the TPP a Government is subject to the rules of the TPP – NOT the WILL of the people. How revealing that the Victorian Government is ALREADY heeding the directions of the TPP and abusing the WILL of at least 75.000 of the people in this State.

    For more on the TPP here are two links… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1viJmhyZV8a and https://www.eff.org/issues/tpp THE TPP WILL AFFECT EVERYONE – OUR DEMOCRACY IS UNDER GREAT THREAT ! The media is mostly silent……

    • Uwe says:

      TPP is one of the biggest threats Australia is about to face.
      There are petitions to sign on the Internet to make the TPP agenda public. As bad the smart meters are, it is nothing compared with the TPP agenda. The smart meter is giving you a little taste what is about to come to Australia.

  14. Anonymous says:

    er.. Good luck with that…

  15. Amie says:

    Everyone should watch the latest documentary about Smart Meters called Take Back Your Power. This documentary addresses ALL the issues with Smart Meters and it is much worse than I thought. Please watch if you can and share it far & wide. The most dangerous aspect of Smart Meters is their affect on our health and this documentary explains exactly how it affects us at a cellular level, and if you are not sensitive to the Smart Meters you’re at even greater risk than those that are. Go to this link and hire or buy a copy and watch with your family & friends http://www.takebackyourpower.net/

  16. shannawo says:

    75,000 as a lobby group, sounds good to me

  17. Smart Meters give out 850-900 rads of radiation every 30 seconds-it’s the signal they send out- that travel 100’s of feet if not thousands. The people in their homes are being radiated, poisoned, made sick by these monster meters. Normal rad readings without a meter are 3 not 850!
    You need to cover these meters with an iron mesh 2 sq. feet outside and inside to BLOCK the radiation! Put these stats in front of your tele and on your news-warn your people!

  18. Eric says:

    I urge all folks resisting the installation of smart meter not to allow the threat of stealing a sum of money from you to become a reason for caving in. This has been a great day for us but the battle continues and the fight must be emphatically won. Don’t become compromised by financial lures of whatever amount. The fight goes on.

    • trevor Churchill says:

      I FULLY AGREE ERIC>>>>>>>RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      we appear to be down to one Issue Now and that’s a FINE
      PS::: they article said COULD LOL

      • Eric says:

        Section 17 of the Energy Retail Code
        17. INDEMNITY
        A retailer must not include an indemnity or other term or condition in its energy contract with a customer the effect of which is to entitle the retailer to recover from the customer in respect of:
        (a) any breach by the customer of their energy contract; or
        (b) any negligence by the customer in relation to their energy contract,
        any greater amount than that which, under the COMMON LAW (including in equity) or statute, the retailer is entitled to as compensation for the customer’s breach of their energy contract or negligence.

        Trevor, I’m not sure that we can be “FINED”. And I don’t think we have breached any energy contract by refusing a “smart meter”. And if the Energy Companies wish to acknowledge and to engage with us in accordance with “common law”…..well, that’s absolutely fantastic because the common law violations committed by these five mischievious power companies demand that their CEO’s end up behind bars for the rest of their days.

  19. peterrocker says:

    Isn’t it strange that “The Age” (online) made no mention of the Minister’s threats & the fact that so many people have refused the meters. Guess Fairfax are investors and/or slated to benefit from these spying machines. I had a letter from some lackey at United Energy stating they cannot be hacked. Tell that to the NSA or the Indonesian President.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Re: “Smart” Meter Hacking…………..The United Energy lackey is a moron.
      To allow our essential services to be controlled via wireless networks, is plain stupid.
      Hackers will eventually be taking entire grids down. Then what??? Are we ready for that?
      Articles all over the place expressing hackability. Some included below.

      • John M says:

        There were two films made recently titled “Blackout” One was UK version and the other an American version made by National Geographic. Quite odd and alarming propaganda pieces perhaps priming the public for a possible grid down situation in the near future from hacking or such. The American version even had the participation of President Obama playing himself in the emergency. If you or others haven’t seen it it’s worth checking out via youtube. Search terms “national geographic blackout”

        It’s certainly of concern that they’re making the grid system more vulnerable with smart meters not only from hacking but potentially catastrophic from an EMP event such as a solar flare or such.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      The Fairfax group (who own ‘The Age’) have a policy of SILENCE on all smart meter issues. This is not surprising since they made millions from their investment in ‘Landis+Gyr’ (makers of smart meters deployed in Victoria) and have now sold those shares. See article from 24/12/2012 ‘Smart Meters but at whose expense’ (you can google it). However, this silence is now becoming VERY noticeable, it is screaming out their ‘corruption’ on this matter and their strategy of silence is no longer serving the Fairfax group well, but is rather like an accusatory finger pointed in their direction.
      The Media Alliance Code of Ethics clearly states journalists’ responsibility to ‘REPORT AND INTERPRET HONESTLY, STRIVING FOR ACCURACY, FAIRNESS AND DISCLOSURE OF ALL ESSENTIAL FACTS’. It goes on to say that journalists are not supposed to ‘SUPPRESS RELEVANT AVAILABLE FACTS, or give distorting emphasis’, and also must do their ‘UTMOST TO GIVE A FAIR OPPORTUNITY FOR REPLY’.

      • ingrid says:

        RE: ‘Power fines for meter protesters,’
        Heraldsun, p. 7, Monday 18/11/13, and Sunday 17th, by Karen Collier Consumer Reporter.

