All Victorians at risk from smart meter radiation – especially children

It may end up being that those Victorians (possibly 5 to 10% of the population) who have developed acute symptoms from smart meters (insomnia, headaches, ringing in the ears, fatigue, concentration and memory problems, dizziness, heart palpitations and more) are actually the lucky ones!

Why? Because they have no choice but to take immediate steps to protect themselves from the meters’ microwave emissions, as well as from emissions from a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, microwave ovens and baby monitors.

Despite the fact that these people may have incurred substantial expenditure, such as the cost for shielding of their home, or may have had to make sweeping lifestyle changes, such as moving house, giving up a job or even moving interstate, these are the ones who may very well, in the long-term, be the lucky ones.

It is the remaining (90% +) majority of Victorians who may be most at risk from the long-term consequences of exposure to smart meters. Yes, the majority, who feel that they can just go on with ‘business as usual’, may in fact, be the ones to suffer the greatest consequences, as they have failed to take any measures to protect themselves.

This easy to read article by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy, Imperial College, London, tells us that:

  • There are thousands of scientific papers showing that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation causes harmful effects, such as damage to DNA, cancer, loss of fertility, brain damage, disruption of normal cell metabolism, disruption of the blood-brain barrier, neuronal hyperactivity and autism.
  • The duration of the radiation seems to be more important than its strength, with the effects being cumulative.
  • DNA damage is greater when the exposure is pulsed intermittent (as with smart meters) rather than continuous.
  • According to the WHO, radiofrequencies (including those from smart meters) are a class 2B carcinogen. Younger people are more at risk, because their brain is still growing and developing, which makes it more susceptible to damage leading to cancer.
  • The greatest damage from microwaves is when the brain is first developing in the foetus and very young child. This can lead to autism.
  • The compulsory introduction of smart meters can only contribute further to autism on a grand scale.
  • The utility company could be held legally responsible for any autistic children that a couple may have.


Read full article titled ‘How Smart Meters May Cause Autism and Cancer’:

Thank-you to Dr Goldsworthy for sending us this very important article and allowing us to use it on our website.



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33 Responses to All Victorians at risk from smart meter radiation – especially children

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  2. gh says:

    I don’t live in a state with smart meters and really hope I never have to deal with them. I’ve electrical hypersensitivity and existing sources of radiation are bad enough. I have autoimmune myalgic encephalomyelitis which among other things, involves antibodies attacking heat shock proteins in my brain myelin. Normally the hsp’s are expressed because of inflammation from a number of viruses. When I am near a mobile phone or wireless modem, the feeling of pressure I have in my head from the autoimmunity instantly becomes several times worse. That is because mobile radiation increases expression of hsp’s. With my m.e. it seems to be mainly hsp70 which is involved.
    I think that at least some people who get a sore head from smart meters have brain autoimmunity. Though expression of hsp’s does affect other cells as well. Rf radiation increases histamine also.
    It would be good if it were possible to measure hsp expression in people who react to smart meters. I’m not aware of it being possible to measure expression in tissue without biopsy. However it is possible to measure hsp60 in blood. Hsp60 is involved with the autoimmunity in atherosclerosis. I haven’t found any reference to hsp60 expression in response to rf radiation, but hsp60 does increase when hsp70 does. Also I did read somewhere that there is an increase in plaque in blood vessels on the side of the head where people use mobile phones – so rf radiation would seem to worsen atherosclerosis.
    I wonder if someone would be willing to test hsp60 expression in people when exposed to smart meter radiation. It may indicate a real increase of plaque in the blood vessels of people living with smart meters.
    In the presence of smart meters I think we can look forward to a lot more autoimmune activity in people – most modern day diseases have an autoimmune element. Yet another environmental factor damaging peoples health. All because of willfully ignorant people placing money ahead of peoples well being.
    I can never wrap my mind around how so many people can be so willfully ignorant. How so many people blindly believe the corporate propaganda they are fed by media. People who once programmed, cannot handle having their belief system challenged. Why do so many people close their minds and refuse to think for themselves.
    Respect to all the people making a stand against smart meters.

