Valuable Advice – Spread the word!

Word travels and the old saying word of mouth is true and I believe we are already worrying the people responsible for this outrageous mandate.  To me the fact that the government and power companies are having to continually spin their propaganda to con people that they will be better off with these radiation emitting smart meters makes it clear they are worried.

The reason they are worried is that more and more wise citizens are standing up and taking a stand for what they truly believe and know is wrong.  We and in particular this site and the people who contribute to it, have helped open people’s eyes to the deception that we are dealing with.

My advice to all is to tweet, talk at work, tell your friends on Facebook, tell everyone you know – we can spread the message and the more locked meter boxes in Australia means we are putting a major spanner in the works – and let them try and punish us all!  We can and will make a difference.  Just remember, get the word out.  I have converted a few sceptics who thought I was over reacting.  These same people who I have proven my case to and shown what I have learnt  have now locked their boxes.  Good luck all and thank you to Stop Smart Meters Australia.

Regards Vickie.

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