        The articles say the installation of meters is MANDATORY, but does not provide the legal reference.
        The reporter needs to question this point and report on the truth. Is it mandatory or not. Who says so and what is the legislation named?

    • Yes peterrocker, THE AGE has gone completely silent on the smart meter issue. Come on ” independent Age “, how about some coverage on this important issue!! We are the only State in Australia having these ” not so smart meters ” being forced on us. The ABC radio and television also appears very quiet. So from many quarters there appears to be a deliberate cover up going on. Why, we may ask?

  20. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Everyone, please do not forget to provide Minister Kotsiras (in no uncertain terms), your input and feedback on energy related issues/concerns, etc, something he asked for when speaking with Neil Mitchell on 3AW back in September. Don’t forget to do this. Make sure you have your say, via the following website:
    Click on tab right hand, bottom of page that says ‘Energy Concerns’ (blue bordered box).

    Link to previous post about this:

  21. 75,ooo Refusal’s is more people then some 4th and 5th Political Parties have members In Australia WAY TO GO PEOPLE!!!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Mr Trevor Churchill,
      You are spot on there. I am hoping that the chinks in the Armour of this incumbent and Cruel Victorian Liberal Party Government grow rapidly wider every day. The recently overthrown Victorian Liberal Party Premier Mr Ted Baillieu and his Minister for Energy and Resources, Mr Michael O’Brien and the recent Liberal Party Premier Mr Dennis Napthine and his Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras, just like the past John Brumby Government, have never shown any Due Care or Respect or Consideration for us the Victorian Public’s Health or Welfare whatsoever. They, these two Victorian governments have only ever sought and practiced the wicked, rushed and forced imposition of these now proving to be Deadly to Humans and All Life dopey Type 2B Electric Carcinogen Causing and dopey so-called “Smart Meters” as they continue to be forced on the people of Victoria.

      In every case from the past Mr John Brumby’s Victorian Labour Party Government and his Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor, as well as every Victorian Liberal Premier onwards, the only thing on their minds was to stupidly rush out, the badly thought-out plan of forcing Victorian private home and small business Electricity Customers to accept these now accursed and dopey Microwave so-called smart-meters, by continuing with this uncaring stupid Roll-Out of these now proving to be Poisonous to All Life dopey machines.

      Right now in England and the rest of the United Kingdom the People of Britain have literally, ” SEEN THE LIGHT” and from their ongoing and mounting cases of Electric Microwave and not so smart meters being forcefully imposed on them, and to the detriment of their health and welfare, have now retaliated by going to the British Parliament and speaking to their local M.P’s to stop the continued Roll-Out of these poisonous meters. The Law has now changed in Britain and the United Kingdom by Parliamentary Decree to immediately stop any further Roll-Out of these deadly so-called ‘Smart Meters’ for a minimum of eighteen (18) and up to twenty four (24) months whilst the British Parliament re-evaluate the whole rotten stinking Microwave and not-so-smart-meter mess.

      New and unbiased experts in the field of Medical Science, as well as Radio Physicists etc., are now being brought in to take further clean and unbiased very careful examination of this total disaster of the Microwave Smart Meter roll-out and the high and mounting cost to mainly Public Health which is and has been long overdue for years.

      Hopefully at least in Britain and the rest of the United Kingdom they will get real and unbiased experts to look at the whole of this Microwave Technology of the so-called Smart Meter past and present disastrous damage to not only Human Health, but to all life such as animals and plant life and trees and honey bees and other benign insects being killed off at an unprecedented rate.

      Here in Victoria Australia, I and fast mounting thousands of us have been pleading with the Victorian Government, calling for the very same immediate halt to the continuing roll-out of these so-called smart meters, but sadly this Evil Greed for Filthy Lucre has blinded the past Victorian Labour Government and this present Victorian Liberal Party Government to take no notice of our urgent Medical and Societal Demands.

      Just as the past Victorian Labour Government of Mr John Brumby was thrown out of office, for disobeying us his Masters, so this Victorian Liberal Party will also be thrown out of office very soon if they don’t Listen To Us Who Are also their Masters and Not their Servants.
      This is my and every concerned Victorians Demand to both you Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and you too Mr Dennis Napthine, Obey Us Your Masters and immediately stop the Roll-Out of these Deadly to all life Electric Microwave so-called but far from smart meters or GET OUT OF OFFICE BEFORE WE THE PEOPLE OF VICTORIA FLING YOU OUT OF OFFICE !

      Richard Leschen.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        Richard, you are a gem. If we meet up one day at a rally or meeting, I will be wearing a red hat so come up to me and get a big hug of gratitude. 🙂 Your knowledge and attention to detail has been a godsend to me and I suspect others who are finding their voice in this troubling issue… Today I received one of those feel-good surveys from my federal MP in the letterbox. I ditched the survey and let him have 3 pages of handwritten grief I have felt locking up my property from this diabolical scourge. I have learned so much from you folk on this site. Bless you all.