  3. 1vimana1 says:

    As more and more people get sick from these accursed Deadly and dopey so-called Electric Smart Meters the people’s patience will reach BREAKING POINT very soon indeed. I can promise you, soon there could soon be a veritable army of irate citizens banning together to go to these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and haul out the C.E.O’s literally by the scruff of their necks and force them to return the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters to every home where these accursed and Sickness Making dopey and not so SMART Electric Microwave meters have been Forcefully and Illegally installed against the Will and Better judgement of these now highly aggrieved Victorian Citizens.

    I cannot promise you that things will be peaceful in the very near future as these Evil five overseas Electric Power Companies continue to ILLEGALLY force people to give up the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters for these now proving to be Sickness Making Filthy and Dopey Electric so-called Smart Meters, now the ongoing Plague and CURSE to HUMAN and all LIFE on Earth. These INCENDIARY devices have already burnt down a number of homes overseas and here in Victoria as well, and the number of fires in Electric Meter Boxes here in Victoria continues as does Fusion to a mounting number of domestic fridges and electric damage to mounting numbers of peoples’ other electrical devices. It is sheer madness for the Roll-Out of these Deadly Microwave so-called Smart Meters to continue.

    It will be a waste of time for these five C.E.O’s of Powercor and City Power and SP AusNet and Jemena and United Energy to even think of calling the police as the irate Victorian People’s Patience finally snaps !
    I wouldn’t want to be Mr Tim O’Rourke the C.E.O of Powercor as well as City Power then or Mr Nino Ficca the Managing Director and C.E.O of SP AusNet, or Mr Hugh Gleeson the C.E.O of United Energy or especially Mr Paul Adams of Jemena as I have heard him lying on the 3AW Radio Program with the host Mr Neil Mitchell. I have also heard this Mr Paul Adams lying to Mr Dean Mighell who had been the C.E.O of the Victorian Electrical Union when there was a three way conversation on 3AW some time ago.

    It is a bloody disgrace the way these C.E.O’s of the above named and shamed foreign owned Electric Power companies are ILLEGALLY forcing these INHUMAN and all life Sickness Making dopey and far from smart Electric so-called smart meters on the Victorian public.

    Sadly I have now had to name and shame every slippery C.E.O of these five overseas owned Electric Power Companies who now needs to be dragged out of their offices and Tarred and Feathered and then forced to remove every BLOODY DANGEROUS and INHUMAN Sickness making and all life sickness making electric not-so-smart meter which must be removed from every privately owned home and small business in Victoria and replaced by the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter that have been and still are being Illegally removed by these contracted Electric not-so-smart-meter-men at the behest of these money hungry C.E.O’s of the above named foreign owned Electric Power Companies.

    It’s high-time for the Victorian People to TAKE BACK THE POWER to get rid of these dopey and deadly Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meters. It is also imperative that the ridding of these deadly meters be paid for by these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and that the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters be returned to the Victorian People with the entire financial expense being born by these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies.

    A precedent has already been set for the immediate return of every Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter when the Haddon Dentistry Practice after suffering two Smart Meter Fires, got its Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter returned at the Insistence of the Owner of this Haddon Dentistry Practice in Glenroy Victoria.

    Warning to all Victorians, ” Don’t stand for this Evil Bullying by these C.E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their weak and brainwashed LYING LITTLE minions of the Publicity Departments of the above named and shamed Electric Power Companies. Demand your Legal and Democratic Rights for the instant return of the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters already stolen from you by these Rapinely Greedy C.E.O’s. Nothing less than this is Fair Or Just !

    • Sue says:

      I watched ‘Take Back Your Power’
      last night and as much as I know smart meters are a bad idea, they are way worse than I realised.

      At the start of the movie is a quote:
      Power concedes nothing without a demand.
      It never did and it never will.
      Find out just what any people will quietly submit to
      and you have found out the exact measure
      of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.
      Frederick Douglas (1818-1895), author, former slave

      Never give up, never give in.
      One person alone generally has little impact on the world,
      but we are not alone, we are a world of people….
      So spread the word! Build your own Faraday cages so the wireless easy to use meters for the power company’s are not longer quite so convenient for them. Nag and harass them to re-install the much loved (by comparison) and benign analogue meters.

