Meter radiation going straight to our plates – The Courier

I REFER to the letter of Ursula Calderone (The Courier, 29/12), suggesting that responsible medical bodies have classified “smart” power meters as possible carcinogens (cancer causing).

There are areas of concern regarding the meters which the average person may be unaware.

A letter I received from Powercor (8/12/12), states that each meter uses two transmitters, one in the 900 MHz region, with a radiated power of one Watt, a second in the 2.4 GHz region, radiating 200 milliwatts.

The first question is, where are the antennae for these two transmitters? 900 Mhz has a wavelength of around 32<2009>centimetres, so would require around eight centimetres of antenna for optimum radiation. For 2.4 GHZ, the optimum antenna length is around three centimetres. How much of the radiated energy travels along the house wiring is unclear, but that radiation spreads throughout the house is beyond question.

These meters are mostly housed in metal boxes, and radio waves will not pass through a sheet of metal, but rather will be reflected back, bouncing off any metal objects it strikes within the dwelling. The metal walls, roof and floor of your microwave oven do not absorb energy, they simply reflect it to the food you place in the oven.

I challenge Powercor, or any other supplier, to give a full explanation of why no steps have been taken to protect people from this source of radiation. The risk may be tiny, but commonsense says that everything possible should be done to reduce whatever risk there is.

ARTHUR COMER (ex lecturer in Radio at RMIT)



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14 Responses to Meter radiation going straight to our plates – The Courier

  1. Dallas says:

    We have been paying forthis meter since 2010…What law says that a electricity company in 2010 can without my consent increase charges on my account so my money can pay in advance for a product (smart meter) I don’t want and didn’t agree to purchase….then this same company demand and threaten me if I don’t let them install this product (smart meter) in my home and say their actions are law and that the Victorianstate government agrees…What happened to my freedom of choice ? ….my money being taken in advance to purchases product I don’t want and they are saying this is law? I don’t think so..

  2. Gillian says:

    We paid Powercor to move our smart meter about 4 meters from the house and my husband put lead around the box and also an aluminium shield hoping to confine the radiation. I’m still suffering from ringing ears. Now I’m wondering whether that could be due to what has been said about the house wiring transmitting radiation?

    • Melbourne Mum says:

      I think so, Gillian. Unfortunately if it is connected to your wiring, then it is still able to have a negative effect and must be such a strong electromagnetic/microwave field for it to be even felt by you. These things must be STOPPED! insist that it be removed and you be refunded because this company has not done you any favours, that’s for sure. Good Luck!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      No it’s nothing to do with your house wiring. It’s all to do with the Dopey Deadly Microwave so-called Smart Meter read here not so smart meters, deadly dangerous to your and everybody’s health and dangerous to your electrical goods. Note listings below.

      1. Many fires in Electric Meter boxes are caused after dopey deadly Smart Microwave Meters have been Installed.

      2. Some months ago a Northcote home… the suburb of Melbourne copped $300,000:00 Dollars of fire damage after a dopey dangerous and Incendiary Microwave Smart Meter was installed, Shortly after that, a terrible fire broke out in the lower apartment starting in the Meter Box which housed the so-called Smart Meter. Apart from the shocking damage to the lower or ground floor fire in this home, it spread to the upper storey.

      3. See a good Lawyer for legal advice as I did, I got just under 30 minutes free on two occasions. Fortunately for me I had locked my Meter Box earlier. My lawyer said, as did I, “That we live in a Democracy and nobody can make us take anything against our Will and Better Judgement.” Please see the World Charter of Human Rights 1948 drawn up in Britain and passed into law in the British Houses of Parliament and in the World Council For Human Rights in the Hague also in 1948. Signed by all free Democratic Countries and every one of the Australian States including Victoria. See also your Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 with the same powers.

      4. Many Victorians in mounting numbers are now suffering all sorts of Health Related Illnesses after dopey Microwave Meters have been installed in now so many Victorian homes and small businesses. These infernally dangerous Microwave Smart Meters are causing in now so many cases,damage to a number of ‘fridges and or T.V sets and or computers and or clothes-dryers, Steam-irons and or Computers and or printers etc.

      Write a registered polite letter to your Electricity Power People demanding they remove the Dangerous to your health and poisonous Microwave Incendiary proving to be Meter, and return the Analogue Electric Meter which you own, and not these LIARS. They must do this at their expense as is now being done in the United Kingdom and in Holland. Stand over these people just as they are trying to use their WICKED STAND OVER TACTICS ON YOU !

      There is no LAW forcing you to accept a Microwave Smart Meter. Their Statement is that…..”The Victorian Government has Mandated that Victorians have to accept a Smart Meter by the end of December 2013. This is just ‘ WISHFUL THINKING ’ on their part, as such a law has never been passed in Both the Upper Houses of the Victorian Parliament under the past Brumby Labour Victorian Government, or under this Ted Baillieu Liberal Party Government. I stress that such a Law would have to be first discussed and then voted upon and agreed to by both parties to be the NEW LAW. Even so it can be overridden by Canberra as Julia Gillard said in effect.” We are not going to force anyone to take a Smart Meter.”
      Apart from that, remember that under the two charters of human rights aforementioned ………….Nobody can legally force you to take any goods or services against your Will and Better Judgement. All of these Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies C.E.O’s and their minions and the Department of Primary Industry and any Complicit Victorian Government Department trying to force you or anyone to accept a Microwave DANGEROUS Smart Meter is acting in a Criminal Fashion.