  22. icouldahad says:

    Our 2 party system (Liberal and Labor) has to end. Time for ‘smart’ Victorians to get out of it. Labor got us into this mess and the Liberals are beating us over the head with it. I say we oust them at the next election as that is the ONLY thing they understand. They threaten us, we teach them a lesson. And make no mistake, the Liberal party is threatening EVERY Victorian by taking this stance. I know the Liberal Democrats would stop this smart meter debacle and would love to know which other parties would, too. If all 75,000 of us banded together to support another party the political landscape would change. I really don’t see any other way out for us. These thugs are endangering our lives just as if they were holding a gun to our head. Kotsiras is basically saying, ‘If you won’t be a part of our medical experiment we’ll steal even more money from you.’ How dare he. It’s outrageous.
    But I must say I’m very proud of the other 74,999 other smart meter refusers. Our determination and forthright protest is wonderful to behold. We have looked the bullies in the face and said, ‘NO! Go away!’ Our strength will be their demise. We must never surrender. We must remain strong. We will prevail.

    • Di says:

      Thank you . I got really sick the moment the dumb meter was installed and have now suffered and lost time etc. I could not stop all my friends from installation as it kept being done behind their back when they stepped out even for 30 mins. It has now been done to about 7 people I know. I was in hospital and have had tests to find nothing wrong me, yet I could not sleep. Once I moved away from it.. which was hard to do as now I am at the back of my home and life is a mess for me since. I see others sick and for me it was easy to tell it was the dumb meter’s low frequency because I had 100% health and fitness before. I received help from people overseas.. scientists who really cared. I did call ARPANSA when I got sick and they told me these meters were not tested on humans as they are not allowed to do that.. but they are allowed to stick them on our bedroom walls. I have not felt the same about my life as you can guess. I am grateful for all you people sharing.. Thank you. ps my next door neighbors meter is so close I actually felt like a bullet hit me once when I was out there standing.. what timing.. these things are hard to pick up with an electro smog meter..but your brain will sure feel it while you are sleeping so close like I was. Keep sharing and helping others. Thanks so much.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      The nazis had a doctor to experiment on their prisoners, so we have Mr Kotsiras because we are stuck here unless we emigrate, so we’re virtually prisoners, maybe that is what the government and power companies are thinking – captives have no power but WE HAVE, POLLIES, so think on that.

    • Sandi says:

      Yes, well said! I’m proud of us too … we’re not done yet with the likes of Kotsiras and others who fail to acknowledge the ugly truth, whilst perpetuating lies and empty threats to the public. How dare he, indeed!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Charge us more? The bloody gall of the bastards

  24. Melbourne Citizen says:

    If there are 75,000 of us – Let’s be heard! Let us make some noise! 75,000 is a HUGE NUMBER! Obviously they are not hearing us. How dare they say we should be penalised? The answer is NO to smart meters – they are a dumb idea. You can’t force people to accept a device that emits radiation and could potentially be harmful. Potentially harmful to pregnant women, babies, children, elderly or anyone else. It is against human rights to be forcing people to have a device that emits radiation and be regarded as a possible carcinogen. There are no benefits to the consumer with smart meters being installed. The only benefit to having a smart meter installed is that you wont be penalised!?? I want to penalise them for making my bills higher then ever before (as they have created this nightmare)!

    No to smart meters!

  25. Heather says:

    I don’t believe that it would be “legal” to cut power to a consumer who has paid all their bills on time, however I would gladly pay the extra $150 dollars they are trying to scare us with.
    Firstly my family’s health would be saved and secondly the roof over our heads. It would cost a lot more if I allowed them to install their “FIRE STARTERS” and consequently have my home burn down. Why are there so many unexplained house fires lately? It is beyond chance that this is happening. Many so-called “Champions of the People” members of the media have a lot to answer for, because of their silence.
    The dishonorable Nicholas Kotsiras is so far out of touch, it would be a joke if it were not so serious. Humane, how dare he!

    • Heather!!.. agreed the Retailers have an OBLIGATION with the DISTRIBUTORS to maintain SUPPLY ,so long as the Bills has been paid TRUE!

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Go Girl!

      They don’t care about us, our health, or our home.
      That’s why WE have to take charge, whatever way and means available to us.
      If our houses burn to the ground due to one of their dodgy meters, do they care? No!
      All they care about is the massive profits they intend to make, fleecing us blindly, with their half-arsed, dangerous technology, that none of us want, or ever wanted.

      Our group (SSMA) grows stronger every day, as more people wake up to this mass injustice, and abuse of our rights.

      Keep fighting Heather, and everyone else who visits this site. We are making a difference!
      Spread the word far and wide.

      Keep your meter-boxes locked, signs up, and doors shut.

  26. Anonymous says:

    In time electricity will be FREE to all, its call perpetual generation cost about $5k for the small unit, by-pass the meter all together and you have FREE power!

  27. Kev says:

    First we are already paying for these Meters as from 2010 and by 2015 most will have paid at least $700 a lot over $1000 and at 2015 these distributors will apply for on going costs.
    I will be asking for this money back for starters, and lets face it, you can do your own meter reading and insert it on your record with your retailer. I am with Lumo and do it now .
    Its a simple thing to just sign up for online account.
    75,000 refusals and that is not counting the ones that don’t want them but did not have the guts to do some thing about it.
    It really gives me the gripes how Governments voted in by the people, can get away with what they do.

    • icouldahad says:

      ‘It really gives me the gripes how Governments voted in by the people, can get away with what they do.’
      Amen to that, brother! They force us to vote and then they don’t listen to us anyway! What kind of racket is that? I don’t know why anyone even bothers to vote.
      What I really want to know is what these politicians are getting out of this deal with Big Electric Co. Are they investing in them? Are their pensions tied to them? There must be some major benefit for them to make them turn their backs on those who voted them in.