      Should your power bills escalate because you are not towing the power company line, contest it. Their use of the smart meters has to be made inconvenient for them, and inconvenient in a way that costs them money. They will probably still try to make us, the consumer pay, but they are doing that anyway.

      • Citizen for democracy says:

        Well said Sue!

      • 1vimana1 says:

        These so called Smart Meters are not smart in any way at all as you realise, in fact they scare the LIFE out of me. I am already sick from E.H.S from the Microwave Mobiles Phones and my doctor has confiscated my mobile phone over a year ago and I will never use a mobile phone again as it gave me such blinding headaches after using it over four and a bit years. These so-called smart meters are using the same type of Deadly Technology, Deadly to humans and to all life in fact as is now being proven not only here in Victoria Australia but now world-wide.

  4. julie winn says:

    if it makes money for government people’s health will be ignored as usual . please get rid of these meters.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      This I have also been saying for over three years now !

    • No Julie !
      Simply and politely demand that the Victorian Government Stop The Roll Out of these so-called Smart Meters Immediately, and also remove these accursed and dopey and not-so Smart Meters, which are now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Machines according to the World Health Organisation and from the rush of evidence now coming to us from all over the world and here in Victoria Australia as well.

      The time for more and more testing is ridiculous as all the evidence is in front of you and plain to see. It is your and my and everybody’s right not to be forced to take these now accursed microwave so-called Smart Meters. Smart they are definitely not as so many people here in Victoria Australia and World-wide are getting so many various types of sicknesses directly linked to these Type 2B Carcinogen Meters from Tinnitus or bleeding of the ears to muscle shakes and twitches to chronic sleeplessness to feelings of lassitude and or tightness in the chest to vomiting etc. As well as this there is damage being done to many peoples’ domestic electrical goods such as fusion to some peoples’ fridge’s and or deep freezers and or washing machines and or T.V ‘s and or computers and or printing machines etc. There have been a growing number of fires in peoples Electricity Meter Boxes after these in many cases Incendiary and far from Smart Meters have been installed as well.


      Richard Leschen.

  5. 1vimana1 says:

    What next PowerCor and City Power ?,
    More bullying and filthy Illegal Tricks from you. I caught you out today with your Pants Down.
    Many of my questions you could not, or more likely would not answer because you knew I was right and your were wrong.

    I’ve got your names. Watch out, you stupid bully boys and girls. You’ll get a visit from some friends of mine very soon, if you don’t stop telling all the lies you keep telling me and my friends.

    If you or your nuggetty goons set foot on my or my friends properties where we have our Commonwealth of Australia Legal Common Law $167,000 Dollar Anti-Trespass Signs erected on our Privately owned and Industrially Padlocked Electric Meter Boxes. We now have guard dogs who are hungrily looking forward to ripping the ARSE END OUT OF YOUR PANTS IF YOU TRY TO STEAL the Analog meters on my and my friends properties. This they and I have already informed you of in Registered Letters, SO BACK OFF YOU CRIMINALS !

  6. Margie says:

    We shouldn’t forget that public health is NOT the priority of Corporations. The priority of the Treasury Corporation of Victoria (yes, you read the name right; it is listed on the Stock Exchange) is to make money. The fact that the smart grid is a huge money earner for Corporations gives a clue as to why this Government is so deaf to the pleas of those who see and experience the health problems inherent in saturation levels of microwave pollution. The Government has from the very beginning, and is still, ignoring health issues arising from Smartmeters because they have such a vested interest in the Energy Grid. Clearly, this is a MASSIVE conflict between Government Corporate interests and the peoples’ right to a healthy life. We wonder when will the Politicians wake up and realise they are putting everyone, including their own families lives in danger by acting like the three monkeys, and ignoring health warnings? Or are they still too busy lining their grimy pockets before the inevitable **** hits the fan?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      I see a very sad and sorry time ahead, it bodes very badly for Victorian Electricity Customers and as well for these Pirates of The Suburbs continuing their stealing of the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters to keep on forcing these truly deadly and now proving to be INCENDIARY dopey and now proving to be “Not so Smart Electric Microwave Meters” on the Victorian Public.

