Public Information & Take Back Your Power Screening – Oakleigh (Hughesdale), October 27th

TBYP Oakleigh

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24 Responses to Public Information & Take Back Your Power Screening – Oakleigh (Hughesdale), October 27th

  1. trevor churchill says:

    •Austin Texas Energy Opt Out Details
    Austinites are Concerned About Electric and Gas Smart Meters

    Austin installed automated, wireless, electric and gas meters between 2001 – 2009 and all of our homes, apartments, and multi-family residences in the Austin area have Smart Meters. These meters are computers on our homes that send electromagnetic pulses of Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave energy over a wireless system, every 5-30 seconds, and records our electricity and gas usage without a manual meter reader.

  2. Eric says:

    How much do the so called Victorian State Government including the DPI stand by the accuracy of their own information that is published on their website and to which we are always being referred to in their propaganda material……..
    If the following disclaimer is anything to go by……..not much it seems.

    What this is really saying is don’t hold us to account for the gammit of BS we have published

  3. Nicholas R COle says:

    I reckon I’ll not be affected healthwise but I object to them being compulsory. I reckon they do not help the customer, only the companies to make money and the Gov’ts, if they choose to spy on us.

  4. Luise Leggatt says:

    I’m coming to this meeting. Cheers L

  5. Leon Pittard says:

    This event was featured and promoted on Fairdinkum Radio 24.10.13 in an interview with Josh del Sol Director and Producer of ‘Take Back Your Power’. The interview can be heard here:

    • Mister C says:

      Really great interview. Everyone should take the time to have a listen. Confirms everything we are doing is so worth it, but we must do even more in letting all our family, friends and neighbours know about what’s really going on, and get them involved in fighting this injustice, by spreading this information far and wide.

  6. Leon Pittard says:

    Great work, Could someone organizing this event make contact with me at as I am featuring this subject this week with the Producer of ‘Take Back Your Power’ on my show on Thursday night. Would like to promote this public screening, and maybe have you join us for a announcement / chat / update. Thank you.

    • smart denier says:

      Excellent interview Leon.

      • Mister C says:

        Please come along tomorrow, and bring your family and friends, to support this event.
        It’s a great feeling talking and networking with like minded people, all fighting the same fight. Always a great opportunity to speak with some really knowledgeable people, who have alot of experience in this matter.

  7. jennivee2013 says:

    Great, we will be there. Everyone try and come. We need to fight off these Power Companies who have no regard to human life, especially little children and the sick who are already struggling to cope with their medical issues. What chance have they got, considering the continuity of these smart meters emitting radio active frequencies directly onto these young children, only a few feet from their head? Power Companies and the Victorian Government do not have a conscience. The day will come when they will be answerable for these diabolical, money hungry, and unresponsible decisions they have made, to expose the public and little children, who do not have much resistance to these life threatening S/meters. How inhumane can these people be?

  8. Rob Guy says:

    Protesting directly to parliament is worthwhile, but we should remember that authority for the smart meter roll-out comes from a vice-regal proclamation and not from the parliament, so a petition to the Governor might prove more effective. When Sir John Kerr used his reserve powers to prologue parliament in 1975, he invalidated the conventions and practices that required the head of state to follow parliament’s advice. Consequently, the Governor may be pleased to add consumer protection to his Order-in-Council without consulting parliament.

  9. 1vimana1 says:

    Hi Karlina,
    When you all march on Parliament House try to peacefully bail up Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and his Veterinary boss Doctor Dennis Napthine, the Stand-in Premier of Victoria, and put your questions to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras and Dennis Napthine in front of the Press and T.V People, that is if they, the press and T.V people, even bother to appear. Just make sure the above two Puppets and Lick-Spittle’s to these foreign owned electric power companies don’t slip out the back door, as did that puppet to Mr Ted Baillieu, the totally Dishonourable Mr Michael O’Brien, when around some two years ago, one Country Group of Anti-Smart Meter people and a Suburban Group of Anti Smart Meter people went to see Mr Michael O’Brien at his parliamentary offices.

    Please see the http://www.emfacts below and how the Chinese Trillionair has tried to evade his Australian Taxation Dues, that is, openly hide the Taxation due to the Australian Taxation Office.

    This Corporate Taxation Evasion is an absolute disgrace. Should any little wage earner here in Australia try the same unscrupulous filthy tricks, they’d be banged up in ” The Slammer or Prison” for a very long time. Remember this…..Behind most great Riches is often an equally Great Crime !

    • Solargen says:

      Dear Karlina and 1vimana1. I thought that appealing to Hon Nicholas Kotsiras after his so well publicized interview with Neil Mitchell, will assist in resolving the absolutely horror health situation after Smart Meter installation INSIDE MY BEDROOM. What a WASTE…
      Today I have received the reply from his advisor Tim Rose. it’s not even a slap in the face. It’s soooo much worse!!! I have no words to describe this political farce and the way they advocate these silent killers!

  10. Linda Nemeth says:

    keep it up – things are moving in Horsham and the wimmera as well.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I live locally to this venue but annoyed that I am unable to attend this meeting as I have an event that I cannot change 😦

    Can someone PLEASE video this event of the meeting and the discussions?

    Or at least post a transcript of the evening?

    “Take Back Your Power” video can be purchased or viewed at another meeting but the meeting itself is what I wanted to attend.

    Is there another meeting planned for Melb. south east suburbs coming up in future?


  12. karlina2012 says:

    I am on the Frankston Group Committee. We need to organise a march to parliament house asap to bring our concerns into the public arena….publicity, media. lets fix this problem once and for all….Ted

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am on the Frankston District Stop Smart Meter Group…….One way or another, we will see this out to the end. If necessary, I will organise a march on Parliament ….I need names and district co-ordimators asap…Email Karlina@Bigpond.Com E.A.Beare…..

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