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        I reckon they’ve signed contracts with them and now are fighting because it will cost the gov. a lot to get out of the contracts. (Not to mention the loss of their own lucrative jobs, pensions etc) Is there a democracy somewhere I can migrate to?

  28. I will never give in says:

    Can someone with Herald Sun membership advertize this site on this article please?

  29. Julie says:

    What an absolute rip off if they charge customers more. Those customers who have refused have already paid for the smart meters, so we will be slugged again to pay for something we never wanted or should not be forced to have. Secondly because we exercised our democratic right to refuse the unwanted meters. It’s disgusting if our government allows this to happen, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for this government to help us. After many letters to the Minister, he hasn’t even had the guts to respond. Cowards, bullies and thieves, all of them.

  30. Rob Reiken says:

    Energy Minster Kotsiras is a Elite Globalist Ass Kisser, that is nothing more than their puppet messenger. He didn’t contrive this on his own merrits. What happens in USA also happens here in Australia, for in California I hear they have already been given this alternative to pay a fee/fine per month for not having these Death Meters. If you think these Death Meters are bad you should see these other train wrecks heading our way. Google Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) & Common Core. Were being setup bigtime for our rights/freedom to be officially coming to an end. This is horrific that will take us into tyranny with dire consequences for our demise.

  31. ricky says:

    I wonder if the minister would embrace the idea, if he himself, or one of his family members, suffered just one of the many health issues that smart meters can create. I feel sorry for anyone who is now at the mercy of their power provider and it would seem that they will be stuck with the device causing their ailment. If you were to ask them if they could afford a 100 dollar a year charge to rectify their health, then I would take an even bet as to what they would rather do. Shame on anyone or any power elected bodies who neglects the rights and choices of a individual who they are obligated to represent and protect.

    • icouldahad says:

      He probably doesn’t have one. You know politicians are always exempt from what we serfs must endure.

      • John M says:

        If only someone could investigate whether the pollies do have smart meters fitted on their homes. It would be a PR disaster for them if they didn’t. Yet, I suspect they don’t and get out of it because of the privacy aspect. Can’t have someone knowing what a politician does inside their home with electricity and appliances via a spying device. Double standards.

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        @ icouldahad, my cousin is a senator in Canberra and he had one installed on his business property but not at his home. He rang the C.E.O of Powercorp and told him not to send the installer goons to his house ever again. Take it from a reader here that pollies are not exempt.

  32. Disgusted says:

    So, Minister Kotsiris thinks it is more “humane” to have us pay an extra $150 a year rather than the threat of cutting off our power? How ” humane” is it for a Government to knowingly continue with this rollout , while totally ignoring the pleas of HUNDREDS of people who have developed severe and sometimes debilitating health symptoms from the pulsed microwaves that are emitted from these devices? How ” humane” is it to treat us like we don’t exist? Many people have developed an electro sensitivity since smart meters were installed on or near their property. Some , like me , have become so unwell they can no longer work. Some have had to relocate, their lives now in disarray. No amount of so called “benefits” will ever make up for my loss of health or wages.
    75,000 people who have refused is but the tip of the iceberg of those who do NOT want these wretched meters. What about all those who have been bullied and threatened; so traumatised by their power company that they have given in?

    • Sharron says:

      Great points you make, Disgusted. So many homeowners were blindsided by this ‘smart meter’ rollout. Most would have been at work when the sneaky installers came calling and are upset they never had a choice. I know that I count myself ‘lucky’ I just happened to be one step ahead and got my husband to put a lock on our meter box – but my neighbours all got them, despite me raising awareness of the threat. When people don’t listen to reason and are determined to defy logic, that really bothers me, since I now suffer from electrical sensitivity. How many more lives does Mr Kotsiras want to endanger with his slimy smart meter cash grab???

      • Leaty says:

        I agree with you Sharron. Many people were blindsided and didn’t realise they had a choice or how to go about stopping them. I know of many people who have had one installed while they were out and didn’t realise the consequences.

  33. Stephnie says:

    Energy Minister Nicholas Kotsiras said: in the Herald Sun story -.”more humane way to go.” Interesting choice of words that line. I take very strong OFFENCE to this, as if we were living in the dog in-pound. Where in law does it say we have to buy or have a product FORCED UPON US, WE DO NOT WANT or WILL EVER WANT, and be penalised for rejecting it ?
    The answer is STILL NO on accepting a smart meter.

  34. MovingEntity says:

    Nicholas Kotsiras is wrong about the legal position.

    One, currently there is a required Power Distributor yearly check of meter tallies, irrespective if it’s a digital meter or analogue meter. This means customers could elect to have guestimates between yearly reads

    Second the Victoria Government (SEC) never owned all the meter to sell them to private Power Distributors, therefore the demand to change meters may not be valid for many Victorians, and there is the question of Constitutional just compensation for meters already seized that Estates owned. This means that many Victorians are not refusing, they simply don’t need the change. One can put a legal lien on SEC to prove they owned the meter before any questionable sale. This will put a block on the Power Distributor from claiming the existing meter for removal.

    • AK47 says:

      What is the procedure for putting “a legal lien on SEC to prove they owned the meter before any questionable sale”. Is this something I could do without a solicitor?