      Just who are these Pirates of the Suburbs? They are not only the Installers of these far from Smart Meters, but the C..E.O’s of the five foreign owned Electric Power Stations here in Victoria and the LYING LITTLE TOADS in the so-called Public Relations offices and one of their bosses who continues to put them up to their sneaky and lying little tricks to FORCE decent Victorian Electricity Customers to part with the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters is a GUTLESS little man named Mr Lyle Johnson of SP AusNet, with whom I left a very polite message to phone me about this Evil and Forced installation of these Microwave Electric and far from “Smart Meters. Has he phoned me back yet, when only two days ago when I politely asked him to ? No he hasn’t because he is either too frightened to, or perhaps he truly believes “He is GOD !”

      Another shocking thing is the way these stupid little boys and girls in the Publicity Departments or is that more likely the “INHUMANE Publicity Departments” of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies are so rude to their customers, as they continually get on their HIGH HORSE and state, ” We own the Analog Meters, you don’t, they belong to us of SP AusNet or Jemena or City Power and or Powercor or United Energy, and we have the right to change our equipment.” This these very rude people state with great gusto.
      My reply to these cheeky sods is, ” Well I don’t give a Continental, who claims to own the Analog Electric Meter/s. There is no way I will let you take away the safe Analog Electric Meter from my property whose Electric Meter Box is padlocked. I refuse to allow your Not So Smart Installer blokes to force a poisonous Microwave Radiating Type 2B Carcinogen Meter on my property, to give me splitting headaches and or a bleeding nose and or Insomnia, or Tinnitus etc., from your Deadly Poisonous Microwave Radiation so-called Smart Meter/s now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Machines as stated by the World Health Organisation.”
      This usually pulls these dopey Puppets and String Pulled Marionettes up with a huge Bump.

      If they continue to argue with me I simply demand their second or Family name as I tell them that I am their Customer and I demand respect. If they refuse to give me their family name like Smith or Jones or Taylor or whatever it might be, I simply state that if they do not show me the respect I as a customers demand, they may very soon lose their job. This usually results in a more polite response from them.

      Remember gentle readers, we pay for clean electricity to be delivered to us and not to be poisoned by these Deadly Microwave so-called but far from safe Smart Electric Meters which had been and still are not only poisoning people and all life on Earth, but in now mounting numbers of cases acting as Incendiary Devices as they are also responsible for starting fires in Electric Meter Boxes and burning down homes and or small businesses as more and more of these Deadly Devices are still continuing to be rolled out against the will of The People here in Victoria and World-Wide.

  7. 1vimana1 says:

    Just lock up your Electric Meter boxes with a hefty Industrial Padlock and then get up your Common Law Legal Anti-Trespass Signs. Next, send the Commonwealth ‘Anti-Harassment Notice with the $1.1Million Dollar Fine from the A.C.C.C in Canberra our Head of the Australian Government’ to these Pirates Of The Suburbs of PowerCor and City Power, and SP AusNet and Jemena and United Energy Distribution.

    So far they have not bothered me in over twelve (12) months and I don’t want to hear from these foreign owned electric power companies ever again.

  8. 1vimana1 says:

    I will never vote back the Victorian Liberal or the Labour Party as they have proven to be only interested in gouging more and more money from the Victorian peoples pockets by acting in wicked collusion with these now proving to be Corrupt Victorian Government and the five foreign owned overseas owned electric power companies of City Power and Powercor and Jemena and SP AusNet and United Energy Distribution.

    Neither of these Victorian Governments have shown any Due Care or Consideration for their Victorian Customers Health or Welfare at any time whilst the Electric so-called smart meters had been getting rolled out, or even now as these Type 2B Carcinogen Meters are still being rolled out against the Victorian’s peoples wishes, by the above named foreign owned electric power companies so named and shamed above.