      • Eric says:

        1vimana1, the wiring in your house being a physical connection to the (cancer causing) smart meter acts as an extension of the smart meter’s antenae and so the pulsing of short sharp frequent bursts of wireless communication transmissions doesn’t just emenate from the antenae in the meter box but also from antenae extensions ie. the wiring inside your house

  3. Pam says:

    Arthur – Seeing my Doctor at 1pm today will take your Post to him along with Jo’s Story. I want him to know that Patients may present with illnesses from Smart meters. He is very busy and I may not get an answer today, but I will try. NO SMART METERS FOR ME EVER………………CHEERS PAM 🙂

    • Pam says:

      Arthur – my Doctor took your post and the first comment at 11.43am. He didn’t take Jo’s Story. I did not get an answer as he was very busy but I did try. He has several posts that I have given him over the past 6 months or so. and he has given me a certificate several months back to help my Solicitor get me on the Refusal List. My Solicitor wrote to Power Cor several weeks ago and to date has not had any reply from them which is typical. He is calling in shortly to se me and if he has time I will show him your post. Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Melbourne Mum says:

        Pam, at least you’re trying! Hats off to you for doing all you can to educate those “still in the dark’ people. It can sometimes be like moving a mountain!

  4. It appears that our MP’s have other interests, more so than us the people who vote them in. Without question the Victorian government should stop all this ignorance & hoping that time will pass by and we will all get tired of fighting, but all that will happen is we will remember at the polls and make our position very clear when we vote. Its simple our government MP’s need to remember why they are in those roles and not be corrupted by big business & the corporate giants of the power companies who’s only interests are their own pockets. We the people need to step up and SAY NO, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR ANYMORE.

  5. 1vimana1 says:

    Well said Arthur Comer,
    It is abundantly clear to me that these Microwave Smart Meters are already becoming the NEW ASBESTOS DISEASE of the twenty first century.
    We here in Victoria Australia are getting continuing and very alarming accounts of ongoing fires in Electric Meter Boxes as the Smart Meter Roll-out continues in this Clandestine manner throughout Victoria, as well as growing numbers of people getting sick only after these now proving to be ACCURSED Microwave Smart Meters, read here dumb and stupid devices have been fitted to Victorian Electricity Customers’ properties.

    These ongoing and worrying reports from sensible and very concerned people getting sick from the Microwave Smart Meters, range from chronic headaches to sleeping disorders to ringing in the ears which is Tinnitus, to tightness in the chest to sudden nose bleeds etc which these patients never experienced before the Safe and Passive Analogue Meters were conned, coerced or in many cases, outright taken without consent.
    These acts of downright sabotage had been and still are being committed whilst the home owner/s are out shopping or away from their home/s for any other reason by the Sneaky Smart Meter Installer Men.

    These actions of the Smart Meter Installer men are at the behest of the five overseas owned Electric Power Companies Chief Executive officers under the direct control of the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien. It is the Victorian Government’s duty to OBEY THE WILL of us the people, and not to dictate to us to accept these now proving to be DANGEROUS Microwave Smart Meters against our WILL and BETTER JUDGEMENT.

    We as a supposedly FREE SOCIETY have the Inalienable Right IN LAW to choose whether we want a Microwave Smart Meter or not, as we are still a DEMOCRACY and not under the Nazi Jack boot of a Totalitarian State or is that what Victoria has become already?
    It would seem to me that we are most certainly being treated as if we little children who have not the intelligence to decide for ourselves what is best and safest for us to decide as individuals.

    I say to every Victorian, “ Lock up your Electric Meter Boxes Immediately against this ONGOING SCOURGE of these now proving to be DEADLY to your Health and the Safety of your Private Electrical Goods Microwave Electric Meters, for tomorrow could be too late if you do not heed this good advice !

  6. Makes a lot of sense. Should do coming from a Comer, Ballarat region. Laurie Edward ex RAAF. Radar/Radio. fb.

  7. Fiona says:

    Good points Arthur! I second your challenge!!
    However I have to say to some the risk is not tiny at all. I don’t know about powercor but I know some of the meters go way beyond 200mw. Some also have external antennas so blast out every which way. Down the other end of my house the meter still spikes at 1827mw/m2. They definitely have alot to answer to. I can’t even sleep in a tent on my 3/4 acre previously safe block. They are definitely being conservative with their measurements.
    The radiation definitely goes through the wiring. Previously my safety switch would go off if I had too many things on in the house. So thinking I should be able to blow it up I switched every single switch on in the house and the only thing that was impacted was me. The safety switch no longer has any limit. How does that work?.

    • Sharron says:

      Fiona – obviously this is why homes are catching on fire due to the huge power surge in electrical appliances. Scary stuff! When will there be any transparency re the smart meter dangers to safety & of course, health?

    • tony says:

      I spoke to the water &energy ombudsman he said they have done idependent tests done &he (rob)told me they were safe ,so Iam very confused.but until I get something in writeing I will lock my box

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