  35. Bren says:

    So does the new fee come onto my bill after they refund me the increased costs on my bill that I have been paying already to fund everyone else’s smart meter??? Theoretically there should be no difference on my bill!

    • Informed Choice says:

      That’s so true, Bren. We are all being ‘ripped off’ even though we never accepted their stupid smart meter proposal, so I will not be paying either. Thankyou for pointing that one out. Everyone pays enough as it is. Tell this minister Kotsiras where he can stick his humane penalty!!!

  36. malcolm says:

    so he now realises that what we have been trying to tell him all this time, if they are now going to try to charge us more for our power do we get the smart meter charge refunded??? I question the extra charge is this consitutional ???? surely it would be discrimination???

  37. Julie and Peter Fedorenko says:

    it’s good to hear that approximately 75,000 Victorians have refused the installation of a smart meter. Our major concerns are the serious health issues linked to these meters. We are pensioners and will have financial hardship if forced to pay a penalty of $120 to $150 annually. We are disappointed the Victorian government will take these measures to penalise people like us for standing up for our rights, and this also proves that these smart meters are being installed as a revenue raising ploy only. This shows if we do not have a smart meter installed they’ll find other ways to make it harder for people like us.

  38. Michael says:

         I’m not sure if this will be seen as an improvement over disconnection, but I would see it as a cautious public relations move by those advocating “smart” meters. But if there are to be extra charges, I suppose there will be nothing to stop them increasing them, and increasing them, and increasing them, until they crush most of the resisters into submission.
         And I read about these charges being *on top of* smart meter charges. But how can they legally or morally justify these if (a) the meters belong to the power companies anyway; and (b) in the case of resisters, the smart meter service is not being provided. I thought it was illegal to charge for a service that is not being delivered.

    • Anonymous says:

      The scumbags don’t own all the analogue meters. Ask them for proof that they do if they say they own the old style meters.
      However, I have seen “Property of ……” stickers on the new meters, so you won’t win that discussion if you have a newer style meter.

  39. John M says:

    They wouldn’t publish this comment in the comment sections of article source. I hope censorship is less severe here.
    Nicholas Kotsiras. I will NOT be having a smart meter, nor will I be extorted from.

    “Extra costs could be separately clawed back from customers refusing to replace manually-read meters from March 1, 2015. “We need to make sure the costs of running two systems are not spread on to all consumers. It is preferable to getting police involved, or disconnecting,” Mr Kotsiras said.”

    Let’s examine the above quote:
    1. I don’t like thinly veiled threats of getting “Police Involved”. We are not breaking any ‘laws’ no matter what codes or mandates you and your mates in business try and disguise as such, via propaganda pieces and installers reading from scripts given to them to suggest such to customers. Sending thugs in badges (which is what they would be revealed to be) to enforce non existent laws, is a PR disaster and further proof that Victoria is no longer working under democracy and rule of law.

    2. Divide and conquer tactics in public opinion. Those that resist installation are of no extra cost to anyone, especially other people who have smart meters already installed. To even suggest that, is misleading – “spreading additional costs to other consumers”

    Clearly what you’re talking about in double speak, is the projected increases in revenue via a 100% smart meter roll out, not being met and passing along the loss of projected profits to other consumers. There is already a component built into electricity bills that covered the employment of meter readers and maintenance crews to turn power on and off manually. There always was. This charge was never reimbursed to customers as a cost saving to reduce their bill once they switched over to smart meters and put people out of jobs in the process. The reasons given to try and justify extortion money are laughable and easily seen through.

    I’ve heard all the supposed benefits. Anyone that hasn’t by now must of been on vacation on the moon or something. Your confidence is misplaced.
    Here’s some of the reasons I will never accept one:

    1. Health concerns. I am sick to death of headaches from sources of EM smog in proximity already. I do not want more on my house.

    2. The privacy of what goes on inside my home is not for anyone else to derive any information from, let alone sell it to other parties for marketing purposes or any other use.

    3. I don’t believe there is any cost savings to be had for the consumer, despite the propaganda. Quite the opposite.

    4. I don’t like being lied too. I don’t like being threatened or bullied. I don’t like excessive greed and being treated like a cash cow that’s always going to give more for less.

    I am in the process of gathering the funds needed to buy and install an off grid system. They can turn off the power and lose income from a very unhappy customer that’s had enough which I’m sure they will try and pass on to others with more asinine excuses.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      You make some great points John M.
      Behind you all the way.

      • Happy Dissenter. says:

        Excellent comment John M. The Herald Sun would be very careful to not educate the masses of any points which would benefit them, hence your comment was refused. Keep up the good fight everyone. “They” wont beat us. Police will not enforce civil disobedience in our own homes since there are too many of us who will fight for our rights.

    • Eric says:

      5. I don’t want an incendiary device permanently fixed to my property and I don’t wish to live with the anxiety I would feel knowing that this device has the capability to cause a potentially fatal fire at any time and which time is also unpredictable.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      So Mr Kotsiras would threaten us with the police would he? That’s the way of the oppressor. Divide and conquer, and emotional blackmail. I agree with everything you say John. The only thing I have heard about post Smart meter bills is that they were massively higher. There may be some I have not heard of that are lower but if so, I suspect that it will be only for a short period before they go up.

    • AK47 says:

      My sentiments exactly! Could not have put this better myself!
      Am also researching how to go off-grid and be free of all the unrelenting threats and attempted intimidation.