    It is not The Law that these infernal machines be Rolled-Out on the Victorian Public. It is a Mandate by the Victorian Government upon these above named foreign owned Electric Power Companies to use their “Best Endeavours” to get the Victorian Electricity Customers to accept these dopey devices. But sadly bullying and harassing tactics have been and still are being now being used from the outset which is ILLEGAL. Please note that a Mandate is not ‘The Law.’ There is no Law making it compulsory for any person in Victoria to accept a Microwave so-called but now proving to be Dangerous to All Life so-called Smart Meter/s which are not Smart in any way at all.

    More and more E.M.F diseases are coming to the surface now in Victoria, such as Tinnitus, that is ringing in the ears and or bleeding noses to chronic sleeplessness to muscle aches and to severe loss of concentration etc. after these deadly to all life Type 2B Carcinogen Machines have been forced onto the Victorian Electricity Customers and against these customers will and better judgement. Please also note that these so-called smart meters have also caused fires in customers private electricity boxes as had been the case in the Northcote fire of a two-storey home and also at Glenroy at a dentist’s practice not once but on two occasions after these so-called smart meters had been installed. I know of five fires in the Geelong area after these not so smart meters had been installed. I also know of three fires in the Western District of Ararat and in each case where the Safe and Passive Analog Meters had been removed and these Microwave not so-smart meters had been installed.
    We need to get every one of these Incendiary type Microwave and far from Smart Meters removed by the same installers who put them in in the first place and get the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters Reinstalled, for not only human safety but the safety of the homes and small businesses as well.

    I hope that very soon the Tables will be turned upon these five Evil and Rapinely Greedy Electric foreign owned Power Companies and this Money Hungry Victorian Government, and that they be forced to remove these accursed M/Wave and far from smart meters at their expense and that those C.E.O’s and the past and present Victorian Labour and Liberal Government Ministers be also dragged into Court kicking and screaming to face us their accusers of the great past and present damage those so named above have evilly wrought upon their customers.

  9. nick says:

    how do you get your smart meter removed then.

    • Citizen for democracy says:

      Nick, as far as I know, no-one has succeeded so far in having a smart meter removed in Victoria (it’s not a problem in other states, they remove it on request). A couple of people have taken matters in their own hands and removed it themselves, but that is not to be recommended for obvious safety reasons.
      If I were you, I would formally write to my power company and request replacement of the smart meter with an analogue one or a non-wireless electronic meter. Keep a copy of your correspondence, as you never know one day!
      In the meantime, I would suggest assessing how much RFs are coming through, (a cheap RF meter is the Cornet 75 – available: ), then planning some protective measures at your home, which may include relocating bedrooms to the back of the house (esp. for children), shielding paint and curtains and, most importantly, lowering your family’s exposure to RFs from all sources, as the effects are cumulative. Some examples: use corded phones, get rid of the microwave oven, switch off Wi-Fi when not using it and especially at night. Wired internet is better and faster anyway!
      Best of luck.

      • Eric says:

        There is a dental practice in Hadfield whose smart meter caught fire and they lost a lot of their electrical equipment used in the practice. Jemena installed another smart meter in place of the burnt out one and lo and behold another fire in the practice originating from the smart meter and even more expensive surgical equipment was lost. By this time the dentist already had a gutful and insisted that Jemena reinstall the old analogue meter which they did and guess what……… fires since. Jemena tried to spin a story that somebody had poured liquids on the smartmeter and thats why it became incendiary. Why haven’t they caught anyone then ??????? They say “smartmeters don’t blow up”. I know that anything Jemena say is all spin and that these i-Credit 500 smart meters are well and truly potential incendiary devices.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        HI Nick,
        You are not quite right there, I will elucidate soon on this.

