Smart Meter Health Effects Survey

Brand new SMART METER HEALTH EFFECTS SURVEY:  If you feel your health has been affected  by smart meters, the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters request your immediate help in studying these effects.  Follow the link below for more information and to participate in the 15 minute confidential survey on this subject.  If you submit your survey by December 20, the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters will be able to use your data in the precedent-setting Maine, USA, investigation into the safety of smart meters. Later submissions may be useful in other legal and regulatory proceedings. Responses are welcome from all over the world.  This survey is sponsored by the Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters and

Link to survey:

Please help to distribute this link widely and worldwide by forwarding this message and link to any lists you are involved with, to any individuals you know that have had health effects from smart meters and by posting on your websites.

Thanks so much for your timely participation!

Ed Friedman
Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

[The Maine investigation is important because the burden of ensuring safety lies with the power companies.]

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8 Responses to Smart Meter Health Effects Survey

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Sensational Eye Opening Documentary that examines 60 years of scientific research!
    Resonance – Beings of Frequency (documentary film)

    The facts are on our side, keep the pressure up, we will prevail.
    Signed Concerned Citizen.

  2. name Justice says:

    Today I called a power Company and asked them to remove our smart meter, they told me again it was made manditory by the Government and it cannot be moved, I told them Gilard said it was not compulsory and they stated we can never remove a smart meter and replace with anything else. I asked about Queensland and NSW they said they never had any smart meters and they do have to install a smart meter. I told them they must remove the meter from out property and they said definately not and I will have to accept the meter. I then told him we want you to remove the meter from our property , we do not want any of your electricity they told me they would not and they would turn the meter down by 90% I told them we will have our Solicitor notify them of a date to remove the meter from our property and if they do not we will remove it, as the meters are not manitory. I will keep you posted as to the outcome .These power companies are extremely dishonest. How could we ever trust them again. Justice

    • Miriam. says:

      ok – lodge written complaints with
      a) DPI Vic, Your electricity wholesaler (you do not state who it is) & also tell them if they do not remove the device within 30 days you will lodge complaints with the Ombudsman & VEOHRC and take it further if needed.
      Make sure you include all the new article links on it NOT being compulsory. Tell them also they never had true legal power to force it on you (maybe even include a copy of Eugene White’s legal opinion posted on this site).
      It is going to hard to get them to do it & it may take years. They have the money to drag it out.
      That is why we need a test case. We also need an independent judicial enquiry into this deable.
      Good Luck.

    • Pam says:

      Good on You Justice..Look forward to hearing how you get on. By the way was your Box locked before the darn Smart meter was Installed?????

    • Bearded Baboon loather says:

      Time to go down to Mt Waverley and give Paul Adams some Christmas presents ala PG&E….and maybe we can make sure Nino down at Southbank doesn’t get to feel left out

  3. Miriam. says:

    If you are reacting to an AMI device – lodge a complaint with the installers & power company
    & DPI with a request that the device be replaced with an analogue meter. Tell them if they do not do so that you will file complaints with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission. Give them a reasonable time to respond.
    If they do not comply with your request in a reasonable amount of time, lodge complaints against all parties with the VEOHRC.

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