  40. Paul says:

    Just who are the ‘industry sources?’ $120 – $150 per year for what? Don’t we already pay a service (standing) charge for reading the meter? Will it be dropped? Bet it won’t!! At least this way we may at least be able to have a choice as to whether or not we have a smart meter (SM) But why should we be penalised anyway? Does Kotsiras believe we are naughty children who should be punished because we want to protect ourselves and our families form the dangers posed by SMs? Does he have one at his home?

    Here is a perfect solution: The electricity companies should allow us to photograph our safe analogue meters on a specific day every 3 months (for example the last Friday in March, June, September and December). We then email the photograph and they charge us accordingly. If necessary they can check the meters at any time, however, I’m sure they’ll be aware of our average reading. Alternatively we could mail or upload the data to a specific site with the data being linked to an account number. Too simple for government minds or wouldn’t they trust us?

    • icouldahad says:

      Melbourne Water lets you record your reading on its site if the reader couldn’t access your property. There is absolutely no reason why other companies can’t do the same.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        Water “smart” meters are next!!!!!!! Did everyone catch this little article the other day?


        The deals already done!
        That’s why it’s so important that we all wake everyone up to what’s really going on here, stand up to these monsters, and shut this madness down!

        • John M says:

          Slimey mongrels with their back door deals outside of public awareness and scrutiny. No end to the corporate imposition on the public. I foresee a huge demand on water tanks and gutter repairs. Thanks for posting that. I did note there was no mention in article about my supplier Gippsland Water. Must give them a call.

        • Paul says:

          Let them go ahead and install a WATER smart meter. Needs power to transmit the signal doesn’t it? Well then, I’m about to release my charges for the operation of said water smart meter and guess what? It’s about half the exorbitant electricity charges that I’m being forced to pay. Why half? because the other half is for the impending GAS smart meter charges.

        • Eric says:

          One nice big silver dome above the water meter should do the trick either as a installation preventative (or as a post installation shield if somehow the device was installed)

  41. TPG says:

    Dear moderator – I should have included the email address of the minister in my previous post:-

  42. Gerhard says:

    What a great idea by the minister – first make sure that the power companies charge everybody (if they have a smart meter installed or not) for a smart meter. If there are still people after that who are concerned about their health, privacy or even such a little thing called Democracy, fine them because it is very unfair to have a different opinion than the minister or the power company.
    Here is my suggestion and advice for the Minister

    Dear Sir – charge everybody in Victoria for the public transport system – fine the ones who don’t use it because it is unfair that the people who use it, pay for it alone, and by not using it, the owner of the public transport system make considerable less profit. Don’t let little things like Democracy and law get in the way – Get (your) police involved to force something which is not a law onto people, and don’t stop there – Just fine anybody who has the misguided belief that we are still living in a democratic society with freedom of choice and the right to protect oneself against unlawful behaviour. Australia has a station close to the south pole. Wouldn’t that be a place to consider sending people to build some huts and then ship all demonstrators, political opponents or any person who for whatever reason still believes in democratic rights? After all, You, The minister, is elected to fight for the interest of big companies (business is business)


  43. TPG says:

    I call on all SSMA readers and objectors to smart meters to email Kotsiras and let him know in no uncertain terms what you think of him. I have copied and pasted my letter below. I’m sure you can do much better.

    Dear Mr Kotsiras

    If you have been quoted correctly in this morning’s Herald Sun newspaper, as follows:-
    “Distributors still have the right to cut people off if they repeatedly refuse but I believe this is a more humane way to go.”
    Would you mind telling me what law I am breaking in trying to protect the health, safety and privacy of my family?
    Also, exactly what law, states the electricity provider can “cut people off” who are conscientiously trying to safeguard their family from harm?
    I have been a homeowner for more than forty years and have never had one single instance of trouble with any local council, water, gas, electricity, telephone or internet provider. I have never even paid a bill late!
    Does that give you some clue as to the genuineness of my objection to these meters? We conscientious objectors should not only not have to have one installed, we should not be financially penalised for being wise, either!
    Mr Kotsiras, we do not live in an overt dictatorship – yet. If the statement above came from your lips, you are out of touch with the reality of what it means to be an Australian, and you have no clue as to the validity of the claims of the thousands who are opposed to these monstrosities.
    I call on you to make a public apology to the thousands of honest, decent Victorians you have slighted with your misguided and careless words.
    Yours sincerely

    • Eric says:

      This person speaking about being “more humane”…………WHAT A HIPPOCRITE !!!

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Don’t hold your breath!! These money lovers don’t care about us. They need to remember that we make the money that they enjoy, and we CAN choose to oust them.

  44. John says:

    If an enterprising electrical retailer would get on board without a penalty, offer what the customer wants – present a good marketing campaign – they could have a decent swelling customer base.

  45. Nicholas marjolin. says:

    It just goes to show that the Energy minister could not care a hoot about Victorians with his comments about slugging those who refuse smart meters more money to cover the distributors costs.Please note that in Queensland those with Solar panels on their houses are slugged more money for increased rates because the grid cannot manage the Solar power input.Same in the UK,many wind farms are deliberately shut down due to supposedly the Energy industry’s inability to manage the Wind power input.Sadly the tax payers are being slugged 3 million pounds every six months,as the wind farms are left idle.The same thing with wind farms is going to happen in Australia soon.Wait and see.My view is that any energy distributor who cannot manage either Wind power or solar power in it’s grid should not be operating anywhere.This is cash grabbing to say the least.