  10. Anxious Victorian says:

    And here I was thinking I was one of the unlucky ones for being sensitive to these evil things. Thankfully I have shielded my whole bloody house practically but still it hasn’t completely fixed my problem as the neighbors meter has been more challenging to stop as it’s connected to solar panels. And as much as the power companies tell me they behave no different than the normal meter, my body knows better. But I have taken preventive measures and moved my kids out of their bedroom as they are closest to the neighbor’s meter which is giving me trouble. People think I am a little crazy for doing so and all the effort I have gone to not to mention money to shield my home. What choice are you left with other than leaving the state when you start getting sick from them. People should not judge what they don’t understand. If you don’t get sick from them then you don’t understand how much anxiety this can cause on a perfectly healthy human being….I did come to a realisation over the weekend. This problem not only affects where I live but where I holiday and where I work as these bloody things are now in all office buildings. We went to visit our mother-in-law’s beach house over the weekend down the Mornington Peninsula and smart meter’s are now in those homes too. So of course as soon as I walked into the beach house I felt the smart meter instantly. It felt more potent and powerful than the ones in Melbourne. I was so sick I had to leave. So there goes our holidays now in the summer and I am so very angry right now. I hope those money hungry power companies get what is coming to them sooner rather than later. But will it be too late is the question and how hard will to be to prove in a court of law that these machines caused our cancers our children to be sick, autism etc ?

    • Peninsula beach houser says:

      I went down to a Mornington Peninsula beachhouse to stay for a couple of nights. The neighbors down there had just had a smart meter installed. In Melbourne I had been having headaches from smartmeters. Whilst down the Peninsula I experienced such a sick nausea, one of the most horrible things I have ever experienced in my life combined with a type of dizziness which made me feel like I was going to fall to the ground whilst walking through the shopping precinct in Sorrento. I had to drive back to Melbourne in this state and I have never had to fight so hard just to hold my concentration and to try and keep my vehicle from going off the road. Only when I got to Port Melbourne did I start to regain some confidence that I would be able to control my vehicle to get me home without incident. I wouldn’t wish this experience on anybody although these greedy power company people pushing this poison out there deserve to experience this horror for themselves. It took about a week for that horrible nausea to subside but the headaches have still gone on and on and on. Only when the tenants next door were evicted did I get a respite for four months because the house was empty for that period and the power got cut off and the smart meter next door was no longer working (confirmed, no display on LCD and no EMR communication spikes). The headaches did not subside immediately but still continued after the power and smart meter were shut down and took some 4 to 5 weeks to finally alleviate. For the rest of that four month period, my life had finally gotten back to normal ie. headache free again after six months of constant presence of head pain.
      After the four months……….new tennants. The power was back on and so was the smartmeter with the emr transmission spikes measurable once again and hitting my wall every few seconds at 300 µW/m2 and going thru the wall into my house. It was a matter of a week before the headaches started setting in again. I moved out for several days whilst I organised to set up a mesh shield on the side of my house. The spikes are still hitting the exterior wall of my house quite hard but the shield seems to have blunted these spikes from entering the house. Unfortunately I’m not sure why but my head pains continue and are more noticeable when I wake up in the mornings. What I can say is that the pains are not quite as bad as what they were in the first six months. I think it is because there is more to the shielding of emr than what I am aware and that the shield on the wall helps but is only makeshift and by no means a complete solution. Also it is unearthed and I am thinking that any type of shield probably should be earthed.

    • Paul says:

      Anxious Victoria (indeed all Victorians) I urge you to see a documentary called Resonance – Beings of Frequency, where it describes the production of Melatonin, which is secreted by the pineal gland in our brains during our sleeping hours. This hormone is responsible for rounding up the ‘free radicals’ produced during the body’s repair process (sleep) and is produced as a reaction to ‘no light’ conditions (night time). Melatonin production is affected by microwave radiation with the end result being a prevalence of free radicals circulating in our bodies. Free radicals cause cancers such as gliomas (brain cancer). Anyone see a link here?

  11. Tanya says:

    I agree and have said before to friends that I may live longer than non EMS people as I am taking measures to protect myself. And I feel safer when in the company of people who are highly sensitive to EMF as they are my early warning system to get the hell out of the high EMR area.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Good thinking on your part, humans can be and often are very good sensitive’s to this Electromagnetic Filth coming off these so-called but truly now proving to be filthy Type 2B Carcinogen Meters, as more and more frightening evidence comes in to show up the Carcinogen Poisoning capabilities of these dangerous Microwave machines.

  12. Smart meters are not compulsary in Victoria. Read Julia Gillard’s transcript from “The Project” tv show of late 2012. They are not law. There is only a mandate on powerco’s to use their “best endeavours” to get them installed. There is no mandate on the people to accept them. A mandate is only a ruling/order. It is not legislation through the parliament. Don’t believe their lies and know your rights. Do you not think that our recent previous prime minister would know if they are law, and compulsory or not?? None of the power co’s can prove anything here!! Ask them to send you in writing a copy of the bill and act no, if they are compulsory and made law??? They can’t- because there isn’t one.
    Also for all Victorians and Australians who wish to protect themselves, family and pets, there are effective products at a reasonable price on the net at; PURE ENERGY SOLUTIONS.COM
    I have purchased a few of their products and I’m very happy with them.
    I am in no way connected to the business, nor do i receive any monies, perks, etc for promoting their products. Just letting people know what’s out there that can help and prevent major damage to your health caused from smart meters and all em +RF’S. thank u

  13. one of "the lucky ones" says:

    I hope these utility morons rot in jail for the harm they have caused to all Victorian children. They can and will be held accountable… it may be sooner than they think. One can only DREAM. For those liars employed in the distribution industry, then be afraid because your day of reckoning is NEAR and WE are exposing THE UGLY TRUTH. In fact, WE have been EXPOSED TO IT FOR LONG ENOUGH!!!

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Remember how Hitler’s henchmen claimed they were just doing as they were instructed. Didn’t stop them being hunted down and prosecuted as war criminals though did it? As far as I’m concerned it’s war with these smart meter companies and they are the criminals because they can’t say they don’t know the risks, they’ve been told often enough.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good analogy Cedar. This is what we have, a TOTALITARIAN ( controlling the people of a country in a very strict way with complete power that cannot be opposed.) DICTATORSHIP !!!(rule by a dictator : rule, control, or leadership by one person with total power. : a government or country in which total power is held by a dictator or a small group ..) We know the definitions but the powers that be obviously don’t.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Cedar Wilde,
        These Victorian Ministers for Energy and Resources from Mr Peter Bachelor to Mr Teddy Bear Hugger Michael O’Brien, to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras are a bunch of weak snivelling and gutless cowards who are nothing but Lick Spittle’s to the five (5) foreign owned Electric Power Companies and could possibly be getting ‘Hush Money’ in their back-pockets as they act as JUDAS’s to sell us off Victorians for forty pieces of silver or its equivalent today.
        They have no conscious at all as they put the Gaining of Money or Filthy Lucre ahead of the first requirement which is to see that this brazen and now proving to be deadly Microwave Technology of the Microwave so-called smart meters continues to be Rolled-Out, yet is causing great sickness of ever increasing numbers of the Victorian Populace every day.

  14. Rik says:

    I’m autistic and in the last two years my autism has become a real problem now. Because of smart meters I am now no longer able to work and over the last few months even driving is becoming a problem. I am losing thoughts and knowledge. I have to ask people for the simplest things just because I’ve forgotten them. It all comes down to smart meters as when the neighbours got their smart meters installed is the exact same time I started with these life changing or life ending problems.
    Thanks government, now I will be a burden on you forever as I can’t work so you will have to pay me instead of an employer. There will be thousands of people that will be in the same situation where they have some sort of manageable autism which now is the opposite and its no longer manageable and now they will all be getting disability payments all because of those smart meters getting installed in their neighbourhoods.

    You close hospitals then install smart meters. More people will get sick and now they have nowhere to go for help. How about move the money around. Stop smart meters and build more hospitals. I bet if you did the people would love what you are doing and vote you back in at the next election. From what you are doing now there is absolutely no way I will ever vote for you.

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