  46. Ralph Maslen says:

    Typical Government intervention, We do not live in a Communist run country where decisions are made to curtail those against Government Policy. The government are currently surrendering to the power companies (All overseas owned) so that these companies are able to make higher profits and make those who are rich enough to have shares in these companies, better share dividends. The other point is that it cuts costs as they do not have to employ meter readers.

    Of all the research information supplied by these Power companies, nothing appears about health aspects from these companies in relation to the combined effects of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) and RF (Radio Frequencies). All the research that SP AUSNET supplied was from one company in relation to RF’S from mobile phones. In addition to this, not one of the persons listed displayed any information regarding their particular expertise in the field regarding degrees or post graduate degrees. One was listed as a Professor; however a Google search failed to find any information on him.

    I have been a purchaser of electricity from the former SEC (Now Privatized) to a variety of different suppliers, since 1972 and not once in that time has anyone requested to or attended to check the Analog meter to ensure it was working correctly. There is an idiom that says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Or “Something that you say which means if a system or method works well there is no reason to change it” and “It is a mistake to try to improve something that works.”
    Source: FARLEX Free Dictionary.

    It is my belief that as so many are against the installation of Smart Meters (sic) the government should suspend the roll out and enquire into the dangers of the devices, before they even carry out the threat of fining people who have not agreed to install the devices.

    When you consider that in excess of a third of the population of the United States of America (approximately 134 Million people) are refusing and are supported by their respective states, then it is clear that something is drastically amiss.

    Finally WE should all be continually harass the Government, including Premier, Energy Minister and any one else with emails and petitions to have this roll out stopped. I personally will be sending emails several times a week, and if no response, then we should go to the media and fight them in large numbers. A protest outside State Parliament may help.

    Regards Ralph

  47. rod Sylvia says:

    penalty for what i can take a picture of our meter as i did in QLD and send it off to them in QLD we would make arrangements for the to come once a year not any extra cost to read it sounds like a pack of thieves to me.

  48. Anonymous says:

    any form of discrimination is repugnant to law, and no Bill can receive the consent of a member of parliament that is against the interest or consnet of the electors. Elected members of parliament are the trustees/representatives of those who elected them. In law the creator always holds sovereignty and the electors created the members of parliament, Should members vote against the interest or consent of the electors, then they breach their contract with the electors.The latter then have the right to dismiss their representatives. The notion that members of parliament are elected for a term flies out the window when they act against those who elected them. Also it is not uncommon for an elected member the resign from parliament mid term or shortly after being elected. I suggest that you instruct your member/trustee/representative to seek reversal of any legislation in regards to smart meters and other legislation that is repugnant to the interest of the electors and their families.

  49. Terry ash says:

    I have had my utility box locked for a while now and have not been harassed by my supplier as yet. Thinking about this penelty, personally this would be another ploy to frighten people into excepting the change over it is by far illegal in every sense of the word. 75000 house holds is a strong number. As long as your paying your bill they cannot cut your electricity, your not in violation of there company code. The wording is they may not they will.

  50. Linda Nemeth says:

    Lets remind the minister that 75,000 is a powerful number in terms of an upcoming election and frankly I would dearly like to deposit a smart meter someplace where he feel a great deal of discomfort!!

  51. Concerned - VERY says:

    Quote – “Mr Kotsiras was confident most people would embrace smartmeters once the benefits were understood.” Mr Kotsiras, yes, we DO understand the benefits. Very well. They are solely for the Corporations including your Government – NOT THE PEOPLE. So stop twisting the facts, we will NOT embrace your evil little smartmeters or your Big Brother smartgrid.

    We are not feral animals. Having Financial Penalties imposed against us as a ‘more humane way to go’ underlines WHAT and HOW the Government thinks of the people. PEOPLE – DO WE EVER NEED A BETTER EXAMPLE OF THEIR UTTER CONTEMPT FOR US ??

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Here! Here!

    • Eric says:

      I think Kotsiras is a lowlife of a man. I think the only embrace will be for a new found unity of desire and demand for the stinking smartmeter devices already installed to be removed and for BRAND NEW analog meters to be reinstated. And also a heartfelt embrace of the demand to be switched back to the “other system”.

      And for those 75,000 who are quoted as being delays rather than refusals, may every single one of them NOW BECOME REFUSALS. Folks, if you don’t want this poison installed on your property, NOW is the time to express your non consent to this wicked agenda. Lock up your meter boxes as the other 75,000 have done. Put up your signs of non consent and no trespass and let the Distribution Companies know firmly where you stand and don’t allow yourselves in any way to be intimidated by any of these lowlifes. Let it quickly become 150,000 refusals and 2.5 million who rise up and demand this whole rollout to be reversed. As far as I am concerned, not only does Spring St need to be completely cleaned out but certain people MUST go to jail.

      And also for those who have been stuck with electronic digital interval meters that have switch mode power supply (not an analog and not a smart meter) and are finding their electricity supply contaminated with dirty electricity and their house wiring acting as antennae for low to medium range frequencies, may there be an embrace to demand removal of these ALSO DIRTY ELECTRICITY PRODUCING TOXIC DIGITAL DEVICES and a reinstatement of a brand new safe, passive and accurate PURE ANALOG pure electricity meter.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Scare tactics again, they cannot cut off supply.

    • roccco's mum says:

      That’s what the higher cost is for… to cover the cost of maintaining two grids and costing systems. They’ve realised they can’t force us to take one, so they cut off supply. This is the way they have chosen to handle it. In other words, a penalty for protecting ourselves against something that is not mandatory. Sounds unconstitutional to me, and sadly I think we will need our solicitor to look into this issue now. But the upside could be we can drop the expensive legal proceedings against forcing us to take the smart meter.

  53. Alice Black says:

    This is outrageous that those of us who are refusing these cancer boxes will be charged for not taking up this technology! Is there nothing we can do to fight this? The comment “Distributors still have the right to cut people off if they repeatedly refuse but I believe this is a more humane way to go.” is worrying. Since when do the distributors have the right to cut us off and how can charging us extra for trying to ensure our children aren’t affected by these carcinogens be considered humane?

    • Chris says:

      Has ANYONE of the 75,000 who have refused to have a cancer meter, had their actual power cut off? I mean…have they gone through with this threat at all? I’m standing fast against a cancer meter, but I’m just wandering if I have to go and buy a generator? I have a one week old baby in the house!


      • Eric says:

        For a straight out refusal no one has been cut off

      • John M says:

        @Chris I would plan to buy one anyway just in case of the need over this nonsense, or other emergency in the future. Either way the grid is far less reliable than it used to be. Almost weekly there seems to be outages lately. Don’t buy a cheap nasty noisy one, or those meant for tradies on building sites. Noise output is primary concern in a domestic situation or your neighbors will be complaining to council. Camping supply stores and those that supply the caravan and RV market are a good place to have a look.

        Another possibility is getting friendly with your neighbors and passing an extension lead next door under an arrangement to share payment of their bill. I’m sure the power companies would love that if it caught on. Imagine all the monthly supply charges they would miss out on. 😀

      • Happy Dissenter. says:

        Well said. ( Congrats on the new arrival Chris. )

  54. John Wilson says:

    Another proposed breach of constitutional RIGHTS. The Victorian government continues to act outside of its authority. Australia is a country that is being sabotaged from within by vested interests and political power groups. We need to return to our lawful constitution 1900-1901 where the people are the government. The people are the ones who choose what Australia needs, not a few selected power groups that are subservient to foreign power and foreign interests.

    • icouldahad says:

      Here! Here!

    • AK47 says:

      You have hit the nail right on the head! If we could fix this situation, we will save ourselves a lot of the pain that is coming our way in the near future.
      Is there anyone out there with expertise in constitutional law who could advise us on how to go about restoring our democratic rights?

  55. Dave says:

    Isn’t it illegal to cut off the electricity to a home IF the bill is paid… I thought it was a human right?

    • Sharron says:

      It is an essential service, therefore this government in Victoria seeks to take away our human rights. Disgusting and criminal behaviour by the energy minister Kotsiras, not to mention extortion.

    • Eric says:

      Don’t buckle to what are just pure threats……EVER.

  56. Frances Makarova says:

    My electricity bills have risen to the stratosphere already, I am an Age Pensioner just how much more blood do they want from this old stone? I refused to allow Origin to bullying me into accepting their so called Smart Meter, so my electricity bills have risen astronomically. They have not even actually done a meter read according to my power bill.

    • Sue says:

      Contact the energy obudsman.
      I have my latest power bill and also a flier from the power company. Showing peak/off peak and what it all means. Except the usage graph on my power bill says ALL my power usage is PEAK, which can’t be true. Yeah, a smart meter is installed.

  57. I believe there is no reason to go this way. The Victorian state gov wants to do away with meter readers to save the expenditure on them. Like everywhere jobs are being sacrificed by a Liberal government so their pals, big business can make more money. They have always done this.

    • Matt says:

      It was a Labor government that originally mandated the installation of smart meters.
      Lib’s / Lab’s – they’re all the same though. They all want to have total control over every aspect of our lives and screw every last cent out of us with ridiculous fines/levies/taxes to fatten their own bank accounts & live a life of luxury.

      • Sharron says:

        You got that Right!

      • Eric says:

        I heard they are bending over themselves backwards to work out which roads they could introduce new tolls on and they are considering all existing roads that we have been using for many many years and such roads which you could never have imagined that the use of such road(s) would one day incur a “toll”.

        These are dirty greedy thieving dogs gone mad. Snouts in the trough is pure understatement.

    • AK47 says:

      The cost of employing meter readers is negligible compared to the $2.3 billion blowout (so far?) of installing “smart” meters, plus the impending exponential blowout of health costs, plus the lost income tax from people who have been made so ill they can no longer work, plus the genetic damage to our children, plus the threat to our national security from a foreign-controlled power grid, etc. etc.
      No, saving expenditure on meter readers is just ‘spin’. Clearly there is another agenda.

  58. Mr Chambers (Paramedic) says:

    That is ridiculous and we should protest on Parliament stairs. If 75,000 people refuse to have smart meters they should NOT be penalised but HEARD. Obviously they are not happy! That is another ridiculous revenue raiser! and should under no circumstance go ahead.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      ‘Should NOT be penalised but HEARD’ – well put, I agree wholeheartedly.
      We are the voters. We must be heard. The politicians work for US! Mr Kotsiras seems to have forgotten that.

  59. im proud to the one of the 75k who refuse to have something i neither want nor need at my home 🙂

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